Hispanic Students Were Forced To Learn Critical Race Theory. They Hated It.

Kali Fontanilla discovered that not only was CRT being taught in the classroom—her minority students were failing it.


During the 2020 fall semester, Kali Fontanilla—a high school English language teacher working in the Salinas, California, school district—noticed that many of her students were failing one of their other classes: ethnic studies. This was at the height of the pandemic, and instruction was entirely online, leaving many students in the lurch. Still, Fontanilla thought it was odd to see so many Fs.

Salinas has a majority Mexican population; all of Fontanilla's students were Hispanic and were learning English as a second language. Education officials who propose adding ethnic studies to various curriculums—and making it mandatory, as the Salinas school district did—typically intend for privileged white students to learn about other cultures. There's a certain irony in requiring members of an ethnic minority to study this, and an even greater irony in the fact that such students were struggling intensely with the course.

"My students are failing ethnic studies," says Fontanilla, who is of Jamaican ancestry. "I would say half of them are failing this ethnic studies class."

This made Fontanilla curious about what the course was teaching. All of the high school's teachers used the same online platform to post lesson plans and course materials, so Fontanilla decided to take a look. She was shocked by what she saw.

"This was like extreme left brainwashing of these kids," says Fontanilla. "Critical race theory all throughout the lessons, from start to finish. The whole thing."

Critical race theory, or CRT, has become a flashpoint in the debate about what kids ought to be learning in public schools. Originally an obscure, left-wing body of thought that mostly appeared in graduate schools, critics charge it with influencing diversity workshops for major corporations, training seminars for teachers, and even K-12 curricula. Parental concerns about CRT became a major flashpoint in the 2022 Virginia gubernatorial race. After winning the race and taking office, Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin's first act was to ban CRT.

Many adherents of CRT deny that it's taught to primary education students, and the mainstream media have been quick to line up behind such claims. That's why Fontanilla's discovery was so significant.

"The teacher had the kids all learn about the four I's of oppression," says Fontanilla. The four I's were institutional, internalized, ideological, and interpersonal oppression. "And then there was a whole presentation on critical race theory and they actually had the students analyze the school through critical race theory."

Slides from lesson plans provided by Fontanilla confirm that the ethnic studies course references critical race theory by name.

The original meaning of the theory, at least when taught at the college level, is that racism so pervades U.S. society and U.S. institutions that it is impossible to separate race from other issues: All policies, structures, and laws were built under the auspices of racism, a sort of original sin that shapes the country's institutions. In common parlance, opponents often use the term "CRT" to refer a broader set of concepts, like intersectionality—the idea that there are different kinds of oppression that all stack on top of each other—and privilege.

"The kids don't even want this stuff," says Fontanilla, noting that the ethnic studies course replaced a much more popular health class—in the midst of a pandemic, no less. "Most of them are just like, 'Why do we have to take this class?'"

They would have to direct that question to California Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state's Democratic-controlled legislature, which decided to mandate ethnic studies for all public schools. Newsom vetoed a previous mandate, which came under fire because the proposed curriculum included "jargon such as 'cisheteropatriarchy' and 'hxrstory,' and refers to capitalism as a form of power and oppression alongside white supremacy and racism," according to Cal Matters.

The legislature re-worked the ethnic studies proposal, and on October 8, 2021, Newsom signed the mandate into law. Beginning with the class of 2030, all public high school students in California will now have enroll in the same sort of course that Fontanilla's students already took.

In a statement to The Epoch Times, Dan Burns, superintendent of Salinas Union High School district, denied that the course was based on CRT, though he conceded that CRT "is addressed in our course as one of the frameworks within the K-12 Ethnic Studies Outcomes list."

Indeed, CRT is referenced in the district's ethnic course syllabus, which is available online. The syllabus stresses that students will study "intergenerational trauma" through an interdisciplinary and critical lens. Scholarly articles about critical race theory are included in the suggested curriculum, including "Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth," by Tara J. Yosso, a UCLA professor of education who specializes in critical race theory.

One of suggested activities for students is an "intersectional rainbow."

"Students will rank their various identities with corresponding colored strings to create intersectional rainbows. Gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, beliefs, nationality, ability, age, etc.," reads the syllabus. "Students will compare and contrast their intersectional rainbows with their peers, while framing their discourse within the intersectionality paradigm as laid out by Kimberlé Crenshaw."

Crenshaw, a Columbia University law professor, is widely recognized as one of CRT's founding figures. (Vanity Fair once called her the "mastermind of critical race theory.")

Other possible classroom activities include hosting a mock trial where they accuse various historical persons of being complicit in the genocide of Native Californians and "creating a social justice oriented counter-narrative."

Salina's version of the course included a "privilege quiz": Students were expected to rank themselves based on their marginalized status or lack thereof. The lesson plan included an image of two white girls—former Republican President George W. Bush's twin daughters, to be precise—at the top of the privilege hierarchy.

"Some people are born in third base and think they hit a triple," says Fontanilla, recalling the intended message of the exercise. "So basically, they were born on third base and they graduated college because they had a head start."

Many people might consider such activities to be a form of left-wing activism infiltrating the classroom . Fontanilla is one of them. As a Christian, a conservative, and a black woman, she doesn't believe that students—especially her students, learning English as a second language—need to be taught to check their privilege.

"It's hyper-race-focused," says Fontanilla. "And whenever there's hyper race focus, racism will follow."

Fontanilla decided that district parents had a right to know what was in the curriculum, and took steps to obtain the lesson plans so that she her job would not be at risk if she leaked them. But when the district handed over the documents, it omitted the slides that included the words critical race theory.

She decided to write a letter to the school board in protest of the ethnic studies curriculum. It was read aloud at a meeting on June 22.

"I do not appreciate constantly being pandered to and treated differently because of the color of my skin, especially since I did not have the freedom to not go along with it," Fontanilla wrote, warning that the curriculum was an attempt at left-wing indoctrination. The statement elicited cheers from other parents attending the meeting. In response, the school board prohibited anti-CRT comments at its next public gathering.

"You know it's something evil when they get so nasty defending it," says Fontanilla.

While she has received much praise for speaking out, Fontanilla has also endured considerable online harassment, including threats of violence. One told her to "have fun being a token black friend to racist conservatives your whole life."

"They're all basically white liberals," she says of the harassers.

Fontanilla had already decided that she could not remain a teacher in the school district; she and her husband decided to move to Florida, where she hoped to find a better job. The twin experiences of remote instruction during the pandemic and race-focused education has left her feeling cold about the teaching profession. She recalls that during the summer of 2020, in the midst of the George Floyd protests, the Salinas administration informed its black teachers—Fontanilla included—that they would be honored with a gift.

The gift, it turned out, was a mask bearing the message: Black Teachers Matter.

"I would never wear it in front of my students," she says. "I think especially if a kid isn't into Black Lives Matter and I'm wearing this Black Teachers Matter mask, that kid automatically knows they can't speak up in my class."

