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Canadian Government Uses 'Terrorist Financing Act' To Target Financial Support for Freedom Convoy Truckers

Did Justin Trudeau accidentally prove crypto bros' point?


Late yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked his country's Emergencies Act of 1988 in an attempt to snuff out anti-vaccine mandate protests that have roiled Canadian domestic politics for weeks. Invoking the act allows Trudeau to broaden Terrorist Financing Act rules to bring crowdfunding platforms and payment processors under greater government scrutiny. 

The announcement of these new policing powers is in response to the "Freedom Convoy," a group of truckers and their supporters who have traversed Canada in recent weeks to protest in the capital city of Ottawa, demanding an end to Trudeau's requirement that truck drivers be vaccinated in order to reenter their home country when coming from the U.S. The vaccine policy was implemented in January. Citing the Canadian Trucker Alliance, the Toronto Star reported in late January that "that as many as" 16,000 truckers "may be sidelined due to the new restriction."

Trudeau said yesterday that the protesters' blockades, which have been set up at U.S.-Canada border crossings as well as on the streets of Ottawa, "are harming our economy and endangering public safety." Invoking the Emergencies Act will grant his government broad, unspecified powers to break up the protests, including calling in the military (which Trudeau has thus far hesitated to do, calling it a "last resort"). In order to invoke the Act, "there must be a belief the protesters constitute a national emergency and cannot be dealt with under existing laws," reports The Guardian.

There is much debate over how much the protest movement represents Canada's trucking industry. Leaving aside who speaks for who, Trudeau's attempt to impose traditional banking surveillance on crowdfunding platforms and payment processors is a noteworthy development in this saga. He announced Monday that cryptocurrency exchanges and crowdfunding platforms must now report large and "suspicious" transactions to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), thus allowing more government surveillance of who's forking over money to the protesters. The government will also be using its expanded powers to allow financial institutions to freeze the corporate accounts of companies that own trucks used in the blockades, while suspending their insurance (which could potentially end up hurting victims as well as those responsible, in addition to having little deterrent effect).

The government has already tried to exert pressure in other ways to crack down on the receipt of donations.

Earlier this month, donors raised more than $1 million for the truckers via the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, before the company removed the convoy's campaign as a recipient due to a purported terms of service violation, citing "evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity."

Since that site was rendered unusable (with contributions in the process of being refunded), donors shifted to the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo, where they raised more than $9 million. Those efforts came to naught as well, with hackers leaking the names of donors and a Canadian judge issuing an injunction against the site, prohibiting "any and all parties with possession or control over these donations" from giving the money to intended recipients. (GiveSendGo's spokespeople claim this is illegal.)

This type of situation—one in which protesters are being freezed out by crowdfunding platforms, one in which the government is threatening to suppress demonstrations and surveil financial transactions—is precisely the use case for crypto, which may be why Canadian officials namechecked it in their Terrorist Financing announcement. Sure, collecting Bored Ape NFTs is cool and all, but crypto's real value lies in the fact that it's much harder to trace back to its sender, allowing pseudonymous donors to support whichever political causes they want to, no matter how transgressive. The more intermediaries you layer on, the more opportunities for surveillance, but person-to-person crypto transfers would be quite easy to pull off without reporting to FINTRAC.

These reporting requirements already exist for banks in Canada dealing with large amounts of money, just as they do in the U.S. However, monitoring cryptocurrency transactions and crowdfunding donations is not nearly so simple; it's "unclear how they'd stop a large crypto transfer if no banks are involved," notes Reason's Zach Weissmueller on Twitter. If done properly, crypto transfers hold great surveillance-evading potential.

People ought to have as much freedom as possible to make donations to nonviolent anti-government political causes that are aligned with their beliefs, without government insinuation that they're supporting terrorism.

Whether it's government officials sending in muscle or private companies deeming activists to be in violation of terms of service, the liberatory promise of crypto lies in the fact that it can bypass these intermediaries and make transactions more discreet—something Trudeau's lackeys surely know, and seem a bit threatened by.

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  1. Top men adults in charge.
    If this works, what’s next?

    1. This is what happens when women and those that think like women are in power. Hysteria and nanny state tactics

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    2. What's next is that our government will do it here. They will declare thousands of people domestic terrorists and steal their possessions, imprison them (and their families), and destroy in short order what took centuries to build.

      1. It certainly appears that the groundwork has been laid by academe and media for the past several years. The facts surely don't support there claims, but since when do facts matter to that lot?

      2. Sounds like a very effective way to turn non-violent protest into armed insurrection, and I wouldn't bet on the rank and file of the US military siding with the government. Don't forget what Yamamoto said about a gun behind every blade of grass.


      3. Just remember, this is how the Left truly feels about the rabble protesting. Weird how EVERY fucking protest that the Left does not support is a damned insurrection, ain't it?

    3. Captain Hairdo done fcked up

    4. A text search of this page didn't find any hits for the word Trump. Now it should, due to this post. The TDS crowd is off its game - what gives?

      1. TDS goes both ways.

      2. Because he’s irrelevant.

        1. Trump is irrelevant? How come then that he still lives rent free in millions and millions of heads?

          Donald Trump is likely one of the most relevant people on earth, and for the last 5 years or so he was probably THE most relevant person.

          It can be argued that he's also the most successful individual on earth. Billionaire, US president, even a movie actor, a man with access to more women than you would like to believe and an expert harvester of progressive tears.

          Do you hate Donald Trump? Because if that is so, this is really a very enjoyable conversation for me. It is not so much because I care about him in particular, but because it gives me great pleasure to explain to leftists what a complete WINNER Donald Trump is, by any relevant metric. I also enjoy lots of spikes in leftist blood pressure when I call Kyle Rittenhouse a hero and tell them that he is and will be highly successful and relevant. I don't know what you think of him, but if you hated him, that would make me very happy also.

