How To Boost the U.S. Economy While Sticking It to Putin

Let's give green cards to the Russians and deprive Vladimir Putin of the brainpower that keeps Russia's industrial motors running.


The United States may not be fighting against Russia in Ukraine with weapons, but there is a key tool the Biden administration should deploy to counter Russia: green cards.

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a multipronged invasion of Ukraine, striking major cities, killing more than 100 people, and displacing thousands. The campaign has been widely condemned by international leaders and met significant resistance from the Russian public. In a nation that routinely and brutally cracks down on dissent, thousands of Russian citizens participated in protests against Putin's invasion of Ukraine. "No to war," chanted some 1,000 demonstrators in Moscow, as more than 1,300 people were detained nationwide.

Putin does not have unanimous support for his invasion, and there may well be a mounting appetite among his people to flee the regime. This is a prime opportunity for the U.S. to open its doors, depriving Putin of the brainpower driving his economy and this conflict. What's more, the Biden administration could bolster America's innovative edge by offering refuge to Russian citizens who are disgusted by their government's actions.

National Review's Robert Zubrin proposed as much yesterday in a piece entitled "Drain Putin's Brains," in which he argued that the U.S. should "make the smart move and take away the men and women Putin needs to win" the fight in Ukraine. "The United States could, with a stroke of a pen, totally destroy the capacity of Russia to compete militarily or economically with us by offering a green card to any Russian with a technical degree who wishes to emigrate to the United States," Zubrin continued. Such a move may not stop the current invasion, but it would hobble Russia's ability to participate in the high-tech economy—fully in line with a central thrust of Biden's announced sanctions against the Kremlin.

Getting Russian brainpower out of Putin's hands will undoubtedly benefit America. The U.S. has a history of accepting great minds fleeing rival nations, from the scientists who escaped the Axis and later staffed the Manhattan Project to the many artists, athletes, and authors who defected from the Soviet Union. Immigrants are more likely to start businesses than native-born Americans, a trend that fully applies to Russian migrants. Accepting Russian immigrants, as with other groups, would help create jobs for native-born Americans—not take them away.

Unfortunately, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already led to a concerning level of skepticism toward Russian nationals on our soil. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–Calif.) has floated the idea that "kicking every Russian student out of the United States" should be "on the table." That proposal would target the nearly 5,000 Russian students studying in the U.S. as of 2021. It should go without saying that punishing uninvolved citizens for the sins of their government is a terrible idea and one that would do little to deter Putin's aggression.

The U.S. should extend a welcome to the Russians who are interested in fleeing Putin's repressive regime and hope to live and prosper on American soil. War as a form of competition with Russia would only lead to economic destruction on America's part, regardless of the conflict's eventual outcome. Instead, the U.S. can bolster its economy as it deprives Putin of the minds that keep Russia's industrial motors running.

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  1. Someone didn't read ENB's commands today.

    1. Fiona is a simple girl but she's got an answer for everything. It's always the same answer, but sooner or later someone will ask the right question and her answer will fit like a glove.

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    2. With ENB, it's all about sex workers and with Fiona, it's all about let 8 Billion+ people fit in the U.S. like frat boys in a phone booth. Not much distinction when you really think qbout it.

      1. It's either build a wall or let 8B+ in? Got it.

      2. I just had an idea that would actually improve the economy for someone here.

        Let's start making zelensky face t shirts before someone else does and donate the money to some Ukrainian charity. We just need a catch phrase.

        Any suggestions?

        "Putins Bae"
        "My balls are bigger than Putins"

        1. I know I said this on a Chumby pun thread, but it bears repeating: U -kraine your neck at Ukrainian chicks!

  2. it's almost comical when Reason mocks themselves in advance

    1. To address the article itself and agree that the lady makes little real sense.

      I think it would nicer if that guy roofing my house were given a green card so he could pay taxes and his children could be documented as natural-born citizens and be able to vote. What is the obsession with brains? Is the author of this article a zombie shuffling around and moaning for brains because she has none? We are missing over fifty million citizens due to abortion on demand and the Latins are filling in that roster. Welcome I say but document so that taxes may be paid. Build the wall so we may welcome and document our newest arrivals, especially those who are willing and able to work. A society of nothing but academics would be an anemic and weak nation. All have a place in a real civilization and deserve respect.

      Are we going to let the Ukrainians flood in as we do the Latins and refuse to acknowledge their presence? Are we going to start sending vast fleets of civilian airliners which seem to be operating even during the recent reality of war? I wondered how our government was going to be able to evacuate those people from Ukraine that it promised to help. 100 dead in such an invasion strikes me as a surgically precise and beautiful operation. At least the equal if not the superior of our own invasion of Iraq.

