Voters Recall 3 Members of San Francisco School Board Who Prioritized Renaming Over Reopening

Frustrated parents had their revenge against Gabriela Lopez, Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga.


On Tuesday, San Francisco voters participated in a special municipal election to recall three members of the school board: Gabriela Lopez, Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga. As expected, the recall was successful, and now Democratic Mayor London Breed, who endorsed the recall, will appoint their successors.

The recall happened for one reason, and one reason only: The extremely progressive school board completely neglected the actual needs of working families, engendering a backlash among conservatives, liberals, moderates, independents—basically everyone to the right of Robin DiAngelo.

Of all the madness that Democratic controlled school boards and teachers union-beholden politicians have wrought during the pandemic, SFUSD's school closure policies stand head and shoulders above the rest. San Francisco schools remained closed for in-person learning until fall of 2021.

"Most of the city's 115 schools, which serve 50,0000 students, were closed for over a year, from March 2020 to August 2021, even as nearby districts eventually reopened classrooms and private schools across the city held in-person classes," noted local news channel KRCG.

Meanwhile, the school board was busy—not trying to reopen the schools, but renaming them. While parents and students were all dealing with the frustrations of virtual learning, district officials were working hard to change the names of 44 supposedly problematically named schools—buildings named for figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, even Abraham Lincoln and Diane Feinstein. The school board also came after El Dorado Elementary, which is named after the fictitious city of gold, and Alamo Elementary, which the board wrongly assumed was named for the Battle of the Alamo, but is actually named for the Spanish poplar tree.

The board also "cited incorrect history about Revolutionary War figure Paul Revere trying to steal land from the Penobscot people of Maine," according to NPR. "The 1779 Penobscot Expedition he took part in was actually an unsuccessful battle with the British who had landed in Penobscot territory and 'captured' it a month earlier."

Reason's Matt Welch has more reporting on the recall:

The local villains in San Francisco's school/COVID governance are almost too cartoonish to be believed. Collins, who deservedly led the field in voter rebuke (with 79 percent of the vote choosing to fire), has at various points euphemized COVID-era learning loss as "learning change," characterized Asian Americans who were insufficiently anti-Trump as "house n****s," and then, when rebuked by the SFUSD board for such racism, filed a bizarre $87 million lawsuit against her own Board of Education that was dismissed by an incredulous judge as lacking any supportive facts, though in the process it cost the very district she represents nearly $200,000 in legal fees.

Collins, a definitional elite (her husband is one of the city's most successful real estate developers; the two live in a Russian Hill complex valued in 2019 at $3.2 million), has refused at every step to apologize for her school-closing record. "I'm actually really proud of my work on the board," she said last month to the San Francisco Examiner, which (like the San Francisco Chronicle) enthusiastically endorsed her ouster.

"People want us to say we were wrong, we regret doing what we did, we're sorry," López said similarly on a recent Latina Latino Latinx News podcast. "That will never be something I will do."

It's hard to describe the school renaming drive as anything other than misplaced priorities fueled by sheer ignorance. If you're more interested in scrubbing George Washington's name from a public school building than figuring out how to get children the in-person learning they need, maybe being a member of the school board is not the right job for you.

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    1. Looking at the faces of those recalled, that was my exact thought. With women 100% more likely to be recalled than men, it was probably sexist too. Those damned busybody men with too much time on their hands sticking their nose into their children's public education where it doesn't belong.

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    2. You laugh, but it's enough to trigger an interrogation by the FBI.

    3. Literal cancel culture . . .

  2. If you're more interested in [SF school board nonsense] than [domestic political espionage] maybe being a [Reason Editor] is not the right job for you.

    1. Yeah doubling up on the SF articles while ignoring Durham. It's not a good look.

    2. What happens in D.C. stays in D.C.
      or to paraphrase Mussolini “All within D.C., nothing outside D.C., nothing against D.C.”

      1. "Local story."

    3. Actually it appears it’s the perfect job.

      1. ya looking that way

    4. This is a news worthy item. One that I'd expect from a libertarian site, so maybe your criticism might be better suited to another article.

      1. well done. can't tell if attempted-OBL or in need of SF Examiner subscription

  3. And, as usual, the Washington Post commentariat is saying that there weren’t “real” Democrats.

    1. Sometimes the vanguard gets so far out in front you have to abandon them.

  4. Sorry Robby this wasn't ignorance on their part, much as you'd like to frame your fellow travellers that way, it was pure malice. These people don't care about kids and are purely trying to actively destroy Western Civilization.

    1. Some parents were upset that the school renaming effort went a bit too far, or that the board wanted to lower the academic standards for the academic magnet school because over half the qualifying students were Asian, but I suspect most of the voters were upset over the loss of free babysitting services during the school day.

      1. That's it, repeat the talking points like a good NPC.

        1. Ooooh, you really refuted his actual point.

          1. Did I? Good. I mean, that wasn't what I was doing and have no obligation to do but it is a nice bonus.

        2. I have my own talking points, I don't use a list like the media.

  5. It must be tough going through life named after an old car horn sound.

    1. needs more uuuuuu

      1. What if I threw in a lascivious wolf and an hourglass pinup with nice gams?

        1. the city-wolf / country-wolf cartoon from the Droopy series has always been a fave.

  6. God… as a Black conservative I thought this kind of article would get at least 5000 comments from my conservative GOPProud brethren. But it only has 9 now. BUMP! Let’s talk more about how San Francisco is a complete and total shithole with terrible food and lousy weather.

    1. Why did you abandon the name "American Socia1ist"? Did you think I was being sarcastic when I praised you for calling yourself a socialist — while holding high-poverty California as the ideal state? Far from it.

