Brickbat: Driving Them Crazy


For the past 36 years, Judy and Ed Craine parked their car on the driveway of their San Francisco home. But they recently got a ticket for $1,542 for parking there and the threat of another $250 a day in fines if they continued to park there. The city Planning Department told them that it's illegal to park in front of their home. After all these years, someone filed an anonymous complaint against them and two neighbors who were also parking in their driveways. The department told them they could be grandfathered in if they could demonstrate that parking was a historic use of the driveway. The couple found a 34-year-old photo of their car parked there but were told that wasn't old enough. They found an aerial photo from 1938 that they believe showed a car parked there but were told it was too fuzzy. They are now parking on the street.