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Whoopi Goldberg's 2-Week Suspension From The View Is Idiotic

What's the point?


The View host Whoopi Goldberg is the latest victim of cancel culture, depending upon how broadly one defines the term. After making the bizarre claim that the Holocaust was not an example of racism—and then reiterating this view during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert—Goldberg was dealt a two-week suspension by ABC.

"Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments," said Kim Godwin, president of ABC News, in a statement on Tuesday. "While Whoopi has apologized, I've asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities."

I have yet to find anyone who agrees with the punishment. Goldberg's comments do not appear to come from a place of maliciousness toward Jewish people—in fact, she has described herself as a non-practicing Jew in the past. What purpose does the suspension serve, except to chide a political talk show host from talking about politics? Goldberg made her claim, and was called out and repeatedly corrected. She wasn't underplaying the horrors of the Holocaust or denying anti-Semitism, she was earnestly making a point that, as it turns out, is wrong.

Here's how she defended herself on Colbert:

"This is what's interesting to me, because the Nazis lied," said Goldberg. "It wasn't [about race]. They had issues with ethnicity, not with race. Because most of the Nazis were white people and most of the people they were attacking were white people. So for me, I'm thinking, how can you say it's about race if they were fighting each other? It all really began because I said how will we explain to children what happened in Nazi Germany. I said, this wasn't racial, it was about white on white."

There's a kernel of an interesting point here, in that the Nazis very deliberately pioneered the idea of a single white race that was set apart from—and in their view, superior to—all other races. Prior to the 20th century, various peoples we would all consider white by today's standards did not identify as part of the same racial tribe: There was no broad, united consensus that the Italians and the Irish, for instance, were racially linked. People of different European countries, even different neighboring countries, were often considered part of the generic other, no matter how alike they looked. The Nazis had different ideas.

They certainly considered Jews to be part of an inferior, non-white racial group, however. Their anti-Jewish rhetoric was starkly racial. That's where Goldberg's comments really go off the rails.

She's right that in a world where racial categories have been expanded to include all white-looking people in the same bucket, modern children might have difficulty understanding why Jews—who are now frequently considered to be white, even though many of them are not—suffered racial genocide at the hands of people who more or less look similar to them. But that doesn't mean the Holocaust was somehow devoid of racial motivations. It was very much about race.

Even so, it's hard to see why The View needed to dish out a suspension. Goldberg's comments were no less informed than her usual remarks on COVID-19: She recently suggested, for instance, that prevention measures must continue because of the threat coronavirus poses to kids.

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  1. Whoopi Goldberg's 2-Week Suspension From The View Is Idiotic
    What's the point?

    Uhh, the point, if you had been paying attention is, the Rules say that anything spoken that is in the least bit untoward in the realm of the dominant progressive thought is to be canceled and shunned. If we can remove a sitting president of the US from all dominant social media platforms in one single day, then what the fuck do we care about a washed up D-list TV personality?

    1. [mike drop] = Soave's reaction to your comment. He'll get a case of the vapors for sure.

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    2. Whoopi’s being punished for her innocent remarks is not even comparable to Trump’s years-long history of vitriolic, divisive tweets, topped off by cheering on the rioters trying to violently stop the peaceful, lawful transition of Trump’s presidential administration to the new administration that won the election.

      1. Cite?

        1. It's like the people in the embassy who were getting sick from the Russian secret super-weapon. False story, no basis in fact, never retracted from the media, but generally believed and repeated.

          Just move on and accept people walking around in cloth masks. They believe, it's all that matters.

          1. It doesn't matter if they believe, as long as they comply.

            1. As long as they OBEY.

      2. "not even comparable to Trump’s years-long history of vitriolic, divisive tweets"

        Hail mighty sealion!
        I didn't know Trump said anything racist or anti-Semitic, too? Do you have an example? Or were you just trolling again?

        1. Didn't Trump pee on some Russian hookers? They could have been Russian Jews and that would be antisemitic behavior. Isn't there a story on the internet about that?

          1. Well, we're on the internet now, so yes.

      3. the vitriol!

      4. You're on the wrong forum. MSNBC (i.e. MiS iNformation BullCrap) => thataway. Right next to CNN/PBS/Pravda.

        1. LOL, I’m a libertarian making libertarian observations at a libertarian website. I couldn’t be more in exactly the right place.

          1. For a progressive leftist attempting to gaslight casual/occasional readers into thinking leftist totalitarianism is acceptable, even preferable, within libertarianism... sure.

          2. Mike's about as libertarian as Pol Pot.

          3. "I’m a libertarian making libertarian observations at a libertarian website."

            Let's be clear: Mike has numerous times claimed that libertarians are crazy and that the NAP is not a good moral guideline.

            He is claiming to be libertarian now, only because it is inconvenient to admit he disagrees with then. When it is convenient for him to deny being a libertarian, he will do so thrice over.

            1. Our very own libertarian Judas.

          4. you are a liar, not a libertarian. both start with "L" but not the same.

          5. Cite?

      5. As if Whoopi doesn't have a long history of divisiveness, vitriol, and cheering on the murderous rampages that constituted the BLM riots?

      6. You sound like a leftist pretending to be libertarian........
        Trump never cheered on rioters, that was democrats during the summer riots, guess you are easily confused.
        Whoopi's remarks were not innocent, they were ignorant....get it straight.

    3. It's also a pretty astoundingly unprincipled "BOWF SIDEZ!" equivocation. Trump was an anti-Semite because, uh, apparently no one knew his SIL was Jewish, I guess, and he was a white-supremacist because he didn't denounce the statement "Good people on both sides." vociferously enough. Whoopi, OTOH, even if unintentionally, is on the verge of Holocaust denial, which was pretty taboo even for people who were banally and agnostically pointing out things like the Nazis didn't consume enough fuel to burn 12M Jewish corpses, well before 'Cancel Culture'.

    4. How about my spoken words,, Published is that Auschwitz had 3 orchestras, one a woman's, a band that played at official ceremonies, 2 swimming pools, a brothel, special privileges for pregnant inmates, (over 1000 births), and Jewish docs treated the guards. Vents on the alleged chamber's roof were added AFTER the war during Soviet occupation according to aerial photos! In any case, the vents would have vented onto the German sick bay, on the adjoining building's 1st Fl. A brick from the wall of the alleged gas chamber that was analyzed by Max Plancke Inst. scientist Germar Rudolf showed sufficient Zyclone B gas to DELOUSE. The German Govt imprisoned him for a few years fr stating facts. With the available facilities, they would still be cremating the 6M. IRC records showed.. 1/4M died.

      1. You know what? If a man had infinite wealth, money, power, respect, sex, drugs, rock-'n'-roll, hot-'n'-cold running wine, women, and song, and then got locked inside of his Kublai Khan "stately pleasure dome"... the first thing he'd want is a way out!

