How the War on Sprawl Caused High Housing Prices

Since the 1960s, planners have convinced many state and regional governments to limit the physical spread of urban areas.


High housing prices have reached crisis proportions in much of the country. You can blame the war on sprawl for that.

Since the 1960s, planners have convinced many state and regional governments to limit the physical spread of urban areas. They called this "growth-management planning," and the most common growth-management tool was an urban growth boundary. Outside such boundaries, development was practically forbidden.

About 99 percent of Oregon, for example, is outside of an urban growth boundary. In most of those places, families cannot build houses on their own land unless they own at least 80 acres, actually farm it, and have thereby earned $40,000–$80,000 per year (depending on soil productivity) in two of the last three years.

Hawaii passed the nation's first growth-management law in 1961. By 1970, the state had the most expensive housing market in the country. A standard measure of housing affordability is the price-to-income ratio: median home price divided by median family income. Hawaii's ratio in 1970 was more than 3, while in every other state it was 2.4 or less. California's ratio was 2.2.

In 1963, the California legislature gave cities control over what happened outside their limits. In the 1970s, a slow-growth movement prompted many cities to draw urban growth boundaries, effectively forcing all new development to happen within their boundaries. By 1980, the price-to-income ratios in many California urban areas were above 3; some were above 4.

Oregon passed a growth-management law in 1973, Florida in 1985, New Jersey in 1986, and Maryland and Washington in 1992. Housing affordability declined after all these laws were implemented.

Most New England states abandoned the county level of government, effectively turning land use regulation of county lands over to the cities. In many cases, these cities severely restricted development of land outside their boundaries. Housing prices rose, especially in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Colorado did not pass a growth-management law, but the Denver Regional Council of Governments drew an urban growth boundary in 1997. Denver price-to-income ratios rose from 2.2 in 1990 to 3.5 in 2005. With the cooperation of county governments, a few other cities, including Fort Collins and Missoula, also adopted urban growth boundaries, making their housing more expensive as well.

In a 1975 Environmental Law article, John McClaughry (now a Reason contributing editor) called these laws and plans the "New Feudalism." While they allowed private ownership of land, he pointed out, they transferred development rights to the government.

Originally, the war on sprawl was supposed to protect farmlands. But the United States has three times as many acres of agricultural land as it actually uses for growing crops. Moreover, cropland acreage has steadily declined not because of urbanization, which covers only 3 percent of the nation's land, but because the per-acre yields of most crops have grown faster than our population.

A later justification for these rules stemmed from the energy crises of the 1970s. In 1973, the year of the first energy crisis, a book titled Compact City suggested denser cities could save energy. But the Department of Energy's more recent Buildings Energy Data Book shows that multifamily housing costs more energy to build and operate than single-family homes. According to the department's Transportation Energy Data Book, people living in dense cities drove fewer miles than people living in low-density areas. But because the former drove in more congested conditions, they used more fuel (and emitted more greenhouse gases) per capita than their low-density counterparts.

Planning advocates have blamed everything from obesity to teenage suicides on low-density suburbs. These claims are specious. A 2003 study from Smart Growth America, for example, found that suburbanites weigh a few pounds more than city residents, but it ignored a self-selection bias: Overweight people often choose to live in areas where it is easier to drive.

Most recently, planning advocates have claimed that increased density is the solution to housing affordability problems. But it was growth management that made urban areas expensive in the first place, and higher densities are positively correlated with housing costs.

Once growth boundaries are drawn, land inside the boundaries quickly becomes much more expensive. A 2017 study found that the average acre of land in many California urban areas costs more than 10 times as much as the average acre in fast-growing regions that don't practice growth management. The high cost of land makes existing housing expensive. High housing costs increase labor costs, which makes constructing new housing more expensive.

California has some of the densest and most expensive urban areas in the nation. Thanks to growth management, 95 percent of the state's 2010 population was confined to 5 percent of the state's land. The average density of California urban areas was twice the average for urban areas in the rest of the country. Median home prices averaged more than six times median family incomes, and in some cities, price-to-income ratios were above 10.

In response, planners proposed "affordable housing" in the form of mid-rise or high-rise developments. But the need for elevators and structural steel and concrete makes this "affordable" housing cost several times as much, per square foot, as single-family homes.

Testimony by California housing developer Nicholas Arenson before a San Francisco regional planning commission noted that the most affordable housing is two stories tall. Three-story condominiums and townhomes, he said, cost 30 to 50 percent more per square foot and "sell at a discount to all single-family homes." Four- to seven-story mid-rise developments cost two to four times as much per square foot and "sell at a further discount," while high-rises cost 5.5 to 7.5 times as much per square foot as single-family homes.

To make multifamily developments appear affordable, housing units generally are very small, often less than 1,000 square feet. In addition, many are subsidized with low-income housing tax credits or by other means. Cities are building or encouraging developers to build 1,000-square-foot apartments or condos that cost as much as or more than 2,200-square-foot single-family homes in places that don't have growth -management.

Many planners—and many libertarians—blame single-family zoning for high housing prices. By creating an oligopoly in housing, they say, such zoning drove up prices. But an oligopoly doesn't work unless it controls the entire supply. And for that, you need a separate set of regulations to stop new homes from appearing on the urban fringe.

Nearly every city in America except Houston has had single-family zoning for 60–110 years, and housing remains affordable in areas that don't use growth management. Home prices in Dallas, which has single-family zoning, are practically indistinguishable from those in Houston. Growth management, by contrast, makes housing expensive even without single-family zoning because it increases land, labor, and construction costs.

If you want to make housing affordable again, those growth-management rules should be your prime target. It is time to restore rural landowners' property rights and abolish the New Feudalism.

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  1. Commonly referred to as; The lefts tree hugging [WE] mob lobbyists.............

    Who by the "plan" of Floyd Haskell ( D-Colorado ) managed to put practical OWNERSHIP of 35% of the USA land-mass in the federal governments pockets

    Predictably; a MASSIVE LAND THEFT that the US Constitution Strictly forbids. Which is practically a tattle tell sign of [D] Nazi-Regime policy..

    We ... recommend that the policy of large-scale disposal of public lands reflected by the majority of statutes in force today be revised and that future disposal should be of only those lands that will achieve maximum benefit for the general public in non-Federal ownership while retaining in Federal ownership those whose values must be preserved so that they can be used and enjoyed by all Americans.

    And proudly advertised as COMMUNISM...............
    That is just HOW SICK the left is.... Proudly supporting massive communism while pretending they aren't communists taking over the USA.

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  3. So, I want this to happen in my city/state so the value of my property rises exponentially? I have convinced the kids to move out.

  4. I have to say, housing prices (rent or purchase) here in the People's Republic of NJ have exploded upward. We are seeing double-digit increases in property values that are driving prices through the roof. Housing prices? My home (in a nice town) has appreciated the point where it makes sense to keep the house and pay it off. The asset appreciation far outweighs the increased tax cost.

    Rentals skyrocketed. In southern area of the People's Republic, you cannot get a decent (meaning not totally fucked up and in crime ridden area) two bedroom rental apartment for less than 1.5K monthly, and that takes serious searching (months). And it will be in housing designated for low-income residents.

    The last NJ election was a 'wake up' call on excess spending and excessive regulation. If that happened here in the People's Republic of NJ, the Bluest of Blue states, I can only imagine what the mood is in the rest of the country.

