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What happened to the NRA?


Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA, by Tim Mak, Dutton, 384 pages, $29

Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and supposed political giant, is actually an indecisive wimp who hides from staff, from public appearances, and from conflict while enjoying the perks of running a well-heeled nonprofit organization. That's one juicy revelation in Tim Mak's Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA, an eye-opening and often gossipy exposé of the financial shenanigans and abuses of trust behind the organization's legal woes. The NRA's political enemies are savoring its troubles, but the book leaves the impression that the greatest beneficiaries of the group's implosion could be advocates of self-defense rights, who could gain more honest, competent representation.

"After the shootings in Columbine High School in 1999, NRA higher-ups had a series of tense strategy sessions," Mak, an NPR correspondent, writes. "When NRA executives and consultants arrived at one especially high-stakes meeting, they spotted wingtip dress shoes sticking out from behind the floor-to-ceiling drapes. Wayne had gotten so overwhelmed by the situation that he hid behind the curtains, apparently for comfort."

Wayne Anthony Ross, a conservative Alaskan attorney, once said LaPierre has the "backbone of a chocolate éclair." (That must make for interesting interactions, since Ross currently serves on the organization's board of directors.) "His heart was never really that much into gun rights advocacy," Mak writes of LaPierre.

If LaPierre is so timid, how can the organization he has run since 1991 wield such clout? Part of the answer lies in the Oklahoma City–based Ackerman McQueen advertising agency, which represented the NRA for decades before the relationship degenerated into recriminations and litigation. Ackerman CEO Angus McQueen "shaped the public image of Wayne LaPierre as a Second Amendment warrior," Mak reports, to the point that LaPierre called the ad man "Yoda." In the process, McQueen and his well-compensated firm often displaced the NRA's in-house talent on policy and messaging. They also pushed the organization into white-elephant projects, such as NRATV, on which tens of millions of dollars were wasted.

In addition to advice, McQueen apparently passed along a taste for the finer things. From an early rumpled disdain for personal appearance, LaPierre, along with his wife and their cronies, developed an affinity for pricey clothing, private jets, and five-star accommodations. Personal expenses were regularly charged to Ackerman McQueen, which then billed the NRA, concealing the expenses from auditors and donors who might object to subsidizing a luxurious lifestyle.

"The National Rifle Association said it had found additional examples of excessive benefits paid by the nonprofit gun rights organization in recent years to CEO Wayne LaPierre, including $44,000 in private jet flights," The Wall Street Journal reported of a tax filing in November 2021, confirming Mak's points. "The NRA made similar admissions in its 2019 filing, when it disclosed that current and former top executives received at least $1.4 million in improper or excessive benefits from the organization in violation of nonprofit rules."

But a bigger part of the explanation for the NRA's effectiveness is that LaPierre and Co. never really led the gun-rights movement. They just tried to stay ahead of a motivated constituency. "Contrary to popular belief," Mak writes, the NRA "is not powerful because of money from the gun industry, which makes up a relatively paltry amount of its contributions. It's powerful because of its millions of passionate dues-paying members."

Those members transformed a sporting organization into a civil liberties advocate—at least at the Institute for Legislative Action, the NRA's lobbying arm. They jam phone lines to defeat anti-gun legislation with little more than a nudge in the right direction. The NRA leadership has bilked them, but their energy "will remain there to be mobilized if and when it does turn around," Mak notes.

New York Attorney General Letitia James's effort to disband the NRA, which is the source of much material in Misfire, deserves more context than the book offers. James "made no secret of how much she despised the National Rifle Association," Mak acknowledges; she even called the group a "terrorist organization." Amid real concerns about NRA leadership's abuse of its members' trust, that raises serious questions about politicians weaponizing their offices against their enemies.

David Cole, national legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), raised the issue in a public challenge to James—one that's missing from Misfire. "If the New York attorney general can do this to the NRA, why couldn't the attorney general of a red state take similar action against the ACLU, the AFL-CIO, Common Cause, or Everytown for Gun Safety?" Cole asked. "The right to associate can't survive if officials can shut down organizations with which they disagree."

Unfortunately, such ideological alliances have become remarkable in recent years, as partisanship often displaces other concerns. While many NRA leaders, including LaPierre, started as Democrats, the group is now a Republican monolith.

"By the time of the 2016 presidential election, the NRA had completed its metamorphosis from a gun organization into a conservative culture war organization," writes Mak. "The NRA dedicated more than $50 million to candidates in the 2016 elections, 99 percent of that on Republicans."

The ACLU suffered a similar transformation, with The New York Times reporting in June 2020 that growing devotion to progressive causes fuels "internal tensions over whether it has stepped away from a founding principle—unwavering devotion to the First Amendment." So the ACLU's support for the NRA's rights is an example of principle triumphing over tribalism worth mentioning in a book that frequently documents the opposite.

At times, Mak can't help reminding us of his gun-averse NPR affiliation. He refers to NRA members opposing "modest gun reforms" as if it's a given that an organization dedicated to a civil liberty should give ground. It's difficult to imagine him suggesting that the ACLU should embrace "modest censorship." Mak also expresses an NPR-ish strain of wishful thinking when he opines that the 2018 Parkland shooting "would irrevocably change the gun control landscape by mobilizing America's students." In fact, the stresses and unrest of recent years have sent firearms purchases through the roof and depressed support for restrictive laws. "The public's priority on enacting new laws to try to address gun violence has waned from its level three years ago," an ABC/Washington Post poll found in April 2021. "The decline is sharpest among 18 to 29-year-olds, from 65 percent to 45 percent." But we're here for Mak's exposure of the NRA's flaws, not for Mak to embrace the NRA's mission.

More serious weaknesses appear in the pages devoted to Maria Butina and Aleksandr Torshin's infiltration of the NRA for the purposes of schmoozing Republican politicians. Butina "spent years genuinely and eagerly promoting gun rights" and founded an advocacy organization in Russia, Mak reports. Along the way she met Torshin, a crook connected to Vladimir Putin's regime in Russia, and her NRA contacts became back-channel connections to the American political party that went on to win the next presidential election.

Much ink is spilled on Butina's flirtatious ways, her ever-morphing biography, and a joint gun-rights conference in Moscow in 2015. But most of the networking predated worries about malicious social-media memes and the now-discredited Steele dossier, "when the world was not yet concerned about Russian interference in elections," Mak acknowledges. And it's unclear why private figures should have been particularly leery of Russians just three years after President Barack Obama mocked his opponent's concerns about Putin by snorting that "the Cold War's been over for 20 years."

The real scandal was NRA officials again piggybacking personal projects on organization activities. Multiple U.S. attendees at the Moscow conference charged what were really private business trips to the gun-rights group. Mak describes "an expectation among NRA bigwigs that the NRA would foot the bill for their international jaunts." That's probably of greater import than any Boris-and-Natasha shenanigans.

