Brickbat: Snow Job


When heavy snow closed State Route 903 in Washington, Kittitas County officials offered to send public works crews to clear the highway. But state officials turned down the help because the county could not guarantee that all of its workers are vaccinated against COVID-19. Gov. Jay Inslee has mandated that all state employees be vaccinated. That applies to contract workers and those working under intergovernmental agreements. The government of Kittitas County does not have a vaccine mandate.

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17 responses to “Brickbat: Snow Job

  1. The phrase 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' comes to mind. Maybe it will be a useful anecdote to remember when Inslee comes up for reelection.

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  2. Kittitas County officials should just have sent the snowplow crews out without asking permission! Now THAT would be pretty bad "egg on the face" for the state-level power pigs, had they gone out to arrest the crews!

  3. Kittatas County, it is time to end your relationship with Washington State. Those kids she brought into the relationship from other men were never going to respect you.

  4. So an implied admission that vaccination isn't about "stopping the spread," it's about virtue signalling and fealty to the overlords. Because who's going to contract or spread covid sitting alone in the cab of a snowplow?

    *for the record, I'm not an anti-vaxxer, I got the shots myself, and I did so because I don't want to get deathly ill or give it to my wife who's six months post-chemo. I don't give much of a rat's ass about if I'm more likely to spread it to others or not, and I'm against anyone being forced or coerced into taking it.

    1. Don't tell that to the True(tm) Beleebers. I'm fully vaccinated myself. And wear a mask when around other people.

      But I noticed today while sitting in the parking lot at a shopping center, that an extraordinarily large number of people are alone in their cars with their windows rolled up and... wearing masks. For God's sake, why?!?!?

    2. They don’t sit alone the entire time. They stop for gas, get their assignment, and piss at the depot.

  5. Too unclean to clean the streets.

  6. What insane parallel universe did this come from?

    1. PNW. Their minister of tourism, KAR, will by along shortly to extol the virtues of this strange land.

  7. so ... never goto Washington

    1. Just not over the pass.

  8. Left wing Democrats in west coast Seattle/Tacoma (whose primary constituencies are BLM/Antifa rioters, homeless vagrants and injection drug addicts) disdain conservatives, libertarians and others who live elsewhere in the state.

  9. Symbols are the most important thing. The beasts of the field have no symbols, thus without symbols we would be mere beasts.

  10. It’s not a brickbat.

    They just don’t want to deal with the liability of having visiting crews spreading the plague, when they take their trucks to the depots to gas up, get a coffee, and take a piss.

    They’re shorthanded enough. They don’t want to compound the problems by risking the health of their own crews. They especially don’t want to risk exposure and quarantine.

  11. Looks like it was also I-90 that the County was looking for permission to clear for the State. That's a major freight line to get stuff between the ports in Seattle/Tacoma and the upper midwest farming/ranching states.

    I'd be surprised if it's not mostly county plows clearing Hwy 903 most of the time anyway while the State crews focus on trying to keep Snowqualmie pass open for major traffic.

  12. Meh, plow it right up to the line and make a snow wall to keep the unclean out. Oh wait, it would be the free folk who had to make the snow wall. Ah ok, it still works that way too.

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