    5. Democracy dies in Canada apparently.

      Who is this deputy PM? A former Wapo journalist married to a NYT (the bolshevik paper of record)...oh how the elites love authoritarianism. The problem is once you have an elite base which enriches the govt sector unions, banks, big tech, military, non profit can just shit on the people all you want. the people are basically the Kulaks...while the "elites" are the party. This is how communism has won in Canda and the west. anyone against these bastards are "white supremacists" or "racists" bullshit and Reason should be screaming about this not Trump this or Trump hurt our feelings.

      1. The Canadian parliament should move for a vote of no confidence so they can flush Trudeau.

  2. People used to laugh when I'd talk about the permissionless aspect of crypto. "But I have Paypal/Venmo!"

    They are no longer laughing.

    1. I'm 100% for something like this, but I've yet to see a clear explanation of how this could be widely adopted in a way where there aren't single-points-of-failure that can be choked or squeezed by authorities.

  3. Define great political optics:
    "Sending the Army to use force of arms to displace the truckers."
    What could go wrong?
    Any forecast on how much goods are moved by truck drivers sitting in jail?

    1. Waiting for the stories of cops trying to compel tow truck drivers to move those trucks.

      1. Unfortunately, a new strain of COVID seems to only infect tow truck drivers, who are now all in a two week quarantine.

        1. A tow week quarantine? 😀

          1. Flatbeds . . .

            1. Standard flats cannot haul thie equipment, overheight. Double drop lowbeds can, but routes are full of lowerer height. Thise dryvans are 14 foot high, the max overhead clearance without special permits and routes. Most tractors come to near that wiht their stacks and sleeprcabs. And it STILL takes specially trained and qualified drivers to operate THOSE. They are all out on protest.

              1. How about bunk beds?

    2. same amount that will be moved when the truckers and equipment gt flushed out of Ottawa and they go home and park them. Which WILL happen. The rigs now idling in ONtario Province are a signficant portion of the entrei fleet all accross Canada. BrightBoy True Dough hasn't stopped in his Mad Widdow Boy mode to realise that. What else he can't recall is that not just anyone can hop in to one of those machines and DRIVE it. Takes weeks of training to just get yuor Class One ticket. And about $10,000 iwth the endrosements. Hw ya gonna wave yuor femmie right hand and make THAT happen this week, True Dough?

      1. Reminds me of an old King of the Hill episode where Buck Strickland has to take time away from work and puts one of his more idiotic managers in charge during his absence. The guy pisses off his delivery drivers so they all quit at once. When he says he can replace them with his buddies, they just laugh at him and ask if his buddies have HazMat certifications that allow them to drive fuel trucks.

  4. We need an eccentric billionaire to head over there with a semi truck full of cash.

    1. It they would have to cross state lines!

      1. So get Rittenhouse to drive the truck?

        1. Or an underaged Mexican. They can cross any borders they want.

        2. he's underagefor a commercial ticket. Futher, he DID NOT cross state lines wiht that rifle It never left Wisconsin. If you bought THAT lie, I'd not trust anything else you tried to say. Wise up.

          1. That was a joke. Everyone knows he didn't take his rifle across state lines. Relax bro.

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  6. The other principle that struck me about this is the idea that donations are speech--as determined by the Supreme Court in Citizens United.

    "The court held that the free speech clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting independent expenditures for political campaigns by corporations, including nonprofit corporations, labor unions, and other associations.

    If the government can't prohibit money meant for advertising because of the free speech rights protected by the First Amendment, then money sent to support political protest should probably enjoy the same kind of protection.

    If the U.S. government tried to prohibit GiveSendGo from sending money to the protesters, that should violate the First Amendment, too.

    1. Yeah, I assume GiveSendGo is incorporated in the US. How can Canada prohibit them from delivering cash to a group?

      1. The U.S. government might be able to go after them if they violated laws about international transfers of funds, but if the Canadian government tried to extradite Americans to Canada to answer for violating a Canadian order, I think the Biden administration would have a hard time winning that case.

        In a lot of those other cases, the platforms are unwilling to let it go that far. GoFundMe doesn't want any trouble with law enforcement at all. That Christian organization may feel like they're acting on authority from a higher power. They may be willing to ruffle feathers that the established players aren't.

        1. "Invoking the act allows Trudeau to broaden Terrorist Financing Act"

          I think this is what they are relying on. Just call it terrorism, invoke national security concerns, and you can violate any rights you want, all cloaked in secrecy.

          1. This may be the case, but I have a difficult time seeing this hold up in any court of law. I suspect this may be Trudeau's final stupid act. It's a pity he didn't put on blackface or a nifty Indian ethn

            1. Most judges are for these types of tactics. I wouldn't be looking at the courts for help.

            2. It might not make it past a court, but it doesn't need to. By the time it gets seen by a court, the damage is done, the assets are seized.

              It's the Biden Way.

            3. I suspect most Canadian courts will support Trudeau in this.

          2. Which is why the patriot act and the DHS should never have been passed. In the end it isn't the commie dems that did freedom in but the "big govt" republicans...Nixon, Bush, Bush..every time. everytime.

        2. "In a lot of those other cases, the platforms are unwilling to let it go that far. GoFundMe doesn't want any trouble with law enforcement at all."

          This is Ken living in denial because he doesn't know how to incorporate the reality of ideological motivation into his abstract economic models.

        3. It’s Canada, their Mickey Mouse laws don’t apply to Americans.

      2. They might not be able to stop them from collecting donations, but to deliver the money at some point will have to pass into Canadian jurisdiction, either by being deposited in a Canadian bank or physical cash moving on Canadian soil

      3. Canada went after the canadian banks that the money was transferred to.

      4. My guess is that either GiveSendGo has a Canadian subsidiary in order to be allowed to process transactions in Canada or they had to "voluntarily" consent to Canadian jurisdiction in order to do business there.