Subsequent corruption revelations spurred an exodus of dedicated staff, including longtime lobbyist Chris Cox, and crisis-driven layoffs led to further downsizing. There's little question that the scandals have eroded the NRA's effectiveness.

Amid the titillating gossip and the appeals to true-believing NRA critics, Mak has documented tremendous corruption and dysfunction at an organization that seems less a leader of the gun rights movement than a parasite on its energy and resources. If the group disappeared, that might allow nimbler, more principled advocates to step out of the NRA's shadow and thrive.

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  1. There needs to be a politically agnostic guns rights group. Having the Trumptards "own" gun rights is bad for business.

    1. That would be impossible.

      There is one political movement that has made banning private gun ownership a centerpiece of their objectives. Only one.

      Saying "I want a group to oppose infringements on gun rights" while simultaneously saying "I don't want this group to appear partisan" is .... Niaive? .... Silly? .... Ignoring reality?

      1. ^

        When gun banning becomes a political issue, there can't be a group that is against that without it being political.

        It's like, in 2020, complaining about science being politicized. Once it starts, being viewpoint-neutral is irrelevant because any study or assertion is going to be attacked by the side that doesn't like it.

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    2. The NRA has long had a policy of supporting every pro-gun Democrat they could find, in an effort to maintain a toe-hold on the left end of the political spectrum. If anything, they had a thumb on the scale in favor of Democrats, in edge cases, just to retain that toe hold. But you can't support people who just don't exist, and the Democratic party doesn't tolerate Democratic office holders being pro-gun.

      It was a eye opener when they managed to force Rep. Dingle, an NRA board member, to vote for the '94 AWB. I have no idea what sort of pressure they brought to bear to accomplish that, but in accomplishing it, they stripped the NRA management of the ability to continue sheltering questionable Democrats.

      1. The NRA has long had a policy of supporting every pro-gun Democrat they could find, in an effort to maintain a toe-hold on the left end of the political spectrum. If anything, they had a thumb on the scale in favor of Democrats, in edge cases, just to retain that toe hold."

        Well said.
        I'm pretty sure Shrike knows that, which is why he socked as "Happy Miser". He just had to blame something on Trump whether relevant or not.

      2. The problem for Dems in gun-friendly states is that they need to be reasonable on the issue to get elected, but an NRA endorsement is the kiss of death for any national ambitions they might have in the Democrat party.

        1. I wonder why Drms are addicted to gun control.

          1. They’ve been overrun by progressives. And one of the goals of progressives is to transform the American middle class into serfs. It’s harder to do that with 2A.

            A little known fact about serfs in feudal Europe was that not only were the weapons owned by the men who served royalty too expensive for serfs to own, they weren’t actually allowed to own them.

            Just as it was nearly impossible for someone to defend themselves from tyranny with pitchforks against people with swords, crossbows, and pole arms, so is it to defend yourself with single shot .22 rifles from people with automatic weapons.

            1. China did the same thing to its peasants.

              Though Chinese peasants turned out to be much more inventive in creating items that didn't quite look like deadly weapons but were.

    3. Nobody owns gun rights dumb fuck. Every citizen has that right.

      1. He meant owning the issue as an issue.

        1. The Dems could change that
          by stop being dicks about it.

    4. Turn yourself in for your crimes against children.

    5. Your problem here is that you consider everyone right of Mao to be a 'Trumptard'.

      And the people left of Mao want to take all the guns away.

    6. Until the 1970s the NRA was agnostic. The result was a slew of horrible gun laws.

      1. They were actually building a museum to house all the guns we'd no longer be able to own, and planning on transitioning to being a historical society, when the membership revolted, and forced the NRA to become politically active.

        1. IIRC, they were building a luxury hunting country club in the western US for insiders and wealthy donors. The hardcore 2A activists shut that down and transformed the org.

          1. Yeah, my father led that revolt in 1977.

    7. Trumpanzees are copying 2A enforcement from Libertarians. It was Tricky Dick from Yorba Linda who signed an ABM treaty with a communist dictator FORBIDDING our militias from having life-saving defenses against incoming nuclear attacks. Libertarians pointed out this error which the GOP then swept under the carpet by quietly nullifying the treasonous treaty. Republican National Socialists, like the Prohibition Party Comstockists that infiltrated them in 1928, are parasites. Their policies destroy the economy and their mimicry splatters our good reputation.

      1. “Trumpanzees are copying 2A enforcement from Libertarians.”


    8. Let's give it to the Democrats, you know, for more inclusion.

  2. Longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn always said the proper libertarian approach to this issue is to demand comprehensive gun safety laws. A weakened "pro-2A" movement is great news for libertarians.


    1. I'm still waiting for Hihn to start "necroposting" here.

    2. A weakened "pro-2A" movement is great news for libertarians.

      Only if libertarians can "take up the slack" and incorporate them into the libertarian movement and be more effective at repealing all gun-control laws.

    3. #LibertariansForGunSense

      Actual "gun sense" means the repeal of all gun-control laws and knowing where the muzzle's pointed.

  3. The lede here is "federally funded media organization joins Democrat activists and partisan Democrat attorneys general in attacking 2nd amendment rights advocacy group, seeking to silence the first amendment rights of citizens on matters related to gun control."

    We have 2 organs of the state actively working to violate the rights of citizens.... And that isn't the story here? "I don't like the NRA" is the lead story?

    Can somebody call in the old guard to teach these people how to libertarian?

    1. "call in the old guard to teach these people how to libertarian"

      Ugh, I really wish Michael Hihn was still around. 🙁

      1. Rest in peace, sweet prince. Your spirit lies with Sqrls and sarc now.

        1. That should be REST IN PEACE.

          1. *SNEER*


          2. I think he will come back to necropost. Never underestimate a Michael Hihn.

    2. Guns rights advocates don't like the NRA anymore because it's not actually standing up for them.

    3. Can somebody call in the old guard to teach these people how to libertarian?

      The "old guard" of libertarianism is well represented among Reason staff.

      Turns out, they were just entitled, greedy mainstream progressives who occasionally like to say something outrageous they don't really mean in order to attract attention.

  4. What happened to the NRA?

    When the NRA took on the additional and unforeseen mission of Defender of the 2nd Amendment it had to enter the political arena.

    And when you lie down with dogs...

    1. If you ask me, most non-profits are in the business of collecting money for some alleged public purpose, while in reality they are in the business of making money for the management that pretends to promote that public purpose. Check their IRS 990s before you donate, which lists the sources of their funds (often most of their money comes from government), and the salaries of the CEO and 10 or so highest paid individuals. And no doubt, the non-profit management is politically connected (e.g., they give kickbacks from their salary towards campaign contributions to the politicians who approve the grants to them).

