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Mom Handcuffed, Jailed for Letting 14-Year-Old Babysit Kids During COVID-19

"I almost don't have words for how low it made me feel," says Melissa Henderson.


When COVID-19 shut down her children's daycare in May of 2020, and Melissa Henderson had to go to work, she asked her 14-year-old daughter, Linley, to babysit the four younger siblings. Linley was engaged in remote learning when her youngest brother, four-year-old Thaddeus, spied his friend outside and went over to play with him. It was about 10 or 15 minutes before Linley realized he was missing. She guessed that he must be at his friend's house, and went to fetch him.

In the meantime, the friend's mom had called the police.

Now Henderson, a single mom in Blairsville, Georgia, is facing criminal reckless conduct charges for letting her 14-year-old babysit. The charges carry a maximum penalty of one year in prison and fine of $1,000. The arresting officer, Deputy Sheriff Marc Pilote, wrote in his report that anything terrible could have happened to Thaddeus, including being kidnapped, run over, or "bitten by a venomous snake." (When Henderson protested that the kid was only gone a few minutes, Pilote responded that a few minutes was all the time a venomous snake needed.)

Here is a photo of the busy street and jungle-like conditions Thaddeus faced. That's his buddy's home on the right, photographed by Henderson from her porch.

The case has been dragging on for almost two years now, while Henderson's lawyer, David DeLugas, argues that charging a mom for a normal parenting decision was declared unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court in 1997. In that case, a mom left her 11-year-old babysitting a younger sibling who died in a tragic accident. Even then, the court ruled, it was arbitrary and subjective to call the mom's decision reckless. What's more, DeLugas points out, Georgia's own child protective guidelines say kids can babysit at age 13.

DeLugas is founder of Parents USA, which exists to fight cases like this. Three weeks ago he filed a new motion to dismiss the case.

Henderson had been investigated by the Georgia Division of Family and Children's Services about a year earlier, when Thaddeus, age three at the time, had also wandered outside. She was no longer under DFCS supervision when this second incident occurred. DFCS investigated Henderson's conduct this time around and found it unexceptional, case closed. But Pilote recalled the earlier investigation; believing this proved some sort of pattern, he initiated the arrest about two weeks later.

Five cop cars came to her house, Henderson tells Reason.

"I almost don't have words for how low it made me feel," she says. "To truly feel in the bottom of my heart that, if I'm anything, it's a good mother and everything you do is for your kids. To be stripped of that to the point where you are handcuffed in front of them."

She was placed inside a police cruiser and taken to the county jail, where she was photographed, fingerprinted, and given a pair of bright orange crocs to wear. Then she was put in a cell. "I remember curling up in a ball in the corner and just wanting to hide," she says. Her ex-husband bailed her out.

When I spoke with the district attorney, Jeff Langley, he said he felt the cops acted prudently, as the boy had been outside once before on his own. He added that even a guilty verdict would most likely not result in prison time for Henderson, but thought that forbidding her from letting her daughter babysit might be a good idea. "We just want to make sure the children in our small community stay safe," he says.

Langley said he believed the boy was "wandering naked in a thunderstorm." In reality, while the boy was wearing only a shirt, there was no storm.

Langley added the officers informed him that 14-year-old Linley had "some measure of learning disability," making her an unreliable sitter.

Henderson told me that her daughter was previously diagnosed with ADHD. She has a GPA of 4.45, is vice president of the 4-H Club, broke school records in varsity track, completed the Red Cross Childcare program, and is certified in CPR.

Nonetheless, it shouldn't be necessary to have a superstar teen before a parent can make hasty childcare arrangements during a pandemic.  That's why Let Grow is working to narrow states' neglect laws, ensuring that they kick in only when parents put their kids in likely and obvious danger, not when they make a decision a cop or caseworker disapproves of.

As for the incident itself, four is definitely on the young side. The boy's parents would be well-advised to remind him not to go outside without telling anyone. But a kid "wandering off" to play with the neighbor used to be considered childhood, not child abuse.

There is a GoFundMe for the Hendersons here.

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  1. "In the meantime, the friend's mom had called the police."