        Whether you're Old School or Neo-, Fuck off, Nazi!

      2. Wow, a genuine holocaust denier.

        1. Dee pretends she doesn’t ignore Misek for some odd reason.

        2. Sic him, Sealion! Sic him!

      3. Yep, the Nazis were just trying to delouse the Jews, but couldn't quite get the dosages correct, right asshole?

      4. What the actual fuck...

        1. Must be a new handle for Rob Misek, never seen this handle before but it was muted and Misek is one of the few people I've muted. And after unmuting it and reading it, it definitely reads like Misek level of bullshit. If it was Mormons instead of Jews I'd bet it was KAR. But based on the fact that it's Holocaust denial I would have to conclude it's Misek.

          1. I have MISEK blocked too but I could actually read this post——unfortunately.

      5. Seriously? The band at Auschwitz played in the morning and the evening to serenade the slave laborers as they started and ended their day.

        And all of those emaciated people in the videos taken by the Soviets at liberation? Crisis actors. Really, really dedicated crisis actors.

        My grandfather was in the Corps of Engineers in Europe in 44/45. His unit stumbled upon a Nazi atrocity in progress in April ‘45. A small one, only around 1200 unarmed people trapped in a barn and burned alive. I’ve got pictures he took that day. You’re totally full of shit.

        1. The Gardelegen Massacre, if anyone is interested.

          1. It sound like previous pogroms inspired by Luther and others, where they'd force Jews into synagogues or shtetl;meeting houses and set them on fire.

            I guess Misek and Tom would deny those too. Assholes!

    5. She deserves to burn. I hope they fire her and she becomes largely unhirable. Not because I’m a proponent of cancel culture, but because she is part of the reason it exists and she should lay the price for that.

  2. Lol. She’s an idiot.

    1. She is actually quite dumb. And I'm old enough to remember her from like the late 80s/early 90s where she was often looked upon as a highly intelligent, almost wise sage in hollywood entertainment. But whenever she's allowed to ruminate at length, she's as dumb as a box of rocks.

      1. That was just because she played the wise black woman trope on Star Trek.

        Actors are good at pretending. Not many of them are good at writing and thinking this stuff up for themselves. Strange how often people give credence to the manufactured personalities of celebrities, but I really think it's because the press that covers them is just about as idiotic.

        1. Long before Star Trek she was see as a hip, insightful comedian. I never saw it, but that was how she was seen.

          1. I agree with you. This image was cultivated long before Star Trek. Her role in Star Trek was given to her because she had already cultivated this image... or, as we now know, the image was cultivated for her... or around her.

          2. Cite?

        2. Of course, if most Americans weren't sub-literate, soft-in-the-head sheeple, then the press, celebrities, nor politicians could do as much damage as they do.

      2. She was great in Predator.

        1. I was going to say 'racist' but the Yautja are a completely different species so, fair play.

        2. She also replaced the original actor who played Jabba the Hutt for the Star Wars prequels. The studio saved a ton of money by hiring her. As no special effects and minimal make up were required.

          1. I thought that was Sally Struthers?

            1. She had to drop out due to injuries sustained from a misunderstanding with whale hunters.

  3. "She's right that in a world where racial categories have been expanded to include all white-looking people in the same bucket"

    Yeah and that is by design. The racist attempt to declare what is and isn't a race- damn your actual heritage- is no different than people who considered North African and Sub-Saharans as the same "race" despite being very different genetically and culturally.

    1. I think it's more insidious than that, not useful idiots like Goldberg know it. It's more of an attempt to rewrite history. You can't claim that that a couple cases of police brutality against black men is the worst anything if that anything includes the holocaust. Ideally, such inconvenient history could be completely memoryholed and never brought up again, but that's only possible in limited circumstances for now.

      Thus, the holocaust still happened, sort of, but it totally wasn't about race. And you're still a racist nazi, despite the nazis not being motivated by race.

      1. "...despite the nazis not being motivated by race."

        Well, they were, and they were not! Humans are complicated!

        From the article:

        "The Nazis had different ideas.
        They certainly considered Jews to be part of an inferior, non-white racial group, however. Their anti-Jewish rhetoric was starkly racial."

        Well yeah!!! AND they declared their Japanese allies to be "Yellow Aryans"!

        At the end of the day, it was ALL politics, all day, every day! "Race" would be TOTALLY ignored if it got in the way of POLITICS and POWER!! (Same as today, here. Some things never change!)

        1. You're too dumb to know this, but the Nazis called them "Honorary Aryans", not "Yellow Aryans".
          By this they acknowledged the Japanese, Palestinians, Finns, Hungarians, Greeks and Turks as races which had reached the greatness of the Nordics through convergent evolution.

          Really sarcasmic, you're too stupid and uneducated to be here. You're the comment section's very own "Whoopi".


            Right from the top... See the first paragraph. I can't copy-paste it, so I will not bother to transcribe. You, being a Perfect Person, would NEVER admit being wrong, anyway!

            WHY should we believe a DANGED thing that You say, lying ID thief?

            Hey MammaryBahnFuhrer… How is Your new org coming along? Are You gaining many new converts and perverts to “Expert Christian Theologians for Identity Theft?” And where do we sign up for your newsletter?

            In Mamma fesses to her being an identity-thief and sock!
            chemjeff radical individualist
            March.21.2021 at 4:27 pm
            Uh oh, I think you left your sock on.
            1. SQRLSY 0ne
            March.21.2021 at 5:06 pm
            Yeah, sigh.

            Hey MammaryBahnFuhrer, Expert Christian Theologian! Did Jesus appear to You in a vision, and tell You that ID theft is a GREAT, wonderful thing? Or ARE You Jesus, returned to us, maybe?

            1. Here you go retard. Go read the citations at the bottom.

              Your link is just that American writer's name for it, and not what the Nazis used. In German they were officially called "Ehrenarier". It definitely doesn't mean "Yellow Aryan".

              You're really too stupid to be here.

              1. And YOU are too EVIL to call Yourself an "Eminent Christian Theologian"! Oh Arrogant One! Did Your tinfoil hat allow You to brain-scan EVERY NAZI-era German, every ONE of them in their tens of millions, for 12 years, and verify that NONE of them EVER called the Japanese "Yellow Aryans"? And a mere near-contemporary (or contemporary) American historian's word for it is NOT good enough for YOU, Oh Great Know-it-All?

                Getting back to Your EVIL...

                Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, Supreme Demonic Director of Decay, Destruction, and Death, will now SPEAK! HARKKK silently and RESPECTFULLY, all ye lowly heathens, as She Directs Death, and announces WHICH few of us MIGHT deserve to live, and WHO all deserves to DIE-DIE-DIE!!!

                “You should really join ᛋᛋqrlsy, ᛋᛋhrike. You two goosestepping fascists offing yourselves would definitely be a mitzvah.”

