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Feminism Needs to Take a Day Off

The upcoming Day Without A Woman is a Western feminist conceit.

I got a lot of pushback from my lefty sisters when I wrote back in early January that the Women's March in Washington to protest the Trump inauguration was a FeminismUN Women's Gallery via Foter"feel-good exercise in search of a cause." I noted that the Trump presidency posed a grave danger to a whole lot of people, but women were not among them. In fact, despite Trump's disgraceful personal treatment of women, his policy agenda contained much of what feminists want (a point reinforced by all the boondoggles he promised, including paid maternity leave, in his joint-address to Congress). Therefore, feminists were only muddying the water by engaging in this unseemly solipsism.

As it turned out, the protest became a vehicle for channeling general angst and anger at Trump, especially after his dreadful inaugural address, and therefore not as "pointless" as I'd originally thought.

But the organizers of that march haven't given up on their original silliness. They have now declared March 8, International Women's Day, "A DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN." As per their press release, the point of the exercise is to "highlight the economic power and significance that women have on the U.S. and global economies, while calling attention to the economic injustices women face." Besides encouraging businesses to close for the day or give women workers the day off, and audit how their policies impact women and their families, they recommend the following actions:

  1. Wear RED—the color signifying revolutionary love and sacrifice—to show solidarity with A Day Without a Woman
  2. Only spend money at small, women and minority-owned businesses for the day
  3. Women take the day off from paid and unpaid labor

Setting aside the cheesiness of these actions, they demonstrate the truth of Sayer's Law, namely, that as the stakes become pettier, the politics become fiercer. American – indeed, Western – feminism over the last century and a half has made a great deal of progress in tearing down political and social barriers holding women back. The reason a show like MadMen lampooning the sexist treatment of women in the 1960s office was even conceivable at this point was precisely because we have overcome such regressive attitudes. This progress was neither automatic nor inevitable. It required constant struggle and "consciousness raising." Nor is it over. There are plenty of "women's issues" still left to be tackled. Indeed, workplaces even in the 21st Century very much tend to be arranged in accordance with male needs and norms. (You can't take the availability of sanitary pads for granted in many office bathrooms, for Christ's sake.) But that is just the stuff of everyday life that requires localized personal activism on the part of individual women, not necessarily a full-blown organized movement constantly drawing attention to itself by throwing pity parties.

When it comes to non-Western women, however, it is another story. One does not have to look at the Taliban or Saudi Arabia, where a backward understanding of sharia guides civic life, to witness gender oppression. Patriarchy is intact in many parts of Asia and Africa where women face basic abrogation of their freedoms and rights. Even in a country like India, which is by no means the worst, public spaces are not entirely safe for women and genuinely cramp their ability to move freely. Street harassment is a fact of life.

So if we are going to have an International Woman's Day, then it needs to focus where the real problems are. But a Day Without A Woman that calls for a mass strike on behalf of women who have cushy jobs in plush Western offices is just plain obtuse. The women who really need a day off -- day laborers on construction sites in Inida, rice pickers in paddy fields in Bali -- can't afford to give up a day's wages. Hence, all this holiday will do is impose the Western woman's understanding of women's problems -- and their solutions -- on all women. Just like with the Washington Women's March, it will only further marginalize the marginalized.

That said, I'd love an extra day off.

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  • WakaWaka||

    Well, anyone who condones violence because of speech is a fascist and I just don't make a habit out of reading the ramblings of a fascist, regardless of how reasonable.

    Fire Shikha

  • WakaWaka||

    Someone who encourages violence should be fired from a so-called 'libertarian' publication.

  • Sigivald||

    Someone who works for a viewpoint-based speech organization is kinda naturally subject to the customers not approving of her job performance.

    "Fascist" might (rarely, with caution) apply to demanding someone be fired for things they said not-on-the-job.