    Kill this woman.

    1. Seriously (but not literally, please). Who the fuck calls the cops because a little boy came to visit? Nice fucking neighbor.

      1. It's a safe bet that it is the same neighbor who turned her in, when the 3 year old wandered out, the year before.

        1. Bingo. Lenore always leaves important details out of every story.

          It’s so rarely overzealous police and almost always a history of neglect that gets their attention.

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      2. they are at war

      3. Maybe a woman who is jealous of the mom because she is a very pretty lady with a good-looking family.

        1. I totally agree with you!!!! My thoughts exactly! JEALOUSY is a MF!

          1. Or jealously of a MILF

            1. rather, jealousy is a MoNWaTtoF (Mother no one Want TF)

              (Slightly rearranging and adding one letter of the acronym will make if more effective from a mnemonic standpoint.)

        2. That is a remarkably good looking family.

      4. "Who calls the police"

        Layers and layers of stupidity in AmeriKKKa. Land of the Dumb.

        The world is laughing.

        1. This is the kind of country you will have if the fascist GOP get more power. Buyer beware!

          1. You misspelled ‘democrats’.

          2. I think you misunderstood the question, NSM.

          3. BHAHAHA.

            More likely leftist democrats. They are the fascists.

        2. Gonna make a few guesses...

          1. The Deputy Sheriff was turned down by the mom more than once.

          2. The neighbor, whom we shall call Karen, is most likely a recent transplant from a blue state who came to rural Georgia for the lower cost of living and the open spaces and the beauty of the foothills.

      5. He means it literally.

        1. I fail to see a problem....

      6. Snowflake neighbor was obviously triggered because the kid had only a shirt on. 🙂

        Oh, and the area must be infested with harlequin snakes, copperheads, and rattlesnakes.

      7. Zeb
        It’s a RED Republican County (District Attorney, Sheriff & Government) and why are Republicans jailing a working Mom. Thanks FOX News for showing or exposing this news story.

    2. Yep. What kind of neighbor reacts this way? You know the kid and you call the cops anyway?

      1. What kind of officer reacts this way?

        The world is laughing at the dumpster fire that is AmeriKKKa.

        1. So where are you from?

        2. Have you considered buggering right off? I feel that you should -definitely- consider buggering right off....

        3. I noticed you’re afraid to answer. I knew you wouldn’t. Every time I hear that bullshit you faggots run and hide, or refuse to answer. Obviously, anywhere you live outside of the US is a sovereign shit hole. And you’re the shit filling it.

          1. Hey, hey.... what did a bundle of sticks ever do to -you- to deserve that compaison?

    3. Bet her name was Karen and was aghast the little boy was not wearing a mask.

      1. It is now abundantly clear that America's intellectual inferiority is genetic.

        1. Yes, people like you are indicative of that.

          1. I'm not AmeriKKKan. The country is a nation of losers.

            1. Oh really? From what country do you originate?

            2. A. What nation are you a Citizen of?

              B. ...and does it depend on the U.S. for it's national security?

              If your answer to A is NOT the U.S.A., then your answer to B is automatically 'Yes'.

              1. He won’t answer. He’s too scared and embarrassed.

      2. No mask? Look at the photo -- he's wearing a tie and suspenders. That's clearly an Alex P. Keaton starter set. If left unchecked, the kid could turn out to be a Republican someday.

        1. I'm surprised they didn't just shoot him.
          But they could tell he wasn't a dog. Might've been a "venomous snake"though, which prowl our suburbs in ever-increasing numbers.

    4. There must be a juicy backstory.

      He added that even a guilty verdict would most likely not result in prison time for Henderson, but thought that forbidding her from letting her daughter babysit might be a good idea. "We just want to make sure the children in our small community stay safe," he says.

      The daughter will be 18 by the time this is all sorted out.

      1. Age isn’t the issue.

        The issue is that the mom allowed an incompetent person to babysit in a home that didn’t have locks to prevent a child from wandering off and going unnoticed for “10 to 15 minutes.”

