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The Chi Looks at City’s Violence Via Bystanders: New at Reason

Showtime drama focuses on the lives of people trying to get by amid gangs and the drug war.

'The Chi''The Chi,' ShowtimeOne detective is explaining the South Chicago facts of life—or death—to a naive colleague: Its criminal gangs function as a self-cleansing oven that hums along at maximum efficiency when left alone. "They'll eventually kill who needs to be killed, and we'll file the paperwork," the cop declares breezily.

The Chi's goal is the subversion of that concept, and it's a mission gloriously accomplished. Full of characters who are neither gun-crazy gangbangers nor ruthless narcotraffickers, The Chi is a reminder that even in war zones, human life continues in all its giddy wonder. Television critic Glenn Garvin reviews.

Photo Credit: 'The Chi,' Showtime


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