      God Bless You All


        No, Bidet and Piglousy wont bow and scrape to Ukranians.

        They arent CATHOLIC.

        Theyre under orders from the Pope they worship, not the US people.

      2. Along with thousands of undocumented Afghans.
        Note how well they have acclimated to American society.

  3. And Putin would never abuse a program like that to send more spies....

    1. What exactly are those spies going to learn? The only secrets that would be worth anything to Putin require security clearances.

      1. Yeah, like he needs 'spies' to know that the west is in decline and this is his perfect moment to pull something like this, when all he has to do is watch Brian Stelter.

        1. The existence of Brian Stelter is proof of that.

      2. Ask China's spies, they've accomplished quite a lot

        1. They all reside inside the current White House.

      3. Lets send Hillary Clinton TO them.

      4. And those with security clearances have never been know to use those clearances to leak or sell information.

    2. Trump loves Putin. I would think you would be in favor of this plan.

      1. I'm not a fan of Trump, I just thought he was a clearly superior choice to Biden, which Biden has borne out so far.

        And I think Trump is destroying his chances of a comeback in 2024 by praising Putin.

        1. Sarcastically commenting on the genius of calling a tank led invasion "peacekeeping" is not "praising"

        2. Give credit where credit is due. It's a good propaganda play. We may not like how is being used, but its good to recognize good technique when you see it. Don't confuse recognizing good technique with approving of it.

      2. You really are a fool.

      3. He loved putin so much he tanked the price of oil, and thus Russias economy.

        Biden hates putin so much he jacked up the cost of oil to to prices not seen in a decade and turbo charged Russias economy, allowing him to fund his war crimes in Ukraine.

  4. What's this, the third or fourth time Fiona has used Ukraine to promote the open borders agenda that's benefactor Charles Koch requires his employees to promote anyway?

    I tell ya. I fucking looooooooooooooove this website. 🙂


    1. #FionaonFire

    2. A capitalist society needs more communists.

    3. Fiona obviously doesn't realize most of their engineers suck balls. Everything communist sucks balls. Including the people.

    4. The one thing this Republican sockie gets right is the error of letting communist anarchists make libertarian policy.

  5. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–Calif.) has floated the idea that "kicking every Russian student out of the United States" should be "on the table."

    What about just nuking those students?

    1. Everything Swalwell The Dink says about Ukraine ought to be catalogued for the future when China starts more overt shit with Taiwan.

      1. Our media will not be covering it in a remotely similar fashion

    2. I guess none of those young Ruskies are dreamers.

    3. fang fang no bang bang is his problem

    4. Even though swalwell is a fucking douche, I agree with that. Ship out the Chinese cockroaches too. No citizen from a communist nation should be allowed the treasure of our education system or the treasures of our innovation and technology.

      And anyway, theres plenty of Indians to replace them.

      1. Maybe so but if we return all those Chinese girls, Swalwell won't have anyone to go bang bang with.

  6. totes enjoying the Green Cards Monologues. if they'd all act American they could stay where they are, too.

  7. "How To Boost the U.S. Economy While Sticking It to Putin"

    The above shows why I have been calling such political moves with immigration policy as foreign interventionism !

    Interventionism that Reason seems to support

  8. This one needs to stick to writing dating columns. She's not so good with politics.

    1. Being a one-note symphony does not equal being a witch though, right?

      Fuck off, Witch-Burner!

  9. Is there any problem this one thinks that opening up immigration won't solve?

    She's much better than Shikha Dalmia, and that's because she stresses the benefits of immigration to the USA.

    With Dalmia, the story always seemed to be about how we should sacrifice for the immigrants, which is getting it all wrong.

    I studied calculus under a Russian dissident. They do integration differently over there. He taught a method that wasn't in the book. People who got a "C" in his class could integrate with far fewer steps than people who got "A"s in other classes.

    What is it about Russians that makes them so good at chess and math? I asked him if it was because, under the communists, every other field was highly politicized, and there couldn't be a "revolutionary" math. He laughed in my face. Even the math was communist.

    In America, you integrate functions. In Soviet Russia, functionaries integrate you!

    1. What is it about Russians that makes them so good at chess and math?

      Desperation and boredom.

    2. She'd be one helluva timeshare salesperson. No matter the problem, buying a timeshare will solve it.

    3. THANK YOU.

      "Our" calculus and diffeq education is pathetic. Its unfulfilled PHds making everything much harder than it needs to be.

    4. Theyre not really good at math in the whole. They've had a few geniuses and chess Champs. But they largely relied on stealing tech for their missile and military programs. And have focused on that ever since, so they've got some pretty snazzy missiles.