    As for sprawl...You get what you pay for. If you want space and privacy, it will cost. It has always been so.

    1. Red state moods are better, especially where they got rid of fed rent controls sooner.

      I have such issues with city planning.

  5. Has anyone found a "problem" NOT caused by government action?

    1. Meteors have thus far escaped their influence, though Russia is about to make me a liar with the ISS.

    2. Serious answer: Although government causes a LOT of problems, and we libertarians know that, there are a also lot of problems that aren't caused by government.

      Just a few examples of the top of my head (trying to stick to serious problems):
      - alcoholism and drug addiction
      - domestic violence
      - sexual abuse
      - mental illness

      1. What a weird non sequitur. Other problems exist so stop always calling out government. That's some type of take.

      2. Uh, no.

        First , so what? You could spend a lifetime making lists of things not caused by other things. Maybe this would make you happy.

        Second, many of the things on your short list actually do have causes related to government, either present or past. Drug use and addiction had or has to be underground, given past and current laws, and that makes dealing with addiction harder. Domestic violence and sexual abuse can be compounded by laws based on concepts of marriage and sexual relations (or just sex). Mental illness can be directly caused by government-induced paranoia or hysteria, like with COVID.

        1. “[problem] not caused by [government action]” was the question asked, and I answered it by giving four examples of problems that are often not caused by government and would exist even if there were no such thing as government.

          You can get all dramatic about being more libertarian than I, or whatever, but I said right up front in my answer that government often does cause problems.

      3. Who created public housing and Indian reservations?

        1. And sends native Americans monthly BIA checks so they have no incentive to engage in productive work, stay in their mobile homes consuming alcohol and dying 20 years younger than their non-indigenous peers...

          1. To be fair, many tribes operate under mystical socialism, where individuals own nothing, the tribe uses social status to tell you where to live, your identity is highly proscribed and, uh, tribal, and a depressing life experience is supposed to fill in for material comfort.

            Come to think of it, this could be the future utopia pushed by progressives.

  6. I note that Democrat states make up the abundance of examples cited.

    Something something something overregulation fetishists are creepy...

    But in serious talk, the effectiveness of rulemaking and rule enforcement once made depends on the competence, ethics and diligence of agents of enforcement.

    Government employees rarely even make one of three. It's far easier to default to a national template, or contact COG or another governing assistance organization and get someone else to do it. Hardly anything is tailored in consideration for local conditions, or even questioned if it's needed at all.

    Just pass it down the pipe and pipe down.

    1. I note that Democrat states make up the abundance of examples cited. Something something something overregulation fetishists are creepy...

      You think this is an accident or fetish? People vote for these kinds of restrictions because they want their home values to go up and they don't want "the wrong kind of people" moving in. And they accomplish their goal.

      And there is nothing wrong with that in principle if that's the way you want to live. Eventually, it leads to big structural and financial problems, but that's their choice.

      Just don't move to Oregon.

      1. It may work for a subdivision, but when NIMBYs try to run a state you get, well, California.

    2. Competent and diligent government employees are the worst kind, because they get things done, things that are better off not being done.

      1. That's true, but we libertarians are mostly not anarchists, either. We acknowledge a role for government.

        Steward Brand made some excellent points on this, when asked why he doesn't consider himself a libertarian anymore. He spent some time hanging out with the grunt-level employees at a California water management facility, and grew to respect the boring, apolitical, valuable work they did.

        1. Blue collar labor isn't orthogonal to libertarianism...

          1. Most blue collar people I know and respect, including close relatives, are naturally inclined towards libertarian ideas. Those who want to organize working people, however, are not.

        2. And blue collar jobs are grand.

          The problem are the people ABOVE them.

        3. We libritarians is the biggest lie you have ever said

        4. Either you missed some other point or he’s as big of an idiot as you are.

        5. You are not a Libertarian, Liarson.

        6. Stewart Brand is a national asset.

          1. He kicks ass. And I need to read his new book on maintenance, and his new biography. It’s cool that I have been able to interact with him a bit on Twitter.

        7. You’re not a libertarian.

      2. Depends on the work, and how much of a douchebath the legislature has been in crafting petty laws to begin with.

  7. You will own nothing and be happy.

    1. Equity!

    2. You didnt build your happiness.

    3. And if you aren't happy, there's always Soma. You know, legalized drugs.

      1. Soma was Huxley belief on how authoritarianism takes over. Wells was more through language and culture.

        It seems they took up both paths on modern day pathing to authoritarianism.

    4. Will they tax us on happy?

    5. Who are they going to send to the barricades to protest injustice if everyone has a nice house in the suburbs and a decent car?

      1. Activists without mobs are sad.

    6. Many city planners learned their craft from playing SimCity, where the mayor decides to tear down whatever property he deems will increase the wealth of the city.

  8. I knew skyscrapers cost more to build, but not how much. I did not think even three stories added so much more cost. Always thought most people didn't want or need three stories for single family homes. As for apartments, if you're going to do three stories, you probably already need an elevator, fire escapes, etc, may as well go a few stories higher while you're at it.

    1. The new ones are six stories now, since the building codes were changed to allow five stories of engineered wood frame construction on top of one story of concrete.

      They are considered safe now since the engineered wood is much stronger than 2x4's, and modern fire suppression systems are effective. Except during the construction phase, when they burn spectacularly.

      1. I love to watch the subdivisions under construction when it rains.

        Come back the next day and all the particle board swelling is being frantically covered over before it dries.

        1. OSAB is not particle board and it has different, but no more serious problems when it gets wet as plywood. It can swell, but plywood can delaminate, and it may be later, after the shingles are on.

          Try to keep both dry.

          1. Sorry, OSB, not OASB.

            1. No one’s really reading your posts Joe, so don’t worry about it to much.

              1. Maybe Rmac, but their loss if they believe shit like OSB is particle board. By the way, you should read my response below to your "wrong" comment. You need the education.

  9. Successful planning requires vision and control. When the vision is based on some collectivist utopia at least some of us might disagree. When the control comes through comprehensive state regulation some of us might tend towards sedition.

    1. Successful central planning is an oxymoron.

      1. Plan harder!

        1. If we only had the right people doing the planning.

      2. So A, you deem Savannah Georgia a failure? How about DC? Savannah is arguably the most beautiful small city in America and DC is great place to visit as well. Note in DC, besides the geometric layout which you could say is not in sync with the geography, the limitations on how many stories are allowed.

        1. They weren’t centrally planned by some idiot committee. They were planned by an architect with a vision.

  10. Another perspective: when a bunch of us want the same physical thing the price will go up. This should be obvious, but like most real world truisms, it seems to escape the progressive mind.

    Combine trends, economic incentives, and government policies, and many people want to live in the same popular urban clusters. Whining about zoning does not change the fact that when 1000 people chase 100 dwellings, and some actually have money, 900 will be "priced out".

    1. If there were 100 more places to put said dwellings, it’s less of a problem.

      1. Tell us how to invent more land inside any specific boundary.

        1. Eliminate the boundary.

          1. Uh, sure.

            When hipsters want to live in a city, they usually have certain trendy neighborhoods in mind. No matter how big the city boundaries, those neighborhoods have a fixed footprint.

            Letting a city expand outward is exactly what people have done and are doing, at least until hitting natural constraints. But then again, people on the fringes are not living "in" the city, which, while probably cheaper, makes some people sad.

            1. … at least until hitting natural constraints.