        Now, if the trucker crossed the border to the US and asked to receive the funds solely under the relevant US rules, there's probably nothing that Canada could legally do to stop them. But they could argue that repatriating the money to Canada violates some obscure Canadian law. Or they could accuse the US company (and/or the trucker) of violating Canadian law, try them in absentia then wait to seize any employee who crosses the border for a vacation.

        1. I doubt they would need a particularly obscure law, since they've already declared the protestors to be essentially terrorists they can likely seize any cash, and probably other assets, under whatever their version of civil assets forfeiture is

        2. I suppose Western Union is an option. Fastest way to move money from A to B, and not a bank.

      5. If you operate in a foreign country, that country can place restrictions on you. If you don't like it, then be prepared to have that country go dark for users in that country. In one way, or another.

      6. They can't. The Castreau regime would only be able to steal the money upon transfer to a person or bank in Canada that they can point guns at.


    2. That is why the United States' First Amendment is so uniquely important. The whole reason Biden has been pressuring Canada to clamp down quickly is that he KNOWS he would be unable to do any of what Zoolander is doing if it spread into the US.

      1. They would do it anyway, and then just let the courts work it out. By the time it gets resolved, the damage is already done. It's the Biden Way.

      2. "That is why the United States' First Amendment is so uniquely important."

        Canada has the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is the highest law in the land, is part of the Canadian Constitution and does the exact same thing.

        And Trudeau is treating it like used toilet paper.

        Don't expect Joe to behave differently when the time comes.

        1. He won't do anything differently (just worse), and that is what concerns me.

        2. I notice the US Bill of Rights includes a few things CA Charter of Rights and Freedoms is missing. I suspect this affects how the CA Gov treats it's serfs.

          1. Oh, like what? I didn't know that.
            I can only think of maybe the second amendment which doesn't really come into play here.

        3. Might want to read Article 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights which outlines how the government can violate it for all sorts of, or any, reason. The Canadian CoR was adopted by the legislature, is modified by the legislature,and is pretty useless as a guarantee of anything.

          1. 1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

            It doesn't say that.

      3. Does the date January 6th mean anything to you?

        1. Exactly.

          Trudeau claims to have heard the protestors while calling them law-breakers and threatening them any way he can. For whatever political reason, he’s treating this as Canada’s January 6 and demanding more and more power instead of simply lifting the mandates.

          1. and demanding more and more power instead of simply lifting the mandates.

            Or discussing the mandates.

        2. Remember,remember, the 5th of November
          Gunpowder, treason and plot.....

      4. Why must you always insult Zoolander by comparing Trudeau to him.

        1. Andrew Wilkow does a “Prime Minister Zoolander” bit on his show.

    3. I am only vaguelyh femialiar with Canada's Charter of Rights. I know they do not have a First Article of Ammendment like ours. But I do believe they have something. True Dough thinks he can thwart that Charter simply by redefining terms, call ing themterrorists". But THAT won't pass muster once he is challanged on the matter.

  7. Look. I love Crypto and agree that it was specifically designed to avoid regulatory oppression just like this. However, I think this is missing the forest for the trees.

    The PM of a liberal western democracy has imposed martial law to deal with peaceful protests criticizing his policies. We can talk about crypto later. Every freedom-loving journalist should be absolutely appalled and screaming about this.

    1. "...freedom-loving journalist?"

      Sounds like a rare bird. Freedom loving was for when they weren't mainstream.

      1. Just alt-right guys like Greenwald and his ilk.

      2. I thought it was an oxymoron in 2020.

      3. freedom loving journalists are the black unicorn, they don't exist. just look at all the reason writers that voted for biden

        1. Just look at how they continue to ignore the latest Durham filings.

    2. Yeah, this is a big fucking deal. They are claiming these powers for what looks to me like about the most peaceful mass protests I've ever seen. And stealing their honestly obtained money. And threatening who knows what in the future.
      If this doesn't all end with Trudeau resigning in disgrace, things are very bad.

      1. And the protestors are asking for the easiest concession ever. Peel back the mandates! The US already built in an exception for truckers. Most of the provinces are already folding back their mandates and mask policies, they're just waiting on Parliament. The truckers leave the moment the mandate goes away.

        Trudeau's problem is that he characterized them as white-supremacist intent on overthrowing the government from day one. He can't now be seen accepting their demands because of how his own words would reflect back on him. "Trudeau gave into Nazi demands! Trudeau choose appeasement! Trudeau is Neville Chamberlain!" When you paint your opponents with the most hateful rhetoric, it locks out any attempt to compromise with them because of the optics.

        1. Trudeau's problem is he's a dictator in his heart. Here he is, praising China's dictatorship:

          “there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime…”

          Praising the "flexibility" in not having to be beholden to democratic processes or laws.

          1. Obama had the same praise.

          2. He also had kind words for another "peoples champion", Fidel Castro. What an asshole.

            “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

            “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

            “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

            “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro during my recent visit to Cuba.

            “On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

            1. “I know my step-father was very proud to call him a friend and I had another opportunity to meet my real dad when my step-father passed away."

              Justin looks nothing like Pierre, but he's a doppleganger for young Fidel, and Margaret was staying in Havana 9 months before Justin was born.

              1. God, no shit. The side-by-side photo comparisons of the two are hilarious. He's so obviously Castro's offspring that the best the fact checkers can do is protest, "He's not Fidel's son, they just look a lot alike!"

              2. I'm pretty sure the reason he stopped growing his beard was because the Fidel taunts would start up if it got too long.