      As a libertarian, I find government funding of non-profits to be an immoral taking of money from people who produce want people voluntarily and willingly buy, to give it to overpaid charity management who are picked by the liberal machines running government. They also work to get into management of these non-profits: just look at Bill Ayers and Barrack Obama's board membership and pay for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was also 1/3 government funded. It created the Chicago Public Education Fund. It's IRS 990 shows its president, Heather Anchini, made $400,000 in 2020. It also shows it receives a substantial portion of its revenue from a governmental unit or the general public, but they don't break it out between the two. And half it's expenses go to management salary and compensation.

      Seriously, how is this a charity except for the management? And its mission is to invest in the people running public schools, as if that's necessary. It'd be better if we separated school and state, like we do church and state, and let the free market offer educations to students: it will do it better, cheaper and faster.

      1. The NRA is overwhelmingly funded by members and small time donations. And, yeah, LaPierre's compensation is high, but the NRA has been quite effective, which is why Democrats hate them.

        1. ^Exactly. If the NRA was truly corrupt to the point of ineffectiveness the anti-gun NY AG wouldn't care. LaPierre has earned his fancy suits. Suppose there was no NRA. There'd be little freedom to keep and bear arms, either. There'd be prohibitive UK-style gun-control in the U.S.

  5. The Republican Party made the biggest mistake of its existence when it pushed away great patriots like Joe Walsh. (And David Frum and Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot and Tom Nichols...)

    Biden didn’t IMPLY regime change. He DEMANDED it. He CALLED FOR it. And everyone in the world who believes in freedom & democracy is damn glad he did it.


    1. Losing the necon warmongers to the Democrats was the best thing ever for the Republican party. Now if it can dump it's big subsidy, big regulation BBB types, it may finally be cured.

      1. Don't worry, the big business types are all Democrats now (at least in name, to keep their lefty employees appeased.)

    2. Nothing says freedom like forced regime change.

      1. My regime change protects you, your regime change protects me.

        1. This guy gets it.

    3. This is a really big deal, but somehow many libertarians around here don't seem to care.
      Indeed, they cheerlead the warmongering globalists.

      You will own nothing, and Slava ukraini!

      1. Owning the neocons and their warmongering ways by justifying the actions of an imperialist autocrat who has started a war which has claimed thousands of lives.


        1. Except Nardz has repeatedly and vociferously said that the Ukraine is none of our fucking business.

          Which it sure as fuck isn’t.

          1. If simple mickey wants to make it he/his business, simple mickey has the right to go over there himself.

            Otherwise, he/him can shut the fuck up instead of being parasitic trash willing to nuke the world to fill he/his empty life with collectivist righteousness.

          2. How so?
            Was not protecting South Vietnam from aggression the business of the United States?

            1. Not sure if serious.

              Poe's Law has been fucking with me harder than usual lately.

            2. I’m pretty sure you’re being facetious, but just in case:

              No, no it wasn’t our business. Literally all we did was prolong their inevitable descent into communism. Oh and throw away tens of thousands of young men’s lives.

        2. You know Mickey, it's entirely possible to oppose the neocons and their warmongering ways and still not support Putin.

          This whole idea that if you don't support war with Russia then you're a Putin apologist, is crazy.

          1. You know Mickey, it's entirely possible to oppose the neocons and their warmongering ways and still not support Putin.

            Please try telling that to Nardz. I can't reach him.

        3. justifying the actions of an imperialist autocrat

          Putin, he is an evil, mass murdering dictator, but he isn't our responsibility.

          People like you are using Putin as an excuse for your own war mongering, imperialist autocracy. And unlike Putin, when people like you get going, millions die.

    4. Bill Kristol, hah! Never has anyone been so wrong about so many things as Bill Kristol. Want to know what time it is? Just ask Bill Kristol what time it isn't.

  6. Here's another test for us Koch / Soros / Reason libertarians and our soft-on-CP-enthusiasts #EmptyThePrisons agenda.

    Ex-Maine gov candidate out of jail after child porn arrest

    I'm thinking the appropriate punishment is to have him write a one page letter explaining how sorry he is. Certainly any time behind bars would be excessive.


    1. I'm starting to think that the QAnon bogeymen/Pizzagate stuff was created to discredit serious inquiry into the obvious pedophile problem amongst Western elites.

      1. That's my general impression, that something like 95% of conspiracy theories circulating at any given time are just chaff intended to discredit and hide anything true that might leak.

        After Rotherham, and a few of the things that have made it into the news, and the way Epstein and company get convicted of trafficking without any of their customers being exposed, it's actually pretty hard NOT to conclude there's a real pedophile problem in high places.

        1. "it's actually pretty hard NOT to conclude there's a real pedophile problem in high places."

          Very high places.

        2. Epstein crowd =/= pedophiles.

          Underage teen girls. Not prepubescent, as I understand it.

          So, statutory rape gang, not pedophile molestation gang

          1. Same in Rotherham, IIRC. Still, "They're only into fucking 13 year olds, not 8 year olds" isn't precisely a ringing endorsement. 😉

          2. Thirteen and fourteen year olds are still kids.

            1. Well yes but girls in MA can still get married at 12 so long as the proper paperwork is done.

                1. Cripes, New Hampshire likes them really young too. I'm assuming that it's two underage kids and that we're not looking at 40 year olds picking up sixth graders.
                  I hope anyway.

          3. Still haven't had any of their customers exposed, and exactly how do you explain that, except that their customers are very highly placed, too important for the legal system to touch?

            And the pedophiles are out there, too.

            1. We know the names and addresses of everyone who donated to the Canadian truckers but not who Ghislaine Maxwell's customers were.

              1. It’s even more fucked up when you put it like that.

              2. And nobody dares to ask.

                1. They already know the answers. But let’s trust them to report on other issues.

              3. That is a tremendous comparison. Wow.

    2. The letter only needs to say how sorry he is he got caught.

    3. Did he trespass on public property?


      Then of course he should be out on bail.

  7. What happened to the NRA?

    The same thing that happened to the ACLU, Reason and Cato. It was infiltrated by grifters and then people actually hostile to its mission.

    1. It was a little different in the case of the ACLU; The ACLU was founded by people hostile to its nominal mission: They were only ever protecting the civil liberties of ordinary people to shield left wing radicals.

      Once the situation changed so that you could shield the radicals without protecting the civil liberties of anybody on the right, the mask started slipping.

      1. Though there were prominent people in the old ACLU who did actually believe in the ostensible principles.

        1. An odd case of the radical organization that was infiltrated and taken over by more mainstream people. There's still some of them associated with it, depending on the branch.

        2. It's hard to get donations from the left if you support the principles that allow the right to speak and organize, when the left wants to cancel the right entirely. And the right was never going to support the ACLU anyway.

          1. I think the ACLU could have gotten a lot of right-wing support, but to get it they would have had to impartially defend ALL civil liberties, not refuse to defend the 2nd amendment. Seriously, speaking of the NRA, it never would have become a civil liberties organization and 800 pound lobbying gorilla, if the ACLU had stuck to it's proclaimed principles on the 2nd amendment. It would have been the ACLU that was a multi-million member behemoth that had everybody in Washington scared.