The gift also included an "I Love Being Black" sticker, and a letter with an ancient African greeting that "acknowledges the god in me and stuff like that."

"It was just so weird," she says.

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  1. "Ethnic Studies" is not required

    1. They hated it because they are racists. Stuff it down their throats till they submit to our teachings---that'll be your governor's response

      1. The Epoch Times = KookVille
        The Epoch Times is a far-right international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement. The newspaper, based in New York City, is part of the Epoch Media Group, which also operates New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television. The Epoch Times has websites in 35 countries but is blocked in mainland China.

        1. What's your point of quoting this? The fact that it is blocked in China means they tell the truth.

          1. No ethnic studies studiers need apply.

        2. Check your source, or perhaps actually give Epoch Times a read:
          "The Epoch Times bias rating is Lean Right, though perhaps close to Center. Much of The Epoch Times’ reporting is balanced; a slight right-wing bias is mostly displayed via story choice."

    2. You sure? Bay Area located Sequoia Union High School District Trustees voted that all students must complete "Ethnic Studies" in order to graduate (all prior to Newsom's mandate).

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    3. In Commie Mexifornia it is. ????

      One more reason U-Haul ran out of rental trucks these last few days. ????

    4. Underperforming minorities are underperforming in a course about underperforming minorities, and their fake excuses for underperforming.

  2. "But that's not "real" CRT".

    1. Actual teacher, one of many to speak up:

      ""This was like extreme left brainwashing of these kids," says Fontanilla. "Critical race theory all throughout the lessons, from start to finish. The whole thing.""

      Tony, Chemjeff, Strazele:

      "No one is teaching CRT! CRT not in schools! You just want to whitewash history!!!"

      Owned yet again

      1. It's kind of funny that the elites' brainwashing is so elite that the proclaimed beneficiaries can't learn it.

        1. You misunderstand. Actual brown and black people are not beneficiaries; they are pets.

          1. Eh, that's stretching it. Pets are wanted, not just tolerated until their usefulness wears out.

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            2. Unfortunately, a lot of pets are treated like that. They're first wanted so that a person can use it to win favor and then it winds up being tied up outside.

            3. Eat them. They do in China.
              Dogs another meat.

            4. So more like draft animals, then?

        2. You are right!

          I was curious so I read the syllabus. To absolutely nobody’s surprise who’s paid any attention to CRT, the readability index of this content is easily Graduate Student level. The document is about as accessible to high schoolers as if it was written in Farsi. Especially people who are English learners who almost certainly read way below 12th grade level.

          No wonder they are all flunking the course, there is no way they could understand it. Our elites really need to do a better job if they want to teach High School.

          1. Wow David. I give you credit for checking that out.
            I am not surprised to hear what you found.
            The fact that these racist pushers of CRT are pushing it on even kindergartners as much as parents allow is quite disturbing.
            Parents, and other supportive adults are the ones that need to stop this madness.

      2. They are coming for your KIDS.

        Be afraid, Be controlled, Be a typical right wing Sap.

        1. They’ve already got our kids. And our universities. We’re on the 3 or 4th stage of listening to gaslighting progs tell us nothing is going on.

          We pretty much have a de facto state media. We have outright corporatism dictating what we have a right to personally consume (physically and intellectually). Our military and intelligence agencies are even woke. They’re even deciding who gets medical care (supposedly a human right by their own rhetoric) according to vaccination status. Which is increasingly just a political allegiance test as the efficacy of the vaccines gets undermined by new variants.

          But it’s totally outrageous to thing they’re coming for kids.

          1. Ackshually the federal government under Biden crime family capo Joe “push up champ” Biden has promulgated rules for who gets medical care [for Covid] based on race, they’ve been joined in their patent racist unconstitutionality by various Democrat-run states, and they’d love to expand that criterion to all medicine—hell, jobs and schools and such already use it, why stop at medicine? Since errrrrrrvrything is about race; errrrrrvrything must be decided based on race. We are so far past Orwellian, Huxleyite, Burgessian parody that the green grocer can do nothing but raise his voice in empty assent and strive to remain unmolested by the government and its quasi-official enforcers (roving mobs of yobs with yammering gobs).

        2. No take yur children OUT of the gummit skewlz and teach them at home. Otherise they WILL become the wholly owned property of said gummit. And through them you too.

        3. Hey Vendi. Do you automatically assume that anyone who doesn't want their kids indoctrinated with this racist crap are "right-wing" saps?
          I think any parent who allows their kids to be indoctrinated with this racist bs, is (secretly, unconsciously, wimpy, or whatever) a left wing nut, and supports totalitarianism.
          This CRT has NOTHING to do with critical thinking, civics, or learning anything useful.
          I love liberty. What do you love?

      3. Every single educrat pushing this crap needs to be spayed or neutered. Then we can close the public schools and start over. Egging on a race war is not a valid path for this country.

        1. Why even waste that much t8me 9n them. This country has a multitude of landfills with plenty of dump trucks to haul them there.

    2. Of course not. It's a flat panel.

      I recall for quite a while reading here about "BLM" before it sank in that that was not the Bureau of Land Management — because there had been a big story ongoing that involved the latter just before that time.

      1. That's OK. For a brief time, I thought "BBB" referred to the "Better Business Bureau" instead of Biden's "Build Back Better", which Chumby calls "Bilk Back Better." I also thought that maybe "BBB" was Biden stammering with a mouthful of Jello Pudding . 😉

        1. Then there’s all that confusion over the BBC. Did you know that its’s not just the British Broadcast Corporation anymore?

          1. I know your industry's lingo all too well. Maybe the BBC could have a streaming (pardon the pun) service dedicated solely to the BBC.

            1. BBC Blacked?

        2. You seem to be very fixated on the word "black".

          1. He hasn't said the word even once. How can we trust you if you're gonna make mistakes like this?

      2. "I recall for quite a while reading here about "BLM" before it sank in that that was not the Bureau of Land Management "

        Based on the mansion buying spree of the upper level BLM members, it might as well be

    3. So, does that mean that teaching about the "No True Scotsman" Fallacy isn't r-r-r-r-racist, man? Or ethnocentric, and chauvinist?

      On an even happier note, I am pleased to say that although the Corporate Headquarters of my store has been sucked into the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity troika, and even has computer-based learning modules about it, no one in my store--not management, not vendors, not labor, nobody--even touches the things. Ever since COVID-19 struck, use of learning modules has plummeted to nothing, prolly to keep the short-staffed store running. No lectures or "struggle sessions" either.

      Nope, at my store, we are just people of many different backgrounds, ages, creeds and non-creeds, and orientations just trying to get through a damn day! That's what unites us!

      Our biggest problems with bigotry and hatred come from customers who have been turned into Zombie psychopaths by this notion that they are "always right." Harry Nelson Selfridge just had to fuck it up for all of retail that followed him.

