The Mask Mandate for Air Travel Was About To End, So the TSA Extended It

The policy, which covers trains, buses, and subways as well, is now set to expire on April 18.


While COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have rapidly collapsed all across the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) still isn't ready to let people take off their masks on airplanes, buses, trains, and subways.

The mask mandate for public transportation was set to expire on March 18, but the TSA has extended it for at least another month, on the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Federal health officials are working on a "revised policy framework for when, and under what circumstances, masks should be required in the public transportation corridor," according to NPR.

The current extension will last until April 18, though there's no guarantee that this will be the final extension.

Contrary to what the TSA and the CDC think, it would be perfectly reasonable for passengers and commuters to de-mask right now. At this point, mask mandates are arbitrary. There is no scientific rationale for forcibly masking young school children but not restaurant diners, or subway riders but not library visitors, or airline passengers but not members of Congress: Our elderly president, senators, and senior administration officials were nearly entirely unmasked for the State of the Union. Government planners are making up policies that have no basis in health.

In December, the heads of various airlines testified before Congress that the air filtration systems on planes are better than the air filtration systems in hospital intensive care units. "I think the case is very strong that masks don't add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment," said Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines. "It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting."

A few days later, White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci said that he thought people should wear masks on airplanes for… forever, essentially. "I think when you're dealing with a closed space, even though the filtration is good, that you want to go that extra step when you have people—you know, you get a flight from Washington to San Francisco, it's well over a five-hour flight," he said. "Even though you have a good filtration system, I still believe that masks are a prudent thing to do, and we should be doing it."

Passengers who want the extra protection afforded by masks are welcome to keep wearing them. But other people might rationally decide that masks are more annoying than helpful. This is certainly the case for parents traveling with young children who struggle to keep them on for long flights. Frustratingly for them, the TSA requires flight attendants to vigorously enforce the mandate.

Enough is enough. The TSA is not accustomed to relaxing its overly broad and poorly thought-out infringements on travelers' civil liberties—20 years after 9/11, we still remove our shoes and belts before setting foot in the terminal, even though this cumbersome process doesn't make anyone safer—but it's long past time to ease up on masks (and all the other ridiculous safety measures too).

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  1. Enough is enough.

    Come on.

    Do a terrorism.

    1. Knee length beards are even more obvious in a mask. Even more losing for terrorists.

  2. but it's long past time to ease up on masks (and all the other ridiculous safety measures too)

    You can have your precious free-dumb back when you pry it from the TSA director's cold dead hands.

    (is what I would say if I really wanted to be on a no-fly list /sarc /jk / 😉 )

    1. Fuckemall. We bought a monster truck. Sleeps 14 if theyre stacked properly.

      Dont need their Coof Spreading Transportation.

      TS can kiss my A.

      And Triple Fuck Joe Biden. Best friend Russia and China have.

  3. Vote for fascists, get fascism.
    How is any of this a surprise? The democrats did not hide their platform.

    1. Not supporting the left, but it was Bush (R) who set up the goddammed TSA in the first place.

      Time eliminate the TSA. People who are afraid to fly can stay home, the rest of us need to be able to get on with our lives without having a bunch of mall security washouts telling us to take our shoes off and put out mask on.

      Let's go Brandon!

  4. How was this decision made?! How are there scientists who are saying that going mask less in restaurants is okay, but not if that restaurant is in an airport? Even politically, this doesn't make any sense because Democrats are trying to move us past COVID as their policies poll poorly. Who the heck is left that is in favor of this?!

    1. Who the heck is left that is in favor of this?!

      Whoever it is, they on they break.

    2. Who the heck is left that is in favor of this?!

      Don't know, but her name is probably Karen.

    3. Acme mask company

    4. Who the heck is left that is in favor of this?!

      Jay Inslee and the good people of King County! Mask Etiquette!

      "Capitol Hill mask fashion may never go away".

      so sayeth the Shepherd, so sayeth the flock!