                -Quote MammaryBahnFuhrer the "Expert Christian Theologian"

                So Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, Supreme Demonic Director of Decay, Destruction, and Death... WHEN are You going to STOP stealing the IDs of Your victims, and then posting kiddie porn in THEIR names, and then blaming THEM?

                Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit!

                1. And the dirty old retard tries to change the subject as usual.

                  1. Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer, I would NEVER, in a million years, steal a person's ID, nor would I tell ANYONE that they should commit suicide! You, Perfect Person, can not STAND the idea that I'm a FAR better person than You are, can You?

                2. SQRLSY....You got waaaay out of your depth here. I'd stop.

                  1. Oh, I understand evil pretty well, actually. I've seen FAR more than my fair share of it! It's often pretty hopeless, actually, yes. Chances of Mammary-Necrophilia-Fuhrer ever seeing and recognizing Her evil are vanishingly small, yes. But they are NOT zero, and the effort on my part here is also small. It clarifies my thinking. Most of all, SOME other readers might have their thinking stimulated!

          2. By Finns, I assume you mean the Finnish tribes and the Saami, and not the Germanic Finnish people.

            1. Yes, the Suomalaiset, Sápmi and Sámi.

              1. Which is funny because Quisling, and the Norwegian Fascists actively persecuted these groups, so did the Germanic Finnish and the Swedish Government.

                1. Yes, but they had earned the German Nazis admiration during the East Karelian Uprising.

      2. Nothing is ever mentioned about the Polish or the Gypsys in Germany. They certainly don't want you bringing up the plight of the Irish in America. But they still need the Jews and the Japanese because those guys got reparations.

        1. The Roma have a different identity about what happened to them. They don’t seem to look backwards as much as others. My Romanian friends have tried educating me. I spent time with them in Romania. And I don’t understand them at all other than they are no less human than I.

  4. Whoopi did not see what she said wrong.

    1. So she was in goose step with the rest of the far left?

      1. She pick a highhill to die on

        1. Don’t you mean oven?

          1. Oventually, perhaps

  5. One one hand, I think this is overblown and she shouldn't be suspended.

    One the other hand, as often as the four horsewives have called for others to be banned, she should be.

    You don't want to know what my third hand is doing.

    1. She shouldn't be suspended, or cancelled, no. But that doesn't mean she shouldn't be mocked and humiliated for talking out of her ass.

    2. It's a tempest in a teapot. Let the viewers decide. It's all for optics.

    3. Who really gives a shit about The View anyway?
      Aren't they completely irrelevant to your daily life?

      1. What’s that?

      2. It's like a multi-car collision...appalling, yet oddly fascinating.

      3. Everyone from the view should be suspended...

        ...over a woodchipper.

        Someone had to work that into this thread.

    4. It's not necessarily overblown, but a suspension is the dumbest thing to do. Either her views are reprehensible and ABC has to cut ties with her, or they're acceptable and ABC has no problem with her. It's very transparently an attempt to split the virtue-signal difference.

    5. You don't want to know what my third hand is doing.

      Regardless of what it's doing, the fact that it comes up in association with Whoopi and The View means it's gross.

    6. What are you, a Hindu God?

  6. Stupid suspension, agreed.

    Her comments border on being hateful, though. "That wasn't racism, racism is only about what happens to black people," is the idea she seemed to be getting at. She also got close to "All white people look the same."

    There's definitely an interesting point to be about how the destruction of the Nazis is much deeper than simply the "racism" platitude. It starts with the simple bigotry of sorting yourself into groups, and identifying a group as the "other" on which to blame all your problems, and it doesn't have to fall upon racial lines or even ethnic lines. But that's not even close to the point Whoopi was trying to make, and she was never going to point out that it enabled by the evils of prioritizing the "collective good" over the individual.

    1. “racism is only about what happens to black people”

      Don’t think so. She just seemed to be unaware that Jews were seen as a race, not an ethnicity. With a bit different concept back then of what “race” is.

      The whole idea of “races” is kinda made up human b.s., anyway, without any solid basis in biology.

      1. Don’t think so.

        Hey, shitweasel, that's exactly what she said - "I said, this wasn't racial, it was about white on white."

        Please apologize.

      2. “Race” is a categorization progressives/fascists have been using to push their hateful ideologies and gain power for more than a century.

        The specific racial categories they fabricate depend on what serves their political objectives best at any particular time.

      3. And that's the real point: all these attempts to divide people by race are shit that comes from assholes

      4. Don’t think so. She just seemed to be unaware that Jews were seen as a race, not an ethnicity.

        Kinda hard to believe with Whoopi spending a good chunk of her life in Hollywood. I would think she might have encountered a Jew or two and heard a few stories.

        The whole idea of “races” is kinda made up human b.s., anyway, without any solid basis in biology.

        Tribal. With some theological basis from the Bible and the 12 tribes of Israel. Digging deeper there may have been a biological reason one group shyed from another. Maybe mixing the gene pool yielded poor results or on the other hand become necessary to expand the genes. Biology would also play a part in how certain tribes adapted to the environment they were in. All conjecture of course.

        1. "Kinda hard to believe with Whoopi spending a good chunk of her life in Hollywood. I would think she might have encountered a Jew or two and heard a few stories."

          Someone at some Hollywood party sat down with her and had a conversation about how the Jews were considered a race during the 1930s-1940s, so be careful not to make the mistake of saying on national TV that they are an ethnicity not a race? You don't think there's a good chance she never happened to have that particular conversation with anyone?

          1. If she didn’t understand what was what, then she’s truly retarded level stupid and just needs to STFU.

            Have you been to Auschwitz? I have. Even as a history buff growing up I still really didn’t comprehend the magnitude of it until I saw it. It’s fucking stunning. I’ve got a video of the exhibit that shows the shows that victims wore to the camps and no longer needed. Piles of shoes 100 ft long and 30 plus feet tall and deep. Hundreds of thousands of shoes. I’ll be glad to shoot a copy of to to Whoopi if she really wants her head out of her ass. But I don’t think she cares. Her ax is the only one worth grinding.

            Also. Krakow is a kick ass place to visit.

            1. Shoes, not shows. Fucking autocorrect.

          2. Whoopi is an uneducated, ignorant, angry progressive. Like the people who admire abs defend her.

            What’s your point?

            1. My point is your point. She’s an imbecile. And doesn’t give a shit about her ignorance because her politics have convinced her that she’s superior to everyone.

          3. Someone at some Hollywood party sat down with her and had a conversation about how the Jews were considered a race during the 1930s-1940s, so be careful not to make the mistake of saying on national TV that they are an ethnicity not a race? You don't think there's a good chance she never happened to have that particular conversation with anyone?

            You're right. I'm sure the idea of the Jewish race versus the master race or was it the Aryan race, never came up in one of those Oscar after-parties or at any other time with the Whoops. She probably didn't even get there were actual Jews in Hollywood. If the subject did get broached, she probably just tilted her head in confusion and said, 'but aren't they both just white?'

