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Review: Justice Is…

Preet Bharara's new children's book, Justice Is... purports to be "a guide for young truth seekers."


In 2015, Reason got hit with a subpoena after online commenters said some unkind things about a federal judge. The signature on that subpoena (which was quickly followed by a gag order) belonged to Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York at the time.

Bharara has gone on to modest acclaim as a podcaster and pundit, and now apparently as a children's book author. Justice Is… purports to be "a guide for young truth seekers." At 187 words, 13 of which are the word Justice, the text of the book is only a few words longer than this review and the prose is subpar even for the unpleasant genre of political celeb kid lit.

This book was never going to get a glowing review from Reason, but we regret to inform parents of young truth seekers that even Bharara's subpoena was better written.