      Outside of missiles though, Russia does very little well. Computers, cars, phones, infrastructure, craftsmanship, all inferior to most of the rest of the world. Their GDP is smaller than italy's despite having access to like 100x the natural resources of Italy after all.

  10. "but there is a key tool the Biden administration should deploy to counter Russia: green cards"

    Because it worked so well with China.

    That aside, I think encouraging more legal immigration is great, but that's not what the gentry class want.
    They want illegals so that they don't have to worry about minimum wage, workplace standards and overtime. They want gardeners and nannies working round-the-clock for pennies, and they're not going to get that with legal Russian immigrants.

  11. How To Boost the U.S. Economy While Sticking It to Putin

    Oh cool, an article about lifting the domestic drilling ban and reopening our pipelines...

    green cards

    I should have known.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

      1. Me, too. See below.

    2. Be glad we have a Second Amendment protecting our SDI facilities from socialists in Congress and within the Russian political machine.

  12. If you think I'm going to rail against giving green cards to throngs of Eastern European women, you'd be mistaken. However, I don't think any of this situation works the way our worldly, experienced Reason staff does.

    1. I'm good with taking in Ukrainian refugees.

      They've banned males aged 18-60 from leaving the country.
      Kinda "weird" reason has no comment on that edict.

      1. Borders are like masks, they only work in one direction.

    1. Gotta say I like this Razörfist's style! He's like Dennis Miller on 10 Monster drinks and mainlining Vivarins! Thanks for introducing him! 🙂

    2. Hes been livibg rent- free...


    3. He's totally right about trump calling putins bluff and we could do that now.

      Putin is a half mongoloid Russian on a stroke trip (his left side of his face is a bit droopy or slow when he talks) whose getting increasingly desperate because his old shitty hardware and untrained conscripts are shitting the bed. So he's threatening/bluffing nukes Yada Yada because he knows if Ukraine gets any air support Russia is fucked and hell need to turn tail and retreat.

      I say put the screws to putin. Paint some Ukraine flags on a few reaper drones and let the hell fires fly on his convoys. Paint a few Ukraine flags on some IEDS and drop them on the inbound lanes into Kiev.

      We should have no concern for the will of communists. They're antithetical to liberty, always have been always will be, and deserve to die. Liberty cannot coexist long term alongside communism or socialism.

      1. To add...

        Theres a lot of "this is Putin vs the globalists/wef/banksters" conspiracy crap going around the internet right now. Somehow trying to add a hint of righteousness to what putin is doing because he's fight the "globalist puppet government in Ukraine"

        Wakeup call retards. Putin himself was part of klaus Schwab and the WEF young world leaders program. Klaus brags about it in this video.

        Theres far more evidence putin is the globalist/Schwab puppet than zelensky.

        1. And to add to that... Being a globalist cuck also explains putin cozying up to China so much recently at the same time the WEF and Xi are cozying up to each other.

          1. All excellent points, Dizzle. I mean God damn, the man is former KGB and openly admits to wanting to revive the old Soviet Union under a Revanchist aegis. It's just a short step from there to wanting the entire Big Blue Marble!

            The only real difference between then and now is that Putin would pound the table with a bare fist rather than a shoe like Khrushchev.

            Anyone claiming to be Libertarian should stop making excuses for this real-life cosplay Bond villian. While this does not mean supporting U.S. Government intervention, it should at least mean cheerleading for the side that trusts private individuals with arms, maybe even sending ammo, food, and survival gear to Ukraine's defense effort.

  13. Ms. Harrigan has recently stated that we should give green cards to people from India, Ukraine, and now Russia.

    The populations of just those countries is around 1.6 billion people. Just 10 percent would be 160 million people.

    Umm. No.

  14. Dear Reason

    Fuck your open borders.

    Your Friend

    1. There is no anarchist border/importation of terrorists language in the original LP platform. Candidate John Hospers understood the definition of government and how spoiler vote clout can repeal bad laws within the Constitution. We also had planks protecting women under the 4th, 9th 13th, 14th and 19th Amendments. Now we have communist anarchist candidates and impersonators urging importation of uninspected terrorists. How did that happen?

  15. Holy fuck. I saw the title, and thought, "OK, this could be interesting", expecting some economic twist I had not thought about. I even saw the author, and thought, "Wow, Fiona might bust out of her simple-minded rut."

    But fuck no.

    Reason has a generous share of parody accounts in the comments. Is Fiona a new step: parody editors?

  16. With apologies to the Knack, hum a few bars of My Sharona, and then sing the final line, "F F F Fuck Fiona!"

    1. No, DON’T!! That summons the ghost of Janet Reno! (Trust me on this one!)

  17. Let's give green cards to the Russians and deprive Vladimir Putin of the brainpower that keeps Russia's industrial motors running.