              That’s not what this article is about. It’s about cities setting boundaries.

        2. Hong Kong did great with that... Until the chinks came in

          1. Manhattan is bigger than it used to be.

  11. One thing I've noticed, maybe it's just me, but the newer a home is the more mandatory bullshit it must have. Like a car. Can't buy a car without a backup camera and you can't buy a home without [insert bullshit regulation here]. From plumbing to electrical, all that crap adds up. It's literally illegal to build the same home you grew up in. Well, unless you're five.

    1. Who knew utopia would be expensive?

    2. " Like a car. "

      Not quite. The bulk of the expense of a car used to be steel, glass and rubber etc. These days most of the cost comes from electronics, such as the sensor installed under the passenger seat which measures the weight of the passenger and controls the deployment of the air bag in case of accidents. A small child can be injured by an air bag. Electronics still make up for a small fraction of the cost of a house.

      1. And who mandated air bags?

        1. The electronics manufacturers?

          1. LOL

      2. Yes, we must do it for the children.

        Or have the children sit in the back seats.

        1. Even the trunk's too good for them.

    3. It's hard to imagine driving a car without a backup camera now. But I'm not sure I would buy anything from 2017 on, because they all have "driver assist" software that does unpredictable and annoying things like applying the brakes when someone is tailgaiting you (if you are too close to the car ahead of you in heavy traffic, for instance) or beeping random alarms.

      1. I just replaced my 2010 car with something with one of those stupid cameras. I still use my mirrors. *crunch*

    4. Still, in real estate markets where prices are "skyrocketing", it's the competition for the land the house sits on that constitutes the majority of the home price.

    5. sarcasmic, a sliding "barn door" is an absolute essential now. That and 2 car garages aren't required but buyers mostly consider them essential.

      Most code changes made or make good sense, but not all. Unnecessary ones probably do not make that big a difference in costs. "arc fault interrupters" are an example IMO - I still don't know what they do (don't tell me, I don't care) - as are codes requiring tempered glass for windows if they are within 2' of a door.

  12. Has anyone else watched the new 'Dune'?

    I thought it captured the first third of the book very well.

    1. I enjoyed it as well. I am looking forward to the next installment.

      1. It said part 1. But didn't say of how many. And I'm too lazy to look it up.

        1. Well at the pace that Part 1 went, there will be at least 47 parts total.

          1. As I said in my first comment, I thought it covered the first third well. What I think will happen is the action scenes will take over the show. It will turn into a big love story with Paul and Chani. Worms are big. And when it is over I'll be wondering if me and the director read the same book.

    2. Am I the only one to prefer the David Lynch version? Actually, an even better version was put together by fans, I think, with a voice over at the start giving some of the necessary background to the story that Lynch didn't see fit to include.

      There's also an interesting documentary on Jodorowsky's failed attempt to film Dune and how the crew he assembled went on to make Alien.

      1. In my opinion all tellings of the Dune story on film stretch out the action and miss the point.

    3. It was excellent. Captured the books spirit, like Jackson did with the Lord of the Rings.

    4. Yes. Really like it. And I HATED the David Lynch "Dune".

      1. I've been discussing this with a friend of mine. How do you do a book like that? It's like LTR or Narnia. The people who have read it know it, so they see what's there and what isn't. If you've read it how do you have a conversation with someone who hasn't? I never read any Harry Potter. Movies are ok.

        1. I suppose it depends a lot on whether the book’s story is told primarily through the characters’ actions or their thoughts.

          If it’s actions, you have a shot at doing a straight translation to film. (This would probably work fine for Harry Potter.)

          If it’s thoughts, you’re screwed: Do what Kubrick did with “The Shining” and toss out the book. Film is not the medium for stories about inner dialog.

  13. "housing units generally are very small, often less than 1,000 square feet"

    A thousand feet is not 'very small.' In Hong Kong many new units are 220 feet, about the size of a parking space.

    For Max Lee, a 26-year-old Hong Kong doctor, life in his single-room apartment revolves around the bed. It’s the first thing you see walking in.

    It’s where he not only sleeps and watches television, but also where he studies medical literature when not at the hospital - his laptop perched on a narrow work table at one end.

    Lee chose this 220 sq ft (20 sq m) space in a glassy high rise in the busy heart of Kowloon so that he could afford to be in the city centre. “It’s alright to live here alone,” he says, “but when my girlfriend comes over, it’s very crowded.”

    Lee’s home space might seem unusually small but the unit he lives in is in fact of an increasingly common type: The microflat. Hong Kong possesses around 8,500 of these tiny units, which represented 7 per cent of all construction at their peak in 2019.

    1. Are you a fucking American? We take it for granted that everything is bigger from portion sizes to square feet of a home to the size of the truck bed, with no regard as to whether we'll actually use it or not!
      Rah rah rah! U! Es! Ay!

      1. Fuck both you guys.

        If someone chooses to live in a closet, for financial or ideological reasons, fine. If someone else chooses to live in a 10,000 sq ft house on 100 acres, also fine. As long as both fund their choices, they can both be happy. I suppose asshole scolds will be bothered if anyone acts out of compliance with The Vision.

        How about we revisit the concept known as Mind Your Own Fucking Business?

        1. You missed the big smirk on my face as I typed that last comment. I believe we are in violent agreement.

          1. Because you are shit at sarcasm. Being unfunny and all.

        2. "If someone chooses to live in a closet"

          Closet? You think these microflats have closets? They don't.

        3. "How about we revisit the concept known as Mind Your Own Fucking Business?"

          Too late, I'm afraid. We've embraced the concept 'your business minds you.'

        4. When I was young my family was friends with a family that had a mentally ill child, a couple years younger than me. He used to shit in my sandbox. He also would shove his bed into his closet and sleep in there.

          Hey, I wonder if he grew up to be a certain commentator?

          1. Sqrsly is too old.

        5. Earth, most of the restrictions you talk about are required by HOA if they are in a subdivision. The building code in most places allows pretty small units.

            1. Rmac:

              "Most states have adopted building and zoning codes from the International Residential Code (IRC). The IRC codes require that all homes must be built on a minimum of 320 square feet.
              Minimum House Size by State 2022.
              State Minimum Square Footage
              Florida 120
              Kansas 120
              Kentucky 120
              Louisiana 120"

        6. MYOFB has been deplatformed

      2. We take it for granted that everything is bigger from portion sizes to square feet of a home to the size of the truck bed, with no regard as to whether we'll actually use it or not!

        Indeed. We are not Europeans or Asian, people whose life ambition consists of retiring to feed pigeons in the city park and living off canned food until someone finds them dead in their 300 sq ft government government subsidized apartment.

        Having lived in a lot of places, let me assure you: Americans are putting their big homes and big trucks to good use, to live better, more fulfilling lives.

        The fact that there are losers like you in the US doesn't change that.

        1. Why did you have to add some personal dig to an otherwise good comment? That was a total ass move. With the exception of your last sentence, I agree with you.

          1. Why did you have to add some personal dig to an otherwise good comment? That was a total ass move. With the exception of your last sentence, I agree with you.

            Because it sounded like you were serious.

            I'm just going to mute you. Sarcasm has its place, but you obviously don't know how to wield it.