          4. Cite?

        2. The science is that all of the characteristics that define race are simply heritable traits. 'Race' is just family/tribe on a scale of millennia.

          I would conjecture that the rest is simply the result of geographic isolation. The rejection of the lame and the uggos without all the modern moralizing would easily account for homogeneity in the population.

      5. "Race" is a vague supergroup of "family" that has so many edge cases and variation within the "races" as to be completely useless for any biological, cultural, or other distinction.

      6. fuck off

    2. "That wasn't racism, racism is only about what happens to black people," is the idea she seemed to be getting at. She also got close to "All white people look the same."

      This is it exactly. They can't have blacks be the ultimate victims if there are any other victims of anyone else, so they get defined down.

      Another word for this (and where these ideas spring from) is afrocentrism.

      1. Right. It isn't about fighting division and hateful behavior; it's about framing the narrative to advance her team.

        1. Yes it was denial of history for her own gain and it backfired.
          i hear she is now threatening to quite over the suspension. this shows she thinks she is better than all others and now i don't care that she was suspended which i thought was silly in the first place but now she can go hide with Trudeau

    3. Her comments border on being hateful, though. "That wasn't racism, racism is only about what happens to black people," is the idea she seemed to be getting at. She also got close to "All white people look the same."

      Yeah, she was defending the idea that racism is something only people of color suffer. In reality, there can be white on white racism, because any group thought to have genetic differences from another group is a race.

    4. Nazism is just standard progressivism done by Germans

      1. Indeed.

  7. Roseanne was fired over a Tweet.

    Gina Carano was fired over an image that did not insult the Holocaust in any way.

    Do not like the rules? Do not set them up then.

    Whoopi should ALSO be fired to be remotely consistent.

    1. I never agreed to the rules so I'd rather the rules just went away instead of having any consistency applied to them.

      1. I did not either, but the only way the rules ever change is if EVERYBODY is subject to them. If only people viewed as "The Right" are subjected to them, then the rules will remain and still be unevenly enforced.

      2. Thinker, I would generally agree. However, in general, one of the best ways to get a bad rule removed is to follow it to the letter. "Working to rule" and "bothering by the book" are stock phrases for a reason.

    2. Let's see what happens in two weeks, damikesc. They probably are hoping it blows over.

      1. Oh, I give zero chance of her being fired.

        1. If she was let go but with a golden parachute, would that be a Whoopi cushion?

          1. A Rude Goldberg experiment?

            1. She sure did pick an asshole-through-the-ear (and mouth) way of doing things.

          2. With real gas to go with the sound.

    3. If she had any kind of right leaning views, she would be fired on the spot.

      Gina Carrano made a vague comparison that didnt even diminish the holocaust, and was erased. Whoopi just pulled a "jews are just other whites" and crickets

    4. Leftist, rules, and consistency are all mutually exclusive words, that widen rapidly when viewed as concepts.

  8. It's a time out for her to reflect on what she and her co-host have inflicted on society with their woke politics.

  9. “ Prior to the 20th century, various peoples we would all consider white by today's standards did not identify as part of the same racial tribe”

    You could say race is a “social construct.” So how long will it be until you’re a bigot for not letting everyone pick their own?

    1. Just FYI, Critical Race Theorists agree that it's just a social construct, but where they deviate from the Post Modernist view is they conclude that the social constructs are "useful".

      1. Just as long as transPOCs are POCs.

        All my life, I’ve always felt… wrong with my race. People kept treating me like I was privileged, but I never felt privileged. More the opposite, as if I wasn’t welcome anymore, and my contribution was less than others who were better than me.

        That’s when I realized… I’m a minority. I am a minority. I’ve been living a lie, trying to be privileged, when I’m not.

        Now, as a POC, life makes sense to me.

      2. ya the left's postmodern "everything is a social construct" is poorly thought out (of course)

        - gender is a social construct, men and women are the same: OK so the wage gap isnt real then?
        - race is a social construct: OK cool im actually 4 different kinds of "undesirable" white heritage, and I grew up in poor neighborhoods with all black kids. Therefore I identify as a racial minority.

        They dont think more than 1 step from where they are

        1. That's because there's a pile of fecal excrement in the back of their mental cage.

      1. Except she didn't get away with it.

        Shaun King, on the other hand, continues the ruse and to a certain amount of success. But usually, once people are caught out, they get shunned pretty quick. You can pretend to be a woman, but you can't pretend to be another race. That appears to be a bridge too far, a line that shouldn't be crossed, a hand that shouldn't be played...

        1. Senator Warren suggests otherwise.

          1. After her disastrous DNA own goal, she stopped talking about it. The past is, unfortunately, a matter of record. Perhaps one day, there'll be a reckoning.

            1. She became a Harvard law professor and that helped catapult her to the US senate. A white law professor at Pepperdine probably doesn’t get to where she is.

          2. Oh, and didn't she go to a casino somewhere and make some vague apologies or something?

          3. I heard she’s trying to be nominated to the Supreme Court as the first woman of color.

  10. Judaism is a religion and ethnicity (Askenazi, Sephardic) not a race, so she’s right. Although Jews may have some physical features that distinguish them, they are considered white (I am 1/4 Jew for the record)

    1. Judaism is a religion and ethnicity, but the Nazis viewed them rhetorically as a race and "scientifically" as a sub-species.

    2. Judaism, a religion, is considered a race as it is passed through birth. From the religious context, it is passed exclusively through the mother. Although rare, one can convert to Judaism as Sammie Davis Jr. did so. The Nazis' definition is broader: one was considered Jewish if 3 grand parents came from Jewish families.

      1. Not that rare. The Falashas of Ethiopia were and are considered ethnically Jewish. (They claim descent from King Soloman,who was said to take many wives and concubines as a means to form alliance and expand his kingdom, as rulers did ancient times.) Also, there are Jewish communities in India and China that have heen there for centuries.

        1. Zimbabwe also

    3. My grandfather is Portuguese and when his family moved to Bermuda for agricultural work when he was a small child he had to go the "colored" school. You act like these definitions of what is " considered white" actually mean something or have any logic or continuity. Lately it appears that some Asian people are moving towards being "considered white" because having them be not-white goes counter to the narrative.

      At this rate, in 40 years the internment of the Japanese won't have any racial basis.

      1. Do we even discuss the internment of the Japanese anymore?

        1. As long as we don't admit it was a progressive Democrat that created them.

    4. Meriam-Webster's entry for race shows that the definition changed over the years. The modern definition says that any group thought to have physical differences from other groups due to common ancestry is a race. Jews are a race based on this definition if they are separated from white people by the perceiver.

      There was a Supreme Court case where a Syrian-American professor sued for racial discrimination. The lower court said he was white like his colleagues but the Supreme Court said he was a separate race and treated as a separate race.

