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Passing the Spending Bill Could Doom Biden's Presidency

Biden’s presidency is already failing. Build Back Better wouldn't help.


One of the strangest ticks of left-leaning punditry over the last year has been the contention that if Democrats in Congress didn't join together to pass some sort of climate and social spending bill—the various multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation packages that have gone under the label Build Back Better—then President Joe Biden would have presided over a failed presidency. The idea was that without this legislative package, Biden would have no accomplishments, no legacy, and nothing to show for his years in office with congressional majorities. Without the spending bill, Biden and the Democratic Party were doomed. 

On the contrary, the evidence suggests that Biden is already presiding over a failed presidency—and passing the spending bill could further cement that failure. 

A new poll from Echelon Insights puts Biden's predicament in rather stark relief. Over half of voters disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy, foreign policy, and his job as president. Similarly, inflation is among the top concerns for voters right now, and 52 percent of registered voters believe Biden is making inflation worse. The question poll respondents were asked is pretty telling: "Do you think Joe Biden's policies are making the inflation situation…Worse? Better? Or not making a difference at all?"

The keyword in that query is policies. Voters blame Biden's policies for current economic turmoil. 

And while there is probably, as always, some muddled thinking on the part of some voters about exactly what Biden has done to mismanage the economy, it is not wrong to blame Biden and congressional Democrats for stoking inflation. The first major legislative act that Biden and Democrats in Congress took this year was to pass a deficit-funded $2 trillion coronavirus relief and economic stimulus bill that was much larger than what most economists were calling for, one that some economists—even some long associated with the Democratic Party, like Larry Summers—said would make inflation worse. 

And here we are, the better part of a year later. Inflation has indeed accelerated and is likely to continue to accelerate in the near future. Combined with supply chain problems, this is causing Americans economic pain and frustration in their daily lives, pain that is highly visible in the prices at gas stations and supermarkets in the form of obviously higher prices for certain staples. Indeed, inflation has risen so rapidly that it has effectively destroyed this year's wage gains for workers. They're earning more—and they're still worse off. 

Americans, in other words, have quite clear, quite obvious economic problems. And they wish that Biden was focused on policies specifically aimed at addressing the immediate economic problems they face: Echelon's poll finds that 72 percent of voters—including, notably, 58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters—want Biden to prioritize inflation and supply chain issues over social spending.  

Instead, Biden and Democratic leadership in Congress have spent most of the year relentlessly focused on passing a massive spending bill that, among other things, will give the IRS more money to poke around in people's finances, and tax methane emissions in a way that is all but certain to increase home heating costs. But at least when it's all done, there will be a "Women of Trucking Advisory Board" as part of an initiative aimed at "promoting women in the trucking workforce." Women may well be woefully underrepresented in trucking, and I for one am ready for an all-woman remake of Sylvester Stallone's Over the Top, but a meaningful solution to the supply chain crunch this is not.

Biden, in other words, is focused on legislative initiatives that would attempt to remedy non-problems that people aren't particularly worried about while ignoring the very real problems that already exist—problems that his policies, supported by Democrats in Congress, have helped exacerbate. If anything, Biden's spending plans could make those problems worse still, by throwing more federal spending into an already inflationary economy, and by diverting resources toward Democratic social and climate priorities rather than more pressing issues. 

This was always a problem with Biden's broader economic agenda: It was a grab-bag of expensive, preexisting Democratic hobbyhorses—more money for unions, for already-bloated health care programs, for climate policies of dubious effectiveness—instead of a set of tailored and focused responses to the problems Americans are actually facing right now. And rather than turn his attention to the most pressing issues, upon entering office Biden dug in on the checklist he came in with, acting as if he represented a commanding public majority that had endorsed trillions of dollars worth of social and economic change.

Just yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–N.Y.) said that he hoped the Senate would pass the spending bill by Christmas. It's clear what congressional Democrats are focused on, and it's not the same thing that voters are focused on. So in pushing to pass Build Back Better, Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress are doubling down on a strategy of ignoring voter problems in favor of mostly irrelevant party priorities. 

This was always a recipe for a failed presidency, one incapable of adapting to the moment or addressing genuine voter needs—and so it is no surprise that as Biden has followed that recipe, his presidency has flailed and faltered. And as long as he sticks to this course, his failures are all but certain to continue. 

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305 responses to “Passing the Spending Bill Could Doom Biden's Presidency

  1. You know who else ignored voters’ problems in favor of mostly irrelevant party priorities?

    1. Every politician ever?

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      1. Diamond Dave was never going to outvote the brothers.

