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Kurt Loder Reviews Hereditary and Ocean’s 8: New at Reason

An instant-classic horror film, and a gimmicky retread.

Horror begins at home in the terrible world of Hereditary, a maximally disturbing first feature by writer-director Ari Aster. The home at the center of things is a big rambling wooden house inhabited by the Graham family: amiable psychotherapist Steve (Gabriel Byrne), his tightly wound artist wife Annie (Toni Collette), their stoner son Peter (Alex Wolff) and strange younger daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro). In addition to this main domicile, there are also the miniature houses Annie builds in her workshop for exhibition in art galleries—scaled-down structures in which she sometimes stages unsettling domestic scenes from her troubled life. Then there's the imposing treehouse out in the family's woodsy backyard, which gives off an eerie red glow late at night. (A reasonable explanation for this is suggested along the way, but do keep wondering.)

The movie is a very grown-up undertaking, writes Kurt Loder in his latest review for Reason. Check out the whole thing as well his review of Ocean's 8 at the link below.

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