            2. Well, Castro is most likely his father. So it makes sense he would praise him so much. Even if he's not the bastard child of Fidel, his parents adored Castro publicly even before he was born.

              It's also not surprising that Zoolander would have such authoritarian tendencies, based upon his likely bloodline and/or his parent's communist leanings.

      2. If this doesn't all end with Trudeau resigning in disgrace, things are very bad.

        That might be the best outcome for Trudeau. Prison is another possibility.

        1. There have yet to be any consequences for the atrocities committed by leftist totalitarian government actors for 2+ straight years now.
          Why the fuck would they think they'll be held accountable for anything they do at this point?
          Where's the fucking line, pussies?

        2. There are several other scenarios I would also find acceptable.

      3. If True DOugh does NOT resigin in disgrace soon, he may well be resigned by a Parlaimant who votes a "no confidence" bil and removes him. Its easier to do than our imleachment process, where the moving prty have to present solid evidence of criminal wrongdoing or mental incompetence, the opposition get to weigh that evidence, then vote yes or no to impeach. In Canada, (and other Englished based systems) the only thing needs to happen is for the Members of Parliament (who DO respond back to the same folks that elected them, lest they NOT get elected next go) to return a majority vote that this guy is done.. for whatever reason each one thinks is valid. It is more like a spot opinion poll than a court trial. And if enough MP's hear from their folks back home, they WILL vote him out, lest they themselves get not vote back in next turn. Or just his own party (he DOES represent them, and not the oppositioin) returing a "no confdence" vote and turn him out by electing a replacement. Ol Trudeau Son of Pierre is slipping about on some very thin ice. Don't think he knows it yet, as his God complex seems to be running him/

    3. And if suddenly Crypto became universally accepted among normies, believe it or not, there are smart people who can figure out a way to squeeze and thwart it.

      As such, I agree with you, if we just say, "don't worry about the loss of your clearly enumerated freedumbs, just switch to LiteCoin!" is like telling people they can just build a better concrete bunker when your neighbor is lobbing grenades over your fence.

    4. Journalism? Journalism is dead in America.
      There are only overpaid talking heads and scribblers.

  8. Earlier posts indicated that GiveSendGo would be a viable way to support these guys; I just logged onto the site and they are still accepting donations though "the order announced by [the Ontario] government is only a temporary block of your donations to be passed onto the truckers by Freedom 2022 to the truckers here in Ottawa."

    Thus far they report raising $9.3 million USD

  9. "Trudeau on giving himself 'emergency' powers to stop truckers protest: 'Reasonable and proportionate'".

    Hopefully he'll relinquish said powers in good faith once the emergency has passed; you know, like Supreme Chancellor Palpatine did... oh, wait.

    1. Yes. I really think that this is his and Schwab's Enabling Act.

      1. Like Australia's detention camps, this is another anglosphere totalitarian beta run.

        And still people think the system, voting, courts, popular opinion, convention market rules, etc will take care of it all.
        If only people had complained and pointed out their hypocrisy more, the nazis and communists totes would've stopped themselves without violence!

        1. this is another anglosphere totalitarian beta run

          Yup, pay attention America, because this is what they have planned for you.

          1. We hold our tyrants to a high caliber of scrutiny.

    2. It may appear that these powers are temporary but mark my words here. unless things take an amazing and vry unexpected turn, this status will be the "new normal for Canada.

      At least Hitler waited util he was elected cancellor to stage his false flag event and seize total control. AFTER the Reicht gave him the power to do so. TrueDough simply SEIZED the power all on his own. I'd like to see that seizure put up for a confidence vote in the Parliament. So far he's just a tinpot dictator.

  10. How long will government tolerate the aspects of cryptocurrencies that facilitate criminal conduct and tax evasion while also responding to requests for law enforcement with respect to thefts or other criminal conduct involving cryptocurrencies?

    I do not expect antisocial misfits to understand this point or to like its predictable resolution.

    1. There will soon be a crypto-USD and crypto-CDN. Problem solved. (From the perspective of the would-be tyrants.) "The transaction is not going through for some reason. Says your social credit score is too low...."

    2. Longer than you live.

      Now go cry about it, bitch.

    3. It doesn't matter what the government "tolerates". Whatever repressive rules they set, the "antisocial misfits" will easily dance around them before the ink dries on the paper. The online world moves far too fast for ignorant politicians (most of whom can scarcely use social media without fucking it up--like Anthony Wiener) and hidebound bureaucrats whose only solution to anything is a very thick pile of paper.

    4. How long with society tolerate slack-jawed, slope-foreheaded hicklibs that serve as NPC bobbleheads for left-liberal tyrannies?

      I do not expect antisocial marxists to understand this point or to like its predictable, lead-filled resolution.

    5. How long will asshole bigot paste the same damn bullshit?

    6. Crypto is next. And whoever says it’s private is full of shit. It’s much more public than anything uou buy online. And how tf are banks not involved unless you keep your money in your mattress? Did anyone think this thru at all?

      1. "Did anyone think this thru at all?"

        Yes. But not you.

    7. Crypto is here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it. Your beloved brown and black minorities hold above average shares compared to other races (despite them being too dumb to figure out how to get an ID, according to your dipshit party).

      The portion of crypto that is used in criminal activities is exceedingly low, almost as low as the portion of guns used in violent offenses. Democrats' crypto policies will be another nail in the coffin of those losers. The democratic gravy train of monetizing on racial division is coming to a screeching halt.

  11. Freezed = newspeak?

  12. Ottawa's chief of police just resigned.

    1. I don't believe it's a protest resignation. He's probably being forced out from above by people who see him as too soft and too weak to crackdown on the truckers.

      But I can't say that with certainty; I haven't seen any comments from him, specifically, regarding the resignation.