        1. Fuck off and die.

        2. Who gives a shit about the lives of those kids? Not me. They’re in no danger whatsoever. But the 14 year old is an idiot for letting the kid run around naked. What a dumbass move. I babysat my three brothers as a teen and that would have never even come close to happening. I can’t even imagine a scenario where they would have that much freedom.

          That’s said, the mom is hot af and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Good looking people shouldn’t be penalized like ugly peoples

    5. I hear Buttplug already offered to take the kids in.

    6. Yes, she should die.

    7. Libertarians just can't stop themselves from wanting to kill people.


      1. Sometimes it’s necessary

      2. True. As an example, you should die in agony.

    8. Excuse me, but the law clearly states that kids 13 and above CAN babysit without an adult present. WHY this hasn't been 100% dismissed boggles the mind. This woman Melissa needs to sue that neighbor, the sheriff and the city. She did nothing illegal and nothing wrong. She needs a better lawyer than the one she has if this garbage is still going on. she should be on the lawsuit phase of things by now.

    9. Cancel the vile lawyer prosecutor and his police agent. We are sick of this toxic, vile, profession.

    10. Another example of people with authority attempting to make a name for themselves by going after the working person. They have almost unlimited resources to prosecute people, but will drain the taxpayer from their savings while attempting to fight bogus charges. As a retired 35 year MA. State Trooper I can tell you the idiot that investigated and submitted his report confirms to me that between the law enforcement officer, and prosecutor this country has a very serious issue with mental illness along with the fight for more power. That 14 year old girl appears to exceptionally intelligent, and capable. Young kids slip away from adults often even when there is more than one adult watching them, it just happens. The mother along with the children sure don't look like skid row or abused in any way. The mother continued to work I'm sure to support her family. How would the mother and children survive if they had no or very little income. And, for the neighbor that called law enforcement what a jealous, vicious piece of shit. One post got her name correct 'KAREN'. I sincerely hope the mother beats any and all charges leveled against her. Furthermore, she should file lawsuits against all parties evolved for false prosecution our government has gotten out of control in this country violating peoples rights that continues to spiral out of control daily. As I write this reply I can't help but think the neighbor that called law enforcement is one ugly bitch that can't find a sober man to have sex or relationship with her, but the mother with 5 children in my opinion is an attractive woman. Envy and jealousy is poison of society.

    11. It’s a RED Republican County (District Attorney, Sheriff & Government) and I don’t understand why my party would jail a working Mom. Thanks FOX News for showing or exposing this news story.

      WHAT’S NEXT? She can/will file a lawsuit and TAX Payers of Blairsville’s County will PAY all the legal cost for both sides. It’s sad this is happening in the heart of Georgia’s Republican (Trump) Country. It’s even more sad if both sides are Republican and MAKES ALL Republicans and a few Democrats {Tax-Payers} PAY.

    12. It’s a RED Republican County (District Attorney, Sheriff & Government) and why are Republicans jailing a working Mom. Thanks FOX News for showing or exposing this news story.

  2. Anyone naming their kid Thaddeus should be handcuffed and beaten.

    1. Dr Jonas venture Sr. Hardest hit

      1. Dr. Sivana’s father as well.

        1. +1 for the CM reference. *heh!* *heh!*

          Tads have to come from somewhere, right?

          1. Indeed.

    2. Are you saying his name is just a tad odd?

      1. A thad odd.

        1. Thadly so.

          Ok that's my Crumby for today.

    3. When I lived in IL my state rep was named Thaddeus lol

    4. Thaddeus (Greek Θαδδαῖος, Thaddaios, from Aramaic תדי, Taddai / Aday) is a male given name. It means a heart or courageous heart.


      1. Don't try to educate AmeriKKKans. It makes them grumpy and constipated.

        Just flush the entire country. It is worse than useless.

        The world is laughing at the Dumpster Fire that is AmeriKKKa.

        1. KAR is a bitch. And a botch. Maybe a butch. ODed on a batch. You betcha.

          1. Americans are so illiterate.

            1. At least most of us have better things to do than mindless trolling.

              Though I have to admit your mastery of the mindless part.

            2. You still haven’t told us which totes awesome country you’re from.

            3. Ven. Tell the class where you live, please.

        2. "It makes them grumpy and constipated."