    Not for suggesting someone be fired because they're doing their job wrong with the speech that is literally their job.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    Well, if the person is speaking for the employer, rather than for him-(her)-self, then I ahve little problem with them getting canned.

    In the town I was working in at the time, a young idiot came to work right after 9/11 wearing a t-shirt with the slogan "Amerika" and a flag with swastika in plces of stars. The owner of the ice cream parlor where he worked was less than pleased, and when the imbecile declined to go home and change,he was fired on the spot. And good enough for him.

    Thing is, Shika presumably submitted this to an editor. So they accepted her speech.


  • racer X||

    wasn't it in a tweet that Shikha seemed to progsplain a justification for violence? or did she also write a column about it here on reason?

  • Bra Ket||

    There's nothing reasonable about working the word "solipsism" into an article.

  • esteve7||

    LOL, your money spending decision shoudl be made due to someone's race or sex. Fucking hell. Do they realize how bigoted they are?

    Repeat after me, lefties ---- treating people differently because of physical attributes they can't change is bigotry! You are bigots, and hacks. No one takes you seriously parading around in a Vagina hat saying F White People, and F White Women for voting for Trump

  • Memory Hole||

    Remember the days when there seemed to be some open question of whether it was even possible for a black person to be racist towards a white person? They memorialized their complete stupidity with the term "Reverse Discrimination". No motherfuckers, it's called discrimination and it works both ways, sideways, upside down, left to right and you know what I'm saying.

  • MarkLastname||

    Also curious inconsistency: refusing to sell wedding cakes to gay couples = bigoted; refusing to buy wedding cakes (or other things) from males = equality!

  • LibertarianJRT||


  • Agammamon||

    1. Wear RED—the color signifying revolutionary love and sacrifice—to show solidarity with A Day Without a Woman
    2. Only spend money at small, women and minority-owned businesses for the day
    3. Women take the day off from paid and unpaid labor

    2. What do minority owned businesses have to do with feminism? 'Cause I'm think you could be shopping at the store of the misogynistic MuslimKorean grocer run by a man? That helps?

    3. How are you supposed to patronize women-owned businesses if they're taking the day off? Also, what woman anywhere in the West actually does 'unpaid' work? And don't say housewives. Being a housewife is just a career where you're paid in kind instead of cash - you're still getting paid.

    These people are driving the stereotype that stay-at-home women are parasites on their husbands instead of having their own career path and contributing to their partnership through taking on the role of household manager.

    They are their own worst enemy.

  • ant1sthenes||

    1. So, you're commies. Thanks for making it obvious.

  • Microaggressor||

    The women's march organizers have been very cozy with actual socialist political parties and organizations. They're just your typical braindead lefties who want people to believe that they speak for all women. Most people besides fellow travelers are smart enough not to buy it.

  • Bra Ket||

    Wasn't one of the speakers an overt communist and winner of the Stalin prize or whatever?

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    Modern feminism came directly from Russia in the 60s. Eliminate the church and family unit, make everyone reliant on the state were stated goals. So to speak.

  • mtrueman||

    "Modern feminism came directly from Russia in the 60s. "

    Soviet Russia was feminist from the beginning. Example, they were the first country in the world to outlaw rape of a spouse. It took the US some 50 years to follow suit. Soviet Russia never did get around to eliminating non-royal families.

  • ||

    "2. What do minority owned businesses have to do with feminism? 'Cause I'm think you could be shopping at the store of the misogynistic MuslimKorean grocer run by a man? That helps?"

    It's all the same. "Science March" is about "diversity", "inclusion", and so forth, too. It adopts left-wing ideology in what was supposed to be a march to keep science independent of politics. Quite hilarious. I wonder what color they pick, and whether they'll knit something. Of course knitting may be ableist, and pussy hats clearly were transphobic and objectifying.

  • Microaggressor||

    Keep Government's Hands Off My Public Science Funding!

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    Being a housewife is just a career where you're paid in kind instead of cash - you're still getting paid.