    5. I don't think that's how the Nazis saw it.

  11. Sounds like she doesn't understand the official definitions of Black/White/race/ethnicity. For that she's being punished like a misbehaving ten-year-old.
    In fairness, I don't know nor care about the difference, either. But I don't have to.

  12. Point of order. Everything involving the view is idiodic

      1. Norm was the guest, not part of The View Crew. (And he was a very cool guest and comedian, I might add. I miss him.)

        1. From that, I have to give him endless credit for just sticking the knife in with Barbara Walters and twisting. The more she got offended, the more he messed with her. He knew exactly what to do to piss her off more, too. Must be the byproduct of a lifetime of shutting down hecklers.

          You can't help but be on his side. How is it a theoretical lifelong professional interviewer can't tell when someone is very obviously yanking their chain and keep cool? All of them are acting like they have the power to ruin his career, "We won't ask you back" and he just keeps on twisting that knife, keeps on smiling. What a pro.

          That was just awesome. Kudos to him.

    1. Objection. idiodic is not a word.

      1. For The View Crew, it's close enough for Gummint (and Gummint apologist) woik! 🙂

    2. Beat me to it

      Whoopi Goldberg's 2-Week Suspension From The View Is Idiotic


  13. Well, Disney fired Gina Carano from the Mandalorian for saying that part of why the Holocaust happened was the constant demonization of people by the Nazis which allowed the bulk of the population to be okay with it, and them compared that to the divisiveness today of how conservative are constantly demonized.

    Which was hyperbole, but probably not wrong

    So I guess Disney felt they had to do something similar to show they were even handed. Obviously, Whoopi wouldn't be fired (or fired from the new Star Trek Piccard)

    1. It wasn't really even that hyperbolic.

      1. Not really, as you say, because some of the first concentration camps were set up for politically unreliable people, such as Communists and pacifists and federalists. And among the first official acts of mass killings was against members of the SA that Hitler labeled as politically unreliable. Also, one the Nazi parties biggest hits against the Jews was that the Nazis accused them of being the founders of Bolshevism, and that they had undermined Germany in the first world war. So, even the persecution of the Jewish people was in part related to politics.
        Interestingly enough, the Nazis treated Jewish veterans of the first world war better than non-veterans, initially, but it didn't save them in the end.

        1. And well not widely discussed in history, some Jewish veterans initially supported the Nazi party before it came into power.

          1. All that shelling and machine-gun fire from The Great War must have affected their hearing.

            "Oy! You say Hitler hates the NEWS??? Feh! No news is good news!" 😉

        2. Jews were blamed by the Nazis for both Communism and Capitalism (not that Free-Market Capitalism is a bad thing,) but Nazi Anti-Semitism was still primarily racially-motivated because the politics were just a sub-set of all the evils blamed on Jews.

          To the Nazis, Jews were both bacilli or vermin and The Spawn of Satan. Nazis blamed Jews for everything from demonic possession to VD to "degenerate" art (their favorite term) to the length of women's skirts. And to Nazis, no Jew could ever redeem himself or herself by conversion or assimilation. To Nazis, extermination was "The Final Solution."

          1. Yes, that is correct, but my point was that politically unreliable people were also persecuted during the Holocaust. And the Nazis used the label of politically unreliable for the Jews to justify their actions to the greater German people.

          2. And it is also ironic when progressives label free market capitalists as being fascists and or Nazis, when the Nazis hated capitalists, and were much closer to a managed socialist economy, much like what progressives want.

            1. There is nothing ironic about it, it’s political strategy.

          3. The Nazis viewed Jews the same way modern progressives view cis hetero white males: as the source of all injustice and evil and the beneficiaries of massive unearned privilege.

            And the policy prescription the same: expropriation and discrimination.

  14. So I didn’t think wokeism could get any more retarded until today while discussing with coworkers about having a “brown bag lunch” series for people to talk about their projects, some mentioned that “brown bag” has racist overtones, and also they had heard that it triggered someone who had gone to a Catholic school where brown paper bags were placed over kids heads as punishment. I am not making this shit up!

    1. 20 years ago, I took a sociology class for a couple weeks, the final straw was when the "professor" claimed calling paper, colored, was racist. Dropped that class, that day.

    2. Obviously, to get the racist vibe, somebody associated "brown bag" with MD 20/20, Night Train, and Thunderbird. 🙂 This is easily broken by going to any local Skid Row to see that drunks drink anything with a buzz and drunks come in all shades, including dead pale.

      And while traumatized people do need to use coping strategies to deal with a world filled with common denominators, I must say that giving a "paper bag party" to a molester Priest would be quite therapeutic. 🙂

  15. This is one of the dumbest "controversies" in a long time.

    I'm looking forward to a completely ridiculous 2022.

  16. Couldn't possibly care less. Live by cancel-culture, die by cancel-culture. Karma's a bitch.

    1. No reason you should. It's just infighting between Goldbergs.

      1. Just like Witch-Huntings and Witch-Burnings were just one set of Mystics against another set of Mystics, right?

          1. Fuck off, Witch-Burner! Maybe you and Misek can share grilling techniques and "accidentally" leave the gas jets too open.

  17. Whoopi couldn't stand the fact that the Jews were infringing on her victimhood.

    1. My victimhood is bigger than your victimhood!!! My victimhood is the YUUUGEST victimhood EVAH, in the entire hood! Stay off of my turf!

      1. So Whoopi Goldberg took the bronze metal in the Special snowflake victim Olympics. Can't outshine those that designed the protocols of the game.

        1. Hmmm...What is this "protocol" of which you speak? You're not a version of Chumby from an Evil Multiverse, are you?

  18. Maybe they rename the show The Jiew

    Recall when Whoopi dated Ted Danson and he showed up to an event in blackface. Montel Williams was pissed.

    1. I remember a Whoopi Goldberg stand-up act on HBO where Whoopi was a little girl wearing a shirt as a long blonde "cas-ca-ska-dating" wig and was also playing a junkie visiting The Anne Frank House in The Netherlands. Obviously no stranger to controversies of this sort:

      Whoopi Goldberg Direct From Broadway

  19. Bad rules won't go away until everybody is affected by them.

    Now that the rules are being applied to "one of their own," perhaps some cooler heads on the left will have second thoughts about the Orwellian world they are creating.

    1. The rules are not being applied to one of their own. If they were, she would be fired from her job, doxxed, harassed in public, dropped by her agency, banned from social media, and completely unpersoned.

      This is just a performative wrist slap to make it *look* like the rules are being applied. She'll be right back on the air in two weeks, spewing the same ignorant nonsense as before.

  20. Prior to the 20th century, various peoples we would all consider white by today's standards did not identify as part of the same racial tribe: There was no broad, united consensus that the Italians and the Irish, for instance, were racially linked.