      If CRT and "Wokeism" ran a business, the end result would be The Yugo, with the Serb engine, Croat transmission, Bosnian gastank, Montenegran upholstery, and Kosovar tailpipe all at war with each other and held together by Marxist Bondo!

      No surprise, in the Eighties, you couldn't give away free raffle tickets for a free chance to win a free Yugo!

      1. Don and Mike, old DC radio jocks, ran a sweepstakes back in the 80s, where one of the prizes available was a six pack of Yugos.

        1. One would need a stable of that many to assure at least one of them were functional at any given time. And to guaratee a backup back home in case "someone needed to come rescue you.

          1. The only other marque of car I've ever wroked on that same close to the Lada/Yugo were the Renault line. The Renult catorze was quite the piece of "work". And I tangled with one of those Mini Winie Winnebago "motor homes" with the dread Renault diesel in it. Oh my.....

      2. That's why they sent them al to Nicaragua. I had a ride in one in 1999, from the northest corner of Managua all the way to the east quarter. It rattled clanked smoked, dipped nd dived, thumped, whined, wheezed, but doggone if the durn thing didn't actually get me where I wanted to tget. I was told when advised how and where to snag proletariat taxi, and advised it would likley cost me the equivalent of forty bux in their depreciated Cordobas. He asked me for four thousand Cdb, the equivalent of about three dollars seventy five US. Had a great chat and visit with the man, a very intelligent and widely read chap. I wished him well and thanked him earnestly, and wished many more miles on his Jugo. Or was it a Lada? Same bucket of bolts.

  3. But chemjeff, arguably the second most committed left-libertarian in's comment section, says this is exactly what schoolchildren should be learning. The real problem, he insists, is racist white parents backlashing against CRT.


    1. Bon latinx Hispanics are white like George Zimmerman.

        1. Bon also - they're the good ones.

        2. C'est bon, Monsieur. 🙂

      1. "Hispanic" is a made up grouping courtesy of the U.S. Government during the Nixon administration.

        My wife, born in Portugal, was once classed as "Hispanic" by the government. They later decided that Portuguese were out of the "Hispanic club", despite the obvious, direct connection to the history of Spain.

        I live in CA and, we don't use that term anyway. The few people that do are usually white liberals who want to claim some Hispanic blood in the past for the virtue signaling value. Just like Beto. Or, Warren.

        Why in God's name, after all the civil rights movements in this country, do we even bother to try and label ethnicity like this?

        It frosts my arse even more when I see references to "blacks and Jews" as though there is some sort of ethnic commonality. Race and religion in the same aggregated group?

        Go figure.

  4. Anybody ever notice that nothing is ever an issue on Reason unless it affects Blacks or Hispanics? I'm pretty sure that I read a few articles on here that stated that CRT was NOT being taught.

    1. primarily exists to advocate policies that enrich its white male billionaire benefactor Charles Koch. But these days that means supporting Democrats. And Black and Brown bodies are the Democratic base. Focusing on their concerns makes financial sense.


    2. It is interesting that this story does not get pooh-poohed when the teacher is Jamaican and the students are Hispanic. It also calling the requirement that Hispanic students have to take the course in first place, as if being in a minority means you our knowledgeable about that culture, related cultures, and other minority cultures.

      That it takes an ethnic Jamaican complaining to acknowledge that there is a CRT based pedagogy being taught is amazing after so many writers denied there was a connection.

      1. Don't you even intersectionality? We are still waiting for the official 2022 ranking scores but I am pretty sure brown will still be superior to black, so those privileged latin kids will need to learn how to yield.

        1. But does black Latinx outrank non-Latinx black? What if the black person is a Francophone? {Haitians? From West Africa?}

        2. Not after the Asians kick their assess!

        3. I'm waiting for the official color wheel of "privilege" to come out.

      2. Did I tell you about the time we hired an actual African woman into our mostly black accounting department?

        The immediate hostilities were eye opening.

        1. I used to work with a Portuguese woman whose parents were diplomats living in Mozambique when she was born. She was white as a ghost, and everyone gave her the side-eye when she showed up at the J&J African-American Society meeting. Unlike all of the other attendees, however, she was a joint citizen of both America and Mozambique and thus the most African-American of them all.

    3. You’re pretty sure. Like, you didn’t bother actually checking.

      1. You sure about that?

      2. Can you provide evidence to support your position? I'm just trying to better understand where you're coming from.

        1. Mikee has said that he always provides references. You must have missed it. Maybe it's in 0-pt font or matching foreground and background colors.

          1. Someone doesn’t understand the concept of not being able to prove a negative.

            Well, you actually do understand, but you are pretending you don’t be use you want to “own” me to raise you status with theMean Girls.

            1. Stop being a faggot.

            2. Cite?

        2. Mikes " position" is " bent over a chair...

          What whos doing to him/ her/ it I DO NOT want to know.

    4. Well, partly it is to block the immediate counterpoint that it's only white "incel" manbabies who object to this. Secondly, there's the simple fact that these are the people who are supposed to benefit from this and they still hate it. If even the beneficiaries don't want it, then why are the rich white congressmen pushing for it?

      The point of these articles isn't to preach to the choir but to convince people who are on the fence or mildly support CRT as a theory. Getting the preliminary dismissals out of the way helps with that end goal.

      So, while I can see where your frustration is coming from, I cannot fault Soave for framing it the way that he does.

      1. Well said.

    5. Literally, the most recent post Reason has made on the topic of education. No mention of race:

    6. CRT is or isn't being taught depending on who the Libertarian Kooks at Reason want to scare.

      Keeping their Kook audience frightened and angry is their chosen path to power.

      1. You have some serious issues to deal with.

      2. Enough of your lies. As long as claims like the link below are made, there is truth to the claim that people are lying in saying "CRT isn't being taught".

      3. Why do you complain about Reason? Reason loves stupid socialists and bigots like you.

  5. All policies, structures, and laws were built under the auspices of racism,

    Our institutions are a result of Roosevelts' New Deal and Johnsons Great Society, and Affirmative Action. 60 years of failed Democrat/Progressive policies.

    I would agree that they need to be revisited because those policies have not achieved their objectives.

    1. AND... the Lefts massive social welfare boondoggle continues..also a horrifying failure.

      Has poverty been solved?


      1. You think the left wants to "solve" poverty? Aren't you adorable!

        1. The left eats and thrives off of poverty. If they cannot identify victims for who they can speciously "advocate," what the fuck would they do for virtue?

          1. for whom [all I wanted for Christmas was an edit button...]

            1. +

          2. Without oppressed minorities the elite activists would have not one to advocate for and would be out of a job.

    2. "because those policies have not achieved their objectives."

      Or their objectives were not what the public was told they were.

    3. We never revisit or evaluate. If we find that policies have not achieved their objectives, we just throw new policies on top of them.

      The only way we're going to avoid a massive cluster fuck of a system is if we force the lawmakers to spend as much time reexamining existing laws and removing those that serve no purpose, are no longer relevant or fall short of their intended targets are eliminated.