    I'd consider unpaid work if it put a roof over my head, covered all my expenses and gave me spending money-- and all day to do the shit around the house that doesn't get done while I'm at work.

  • SomeGuy||

    I wouldn't mind being a stay at home dad....It isn't a bad gig.

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    ...if you have hot stay at home moms in the neighborhood...

  • SomeGuy||

    there are a few attractive wives in my neighborhood lol

  • LarryA||

    Also, what woman anywhere in the West actually does 'unpaid' work?

    Most of the work done by almost all not-for-profit organizations gets done by unpaid volunteers, lots of which are women.
    Of course shutting or slowing down many such agencies would do far more harm to folks who need help a lot more than the women do.

  • Get To Da Chippah||

    3. How are you supposed to patronize women-owned businesses if they're taking the day off? Also, what woman anywhere in the West actually does 'unpaid' work? And don't say housewives. Being a housewife is just a career where you're paid in kind instead of cash - you're still getting paid.

    And if you do patronize the women-owned stores that remain open, aren't you rewarding them for not participating in your little demonstration?

  • Ken Shultz||

    "I noted that the Trump presidency posed a grave danger to a whole lot of people, but women were not among them."

    It's really interesting when you've got TDS so bad that you think Trump is a "grace danger", on the one hand, but you don'y buy into the hype, on the other hand, about Trump being an existential threat to women specifically.

    Dalmia is just all-in on immigration. If Genghis Khan were pro-immigration, she could write about him objectively, but because Trump is anti-illegal immigration, in her eyes, he might as well be enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

  • Memory Hole||

    I'm all in on weed and butt sex even though I don't necessarily like butt sex but it's strange because you can hardly find porn without butt sex in it. People must really like butt sex.

  • SomeGuy||

    Eh i have tried just about everything and i don't see the appeal personally but to each their own.

    male-female anal sex
    prostate massage

    not really my thing but whatever. Fuck/be Fucked by a goat for all I care...none of my business.

  • mtrueman||

    Explain to me, if you can, the attraction of tea-bagging.

  • Fuck you, Shikha (Nunya)||

    Its sucking on toes that I don't understand. Gross.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    The Trump Presidency poses a huge threat to all kinds of Progressive Panjandrums, because if he can make the economy take off by eighty-sixing regulations and reining in the bureaucrats they are going to have to work for a living.

  • Libertarian||

    A day without women on March 8th. The silence will be DEAFENING.

    I'm patiently awaiting a day without men so that I can take a day off.

  • SomeGuy||

    A day without anyone else to bother you would be grand.

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    I, for one, am looking forward to a day without 90% of the bad drivers on the road.

  • SomeGuy||

    like assholes who drive 65 in the left lane of the highway just as fast if not slower than the right most lane? God i hate those fuckers

  • Fuck you, Shikha (Nunya)||

    Or women that will tailgate you regardless of your speed or lane. Then they don't speed up when you change lanes. WTF is that about?

  • Weygand||

    Never before has a segment of the populace so fucking deserved summary executions than those fucking assholes. Then you get two of the cocksuckers in their fucking Nissan Leaf tootling along next to a truck and blocking everyone behind them. Or the total cocksuckers that just switch lanes in front of you not giving a fuck.

    Or the princes of these cocksuckers...the ones who get on the freeway and take 4 miles to get up to 65mph

  • Fuck you, Shikha (Nunya)||

    I feel like I'm supposed to miss them. However, am I supposed to hide my enthusiasm on Tuesday? Can I talk freely on Tuesday, or will the beta males still turn me in to HR while no wimminz are around? Tuesday sounds great. I'm hoping they make this a weekly occurrence.

    Of course I joke. But they need to realize when you push too hard things eventually work against their goals.

  • ||

    I thought we voted on Nov 8th for 1461 days without that one woman.

  • Memory Hole||

    Fuck -- that -- shit, my baby just started a badass job this week.

