Brickbat: Dressed Down


Three female Winnfield, Louisiana, police officers approached Casey LaCaze-Lachney at a street music festival, and one of them cited her for indecent exposure. LaCaze-Lachney was wearing a crop top and cut-off denim shorts at the time. The indecent exposure charge carries a fine of up to $300 and up to 40 hours of community service. When LaCaze-Lachney hired a lawyer to fight the charge, they were told the police department had no bodycam video of her being cited. But a bystander had captured part of the encounter on video. After LaCaze-Lachney posted a TikTok video of herself in the clothes she was wearing when she was cited, the department dropped the charges and Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter apologized, with both he and the city attorney reportedly admitting her outfit did not violate the law.