            1. I've learned a lot from our non-personal disagreements. I'm sorry we won't have anymore.

                1. It's like he has regrets for being a chronic leftist shitposter.

                  1. He is an angel who only discusses ideas.

          2. Why did you have to add some personal dig to an otherwise good comment?

            It's his virtue-signal to the Mean Grrlz tribe. He has to signal that he hasn't defected to the Wrong Tribe and is still loyal to the Correct Tribe.

            1. And Jeff does as he accuses others. Standard hypocrisy.

            2. Aaand right on cue.

              1. What was your cue? Being a hypocrite?

              2. He's right though, Jeffy.

              3. What is the sound of JesseAZ walking into a room?

                Mix some vinegar and water together. I bet it's close.

                1. Lol. I love how you guys can both cry victims as you are two of the biggest personal attack artists. Highly amusing.

                2. Ideas!

                3. Remember folks, sarcasmic never starts stuff. It's everyone else who's the problem.

              4. I'm not happy with NOYB2 muting me. Often he could have a conversation without it degenerating into sentences full of the word "you."
                I'm genuinely bummed.

                1. As your responses to him only involved arguments of "you."

                2. Poor sarc just wants to be taken seriously and have everyone forget his years of Dem shilling.

            3. Although, they’ll turn on each other if we aren’t here.

              I haven’t had much to say about Ken’s posts lately, since they are about Ukraine rather than how we al should vote Republican. But Ken has started arguing with Nardz and others of his fellow Mean Girlz.

              1. Watch out Ken, White Mike is praising you, however faintly. I'd reappraise everything I'd ever said and done if he did that to me.

                1. Kenjeff has gone full npc

                  1. No he hasn't.

        2. Most Europeans or Asians don't live like that either. That's like inferring all Americans live stuffed cheek to jowl in cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago.
          Your impression of the rest of the world seems to come from TV.

          1. It's not surprising that Americans consider American norms to be the standard against which other nations are measured and found wanting. Even something like Europe's lower infant mortality rate is twisted to show their decadence and corruption.

            1. Their lower infant mortality rate also has a bit to do with how they measure live births. Americans and Europeans measure it quite differently.

              1. "Americans and Europeans measure it quite differently."

                They use the inferior and faggy metric system.

                1. Easier to divide a baby into 10 parts.

          2. He admitted yesterday to no surprise that he doesn't travel nor own a passport.

            1. He’d never heard of Cuban sandwiches and he used to be a cook for Christ’s sake.

              1. His county is 95% white. Are you surprised?

                1. I was at the time. Wonder if he’s heard of a Reuben?

              2. He's a fag but I also used to cook at a fairly high level and didn't know about Cuban Sammy's until watch food network in the last ten years.
                Ffs, I knew elote by 99. Are these sammies a real thing outside of Miami? The Cubans I know eat empanadas and shit.

          3. Well, all the important woke Americans do.

          4. New sock?

    2. A thousand feet is not 'very small.' In Hong Kong many new units are 220 feet, about the size of a parking space. ... “It’s alright to live here alone,” he says, “but when my girlfriend comes over, it’s very crowded.”

      Well, I suppose if you are an impoverished incel, 220 feet is enough. But most people have families, hobbies, and a social life.

      1. "But most people have families, hobbies, and a social life."

        Less and less, though. There's a book 'Bowling Alone' which details the decline of social and family life in contemporary America. Interesting but depressing reading.

        1. True. But leaning into it does not seem like a good idea.

          I'd rather ban social media over that.

      2. You can't build a 220sf apartment to US building codes.

    3. A thousand square feet in Silicon Valley starts at about 1.1 million dollars. "Small" is 700 square feet or less.

    4. They don’t mention that a huge part of Hong Kong culture, that makes the tiny living spaces more bearable, is eating out a LOT, with amazing food. Even so, this guy’s accommodations would suck.

  14. How the War on Sprawl Caused High Housing Prices

    That's because increasing housing prices is the whole point.

    Since the home ownership rate is 65%, what do you think the majority of voters want? That's right: increasing housing prices.

    1. "That's right: increasing housing prices."

      Isn't that the same with increasing prices in the stock market? Any decline in the index is seen as a 'bad day on Wall Street.' Yet we call the increase in price of anything else, from gas to milk, 'inflation.'

      1. Not quite the same thing. Gasoline and milk and apartments are commodities. Stocks are shares of company ownership. Stocks may go up because there is a buying frenzy, but they also go up when the company's economic outlook improves and future cash flows will be higher than previously predicted.

        1. "Not quite the same thing. "

          I understand, but either way, the price of something reflects its perceived value, doesn't it?

          1. No.

      2. I have family who run a major attic stair manufacturer. So I have zero benefit in supporting this, but:

        Housing prices HAVE to decline. The market is utterly unsustainable. You need houses that first time homeowners can possibly own or else you will have a domino effect of homes eventually being impossible to sell.

        There, however, probably is no way to do it without a market crash. I'd support removing the tax deductibility of mortgage payments.

        1. The housing market has crashed in the past, and this one will crash soon enough.
          When, as you say, houses become impossible to sell, the market crashes.

        2. When the personal exemption was doubled the subsidy went away for most people.

        3. Right now, the only places where houses sit unsold are semi-ghost towns or neighborhoods that people have abandoned for more popular places. And in those popular places, houses new or used, sell above asking prices in a matter of days.

          I get the need for starter homes and generally cheap housing. But right now, the demand and funding still promote bigger and more expensive homes. Perhaps if more young people knew how to swing a hammer, more buyers realized that they can't afford the ideal house or location, and, to the point of the article, builders could develop as the market points.

  15. Ugh. As if we needed more proof this country still operates according to WHITE SUPREMACY and SYSTEMIC RACISM.

    The Columbus police officer who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant will not face criminal charges, a grand jury in Ohio decided.

    Of course "law & order" types will seize on the irrelevant technicality that Ma’Khia might have been about to stab someone.


    1. Sure she was shot while swinging a knife down on another black woman, but that officer was just stuffed to the brim with patriarchy and white privilege.

      1. As a staunch anti-racist, I believe young Black people routinely get in knife fights. And that a simple "Hey, come on, stop that" is the appropriate response.


        1. OBL, I am afraid that you lack updated understanding. In some cultures, energetic movements among people holding knives is a form of creative dance that expresses their lived experiences. We should learn to embrace their different approach to communication, not impede them.

        2. Stop that? Who are you to interrupt a cultural ritual?

        3. "Hey, now. Stop that." is a very effective reaction.

          The young lady was simply engaged in kinetic activity.

  16. Uh-oh, look who's back.

    Yes of course he is doing this as a stunt to get attention for his gubernatorial campaign. But other than that I cannot see what is the cause that he is standing up for here. The right for parents to malnourish their kids free of state "busybody" intervention?

    1. Bundy is not a particularly deep thinker.

      1. He’s important to Jeffy for some reason.

      2. Sure, sure; It's not like he read the Constitution and thought - oh that doesn't mean what it says........ As the self-serving Nazi "deep thinker" does.

    2. The cause --- the child had been “medically kidnapped” as a result of a "missed non-emergency doctors appointment."

      And you're right; The parents right (not the state) to evaluate their own children's nourishment free from 'other' "busybody" intervention....

      Were the parents under court order on charges release?? Unless they were; the "busybody" intervention is completely OUT OF ORDER... Who the F do these Nazi dictators think they are. Either charge the parents with child abuse or just F'Right off!!