  • Mickey Rat||

    A Day without a Woman?

    Poker Day, gentlemen?

  • buybuydandavis||


  • Rat's instance||

    Would it be possible to change it to a weekend without women? I could get alot done with the house to myself.

  • SomeGuy||

    nah there are actually a number of female posters here.

  • ||

    Complaints about this article?

  • ||

    I miss slut walks. I hope sluts won't take another day off.

  • Sigivald||

    Red, revolutionary?

    So, uh, Communists?

    (And adding "small" and "minority owned" to "women" makes it clear that this "women" thing is just the usual Left laundry-list.

    If it wasn't obvious.)

  • Microaggressor||

    I got that impression too. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it's a wink and a nod.

  • The Pirate King||

    My feminism is intersectional, doncha know.

    Or whatever the hell term it is that they're using this week.

  • Azathoth!!||

    What we need is an international day without a white* man.

    One where no contingency plans are made--where everything is just left.

    I'd say sit at home and watch TV, but you won't be able to. The power's not going to stay on long enough. The world would stop.

    Maybe that's why it doesn't happen. Because we all understand that if people that matter 'strike', other people die.

    *I used 'white' men because they're the boogeyman right now.

  • Sigivald||

    As a white man, not gonna participate.

    Because (not that people will die if I sit home) I'm an adult, and people expect me to, you know, do my job.

  • Microaggressor||

    I would also not participate, because I am an individual human being, not part of a collective race/class/hivemind/cishet shitlord patriarchy.

  • Azathoth!!||

    Aww, lookit you, signalin' all that virtue.

  • LibertarianJRT||

    Having virtue looks the same as signaling virtue. That's what makes signalling virtue so powerful, the assumption is that the person signalling virtue actually has it.

  • Azathoth!!||


    It's rare to see 'stupid' laid on so thick. But you just went ahead and said 'what the hell' (probably 'cos you're so stupid)

    I can't stand to see someone kicking themselves in the head this way, so here's a tip --people who HAVE virtue don't need to SIGNAL virtue.

    Now, you go find someone to explain that to you.

  • Mr. Flanders||

    Not a bad troll 8/10

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    No we need an international day without white women. I think there are at least half a dozen around here that would agree with me.

  • Microaggressor||

    We'll call it International Where The White Women At Day.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    Compromise: International Who Gives a Fuck Where Da White Women At Day.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    indeed, Western – feminism over the last century and a half has made a great deal of progress in tearing down political and social barriers holding women back.

    There was only one woman in a country of 330,000,000 people qualified to be president, and she lost. We have a long way to go.

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    If by qualified you mean 'had the connections and cash and connections to get cash' you might have a point. If I said by your logic there were only 3 men who were similarly qualified, the sexes are statistically identical. We do have a long way to go, but not in your intended direction.

  • silent v||

    They're going to not work and instead go shopping. And this is different from every other day how?

  • Rat's instance||


  • ||

    Yeah, removing feminists from workplaces for a day will really teach non-feminist men and women what they are missing.

  • Number 2||

    Hey! I have a great idea! Let's declare April 18 as a day without tax payers! Then all the lefties can audit what their world is like without our contribution!

    And here is another great idea… How about a day without bosses? We can lay off all of our employees and cancel their health insurance for a day. Imagine or auditing that impact

  • Number 2||

    Wait a minute! Shouldn't men who identify as women be entitled to take off on the day without women???

  • Radioactive||

    Can we have one of these weekly? My ears can use the rest.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    Reason's been doing this the last few weeks.

    Boom! I'm here all week!

  • Mr. Flanders||

    Lol pretty good!

  • Number 2||

    Will pro-choice women be allowed to participate in the day without women?

  • Tony||

    Considering it's like the single biggest obsession of Republican politicians and the hillbillies who vote for them, abortion becoming illegal would seem to be something of a negative for women, just as it is in many of those third-world hellholes you mention.