          Yeah, no, we're not you.

          Your psychological projection is blinding.

  3. When Henderson protested that the kid was only gone a few minutes, Pilote responded that a few minutes was all the time a venomous snake needed.

    "Are you saying that if the boy had been bitten by a snake in front of his mother and died waiting for EMTs to arrive, that would be OK?"

    1. He's saying that the boy can't play outside without wearing snake boots.

      Because the daughter and the neighbor doesn't know how to call 911.

      oh. wait.

    2. Well you see, a venomous snake would have bitten the child if he was outside playing when his mother was home.

      Layers upon Layers of stupidity in this story... All AmeriKKKan.

      AmeriKKKa is a dumpster fire. The world is laughing.

      1. "But officer I done killed a snake in the house just last week. Ok ma'am, have a good day."

    3. To which she should have responded, "I know we've had our differences as neighbors, but I would have never called you a venomous snake, before today."

    4. There’s a dead kid in Morocco because his parents ignored him for 5 minutes in an area known for having multiple water wells.

  4. There is a GoFundMe for the Hendersons here... for now.


    1. They need to move that to another funding site, a lot of people, including me, will never give money via gofundme again

      1. For those concerned about GoFundMe as a platform through which to donate, which concerns are understandable, go to (DONATE link below the National Association of Parents, Inc.) or go to (and click on DONATE).

        Just as important to support ParentsUSA with your donation is to LIKE its Facebook page and follow on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thank you.

        1. You had me right up until Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

        2. Good work defending the nice lady.

          People who expect perfect safety should be banned.

        3. Wtf? How dare you bring those blasphemous corporations round here?

    2. Money grubbing scammers.

    3. Yeah I'm not using that platform anymore.

  5. He could have been stuck in quick sand or climbed into an old refrigerator and suffocated. What if devil worshipers got him?

    1. Hare Krishnas

      1. The worst [at least that is how I remember them].

      2. What if they were Hairy Christians? And had a Biden brand hair dryer?

    2. What if devil worshipers got him?

      Devil *worshippers*? This is Georgia! Does Thaddeus even know how to fiddle?

    3. Or Buttplug!

    4. He could have been abducted by space aliens.

    5. Or fall into a water well. Or wander into the street.

    6. Or child traffickers! I mean, think of the horror! Child traffic...and they don't even know how to drive. Jesus wept.

  6. Would.

    1. For 5 kids she's certainly working her virtues. Would pay to subscribe to her OnlyFans account. Personally, I would expect pretty much any single parent with 5 kids to be a hot mess (no implication wrt criminality/parenting skills).

      1. It’s a crime to lock this hot MILF up.

        1. Just think of the video rights to the story though.

          1. Im going to become a documentarian just to tell her story.

    2. Have you ever watched the "Hot Crazy Matrix?"

      I will guaran-f'n-tee you she ain't no unicorn.

      Now if you want a bunny in your pot, that is on you.

      1. Free stew, buddy.

  7. My motorcycle was stolen in the big city, and I had video and photos of the thief--with his face--in the act of stealing it. I couldn't even get the detective to look at the photo.

    I'd only had the bike for one night. It was expensive, and it was a felony, but I had insurance right? And although the thieves had cracked the frame in breaking the steering lock, I recovered the bike, right?

    So what do the investigator care? I couldn't even get him to return my calls.

    That might sound awful, but when I read stories like this in more suburban or rural America, it seems like the cops have too much time on their hands.

    1. They're probably all working the 'human trafficking' angle and 'collecting evidence' by getting handjobs down at the rub-and-tug.

      1. The hot mom refused the officers overtures, and now she's in trouble.

    2. Too few cops where they are needed, too many where they are not.

      Her neighborhood appears to be quite affluent. Heck, in my town we could fit a 50 unit apartment building in just one of those lots. So my guess is all that money coming into the city means hiring more cops. Meanwhile your poor urban neighborhood has cops so overworked they can't even make an Easy A arrest.

    3. Show me someone who believes that cops investigate crime, and I'll show you someone who has never been the victim of a crime.