            The problem is, the ACLU didn't WANT right wing support, besides a few highly visible tokens like Sheila Kennedy. If you'd ever seen their recruiting literature, even in the 70's and 80's, it was relentlessly "No enemy to the left", and while in practice they did defend the rights of right-wingers on occasion, they were very careful not to brag about it when trying to recruit.

            The left-wingers didn't want to risk losing control, and being forced to take on cases that would alienate the left too much.

            As the CU case did, resulting in their conducting a purge of everyone with principle.

            1. Yeah, if the ACLU was what their advertising proclaimed, they'd be fucking awesome and I'd probably give them a lot of money. As it is, fuck that shit. JPFO, SAF, etc are the ones that get my donations.

              1. I’m old enough to remember when there was a libertarian publication that deserved both a subscription and donations.

        3. There were. They were the mask. But we got to see how many of them were in actual positions of power, when the ACLU won in the Citizens United case.

        4. And at least the old ACLU allowed Rob Misek to march in Skokie while crossdressed as Irma Grese!

          1. *Barf!*

  8. Large abuse of legal rights by California DoJ under Becerra involving doctored evidence, withheld evidence, paying witnesses off for claims, etc.

    1. And nothing will happen. The end.

  9. Gun nuts chose the wrong side of the American culture war (which is not yet quite over, but has been settled).

    Like anti-abortion absolutists, superstitious gay-bashers, and Israel, they seem destined to pay a severe price for that mistake as modern America continues to progress against the preferences of conservatives.

    I hope the predictable backlash against gun nuttery does not overrun a right to possess a reasonable firearm in the home for self-defense. But if it does, the clingers will be to blame.

    1. Gotta be a parody.

      1. Indeed, his obsession with "clingers" is the clue. Real leftists pretend Obama never said that.

    2. I'm always encouraged by your predictions, Art.

      However you'll understand if I don't consider you as infallible as number-crunchers like Nate Silver or Sam Wang. After all, you whiffed badly on your prediction of a 13-member Supreme Court within 6 months of Biden's inauguration.


      1. Indeed, even your less ambitious prediction still failed to materialize.

        I think it's adorable you think Biden won't nominate two persons in early 2020, after he and the Congress enlarge the Supreme Court.

        You obviously meant "early 2021." But here we are in early 2022 and the only person Biden has nominated to the Supreme Court is someone replacing a retiring Justice.

        How were you so embarrassingly off-base here, Art? Isn't this your specialty?

        1. No, Artie's specialty is "Donkey Show Performer". Close, though.

        2. The only prediction that counts is that the liberal-libertarian alliance (mainstream America) will continue to win the culture war, stomping the disaffected, superstitious, half-educated, right-wing bigots.

          That one has been good for six or seven decades, and is destined to continue to be true for so long as anyone can reasonably foresee.

          America becomes less bigoted (half-educated racists, superstitious gay-bashers, incel misogynists, backwater xenophobes, etc.), less rural, less religious, less backward, and less white essentially every day.

          When, in your judgment, will conservatives slow -- let alone stop, or (even more silly) reverse -- the established, glorious tide of the American culture war?

          Me? I never tire of winning against slack-jawed bigots, ignorant misfits, faux libertarians, and superstition-addled clingers.

          1. Do you have all this drivel saved so you can copy and paste, or do you write it all out every time?

            1. He types it out, every single time.

              While being sodomized by a donkey.

              In front of an audience.

          2. The only prediction that counts is that the liberal-libertarian alliance (mainstream America) will continue to win the culture war, stomping the disaffected, superstitious, half-educated, right-wing bigots.

            This prediction seems to "count" most to you because it has no time frame. But to anyone who has a sense of time and reality, this is just another "no-count" prediction of yours. 😉

            1. Lol I kinda like the nested blockquotes

    3. It must be really disturbing to you to know that so many, many, many, people - especially *left-leaning* Democrats - bought so very many, many, many guns over the last couple of years and the surge in buying is barely settling out now.

    4. Better check your stats, Rev, because a majority of voters support common sense abortion restrictions after the first trimester (not necessarily the non-common sense laws like Texas and Oklahoma, but even those passed), as well as the right of individuals to defend themselves, and the rights of parents to protect their children from the agenda of radical school administrators. Just ask the loser of the Virginia gubernatorial race, or the recalled San Francisco school board members.

      1. I don't mind reasonable regulation of abortion.

        It's the zombified-by-superstition, backwater Republicans who are absolutists on that issue.

        I believe an American is entitled possess a reasonable firearm for self-defense in the home.

        It's the half-educated, disaffected, bigoted right-wingers who are absolutists on that issue.

        Clingers will continue to lord over our desolate, no-count, can't-keep-up backwaters for a while, but they are no match -- in any important way -- for the educated, reasoning liberal-libertarian mainstream that inhabits our modern, successful, advanced communities.

        1. "I believe an American is entitled possess a reasonable firearm for self-defense in the home."

          Nice try but we all know your definition of reasonable means 'not useful for self-defense in any situation' much less anywhere outside the home where people are expected to lie down and be mugged, raped, maimed, or killed like the good sheeple you demand of those who don't cling to anything even their own life.

        2. I believe an American is entitled possess a reasonable firearm for self-defense in the home.

          The question would be justified though: what do you consider reasonable? Because self-defense against tyrannical governments or foreign invaders would require pretty "reasonably sized" calibers.

          but they are no match -- in any important way -- for the educated, reasoning liberal-libertarian mainstream that inhabits our modern, successful, advanced communities.

          I sense a potential inconsistency here: would you trust the educated, reasoning liberal-libertarian mainstream with calibers such as my name? If not, why not? If those idealized, higher beings can't be trusted with an AR, can they be trusted with a car or a truck?

          Protecting the uneducated, defeated, no-count slack-jaws from themselves by restricting all their rights is one thing I think makes sense in the progressive-authoritarian brain. But you keep talking about a highly idealized group of literal angels and perfect beings that are the ultimate nemesis of conservatives and have been "beating" them for 60 years now (which should then have visible outcomes, but that's another discussion).

          Those educated, liberal super-humans blessing the face of the earth with every divine, hyper-dimensional step they take: what would be a reason not to trust them with any sort of caliber or other right to abortion at any time? Especially as they may need such calibers to defeat the superstitious, no-count, can't-keep-up backwaters dwellers?

          1. That’s a lot of effort responding to a statist bot that won’t read any of your post.

            1. Guess I'm doin' it for the lurk 'n' jerks, then.

        3. I don't mind reasonable regulation of abortion.

          First trimester only, covered by insurance only when the mother's life is at risk. Contraceptives not covered by insurance either. Common sense. Like in many other liberal nations.

