Brickbat: You Will Do What's Good for You


Rhode Island state Sen. Sam Bell  has introduced a bill that would require all unvaccinated residents of the state pay a $50-a-month fine. The fine would apply to everyone eligible for the vaccine. Bell's bill would also force unvaccinated Rhode Islanders to pay double their state income taxes.

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  1. On the plus side, he's also in favor of Medicaid For All, taxing the rich, making Rhode Island a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, and gun control, so he's got that going for him. Did I mention that in his website biography he credits his mommy for raising him to be a Democrat?

  2. FYI, Rhode Island state Sen. Sam Bell is "Team D". (This is REALLY what we need to know, and dropped the ball, here.)

    Now all of those who are "Team D" can PRAISE Him...

    ...And those who are "Team R" can assert that he is "literally Hitler"!

    1. I know right... Hitler so should've just fined the labor camp residents $50/month instead of sending them off for mandated showers. Oh wait; they probably could pay the fine so it was off to the mandated showers anyways...

      Ya know; like what will most likely happen to Rhode Island residents who can't pay their fines. Off to the prison with them. If we can't directly FORCE you into the showers the next best thing is to make you criminal so we can....

      1. Not making excuses for Sam Bell here... Sam Bell can go to hell!

        Just pointing out the non-stop tribalism that saturates EVERYTHING these days!!!

        (Sam Bell is gonna stuff my pockets full of easy money, which I will make, by selling faked vaccination certificates, so there is that one up-side. And I can feel ALL good about it, since I will be saving these certificate-buyers from your Hitlerian death camps etc.)

        1. You talk about tribalism more than anyone.

          1. It's not my fault that this site is polluted with knee-jerk tribalists out the wazoo!!!

            1. What's that I smell..... Projection again! 🙂

  3. Why anyone lives in Rhode Island is beyond me.

  4. Nice of shiteater to try to get out ahead and defend it, but it really is customary, when naming senators, to include their party.

    1. You know the rule. If the party isn't mentioned, then it's a D.

      1. They said Rhode Island. To tack a D onto it would have been grossly redundant. Remember, Rhode Island started when a bunch of people left Massachusetts because they didn't like the conservative policy of burning witches and only having sex on Thursdays. Buncha freaking wokesters destroying our morals.

  5. Selling off everyone's last ounce of Individual Liberty for the "Safety" of 0.3% of those 80+ year olds who refused to vaccinate (took a risk). Wow... Yeah; safety my *ss... This is PURE UN-reasonable DICTATION solely for the sake of tyrannical dictation.

    1. While I'd agree with the sentiment minimizing the risk as affecting 0.3 % of those 80+ is an asinine misrepresentation.

      1. +

      2. He meant the .3% of the population who are 80+ years old, more likely.

        1. That's not what was said or what is normally implied with those types of comments.

          People conflate the most vulnerable with wlbeing the only ones vulnerable to try an minimize the risks and feed their own narrative.

          1. "0.3% of those 80+ year olds who refused to vaccinate"
            Didn't think that was so hard to understand...

            CDC only tracks 65+ year olds at 95% vaccinated but here's the kicker....

            CDC has capped estimates of vaccination coverage shown on COVID Data Tracker at 95%. This cap helps address potential over-estimates of vaccination coverage due to first, second, and booster doses that were not linked. Other reasons for overestimates include census denominator data not including part-time residents or potential data reporting errors. Previously, CDC had capped estimates of vaccination coverage at 99.9%. CDC changed the cap to 95% on December 9, 2021, to account for differences in the accuracy of vaccination coverage estimates between different jurisdictions.

            In other-words; It'll never go over 95% because they want to LIE.
            As such 95% can be correctly interpreted as 100%.

            But lets just take the current COVID death-rate of 330 (EVERYONE!!) and just figure they're all past 80-years old and UN-vaccinated (pretending a vaccinated death would count would defeat the purpose of the argument). That's 0.000001% selling off Liberty for Safety Standard.... It's B.S.

  6. Vote for fascists, get fascism.

    Remember, remember, the eighth of November.

    1. Ah yes, the eighth of November. When some people tried to murder all of Parliament so they could replace the monarchy with a theocracy.

      1. That was the 5th of November, dumbass. The 8th is the next federal election.

  7. Bell shared a few of the expletive-filled messages and emails that he’s received from Rhode Islanders who are against his proposal on social media. He tells 12 News he’s not concerned about the small percentage of Rhode Islanders who he believes are “divorced from the realities of science.”

    This clown is just the guy to implement taxation of excess body weight.

    1. I mean, it's awfully refreshing to see someone so openly advocate fascism. Ironic that this pigfucker would be taking off a mask of any sort, though.

  8. The pandemic is over.

  9. I can see Texas adding an income tax just for women who choose to terminate lumps of cells.

    1. Instead of arresting mothers who had a miscarriage, they could just tax them instead!

      1. Eeyore only planned to punish women who "choose to terminate" if you want to rob women of their agency and punish them all, that's on you.

        1. "planned"

  10. I'm starting to see lower-screen banner ads (I guess the ad-blocker hasn't figured out how to block those yet) for COVID booster shots, promising it will keep me strong. They don't say it's only good for a few weeks though.

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