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    6. Considering Hitler lost the one election he ran in and was appointed Chancellor it makes sense.

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  2. This is the modus operandi of the Democratic party. Promise everything under the sun, like welfare, immigration reform, and other tasty freebees, then turn around and pass a deeply divisive bill that pays off their lobbyists. They did it once for the healthcare industry, and now they are going to do it for the green-tech industry. It costs them the house and senate for a couple years, but in another decade they'll be promising Immigration reform again, and the dupes will vote for them anyways.

    1. Good point. Republicans never reward lobbyists or special interests, and they keep all their promises.

      1. Funny, Overt said nothing of the sort, and no one believes that. But you have to be you. Reflexively attacking republicans when someone criticizes your precious democrats.

        1. Both Sides! is a thing precisely because if you're going to call out the problems with one side, those problems should be unique to that side. Otherwise, you're just scoring Team points and not making a truly useful point.

          1. No, both sides is not a thing. It's a distraction from the evils perpetrated by progressives. Doesn't matter of conservatives do it to, because fuck you you voted for Biden. Prove you didn't. That means you did, and now I'm going to apply all of my well rehearsed arguments against liberal things you never said because you dared to criticize conservatives. So there.

            1. And you double down on trying to deflect from criticism against the left. Amazing.

            2. Your arguments are now fully reduced to passive-aggressive, teenage-style whining. Bravo.

            3. There are plenty of shit republicans who do shitty things. None of us have a problem admitting that. I’m fact, the GOP needs a big purge of it’s RINOs.

              But God forbid you should just admit what garbage democrats are. I think it would literally kill you to do so. That or bottom shelf liquor and hobo wine.

          2. I would posit that the sides need to be the origin or source of the problem(s) to begin with. When both sides abuse mail-in voting or call for a reform of the regulations of free speech, the problem isn't with Republicans and Democrats and there's no reason to believe that three or more sides exploiting the weakness is any better than two, unless you believe in some sort of magical tribe that is without fault or hubris other than just being unpopular. The 'both sides' narrative is a distraction from the fact that mail-in voting is a sham and that nobody outside the courts should be regulating free speech.

            Very much akin to cries of 'racist' in the case of unjustified police shootings as though cops killing blacks and whites in equal numbers or proportions would be acceptable.

          3. Scoring Points would infer a analog scale.
            Bowf Sidez; Infers perfection or failure.

            So of course the Perfection Pass/Fail report card is used by democrats; It's just an attempt to hide their F up against a B.

          4. And P.S. "problems should be unique to that side"

            It IS!!! Cares Act (87% Pitched by Democrats).
            Republicans Yes!
            Democrats Yes!
            American Rescue Plan.
            Republicans No!
            Democrats Yes!
            Build Back Better.
            Republicans No!
            Democrats Yes!

            NOT ONCE HAS Democrats voted against MORE STEALING.
            They are specifically unique to that.

        2. He does point out the downside to the otherwise glorious prospect of running these shit Dems out of Congress, and that is the awful, stomach-churning prospect of then having to address how shit the Republicans actually are.

          One of the greatest rewards of the Dems so determinedly ramming their heads into the wall has been the fact that it has enabled us to ignore the Republicans entirely. And while horrified rejection is an appropriate response to Biden's "policies", those of us old enough to remember the last time the Republicans held actual power in DC do not anticipate a Golden Age of enlightened governance.


      2. "Republicans never reward lobbyists or special interests, and they keep all their promises."

        It is curious to me that you cannot stand for someone to say something critical of Democrats without jumping in with this both sides stuff. Republicans have their own problems. But this specific issue right here- the willingness to sacrifice a congressional majority to ratchet forward progressive payouts to liberal lobbyists- is specific to the Democrats.

        They did it with Medicare in the 60s, losing the Senate and nearly losing the house. They did it with Brady Bill and a near miss from Hillary Care in the 90s. And then they did it with Obamacare.

        1. And, again, frequently the retort is simply "The other side does it too." as indistinguishable (or even overtly justified or even tangentially and inversely justified as) "We can do it." rather than "This needs to stop."

          Republicans want to regulate free speech (so that more people are able to speak) in some state, Democrats are silencing people in direct opposition to the letter and spirit of The Constitution... Both Sides!

      3. Quick. Someone made a negative attack on democeats, deflect deflect!

        Hey guys why do you think I'm a leftist?


    2. passing the spending bill could further cement that failure

      Passing the spending bill means instituting new "free shit" programs like child care, universal pre-k, the idea of a UBI, GND giveaways, free college, etc. that are not only never going to go away but will be guaranteed to grow exponentially. Just like Obamacare.