          Unfortunately, gullible, half-educated, disaffected, bigoted radical left wingers like you are unwilling to compromise on something common sense like that.

        4. I believe an American is entitled possess a reasonable firearm for self-defense in the home.

          How nice, but the Constitution guarantees "the right to bear arms", not just "the right to possess a reasonable firearm for self-defense in the home".

          You're welcome to try to pass a Constitutional amendment. Until you do, you can go f*ck yourself.

    5. Those clingers aren’t the only ones buying guns. Hopefully you continue to internet warrior and don’t decide to fuck around in real life. I’d hate for you to get Rittenhoused.

      1. Open wider, DesigNate.

        Your betters will be shoving even more progress down your bitter, clinging, bigoted right-wing throat -- so why not make it easier on yourself?

        You get to whimper and moan and rail and flail about it all you like, but you will continue to comply with the preferences of your betters (including me).

        1. Such a beautiful soul you have.

        2. Yes, let the hate flow through you.

        3. Rittenhouse did something great though. More legal precedent to cement our 2nd Amendment rights.

    6. The Second Amendment outlaws the Senate from serving as accomplices to treaties designed to preserve conscription and ensure that politicians, archbishops and Field Marshals watch conscripts die from the safety of concrete bunkers. Germany and Japan understood perfectly that such treaties, like mutual-non-aggression pacts, are set-ups for slaying suckers. Initiation of force is the enemy, and getting subduing it is the job of a militia free to pick and choose its weapons without restraint. Hence the 2A.

      1. On question, Hank: Do you think being extra wordy, grammatically exotic and linguistically cryptic somehow makes you seem smarter? Because smart people seem to mainly perceive you as "probably drug-addled" or "maybe bordering on dementia".

        But perhaps you don't care at all about other peoples judgement. Then the question does remain though: What is your condition?

        1. Hank’s got his own website. It answers all your questions.

          1. It’s also a good example of why the libertarian party can’t reach 5% of votes in any given election.

            1. Lol yea I've seen that one, just not bothered to read anything on it. His picture though... 😀 The man looks, uhm, 'chemically altered'.

          2. Certifiable wing nut, as we have known ever since the day he showed up here.

            Would love to see a CV on Arty. Just for kicks.

        2. I'm always much more impressed by (and envious of) those who make their point clearly and concisely. Hank Phillips isn't one of those.

    7. Soooo... Now Israel is in league with the slack-jawed, low-brow, low-achieving, enemies of the forward-looking Vanguard?

      You know who else would say that, Rev. Artie?

      Perhaps you and Misek should get a room, share notes, cling, and carry on. Just shut the Swastika shades when you do. Like I said before, Pans have standards too.

  10. Farmers in South can’t get fertilizer for crops now. Farmers in Midwest and the wheat belt can’t get nitrogen or fertilizer. Everyone blames Russia, but nitrogen here in North America primarily comes from LNG which mostly comes from oil production. The same oil production the Democrats spent the last year and a half trying to shut down.

    Also, Russia will still gladly sell fertilizer, there would be a glut if not for Joe's sanctions.

    The Biden administration is such a clownshow. Everything that they claimed that the Trump administration would be.

    1. It’s pretty amazing when you look at the last 6 years.


    The claim from the WH and the media's Biden defenders that the President made an unfortunate mistake in declaring the US goal to be regime change in Moscow should be compared to @nfergus's reporting in @business last week that this is exactly the US goal.


    1. Its kind of unsettling how often Biden's administration has to tell us that Biden doesn't represent the views of the Biden Administration.

      1. It's even more unsettling when you realize that Biden probably is voicing the views of the Biden administration, but he just forgot he wasn't supposed to say them out loud.

        1. This week he's said:
          -the US will respond to a chemical weapons attack "in kind"
          -told the 82nd airborne they'd be going into Ukraine
          -and that God requires regime change in Russia

          1. But somehow Trump was going to be the one to start WW3.

            1. This is why you have to listen to leftists/government/media- they tell you what they're going to do, or are already doing, when the accuse.
              Confession via projection.


    The way the arena of public health was manipulated to advance agenda entirely unmoored from public health is something that will have serious reverberations that last for decades, if not for generations.


    1. They could call it a "jizya".


    Bill Gates has just purchased this 43 million dollar, beachfront home in San Diego… the exact same beachfront he says will be under water by 2050…

    1. It's not that they actually expect us to believe them on global warming, vaccine mandates, transgenderism, etc. It's a show of power.
      "We will claim this obviously ridiculous thing, and if you say we're lying, then the entire force of the establishment will be brought to bear to discredit and silence you. That's how powerless you are."

      1. ^This........... Unlimited Democracy = [WE] mob gangland politics.

      2. Revenge of the Nerd.

      3. “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’

    2. The Gates have come unhinged

  14. I've never liked or trusted Wayne LaPierre. His speaking voice sounds like a petulant teenager angry that he has to finish his homework before watching TV, and his written editorials, or at least the ones with his name at the bottom, read the same. Angry, ranting, an instant turn-off to everybody except the faithful.

    The Rifleman magazine is full of ads for commemorative coins and other pricey nonsense. The "reviews" read like the paid ads they are. Even the historical ones have a travel agent puff piece slant to them. There's not a single article in any issue worth reading; I toss them upon receipt and haven't even looked at the table of contents in years. I have no idea if I still get the life insurance junk mail; it's just junk mail and goes straight to the shredder.

    I no longer remember how long the magazine has come off like this, whether it started when Whinin' Wayne took over or not. When I read of his $20,000 suits and money laundering through the ad agency, it disgusted me but didn't surprise me. The elections are a joke, with too many behind-the-scenes shenanigans corrupting the whole organization.

    My mistake was paying for a life membership; if I'd been paying yearly still, I might have some leverage. They waste money on me with the magazine and junk mail, but somehow I don't think Wailin' Wayne cares that his organization is inefficient. Their political acumen has long since disappeared. The only political power they have is the membership, who would be just as focused on "shall not be infringed" without the NRA, and certainly don't depend on the NRA "leadership" to read the news.

    1. I was in Philly, not 20 feet from Neil Knox, when LaPierre had his microphone cut off in mid speech. That night while most of the attendees were sleeping, he pushed through an effective repeal of the Cincinatti reforms that had made the NRA a genuine membership organization with effective democracy.

      I went out to the parking lot the next morning and ripped the NRA sticker off my truck, and they haven't gotten a cent from me since.

      Part of LaPierre's anti-reforms was that the nominating committee, (Appointed by the board.) nominates exactly as many candidates as their are open seats. So their nominees can't lose! There's a petition procedure for members to become candidates, but it's extraordinarily difficult, with almost all inter-member communications routed through the NRA, and mailing lists only available to the committee nominated candidates.

      They shut down the NRA online forums, too, because it made it too easy for members to organize against LaPierre's clique.