    Great idea, when combined with your article yesterday! Let's give millions of green cards to both Russians and Ukrainians. That way, these people can continue to carry out their wars and intrigues on US soil. And eventually, they can vote to permanently entangle the US military in that region! Peace and prosperity for Americans can't be far! /sarc

  18. I think the smart Russians already came here in the 80s. That said if you want to hit old Vlad...expand US oil and gas production. With ample supply, prices go down and so do his revenue streams. Drill baby Drill..everyday, everywhere...and send the "greenies" to Germany...they have done such a good job there.

    1. "...That said if you want to hit old Vlad...expand US oil and gas production..."

      First, if you want to get *ANYONE'S* attention, hit 'em in the wallet.
      Secondly, this requires no positive action by the FedGov at all; just get whichever of droolin' Joe's handlers is involved in petroleum regulations to cut the limits to zero and make it clear droolin' Joe isn't gonna weathervane back in 3 months.

      1. According to the price of oil right now, $2B US are funding the war against Ukraine. Joe can't piss off the left, he's fucked up too much for the moderates, but if he knows that if he cut off Russian oil now, gas would go to $7 and he'd be handing the GOP a Senate supermajority like there's never been, which would be far more powerful than a sitting President.

        1. And the down side is what besodes $ 2B?

          Is that what itll cost us to get rid of the old fart?

    2. Absolutely, but it's the one thing this sorry piece of shit in the White House will never do. He loves the skyrocketing oil and gas prices and wants them to continue going even higher, but of course he can't openly admit this because the overwhelming majority of Americans don't agree. He won't like the political price he's going to pay though!

      1. Yes but hes too politically rabid to care, and senile to know.

        An Arsonist cares not that the Gas Can also got burned up. That hides the fingerprints!

    3. Yes, but send the greenies to Ukraine, where they can lecture the Russian invaders about CO2 and wetlands.

    4. I keep telling everybody this and told them this regarding our Islamofascist enemies. With some it just the Internet equivalent of a blank stare.

      With others, it's evidently just impossible and anathema to value human lives, freedom, and flourishing more than those baby ducks on the Dawn commercial, forgetting of course that it is human minds and hands that make and use Dawn to clean those baby ducks and who have the luxury of time and wealth to have such sentiments.

      It Gets Better At Dawn Commercial


    1) The fate of #Ukraine is being decided tonight, but also the fate of the west. Declare a #NoFlyZone over Ukraine at the invitation of their sovereign govt. Disrupt Russias air ops to give the heroic Ukrainians a fair fight. It’s now, or later.

    1. Let the Euros declare what they please; keep the US at arms length (or further) from any positive action. The Euros can grow up, quit calling on daddy every time someone whines and perhaps get their governments a bit more honest about priorities.
      NOT our problem.

      1. Now I Understand we don't want troops on the ground. I don't either.

        But why not send in the drones? Paint some Ukraine flags on them if they get shot down. File off the Vin numbers. I think many even have self destruct so that enemies cannot steal our tech. Or simply duct tape a thermite grenade to them.

        Are you all really afraid putin will nuke us if we covertly use drones that, more than likely, hell never be able to prove we're being iloted by Americans?

  20. Why would Russians want to live in a pussified, leftist country like ours that gives men standing ovations for letting hundreds of other men ejaculate bare into their asses?

    1. You obviously haven't been watching too much porn have you?

    2. them Transportation Secretary jobs just for being a homo...


  21. Strongly agree!

    Want to seriously weaken Russia? Open the borders to Russia.

    What do all countries with threatening militaries have in common? Big populations. That's because defense spending is mostly what economists call "nonrival"; meaning, you roughly need the same defense arsenal to protect 30 million people as you do to protect 200 million. So big populations means more ease to finance the military, hence, big populations finance big, threatening militaries, as well as lots of soldiers. Especially productive populations.

    Except Russia right now is facing a demographic challenge: it ain't really growing no more. It's sort of relying on immigration from the south as well as bringing some ethnic Russians back to the motherland, some annexations, just to keep its population stable. So guess what would weaken it further? Losing a third of its current population. Massive blow to Defense. And how do you deplete Russia from so many of its people? By opening Western borders to those people.

    And I'm not just talking US borders, but also Canada's, Australia's, even Latin America's. It would be a concerted effort from these countries to vacuum a lot of people from Russia, especially those least fond of it. I expect at least a third of the population would be gone in about a decade. Tax revenue for defense would fall, while the dependency ratio would rise, making matters worse.

    The Russians play to their strength, which is being a much-needed supplier of energy; likewise, the New World ought to play to its strength, which is to suck Europe's (and more recently other countries') best and brightest, let them all mingle out here, do business, and they'll do cool things.

