Police Abuse

Brickbat: Just a 'Regular Person'


Seattle's Community Police Commission has asked that Officer Daniel Auderer, the vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, be placed on leave without pay while he is under investigation for remarks that appeared to make light of the death of a woman killed by another officer. Officer Kevin Dave reached speeds of up to 74 mph while responding to an overdose call, but he had "chirped" his siren instead of running it continuously. He struck graduate student Jaahnavi Kandula in a crosswalk in an area where the speed limit is 25 mph, applying his brakes less than a second before hitting her. Auderer was caught by his own bodycam in a phone conversation with union President Mike Solan in which Auderer laughed and called Kandula a "regular person" whose life had "limited value."  He said the city should just write a check for $11,000 to her family.