      The funny thing is, the anti-gun movement thinks that they'd destroy the pro-gun movement by taking the NRA down. When the truth is, if they ever did manage that, one of the other, more principled pro-gun organizations would rise in its place, and be a thousand times more effective.

    2. I got lucky. I only subscribed to the NRA for one year before I seen that the NRA was more about selling magazines, T-Shirts, and other monogrammed tchotchkes, gee-jaws, and gimcracks than in actually defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA.). I also called their Legal Counsel with some questions and was treated extremely rudely. All this and they have never showed where they have repealed any of the 20,000+ gun laws that have violated our RKBA. Invaddition, the NRA is big on supporting "The War On (Some) Drugs. What the Hell good is RKBA if government can seize your property, bank acccout, vehicles, and tell you what to put in your body and mind?

      Fuck the NRA. They deserve their fate.


    The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children collected $3.9 million in donations in 2020. It spent $544,961 toward helping children, or 13.97%. It spent $932,865 toward executive compensation, or 23.91%. The remaining 62,12% went to rent, utilities, and fundraising.

    1. Is the purpose of the foundation to protect children from Joe? I imagine the pudding expenditures are vast.


    When will we start seeing maps of the US / Texas border encroachments of the cartels?

    When will the US Government start supplying weapons and aid to the Texas Guard?

    When will the President fly to Houston, hosting a rally to open our oil and gas businesses?

  17. None of this comes as any surprise to anyone who's been paying attention to gun rights activism. All the real work is done by smaller and less well-known organizations while the NRA tries to stop them, and then tries to take credit for their work when it can't. There's a reason pro-gun people call the NRA the largest gun control organization in the country.

  18. Jesse/ML - you need to write this guy and straighten him out:

    The Keystone XL pipeline has nothing to do with gas prices
    Rick Newman
    Rick Newman·Senior Columnist
    The XL pipeline was never built, and it never brought any oil to the United States. So there’s never been any lost supply.
    As a portion of world oil production, the amount of oil flowing through the XL pipeline would not have registered until the third decimal point. Had that oil disappeared from the market, it would have had no discernible impact on global prices. But the oil is still there, even though Biden’s critics pretend it’s gone. It’s not easy to make oil disappear, and Biden didn’t.

    send him some links from to correct him.

    1. Speaking of, have you seen the latest anti-Biden disinformation from right-wing cesspool "Mediaite"?

      NEW POLL: Biden Approval on Economy Gets Absolutely Clobbered, Down to Record-Low 33 Percent

      "According to the latest survey from NBC News, only 33 percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of the economy, compared with 60 percent who disapprove. That number represents a seismic shift from a year ago, when 52 percent approved of Biden on the economy, and just 43 percent disapproved."


      I read your posts. I know the two most important metrics — rig count and the Warren Buffett Net Worth Index — prove the Biden economy is the best ever. That's why I can safely ignore bad economic news from operations like Mediaite, NYTimes, WaPo, CNN, Slate, NPR, etc.


      1. OMG

        Warren Buffett just made $2.33 billion in one day! That puts the WBNWI at plus $20.8 billion already in 2022.

        And expects me to believe voters disapprove of Biden's handling of the economy?!


        1. Yeh, but no. That's $2.33 billion inflated BidenBucks. You have to reduce it by about 10%. Call it $2.1 billion.

    2. Why do you engage with the trolls? You should know by now that they're not interested in any intellectually honest conversation, they're not interested in discussing ideas, they can't be swayed with facts, and they spew lies and personal attacks to score points with their fellow trolls. What's the point?

      1. You are the troll, sarcasmic.

        August.12.2021 at 4:45 pm
        I only show up to watch the clowns duke it out while tossing in this or that provocation. Bread and circuses. This is my circus.

      2. Hahahahahahhahahahahaha

      3. Holy fuck man. Youre the fucking troll here and supporting a known fucking troll.

        Why do we call you a leftist. Let me think.

      4. Sarc wants so very badly to be taken seriously, as if the days before today never happened and were just drunken delusions.

    3. They're engaging in Tony-reasoning, as in not giving is taking and not taking is giving. So not finishing Keystone means oil is not being brought into the US, and that equals taking oil away from the US. Not giving is taking. They've got the same capacity for reason as Tony. Except that Tony doesn't hurl personal insults like a child. That means Tony has more class than those guys. They reason like Tony with the maturity of a middle-schooler. Yet you still engage. Why?

      1. "So not finishing Keystone means oil is not being brought into the US, and that equals taking oil away from the US"

        That's 500,000 barrels a day not being transported you idiot, and it was largely American oil too.
        "It would enter the United States at Morgan, Montana, and travel through Baker, Montana, where American-produced oil would be added to the pipeline; then it would travel through South Dakota and Nebraska, where it would join the existing Keystone pipelines at Steele City, Nebraska."

        Many of those wells a now sitting capped because of lack of infrastructure.

        You're such a fucking troll.

      2. You claim we are muted yet you make up arguments. Instead of seeing the 20 some odd links given to shrike yesterday. That is literally the epitome of being a leftist retard. And no, you don't engage in ideas or you would have seen the destruction of his argument with citations yesterday retard shit.

    4. "The XL pipeline was never built, and it never brought any oil to the United States. So there’s never been any lost supply."

      This might just be the stupidest thing that you ever posted.

      He's flat out lying that it was never built. It was 8% fully complete and 76% partially complete. And if it hadn't been for Obama and Biden cancelling it the first time it would have been fully operational back in 2019.

      As for lost supply the phase 4 (the XL) would have carried an additional 500,000 barrels a day. That's 445 million barrels that would've been carried so far if not for your Lightbringer.

      1. It also created a chilling effect that affected all the other much needed pipelines.
        Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm blasts Dakota Access pipeline

        Everything you say here is a lie Shrike. If you actually knew what you were talking about, instead of relying on DNC agitprop pieces, you could save yourself some embarrassment.

        1. That was a quote from the news link, Red Tony.

          sarc has it right, you are immune to logic. You just dig deeper in your Trump Cult.

          1. Don't call him Red Tony. That's an insult to John.

            1. Remember folks, sarcasmic swears he's only about ideas and totally isn't a hypocritical troll.
              When you see him calling names like this it's always because Tulpa stole his nick or something.

            2. And sarc goes on full defending agreeing with leftist trolls. Lol.

          2. Even though I disagreed with him a lot, I liked John. He was civil and told the truth.

            1. And you're ignorant and a dumbass leftist troll.

          3. That was a quote from the news link

            It wasn't a news link, it was an opinion piece and you implicitly agreed with it above, you disingenuous fuck. That's why you dragged it out like some sort of gotcha.

            Who do you think you're trying to trick here?

    5. Rick Newman? Are you shitting me? LOL

    6. You are a masochist. You got so ficking destroyed yesterday and learned nothing lol.

  19. The NRA still does good work supporting youth programs, education, competitions, and a bunch of other non-political activities.