    1. If we can assure that the brains we bring here are friendly and not Revanchist/Communist/National Bolshevik spies and saboteurs, then you got something there. And I'm sure, unlike Fiona, you wouldn't make this a one-note symphony.

    2. ...Convenient energy."

      Natural gas is convenient.

      Thats misleading as is a similar false meme of " mideast has lots of oil"

      Oil is not energy. Its not even useful to oil a squeaky hinge.

      The ME has crude BUT lack REFINING capacity, therefore we could beat their brains out in both departments.

      We get a few % from them.

  22. I think the best way out of this mess is to compromise with putin. He is just asking for a piece of cake and not the entire cake. Hence the best solution is to compromise and get iron clad treaties with Putin of non aggression. Our biggest enemy is Jinping and not Putin! Till that time let me enjoy the dark chocolate.

    1. Sorry, but "cake" has a way of being addictive. And Putin and Xi are onx the friendliest terms since the late Fifties.

    2. Treaty?


    3. Numerous treaties or agreements were violated on both sides of this conflict already. Mostly by Russia, but possibly also Ukraine depending how much you believe Ukraine was actually attacking its own citizens in the donbas.

      You never trust a communist. You can make an agreement with them, but always expect the commies to lie or reneg.

    4. " iron clad treaties with Putin "


      OBL getting some stiff competition here...

    5. Looks like the entire KGB just bought Reason subscriptions and stitched together slavic sockpuppets.

    6. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the thousands of Russian who lived in the Donbass regions( for centuries) who were murdered by Ukrainian death squads could it?
      Or the shellings?
      Nope. Don't see a connection there.

  23. Starting to think that Fiona is being overpaid. Every single article has the exact same solution to whatever the problem du jour is. It is tiresome and redundant as a motherfucker.

    1. Its like the no- music- talent kid 'tinking' the triangle at the end of the song...

      I know...that was me!

      Like Carol Cleveland said in the Monty Python sketch..." but its my only line!"

      Leftists do that with their Agendas, constantly trying to force it to fit somewhere.

  24. Swalwell is an ass. Right...send Russian students back home, so that they no longer have any opportunity for exposure to humane values, and can be drafted into the army to kill Ukrainians. That'll show Putin.

    1. I would think he would want more Russians here. Then he could fuck the spies.

  25. Its False Comparisin Sunday:

    "Let's give green cards to the Russians and deprive Vladimir Putin of the brainpower that keeps Russia's industrial motors running."

    That was the model in the 1930s when we stole the worlds best physicists and scientists from Germany so we got Da Bomb, not them.

    This is not that and cannot be.

    Well sign up to get the " best and brightest" and in typical US Govt fashion, get the dregs instead.

  26. Yeah Fiona, by all means, let's bring in a bunch of Russians and let them work in our academia, scientific research and tech communities. After all, it worked with the Chinese...what could do wrong?

    1. This is replaying the political lie of " Russia and China have better tech than the US."

      Russia got an F- for fucking the pooch on reactor design at Chernobyl. The morons made the control rods go in SIDEWAYS instead of down by gravity and that caused the meltdown. The rods stuck...100,000 died as a result. They also melted down their Secret City and destroyed a nuke sub in the early 70s.

      China after 6,000 years still cant feed their people, many of whom still live in and eat dirt.

      They recently bought their first warship, an out of date model from Russia. They cant engineer toilet paper with which to wipe their asses, they have to steal our technology.

      Fuck Russia
      Fuck China
      Twice each.

      1. This.

        We stole those engineers in ww2 from Germany, where they invented jet propulsion, rockets, and BMWs.

        Not Russia where they invented fetal alcohol syndrome and mass starvation.



    Stupid motherfuckers blew open a rad waste dump.

    That could include anything from " slightly radioactive" to " so hot it would kill you to walk past it."

    Bechtel et al JUST got done cleaning that dumpster fire up...for a few billion dollars.

  28. I guess it’s a lucky thing for Ukrainians that the Russians weren’t interested in SHOCK AND AWE.

    1. The Russians are the ones getting shocked and awed, both by armed Ukrainians and within by protesting Russians...Just as the Nazis got it from Switzerland, the Partizan fighters of Europe, and in particular, the Łódź Ghetto Fighters of Warsaw, Poland, the Belarus Brothers Bielski and their whole village of warriors, and rebelling inmates of the Sobibor death camp.

      Fuck off, Nazi!

      1. Interesting how FAST it fell apart like the Russians have absolutely no interest in doing this and arent much concerned about the concequences. Could it be Russia is literally collapsing from within?