      How's that Federal tax code working out for us all?

      1. I know how it's working for Intuit...

  6. I hope she gets a good job in Florida. Sounds like a woman with real principles.

    1. Unfortunately, having successfully driven her out, the indoctrination will just continue unopposed.
      Can't blame her for wanting to live without that garbage, but It's sad to see Cali slide deeper into the pit.

  7. If minority students are largely failing the CRT course, wouldn't that mean the course is racist?

    1. The fact that it is racist in its core philosophy is probably the bigger reason.

    2. Not at all. It means you're racist. Do you understand now?

      1. It means those who designed and implemented a program with disparate impsatare racist.

  8. The Lefts terms such as ' discrimination' and ' tolerance are Trojan Horses for their totalitarian agendas:

    tolerance- they pretend its about acceptance. It really means they only ' tolerate' others who wont bow to their radical agendas. It does not require THEM to ACCEPT...they just view others as a nuisance to put up with.

    With Crackpot Racist Theory, ' discrimination' is projected as racism, but really means no one can apply discriminatory thinking to them, or against them.

    This particular story shows how the Left are manipulating Hispanics as a group they must think they don't control. Hispanics arent part of the classical Leftist war to control, manipulate and capitalize on the history of blacks.

    The ed system vomit their propaganda out, Hispanics, obviously in this case, didn't fall for it.

    And when the KIDS didnt fall for it, it really a failure. It means the Hispanic communities dont buy the Marxist garbage the Left and their Lap Dog Media are spewing.

    This suggests they lean to the right.



  9. Some great take-aways:

    "It's hyper-race-focused," says Fontanilla. "And whenever there's hyper race focus, racism will follow."

    "I do not appreciate constantly being pandered to and treated differently because of the color of my skin, especially since I did not have the freedom to not go along with it,"

    "You know it's something evil when they get so nasty defending it," says Fontanilla.

    Fontanilla has also endured considerable online harassment, including threats of violence. One told her to "have fun being a token black friend to racist conservatives your whole life."

    "They're all basically white liberals," she says of the harassers.

    1. ""You know it's something evil when they get so nasty defending it," says Fontanilla."

      Probably one of the most telling. The all out campaign to gaslight about this from the MSM and 50 centers, and their overt aggression to anyone who pushes back is very telling. This is a key part of their indoctrination, and they arent happy so many people are seeing what they are doing, and unhappy about it.

      1. Or as I read in the NYT, it's "just lessons about race."

        1. My immediate thought when I read that: "Stop acting white!".

          A phrase that I heard angry young blacks say to black coworkers of mine who are trying to do a good job and advance in their careers.

      2. Also note they edited the files to remove mention of CRT before delivering them. This is probably illegal and certainly shows their intent to deceive.

    2. Fontanilla has also endured considerable online harassment, including threats of violence. One told her to "have fun being a token black friend to racist conservatives your whole life."

      I'm having trouble figuring how this isn't effectively saying "Good luck being friends with white conservatives the rest of your life because we own all the other black people."

      "Uh, gee, your 'Stay on the plantation because all your friends are on the plantation!' offer sure is tempting but, ah... *runs*"

  10. Wait, I thought an important tenant of CRT is that there are no universal, objective answers. And that judging people against fixed criteria is immoral. How can these kids "fail" when everyone's lived experiences are just as true as any stated curriculum goals?

    Or maybe they just refused to use "Latinx".

    1. I think that is the one "objective" of CRT, that you have to accept it's premise of endogenous racism from the get go and that it suffuses everything. That and a hierarchy of victims and oppressors.

      Beyond that its all "lived experience" in the light of that assumption.

      The power play is beyond cynical.

    2. Lati- no.

      Individual identity es VERBOTEN!

    3. No, the most important tenet of CRT is "DOZE WHITE DEBILS BE EVIL"

  11. Next on the hit parade: "English as a second language" classes will be replaced by MANDATORY (politically correct) Spanish language instruction for native Spanish speakers... Who will fail the course! Not for the language part, mind you, but for the politically correct parts!

    1. "They insist on continuing to use gendered endings!"

  12. I suspect another thing the Left likes about CRT is that the idea that all of our society is "permeated" with racism means they can blow off questions asking for specifics. For example, a person might be puzzled by an assertion that the Washington D.C. Metro Police is "racist" given that the city has been run by black Democrats for decades. The convenient answer is provided by CRT.

    1. Excellent point! Kudos!

      You and I, and the cops and the politicians, aren't to blame... It is Adam and Eve's "original sin", in a new and updated version!

      (Only the High Priests of CRT can free us from "original sin"!!! Send lawyers, guns, and $$$$MONEY!!!)

      1. Nope. There is no salvation under CRT or any leftist identitarian religion. All one can do is submit and join the howling chorus in the hope they won't be next to be hauled in front of the committee.

        1. The Call of CRThulhu.

          1. *applause*

          2. Very witty! And what's worse, it doesn't save in case it gets hungry later. It just eats everything in it's path non-stop!

      2. Institutional Racism is the Holy Ghost of their religion. Its everywhere and affects everything but nobody can see it or explain it.

        1. add climate change to that. Then you would get something like Global Climate Justice (and yes, its already a real thing)

    2. The convenient answer is provided by CRT.

      All left wing thought is premised on creating the justification for their political desires. If you want reparations but the traditional view of America overcoming slavery is causing difficulty then assert the American Revolution and literally every other action was made to preserve slavery. Don't worry there is no evidence to support the claim, your media will call anyone pointing this out a racist and your control of institutions will ensure they are marginalized and unheard. Just keep repeating it and the sheep will adopt it.

    3. Or, by calling them Uncle Toms.

  13. Salinas is a pretty right wing town. It's mostly hispanic, and hispanics overwhelmingly tend to be conservative. Not necessarily Republican, but still conservative. So it's surprising to see such a left wing school board.

    But should not be surprising. Leftists have a much larger propensity to run for office, because they have an internal need to control other people. Someone who believes in live-and-let-live isn't going to run for office.

    The solution is for the parents to get involved, and that doesn't mean yelling at a board meeting, that means running for office themselves.

    1. "Someone who believes in live-and-let-live isn't going to run for office."

      The core conundrum of a democratic republic. This was clearly a concern of the Founders who crafted a system to at least impede the growth of intrusive government. Perhaps 250 years of efforts by Karens, socialists, and petty dictators is just too much. How do we trigger a reset?

      1. Maybe trigger a reset via high-tech brain scans? You running for office? I'll vote for you if your brain-scan comes up fairly clean!

        Sad to say, greedy and selfish, power-hungry voters might want your brain scan to lean in those directions!

        The Science of Good and Evil, January 2018 National Geographic, by Yudhijit Bhattaharjee , see
        We know enough about brain science by now, that we can MEASURE good (empathy) v/s evil (lack of empathy, psychopathy); that we could test for it!

      2. ". How do we trigger a reset?"

