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Brickbat: Caught in a Hammerlock

WrestlersChelsdo | Dreamstime.comIran has banned American wrestlers from entering the country to compete in the Freestyle World Cup later this month. The ban was in retaliation for President Donald Trump's recent executive order that barred visas for those from seven countries, including Iran.

Photo Credit: Chelsdo |

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  • BigT||

    As Trump wrestles with his conscience.

  • gaoxiaen||

    It's hard to wrestle with something that is nonexistent.

  • Radioactive||

    like your I.Q.?

  • straffinrun||

    More like it was in response to Meryl Streep.

  • JeremyR||

    So were any athletes from Israel invited?

    Gee, I wonder.

    And yet somehow that ban of Israelis/Jews from various Muslim countries is fine & dandy, no outrage.

  • Libertarian||

    So, let's be clear here. Iran is the one getting the brickbat? Or Trump? Because giving Iran a brickbat for banning wrestlers is like giving Hitler a ticket for double-parking.

  • Mr Lizard||

    Well when your double parking a panzer in a crowded polish city, that is kind of a dick move.

  • Radioactive||

    depends on what you're loading...

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    A senior Iranian cleric vowed, meanwhile, that his country would continue its missile program, despite threats from the Trump administration that it was preparing to levy new sanctions.

    A senior American bishop in the Trump administration vowed to apply sanctions to Iran in retaliation for its missile program.

  • Libertarian||

    Tomorrow's brickbat today!

    "A BART janitor in San Francisco who raked in $271,000 in a single year, based largely on overtime work, was captured on video disappearing into a storage closet at one of the stops and—at times- spending hours a day there."

  • Lee wishes he made the list...||

    So that's how Fist does it.

  • Radioactive||

    My uncle was a magician, I saw him walk down a street and turn into a bar.

  • Libertarian||

    At Worst story caption ever.

    "Fox's Gerri Willis: Cancer can be transformative"

    Ya think?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Pompey:何 Class Mothersmucker||

    Oh my. /George Takei

  • This Machine Chips Fascists||

    Yo Brickbatter! Your link is as dead as your story. Iran changed their mind 2 days ago. Try to keep up.

  • Jerryskids||

    I'm guessing they changed their mind due to the Iranian newspapers expressing outrage over the fact that President Rouhani doesn't actually have the constitutional authority to rescind the wrestler's visas?

  • Radioactive||

    what will all those hairy, sweaty guys in tight singlets do for fun that weekend?

  • UnCivilServant||

    Get thrown off rooves and have stones thrown at them?

    Who sites a wrestling tournament in Iran?

  • Radioactive||

    Iran has a long and illustrious heritage of hairy, sweaty men in tight singlets "grappling" with each other and then heading off to the steam baths...

  • UnCivilServant||

    and the Mullahs have a history of having them strung up from cranes by the neck. (I don't know why Iran uses cranes for hangings.)

  • Radioactive||

    cause the flamingos won't cooperate?

  • Libertarian||

    Thursday's brickbat today!


  • spqr2008||

    Kyle Snyder keeps beating their golden boy, Ramezanianje, so the Mullahs sure as shit don't want him traveling to Iran, because Ramezanianje will win if he doesn't have to face Snyder.

  • Stormy Dragon||

    Iran already reversed its position on this two days ago:

    Iran to Grant Visas to U.S. Wrestling Team, Reversing Previous Ban

    The country reversed its previous decision to deny entry visas in response to Trump's order, which banned travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran. Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif said on Twitter that the court ruling, as well as requests from the Iranian Wrestling Federation and United World Wrestling, also know as FILA, had prompted the country to let the U.S. wrestlers into the country.
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