        1. Let's hope so. Maybe we'll get a replay of the October Revolution, only against Putin, Dugin, and Revanchist Communism and where Free Minds and a genuine Free-Market Capitalism can prevail.

  29. How to cancel American libertarians?
    Easy, just start a conversation about abortion / immigration / the death penalty. They immediately cease to be libertarian.

    1. I don't think you understand how cancel culture works, but carry on.

      Technically there are several branches of libertarianism. Most of the commenters here are a combination of paleolibertarians, classical libertarians or conservative libertarians that are in the Ron Paul mold. Remember that Ron Paul was against illegal immigration and was a prominent guest in right wing circles like the Michael Savage show.

      This publication (and some snobs like Michael Hihn) are among the anarchist wing of the movement - they think everyone has default right to movement and that nations effectively should have no borders. There's certainly lots of overlap, but most sensible people do not approve of a nation effectively operating as an open orphanage.

  30. "Russian troops enter Ukraine's second city of Kharkiv and fierce fighting breaks out after Putin was said to be 'raging' at stalled invasion: Ukrainians obliterate Chechen special forces column of 56 tanks outside Kyiv and kills top general"

    Take a wild guess as to what will happen to anyone trying that in the US....

    430 million guns
    20 BILLION rounds of ammo
    Spec Ops trained civilians.

    The last ones a well kept secret.

    Come n get it, biden

  31. Putin's decision to invade Ukraine is based on many factors. However, over the last year, the relative decline in the United States’ international standing due in large part to chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. According to the Kremlin’s public statements, it viewed this as a demonstration of waning U.S. international influence. Similarly to the EU, the Biden administration may currently be constrained in its ability to impose strong sanctions on Russia in response to a further escalation in Ukraine. Serious sanctions could risk another spike in oil and metal (copper, nickel, steel, palladium) prices, creating a risk of skyrocketing inflation in the United States or even stagflation. Further, while skyrocketing oil and gas prices are constraining the EU and United States, they are giving Putin more leeway. On the international stage, Russia tends to act as a typical petrostate that gets aggressive and ambitious once it accumulates substantive oil and gas revenues. The influx of large revenues allows it to prioritize military expenses. This window of opportunity is likely to close as the U.S. midterms near. Yet currently, this combination of circumstances offers an ideal moment for Putin to use the EU and United States’ weaknesses to push for more concessions on Ukraine. The Biden administration’s Russia policy record has so far appeared fairly weak: It lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2, issued largely symbolic sanctions in response to Russia’s poisoning of dissident Alexey Navalny, and has put continuous emphasis on China which the Biden administration continues to naively view as a partner. Why they do so is probably in part due to the "cozy" relationships too many have in DC with China. The German reliance on Russian energy was always problematic and due to their willingness to cave in to green warrior demands though renewables could never deliver sufficient energy for the German economy. Much to the contrary of the Biden administrations asertions about a united NATO there has been widespread disagreement between the US, Germany and France regarding Russia.

    1. That was a BS recitation of and stringing together Talking Points.

      Nothing intelligent there, Bot.

  32. Propaganda alert.

    Has anyone seen the Russian perspective represented in the mainstream media?

    If Mexico expressed their sovereignty by aligning with communist North Korea planning a nuclear arsenal, do you think for a second that the US wouldn’t invade?

    Would we see the media representing the poor Mexicans? Would the world start sending anti tank and aircraft missiles to Mexican civilians?

    Russia is doing EXACTLY what we would.

    1. "...If Mexico expressed their sovereignty by aligning with communist North Korea planning a nuclear arsenal, do you think for a second that the US wouldn’t invade?...

      Surprise! Nazi asshole invents false equivalence!

    2. Didn’t your Fuehrer renege on a non aggression pact with Russia back in 1940?

  33. While it would a corporate dream to offer Unlimited Visas to every immigrant seeking to come in, what about the currently 40 million prime-aged adult USA unemployed workers not in the workforce? AT LEAST wait until the USA much lower workforce participation matches many EU participation rates before crying for more visas.

    Just more ENDLESS immigration propaganda pushing the corp wage-suppression agenda not to mention the other negatives such as clogged roads, overburdened schools and healthcare and unaffordable housing and taxes….

  34. Reason's writers' response to any crisis overseas is to open the borders and allow in more immigrants, legal or illegal it doesn't matter. Yep. Let's bring in Russia's brightest and best and embed them into our government and scientific institutions. What could go wrong?

    1. no need. Theyre already in there.

      Ones driving Miss Pelosi. Hopefully into oncoming traffic.

      Thing is, once Russia collapses they wont have an agenda any longer.

  35. When Germany was putting people in concentration camps, we should have just given green cards to Germans.

    "Hey those German guys applying for green card CAN'T be Nazis right, they even said so on the questionnaire"

    My god, its like a broken record here.