    Robbie, the Nazis were a mid 20th Century political movement.
    And, evn for Nazis, a lot of Jews were "Aryan enough" to serve in the military of the Third Reich:

    1. The Nazis were an early 20th Century movement.

      And fascism was primarily anti-capitalist. In Germany, “privileged wealthy capitalist/banker” just got conflated with “Jew”.

      In the US today, instead of Jews, progressives demonize and want to expropriate “privileged, cis hetero white males”.

      Little has changed in the progressive movement.

    2. All was allowed as long as you checked your privilege.

  21. This is the problem for people who don't condemn woke/cancel culture, especially those who actively support it. Everyone lives in glass houses, and therefore shouldn't throw stones. I only don't condemn her suspension because she is being hung on her own petards, however, I would much rather we eliminated cancelation all together. Also, has been stated already, several others who have said far less ignorant or hateful things have been fired, even by the parent company of ABC. So, the suspension at this times still appears to be a case of rules for thee and not for me.
    In related news old footage of Neil Young calling homosexuals faggots who spread disease, namely AIDs, by even touching food have resurfaced. And Joni Mitchell has often worn black face, and defended it by stating she identifies more as a black man than a white woman, therefore she can speak for black people has also resurfaced. This is the problem when anyone tries to police other people's behavior through peer pressure, they often end up looking like hateful hypocrites. I can't disagree with the idea that it may be necessary to force the woke culture to be held to the same standard as the hold everyone else. This may be the only way for them to realize the dangers of cancel culture and why it must be actively fought against. I wish it weren't so, but it may be necessary. Without risk to themselves, most of those pushing this nonsense may never realize how malevolent and metastatic it is.

    1. Sometimes you have to rub the puppy's nose in it to teach them.

    2. Thanks for a thoughtful, accurate, and balanced summary!

    3. Woke = postmodern nazism

      They will not be reasoned with, and they will not be peacefully persuaded.

      1. Likely you are right.

    4. My worry is that forcing the left to cancel themselves they will intern make canceling people for wrong thoughts an actual law which they are pretty much trying to do now anyway

  22. Yes, her suspension is dumb. If Americans want to listen to an ignorant, racist, fascists high school dropout, they should be able to!

    But don’t pretend that she isn’t malicious; she is.

    This is a woman who adopted a Jewish last name because she thought Hollywood was run by a Jewish conspiracy.

    This is a woman who spews hated every time she opens her mouth.

    1. Well said!

    2. "This is a woman who adopted a Jewish last name because she thought Hollywood was run by a Jewish conspiracy."


      1. The facts are all in the Wikipedia entry (though, of course, Wikipedia doesn't state the obvious conclusion as bluntly as I did): her mother said she thought a Jewish name/heritage would help her career, she claims to be part Jewish, but genetic tests and genealogy show there is no Jewish ancestry, no Jewish history, no link to the name "Goldberg".

        1. I read the Wikipedia. Darn right they don’t state it as bluntly you did. You went way beyond the facts to tell us things about Whoopi Goldberg that you could only know by reading her mind.

          1. What I stated is the only explanation of why she would take a Jewish identity and lie about it, in particular given the explicit statement by her mother.

            You’re welcome to try to state a plausible alternative interpretation. Go ahead, give it a try.

      2. We may never know her internal reasoning for culturally appropriating a jewish name. But we can know that by "the rules" cultural appropriation is bad and must be punished by deplatforming, doxxing, and being fired from your job or otherwise deprived of your livelihood.

  23. Live by the sword, die by the sword. We didn't make the rules, and if she can't live with those rules she shouldn't enforce them.

    1. What rule did Whoopi enforce?

      1. she wants Joe Rogen canceled she wants Tucker Carlson canceled if not arrested she has played with teh fire and now it burns

        1. She wants Joe Rogan canceled?

          One of the first things she did after her suspension from The View was to go on his show:

          1. Agh! Definitely a bad source!

            1. “On ‘The View’ this week, the co-hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, are defending Joe Rogan over calls for his enormously successful podcast to be canceled.”

          2. Weird how Rogan is 'allowed' to be beneficial to Whoopi.

        2. Here’s the most recent (and only) comment I could find from Whoopi on Tucker. I don’t see any call for his cancelation:

          Have you got a cite?

  24. Race is a purely social construct with no physiological or biological basis. While there may be higher incidences of a given disease among one race as compared to another, those same differences are greater among members of the same race than when compared to a different race.

    1. >Race is a purely social construct with no physiological or biological basis.

      This is both right and wrong. Races are a social construct with a genetic basis. Family-tribe-race/nation. Nation is cultural, race is genetic.

      Our use of "black" to lump together anyone of african descent confuses the issue. It would be more accurate to say "European Whites" are a race, and blacks descend from multiple races that share the feature of being "non-white."

      But culturally, I don't think it much matters in the US what part of Africa your ancestors originated.

      1. It really depends on how far back you go. Yes most Europeans today are descendants of Indo-European people's, but their migration into Europe occurred at multiple different, unique times.

        1. If we go by that, many Pakistanis, Persians, some Afghanis, Indians, etc could also be considered the same race, as they come from the same origins. Thus the name Indo-European.

  25. be brave write something about how skin color is literally just skin color.

    1. Good point! Also, why is orange bronzer OK... Seems to me, that THAT is "cultural appropriation" from the pumpkin community... But blackface is NOT?

  26. Right, two weeks out of work? How will she eat?

    1. fat fuck could lose a few

  27. I see her mistake as being more "historically ignorant" than "dumb."

    By which I mean she took the observation that "Nazis" and "Jews" are both white and then gave this some serious thought. IF Nazis and Jews are both white, THEN this is about ethnicity, not race. And perhaps this line of thought would be consistent with modern discussions around latinos, and our comedic failure to distinguish between Spaniards and mestizos.

    What's frankly hilarious is the irony of the black woman effectively saying "all you white people look alike" and not realizing that Nazis did not see Jews as "white." This highlights the memory hole in which progressives have stashed their history of eugenics, etc.

    1. "I see her mistake as being more "historically ignorant" than "dumb."..."

      Agreed, but that's a good reason to keep your yap shut.

      1. In the Flawlessly Perfect Eyes of Sevo the Pedo, ALL lesser beings (meaning EVERYONE who does NOT agree PERFECTLY with Sevo the Pedo, on ALL matters EVERYWHERE) should keep their yaps shut!

        SEVO THE PEDO HAS SPOKEN, all of ye lesser mortals! All Hail The Uber-Being!!!

    2. But the Nazis were concerned with the "Aryan race", and clearly to them Jews were not part of the "Aryan race", so for the Nazis it was clearly a racist issue.

  28. They're might not be any more Jews left; she ate them all......

    1. Matter-energy can neither be created nor destroyed! Let us reconstruct these Lost Souls from Her Ample Girth!

  29. If you fail to salute Gessler's cap, you'll have to shoot an apple off your son's head. It's simple tyranny. Ask William Tell.