    2. For letting this get "out of control?" Probably just a scapegoat, but at least it's a start.

    3. I've been hearing the left screaming that the police have enabled the protests, so his replacement is likely to be a head cracker. Who's going to end up making the city look really bad on camera.

      1. I mean, the police certainly didn't seem to want to enforce the law, that's for sure.

        They were clearly breaking it but were allowed to do so without police intervention for how long?

        He's either complicit or a coward. Needed to do his job and he didn't.

          1. DEFUND THE POLICE

            Except the ones with the nice boots who step on the necks of our political enemies.

            1. Marxist love the police when they’re in charge.

        1. The police were enforcing the law you fascist fuck. You're actually mad that they didn't illegally crush peaceful protesters.

          That's why Zoolander's invoked martial law, so he can skirt the normal laws and force his own diktats.

        2. Here is an alleged libertarian complaining that the police refused to get violent with a group of peaceful protestors.

          "Allowed" to protest. Go fuck a cactus.

        3. Only one law now, raspberry.
          I don't think you're going to last long under it.


        5. Keep sucking that dictatorial dong.

        6. What a fucking Nazi. Jesus, raspberry, you sick fuck.

  13. I posted this in the other thread, but to put what Trudeau has done into context, this Act is the successor that replaced Canada’s War Measures Act. It has never been invoked before, but its predecessor has three times in Canada’s history for serious wars.

    The first time was for WW1 and it gave the government the ability to intern Canadian citizens of Ukrainian and German descent in internment camps on the prairies, because of their ethnicity.

    The second time was for WW2 and it gave the government the ability to intern Canadian citizens of Japanese descent in internment camps in BC, because of their ethnicity.

    The third time was for the October Crisis. A pseudo-terrorist group called the Front de libération du Québec planted 200 bombs all over the place, stole several tons of dynamite, and were kidnapping foreign diplomats and government ministers and killing them.
    This gave the government the ability to detain thousands of Quebequois without charges based on political association.

    This is the fourth time an act granting emergency powers has been used, and the first time for the updated version.
    No war, no bombs, no kidnappers, no violence. Just bouncy castles, street dancing and a fascist clown in Ottawa furious that the plebians won’t obey his diktats.

    Wrap you’re head around this, he’s invoking an act created for a war on a peaceful mom and pop protest.

    1. Like I said, this only ends when Trudeau's head sits comfortably on a pike. People are loathe to realize that they are in the middle of a war -- but they are. Tyrants do not stop. They do not relinquish power. They do not compromise. If they did any of these things, they would not be tyrants.

      Either Trudeau dies of old age, clutching to the last vestige of his dictatorial powers like Castro, or he hangs in the streets like Mussolini.

      There is no third option.

      1. It is kill or be killed.
        That is reality now thanks to the left/globalists.
        And you still have people sitting around here fantasizing that there's some nice, civil way out.
        But all it equals is waiting to be killed.
        Where's the line, folks?

      2. "People are loathe to realize that they are in the middle of a war -- but they are."

        " It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, “Peace! Peace!”—but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field!"
        -- Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

    2. Pretty remarkable what he did. You know that Brain-Damaged Biden is watching, and quite probably drooling (heh, heh) at the prospect of trying that here.

      1. He's looking for his chance to use some " F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons."

    3. All because of a child like Prime Minister throwing a temper tantrum,. It's a miracle he didn't lie on the floor pounding and kicking and screaming or holding his breath until he turned blue.

    1. The CBC needs to be treated like Julius Streicher was after WW2.

    2. GiveSendGo's IT department should be dismissed for incompetence, allowing the hack in the first place.

      1. There are two types of organizations in the world. Those who have been hacked and those who do not know they have been hacked. If someone wants to hack a system, it's a matter of When not If.

      2. XY, given the nature of this, I would be surprised if there weren't intelligence agencies involved. No system is impregnable, and when you have militaries coming at you, pretty much anything available to the common man will fall pretty quickly.

  14. Fine by me. They are economic terrorists (see the millions of dollars of trade they stopped) and should be compared to the same ones who are blowing up oil pipelines and the like.

    Your right to protest doesn't give you a right to break laws and inflict economic damage, especially on people who have jack shit to do with you or whatever plight you think you have.

    1. "Your right to protest doesn't give you a right to break laws and inflict economic damage, especially on people who have jack shit to do with you or whatever plight you think you have."


      1. the summer of 2020 called...

          1. Only a little bit of fire.

            1. Only 30 murders

              1. But there was a guy with a CONFEDERATE FLAG at the convoy. That's so much worse.

    2. "They are economic terrorists (see the millions of dollars of trade they stopped)"

      Go fuck your hat, shill. Regurgitating Trudeau talking points. Trade was mildly inconvenienced, not blocked. There's more than one bridge and crossing between Detroit and Windsor.

      Invoking martial law for a nonviolent political protest is the most fascist thing you can do. This is exactly what Hitler did with the Enabling Act after the Reichstag Fire.

      I'm going to save your post about being fine with actual authoritarianism for the next time you decide to pretend to be libertarian.

      1. Dingleberry has never pretended to be a libertarian.

        1. Nor made any pretense regarding an IQ of more than two digits.

      2. Not so sure this is so cut and dried. I think there is nuance here.

        The Reichstag was a government building. Of course Hitler invoked martial law for the burning of it. He did not mind the destruction of private property and engaged in it often.

        Where the truckers are costing private persons money, they should pay and Trudeau should do whatever he has to do to restore respect for private property, freedom of movement, and free commerce for the citizens of Canada.

        I would consider any act by Trudeau to protect himself or any government function or building from a peaceful protest by using force, intimidation or coercion, to be comparable to Hitler's response to the Reichstag fire and should result in his hanging.

        IMO there are two sides to this and given the current media's propensity to lie, I would want to see more evidence and judge each person as the individual I consider them to be.