      I only know one person who ever had a resolution to being a crime victim. Her car was looted in her driveway, so she went to the cops. They did their typical thing of mocking her for expecting them to do their job. So she did it for them. She went to all the local pawn shops and such, and located her stolen property. When she went to the police with the information they got angry at her for doing their job. But she was able to get her property back. Cops didn't lift a finger to go after the thief, even though they had his name and drivers license number on the paperwork he signed when he traded in the stolen property for cash.

      Cops don't do shit unless there's something in it for them. Like fines, fees, or asset forfeiture. If a crime with a victim makes the news they'll grudgingly investigate. But otherwise they'll tell you to get fucked.

      1. A side effect of cop shows that portray cops and seeking out criminals, and even doing detecting work. No such thing happens in real life. The few actual detectives are overloaded with work

        If it's not a murder or kidnapping, forget about it. If it is a murder or kidnapping, also forget about it. Your only hope is that something crossed state lines and the FBI gets involved. In which case you can forget out it.

    4. Maybe it was because of being two tired.

  8. Hopefully she cut that neighbor out of her life. And cut her for real too.

  9. Progressive Karens need to die out already.

    They mostly are not breeding, so as long as we can keep them away from other people's kids, there's a chance to end it.

    They've had their whole lives to discover the difference between being alive and living, but still manage to fail.

  10. The players:

    The neighbor: "In the meantime, the friend's mom had called the police."

    The cop: "Deputy Sheriff Marc Pilote, wrote in his report that anything terrible could have happened to Thaddeus, including being kidnapped, run over, or "bitten by a venomous snake."

    The prosecutor: "We just want to make sure the children in our small community stay safe,"

    A consortium of asshats brought this about. And I sincerely hope it lands solidly on each of their doorsteps and paints them for what they are. Fucking [It Take's a] Village People.

    1. Remember, it's Georgia. Jimmy Carter once got attacked by a rabbit there. It's a dangerous state I tell you!

      1. Thadly so.

        Ok that's my Crumby for today.

        1. [Wrong fucking post]

          Yes I remember that; there was speculation that the rabbit was a Soviet attempt as assassination, but of course that was ridiculous because they so loved Jimmy.

      2. That was a hare raising experience for him.

      3. I guess he didn't have his Holy Hand Grenade....

    2. A consortium of asshats brought this about.

      We should lobby to have Websters add 'any number of asshats as a group' to the definition of consortium. I hear they'll change any definition you want these days.

  11. My youngest was an escape artist, and this was my biggest fear. This kid was a fucking Houdini ninja, and could escape any enclosure and disable any child safety device I used. A couple of times, my neighbor brought her home from the playground. I thought she was napping, but she snuck out. She was about 2.

    My biggest fear wasn't that anything would happen to her. The playground was about 50 yards from my back yard and she didn't have to cross any streets to get there. I was always most scared that someone was going to call the cops on me.

    1. Anyone who calls the cops should be doxed, exposed, and ridiculed for being a fucking idiot.

      If your neighbors have called the cops for any reason in the past, they should have be enumerated for the public to see a la Meghan’s law.

      Cop callers are the lowest of low and should be categorized with their peers: the pedos.

  12. I'm looking at the photo of the neighborhood, and it looks nothing like inner city detroit, or crime ridden Chicago, or in fact, any other urban city. Heck, doesn't even look like a town, it looks like an incorporated stretch of rural road. Yeah, I know the South can have damned big yards and stuff, but my uncle has less acreage on his ranch. Look, you can even see a propane tank!

    So what's the deal with the neighbor calling the cops? And what's the deal with the police not dropping the case? What the fuck is going on here? Is this just weird Georgia culture?

    1. My guess is the single mom with 5 kids is has had some issues in the area previously that weren't highlighted in the article. Maybe she was married to a guy from a "better" family and now that she's divorced she's trash to everyone.

      1. Maybe they're just dicks and it doesn't require a plot from Flannery O'Connor.

      2. Yeah, kinda weird. Round here, when we were caught without childcare, people volunteered to take care of 'em. As opposed to, say, calling the cops on us.

        Though we were fine with leaving them home alone from a really early age. They knew what to do and what not to do.