        By triggering them. They cant deal with one word. Its deadly poison to their idealogy:

        " NO"

    2. "Leftists have a much larger propensity to run for office, because they have an internal need to control other people. Someone who believes in live-and-let-live isn't going to run for office."

      So, we are agreeing Dems are totalitarians?

      And no, speaking at board meetings is the place to go if you want results. The next step is elections or recalls.

    3. Having worked in local government for almost twenty years, I can heartily agree. The public apathy is....well.... pathetic.

      The misconduct is right out there in the open for all too see. But no one cares.....until their ox gets gored. Then they flare up, try to start grass roots movements, etc.

      I think that's just part of human nature.

      I worked at several public agencies and we were required by law to hold public meetings and get public (later to be called "stakeholder" in the most Orwellian doublespeak possible) input when making any decision that affected the public services we provided. We could never get even five or ten members of the public to show up. Despite hiring actual consultants to help us do public outreach.

      This led me to think that, if a given public agency cannot generate enough public interest amongst it's benefactors to even get a modicum of public attendance at a public hearing, that agency should be eliminated because there is obviously no real public need for its services.

      1. Woo-hoo, good job!!!

        (Thanx for your pubic serv-lice, by the way.)

  14. "They're all basically white liberals," she says of the harassers.

    Duh. Who else knows better than everyone else AND takes that as a mandate to tell us all what to do?

  15. Tell me again why the US keeps ranking lower and lower worldwide in education standards?

    1. Duh! Not enough government funding for public schools.

      (Which, unlike health care, are essentially government-run and funded. But, like health care, show significantly "lower" outcomes compared to other advanced nations. So--using public education logic--we should totally convert our health car to a public model. And then the US will enjoy the same success as our public education system.)

    2. You tell me why the states under Republican and conservative leadership consistently rank near the bottom on education?

      1. Now do NYC and LA.

        1. In my, admittedly anecdotal, experience the best public schools I have seen are in the redder parts of blue states. I wonder if the data would actually back that hunch up though.

          1. "...the redder parts of blue states. I wonder if the data would actually back that hunch up though."

            Well of course it would; they are unfairly privileged!

            And it will take money, much more money, to even achieve miniscule improvements [also defined as not getting significantly worse] for underprivileged areas because of centuries, our entire history, of systemic racism and oppression.

            So trying to compare outcomes based on such things as $ spent per child is just ludicrous.

            What do you think? Could I write for Salon?

            1. You have to find some way to tie it all to Trump.

      2. As reported by Reason in 2018 because educational system rankings are flawed and include things that have nothing to do with student or teacher performance, like educational spending, graduation rates (an issue if there are no proficiency standards for graduating), and pre-K enrollment. An example they give is of Florida which went from 5th in the nation to 29th in the Education Week rankings in 2011 just because they increased the weight of raw expenditures. As the article pointed out, spending less per student for the same educational outcomes should be a GOOD thing, not a bad one.

        1. Less spending buys fewer votes.

      3. Oh no! Quick! Gotta cover for my political team!!! It's not like education systems throughout the US (even in those icky red states) are still run by left leaning people.

      4. You tell me why the states under Republican and conservative leadership consistently rank near the bottom on education?

        Sure. CRT teaches that blue states tend to imprison, shoot, and otherwise disempower poorer, black minorities. Your move.

      5. Mainly due to bias in the ranking system, which is often tilted in such a way as to discount GPA, test scores, high school graduation rates, etc... Also, because most ranking systems count such things as attendance to a four year university as a metric of success. I have posted multiple times why this is a red herring. Attendance at a vocational or technical school, or an apprenticeship often has better rewards than a bachelor degree (and the rate of graduation is much higher). We send 50% of our high schoolers to four year universities but only approximately 30% of adults have a bachelor's degree, which indicates most won't finish their bachelor's and would have been much more successful learning a trade.

        1. In rural, red states learning a trade is not looked down upon and is much more socially acceptable, therefore more students go this route.

      6. Cite?

      7. Should we tell this guy more about the median GPA of 0.13 at a school from Baltimore, one of the bluest cities in the nation?

    3. Obviously because we're not spending enough. If we doubled the spending on marxist indoctrination, er public education, then we'd be able to properly lie about the results and get back on top

    4. Because we haven't accepted Ebonics as our one true national language.

  16. So it turns out that even the left's effort to misdirect the public on CRT by pretending the issue is "teaching" CRT as opposed to "implementing" CRT was a lie.

    It must be satisfying to care so little about truth it simply isn't a factor in your life. Imagine all those concerns about truth, accuracy, and reality just disappearing.

  17. How’d they like paperwork where they saw themselves described as LatinX?

  18. {Looks her up on Twitter}

    Wow… didn’t know about her until now, but boy talk about a meeting of the minds! She thinks liberals are trying to throw her onto a plantation and me, as a gay, Black man think liberals are trying to throw me onto a plantation. Fuck that liberals. BTW {swallows antidepressants} I’m absolutely 100% not crazy.

    I’m sure that the reason her minority students kept failing her class was because of the passion with which this brave anti-CRT warrior presented the subject matter.

    1. It wasn't her class it was another class her students were taking under a different teacher.

  19. Also, CRT is super boring.

    1. Well, when you get into the REAL deep bullshit, it can be really infuriating... and sometimes laugh-inducing.

    2. Ethnic studies exists so the stupid kids can get degrees and thus claim to be "equally" qualified. Anything sufficiently dumbed down to accomplish this will be boring.

      1. As long as it's a fast track to the SC then all good.

      2. Or, become liberal teachers to help perpetuate the downward cycle.

        Crying the whole time for being underpaid compared to their level of academic achievement.

  20. "They are all white liberals"

    Leftists are just a racist now as they were 80 years ago or 160 years ago. Nothing changed.

    Scratch a progressive hard enough, and you get an angry, bitter racist every damn time.

    1. ...then wash your hands... with bleach or acid.

  21. a high school English language teacher working in the Salinas, California, school district—noticed that many of her students were failing one of their other classes: ethnic studies.

    First question: Why does a high school have ethnic studies?

    1. Those Trojans cant invade with out a Horse to conceal them.

      My problem with it all isnt so much the course matetial, its smoldering feces, but with the Whom that subversively put it there.

      This does not belong in K-12 classes. Such a course is a college level ' gimme' cupcake class to fill in holes in credit hours

    2. Because without ethnic studies, how would one truly know who they are.

      You certainly didn't expect HS students to know this without being told by the authoritarians. Did you?

  22. Many adherents of CRT deny that it's taught to primary education students, and the mainstream media have been quick to line up behind such claims. That's why Fontanilla's discovery was so significant.

    Why I appreciate Fontanilla's story on this, she hasn't "discovered" anything, we KNOW CRT is being taught, and we KNOW school officials are lying about it.

    1. WE do.

      This crap is being foisted, unawares, on the likes of her. She may have been isolated enough to not have noticed it.

      Many of us are skeptics not owned by the System.