  • TGoodchild||

    Hey Tony - don't let anyone ever tell you that your posts are a complete waste of time, or that you will die alone as a result of making those around you miserable. Just tell those people to get lost!

    - TGoodchild

  • DaveT1000||

    Tony, in polling about 40% of women say that abortion should be illegal in all/most cases -

    It's a myth perpetuated by groups such as NARAL that women are nearly all pro-choice. They polling shows more support among women for pro-choice than pro-life, but the margin is a hell of a lot closer than one would think from media coverage.

  • colorblindkid||

    Only 23% of women think it should be legal in all cases, which is the Dem party's current position. Also, a plurality of Hispanics think it should be illegal in all/most cases.

    Most people just want laws in line with the rest of the civilized world. Most of the wonderful progressive European countries liberals love so much have 12 week elective limits, mandatory wait periods, strict facility regulations, and various other policies that would be deemed extremist here. The modern pro-choice movement's abortion-on-demand focus is more detached from public opinion than the pro-life movement.

  • SomeGuy||

    No Feminism needs to fucking die like all other special interest rights. They dont give a shit about equal rights and they need to die like yesterday.

    Only thing i care about is equal rights and thats it. Fuck maleism, feminism, black rights, white rights, child rights.....its all bullshit. Only equal rights matter.

  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    Reparations or GTFO!

  • SomeGuy||


  • Diane Reynolds (Paul.)||

    Can we really be equal if we're all treated the same? Shouldn't some of us be a little more equal than others? I mean, it's only fair.

  • SomeGuy||

    From what i have read from your prior stuff. I am assuming you are being sarcastic.....If not...I hate you ;P

  • SomeGuy||

    A human is a fucking human and there is no difference between anyone in regards to rights. Fuck off slavers

  • Meh.||

    I know Shikha isn't very popular around here, but she does write really level-headed, rational articles about feminism, and I appreciate that. I skimmed the first link, but it seems really odd that Ms. Hochschild would call out Shikha for being concerned about the marginalization of female Trump voters (not the impression I got from her Women's March article, Shikha definitely has a heavy focus on minorities), when she cashed in on writing a whole book about the marginalization of Trump voters.
    But back to this article… if anything, this protest will just hold up any progress made on closing the "wage gap". I can't imagine a scenario that would produce positive results. Even if you were vital to your job, do you seriously think your boss is worried that you'll leave your job forever because Trump is president? I just can't see participation being high enough to feel any measurable sort of impact.

  • SomeGuy||

    It has been shown the wage gap is a myth.....Reason already talked about a very in-depth study that showed its total bullshit.

  • BTS11||

    If i remember right women are more likely to not work overtime because of their priorities are just different so that and getting pregnant your not going to make the same as someone who works overtime and doesn't get pregnant

  • Meh.||


    No, but seriously, I do appreciate you guys taking the time to try to explain it instead of straight up calling me a dumbass.

  • SomeGuy||

    most people here care about actually informing people and preventing bullshit info spreading.

  • MarkLastname||

    No problem. Dumbass. :)

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    There are other factors. As I recall, there's a kind of cleft stick the corporations are stuck in. Just-out-of-college hires are often (though not always or in all fields) not actually worth their salary immediately. They are hired on the statistics driven expectation that they soon will be. And those statistics say that women are more likely to leave the company than men.

    Lots of other things.

    The bottom line is that, if women were worth a lot more than they were being paid, companies would seek to hire a lot more women than men. "Equal Work for Equal Pay" means "You pay us what WE tell you to, or we have a tantrum".

    I seem to recall that early examples of "Equal Pay" legislation ended up with drastically different jobs being declared "Equal", with the difference being one of unpleasantness or danger.

  • Meh.||

    Yup. Hence the scare quotes :)

  • SomeGuy||

    oh i thought those were serious quotes pointing out a topic/subject.

