Free Speech

Brickbat: Careful What You Tweet


Anthony Stevens, a British Conservative Party member of the Wellingborough council, is facing charges of distributing material to stir up hatred for several tweets he posted. Stevens retweeted a video critical of police for arresting street preacher Oluwole Ilisanmi, who was accused of being Islamophobic. Ilisanmi was later awarded £2,500 ($3,143) for wrongful arrest. Stevens was also questioned by police for tweeting his support of King Lawal, a fellow conservative council member who was suspended by the party after he responded to images of Pride parades by tweeting, "When did pride become a thing to celebrate. Because of pride, Satan fell as an archangel. Pride is not a virtue but a sin. Those who have pride should repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you."