      We take the summary view that anything the Left shovels out is Excrement. Thats usually a safe bet.

  23. "It was just so weird," she says.

    Unlike eating the flesh and drinking the blood of your crucified God every Sunday, right lady? That's totally cool and normal. Nothing strange about that.

    1. Ad hominem much?

      1. Worse. He assumed she was Catholic.

    2. Jesus Christ. That's some impressively forced political "owning" you are trying there.

      Tell me, are there Christians in the room with you right now? Post a happy face emoji if you are safe. Post a frowny face emoji if you are in trouble.

    3. "Forget that weirdo Christ and his every-Sunday 'love thy neighbor' bullshit. Join us and sacrifice your children to our God every day of the week." - Sullum

    4. Symbolism. It's what's for dinner. - Lord Strazie

    5. Unlike eating the flesh and drinking the blood of your crucified God every Sunday, right lady? That's totally cool and normal. Nothing strange about that.

      In a country where the overwhelming majority of the population is Christian?

      I have another dirty little secret for you - vegetarianism in India is downright common.

    6. No, it _would_ be strange if her church held communion _every_ Sunday.

    7. Strange like women having penises.

      1. Oh God. Now I can't get that hermaphrodite image out of my head.

        Thanks a lot!

    8. Strudel is showcasing his bigotry, again.

    9. wow it is hard watching you get this owned...jesus man

      Also usually signal numero uno that the person has absolutely nothing. Absurd non-sequitur.

      Sullum, why not jump to J6 next time? Thats usually the play

  24. Narratives win arguments.

    History is full of narratives trumping reason, common sense, morality, and science. Take the influence The Protocols of the Elders of Zion has had over the past century or so as example. It is an easy narrative to pitch to people which explains an issue away and gives them a villain to blame.

    Growing up, I was largely taught the melting pot theory; whereas, in an ideal world, society would take parts of all races, cultural, religions, and largely become one. One problem with it; however, is that it doesn't account for why so many (just to pick one) blacks are still improvised today, or what can be done about it.

    This is where CRT shines. It gives reason, and probably more importantly blame, to the problem. It is a strong narrative to sell to the masses who are not very well versed in the particulars... White privilege and historical systemic racism are the source of all problems and inequities is a simple and easy to sell elevator pitch.

    Melting pot is still the theory I subscribe to, but it doesn't address what to do about inequities and disparities of birth. What the non-CRT side needs is, is a narrative that can be easily pitched that offers a compelling counter. Otherwise, it is nothing but the constant chatter in the negative of "not CRT"... it is very hard to sell a negative (see the failed repel of Obamacare as as a recent example where the right lacked an answer to the questions: "replace it with what?" and "what are you going to do about 20 million people who will loose their coverage?").

    1. Henry Ford proved the correct approach.

      " Get a haircut, learn the damn language, get a real job and buy a car from Ford Motors."

      Adapted from " get a haircut and get a real job."

      School teacher isnt a real job. Its like a hobby.

    2. " It is a strong narrative to sell to the masses who are not very well versed in the particulars..."

      No this is exactly wrong. CRT, like Marxism, is specifically a narrative designed to ensnare relatively well off, educated young adults. In a world where people value your work based on the value you deliver them, smart, well educated kids are always wondering why their clever essays aren't as valued as that guy hustling steaks down at the market.

      CRT is entirely obtuse and convoluted- much like the labor theory of value and class warfare. It only works when you have someone so clever that they can go through the mental gymnastics necessary to deny what is basic common sense. If poor minorities "get" CRT, that is fine. If they don't, no big deal, because they are never the revolutionaries anyway.

    3. We could say the same thing about many principles of good governance and social policies that are being openly bashed today.

    4. Unfortunately, people will generally reject facts if they suggest they need to change something about themselves, their worldview or habits or behavior, that not every decision they make in life is the best one. They will much prefer to blame someone else and continue along the same rocky path.

  25. Other possible classroom activities include hosting a mock trial where they accuse various historical persons of being complicit in the genocide of Native Californians and "creating a social justice oriented counter-narrative."

    Woe betide the student forced to defend the accused.

    Oh wait .... I see now. Oh dear.

    1. "being complicit in the genocide of Native Californians"

      So, that's why our local newspapers have been full of stories about past atrocities against the Native Californians in the past year.

      Although I remember these events from California history classes I took all the way through college out of a personal interest, I don't remember ever seeing them in major media. Just at the occasional museum or mission or something like that.

      For the last year or so, I've seen at least ten of these pop up in the newspapers. I wondered why the sudden interest.

    2. Another reason to criminalize Marxism.

  26. I don't know about all students, but if I were in high school and been taught I was privileged, my thought would probably have been, "Great! How can I best take advantage?" And if I learned that my advantages were earned by oppressing the disadvantaged, I'd probably at least slightly try to reorient my life around trying to oppress them more.

    1. That reminds me of a joke I had with my wife while we were working on our business plan. While going back and forth trying to tighten up the numbers, I came up with the idea (a joke to be sure) of just hiring all women since it would save us a significant chuck because we only have to pay them 80-85 percent of there comparable male counterparts.

      One would have to be a real dick to really think that way or to actually treat your female employees like lesser people. Still, I've always wondered about the logic of making that the narrative.

      1. Theres a test for hiring females.

        The Elbow Test.

        Have them place teiir hands over their ears and stand facing a wall. Walk towards the walk. If their elbows touch the wall- not hired.

        1. In my day, that was called "The PG&E secretary test".

          Sexist? Sure is. But sarcastically funny no less.

          1. Should have called it the ‘DD secretary test’

            1. " sexa- tary"


  27. Look, to effectively teach children from Aztec cultures ethnic studies you have to teach them to cut out their helpless enemies hearts with a stone knife and eat it when it's still beating.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that, there is enough evidence of cracked and charred human bones in charnel pits around the world from prehistory that none of us are in the position to throw stones, or break a nice marrow bone with a handy rock either.

    I guess my point is we are all in a worldwide culture now where most people of whatever background can relate better to a Lisa Simpson monologue, or Homer rationalization than any ethnic studies hack put in the public schools to try to get us all to start eating beating hearts again.

    1. Yeah. Want to start a riot?

      Tell some young black person whining about slavery in the U.S. and it's "lingering" effect on blacks in the U.S. today that those who sold their ancestors into slavery were also black. Or that slavery was pretty much a worldwide practice until the last 150 years or so. And, that there are still pockets of it today.

      They love the CRT theories. It's just another excuse in their quiver to whine about how life isn't fair and give them justification not to take ownership of their own destiny.

      But, that's just part of growing up. Isn't it? Didn't we all whine when we were younger about how life wasn't fair. And, our insolence was repudiated by our parents and other adult leaders in life that no, it life wasn't always fair. But we still had to take responsibility for ourselves if we ever wanted to be adults.

      There's little worse than adult aged humans acting like whiney babies.

  28. We're not teaching CRT
    Yes, we're teaching CRT, but it's not what you think it is.
    Yes, we're teaching CRT, it's everything you said it was, and that's a good thing.

