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Trump's Fake News Attack on Sweden, Immigrants, and Crime: New at Reason

Gage SkidmoreGage SkidmoreIs it safe for you to return to Sweden? That's the question an American friend asked Johan Norberg this weekend after President Donald Trump warned an audience in Melbourne, Florida, about Muslim immigrants and terrorism in Europe. "You look at what happened last night in Sweden" the president yelled, "Sweden! Who would believe this!"

Trump later took to Twitter to admit that he was not referring to something that happened in Sweden last night, but something that happened on Fox News last night. Tucker Carlson had interviewed Ami Horowitz about a documentary claiming that Muslim refugees were the cause of an "incredible surge in violence" in Sweden.

But as Johan Norberg explains, that documentary, and the Fox News segment based on it, are nothing but fake news. Here are the facts about immigrants, refugees, and crime in Sweden.


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