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What Kris Kobach's Nail-Biter Tells us About the GOP: New at Reason

If the future of political parties can be gleaned from the issues animating primary fights, we're heading toward democratic socialists vs. Mercantilist nativists

Pay close attention when a party's voters are willing to risk a loss in November to make a point in August. Tuesday's nail-biter of a Kansas GOP primary contest between incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer and controversial Secretary of State Kris Kobach demonstrates that the Republican Party is still gripped by dystopian fears of illegal-immigrant misbehavior, no matter how elusive the evidence. Primary season, writes Matt Welch, is revealing two parties rapidly sorting between democratic socialists on the left and Mercantilist nativists to the right.

Photo Credit: Daniela Kirsch/NameFace/Sipa USA/Newscom


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