    1. The Law of Merited Impossibility.

      That will never happen, and when it does you totally deserve it.

      1. You forgot "CRT is college level theory, it does not exist at K-12".

  29. And I thought learning physics was bad.

  30. The original meaning of the theory

    The original meaning of theory was a set of testable propositions that explain a situation or justify a course of action.

    Critical Race Theory contains no falsifiable propositions, nor explains any situations, nor justifies any course of action any more than flat eartherism explains situations or justifies actions.

    It's not a theory, it's a Critical Race Conjecture or just Critical Racism.

  31. "and refers to capitalism as a form of power and oppression alongside white supremacy"

    I'm surprised so many Marxists are still mad about losing the Cold War.

    1. And in true form, they love the spoils (taxes) that come from the capitalist workforce that provides them to the schools... oh, the blood on their hands, no?

    2. They're waiting for their next opportunity to spring into action so they can "prove" us all wrong.

      Just look at Antifa and those who aspire to act like that.

  32. Why does she deny the history of slavery and the existence of Martin Luther King Jr.?

  33. "I would never wear it in front of my students," she says. "I think especially if a kid isn't into Black Lives Matter and I'm wearing this Black Teachers Matter mask, that kid automatically knows they can't speak up in my class."
    -Wow, sad that this is a shockingly wonderful statement - the teacher does not want to do anything in class that keeps the child from engaging.. sad commentary on the state of teachers when this is the outlier.

    1. We had this very situation when I was a grade school kid in the 1960s. It was called Vietnam.

      Teachers were very vocal in their opposition to that war. And, they were out to get anyone who would dare not agree. Up to the point of telling us to cut class and go join the nearest protest.

      And, God help the poor kids in my cohort that had any relatives in the military.

      Damn baby killers!

  34. Hispanic Students Were Forced To Learn Critical Race Theory. They Hated It.

    White students are forced to learn Critical Race Theory, but if they say they hate it, they are told "Suck it up, you filthy racist snowflake". Reason has yet to comment on this asymmetry.

  35. We need Constitutional Republic Training in our schools.

    1. THATS change we can believe in!!

    2. This was once known as civics.

      Sadly, it was cut out of the curriculum long ago.

      1. " Kill commies" was the thing.

        Back before they moled their way into the university system.

  36. "First of all, we must not place the blame upon Negroes. They are merely the unfortunate group that has been selected by professional Communist agitators to be used as the primary source of cannon fodder. Not one in a thousand Americans-black or white-really understands the full implications of today's civil rights agitation. The planning, direction, and leadership come from the Communists, and most of those are white men who fully intend to destroy America by spilling Negro blood, rather than their own." - Ezra Taft Benson, 1967

    Not very politically correct language, nor was the message fully thought out perfectly, but Benson was on to something. CRT is destructive, and it divides rather than unites people.

  37. HA!!! CRT is complete sh** developed by egocentric "poor me" twits. The proof is in the pudding. Even the so-called "repressed" are failing it because it's totally worthless. Facts, logic, and liberals don't often get used in the same sentence.

    1. Pudding. Its what Joe Biden has for dinner.

    2. You just described all democrats.

  38. I have recently come to the conclusion that conservatives and libertarians should embrace systemic racism and then point to the true culprits, progressives. We should talk about the anti-school choice proponents that lock poor, often minority students into failing schools, while they send their kids to high performing schools, often private ones. We should discuss how over regulations has crushed minority communities and discouraged entrepreneurship. We should discuss how NIMBY, rent control, etc drives housing prices and rent prices higher. We should discuss how credentialism (my new word) has saddled entire generations with huge debts, and marginally marketable skills. We should discuss how progressive criminal justice reforms has contributed to high crime neighborhoods, but has not resulted in meaningful rehabilitation programs. We should discuss how progressives calls that minorities were being under policed as a form of discrimination in the 1980s led to the over policing of minorities starting in the 1990s. We should discuss how social welfare programs actually hinder and hurt the most vulnerable. The list can go on. Instead of denying systemic racism, it is time to point to the true culprits, the progressives.

    1. Step 1. Brand them as " Regressives " since thats what they are.

      Step 2. Laugh at their failures. For they are in total.

      Step 3. Encourage them to take drugs, drink and jump in front of busses. Then they can better identify with their repressed sub- groups.

    2. Don't know where you've been but, those two have been doing this for a long time.

      The problem is, such talk falls on deaf ears. The progressives have already been programmed to shut one off the minute they mention such things. And, those same progressives are teaching new and upcoming progressives the same BS.

      Don't you ever look at Twitter, Facebook. the news or PBS? The letters to the editor in any newspaper. The opinion pages. Even on the Nextdoor app. Have you taken any classes in the last few years? Or, attended a government workshop or city council meeting?

      The Bastards have taken control in all of those.

      The progressives have beat any opposition by taking effective control of the narrative. The news, the schools, the government.

      Short of all out civil war, it's going to be a while before reason and logic return to any discussion of political and social issues. Maybe my grand kids generation will come to question authority and get the ball rolling.

  39. many of her students were failing one of their other classes: ethnic studies.

    "Mexican Americans love education
    So to they go to night school
    And take Spanish
    And get a 'B'"
    ~ Cheech

    1. Hey. Living in a state that is nearly majority Hispanic, I used to resent that.

      I struggled with Spanish for four years in Hight School. Competing with the Hispanic kids who were native speakers at home.

      Sometimes, being white sucks!

      1. ...but they didnt have to learn English?

        Know how Hispanics are like cue balls?

        The harder you hit them, the better their English is!

  40. This is the first verifiable example of actual CRT being broached in a high school classroom. That must be why it got its own story. The exception proves the rule, however, and 99.999% of high schools nationwide don't teach CRT despite the panic. Also, things that are accused (wrongly) of being CRT are being banned across the country.

    1. Is it. Or just another article to rile up the "choir"?

    2. Literally nothing you wrote here is accurate.

      1. Let's get real. How many students do you know who love calculus or history? Is this reason enough to stop teaching those subjects. True, CRT is a difficult subject and teachers have to have a certain expertise to teach it. Everyone of the professors who taught the subject in law school held advanced degrees, usually double- Law and sociology or law and economics. It is highly unlikely that any of these high school teachers were similarly qualified. Add to that the difficulty of teaching any complex subject remotely where students can not directly challenge each others ideas and you have a wasted class. Trying to teach CRT remotely to high school students is the equivalent of trying to teach geometry to 1 graders when they cannot manipulate the actual shapes they are trying to measure. None of this means that such courses shouldn't be taught or the subject raised in an age-appropriate manner with qualified instructers. A typical teacher training course lasting a week or 10 days would never be enough to teach this subject. This isn't coding where reading a few chapters ahead can allow a competent teacher to learn the basics and teach an elementary course.

