Biden Is Deporting Venezuelans to Colombia

"It's abundantly clear [Trump] has no regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people," Biden said in October 2020 before engaging in many of the same practices toward asylum seekers.


Record numbers of Venezuelan migrants have crossed into the United States from Mexico in recent months, hoping to apply for asylum. U.S. immigration authorities reported 24,819 Venezuelan border crossers in December 2021, compared to just 200 one year prior.

Despite the compelling case many Venezuelans have for seeking refuge in the U.S., the Biden administration is denying many of them that opportunity. Instead it is quietly deporting them to Colombia—a policy that resembles a controversial Trump administration practice.

Citing 42 USC 265, a public health provision that was also invoked by President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden thus far has expelled more than 1 million migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, preventing Venezuelans and many others from applying for asylum. Colombia will be a deportation destination for Venezuelans who have previously lived there, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Trump, no champion of immigration, offered Venezuelan nationals protection from deportation in one of the final moves of his presidency. But he also "deported an unknown number of Venezuelans through a third country," the Associated Press reported in October 2020.

Candidate Biden criticized Trump for the deportations, saying in October 2020 that "it's abundantly clear he has no regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people." Yet President Biden is also deporting Venezuelans to third countries.

Beyond this inconsistency lies an even more nonsensical one. In March 2021, Biden's DHS announced an 18-month "temporary protected status" for Venezuelans already present in the U.S. That designation, which protects migrants from expulsion, is reserved for people fleeing an "ongoing armed conflict," "an environmental disaster, or an epidemic," or "other extraordinary and temporary conditions." The designation applies to 320,000 Venezuelans in the U.S. but excludes newcomers, despite the Biden administration's explicit recognition that America should be a safe haven.

Colombia, despite its own political and economic challenges, has welcomed the 2 million Venezuelan refugees who have traveled there as Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro drives the country into the ground. Colombia has even created a path to citizenship for its Venezuelan migrant population. But the U.S. is far better situated than Colombia to host Venezuelans, more than 5.4 million of whom have left their country since 2014 in what amounts to the second-worst refugee crisis in the world, topped only by the huge Syrian exodus.

Biden's decision to send away refugees who are eager to become Americans belies his avowed "regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people."

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  1. We are charging then for these flights to Columbia, right? You don't think the mighty US government puts up with this, right? We can get Venezuela to pay us with oil.

    1. I dunno what they're bitching about, at least we aren't sending the Venezuelans back to Venezuela.

  2. Perhaps this is because th3 Biden administration is following 5he rules set up by international treaty about what the procedure for seeking asylum is and Biden's criticisms during the campaign of Trump's policy was lawless, emotionally manipulative rhetoric.

    1. Reason would NEVER fall for something like that! This place isn’t called EMOTE!

      1. *puts down shot of "drink". Sips tea with pinky finger out.*

    2. Anyone who has arrived in the US from Mexico by land, from Venezuela, has passed through a minimum of seven other countries first.

      The US has a limited capacity to soak an influx of illiterate peasants. It would be much higher if the left hadn't been fucking us over economically for the last hundred years. But it isn't, so there's limits as to how much we can do in a given time period.

      Completely unskilled immigrants are like rain in the deserts they cross to get here. A little can be quite helpful in bringing the place to life. Miss Harrigan, I'd like to invite you to come see what happens in the desert when it rains too much, too quickly. I'll even make sure you're standing in a safe place to watch, and don't get swept away by the killing wall of water as it smashes through an arroyo, leveling everything in it's path.

  3. "more than 1 million migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border,"

    In other words. illegal immigrants / aliens ?
    If so, the article REFUSES to even admit that this is the case !

    Purposeful misinformation.

  4. Name the number of immigrants that the US can accept over a year. 3 million? 6 million? 30 million?
    Whatever number you think is the limit, you have accepted that there is a limit and some sort of control is necessary to enforce that limit.
    Those who refuse to name a number were thinking that 6 million was a right-wing white supremacist exaggeration to scare people. Let's see.

  5. He knows his voters are too stupid to figure it out.

  6. So that makes it official, Venezuelan refugees don't vote for Democrats.

    1. Since they have a pretty clear idea of where the road of Socialism leads you are probably right, Moonster.

      1. Cubans also unwelcome.

  7. It’s all about the skin color for Joe.

  8. "It's abundantly clear [Trump] has no regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people," Biden said in October 2020 before engaging in many of the same practices toward asylum seekers.

    Yeah but he got elected right after that, duh!

  9. "Biden said in October 2020 before engaging in many of the same practices toward asylum seekers"

    Nonono - I was told 'the adults are back on charge". No more mean tweets'. Statesman. 'wrong, but within normal parameters'. WORLD WAR 3!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm sorry Harrigan - but this magazine effectively campaigned for Biden by . . . we'll, campaigning for Biden, trashing Trump in every article, and basically ignoring Jorgenson. It seemed more important to get Trump - the most LGBT friendly president in history - out of office than promote libertarianism. So they ignored the regulation cutting and focused on tariffs, border controls, and the irrational fears of the LGBT community of a pogrom.

      1. "...the irrational fears of the LGBT community of a pogrom."

        Yeah, I muted Tony at the first opportunity.

  10. Colombia still an upgrade?

  11. When was the last time AOC went down to the border to pose for emotional photos? Left wing media and attention whores love to talk about the horrors immigrants are facing when they don't control the government, and then do the exact same thing.

    1. And when was the last time any of people running these banana republics have said or done anything about this? It's their fault that no one wants to live in their countries, but somehow it's not their problem.

  12. They can get in line and come legally.

    At least in Colombia, they can speak the language.

  13. Dear Leader Biden does not allow Cuban refugees, who risk their lives crossing shark infested waters into the US.
    This is a good idea.
    These Cubans trying to escape the island gulag are obviously insane.
    They don't realize that food rationing, secret police, informers, oppression of basic human rights, and jailing anyone the government deems a threat is the greatest government in the world and don't realize just how lucky they are to in a Stalinist slave state.
    Biden, the democrats and republicans are working diligently to our capitalist hell hole into a Stalinist slave state so we, too, can enjoy all the poverty, misery and hopelessness those lucky bastards in Cuba experience every day.

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