  • BTS11||

    What is it they hope to accomplish and who is discrementing against women exactly? I just see the same old make me feel better march

  • BTS11||


  • SomeGuy||

    No one...the whole movement over the last 20-40 years has been about extra rights putting woman beyond and above everyone else. Same with this black rights bullshit. Everyone has been equal for a long time.

  • ||

    There's bound to be some discrimination. Eliminating it - well, attempting to, - would be too costly, and would result in a serious loss of freedom. Whatever discrimination there is, it may overall favor women, or disfavor them. Here, to give you an idea:

  • SomeGuy||

    There is always discrimination but it isn't system wide as in like the 1920s or the 1960s.

    The real discrimination is double standards like men are never raped and woman are not abusive. Men must hold the door. Men can't hit woman but woman can hit men. Woman must be weak and men must be strong bullshit. Men must initiate the convo first and other stupid shit like that....all that i very much hate.

    Any special interest group does not want equal rights. They want special interests like woman make more than men. Blacks get hired first. Men can't cross examine the person accusing them of rape.

    We are at a point where special interest groups are no longer needed and actually cause more harm than good. We are at a point where informing and educating about treating everyone the same is best. There are no massive divides between groups anymore.

  • BTS11||

    Are they saying business are discriminating against them so is it once a man makes a certain amount of money they become sexiest

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    Feminism was always shot through with dubious thinking, but in the 21st century it has completely jumped the shark. It now consists almost completely of upper-middle class snits.

  • wef||

    Wordy. Emotive.

  • Dadlobby||

  • Dadlobby||

    A bunch of Femi-marxists. Feminism is a hate movement: Dworkin, "I want to see a man beaten with a high heel shoved in his mouth like an apple in the mouth of a pig". Gordon, "The nuclear family must be destroyed...the break up of families is now an objectively revolutionary process". Morgan, "I think that man-hating is an honourable and viable political act".
    Pampered snowflake women crying the victim and demanding their rights while taking no responsibility for themselves. Here's a thought, share parenting, pay your 50% share of child financial support (instead of getting welfare), sign up for the draft and serve if called on to do so, stop whining about your reproductive rights when you deny ANY reproductive rights to men, stop whining about campus rape being 1 in 5 as it's a myth, stop whining about "equal pay" as women account for 65% of college graduates and make 104% of what men make and men are 95% of workplace deaths, and when you commit a crime give up your pussy pass of an excuse for doing it and suffer the same incarceration for the same crime, admit you are 50% of domestic violence PERPETRATORS but mostly, stop whining about having the right to live off of daddy guvmint and the nanny state and passing the bill to the taxpayers for your decisions in life. Enjoy that rally where you can be in a safe place and whine to each other about who is the greater victim, pampered white women or pampered "women of color".

  • Dadlobby||

    How'd you do in DC at the woman's march? I'm sure you scored plenty of pussy, that being a nice pink hat or two! A threesome isn't staying home wanking while wearing two hats there lad. I do wonder when young men will realize that this is a toxic brand of hate towards men and stop being "white knights', "mangina's" and male apologists. Dare to debate any of the facts stated or do you hide your uneducated, uninformed small mind behind insults? I'll check back in a day or so, DanO.

  • BTS11||

    This reminds me of guy on YouTube he lives in Georgia he's around 55 to 65 and he's black and a libertarian he told a true storie about a groucier store owner in the 50s 60s? Who was white he gave a raise to his white workers but not the black workers so the black community protested by driving to another town to buy their food soon after the owner gave the black workers a raise

  • technovelist||

    I can get all the leftist propaganda I want without reading Reason magazine.

  • Butler T. Reynolds||

    "all this holiday will do is impose the Western woman's understanding of women's problems"

    Indeed. It reminds me of the lefties who scream about the rest of the country being racist while living in very expensive progressive cities.

  • Sir Jack||

    I will forever be a little bit dumber than I would have been had I not read this article. I expected a higher level of intelligent writing from

  • MarkLastname||

    Are these 'women on strike' expecting to be paid during their day off? Or expecting not to be fired for it?