        1. Let's get real. You're coping and seething with that word salad of yours.

        2. A teacher that teaches coding by reading ahead a few chapters is not a competent teacher.

    3. 99.999% of high schools nationwide don't teach CRT

      The fact that you're claiming to know the entire curriculum at 99.999% of all high schools in the country is reason enough to not take you seriously.

      1. Touche'!

    4. Cite?

  41. There is NOT ONE public school in he USA that teaches CRT. Not one, NO matter what some media tells you

    1. All the schools teach the tenets of CRT--"white people evil, they're oppressing you" and have established pedagogies to implement it.

      1. It's a lot like people who want to teach Creationism claiming they aren't teaching religion.

    2. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

    3. That’s complete bullshit.

  42. Not surprised at all. CRT and antiracism were created by and for white progs, with a few bipoc folks thrown in only to deliver their masters’ talking points. White progs are the real racists.

    1. Most of the tenets of CRT was developed by black dykes. Yes, there were white leftists of the neomarxist variety like Marcuse and Horkheimer who provided the philosophical foundation for it, but the black dykes were the ones who brought it about specifically because they weren't the dominant class amongst the second-wave feminists--dominated mostly by northeastern white bitches--and the male-dominated black liberationists such as the Black Panthers.

      CRT is mostly based on a bunch black dykes with advanced college degrees whining about how oppressed they were.

      1. I would actually call the “black dykes” you refer to as white wannabes (kind of reverse Rachel Dolezals), since the their sexual preference at that time was certainly not (and still widely isn’t) accepted by their racial group.

        1. You be on the down low?

  43. But I must say it will be fun the next time one of these white progs start going off about their Mayflower ancestors, which many of them I know claim to have, that they must be proud they helped exterminate and enslave indigenous persons and Africans.

    1. Damn pilgrims.

      I just like to point out that, the indigenous peoples were pretty much the military equals of those lousy pilgrims. And, they greatly outnumbered them.

      So, why didn't they just snuff that problem out right there and then?

      Could it be because they weren't as peaceful as their modern ancestors like to insist and they wasted their energies fighting amongst themselves instead of uniting against the coming white tide?

  44. And of course far-right authoritarian-sympathetic Reason reflexively repeats far-right propaganda that "CRT" is being taught in American classrooms. As if teaching actual U.S. history is a terrible, very bad thing.

    1. You’re probably a Sarc sock.

      1. Condom, not sock. A used one.

    2. You deserve the full Frank Little.

  45. "Hispanic Students Were Forced To Learn Critical Race Theory. They Hated It."

    Look on the bright side, I am sure Black Students loved it.

  46. Some things are so stupid only white leftists can understand them.

  47. "an ancient African greeting"

    Do we know this? The fact that they can't narrow it down to a particular nation/tribe/etc. in Africa seems suspicious - even I know Africa is a large continent.

  48. We need to stop focusing on critical race theory, and start to focus on critical theory writ large. That philosophy will destroy this country and lead us to greater authoritarianism.

  49. They are failing it because it is taught mental illness. It breaks the minds of people that embrace it. It was designed as such, not to foster any sort of understanding, but as a (next gen) weapon to facilitate the failure and collapse of the American Experiment as an updated version of self replicating Soviet/KGB Cultural Mind Virus. Another reason to hate the evil empire, for building something like this.

  50. Not that long back, there were still a lot of old-money pre-gold rush families in the Sainas Valley, the landowners from the times before the massive influs of back east Yanks. They like to contrl how things work in their "turf".

    I'd like to ply Fly on the Wall with some of these muckety-mucks on one side of the thought pattern, and men like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williama, nd others like them. Of course I'd want an audio recorder, probably two "in case" one "fails"

  51. Not a single comment from Lying Jeffy, who has repeatedly insisted that CRT isn’t being taught in schools? Strange he wouldn’t comment about one of his favorite topics.

  52. Come to Florida and teach.

    We have a law banning CRT in schools.

    We also have a law that Every school has to have an armed defender.

    Thank you Governor DeSantis

  53. the "teachers" peddling this horseshit need a punch in the nose. my instant response to anyone that claims they are woke is to ask them to show me a photo of them and their black and asian and hispanic friends. of course NONE can. i can, my kids can, anyone playing a competitive sport can...

    it's time for these blowhards to just shut the fuck up

  54. This mentions tradeoff with a health class, but with limited time in class schedules, I'm more concerned with the math and science kids are missing out on by being forced to attend to this racist stuff. Tomorrow's useful innovations will not be generated thanks to ethnic studies classes.

  55. Democrats have been doing this for 70 years, they've just become more brazen and obvious.

    No nation can survive this use of government funds to teach revolution against said government. This of course is what leftists want, because our Constitution is a roadblock to their dreams of power...

    If I could be "dictator for a day," one of the laws I would pass is that there would be a reward of 10x median salary (to keep it inflation proof) for reporting any public official sandbagging, "de-emphasizing," ignoring, or otherwise making it hard for law enforcement to enforce our laws. The second law would be the death penalty for refusing to prosecute / uphold our laws. The third would be that ANY use of government dollars, time, facilities to teach values different than those embodied in our Declaration and Constitution would impose the death penalty as a mandatory sentence.

    Teach rebellion, get rebellion.

    1. So basically you want to murder a bunch of people for thinking the wrong thoughts.

      Oh no all those critical race theorists they're so dangerous.

  56. First... thank you very much for the article. From July 3, 1989 - December 22, 2021, I taught high school music. I had to retire early! Leaving a lot of money on the table!! There is no way I was going to be culpable in hurting children. With vaccine mandates / masks / CRT / schools becoming “synthetic families,” my principles do not line up with California public school’s principles. The fight to keep the USA the Founding Fathers’ vision is real! A cultural civil war. I do hope to return to teaching. I love it. Just need to be with folks who believe in the original definition of “tolerance.” God bless you!

  57. Ethnic studies are not meant to teach minorities' culture. It's meant to say that non-liberals hate minorities at the DNA level, so these minorities should look for protection in liberal syndicates and vote for them. White liberals, this way, can continue their exploiting of minorities by keeping them poor and ignorant while accusing others for that result. This evil has its cunning geniality, just like the devil.

  58. Isn't it interesting that this CRT crap is mainly the product of women? It seems that leftist ideology has some especially perverse effect on that gender, I believe because one of its main tenets is that women must "free" themselves from motherhood and family. It's not a case that the last idiocy about "male pregnancy" has very quickly become a preferred dogma.

  59. In the Los Angeles Unified School district I have been told by several teachers that ethnic studies are hated and breeds more resentment in Hispanic students. They dread the dog and pony show Black History Month marathon of mandated classes.

    Many public school teachers are happily taking big pay and benefits cuts to teach in private and religious schools that actually teach.

  60. Kali Fontanilla is one Latina among many. The article doesn't reference any of her students except secondhand comments on their reactions.

    This article and most of the comments exist because of the tendency of libertarians to align with racism. It's weak writing and thinking, and in the end it sabotages free markets.

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