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Reason's annual webathon is almost over. Have you already contributed to the magazine of free minds and free markets?


In a surprise last-minute twist ending to this already gangbusters 2021 Reason webathon, a generous anonymous donor has emerged with an offer of a $100,000 match. That means if you give between now and the fast-approaching end of our fundraising week, each one of your donation dollars magically becomes two!

What will we do with this money, you might ask? We'll be expanding the podcast and video offerings y'all seem to really enjoy. Your cash will cover investigative reporting on criminal justice, political misconduct, bureaucratic misbehavior, infringements on speech, and more. Your PayPal transfers will give our writers the space to think and talk about how to carve out space for free minds and free markets in a partisan and intellectual landscape that has increasingly abandoned principled classical liberal values in favor of pragmatic authoritarianism. Your credit card donations will help us cover culture, even if some Reasoners have better taste than others. And your crypto will support our fact-checking and hoax debunking, a sorely needed corrective to so much of the media. 

Your bids on our NFT will fund more digging on the exciting (and sometimes terrifying) new tech that is changing our world, from rockets to robots to web3.

All this can be yours for the low, low price of nothing at all—we are mission-driven 501(c)(3) and we give away our content for free. But if you like our work and you think it's important, consider helping us beat last year's record and end this webathon with a bang by doubling your (tax-deductible) dollars

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