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Tom Woods Interviews Matt Welch About Journalism, Libertarianism, and War

Talking about everything from Central Europe to interventionism to Bill Weld on The Tom Woods Show

In August, the talented anarchistic author/weirdo Michael Malice organized a summit of sorts on his YOUR WELCOME program between myself and the popular podcaster Tom Woods, senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. Last week, we posted our own video interview with Woods right here (embedded below).

And yesterday, the host of The Tom Woods Show returned the favor, walking me through my work history and path to libertarianism, evolution/devolution on foreign policy, and evaluation of the Libertarian Party in 2018 (a story that he's part of). You can listen to the whole thing below:

Some of the Reason articles mentioned within: "Temporary Doves," "The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers," and "Are Property Rights Enough?" And of course, my interview of Woods:

Photo Credit: YOUR WELCOME

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    How the worm has turned.

  • Shawn Levasseur||

    With the round robin of interviews complete, the winner of the group play will move on to the elimination round.

  • Aloysious||

    Matt, I'll listen if Malice sneaks up behind you and gives you a wedgie.

  • Dont Tread On Womyn||

    I listened to about half of it yesterday. First thought is: damn that boy got a mouth on him, I'm not even sure how he gets a chance to breath while he's talking.

  • Just Say'n||

    Where's your God now, BUCS?

  • Just Say'n||

    Good on Welch and Woods for reciprocating

  • Alan Vanneman||

    Frequent Reasonette Cathy Young wrote a nice review of Woods' "The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History." The headline of Cathy's review is "Last of the Confederates". With good "reason".

  • Woody Chip Hurrrrr?||

    I started reading it. Full of pent-up anger, it is. Some of his "facts" are well-filtered, such as discussing the Constitution with not enough mention of the anti-federalists to my taste. The Civil War gets some odd distractions from slavery: "The American War Between the States was as much about which region, North or South, would dominate, as it was about slavery." Well duh, what war isn't?!? I'm not sure it's worth finishing.

  • jennymerged||

  • jennymerged||


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