  17. Why don't you go back to the commune or kibbutz, and the seventeen mommies that raised you?

  18. Well well, looks like we know who Nardz will be voting for.

    ""Zelenskyy was installed via a US backed color revaluation, his goal is to move his county west so he virtue signals in woke ideology while using nazi battalions to crush his enemies," he wrote. "He was also smart enough to cut our elite in on the graft.""

    What is the point of this Zelenskyy-bashing? Are all of these Republicans really pro-Putin and pro-invasion?

    1. Yeah. Why would people just not give in to mainstream propaganda and realize both sides have their faults. Aren't you the king of both sides?

      1. No Chem Jeff is the king of "only true libritarians believe that totalitarian governments are the path to freedom and prosperity"

        1. Good point. Elitist rule is his preferred outcome.

          1. Superior people can't help themselves.

    2. Question for you Jeff. Were you fine with Ukraine marching out a Russian prisoner of war to film propaganda statements? It is generally frowned upon. And no I don't support russia. But I am also not dumb enough to think this is good vs evil just because the media tells me that.

      1. Jesse, almost nothing in the real world is good vs evil, but this probably gets as close to that as possible.

        One side has launched a murderous attack which if not targeting civilians is actually killing them while destroying infrastructure, including historic and beautiful structures and cities.

        The other side is not doing that.

        1. You are unaware of attacks documented in the border regions russia is using as an excuse to invade then. Yeap, ignorant as usual. Ukraine is nowhere close to being an angel in the past.

          And I see you avoided the direct question I asked Jeff.

          1. Joe’s an idiot.

          2. Jesse, yes I am aware of the various pretexts Russia uses in the propaganda for it's murderous aggression which you and others here regularly parrot.

            No, I don't GAF about the prisoner being recorded. They would have to shoot him in the head to get anywhere close to the atrocities Russia is visiting on Ukrainian women, children, and cities, none of which seems to bother your phony-ass "libertarian" conscience.

    3. It's a red-vs-blue reflex. If Biden is on one side, they assume he is wrong and jump to support the other side, even when they are backing an evil aggressor.

      Some are legitimately anti-war and can spot obvious pro-war propaganda, but anyone expressing pro-Putin sentiment is misjudging politically.

      1. It's a red-vs-blue reflex.

        I think you are sadly right. It is really quite sad.

        1. He said unironically

      2. Assuming Biden is wrong is more reasonable pattern recognition as opposed to red v's blue

      3. Most recent polling shows Republicans and Democrats are in close agreement on siding with the Ukraine against Russia.

        There are some supposed leftists running interference for Putin - Greenwald the most prominent - but there are no democratic politicians taking that position that I have heard of. There are Republican news celebrities as well as some crackpot politicians who defend Russia, or at least like to give them excuses.

        1. Greenwald is an anti interventionist you raging dumbass. He isnt pro putin.

          1. Greenwald is a Russian stooge, like his buddy Assange. Neither criticizes Putin - EVER - and Assange never publishes their secrets. The Senate Intel Comm found that Assange receieved Russian support.

        2. "There are some supposed leftists running interference for Putin - Greenwald the most prominent - "

          News for you, they've also got the communist Chinese and communist North Koreans in their corner (to mix your metaphor) two members of the very small club of nations with both nuclear AND space capability. I'd say that alone makes them more prominent than Greenwald, or others of his stature.

          "who defend Russia, or at least like to give them excuses."

          Understanding Russian motivations and priorities is not excusing their behavior. A deeper and earlier understanding could have let us avoid the whole mess. But that's nationalism for you. Why understand your neighbor when you can just as easily vilify him/her?

          1. Sure, maybe Greenwald can start explaining Jeffery Dahmer for us to so we "understand" him.

    4. And by the way.

      Let's even stipulate for purposes of discussion that all of Joe Kent's claims are true. That Zelenskyy was "installed" by the US. That he wants to move his country westward (how is this a bad thing?). That he "virtue signals in woke ideology". That he is employing "nazi battalions" to "crush his enemies" (wtf?).

      How is this WORSE than what Putin is doing? EVEN IF Zelenskyy the Jew has a battalion of Nazis at the ready, HE didn't invade Russia with them. Russia is the one carving up Ukraine, not the other way around. Whatever Nazis are fighting in Ukraine - and yes, I am aware of the Azov Battalion - they are fighting a defensive war against Russian aggression. Isn't the aggression part more of a problem than the ideology of the defenders?

      And when there are Ukrainian, not Russian, civilians dying daily in a war of aggression BY Russia AGAINST Ukraine, why would a political candidate spend time and political capital bitching about Zelenskyy's supposed "woke virtue signaling"? WTF is wrong with these people?

      Is there REALLY a segment of voters out there who is going to be persuaded by this? That Zelenskyy's supposed "woke virtue signaling" somehow justifies a war of aggression by Russia against Ukraine?

      The only thing that I can think of is that these people really are nothing more than knee-jerk oppositional reactionaries. Because there is overwhelming popular support FOR Ukraine, that they must be the ones to automatically reject it and try to find reasons against this popular support. But again that doesn't fully explain the situation I think. So, I don't really know what is going on.

      1. So foreign interference involvement in elections and installing of leaders is good again?

        1. As long as the proper people are installed, what does it even matter, at this point?

      2. “That he is employing "nazi battalions" to "crush his enemies" (wtf?).”

        Ignorance is your friend, Lefty Jeffy.

      3. What Zelensky is doing is worse for Americans because he's begging for us to be dragged into war on his and his sponsors' behalf, and for US government to continue taking money from Americans at gunpoint to send to Ukraine.

        If you feel yourself getting swept by the tide of military interventionism, just remember: This is the same ruling class and the same ideologues who plunged the West into multiple bloody, wasteful and pointless wars over the last 20 years.

        Honor your own skepticism.

        Don't be cowed by the apparent unanimity of prominent personalities banging war drums. That happened in the last two decades, as well. It wasn't just Bush or "the neocons" who pushed the regime-change wars. It was The Atlantic and The Economist and The New Yorker, too.

        It isn't easy to ask tough questions or even to press for calm. You'll be accused of being an apologist for XYZ Evil Dictator (I'd know, because I flung those accusations as a younger lad).

        Remember: You aren't an enemy of "democracy" for opposing a potential nuclear war[!].

        "Democracy" is a thoroughly ideologized watchword for our ruling class. By "democracy," they mean liberalism (the order that sustains them in power and legitimates their rule).

        You saw this with "collusion" and Brexit. They will use "democracy" to undo democratic outcomes.

        So why would you accept that when they deploy "democracy" once more today, it's completely innocent of deeper power dynamics, nor warped by material interests?

        Even if you accept the ruling class' moral framing of the conflict, for argument's sake, would you trust *this* ruling class to deliver sound results, given its performance since the end of the Cold War?

        I have a mortgage-backed derivative to sell you, if your answer is Yes.

        What's more likely to pay off: A bet that our woke-capitalist ruling class will get this right? Or a bet that they will get it wrong?

        (By "wrong," I mean in terms of *your* well-being, not theirs.)

        1. And that's just what's being admitted to officially...

          BREAKING911: Congress OKs $13.6B to help Ukraine, allies resist Russian invasion as part of huge bill funding federal agencies.

        2. How apropos, you're quoting a guy approvingly who wants to use the authoritarian power of the state to impose culturally conservative values. He's literally telling people to reject democracy. Is Ahmari on Team Putin?