  30. It's idiotic, because permanent expulsion was a better idea.

  31. I can't say anything about the point, but I could say dozens of reasons why she deserved that (and more).


    This Whoopi debacle has convinced me a whole lot of otherwise informed people still don't know what we're up against or how to deal with it.
    You cannot nice your way out of an attempted Communist takeover. You cannot understanding your way out of one either. You also cannot respectable your way out of one.
    Whoopi shouldn't be benched or fired *in a functioning liberal society*. We don't have one of those right now. The Communists have ruined it. They will not honor the detente because everyone else does. They depend on us making this mistake.

  33. Whoopi thought the holocaust wasn't racist because the Nazis and Jews were both white?!

    Holy shit.

    1. I mean, if you want to dig a little bit deeper, a lot of the anti-semitism was about the underlying politics. Hitler thought Capitalism was a Jewish conspiracy that was trying to undermine civilization; he felt the same way about Marxism.

      Of course, most of those political considerations were based upon his theory of race, in which he believed Jews were incapable of creating their own civilizations and could only leech off others, and that the ideal Aryan race was the pure blood needed to maintain a robust civilization. Social Darwinism is a pretty evil ideology because it leads people to draw these vast categorizations about ethnic groups without differentiating them from culture, social, and political considerations.

      1. More specifically, Whoopi's ideas about racism seem to be confined to black and white. Does she think "Mexican" is a race rather than a nationality, too? How binary are her ideas about race--if people can't be racist against Jews because they're both white? I know Puerto Ricans will blue eyes and blond hair. In Whoopi's mind, were the Japanese not racist against the Chinese because they're both Asian? Her understanding of race appears to be extremely limited--and yet isn't that a favorite topic? It's like finding out one of the guys on Car Talk can't tell the difference between a carburetor and a radiator.

        1. Did you even read the blog post above?

        2. It's like finding out one of the guys on Car Talk can't tell the difference between a carburetor and a radiator.

          *cue clip of mechanic staring at sturgeon that fell from space and crushed Homer Simpson's car*
          "He's ya problem. Itza furrein fish."

        3. " Whoopi's ideas about racism seem to be confined to black and white"

          Whoppi's ideas about racism ARE limited to "only blacks can be victims of racism".

    2. It’s not that big of a deal. She didn’t say the holocaust didn’t happen, she didn’t say it wasn’t evil.

      1. More deep thinking from our favorite dummy.

  34. Mr Soave,

    1--you obviously know nothing about Nazi Race Theory. You didn't have to try to explain it to make your point about Goldberg being suspended, and you really should avoid areas where you are ignorant. It's a bad look.
    2--Disney has a problem, having FIRED Gina Carano from "The Mandeorian" over something much less offensive--really, not offensive at all to any normal person.

    I might prefer to live in a world where people weren't punished for such things, but I don't get to choose the world I live in. Given what Disney did to Carano, and the nature of her "offense," 2 weeks for Goldberg for this is trivial. Literally, the least they could do and try to look consistent.

    1. Please inform us of how he got Nazi race theory wrong…

      1. Nazi racial politics weren’t formulated in terms of “white” vs “non-white” as Soave erroneously states.

  35. It is hard for people of a certain age to understand this "controversy." When I was in high school (60s) ) we were taught that science recognized three races within homo sapiens: Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Whoopi would have taken high school biology in the early 70s. I see today, internet responses, that there are now five races: three above plus Amerindian and Pacific Islanders. Certainly in the 60s, no one was trying to claim that Jews were a separate race - that would have been agreeing with the recently discredited and destroyed Nazi "master race" theorists. Just because the Nazis thought there was a master Aryan race that excluded other scientifically labelled Caucasians, doesn't make it so. So the Holocaust was about false
    race theories. Whoopi could have explained her thinking better but let's not go down the road that Jews and other ethnic or religious groups are a separate race. Better we should recognize that we are all one race - the Human Race.

    1. When asked for "race" on various forms (non-governmental - they get pissy and have no sense of humor, it's better to just blank that), my response is "human".

      1. I always answer that on the Census and the number of dwellers and that is it! No other demographic shit. So far, in 30 years, no gens d'arms from the Census have visited me. (And if you've ever seen Census takers in person, you'd know why.)

    2. "Whoopi would have taken high school biology in the early 70s..."

      Maybe not. Her biography-

      "Whoopi had a troubled adolescence; she got into drugs as a teenager, and dropped out of high school at an early age..."

      and FWIW "...She reportedly acquired her unusual nickname on account of her disposition to flatulence..."

    3. "Just because the Nazis thought there was a master Aryan race that excluded other scientifically labelled Caucasians, doesn't make it so. So the Holocaust was about false race theories. "

      But even if the Nazi race theories were false, for the Nazis, it was all about their master race. So the "final solution" against Jews was a racist action. It doesn't matter if they were wrong.

      (Ignoring the fallacy of "hate crime" laws) If someone assaults a man on the street, beats him to death, while shouting "Die queer! God hates faggots! The only good homo is a dead homo!" it doesn't really matter if the victim was not gay. The killer assumed/believe the victim was and that he deserved it.

    4. Well stated and an excellent defense of Whoopi. The question is not whether the Holocaust was racism but whether it was evil, and she never said it wasn't. But, ... insofar as one of the major tenets of liberalism is that racism is the most evil of all isms, and because Whoopi is a card-carying liberal, it's not unreasonable to infer from her comments that she was downplaying the Holocaust and perhaps even implying that the plight of Blacks in the racism of 2022 America is worse than that of Jews under Nazism--a truly despicable implication! This inference is strongest, not among conservatives, but among liberals themselves. Hence the need to punish her. Either she's claiming the Holocaust was not that bad or, (a much bigger sin) she's claiming that there exists evil greater than racism.

  36. Bullshit!

    To the extent that race exists as opposed to ethnicity, there has to be some discernible genetic difference between the two races. Negroid/Caucasoid/Mongoloid I get (for the purpose of argument), with fair clear archetypes (although the edges are completely indistinct), but Semetic vs Aryan? And, how, without checking for genetic markers do you tell the difference.

    Goldberg is a fine comedian and fun actress, but that's where it stops. We need to stop giving actors and sports personalities soapboxes to blabber from.

  37. Sooner or later the Revolution always eats its own. Wokeism is no different. When you make a living trying to take away people's free speech, eventually you suffer the same fate.

    This was really an attempt to denigrate white people. Essentially her message was "it's not a problem if white people kill each other. That's okay. But if white people kill blacks, that's a problem."

    1. When did Goldberg try to take away anyone’s free speech?

  38. Might this be what Whoopi Goldberg was thinking of?

    From the ADL website:

    "Systemic Racism: A combination of systems, institutions and factors that advantage white people and for people of color, cause widespread harm and disadvantages in access and opportunity."