      1. All the hard core left here are like that. Go to the part of town where Democrats concentrate and you'll see people wearing masks walking down an otherwise empty sidewalk.

        Where I live almost nobody wears a mask, ever. Especially where it's just plain ridiculous. If they do, you know they're on vacation from San Francisco, pretty much.

    5. Flight attendant unions?

      1. We have a winner. Notice how much pull Unions have with the Biden Administration. You would think that the Unions owned him.

    6. It's about obedience.
      It's always been about obedience.
      They are conditioning us.
      Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, they are pure evil.

  5. You guys are allowed to say the Biden administration. You don't have to pretend the TSA did this on their own.

    1. Robby likes appletini parties, and hopes to be a sophistocrat in good graces again.

    2. This is the same Robby who today published an op-ed promoting Mitt Romney for the GOP ticket in 2024. A "libertarian" promoting a milquetoast neocon as the best option to replace Biden. He's either trying to help Biden stay in office or he's become detached from reality.

  6. 1000+ are still dying with Covid every day still.

    1. And only 5.5% of them actually dying OF Covid.

    2. 1000+ are still dying with Covid every day still.

      Useless vaccines and masks.

      1. That's because everyone was wearing unvaccinated masks.

        1. Or unmasked vaccines.

    3. too bad you arent one of them.

      Go play in traffic

      1. I did happen to play in traffic today, survived just fine, thank you. I should have been clearer. If at this rate last year we needed to take precautions then why not now? Dumbass politicians making arbitrary decisions. I too am very tired of the mask theatrics.

  7. There was an 84% peak increase in unexpected mortality for those between 25-40 last year, nearly doubling from the 40% peak increase the year before. Surges of mortality closely followed vaccination pushes.

    More than twice as many younger people died after the jab was introduced as before we had it, during more severe Covid strains.

    Per CDC statistics, excess deaths dashboard stratified by age.

    I think it's safe to say you're safer not following the government's advice on anything Covid related at this point.

    1. Yea this has gotten lots of attention everywhere outside of legacy media. They are definitely non-Covid deaths whether they are health debt issues, a general malaise, or vax deaths nobody is for certain right now.

      1. Hence my focus on 25-40 - it would beggar belief that a young and productive age group could experience nearly twice the annual expected all-cause mortality because they're stressed or missed a doctor's visit.

        Add in the data from DMED and VAERS, filter through the lens of 1,291 previously known side effects and 1,223 deaths recorded during the trial stage in recently unsealed Pfizer documents and I can say with reasonable confidence that we really ought to be looking at this experimental gene therapy more closely.

        1. The recent Pfizer dump is pretty damning. I imagine most of the deaths are vaxx related in some way.

  8. Passengers who want the extra protection afforded by masks are welcome to keep wearing them.

    --- Robby Soave


    This is why the mask idiocy will never truly end and why the mandates can be turned on and off at a moment's notice.

    Because not only do millions of people genuinely believe the masks actually work, millions of other people that know they do not work are afraid to say so publicly.

    When will all the bullshit with the masks end? When you grow a pair of balls, that's when.

    1. Grow a pair of balls? Excuuuuuse me, like have you even SEEN those skinny jeans?

      It's like a denim ballband for neutering a generation.

    2. When you grow a pair of balls, that's when.

      Then we are fucked.

    3. … the extra protection afforded by masks…


      1. Seriously, I'll mention the ginned up study the CDC promoted to say masks make you 80% less likely to get the rona (or whatever the number).

        The ONLY detectable benefits were to the wearer of the mask. And in those cases, surgical and especially cloth masks pretty much didn't show any efficacy. But the point is, a well fitted, properly worn n95 mask protected the wearer. Only the wearer, not others.

        One of the most pernicious bits of propaganda ever released during this pandemic is the completely untrue "My mask protects you, yours protects me" horseshit. It has never been true of respiratory viruses, and is especially true now that we know Covid is spread via aerosols and not fomids, but that shifting of responsibility away from the individual was precisely the type of thing to start the karens browbeating anyone who doesn't harbor the same fears they do.