  13. My dad always tells me stories about when he was young, he used to walk around the PA countryside carrying a loaded shotgun for hunting. Now we don't even let kids walk outside or allow older children to be responsible for them, even though in 2 years, the 14 year old will be old enough to drive a high speed metal death box that can and does inflict more carnage in the US each year than all combined gun deaths, INCLUDING suicides.

    Standards of responsibility really need to be revisited.

    1. That neighbor no doubt believed they were "doing the right thing" and as we know, virtue rules.

  14. There is a GoFundMe for the Hendersons here.

    Three cheers for DeLugas and Parents USA. Give 'em hell.
    Fuck the DA in the ass with a rusty chainsaw.

  15. its actions like this that hurt families more than they help. Other than actual physical abuse CPC should help a family instead of separating families, it would be cheaper and better for everyone.

    that said her neighbors are assholes for always calling the cops on kids

  16. The DAs office is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    You will find no lower form of human life than a prosecutor.

    1. What about Joe Friday?

      1. He and his ilk are close but the prosecutor should be shot.

        1. ^This.

          The neighbor was a Karen for calling the cops, but, well, wasn't there, who knows, first Covid peak panic, blah blah, she's a bitch.

          The cop was way out of line to make an arrest, but he was called, maybe provoked, blah blah, he's an asshole.

          But the fucking DA has had this worthless, shitty little complaint as an active case for two years, for no other apparent reason than to ruin the life of someone who obviously has things hard enough already. He is spawn of the devil. If he meets angry violence and personal injury I will stand by and applaud.

        2. Why would someone named I, Woodchipper let this guy get off with just a shooting?

  17. "bitten by a venomous snake."

    Or a poisonous neighbor.

    1. The neighbor did speak with forked tongue.

  18. >>In the meantime, the friend's mom had called the police.

    Christ, what an asshole.

  19. So 14 is old enough to decide you want to change genders but not old enough to babysit your younger siblings.... ????

    1. Yes. In the woke warrior's mind, yes.

      1. Woke warriors should all become casualties.

  20. I was working 2-3 nights a week babysitting from 13 to 15 making $1 to $2 per hour and glad for it in the 1970's. Good times. I never had my son do much babysitting but my daughter did at 13. She has to take Red Cross classes. I had no training at all, but I was good at it.

    1. AT first glance this reads like a bot post,

      Just saying.

      1. I was expecting to see something about Shoprite.

        1. I spent the money I earned on model rockets at the hobby shop. Did not go to ShopRite.

          1. Now they would be called incendiary devices. And when you were turned in they would be referred to as "an arsenal".

            1. Arsenal, you say? Well if anyone from MSM went snooping through my house...never mind.

  21. For those concerned about GoFundMe as a platform through which to donate, which concerns are understandable, go to (DONATE link below the National Association of Parents, Inc.) or go to (and click on DONATE).

    Just as important to support ParentsUSA with your donation is to LIKE its Facebook page and follow on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thank you.

  22. Remember the day when a 14 yo could punch in and work an 8 or 10 hour day at the factory. Kids we so capable.

    Oh, wait….That’s China.

    1. Last year, bought straw from the local Amish kids. Both were younger than 14. They had baled the straw and got it from the barn. They probably did a lot of other tasks and chores that Karens believe are too dangerous.

    2. When I was 14 years old, I punched in for 10 hour days detassling corn for 16 days straight in the hottest days of July. Made $2.75 an hour. Time and a half after 40 hours. Thank you Pioneer Hybrids, I bought my first real bike. I made my son do two weeks out in the fields when he wanted an Xbox.

  23. Boy. My parents would have had frequent flier miles in police cars if this had been going on when I was a kid. My friends and I were always wandering around the neighborhood and the local woods when we were three or four. I was walking a mile to school at 7 years.

    1. My first thought too-- my mom would totally be in prison.

      Er, just to be clear, my mom is currently not in prison.

    2. At 7, I was walking a mile to the store with a note from my mom to pick up cigarettes for her. No shit. I also walked to school, but it was well past the store.

