Brickbat: Sorry, I Was Aiming at Your Dog


Tina Hight has sued the Columbia County, Arkansas, sheriff's office, Sheriff Mike Loe and Deputy Brian Williams after Williams shot her while trying to hit her Pomeranian dog. Hight called 911 for help in August 2022 for what she described as a domestic violence situation. But bodycam video shows when she opened the door for another deputy, her dogs came out, including the Pomeranian which ran barking towards Williams. Williams seemed to panic: He threatened to kill the dog, fired an apparent warning shot, then fired a shot towards the dog. The shot missed the dog, but hit Hight, who was standing on her porch next to the other deputy. When Hight screamed that she had been shot, Williams denied shooting her and claimed her dog had scratched her. The bullet is still lodged in Hight's shin.