        1. There MAY HAVE BEEN two sides to this prior to yesterday, before Trudeau essentially gave himself war powers over his own citizens, but now there is only one side worth considering.

          You're either on the side of a fascist who seizes sweeping, totalitarian "emergency powers," declares non-violent citizens terrorists, freezes their assets, and has hinted that military force is an option- all without ever meeting with or negotiating with the protestors- or you're on the side of all Canadians everywhere, whose rights are threatened by this action. Those are the sides now. Pick one.

          1. If it were Antifa blocking the streets and attacking private rights to move and to conduct commerce, would you want the city and or the feds to break up the protest and re-open the roads?

            I want the law upheld as peacefully as possible but as violently as necessary when that law protects private property. I see no value in protecting government assets or rules with force, but private property rights are worth killing for and the only reason for government to exist in the first place.

            Today that may mean forcing the roads open. Tomorrow, it may mean the removal and hanging of a despot.

            From where I am sitting, both sides are trampling private property and personal freedom and should pay a price for such actions.

            1. "I must support government seizing private property to protect private property"

              Good doublethink there

              1. Yes, that happens. You park your private property on my lawn. I can have it removed. It's a weighing of the rights involved and happens literally all the time.

              2. I don't approve of government ever owning any property at all. Seizing is your word and potentially their actions, but not mine.

                Clearing the road and charging for legitimate damages, is the role of government.

                Anything remotely looking like seizing should end with the hanging of a tyrant in public forum.

    3. What were once essential workers are now terrorists.

    4. now do summer of 2020 with arson, assault, murder, molotov cocktails, and CHAZ

    5. Raspberry. Bet you were all for the worldwide shutdown OF THE WORLD ECONOMY, and for firing the non-compliant to vax mandates...All for less than 1% death rate.
      Let me guess, "It's alright when our side does it." Right?!

    6. When I read you posts, in the back of my mind I hear:

      "Boppa wumao Mao, boppa wumao Mao Mao . . "

      In your case, the birdBRAIN is the word . . .

    7. BLM called, they want their support back.

    8. It's been done time and time again. They're called boycotts.
      Or how about the sit ins at counters in the 1950s and 60s
      Besides all the truckers have to do is take their trucks and go home and Let them set there.
      Wait until you can't get a frozen pizza anymore.

  15. What a coincidence. Lefties, yet again, try and shut down any opposition by an official label of "domestic terrorists". These truckers seem about as dangerous as those parents in schoolboard meetings.

  16. #boycottCanada

    1. Please don't. The best thing Americans can do right now is start copycat protests at border crossings and in DC.

      1. Shut down the Capitol Beltway. I would like to see that, truthfully.

        1. Shut down the Capitol Beltway. I would like to see that, truthfully.

          Us locals call it rush hour. Have a car breakdown or block one lane and watch the 3 hour backup form. Best time: 3pm.

          Woodrow Wilson Bridge
          American Legion Bridge
          I-66/I-495 interchange (Tysons)
          I-95/I-495 Interchange (Springfield, and MD equivalent)
          I-270 Spur

          1. Mormon Temple. Too many people become brain dead zombies going around gentle curves.

            Surrender Dorothy.

    2. Frankly the truckers there are the first thing I have seen from Canada in a while suggesting there actually are some sets of nuts up there. I assumed the country had been completely taken over by beta males based on...well everything I see from Canada (no offense toward our canucks here)

  17. I don't get it.
    The pandemic is almost over.
    States and Provinces are dropping mask mandates everywhere.
    Why not just drop the cross border mandate and end the whole mess?
    Why waste all your political capital on something that is actually insignificant?
    There are other, better ways to oppress your citizens.

    1. Because that would require admitting you were wrong, and that is something a politician can never ever do.

    2. You don't get it because you don't want to get it.
      They aren't being subtle.
      They are seizing totalitarian power and letting you know they've seized it because they have no fear of violent opposition/consequences.
      They are waging war on us and laughing that nobody will fight back.

    3. Almost over my ass. Vax passports, school masks, outdoor event masks, and indoor masks and restaurant capacity restrictions are still in place and not going anywhere in my neighborhood.

    4. One problem is that they don't want to establish precedent for the heckler's veto. As much as I think this whole fight is stupid, I also don't really want BLM/Antifa to think they can get whatever they want if they block streets and bridges for 20 days.

      The left are mostly making absurd claims that the protest is racist/antisemitic, rather than making the actual proper argument that protests shouldn't block roads and bridges because uninvolved people need to be able to go about their days. I suspect this is because the left actually wants to use these tactics themselves. Usually they just stand out in the street and trust nobody will run them over. However, protesters have gotten enough love taps while doing this (particularly BLM trying to stop police cars) that I wouldn't be surprised if next time they use a few Priuses to block the road instead.

      1. If you are to the right of Trotsky, you are an antisemite. Come on get with the program..

      2. Blocking the bridge into the country was out of line. But it's been cleared, and yet Trudeau still gave himself war powers. Traffic in Ottawa is flowing, it's only a small section near Parliament that remains shut down. There's lies being told about just how disruptive this protest actually is.

  18. What is up with that haircut? Turdeau looks like he is transitioning. After listening to the clip, he sounds like it too.

    1. ...A trans...

      A dick and pussy at the same time!

      Leaving an obvious inference

  19. Always amusing how the "i always criticize the left so stop calling me a leftist" liars always stay far away from these abuses by the left.

    Strategy meetings to rationalize it?

    1. Waiting for the word from VOX.

    2. New ActBlue talking points PDF's have yet to be emailed.

  20. "...Did Justin Trudeau accidentally prove crypto bros' point?..."

    What's accidental about it?

  21. Just don't read the article, participate.

  22. If this were 1938 we in the US would be sending surplus guns and ammo to the Canadians.


    First they banned a news story that could have swung the election.