        I'm not killing grandma by not wearing a mask. If she wants masking, wearing her own is what she needs to do.

    4. Masks primarily protect those near the wearer, and the wearer secondarily, so this statement is illogical.

      If you can't handle it, walk.

      1. ^ anti science

      2. And, tertiarily, nobody gives a fuck what you think.

      3. “ Joe Friday
        March.10.2022 at 5:24 pm
        Flag Comment Mute User
        Masks primarily protect those near the wearer, and the wearer secondarily, so this statement is illogical.”

        *Smooth brain has entered the chat*

      4. The idea is those that are worried are free to wear things like N95 masks that protect the wearer. There's more types of masks out their than the useless Buffs that everyone is wearing.

    5. Balls are definitely sexist, and probably some kind of hate crime.

  9. Fuck Joe Biden.

    1. Fuck Joe Biden.

      1. Fuck Joe Biden.

        1. I feel your pain, losers.

          1. Says the guy whose beloved masking rules are all but eradicated, except for public transport and a couple dank corners of the country.

            How many days until the midterm elections? Google says 243 days.

            1. He’s a government employee.
              He’ll never be fired.

              1. As my grandfather used to call it, middle class welfare.

              2. I am a builder who has made payroll for over 40 years. I write checks to the government, I don't collect them.

                How about you?

                1. That is obviously total bullshit.

                  1. Sorry your fantasies don't match reality, but that's a common problem on this board.

                    1. Says the ex-LAPD award-winning architect and contractor, now for over 40 years.


            2. Covid rules are being loosened in response to the predicted decline of the Omicron surge, with some regional differences accounted for, just like they were in April 2021, before the Delta variant hit. No one loves masking rules, but most of us aren't selfish pussies who can't do their part to help protect fellow citizens..

              1. “Pussies.” Says the guy hiding behind a mask — the adult version of a binkie.

              2. You love masking rules.

              3. The citizens who need protection are free to stay home.

              4. No, they are being loosened because it's becoming all too clear they don't work. Masks don't work unless you go to the N95 level, they don't do anything.

          2. I feel your pain ...


          3. Fuck Joe Friday

  10. What a fucking clown show.

  11. This would make a great Twilight Zone episode, except that show was fictional.

  12. TSA delenda est.

    1. No kidding.

      Under what part of their authority are they allowed to dictate masks on board planes? What effect does that have on security?

      1. The same authority that lets the CDC dictate the terms of rental agreements. It begins with an "F" and ends with a "W".

  13. And why do they have seat belts in coach? You're crammed in their so tight, even the worst air turbulence won't knock you out of your seat.

    1. It’s not a matter out out, but rather up.

      1. Worse yet, down.

    2. Thats so when the plane, diving out of control at 4 Gs hits the ground, people wont be bouncing around.

      Fuck Joe Biden.

  14. WSHA Executive Director Taya Briley said the hospitals’ recommendation was for residents’ “protection and for the protection of our most vulnerable neighbors.”

    “Until we have a few months of really low cases and things are more certain, we ask that this practice be continued in a pragmatic way,” she continued. “It’s an easy and it’s a compassionate thing to do for those in our community who are immunocompromised or have other health conditions that make them more vulnerable.”

    So make them wear a mask!

    No! Their mask doesn't protect them, only your mask protects them because of the one-way theory of maskinization!

    1. Ill wear a condom so someone across town doesnt get pregnant.

      Got it. Thats ' sensible.'

  15. So, is this photo from one of the Ukrainian refugee flights?

  16. At this point, mask mandates are remain arbitrary.


  17. Pitched roof is a pitched roof is a type of roof that slopes down generally as two halves with an angle to the central ridge however, sometimes it is in one area that extends from one edge to one edge.

  18. "Our elderly president, senators, and senior administration officials were nearly entirely unmasked for the State of the Union."