    1. The term "Echo Chamber" seems to fit Leftist psycho- idealogy.

      Its bad enough the 99 Monkeys are all clattering on keyboards at once, the screaming and feces chucking just dont help.

      1. mention monkey and Hank shows up!

    2. America's biggest problem back then was a huge surplus of prohibitionist mystical Republican nationalsocialists whose coercive policies had wrecked the economy and engendered a sevenfold increase in communist party membership before FDR relegalized beer.

  36. Vlads gonna get his nukes out bc EU threatened SANCTIONS?

    So hes now more mentally twisted than Biden...

    Cross Pitin and Xi and get PuXi.

    Without the hat.

  37. Finally, I've found someone who is either a bigger troll than OBL and/or even more delusional and mentally decrepit than Biden and/or more evil than Putin:

    Russia Demilitarizes Ukraine
    Can the West Come to its Senses or Does the West Have any Sense to Come to?
    by Paul Craig Roberts

    Oh, and the most metaphysically and morally inverted shit since the last Misek post!

    1. couldnt even get thru par. 1..

      Reading thats like stepping in shit up to the ankle...

      1. I know, right? This is utterly seamless Orwellian Doublethink and Doublespeak!

        It's par for the course for Lew Rockhead's Site. I remember reading them years back and one of the writers was actually defending the Jim Crow South's education system pre-Brown v. Topeka Board of Education.

        Obvioulsy, this asshole never seen the pictures from that time, when black students had to be escorted to school by Federal Agents and National Guard, surrounded by white fanatics who were almost consumed in their own hatred.

        This isn't Paleo-Libertarian or even Paleo-Conservative. Lew Rockhead's Site is just Paleolithic. They haven't even got past the phase of breaking bones with other bones and throwing the femur up in the air!

        1. That baloney is what it looks like when someone ' loses their filters.'

          Any of us could come up with rambling like that, but we have a rational mind that compares it to reality and we filter out the irrational stuff.

          That requires both having a mind left and having a grasp on reality.

          Id say he has neither.

          That trash is on the 'rambling wino' level of being totally disconnected from society.

          1. And the scary part is that Paul Craig Roberts was once a Reagan advisor and even wrote and spoke in Libertarian circles!

            If I ever get that bad off, please refer me to a younger iteration of a certain kind Armenian Doctor with a VW Mini-Van!

  38. "Can I tow you back to Moscow?" 🙂

    As The Late George Harrison observed: "If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take tou there!" 😉

    1. Theres something SERIOUSLY wrong there.

      I think they know PuXi lost his tiny mind ...not being facetious as usual..

      DESPERATELY wrong...

      They just sit there? That means COMMS broke down.

  39. I thought the Nazis in this conflict are recognized as the Jewish Ukrainians.


    All these demonstrations remind me of the Jewish led global boycotts of all German trade in 1933 long before any Jews were allegedly persecuted.

      1. “Washington Used Nazis to Help Overthrow the Government“

      2. “ The facts above give more context to Russian actions following the coup, and ought to counter the caricature of a Russian Empire bent on expansion. From Russia’s point of view, a longtime adversary had successfully overthrown a neighboring government using violent far-right extremists.

        The Crimean peninsula, which was part of Russia until it was transferred to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic in 1954, is home to one of two Russian naval bases with access to the Black and Mediterranean seas, one of history’s most important maritime theaters. A Crimea controlled by a U.S.-backed Ukrainian government was a major threat to Russian naval access.

        The peninsula—82% of whose households speak Russian, and only 2% mainly Ukrainian—held a plebiscite in March 2014 on whether or not they should join Russia, or remain under the new Ukrainian government. The Pro-Russia camp won with 95% of the vote. The UN General Assembly, led by the U.S., voted to ignore the referendum results on the grounds that it was contrary to Ukraine’s constitution. This same constitution had been set aside to oust President Yanukovych a month earlier.”

    1. Nazis and Jews are like peanut butter and chocolate. They have identical agendas but only one can be the winner.

      I am not a Najewzi.

    2. Hey, Everybody! Here's the real deal about the publication that Misek cites:

      About The Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine

      HISTORY — Monthly Review began publication in New York City in May 1949. The first issue featured the lead article “Why Socialism?” by Albert Einstein. From the beginning, Monthly Review spoke for a critical but spirited socialism, independent of any political organization. In an era of Cold War repression, the magazine published pioneering analyses of political economy, imperialism, and Third World struggles, drawing on the rich legacy of Marxist thought without being bound to any narrow view or party line. The McCarthy-led inquisition targeted MR‘s original editors, Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman, who fought back successfully. Against these odds, the magazine’s readership and influence grew steadily, and in 1952, Monthly Review Press published its first title, I. F. Stone’s Hidden History of the Korean War.