      You may think Obamacare was a huge failure, but it established the principle that the federal government is responsible for healthcare and that's a major accomplishment. It'll be the same shit here - in fact I've already heard Klobachar making the argument that at least the Democrats have made these big, bold spending proposals and where are the Republican's big, bold spending proposals? They ain't even got any! Ha! The Republicans aren't offering any solutions, they're just obstructionists trying to prevent the Democrats from offering solutions so if nothing gets done and bad things happen, it'll all be their fault for preventing the Democrats from getting shit done.

      And the Republicans will once again fall for that sort of argument and once again fail to repeal a single one of Biden's new initiatives. Some "failure" by Biden, establishing half-a-dozen major new spending programs.

    3. So many politicians see raising money as a necessity to win elections, and they're willing to sell out the general public so they get kickbacks in the form of campaign cash. Suderman says Biden's presidency is a failure. But so many politicians' idea of a failed presidency, is one where they don't get rich or a lot of campaign cash kickbacks, which is why they want the spending.

      Government spending (beyond what's necessary to protect our liberties) is the political class eating the fruits produced by the working class.

    4. His senility is going to doom his Presidency. Not this bill. Though it might drag down Harris too. Your guess is as good as mine who the next candidate will be.

      Hopefully, current events still matter at the polls. We'll see in November, I guess.

  3. "Biden’s presidency is already failing."


    On the contrary, he's already the most libertarian President ever — at least as Koch-funded libertarians understand the term. Wealth is concentrating at the very top with unprecedented efficiency. That's literally what Koch / Reason libertarianism has been trying to accomplish since its creation decades ago.

    1. Want more?

      Biden liberated and dismantled Orange Hitler's concentration camps.
      Biden delivered the vaccine and shut down the virus as promised.
      Biden skillfully managed the end of the war in Afghanistan. (If you disagree, you have permission to call the last couple weeks in Afghanistan a humiliating catastrophe — as long as you blame Drumpf.)


      1. But, what about haperinflation, OBL???

      2. Man, you are even mastering the gaslighting technique!


  4. But hey, at least Orange Man is no longer tweeting! Maybe you can't eat that or heat with it but it's gotta be worth it!

    1. We've gotten rid of the Mean Tweet Orange Man, and we have a diverse woman who's had Willie Brown's dick in her mouth as Vice President! America is a great nation again (and, of course, needs to be destroyed).

  5. Why would he be so unpopular, and why would he be even less popular, by doing the things that were on his campaign website?

    It’s almost like the media (including the publication currently asking for donations) was more concerned with getting rid of the Bad Orange Man to protect their feelz, than they were accurately covering what a Biden administration would look like.

  6. Criminy, Suderman, if the DNC were known for meaningful solutions, they would not have propped up the current racist grifter and incompetent diversity hire sidekick for the 2020 ticket. Nor would they have trotted out herself, wannabe white trash Kennedy from Arkansas, Madame former Secstate, to provide new messaging to the rubes. And their leadership wouldn't be based on dishonest rhetoric, lies, and smearing their opponents. But, at least there's no racism any more.

  7. Yep this spending bill would be the thing to doom his presidency... It has nothing to do with his performance over the last 11 months

    1. The spending bill is the culmination of his performance over the last 10 months

      1. I assumed the dump he took in his pants was the culmination of his work

        1. Just wait.

          As the meme goes, "I know things look really bad right now, but friend...they're about to get a lot worse."

  8. Does this article exist? It's critical of Biden, and the commenters here have made it clear that everyone at Reason voted for him and they support everything he does. This doesn't make sense. Either they're wrong or the article is a figment of the imagination.

    1. Hey all of ye Reasonoid readers! Do NOT bother to read this article about Joe Biden (or his policies)! Do NOT bother to read (or read about) ANY links, facts, or logic contained in this article and-or video! Do NOT bother to trouble your pretty little heads about silly factual details gathered by useless Reason-writer eggheads!

      Because I, the SMARTEST ONE, can “summarize” it ALL for you! Here it is, above article summarized: “Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad”!

      (/Sarc, revenge for moronic “summaries” about “Orange Man Bad”)

      1. What are you talking about? Obviously this article is praising Biden because every single Reason employee voted for the guy. Doesn't matter what anyone said about who they supported, they were mean to Orange Man which means they voted for Biden. Don't you know anything?

        1. You argue like a teenager.

          1. He does sound pretty whiny and cranky, doesn't he? I have noticed this.

        2. Why are you talking to yourself?

    2. No, you fuckwit. They were obsessed with getting rid of Trump. So they supported this senile idiot. No one ever said they supported all his policies. But you can’t stand criticism of democrats.