    Judging them strictly by politics ignores all the other positive things the organization does.

    1. Shouldn't you be sicking shrikes dick at an Alanis Morissette concert?

      1. Dee's not putting out so he's looking for a pal to hang out with. I hope he doesn't introduce Shrike to his daughter.

        1. Another asswipe goes on mute. Someone must be a serious pile of shit to talk shit about a man's daughter.

        2. If you said that to me in public, and I put your internet-tuff-gai-ass in the hospital, the cops would laugh at you when you tried to press charges.

          1. Lol. No you wouldn't you pussy. Look how quickly you run to a mute button.

          2. Woah! Sarc's come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and he's all out of bubblegum. Looks like the beast has been unleashed folks! No more joking or sarcasmic is going to open a can of whupass and start dishing it out.

            Where should we go and cower Jesse? I fear the mighty fry cook's wrath.

          3. Also, I'd be more worried about Shrike being near your daughter than someone besmirching your honor.
            You should be thankful to Krampus for his good advice.

          4. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAA, that's a good one! Cheers!

  20. The funny part is reading comments from far left activists who think Congress doesn't pass new "common sense" anti-gun regulations because the NRA is stuffing their pockets with cash.

    To be sure, Congress likes free money from lobbyists, but Congress votes against new gun-grabber laws because voters are organized on the issue and will hold them accountable if they choose to violate the Second Amendment. No one in Congress would sell their vote if their home-district voters were leaning the other way.

  21. Hey OBL,
    Biden says it's time for the Dems to finally go after billionaires. I'm sure he was just waiting for an opportune time, 15 months in.

    Dubbed the "Billionaire Minimum Income Tax," the Biden administration proposal, as highlighted in the document, aims to "ensure that the very wealthiest Americans pay a tax rate of at least 20 percent on their full income, including unrealized appreciation."

    But of course, the tax will affect far more millionaires than billionaires, but the name is just for marketing purposes:

    As part of the plan, a 20% minimum tax rate would be placed on U.S. households worth more than $100 million, with more than half the revenue coming from households worth more than $1 billion.

    Sorry to link to, but the NYT and WaPo are too capitalistic to share the news freely with all, per their credo.

    1. including unrealized appreciation."
      Takes a lot of balls (or stupidly), to think you can tax something that doesn’t exist yet.


    Why has a border dispute between Russia and Ukraine escalated to the point where people fear nuclear war?
    The answer is simple. America, under the “leadership” of brain-dead Biden and the forces controlling him, has done this and, by doing so, brought the world to the brink of disaster. As always, the great Dr. Ron Paul gets it right: “Three weeks into this terrible war, the US is not pursuing talks with Russia. As recently reported, instead of supporting negotiations between Ukraine and Russia that could lead to a ceasefire and an end to the bloodshed, the US government is actually escalating the situation which can only increase the bloodshed.
    The constant flow of US and allied weapons into Ukraine and talk of supporting an extended insurgency does not seem designed to give Ukraine a victory on the battlefield but rather to hand Russia what Secretary of State Blinken called ‘a strategic defeat.’
    For years, the Ukrainian government has attacked an area in the Donbas region that has seceded from Ukraine and formed an independent, pro-Russian, republic. Just before Putin moved against Ukraine, Ukraianians increased the scale and scope of their attack. Rick Rozoff describes what they did: “Two-thirds of Ukrainian army servicemen have been amassed along the Donbas contact line, Eduard Basurin, spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) militia, said on Thursday.
    “Another three brigades are on their way [to Donbas], which is 20,000 to 25,000 troops more. The total number will reach 150,000, not to mention the nationalists. This is about two-thirds of Ukrainian Armed Forces’ personnel,” Basurin said on the Rossiya 1 television channel (VGTRK) on Thursday.
    Ukrainian troops are stationed along the 320-kilometer front line, he said.”
    Unlike what has just happened, the Ukrainian attack did not result in US sanctions on Ukraine. There were no meetings of the UN to condemn Ukrainian aggression. There was no talk of world war. On the contrary, Ukraine government used American weapons in its attack and asked America for more weapons to continue their attack. Let’s listen to Rick Rozoff again: “The Armed Forces of Ukraine used the American anti-tank missile system Javelin in the hostilities in Donbas. This was announced by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov in an interview….

    1. They will do anything to cover hunter’s tracks.

    2. Flagrant hypocrisy and corruption. The US elite "invested" in Ukraine, not Donbas.


    The poorest country in Europe was the largest donor for Clinton Foundation.


    1. Probably the (unregistered) Biden family foundation as well.

    Leader Of Lugansk People's Republic Hints At Referendum To Join Russia "In Near Future"

  25. Well of course the Nazi(National Socialists)-Regime has toppled the NRA and countless other Patriotic Organizations. They're on a quest to destroy everything the USA ever stood for ( The U.S. Constitution).

    It's amazing humans can have all this information at their disposal about some of the worst government ideologies the world has ever seen (i.e. The Nazi's) and still push for it over and over and over again.

    Here's a Hint;
    The Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers' Party... Made laws based on color, sex, broad social welfare, collectivist good of the state.

    Why yes; There are many Nazi Supporters in the USA today whether they can look at themselves as such or not because the very foundation of the word Nazi is but an acronym for National Socialist and many openly champion that cursed ideology.

    The only way to prevent a Nazi episode in the USA is to start championing the USA again (MAGA) by insisting the USA is defined by the U.S. Constitution (A "People's Supreme Law" over their government). A People's Law that limits any Power-Mad Government and it's Nazi-Allies and retains Individual Liberty and Justice.

    1. To be fair, many on the left are anti-nationalist socialists, seeking to void the US (and all nations) in order to establish one-world socialism. Call them the Global Socialist Workers' Party.

      1. GLAZIs?


    Ukrainians are on video shooting captured Russians in the legs and knee caps. You can see the Russians dying of shock / bleeding to death.

    American veterans don’t think war crimes like that are cool.

    Moral high ground lost.

    Retaliation is going to be ugly.

    1. Read through the replies.
      Complete dehumanization of Russians has been achieved.
      Ukraine bots have gone from being annoying NPCs to actively evil.

      1. So these people justify Abu Ghraib.

      2. Leftists are the most evil creatures on the planet.

        1. We're arming and paying the perpetrators in this video...

    2. We already had Ukrainian medics castrating captured Russians.

      While I will never be pro-Putin, I quickly am finding my anti-Ukraine motivations.


    The time for conservatives to adapt or die is now.

    We are being driven to WW3, the collapse of the US $, food shortages loom, the CCP is buying US land / infrastructure, our oligarchs like Gates & Blackrock are buying, land/housing & setting up digital vax passport/ currency.

    Despite all the current attacks on our sovereignty many conservatives still advocate wars, potentially WW3, for ideas like “freedom” for other nations while defending any “private” entities amassing power that is being used to destroy our nation b/c “the free market”.