    Then they banned a sitting President from speaking in the new public square.

    Now they're freezing your bank accounts for supporting protesters.

    Food and electricity conditional on compliance when?

    1. I am 90% going to install solar to power my well this or next year.

      Trust in the government now is measured in grams of gunpowder.

      1. Government is a gang who have been granted a monopoly to force their will on us. They sub-contract to utilities and protect them from competition. Tech is undoing that, freeing us, decentralizing, granting the individual choice. Some can choose to be more independent by producing their own electricity, storing it, and forming a "virtual power plant" with the like-minded. And, there is no force needed, no central planners, no controlling bureaucrats. .
        The govt. fears it, hates it, but has to hide it to disguise their scam. They want to keep their exploited servants believing they are indispensable. They aren't. They are parasites. And that's why the utilities are fighting rooftop solar.

        1. Every time they privatize a utility, everyone gets brownouts and the CEO gets hundreds of millions, and then occasionally they collapse in massive corruption schemes.

          1. Whut?

            You mean like California? Where they partially privatized, allowing some highly regulated market in wholesale electricity, but having price controls on retail pricing?

            Is that the hair rained scheme you are trying to call "privatization"?

            1. Libertarianism will work, you promise, but we have to go all the way, immediately.

              1. Perhaps, but at least with libertarianism, the stated goal is personal freedom. With socialism, the stated goal is your share of a bowl of gruel.

                1. I like how you gleefully admit that libertarianism entails a society of winners and losers, and I suppose fairness is a hand-wave that you don't really believe in. Forget fairness--we know who's good people by how much money they have in the end.

                  1. Life is not in the habit of awarding participation trophies, princess.

                    1. It is to the children of the rich.

                    2. "libertarianism entails a society of winners and losers"

                      I feel your pain, loser.

                    3. Tony, libertarianism and capitalism entails a society of folks who have a lot and folks who have a HUGE lot. It's your pathetic, broken ego that makes you think that those that only have a lot would be losers. I feel your pain, loser.

                    4. The shitbag known as Tony is stupid enough to think that in a trade between two free agents, one MUST lose!
                      Thise losers who wallow in the mud of victimhood use that fantasy to explain why they are the pathetic piece of shit that they are.
                      No, shitbag, it's because you are D-U-M, stupid!
                      Fuck off and die, asshole.

    2. You're in a cult and you're addicted to Twitter.

    3. You mean, your social credit score.

  24. I read this to find out if crypto is working to get the money to the truckers. I still don't know.

  25. If these fat truckers came to the US, in which jurisdictions am I not empowered to run them down with my car?

    We get to do that to protesters in some places now, right?

    1. Try crashing head-on into a Peterbilt.

      I doibt you will be avle to tell us how it went.

      1. I was thinking when they got out of those and started prancing around with their swastika flags.

        Remember when BLM was collectively responsible for vandalism done by others in their midst?

        1. Holy crap... Who did they hand the Tony handle to?

          1. I don't know. But it's sadly much more lazy and droll commentary.

            1. Tony is such a delicious tear factory these days. Mmmmm....

        2. Resorting to hyperbole does not work.
          besides not one single trucker exhibited a flag with a swastika on it.
          It was a plant. Probably by the CBC.

    2. Good to see the mask come down. I mean BLM and antifa running over innocent people wouldn't be new, but didnt know you were fully on board with it.

    3. Leftists are evil, as Tony repeatedly proves.

      But calling for political genocide against unfavorable people is only OK if they're on the right, so don't get any ideas.

    4. Question: Do you know you are purposefully misconstruing the laws or do you think this is actually what they say?

  26. I expected a flood of protestors flowing into Ottawa today. I haven't seen any evidence of it. I don't completely trust the polls, but they do have poll data that shows a majority of Canadians endorse using military support in forcing the truckers to leave.

    Canada lost their freedom today. If you're a freedom-loving Canadian, it's time to get out. I'm sorry, and I was hoping to never see this happen to a first world liberal democracy.

    1. Remember when Trump wanted to call the armed forces out on BLM? Bet you hated that.

      1. I do!

        I remember when riots were happening in Kenosha. He offered National Guard troops to protect the peace. The governor refused. So citizens armed themselves to prevent looting and arson. I think I recall the professional shills having a problem with that development. Seems like that would argue for bringing in the guard in that situation.

        I also remember him offering National Guard troops for the capital on January 6. A call that was pointedly rejected by Pelosi and McConnell. Those two also rejected requests from the chief of capital police for more manpower.

        Huh... That kinda completely destroys the Jan 6 narrative, doesn't it? In fact, it kinda makes you wonder why they would do that, particularly since they would immediately bring in the armed forces and barbed wire after Jan 6 when there was no protest and no threat.


          Read all of that. It has sources. The things you believe are lies. This is what I'm trying to tell you.

          You're going to rationalize and defend your position until a major psychological break happens, if you're particularly stupid. But if you weren't particularly stupid, you wouldn't fall for this crap to begin with. Trump lies. He's a liar. He's world-renowned for it.

          1. Fuck off, you maggot. Trump offered help, it was declined, and he didn't force it. I know your TDS is damn near your entire psyche at this point, but you'd be better off with a meth addiction.


            1. Expecting the MSM to fact check anything is like allowing a child molester to watch your children.

  27. A couple of edits:

    The GoFundMe had $10 million, not $1 million.

    GoFundMe halted donations once, saying that they did not have a clear statement about what the funds were for. So the fundraisers corrected that and added explicit terms. GoFundMe reinstated the campaign.

    They raised $10 million... And GoFundMe said that the protest had become violent (citing police statements ... Which in turn cited a couple of incidents of counterprosters attacking protesters, including one car hit-and-run on protesters). They also said that their terms of service would not allow them to be used to find an occupation. Ironic, since they actually recommended and promoted fundraisers for Chaz/Chop.