      You really are a drunk, broken waste of life.

      1. Hey! Stop y’all’s fighting!

        HERE is an uplifting message that may help out! (Thanksgiving is GONE; time to move ON!)

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        “I come unto ye to bring messages of Joy and Peace! Do NOT be confused by the lamestream media, nor by the Demon-rats, who speak of many strange wonders! They speak of many YUUGE lies, and of half-truths! Some say that I am the Son of God! Some say that I am the Son of Man! Some say that I am the Great White Father! Or the Great Pumpkin! Or the Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father! But I am none of those things! I come to be before you, as an Humble Man, with MUCH bigness to my humbleness… You may simply call me the Chosen One! Even the lamestream media knows this! The American voters, the REAL, legitimate voters… The NON-Demon-rat ones, have overwhelmingly chosen MEEE! THAT is why I am the Chosen One!”

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            Not even Sqrlsy.

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                    Is that what you're doing here Sqrlsy?

                    Are you being anti-Semitic again?

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        2. Speaking of 'obsessed with getting rid of Trump', we have the TDS-addled spastic asshole piping up and getting flagged.

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            2. TDS-addled spastic asshole earns more flags.
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                  1. Short answer - obviously.

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                    Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

                    Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

                    At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

                    Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

                    Thank You! -Reason Staff

    3. OR...your post is an example of extreme straw manning.

      A fourth possibility is that the staff of Reason, being good denizens of the East Coast Megalolpolis, were required to demonstrate a degree of performative TDS, and now, being released back into the real world, where rationality, objectivity and reason are needed, they have to assess Biden's performance without reference to their recent knee-jerk derangement. This is called "changing positions".

      Being a good lefty/Dem/whatever, you might not recognize this, as whenever reality presents as inconsistent with your narrative you only have to utter the magic words "TRUMP!" or "racism!". (I'm not sure whether there are accompanying exotic hand gestures.)

  9. A disaffected right-wing hack (in garish, unconvincing liberarian drag) concludes a mainstream Democratic president is hopelessly unpopular.

    Conservatives see this as reason to expect a reversal in the tide of the culture war, a reversal that would favor Republicans . . . in a nation that becomes less bigoted, less rural, less superstitious, less backward, and less White each day.

    Carry on, clingers. So far as your betters permit, that is.

    1. Hey Art! I'm glad to see you're as thrilled with Biden's performance as I am.

      So when do you think he'll give us the enlarged Supreme Court you said he would?

      1. "I think it's adorable you think Biden won't nominate two persons in early 2020"

        Oops! You surely didn't mean 2020. 🙂

        You were more realistic about the timeframe here: I wouldn't mind seeing Judge Barrett confirmed, if only because I believe it would precipitate the installation of four new, better justices during the first half of 2021.

        Darn it, despite Biden's string of successes he appears to have fallen short on the court expansion issue. Will it happen in 2022, Art?


      2. I do not know precisely when America's liberal-libertarian mainstream will enlarge the Court, arranging a Court that reflects modern America more than it does the superstitious, bigoted Federalist Society.

        The more interesting question involves identifying the most important or direct precipitate for Court enlargement. Will it be abortion? Guns? Race-targeting voter suppression and other voting issues? General gridlock, partisanship, and election results? General bigotry (racism, misogyny, gay-bashing, xenophobia)? The push for limitless special privilege from generally applicable law for (certain) religious misfits?

        Republicans current rely on Joe Manchin to avoid a reckoning. Relying on anyone from West Virginia for anything seems a poor strategy . . . but carry on, clingers. So far as stale, ugly thinking can carry anyone in modern America, that is.

        1. "Republicans current rely on Joe Manchin to avoid a reckoning."

          Ugh. That guy. He clearly doesn't have the razor-sharp intellect or stellar academic record of Joe Biden.

          Since Biden is doing such a fantastic job, Democrats are well positioned to make substantial midterm gains. Manchin will become less relevant in 2023's overwhelmingly Democratic Senate.


        2. I see a great deal of "precipitates" for America becoming more aware and more fed up of and with liberal bigotry. One way this is exposed is when clingers like Kirkland keep putting all their hopes on court enlargement because a severly unpopular, politically suicidal incision in our system of checks and balances is the dream of woke, socialistic misfits Its also the only thing that could save their abjectly losing position. And even that would only be temporary.

          Keep on wasting your viagra over court packing fantasies. Keep on clinging. Americans with a spine are already not having it anymore. I see you trying to observe trends, but obviously derivatives aren't your strength.