      You're a perfect illustration of what "socialism" means in contemporary America. It's a fashionable lifestyle brand. It's completely divorced from the economic interests of the working class and poor. It has nothing to do with opposing the rich and powerful. In fact, it actually works in the interest of the wealthy by supporting the same politicians (establishment Democrats) and policies (open borders) they do.

      So please. Go back to your old name. This Ali Akbar thing was fun for a while, but you can't hide what you really are.

      1. TL;DR. This seems like a bunch of gripping from the poor. As a Black conservative who is GOPProud I make too much money to be a socialist. You wouldn’t believe the money I get from Peter Thiel and the GOP. It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter what I tell these white guys in the GOP. As I Black man, They pay me no matter what.

      2. Damn OBL. Gloves off. I like it.

      3. You can always spot AmSoc by the intensity of his failures at humor.

    2. Lame as ever.

    3. Or that it has become nearly unlivable due the thousands of homeless drug addicts and bums that clog the streets, leaving dirty needles and human waste every where.
      What once was a vibrant city is now n its last legs much like L.A. Businesses closed and boarded up, homeless tents everywhere and the only thing the city government can come up with are $20,000 trash receptacles.
      London Breed and her government are part of the problem and too late, concerned about the problems they helped create.


    4. Could you at least throw something in there about enjoying whitewashed history as a black man, or something?

      As is, your bizarre rant about clicks is just weird.

  7. <blockquoteThe recall happened for one reason, and one reason only: The extremely progressive school board completely neglected the actual needs of working families, engendering a backlash among conservatives, liberals, moderates, independents—basically everyone to the right of Robin DiAngelo.

    What happened to a school's right to choose? If parents are not supposed to have 'gag' orders in place to limit what a school teaches, why would they get any say in anything else the school does?

  8. The board also "cited incorrect history about Revolutionary War figure Paul Revere

    He didn't do it with a whiffle ball bat?

    1. so, I'm on the run. the cop's got my gun.

    2. While apparently there was a horse, Paul Revere was a person, and there was no quart of beer.

    3. I can't seem to find a YouTube video of Longfellow's "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" sung to the tune of the Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere."

      1. Beastie Boys did a song with an actual tune?

  9. Reason living up to the rag it has become. Article on some dumbass local SF dumbassery, but no article on the Durham findings

    1. Well to be fair, Reason has explained on numerous occasions that libertarian heroes Kinzinger and Cheney are defending democracy. If we need an attempted coup against an elected president to preserve democracy so be it. In fact covering the story is an attack on democracy. See how that works?

  10. One major issue the recall people are forgetting to care about, is asking how people this bad managed to get on the board in the first place. It's not just one bad apple, but an entire board of crazy people. That points to an issue that is just going to reoccur the second someone is not looking.

    1. The obvious answer is San Francisco is primarily populated by crazy people. They elect other crazy people.

      It doesn't require anyone looking the other way, electing the batshit crazy to public office is a feature not a bug.

  11. Ever since the election in Virginia where the democrats were tossed out and replaced by conservative leadership and where the Loudon County School board is facing disciplinary action and possible legal consequences for their unwillingness to deal properly with a sex offender, the back lash against woke school boards is growing.
    People have found their voice and they've also found their voices do matter. They also discovered their votes matter as well.

  12. The extremely progressive school board completely neglected the actual needs of working families, engendering a backlash among conservatives, liberals, moderates, independents—basically everyone to the right of Robin DiAngelo.

    Soave's wrong on this. The leader of the recall effort describes himself as a progressive. What this shows more than anything is that the public doesn't understand anything about what progressives actually do, they're in it for their self-image.

  13. Good! The people selling this woke nonsense don't represent even liberal Democrats like those who predominate in SF.

    By the way, I've been there within the last 2 years and the descriptions from haters (and jealous) people like John above is bullshit. You don't walk through the tenderloin (and I've done that) and it's a beautiful as it's ever been, which is why tourists go there instead of places like Omaha and Dallas.

    1. Yes, we're all very jealous of your socialist shithole. Keen observation.

      1. Each their own Mike. You're not missed in SF and no shortage of people richer than you wanting to live and visit there,

    2. I’ve seen things in the tenderloin I wish I could unsee.

    3. "It's great except for the places that suck!"

      People have said this about Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and now San Francisco.

  14. They heard the screams. That’s when the bolsheviks, the OGs, knew the whole thing was a ruse. We’ve come full circle.
    And not a moment too soon.

  15. Soave and Welch bump into each other in the Reason men's room, er unisex mutigender room.
    Welch: Whatthefuck dude. I spent hours researching that school board article. Grabbed a bunch juicy quotes and all kinds of other shit. Then you come in and copy paste my fucking work and get published above me. This is bullshit.
    Soave: Nah man. It ain't like that. I was trying to help you out.
    Welch: Stealing my shit helps me out?
    Soave: Look man. I'm a bona fide talking head. I'm a news maker. A celebrity. Look at my hair. Look at these stunning blue eyes. I get hundreds of love letters from old ladies who watch Fox News. The more people associate you with me the more you can grow your career.
    Welch: My career is just fine. I guest on podcasts that literally dozens of people listen to.
    Soave: Look man. You've been around for decades and nobody knows what the fuck you look like. I can't buy a slice of pizza in DC without crowds of hot babes throwing their panties at me. Seriously dude let me take you under my wing.
    Welch: All right I guess your intentions were good. Hey you headed for that cocktail party.
    Soave: You know it.
    Welch: We'll get faced and talk shit about Sullum as usual.
    Soave: That's what I'm talking about!

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