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There Are Libertarians All Over the World. Donate to Help Reason Cover Them!

There are a lot of authoritarians we need to keep tabs on too.

Wilfred SanyaWilfred SanyaReason does not have a Johannesburg bureau. Or a Caracas bureau. Or a Havana bureau.

Which means that when we get tips for stories abroad that we think Reason readers need to know about, we have to (a) find a friendly reporter on the ground to cover the story for us, or (b) send someone in to get the facts and footage we need. Interpid overseas libertarian freelancers are precious, rare, and often in high demand. Meanwhile, plane tickets and hotels and translators and fixers and travel insurance all typically require the kind of money that can be hard to come by at a nonprofit publication.

Even the simplest, straightforward international reporting trip can easily run to $5,000, more if we send Reason TV to produce video as well. Would you consider funding a feature in the future? Or at least pay Reason TV's massive checked bag fees for all that gear?

To remind you what you'd be getting for your money, why not browse through some (well, most) of the original, on-the-ground international reporting Reason has produced in the last year and change:

In March, freelancer Francisco Toro reported on why Ugandans are starving because they can't trust their seed markets, traveling around the countryside to discuss the situation with East African farmers, bureaucrats, and businessmen.

Toro, a journalist previously based in Caracas, has also reported on the plight of ordinary Venezuelans as their country undergoes a disastrous bout of socialist deja vu. Another Venezuela journalist, Maria Alba Toledo, reports from Guayana City on the ways that President Nicolas Marudo has brought the country to the edge of starvation, death, and despair.

Tor Birk TradsTor Birk TradsPhotographer Tor Birk Trads captured shots of one of the world's most daring journalists, Flemming Rose, in Denmark.

Managing Editor Stephanie Slade went to Havana, shortly after Donald Trump announced plans to restrict trade with the poor island nation. Starvation won't turn Cubans into capitalists, Slade argued, but trade and tourism might.

Former Reason intern Tate Watkins checked in from the dysfunctional coffee plantations of Haiti, in search of the answer to the question: Why Are Haiti's Coffee Trees So Tall?

Leon Louw, executive director of the South Africa–based Free Market Foundation, sat down with Johannesburg's newly elected classical liberal mayor, Herman Mashaba, to talk about his planned reforms.

(Sometimes the subjects of our international stories come to us, as in the case of "Egypt's Jon Stewart," Bassem Youssef, whose comedy news show had 30 million viewers. Then he was forced to flee to Los Angeles, where he spoke with Reason TV's Justin Monticello. But we're not usually so lucky, and they're not always so unlucky.)

Reason TV's Jim Epstein reported on the Students for Liberty chapter in Brazil that helped bring down left-wing populist Dilma Rousseff, leading protests where millions flooding the streets, many carrying signs that read "Less Marx, More Mises."

If you like what you see here, and want Reason to engage more often and more deeply with the people fighting for (and against!) free minds and free markets around the world, why not donate now?

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  • creech||

    Seems to me that if you want to support international libertarians, you should be donating to Liberty International. They've been supporting libertarians around the world and holding high value international conferences for 40 years.

  • Hugh Akston||

    Sorry, but I can't in good conscience donate money to a publication that is willing to print articles that I disagree with. I read political journalism to tell me what a special boy I am, not to teach me things or challenge my preconceptions.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    LIBERTARIANISM IS FOR AMERICANS. If you don't like it, you can do whatever you want.

  • OpenBordersLiberal-tarian||

    Of course there are libertarians all over the world! That's part of the reason (LOL!) I support unlimited immigration: the people who would relocate to the US would overwhelmingly be supporters of "Free Minds and Free Markets," thereby making us a more libertarian country.

  • Telcontar the Wanderer||

    Oh, they wouldn't. But given that the polity is already roughly divided between pasty-white Caucasian INGSOC useful idiots and a pack of police-statist, drug crusader, ethno-nationalist Bismarckians that have the gall to call themselves the "party of small government", I don't see them making much of a difference, really.

  • Unlabelable MJGreen||

    Uhh... did you guys alter the webathon date? The banner at the top now says Dec 1-8. I thought it was Tuesday to Tuesday...


  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    That picture of the journalist standing by the water... is he the only Libertarian in Denmark?

  • Bacon-Magic glib reasonoid||


  • some guy||

    I say we all move to a country where we'll outnumber the locals (like Greenland, maybe) and take over the joint during the next election. Then we can begin destroying one another over our petty differences of opinion.

  • Eman||

    right, until someone forms a coalition large enough to enforce its rules on everyone else.

  • Eman||

    as an american, this article is profoundly uninteresting.


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