    This is part of woke ideology. Whoopi Goldberg's mistake was raising this prominently is front of the normies too soon.

    1. Nothing she said about Nazis and Jews had anything to do with the systemic racism stuff you just quoted.

      1. Yes, and that is exactly the problem.

  39. "There's a kernel of an interesting point here, in that the Nazis very deliberately pioneered the idea of a single white race that was set apart from—and in their view, superior to—all other races."

    No, Soave, they really did not. They did have this mad concept of an Aryan race that was, in their view, superior, but it did not cover everyone who is considered "white" in 2022 or even 1932.

    1. Hell, they considered the English a distinct race. Closer to Aryans than Jews or Slavs or Indians, but not Aryan

  40. Is she suspended without pay? If not then this is just a two week payed vacation with a stern talking too.

  41. It is all ridiculous.
    But in one way it is good. The leftists set up this whole system to purge their enemies. They carefully monitor everything conservatives or even moderates say, for something to use as a pretense to cancel them
    As long as the leftists do not need to worry about it being used against them, they will keep doing it. Once everyone is at risk, perhaps they will stop, and we can have normal interactions without worrying that the red guards will decide to denounce us.

  42. A question for the “Whoopi wasn’t wrong” crowd. Several years ago didn’t some people do what they could with science in order to try to approximate what Jesus looked like? And I remember their conclusion (which is pretty basic common sense anyway) was that Jesus looked like a Middle Eastener. Jesus and the rest of the original Jews were Arabs.

    The left was tickled pink because it “proved” that the paintings of White Jesus with the flowing locks were basically bullshit.

    Jews are primarily of Arab descent. Whoopi is a nasty hateful fool.

    1. Well, Arabs and Jews are different in descent, language, and many cultural ways, but both are speakers of Semitic languages and are both considered Semites.

      As for the accurate portrayal of Jesus, a blank canvas would have sufficed. 🙂

  43. Arabs, Jews, Russians, Italians, Turks, Spaniards, and Greeks are obviously all white.

    It is some truly bizarre belief system of the modern American left that says otherwise.

  44. So we're supposed to believe the Nazis?

    1. As A Holocaust survivor summed up the lesson of The Twentieth Century, when someone says they want to kill you, believe them.

  45. Nazis, all of Germany and many other nations have had problems with Jews because of the Jews own actions.

    Prior to WW1 Jews were better treated in Germany than anywhere else in Europe. Until they stabbed Germany in the back by coercing the anti war US to enter the war in exchange for a deal with Britain, the Balfour declaration, to steal Palestine.

    The resulting post war years of suffering by the German people under the treaty of Versailles and the Weimar Republic made Germans recognize that its unwise to trust Jews to whom lying is religion.

    In 1932 the Nazi party was democratically elected and globally Jews declared war on Germany. Jewish leaders promised to bring another world war to Germany and they forced Germany into it through global boycotts against all German trade. Instead of surrendering, Germany invaded Poland just as Jews hoped they would.

    After the war, Jews declared the apartheid state of Israel beginning the last 74 years of Middle East conflict, terrorism, suffering and war.

    Judaism is a religion, not a race.

  46. Race and ethnicity are now widely assumed to be the same thing, as ethnicity is demonstrated by the clustering of genetic differences commonly observed in unrelated people from proximal locations.

    Race is now widely assumed to be a social distinction based on purely social criteria specific to a place and time. The overlap between race and genetic ethnicity is thus a big muddle.

    Goldberg's opinion seems to boil down to a statement that Nazis were aiming for extermination of a race using contradictory terminology to exterminate a social grouping.

    This is hurtful?

    1. If race is a choice it’s perfectly reasonable to discriminate against what is considered a bad choice.

      A Christian is a race eh? Fuckwits.

    2. What race is a black Jew?

    3. It would appear that now we're supposed to believe the free-flowing Nazi non-definition of "race". Goldberg's observation that it was one group of white people against another is true; she's just making a statement about the cynical nature of people's lying to make everything about race.

  47. Rosanne Barr got fired. The two week suspension is certainly no the "equity" the left touts. It is not idiotic, it is dangerous, as we see anyone with certain views penalized harshly and shut up, and the same view is treated mildly by the people that claim to be for equity! It is a serious censorship problems. Not just who is shut up, but who is allowed to spout falsehoods.

  48. Would most critics of Goldberg also support better education on the Holocaust? American students need to learn more about the evils of tribalism and authoritarianism.

    1. All holocaust information is 100% ideological indoctrination.

      It is illegal to perform unbiased forensic analysis or sharing results that refute the holocaust in every nation where it allegedly occurred. That’s ideological indoctrination.

    2. Speaking for myself, to answer your question, yes.

  49. I don't recall Soave criticizing the firings and cancellations of even one of the hundreds/thousands of conservatives or moderates.

    But of course, Soave doesn't want any woke left wing socialist totalitarian racists to be suspended for even two weeks.

  50. It may be idiotic, but if "the rules" are going to apply, we're going to apply them good and hard until everyone understands how idiotic the rules are.

  51. Let's see if I get Whoopi's point: It's somehow ok that the Nazis killed a bunch of Jews, because it wasn't racist (according to her misguided definition of racism).

    Is that the gist of it?

    1. Right. It was about man's inhumanity to man. No word if she connected this with the vilification of the unvaccinated.

  52. What's the point?!
    Out of sight, out of mind.
    They figure this will blow over after a couple weeks and they won't have to address it.

  53. >"I have yet to find anyone who agrees with the punishment."
    Thus channeling Pauline Kael.

    That be's some well English right there.

  54. One of the tenets of modern liberalism is that racism is the most evil ism of them all. Since Whoopi is a card-carying liberal it was certainly not unreasonable for one to conclude from her comments that she was downplaying the evilness of the Holocaust, perhaps even implying that the plight of European Jews in the 30s and 40s was not as bad as that of Black Americans today. But she never said that and I only wish she'd been pressed on the question because I think she'd ultimately admit that the Holocaust was much worse than whatever impact racism is having in today's America. Obviously!

    Hence the need for the Left to punish her. It leads to the inescapable conclusion that there exists evil that is greater than racism.

    1. Best explanation of the situation I've seen.

    2. Are you kidding?

      As the holder of two “victim gold cards” black and Jewish, Goldberg is obviously confused about which one she should use.

      What race is a black Jew? Black of course since Judaism is a religion.

      This way she can hang onto her Jewish victim gold card for other situations.


      1. She’s also a handicapped woman.

        Shit, she should run for president.

        Biden couldn’t help but recognize her qualifications.

  55. Because the small hat tribe owns you and your children, controls your taxes, and slaps you if you speak up.

    Pretty simple, not sure how goyim still willingly give up their freedom, just so they won't be called anti-semitic but their masters.

  56. Of course it was stupid; Judaism is a religion, not a race.

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