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Brickbat: 30 Minutes Later You Are Under Investigation

Chinese foodKornwa / Dreamstime.comPolice in Dumfries, Scotland, have opened a hate crimes investigation against a couple who left an angry note on a napkin at a Chinese restaurant after they had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. The note called staff "gooks," "squint eyed" and a "wee premature dwarf." The restaurant shared the note on Facebook.

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  • This Machine Chips Fascists||

    wee premature dwarf

    My first thought...Jeff Sessions

  • Troglodyte Rex||

    Except he is an angry elf at that.

  • Rebel Scum||

    The note called staff "gooks," "squint eyed"...

    I thought "gooks" was derogatory against the Vietnamese.

    Anyway, the once proud Scotts are now a bunch of hypertensive sissies.

  • Tom Bombadil||

    The slang "gook" originated during the Korean War. It's basically a Korean word meaning "people" or "people of..".

    It later was used in the Vietnam war, but the Vietnam war generated beaucoup other nicknames. (Charley, Dink, etc.)

    "Gook don't surf" doesn't role off the tongue.

  • Conchfritters||

    Agreed. The Koreans don't parlez-vous français as well as the Vietnamese.

  • gormadoc||

    etymonline says that it came from the Philippines in 1899. It was extended to Nicaraguans first and then to any Pacific Islander. Seems to be anywhere in the Western hemisphere we went to war, actually.

  • Longtobefree||

    Anyway, the still proud Scots are ruled by a bunch of hypertensive sissies

  • Citizen X - #6||

    All the proud Scots left that shitty little island two centuries ago.

  • colorblindkid||

    I have a general rule about "a customer left a mean note on a receipt" stories, and that is to assume they are hoaxes until absolutely proven otherwise. It's right about 90% of the time.

  • PaulTheBeav||

    My first thought as well. We're living in a world where being a victim is now a status symbol. A lot of people want so bad to earn their victim badge they'll fudge reality to get it.

  • I am the 0.000000013%||

    It will probably turn out that somebody just forgot to take the note from the fortune cookie when they left.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

  • SQRLSY One||

    Best not to piss off the wait staff at a Chinese restaurant...

    Else your moo goo gai pan might instead be delivered as...

    Moo goo gai pan with poo in a poo poo pie pan!!!

  • SQRLSY One|| = cat's in the kettle at the peking moon

  • Quo Usque Tandem||

    One of my favorite Weird Al numbers

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    Weird Al didn't write it. He's been saying that since at least the Kazaa days.

  • croaker||

    Not Weird Al.

    It was DJ's Jimmy Ray & Jay of WGH-FM.

  • Fuck you, Shikha (Nunya)||

    So Weird Al committed a hate crime too.

  • Conchfritters||

    The restaurant shared the note on Facebook.

    Because.... of course they did.

    If the person or people who did this are found, and the allegations found to be true, what, if any, charges would be brought on them? Is being an asshole illegal in Scotland?

  • $park¥ leftist poser||

    Police in Dumfries, Scotland, have opened a hate crimes investigation

    Yes, being an asshole is illegal in Scotland.

  • SQRLSY One||

    If I go to Scotland as a tourist, will they guarantee that I can leave with my asshole intact? That it will not be pounded, impounded, imprisoned, neglected, inspected, or rejected? 'Cause me and my asshole, we're like BROS, man! HOW and I going to get rid of my shit, if they take my asshole away?!?!?

    Ashes to ashes
    Dust to dust,
    If we didn't have assholes,
    Our bodies would bust!

  • Quo Usque Tandem||

    I just choked on my bagel, thanks.

  • Fuck you, Shikha (Nunya)||

    According to the article, it will not be neglected.

  • Scarecrow Repair & Chippering||

    They'll probably share a jail cell with that guy who taught his dog to salute Hitler.

  • Tom Bombadil||

    "Is being an asshole illegal in Scotland?"

    Illegal? It's damn near mandatory.

  • Chipper Jones||

    Wee Premature Dwarf was my ex-wife's nickname for...nevermind.

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    For the sad discharge she was crying over after her miscarriage.

  • Telcontar the Wanderer||


  • OpenBordersLiberal-tarian||

    Good for Scotland.

    And those American white supremacists on the alt-right are worried about the US becoming more like Europe, as if that's a bad thing? I'd love for my country to be more pro-active in punishing racism.

  • Tom Bombadil||

    Lamest to date.

  • gormadoc||

    Weak. I haven't seen a single Reason contributer posting anything in support of broad hate crime laws. A parody should have a basis in truth. Yours just reads like a fake Democrat at this point.

  • OpenBordersLiberal-tarian||

  • BestUsedCarSales||

    I always thought you'd be someone to defend broads until the end. Maybe learn a little bit about feminism before you speak.

  • Quo Usque Tandem||

    As I often remark concerning stories about GB, it's a cautionary tale. Coming here, to an agency near you.

  • ||

    I'm commenting on Hit & Run in order to buy sex.

    Anybody got a problem with that? I'm asking you, FOSTA/SESTA!

  • Mr. Dyslexic||

    How much you looking to buy champ?

  • Don't look at me.||

    I sell that stuff by the pallet load on eBay.

  • Mark22||

    What are some good ethnic slurs directed at privileged white Scottish males? Surely those are OK, right?

  • prediksi hongkong||

    Bagaimanapun, orang Skotlandia yang masih sombong dikuasai oleh sekelompok wanita hipertensi

  • prediksifajar||


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