    Can the husbands of women not performing 'unpaid' labor (I assume they mean domestic work) kick their wives out of the houses they own and pay the bills for for duration of the day? If women really want to show how much they just don't need men I suppose they can not use the power grid, automobiles, roads, etc. for the day or anything else primarily built and maintained by men.

    And of course, discriminating against male-owned businesses is a great idea. After all, who doubts that the answer to sexism is more sexism.

    Seriously, it's as if feminists are trying to establish their movement as the quintessential collectivist, chauvinist, vindictive movement of our time.

  • mtrueman||

    " I suppose they can not use the power grid, automobiles, roads, etc. for the day or anything else primarily built and maintained by men."

    They can always use girl cars and girl roads and so on.

  • Rational Exuberance||

    They have now declared March 8, International Women's Day, "A DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN."

    You mean like the kind of day when men go hunting or retreat into their man cave?

  • Trainer||

    "Wear RED..."

    I am going to wear pink. I have one pink dress. It's a business dress but I was thinking about wearing it with pearls, an apron and Playtex gloves.

    "Only spend money at small, women and minority-owned businesses for the day."

    Which will be open because small businesses generally can't just close for a day or let female employees just sit at home.

    "Women take the day off from paid and unpaid labor."

    I suppose this one is so men can suffer when we don't get them their sandwiches or do their laundry.

  • XM||

    The employers should replace the striking white women with female workers of color willing to work for a lesser wage in cash.

    "Our Latina sisters will never stoop so low. all the scabs are white"

  • Sanjuro Tsubaki||

    No womyn, no feminism. Oughtta have this every day of the year.

  • MarconiDarwin||

    Feminism Needs to Take a Day Off

    Because women are now enjoying parity with men. Likewise, racism is over.

    WOW! Drumpf is working wonders.

    Just like with the Washington Women's March, it will only further marginalize the marginalized.
    Yup, they'd have been better off listening to a Republican posing as a libertarian concerned about day laborers in India.

    Dalmia...hmm, why not go back to India, Shikha?

  • QuadGunner||

    You mean a day without men's lives being completely fucked up? Sounds good!

  • Agnes||

    This is slightly off topic from the article, but am I living a sheltered life, privileged life, or does blatant patriarchy/sexism not exist as much as people like to yell it does? I was born and raised in small town Texas and work in the construction industry. The higher ups are all men, pretty much aged from 40-60's, and from my time here, they've pushed me, mentored me, expected the same from me as anyone else and are extremely respectful and appreciative of my work ethic. My male boss has my best interest and will do anything to get me more money when it's time for payroll discussion.

    I'm not saying that sexism doesn't exist in the work force, or that it isn't an issue, I'm just saying I work in a pretty ' conservative country truck drivin dude' industry and the women in our industry garner a lot of respect (because they earn it just like everyone else.) Office chores are shared and the men actually end up cooking more for parties than the women. (I've swapped more recipes with the men here, that's for sure.) Maybe I just work with nice, normal people who naturally share responsibilities and will drop what they're doing to offer a hand.

    All I'm saying is, I* simply just don't see it* (meaning widespread, hide your kids, blatant patriarchy & sexism). To be honest, I've been disrespected more by liberal leaning men (who are supposed to think I'm AMAZINGGAHHH) than I have with conservative leaning men. Likewise with the womenz.

  • Agnes||

    *and if I'm going to label myself, I'm a pro-choice, 3rd party voter. I try to remain unbiased* and just go off of my experiences with people.

  • Credo MacKenzie||

    Trump says he wants to ban abortion and would defund Planned Parenthood. He even stated he would punish women for getting abortions. That's a serious enough cause among others. Women aren't just going to sit around and hope their rights and health care aren't taken away.

    But but but women aren't allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia! Well, many American women are already at the forefront fighting for women's rights internationally.


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