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No Charm in This Reboot of Charmed: New at Reason

Fans of Nathan Fillion, though, should enjoy The Rookie.

'Charmed''Charmed,' CWThe newest TV programming axiom seems to be, "Save the weirdest for the last." In the final gasp of the fall broadcast rollout—only a couple of new shows remain to be seen when the upcoming week is over—we have a rookie cop who is also deep in the throes of middle-aged angst; three hyper-woke young witches; and an oddball sitcom about working-class Catholic families that's either sweetly nostalgic or witheringly contemptuous. It's hard to tell.

Television critic Glenn Garvin takes a closer look at The Rookie, The Kids Are Alright, and CW's reboot of Charmed.

Photo Credit: 'Charmed,' CW


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