      Fuck off, Nazi Supporter of Marxism! This just means you love mass murder, no matter what banner it flies!

      1. It’s called a balanced perspective. Whoosh.

        You certainly haven’t refuted what I posted.

        1. So a Nazi citing Communists is a "balanced perspective? *Star Trek warp speed!*

          And fuck off, Nazi/Commie/I-Less-Than-Thou-er! I don't need to refute your crap! A Jewish President is proof that Nazis don't run Ukraine and the Russian Ukrainians helping to kill off Putin's Minions is proof that Russians aren't some Borg Hive Mind! That's refutation enough of your Collectivist bullshit!

      2. Albert Einstein who?

        1. What? Do you deny he existed too?

          Genius in Physics does not guarantee genius in Politics and human relations, though I'm sure he'd reconsider Socialism if he met you.

  40. The nationalists always think that Bubba and Ahmaud would be writing code today if only we kept the foreigners out.

    1. one needs code monkeys anymore.

      Copy/ Paste works fine and is cheap.

  41. So they put the fence back up around the White keep Biden from wandering away? Or keep Kamalas ' Johns' out?

    Interesting the historical timing of when they started closing off the W.H.

    It seems to be about the time DC started getting into radical politics.

    Maybe if they need fences they should get a clue they are NOT working in the Peoples interest.

  42. Next week Fiona will prove that importing Saracen berserkers and border anarchists is the cure to cancer. Stay tuned.

  43. How dare Putin invade Ulraine! THAT'S OUR JOB!
    let's see: Spanish America war invasion of Cuba and Puerto Rico along with invasion of Philippines. Incursions into Latin America...Gen. Smedly Butler had a few things to say about those liberating invasions. Then there's WWI and WWII...what a btter way to install puppet regimes that could be controlled by Washington. The Viet Nam, the invasion of Grenada over a fake and fraudulent claim about Russian bombers taking off from that tiny island but hey we gotta prove a point. The invasion of Panama and hundreds killed there but we had to drive Noriega out ..with heavy metal music.
    Now move on to The invasions of Iraqand 500,000 dead Iraqi children....but after all it was worth it; Afghanistan leaving both nations in disarray with corrupt puppet regimes controlled by Washington, turning Afghanistan into a narco state, Iraq destroyed, Syria badly damaged, Libya destroyed, Somalia, El Salvador Chile, Argentina, an almost endless list of small defenseless countries that Washington needed to throw up against the wall to show who's boss.

    The obvious key to the whole charade
    Would be to run down all of the games they played
    Remember Ditta Beard and ITT? the slaughter of Attica?
    The CIA in Chile knowing nothing about Allende at this time
    In the past as I recollect.
    Augusta , Georgia
    The nomination of Supreme court jesters to head off the tapes
    William Calley's executive interference in the image of John Wayne
    Kent State, Jackson State, southern Louisiana
    Hundreds of unauthorized bombing raids
    The chaining and gagging of Bobby Seale
    Someone tell these Maryland governors to be for real.
    Washington has no right to complain.

    1. Lyrics from Watergate Blues/ Gil Scott-Heron

      1. Except that no one here that I've seen is advocating that the U.S. Government invade Ukraine. Start again!

        All I want is that the people of Ukraine and everywhere else be alive and free from the tyranny espoused and spread by the likes of Putin and that I be free to give the Ukrainian people my bachelor's mite towards that end.

        Gil Scott Herron can go babble in the same Boost and Jello Pudding buffet with Biden...And I hope for my appetite's sake that it "Will Not Be Televised."


    Ukranian citizens are beating his ass badly
    ( and often) so that suggests that even The Droolmeister Bidet could also.

    That must be a terrible awakening for a power mad Dicktator!

    The "Mad mad mad mad World " movie poster needs redone for PiXi..." a mad, mad mad Vlad"

  45. This.... is just what Ive been referring to from the Avalon Project Documents on the end of WW2, and Motherfucking Russia wanting more power in the 3 way division.

    This also correlates with the happenings in the US, especially toppling Confederate monuments.and Anti- Fa, who are really fascist.

    1. PS Avalon Project declassified documents of the 20th century housed at Yale U.

      See the material concerning the end of WW2 and formation of the Useless Nations.

  46. The whole premise of the article is that there's scarcity of human capital in the US and the solution is to grab Russians.

    Beyond parody.

  47. Brain Drain always helps the receiver. I don't have a problem with taking BRIGHT, HARDWORKING, YOUNG professionals from Putin. On an one-by-one approved basis. But vetting is important and remember they're easily manipulated by Putin.

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