          In any event, being opposed to war with Russia is different than going out and deliberately trashing Zelenskyy or absurdly claiming that he is the greater villain in this war. That's the real issue here.

          1. Nice ad hominem.

          2. Fuck you, fuck Zelensky, fuck all you totalitarians who attack Americans.

            1. No "fuck Putin"?

              1. Ugh, but this ^

                1. Putin's got nothing to do with me.
                  Those I named are enemies who fuck over the American people.

                  1. Again, Tucker Carlson couldn't have said it any better.

                    Ken's right about you. This isn't about opposing the war, or questioning the wisdom of helping Ukraine. If you can't even bring yourself to condemn Putin as the aggressor, then I think that affirmatively makes you pro-Putin.

                    Did you know that Russian state media is using literal Tucker Carlson clips from his show as a part of their propaganda?

                    1. You agreeing with neokeNN's conclusions is as strong an indictment of them as can be.

                    2. Nardz, straight up: Are you cheering for Putin to be successful in his invasion of Ukraine? Yes or no?

          3. He's literally telling people to reject democracy.

            Good. Fuck the democracy fetish that permeates the west.

            1. And the better alternative is...?

              1. Limited constitutional government. Democracy only leads to tyranny.

                1. So how should the head of state in this limited constitutional government be selected, in your view?

        3. I understand the argument that the US should stay completely out of it, and tough noogies to Ukraine, even if I disargee with it.

          I also understand the argument that the US has a moral imperative to go to war if necessary to defend Ukraine, even if I disagree with that argument too.

          I also understand the argument that the US should support Ukraine short of war against Russia, because they are the victim of aggression by Putin and aggression does need to be challenged, which is about where I'm at.

          What I don't understand is the argument that Putin is somehow legitimately justified in his invasion and Zelenskyy is the real villain in this story. Putin invaded Crimea (before Zelenskyy was even in power), he invaded Donbass, and now he's invading the whole damn country. HE is the clear aggressor here.

          1. You don't understand anything, you simply repeat MSM talking points.

            1. You are only repeating Tucker Carlson's talking points. Do you think that makes you "edgy"? Do you understand that Putin is the aggressor here?

              1. What are Tucker's talking points?
                Please inform us since you seem to be an avid viewer.

          2. There is no coherent argument chem for ignoring what Putin is doing and dwelling on the supposed sins of Zelensky and Ukriane, especially I would think for someone who claims to be a libertarian. How much more anti-liberarian an act can you think of then invading another country - a democracy at that - to force it and it's citizens to do what you (in this case a dictator) want? By the way, this happens to be resulting in the deaths of civilians and the destruction of property.

            How does it make sense for a libertarian to support what Putin is doing. It doesn't and it's not possible to justify it, so phonies like Nardz and Geiger just ignore it like it's not happening, while pretending to be libertarians.

        4. Get lost stooge.

          1. Jesse, yes I am aware of the various pretexts Russia uses in the propaganda for it's murderous aggression which you and others here regularly parrot.

            No, I don't GAF about the prisoner being recorded. They would have to shoot him in the head to get anywhere close to the atrocities Russia is visiting on Ukrainian women, children, and cities, none of which seems to bother your phony-ass "libertarian" conscience.

        5. Yeah Nardz, I got really pissed at this guy yesterday. I'm walking down the street and I pass this alley where this guy is yelling for help as he's getting beaten to a pulp by a gang. He was trying to "drag me" into his problem man.

      4. So, I don't really know what is going on.

        I’m sure you don’t.

  19. Progressives are always worried that someone, somewhere may not be as miserable as they are.

    Only progressives would worry about their urban neighborhood getting nicer and safer, by calling it "gentrification".

    1. I know plenty of conservatives who are worried about their red-state neighborhoods becoming nicer and more expensive by calling it “Californication”. Directly analogous.

      1. No you don't, you fucking liar.

      2. Having people shit in the street doesn’t make it nicer, you freak.

        1. Is Seattle even a pleasant city to visit as a tourist anymore?

    2. Remember that progressives, enlightened by CRT and other critical theories, can only judge things by how they impact status and power relative to one or more oppressed groups. If somewhere a womyn, POC, or trans fatty in a wheel chair gets sad (or claims to), then a successful white male must have committed a crime against humanity.

      1. A lot of nanny state types used to be quite opposed to trans fat. Has that changed?

        1. Trans fat on the inside, bad. Trans fatty on the outside, good.

          1. Silently mouthing that to myself X 1…2…3…4….Got it. I’m ready for the next klatch at Starbucks or Pete’s now.

  20. Are we just ignoring Iran launching long range missiles into Iraq as a response to Biden temporarily pulling out of the JCPOA 2 due to Russia adding sanction removal as part of that?

    1. Not important. Russiamanbad didn't do it to the beacon of democracy, Ukraine, so we need to ignore it while we confiscate more money from Americans to defend Ukrainian oligarchs

    2. Local news.

      Absolute fucking crickets from the White House on it too.

      1. What do you want them to do, fuck up the narrative?

        1. Psaki pstays psilent pstill? Maybe it’s part of a psych op…


    Ukraine government accounts are posting graphic photos of what they're claiming is the dead body of a NY Times journalist. NYT just put out a statement saying he was not working for NYT. While the death is being attributed to Russia, this info is sourced only to Ukraine officials

    Is it possible that this individual was killed by Russian troops, as claimed? Sure, but there's no independent corroboration of that. It's also possible he was killed by Ukraine forces, which includes many people who were just handed assault rifles with minimal training

    Another person in the car said: "We crossed a checkpoint and they start shooting at us." Not sure how anyone can conclude that it was Russian forces who opened fire based on this description. The "checkpoint" here would presumably be controlled by Ukraine



      A journalist was killed while carrying a New York Times press pass. But he hasn't worked with the Times since 2015. Initial reports said he was shot by Russians in a town under Ukrainian control. Now Ukrainian officials are saying "the details of his were not immediately clear."


      1. Potentially could have been Russians, but sounding like Ukranian forces mistakenly firing on journalists. Ukraine has since ordered journalists to stay out of Irpin for their own safety. We'll need to hear more information from the survivors of the incident.

        1. Possible, but less likely. The closest Russians were 2 km away, Ukraine military and militia have set up checkpoints to guard against "Russian spies/saboteurs" (which they've alleged after several executions), and this follows an undeniably typical pattern of Ukraine officials making a sensational claim, mass media pushing the hell out of the report, then Ukraine changing its story after people start poking holes in its logic.


          Evacuation of the body of US journalist Brent Renaud, who was killed earlier this day by unknown fighters deep inside #Ukrainian-controlled territory on the administrative border between #Kiev and #Irpin. Russian forces are at least 10 km away from the area (see maps below).

          1. Here's the place where he was killed. It's directly on the administrative border between #Kiev proper and its satellite city #Irpin. The bridge shown on aerial photo has been blown up by #Ukraine to sloe down the Russian advancement. --> [map]

          2. Here's today's BBC map of Russia/Ukraine terrain control in the area. The arrow points at the place, where he was killed.
          Google map screenshot shows exact place and the position of Russian forces 6 km from there.
          It's obvious that there were NO Russians there.

    2. The Russia Today android app is still working.

      They indicate that he was working for Time Inc doing a documentary on refugees. Based on other things the Ukraine news agency has said, I'm very skeptical that the Russians are the ones who killed him.