  24. It's not as if Blairsville, Ga is a high crime area. This is rural north Georgia. It's very common in rural Georgia for the older sibling to babysit the younger ones. Fourteen is old enough to do so. Yes. It's bad the four year old wandered off, but it sounds as if he knew where he was going. In rural Georgia there is usually a path through the woods to the neighbor's house. Furthermore, it doesn't sound as if the oldest child was very disabled. She seemed to be doing well in school.

    1. The neighbor needs an after hours beating followed with an admonition.

  25. AmeriKKKa = Land of The Dumb.

    This terminally stupid country is dead as a nation.

    The world is laughing at this AmeriKKKan KKKlown KKKar.

    1. It is full of KKKARens.

  26. I've saw the young mother's photo and have declared her to be not guilty, and the case is dismissed with prejudice.

    1. I've saw

      When you just can't decide between "I saw" and "I've seen"....

    2. yup! this is a PERFECT reason to SEEK OUT jury duty. let the authoritarians peddle their BS, level charges and even prosecute...the jury i am on will send ma home to the warmth of her family. I KNOW I WILL!

    3. I'm with you.

      But not with your verb conjugation.

  27. Now this is a case for a cop to be fired. What a total tub of goo. Where was this cop during the riots when they should have been arresting the real criminals. Moms are easy targets; especially when they turn on each other.

  28. Something similar happened when I was a child, the primary difference being the cops never dreamed of charging my parents with a crime.

    When I was 6 years old or so I wandered up the street to play with a friend, I did this frequently. Dinner time came around and my parents came looking for me, but my friend's parents apparently didn't realize we had gone into the basement to play. They told my parents I wasn't there, and after a bit of not being able to find me my parents called the cops. A manhunt ensues, and no one is able to find me until I get hungry and decide to head home.

    I got a stern lecture about how worried I had made everyone, but that was the extent of what happened. From what my parents can recall the cops were just relived they didn't have an actual missing child to deal with, there was never even a hint of pressing criminal charges or getting CPS involved or anything.

    1. When I was 3 or 4, I made it 3/4 of a mile up the road in our suburban neighborhood, starting to near the small shopping district.

      I think that I was running away from home.

      Our next-door neighbor was driving past and noticed that I was out by myself, far from home. So, the neighbor picked me up and drove me back home.

      Oddly, he didn't sell me to a Satanic cult or call the cops on my parents.

  29. The Georgia Supreme Court ruled 25 years ago, now let them enforce it.

  30. "in the meantime the friends mom had called the police"


  31. when i was a kid my ma would stand in the backyard and shake a cowbell. my four bothers and sisters knew that it was dinner time. the neighbor kids would make cow noises...and NONE of their moms was calling the cops.

    someone needs to punch that cunt neighbor in her cunt nose

  32. My kids attend a boarding school where most teachers live on campus. While there’s a daycare for school hours, know who’s babysitting off hours? Fourteen-year-olds. For pay. I was babysitting by myself for teachers at twelve and was making serious bank. This is absurd.

  33. In the 1930s, my late mother was babysitting four children under six years old when she was thirteen. And at the same time, since her mother had to work, she was helping to raise her brother, who was four years younger than her.

  34. Georgia, wtf….I read this article because I wanted to know where this Karen lived in Connecticut. I guess they are everywhere now? And the cops are Karens too? Someone need to disappear the neighbor and arson that house so Thad stays put next time. Mom is hot, bet that ex is having second thoughts.

  35. anything terrible could have happened to Thaddeus, including being kidnapped, run over, or "bitten by a venomous snake.

    Or the government could have kidnapped his mother and sent her to a reeducation camp.

  36. A 4.45 GPA? I imagine that one needs that these days to differentiate themselves from the average students with a 4.1 GPA.

    1. In schools where straight As on coursework appropriate to one's year (freshman, sophomore, etc) will earn you a 4.0, taking a course early (junior math in sophomore year, frex) or AP classes can lead to extra points and an "average" above 4.0.

  37. Interesting comments.
    A fact to bear in mind for all those claiming "It is a problem with the "Wokes"'
    This is a bright Red County in a Bright Red state with a paranoid attitude, you should read the anti-Human Trafficking legislation they have, talk about obsessed.