    Time to recognize clear threats - no needless wars, break up monopolies like big tech, Blackrock etc, eradicate the CCP from our nation / markets, onshore & get energy independent- now.

    The global elite are at war w/us & traditional conservatives aren’t up to the fight.

  28. Again, wikileaks Vault_7 has been criminally underreported for 6 years now

    In 2016, the FBI's Jen Boone said that the DNC hack was “our guys”. At the time this was released in 2020, many thought it might just mean “our suspects”. Looking at it now, with all we have learned since, I find it very difficult to believe that it was something that innocent.


  29. The NRA became more Republican simply become Democrats became almost monolithically anti-gun

    The NRA is a crap organization, but what pro-gun Democrats are there for them to support?

  30. The Libertarian Party, up until 2020, was the only effective lobby for Second Amendment rights. Our candidates need bleed off only 2% of the vote to wreck the electoral calculus of pull-peddlers. Nor do we depend on that single preservation of Constitutional principle. Money-sucking panhandlers need continuing panics to keep the suckers chipping in for a single issue. The LP (without vote repelling communist anarchists) is the ideal leveraged spoiler vote pressure group for the entire Bill of Rights, not just 2A.(

    1. I go with Gun Owners of America (GOA) instead. They do a pretty good grassroots job. The libertarian party is problematic because they're lefty-shits by now, so supporting them is a bad tradeoff for 2A support. Libertarians are also highly politically impotent, as you have just admitted by reducing them to a spoiler-only device.

      1. At one time the NRA used to brag about being more hard line on the 2nd amendment than the NRA, and more consistent on civil liberties than the ACLU.

        Well, that latter wasn't hard even before the mask slipped, but I haven't noticed the LP being particularly active on the 2nd amendment front in a while.

    2. That 2% will save us! What do you think about Kirkland’s predictions being more accurate than yours?

    1. I did throw in an Easter egg for Reason readers 😉

  31. Biden Says Food Shortages Are Going To Be Real
    Following a speech at the NATO headquarters in Belgium on Thursday, President Joe Biden warned of impending global food shortages caused by sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

    “With regard to food shortage, yes, we did talk about food shortages. And — and it’s going to be real,” Biden said.

    “The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia, it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well,” he continued. “And — because both Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat, for example — just to give you one example.”

    “ But we had a long discussion in the G7 with the — with both the United States, which has a significant — the third-largest producer of wheat in the world — as well as Canada, which is also a major, major producer. And we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food. Food shortages.”

    Personally, I can’t tell if someone’s Putin us on or pudding us on here. No one said this was going to be fun—won’t be too articulate either.
    But if you’re looking for the bumblers in all this, I suggest Ukraine your neck toward Washington (Delaware on the weekends)

    1. Adults in charge.

  32. Forget Russia vs Ukrainian, folks! Tonight it’s Chris Rock vs Will Smith
    Well, SOMEONE Hates Chris!

  33. It was never the NRA that protected gun rights, and they never gave enough money to politicians so as to have "their balls in a money clip."

    It is the members and the millions more law abiding gun owners who never belonged to the NRA in the first place.

    As for Lapierre, he should have known the old adage: pigs get fed while hogs get slaughtered.

  34. David Cole, national legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), raised the issue in a public challenge to James—one that's missing from Misfire. "If the New York attorney general can do this to the NRA, why couldn't the attorney general of a red state take similar action against the ACLU, the AFL-CIO, Common Cause, or Everytown for Gun Safety?" Cole asked. "The right to associate can't survive if officials can shut down organizations with which they disagree."

    The right to associate is dead. People like James can shut down organizations that do not conform to party orthodoxy, while protecting organizations that work on behalf of the party.

  35. NRA has a long history promoting training, safety, history and constitutional preservation of the 2nd amendment. At least 5 mil members and millions more who aren't official members support this organization. Overall it is a good organization. We have all seen this before in all groups, where power and money converge on a single person/small group corruption can be begin. NRA, like all national groups representing their members, is not immune to this corruption. While the news and Dems celebrate this bad scenario, millions of supporters look forward to cleaning up/removing this problem and returning to the original values promoting training, safety, history and constitutional preservation of the 2nd amendment.

  36. If you support the 2A, the Firearms Policy Coalition and Second Amendment Foundation seem like better groups to support. Although the FPC will send you a thousand emails that sound just like NRA emails, so you have to unsubscribe from those. Just FYI...

  37. If the NRA really stood for 2nd Amendment Rights, they would have thrown their full support behind Kyle Rittenhouse and other law abiding citizens who used firearms to defend themselves during the 2020 (mostly peaceful) looting, arson and physical assaults. But the NRA acted as if all the rioting was not happening.

    On which planet does the NRA live?

  38. Let's say LaPierre is 100% innocent. The optics are so bad right now that if he actually cares one lick about the NRA's mission he needs to step down and get out of the way so it can continue its work unimpeded. That he apparently cares more about his own clout or reputation than the cause he's supposedly dedicated himself to speaks volumes.

  39. Tim Mak's book is mostly spot-on. NRA members who want to see reform, need to attend the Members' Meeting in Houston on May 28, and join us in our efforts to advance a slate of reform candidates for the Board of Directors for 2023. Information can be found on my website;
    In '75, NRA "leaders" had this grand vision for a glorious new headquarters and range facility out west. Their fundraising consultants told them that the only way they could ever afford the $30 million price tag of their dream, was to get grants from major charitable foundations, and to do that, they would have to get away from politics and be more of a nature society-type club.
    My father, Neal Knox, and a group of others, staged a revolt at the Members' Meeting in Cincinnati in 1977, firing the Executive Vice President, amending the Association's bylaws, and making the right to arms the core theme of the organization.
    Twenty years later, Dad was 1st Vice President, in line to become President the following year. He was concerned about the influence Ackerman McQueen was amassing within the organization, and with the efforts to build a cult of personality around Wayne LaPierre. More importantly, though, he was concerned with the way money was being raised and spent. The disagreement turned into a war, with Wayne's PR flaks feeding false, negative information about Dad to reporters for publications like Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times. Then at the Members' Meeting, they brought in Charlton Heston, got him illegally elected to the Board, and ran him head-to-head against Dad for the 1st VP seat. Dad lost by 4 votes. Wayne started flying around in private jets and 5-star accommodations with Heston, and the people around him kept telling him he deserved that sort of treatment. Between 1997 and 2001, Wayne's compensation jumped from around $200k to over $600k, and just a couple of years later, he pushing close to a million dollars per year. Heston left, but the private jets and limousines stayed. LaPierre has been paid as much as $5 million in one year (something about a mandatory retirement account distribution) and was paid $2.2 million in 2019. With all of the belt-tightening at NRA since membership and fundraising started collapsing in mid-2019, LaPierre's last reported compensation was still about $1.6 million.

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