      In the past, there been situations where news organizations gave cover to people working for US intelligence agencies. That's why it's a stupid idea if you're trying to protect your people.

  22. Listening to James Lindsay's latest podcast on the formation of SEL in school. Well researched as usual. Good cast.

  23. Totes sane...

    World War III has already begun. NATO will soon understand this fact and likely be forced to engage kinetically (without the prophylactic of ‘lethal aid’ to the heroic Ukrainians). The world has bifurcated into: 1. The Axis of Evil (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea), 1/2

    2. The Rules Based Order (NATO and our allies). ‘Investors’ into the securities of these countries of evil haven’t quite figured out that they are about to lose close to everything. The writing is on the wall so clearly. #Russia #China #ChinaExposed #ChinaTaiwan @AmbQinGang


      I am *so* waiting for the day when an American, European or NATO fighter jet blows a Russian jet out of the damned sky. Because I am already traumatized by witnessing this brutal and sadistic invasion of Ukraine.

      Maybe there would be nuclear war. Maybe not.
      Let's find out.

      1. Let’s not.

        1. Well, at least you will not ever know if we have a nuclear war. If you are lucky.

  24. As jeff defends crt under the guise of it shutting down discourse on race. Leftists on campus get prof suspended for slide with racial epitaph in course on race.

    1. My alma mater SDSU has changed drastically, and not for the better. I assure you, political climate was nothing like this in the late 80s/early 90s (I was an Opinion Columnist for the Daily Aztec, actually). And I guarantee you we out-partied the current crop of wokesters!

  25. Alcoholism and drug abuse skyrocketed during Gov shutdowns.
    If sexual abuse is a problem why do you support Biden?
    Mental health issues are most prevalent in big Gov lefties

  26. Property prices increase, property tax collections increase. Politicians somehow manage to own larger pools and drive nicer cars...


    According to JoongAng Ilbo, South Korea & the U.S. have detected signs that North Korea might launch a new intercontinental ballistic missile as early as this week - launch is expected to take place at Sunan international airport.

    1. Mostly peaceful missiles.

      1. No justice, no peace?

      2. Their missiles protect you, ours protect them.

        1. I got a laugh, thanks.

    2. It’s funny how they predictably start acting up as soon as a major conflict anywhere else in the world starts getting all the focus. Almost like psycho-commies my gut also be attention whores? But no, that can’t be right…

      1. I remember in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq one political cartoon showed Bush grabbing Saddam by the scruff and shaking him while yelling “You’ve got weapons of mass destruction DON’T YOU?! DON’T YOU?!” …In the background Kim Jong Il is raising his hand and saying: @I do!”


    Expect this to be a mandated part of the education of your children tomorrow. White Bodies and the Energies of Race | Psychology Today


    1. What is it called when a psychology magazine gaslights you?

      1. Therapy.

      2. Regressive

    2. Sounds like almost as much woo as Peterson crams into a single sentence about his lunch.

      1. "as much woo as Peterson crams"

        How so, Tony?

        1. Peterson is part of the same phenomenon on the political right as pageant models being news pundits. There's no value placed in actual expertise because the mission is to confirm your provincial cultural assumptions, not tell the truth.

          Peterson is famous for one reason only: he whined very loudly about a law that he didn't understand. All of a sudden he's a philosopher? He's one of the longest-running jokes in progressive circles.


    A thousand cheers vs. one heckle.




    The news here isn't that she was heckled. The news is we've produced a culture that celebrates weakness and victimhood.


    1. Guess we're doing vicarious PTSD now...

      Did anybody here actually READ the article? She said she’d been heckled before, and it really didn’t bother her. However, being heckled at Indian Hills was was different and landed harder, because it summoned the memory of what the Williamses experienced there years ago.

    2. “ we've produced a culture that celebrates weakness and victimhood.”
      While empowering hecklers.
      Isn’t there a Law against Unintended Consequences…or something?

      1. And that's how pinky toes get lost...

  30. You know who else left a real housing mess in his wake

  31. Now, I've been told that libel suits are akin to an attempt to "criminalize wrongthink", so I'm very disappointed to see that our hero, Lauren Boebert, is trying to stifle legitimate criticism of her and use the courts to suppress "wrongthink" in her libel lawsuit.

    1. Not all libel is the same. Depends on the individual circumstances in each case. It's very easy to use lawsuits and to be litigious in order to stifle opposing voices. That doesn't mean there's never any actual libel happening.

      I have no idea who Lauren Boebert is or who he/she is suing.

      1. "I have no idea who Lauren Boebert is or who he/she is suing."


        1. Did you just assume their objective case pronoun?


    Mass rioting broke out this week in the Mediterranean island of #Corsica. They’re demanding independence from France. In this video, rioters used construction equipment as a battering ram to smash open an ATM.

    #Corsica earlier today: Separatist masked rioters in black brought Molotov cocktails & riot gear to the anti-France protest in city of Bastia. They want independence.

    #Corsica: Rioters hurl firebombs & rocks on Sunday. The French Mediterranean island has seen days of political violence after convicted assassin & imprisoned separatist leader Yvan Colonna was severely beaten by another inmate. He’s in a coma.



    Surveys suggest that 90%-95% of federal workers, teachers, and journalists support Democrats. The odds that this would naturally be the case in a free country is exactly *zero.*

    You can only build this kind of coalition with cronyism, bullying, deception, grifting and theft.


    We’re back from Europe – where we spent the week working to support Ukraine, hold Russia accountable, and defend democracy. Here’s a quick recap: [video]

    1. At least in Europe he was safe from those nasty insurrectionist truckers.


      “I’m vaccinated and got sick so you should get the vaccine for the thing I’m now sick with.”


      1. The only people who've been dying with Covid are the unvaccinated.

        Look in the mirror. You are the one you have owned.


    We are now fully in the post-Truth era. We have embraced feelings over facts.

    And these are the people manufacturing consent for war.


    1. Another dozen billions needed to stuff the brown envelopes.

      Imagine everyone being forcibly inoculated against Polio four times and still catching polio. You might be forgiven for thinking it was actually a bit of a fiddle.

      1. Are you saying they’re stringing us along?

      JUST….oh, FIDDLE STICKS!!!!!

  36. Since the 1960s, planners have convinced many state and regional governments to limit the physical spread of urban areas.

    This is why maybe we should be looking more critically at "upzoning". When the same people who caused the problem tell you they have a solution, be very wary.

    1. I'm as much opposed to urban growth boundaries as I am to zoning. They're both massive market manipulations by the government.


    Lindsey Graham says he will demand a No Fly Zone in the event of a purported chemical weapons attack in Ukraine. Looks like a faction of the US political/media class has settled on their pretext for going "all the way"


      *All the Neocons dive onto the corpse*

  38. It's nice to live in the city or to have a country house (ideally both), but nobody likes the suburbs who isn't brainwashed into not knowing any better. It's dismal, its creation has nothing to do with the free market, and it's racist.

    1. It's weird reading the ranting's of a ghetto-bred guttersnipe, who's somehow convinced himself he's a sophisticate and a Townie.

      Would you like some Grey Poupon with those urbane sensibilities, Tony? Do you ever get together with the other arriviste and parvenus to talk smack like that about country life?

      1. Tony has gone full-on righteous elite, with nothing to offer any other human besides his self-proclaimed wisdom and criticism. That must be a new flavor of libertarian.