    1. So you're saying that a state that managed to eke out two Democrat senators because orange man bad is bright red. I think I might see the problem. Have you been checked for (sorry for the racist term) color blindness?

  38. If you ever catch me "helicopter parenting," I'm usually more concerned about Karen unleashing the power of the state on my kids rather than any intrinsic physical danger.

  39. We're talking about the armpit of the old south, maybe the crotch
    what do you expect from the yocal boss hog? lucky there's no bedsheets, ropes or burning cross involved.

  40. is the tattle tale jealous and the oinker horny? 94694

  41. As everyone Elsa has said
    1) Really good looking family, I vote to acquit mom at trial cause she is pretty.
    2) Neighbor is a total Karen and should be beaten and threatened to never call the cops again
    3) My parents left me alone at age 13. I could even take the sailboat out overnight with all my degenerate friends
    (That was a mistake as we went to Fire Island and partied all night)

    1. Where is the edit button!?
      As everyone else has said

  42. Where to start?
    What neighbor calls the cops rather than calling the house and saying: "Hey your kids here" ?
    I made a lot of my extra money as a 13-15 year old as a babysitter, and routinely kept my younger sibs.
    My dad was from Georgia and I always thought the folks there were better than this
    Venomous snake? Did they really say that?
    Come on, people!

  43. This is the MOST egregious overuse and abuse of power.

  44. I'm ambivalent on this. No, the woman should not be prosecuted for child neglect for this incident. But I do not have much sympathy for parents who--let's be real--have more kids than they can or want to manage. Pawning kids off on their older siblings is literally neglect, if not legally neglect. Putting kids in daycare is actually worse, though, as it indicates contempt/apathy for one's child. So what's an octomom to do? I dunno, maybe not become octomom in the first place. Or if too late, find a way to ensure one parent is home all the time. If that makes you poor, oh well...choices! Think about it: if people stopped having kids they don't want to actually raise, then Bill Gates and Tony Fauci wouldn't have to invent viruses and lethal fake-vaccines to curb overpopulation!

    1. No, it is not literally neglect, unless the kids are put in great danger somehow. The far-fetched possibility of a snake bite does not count as neglect.

      You may disapprove of how most parents rear their kids, but you agree it is not criminal, so why is it anyone's business?

  45. Five to one odds that the neighbor who called this in is named "Karen".

  46. I live 20 minutes from's a pretty little mountain town where people still leave doors open when they're home...Complete overreach and overreaction. What a shame.

  47. He added that even a guilty verdict would most likely not result in prison time for Henderson, but thought that forbidding her from letting her daughter babysit might be a good idea.

    Given the time since the event, the daughter is like 16 by now. In his mind is anyone *ever* old enough to babysit?

  48. Way, way, way the fuck back in the 70's, when I was a teen in center city Philadelphia, it was pretty standard for parents to go on trips and leave their teens home alone for a weekend or maybe even a week. They would stock up on groceries, leave a few hundred bucks cash, and say "see you guys next week. Call if you need anything." There was pot smoking, pizza, cheese-steaks, sex, maybe a small or large party, and maybe a little more. But, nobody died. Actually, that's the standard I later learned in the army - nobody died. If no one died, there's nothing to investigate.

  49. My parents were like Lenore. They knew any poisonous snake I found would end up trapped in a jar with holes punched in the lid.

  50. This has happened before? Plus this time the kid was naked from the waist down? Oh wait, I am the parent and I get to pick the babysitter AND if it so happens she loses sight of half naked kid, who wonders outside alone, there are no consequences? What if he stayed inside and played with matches and 'took out' the family in the process because he was left unsupervised? Jail and a huge fine is ridiculous. But I wonder if they made her a decent offer but she just craves and loves the attention?

    1. Yes, kids have played in the yard before.

  51. Can you imagine the gross negligence? Just look at that jungle of tall grass wriggling with hidden serpents slithering covertly... lurking, hissing, stalking, cocked and tumescent, lying in wait for a tender-footed youngster to sink their fangs into and inject deadly venom!

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