    1. Crypto does not in fact make it much more difficult to trace the payments. It makes it much easier. The entire Blockchain is public. Anyone can trace every payment ever made.

      It is the connection to a real person that is obscured ... There is no name on the wallet to trace to. But the wallet needs to end in a currency exchange, which is regulated like a bank.

      So you would still need to obfuscate transactions through banks and exchanges in uncooperative foreign countries like old school swiss banks.

      1. Just like ISPs have the last mile problem, crypto has a last transaction problem.

    2. Also... On GoFundMe...

      They first attempted to steal the donations, saying they were keeping the money to donate to charity. After some strong public pushback, they agreed to refund the money.

      But I do not believe they have pledged to return the tips they raised for themselves. Nor are they returning the interest they earned while holding the money. They are clearly vulnerable to torts on multiple fronts... From donors for breach of contract, from the fundraisers for the same... And from the recipients ... Which may be the most interesting, since they are not party to TOS and cannot be crammed into arbitration.

      1. They're also guilty as fuck on wire fraud and false advertising charges, but it's not like Joe the Rapist would touch them.


    3. Tech corporations are run by lefties. I would think a libertarian would tolerate a corporation doing whatever the hell it wants with itself, politically speaking. Koch industries has funded an entire fascist movement.

      But finding a plausible excuse in their terms of service is practically an honest day's work.

      1. Muh private enterprise is a gov't apparatus that is funded by cybersecurity grants and threatened with federal powers under the explicit marching orders of making life hard for conservatives.

        Yeah, totes legitimate and fair.

        1. You think Koch industries makes its money by providing honest goods and services to rational customers? Just a main street shop, that Koch industries.

          1. Apples to a cider manufacturing plant.

  28. Interesting that after years of hysterical articles about the falling of the sky due to populist authoritarians around the globe, it is the far left politicians who are actually being far more totalitarian than even the imagined potential future transgressions of the populists that never happened.

    1. What we are seeing is evidence that the only sorts of protests that will be tolerated are those that are done in service to, or at minimum with the acquiescence of the ruling class.

      The left's support for "freedom" always being of the one man one vote one time sort.

      Just look at the latest from the ACLU.

      The fellow travelers and useful idiots of Reason have certainly played a role in all this.

  29. The only terrorist here are politicians willing to starve dissenters and their families including kids into submission.

  30. Canada is paying a terrible price for not bouncing Castro's bastard out of office for the corruption he's up to his eyeballs in.

    If they have any elections in the future, I suppose their silver lining will be that their lefturd party will be about as popular as Michael Moore at an all-you-can-eat banquet for at least the next half-century.


    1. Hopeful thinking, if also a tad wishful.

      The Canadian lefturds are counting on two things. Firstly, their entrenched allies in the media and educational system to do to whatever opposition arises mostly the same things that were done to Trump. And secondly that the normies will be too focused on their own lives to pay enough attention to notice.

      The permanent ruling fusion party is like that. Just look at the collectivist yawn at the latest from the Durham slow walk.

      Funny how Reason - so quick to jump on the Russians under mah bed accusations are ignoring it now.


    The Freedom Convoy just announced they have discovered the name of the hacker who hit GiveSendGo and they are going to make him famous

    1. Guy used to run child porn rings for the feds by his own admission.

      SPB2 has been quiet.

    2. Good news. Jack Posobiec does good work.

    3. What a tiny little world you people live in.

      Educated people are beside themselves with worry about how to protect the lone veneer of an ecosystem in the entire universe capable of supporting our species.

      You people are shitting your pants in orgasmic fury over something something masks. And because of your curated media diet, you think that's cosmically important.

      You're like infants who think the entire world extends from your crib to your mom's tits. Just get vaccinated and all of this Orwellian nightmare will go away. Nobody wants it to go away more than politicians.

      1. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

        Do as you're told and nobody gets hurt.

        Let's pass it to find out what's in it.

        Tony, you ought to hook up with Misek. I hear Nazis do a great Himmler.

        1. So you're just making my point for me.

          Did you fall for it when FOX News had you outraged over Mr. Potato Head too? Dr. Seuss? Was that also the end of the world?

          You're being milked.

          1. "Just get vaccinated and all of this Orwellian nightmare will go away. Nobody wants it to go away more than politicians."

            You are so deeply, deeply naive, it has truly reached a point of abject degeneration.

            You're being milked.

            1. I know, I know, it's the Jew conspiracy.

          2. 1. I don't watch Fox, so I have no clue what you're talking about.

            2. The difference between personal autonomy and medical choice and Mr. Potato head should be so vast that even an idiot like you would hesitate to make a comparison.

            I see now I was mistaken. Let's reframe.

            For a younger, healthy man who gets sunlight, there is almost no risk from Covid.
            For a younger, healthy man who gets the jab, there is a dramatic increase in risk of heart disease.

            But it's mandated if I want to be out in public, or travel.

            Fuck off, slaver.

            1. "personal autonomy and medical choice"

              Don't you think you could pick a time that isn't in the middle of a pandemic to have your little civil rights crusade?

              Lots of things are unjust in the world. Your issue isn't the most important one. It's arguably not even coherent.

              Meanwhile, we take vaccines for diseases that kill large numbers of humans quickly. We've been doing it for a hundred years. You can take your alleged political issue (that you just discovered you had) to the public square once we've solved the global crisis, how about?

  32. Castro Jr. ordered tow companies to quit being sick and go haul the mean honks away. I don't think that is happening at any volume - I've even seen tow trucks joining the convoy.

    Now, since they've pretty much given him the finger, the options are to give in or call out the army. My money's on the latter.

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