    Maybe slow zombies don't breathe.

    1. Wax figures dont breathe. They have projector faces and Animatronic arms.

      Saudi Arabia agrees...
      Fuck Joe Biden

  19. So they CHEAT and cant get it right?

    "The 2020 census undercounted the country’s population by 18.8 million people, the Census Bureau said on Thursday, acknowledging that the count had underrepresented Black, Latino and Indigenous residents."

    So if they werent counted then how do ' they' now what the count is?

    They made up a number and want the Census to match it. Got it...

    Try counting the ILLEGALS.

    Someone please sufficate my pillow Guy with one of his pillows.

    This Gaslighting assholes crying about not being able to sell a NINETY DOLLAR PILLOW in an economic crisis and trying to use Jesus to make sales.

    His cheap crap pillows are made with FOAM SCRAPS ( according to his Patent) - how cheap can it get?

    What a CON ARTIST!

  20. "Some 1.13 million Americans have died due to the pandemic, the researchers estimate. By comparison, the current total of reported COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. stands at around 960,000."

    Communist Broadcasting System

    Thats 0.00318.


    The Gas Light has gone out and gas is filling the room...

    " More deaths" they scream. " There must be more..."

    1. Zero deaths is not going far enough.
      Zero hospitalizations is not going far enough.
      We must have zero COVID cases period.

      And if we ever somehow get to that point then we should have zero cases of any infectious disease period.

      If "2 weeks to flatten the curve" were a football game I'd say the goal posts have been moved about 500 yards so far.

      1. They have reached Zero Intelligence.

  21. It would not be difficult to run a scientific experiment on this. Randomly pick some flights to require masks and others to not require masks and test everyone who was on the flight a week later (pay people enough to make it worth their time).

    You could do the same thing with schools - randomly pick some schools in a big district to require masks and others to not require masks then test everyone a week later.

  22. So the flight attendant's union - errrrr science is just as powerful as the teacher's union - errrrr science?

    1. May the layoffs be extensive and brutal.

  23. "Federal health officials are working on a 'revised policy framework for when, and under what circumstances, masks should be required in the public transportation corridor,' according to NPR."

    Bullshit. Not once have public health officials provided a concrete benchmark for eliminating masking requirements, so why would we believe they are going to start now? If they were to provide such a benchmark, then they would be forced to manipulate or outright misstate the metrics to maintain control. It's so much easier to just never provide an off-ramp in the first place.

  24. Not going to lie: I'd tap that with *or* without a mask. (And I'm deeply disappointed at the severe shortage of previous remarks along these same lines.)

  25. Even after all those mitigation efforts proved to be not only useless but unnecessary, even after all the harm caused by lockdowns, mask laws, yes you could be arrested for not wearing a mask, by the closing of schools, businesses, and important manufacturing and so on, none of it proved to be effective. The statistics are in and they completely blow the entire scheme out of the water.
    The harm all these measures have caused is incalculable. The suicides, the drug over doses, excessive alcoholism and the destruction of the supply chain which we have been witnessing for the past nine months which is now making itself felt when ever you go shopping for food.
    The damage done to young people is a crime in itself. More suicides, more isolation when at this time in their lives they needed to be with their peers.
    it was never about protecting the health of the people.
    It was about power and control and to find out just how far the elites could push the people before push back. Just ask Justine Trudeau.
    The TSA needs to be defunded is a no brainer. They are as useless as the rest of the alphabet agencies that dot the landscape, especially so the DHS, FBI, NSA, DOE, BLM, and so on.
    Instead we get someone like Merrick Garland, a communist if ever there was one, who attacks parents for exercising their First Amendment rights.
    Anthony Fauci needs to be fired and Rand Paul is now seeking to make it so. He has introduced a bill in congress to send that grifter packing.
    None of these measures worked.None of them. Wearing masks is all psychological. It also proves how easily Americans can be brainwashed.

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