      2. I actually praised country life. It's only when we started forcing people to live in an environment built for cars, rather than cars and an environment made to support how people want to live, that we got into the dystopia of the suburbs. But I suppose that is a matter of taste.

    2. "It's dismal, its creation has nothing to do with the free market, and it's racist."

      I'm not so sure. The suburbs are to housing what Walmart is to retail. Only Walmart isn't racist, not particularly so, anyway.

    3. Ah, yes, thesilly false consciousness argument to dismiss the existence of things you do not like.

  39. Kenjeff approved!

    You will take "morality pills" and be happy. This is what the elites want for you.


    BREAKING: All U.S. Army personnel will be forced to undergo mandatory “gender dysphoria” training by September 30th, 2022, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon.

    Who’s tired of wokeness in our military?


    Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.

    1. She can whisper her disinformation in my ear anytime...

      1. I will let her know at our next "Putin stooges for Kremlin propaganda" meeting.


      There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world. We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured & pathogens destroyed


        The level to which the mind virus psychosis in the left is inhibiting rational thought, is unfathomable. The replies and quote tweets are mind blowing.

        The reaction to Tulsi’s post or any mention of Ukraine labs, is insane & deranged beyond comprehension. I’ll show you here…

        …in this @nytimes article. They say Russia claims that we’re designing bio-weapons to release, then they confirm essentially every detail is true but our intent is just to study them, not release it.

        Difference between truth & “traitor for saying it” is one italicized word.

        Oops!? The level to which they’re committing to this is bonkers.

        Saying “there are US funded labs in Ukraine with potential bioweapons at risk” is repeating Russia’s crazy conspiracy theory and is treason” is so stupid, they’re going to be so embarrassed.

        Nobody has denied it.

        .@CBSDavidMartin says that a Pentagon official he talked to this morning said there is no movement of chemical weapons into Ukraine, but the concern is that Russia may move to seize a biomedical research facility, weaponize a pathogen, then blame it on Ukraine & the U.S."


  42. Mask mandate ended at midnight on the 11th where I live. I was driving through the neighborhood and I estimate a full 30% of people walking around outdoors, alone, were still masked.

    A few minutes before writing this comment, I looked out my window and two women with two children got out of a Prius (it's Seattle), the two adult women were unmasked and their children whom I estimate were between 5 and 10 years of age were both masked.

    Seattle Times reported that 2/3ds of the attendees at the Seattle Aquarium remained masked.

    Someone noted that the mask is the MAGA hat of the left. That's not correct. It's the fucking Nazi armband for the left.

    1. They are scienceing as hard as they can.

    2. Seattle Times reported that 2/3ds of the attendees at the Seattle Aquarium remained masked.
      Common Sense is in the tank, and I’ve had it up to the gills with such inanity signaling!

      1. Be fair. Some of these people are essential broken and will never get over two years of panic porn propaganda. Feel some sympathy for their children.

        1. Heir Loons (in case we’ve run out of names for coming generations—and when it comes to generations emanating from the 21st Century, I PITY THEM ALL!!!!)

    3. About one-third of the people streaming into the aquarium went maskless Saturday morning as Washington state lifted its long-running COVID-19 mask mandate for most indoor spaces, including restaurants, bars, gyms, supermarkets and schools.

      The rest of the aquarium visitors wore masks despite the policy change from Gov. Jay Inslee, with the crowd illustrating a range of views about the next phase of the pandemic.

      Yes, a 'range of views'. Two out of three people were goose-stepping and singing the Horst Wessel song, with one out of three people hoping no one looks in their attic.

      1. Many representatives of the two thirds to be seen here
        Personally, I’m only 55 but I increasingly feel like the old guy at 2:28 these days…

    4. "Mask mandate ended at midnight on the 11th where I live. I was driving through the neighborhood and I estimate a full 30% of people walking around outdoors, alone, were still masked."

      Grocery store this morning, sign says 'Masks Encouraged'. Three or four of us were bare-faced.
      But it is SF.

    5. "(it's Seattle)"

      Not for nothing it's called Asia Pacific. Mask wearing has been customary in Asian cultures for decades. Culture spreads. Like a virus. Just like the stone 'inukshuk,' cairns with supernatural powers constructed by the Inuit. They've been spreading southwards and can be found as far south as Argentina. Culture and ideas spread. A mask is an item of clothing denoting humbleness, modesty and caring. I think a person in the habit of wearing a mask develops their ability to express themselves through their eyes which become more piercing and attractive.

      1. LOL

        1. Tattoos, piercing and gas mask fetishes used to be the province of a small number of weird outsiders and society rejects. Now they are mainstream.

      2. Not for nothing, but exactly 100% of the masked people were white, upper middle class in North Face fleeces.

        1. "white, upper middle class in North Face fleeces."

          Probably the first Americans to get proficient in using chopsticks. Don't be surprised if they take to wearing surgical masks.

  43. State Department: runs cover to downplay an attack on the US by Iran, runs 24/7 propaganda to set up an attack on Russia

    State Dept: #IRGC launched series of ballistic missile attacks from #Iran on northern #Iraq ..US was not the intended target…this was an outrageous attack by #Iran on its neighbor…most if not all the missiles were directed at private Iraqi Kurdish citizen’s residential compound


    Damn, even Tom Brady saw 7.9% inflation and record-high gas prices and decided he needed to go back to work.

  45. as seen at the Wisconsin mustard museum
    [Removed Russian mustards and put a virtue signaling sign in their place - this isn't healthy]


    We were supposed to hate the unvaccinated. Now we are supposed to hate Russians.

    What's the next group of people we will be ordered to hate?


    Denver prosecutors plan to drop the murder case filed against unlicensed security guard Matt Dolloff who shot dead a veteran in Oct 2020 during clashes when #antifa confronted attendees of a “Patriot Rally.” Lee Keltner’s death was celebrated by antifa.

    The Denver Communists organized the #antifa direct action in October 2020 where veteran Lee Keltner was shot dead by Matthew Dolloff, an unlicensed security guard. Prosecutors have announced plans to drop the murder case against him. Antifa celebrated the homicide of Keltner.


    1. "Matthew Dolloff,"

      Wasn't Dolloff the name of that cheating drunken womanizing but reckless brave cad in War and Peace?


    Everyone is losing their mind about this, but I’ve been calling for it at every town hall I do. Either the president controls the executive branch or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, we don’t live in a Republic, we live in a civil service driven oligarchy.
    ""We will pass critical reforms making every executive branch employee fireable by the president of the United States. The deep state must and will be brought to heel." -- Trump proposes a drastic expansion of presidential power"

    It’s amazing to hear people chirp constantly about “democracy” and then meltdown over the idea that our democratically elected leaders should control the government.

  49. This is always the plan. Its been pushed by Obama and Biden.


    1. ^THIS...

      Isn't it amazing how indoctrination has become so publicly accepted that *ENTIRELY* depending on a persons sex, color, national origin, religion the GOV-GUNS gets pulled out.... And far too many people have been brainwashed to think that isn't flat-out SEXISM, RACIST in Action to the worst extend of National Government enforced.

      Just like the Nazi's did....... Oh yeah; They were National Socialists too... If anyone has to wonder how there was so many Nazi supporters in Germany look no further than the USA and it's Nazi popularity. Any excuse at all to pull out Gov-Guns against 'those' people.

      Remember when the USA use to be about Individual Liberty and Justice.

  50. I've been personally bitten by The Boulder Blue Line .

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