Review: SKIMS

If you've detected increased sexiness in the atmosphere, you can thank Kim Kardashian and her lingerie brand SKIMS.


In April, the reality TV mogul and aspiring lawyer Kim Kardashian debuted a new collection of her lingerie/shapewear brand, SKIMS, via an ad campaign featuring a flock of former Victoria's Secret angels.

In a little under three years since launching the brand, Kardashian has pocketed a cool $1 billion while marketing lingerie that "fits everybody" and comes in a wider array of skin tones than that industry has traditionally offered—similar to Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line, which was lauded by black beauty industry watchers (among others) for debuting with a whopping 40 different shades of foundation.

SKIMS has unseated the reigning lingerie industry titan Victoria's Secret—savagely stealing its iconic angels—by making a superior product. (Well, that plus the founder's fame and marketing prowess.) SKIMS offers bras that are far more comfortable than most competitors while catering to a greater range of cup and band sizes. Ditto for its shapewear line, which more directly competes with brands like Spanx; for women who like to wear tight dresses a la Kim, the catsuits, bodysuits, waist trainers, and slips come in all cuts and necklines, allowing more customized sculpting base layers than Spanx ever offered.

Victoria's Secret's dominant push-up bras are a one-note bombshell-ism that flatters only women with select assets. In SKIMS' world, women swan around in skin-tight, floor-length loungewear dresses, or don shimmer leggings, or perhaps high-waisted cozy knit pants; they can emphasize or hide the most and least flattering parts of their bodies with booty- and belly-sculpting shapewear. If you've detected an ambient increased sexiness in the atmosphere, thank Kardashian's daring competition against the formerly indomitable lingerie titans.