        3. And I actually think you meant to use catalyst, not precipitate. A precipitate is a result, not what triggers things. Did you maybe emigrate from West Virginia yourself and that's why you are so cranky? 😀

          1. Years ago Kirkland admitted that he’s from a rural area and he spent his childhood getting pummeled by bigger, stronger boys.

            He’s yet to get the therapy he needs to see the obvious connection between his childhood experiences and his current bitterness and bigotry.

            1. That tracks; his particular chip on the shoulder seemed bubba-sized.

              1. Kirkland misses the days when his mother used to film him getting fucked by the family dog. He'll always remember the third grade fondly. Giving quarter blowjobs to hobos on skid row to feed his gutter junk habit just doesn't give him the same sense of affection he got from that Great Dane. It really gave him a sense of belonging.

            2. I’ll bet he would beg and cry if he ever actually met any of us face to face.

            3. "pummeled"? Is that a euphemism for a backwoods recreational activity that involves ???????????????????????????????? squealing like a pig? Notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat.

    2. It's nice to see they've gotten Baghdad Bob a new job.

      1. Kuck, along with Raspberry-ass Tony and the anti holocaust crazy were my first mutes. Still read the responses and don't even have to know what they've posted. The same old shit.

        1. I'm still on the fence in regards to muting. Most of the time I just scroll by their screeds.

          1. I've muted a bunch of them.

            Never say anything that's not deliberately inflammatory or stupid. Their job is to just muddy the conversation or get a rise. Easiest to just see the "muted" and scroll past.

        2. So far I have only Jeffy on mute, but I'm tempted to squelch Tony and sarc.

          1. Tony and Sqrsly. The former being so stupid I can't see how he made it past childhood and the latter just for ease of scrolling. I can read Dr. Bronner in the shower.

          2. Tony often appears to be pure troll, but it's mixed in with what seems to be sincere socialist stupidity. Jeff's similar.

            Kuckland, otoh, is like someone took an actual troll, removed its brains, dehydrated it, then cut off its testicles, soaked them in bile, and reduced the result to a small pellet of tryhardium. This is then administered via the urethra, using twigs and/or swizzle sticks. Not sure if this last is actual recommended procedure, but amusing to contemplate, anyway.

  10. Anyone else think it's cute when Suderman tries to pretend he's not one of them?

    1. Great point! After all, anyone who was critical of the last administration has to be one of "them." Libertarian? Ha! Conservative or commie. That's it.

      1. You called anyone that wasn't fervently anti trump a cultist you leftist shit. Now all you do is defend democrats.

    2. In contrast to all of 2020? All the more so.

      1. In 2020 (and the vast majority of 2021, for that matter), the Reason Editors weren't even pretending. So this is a bit of an improvement.

        1. Vestigial sense of shame? I doubt it's fear.

    3. Gonna let you in on a secret: Suderman really isn’t one of them.

      1. Are you Suderman? Is that what you're trying to hint at, Mike?

  11. Biden isn't running for reelection.

    He'll be facing all sorts of Democrat challengers for the nomination after the midterms--especially if he doesn't elevate Buttigieg to Vice President.

    Some of us in comments have been talking about Biden's presidency and Pelosi's speakership as a kamikaze effort. Pelosi has already promised not to seek the Speaker's chair after the midterms, probably because she assumes the Democrats won't be in control of the House after the midterms anyway.

    1. Neither of them plan to be in power for very long. They're at the end of the careers, and they want to leave their mark on history before they fade into the night. That was a great reason to oppose them in 2020. Suddenly realizing this is so after they have power and there is no split government to stop them is embarrassing. We talked about all of this in comments before the election. All of this was not only foreseeable but also foreseen.

      1. Every sane person (i.e. reasonably intelligent, relatively objective well-informed human being) knew exactly that this will happen if Biden is made president. Reason, apparently, did not.

        The funniest part is that Biden stated that he's running for re-election. Of course, this is as laughable as everything else he does or says but still. I don't think he'll be around by that time anyway.

        1. Yeah, he won't make it obvious that he's leaving until after the midterms.

        2. “Reason, apparently, did not.”

          That’s odd. Reason had several articles predicting Biden’s spending and other policies.

          1. And lied in more about Biden being a moderate you dishonest shit. No one can read his campaign website and think moderate.

    2. The exact same calculus was against a Joe Biden nomination in the first place. He's old. He's not nearly left enough for where the Dems are now. He picked an obvious harpy as his running mate. He still won the nomination. And now he has incumbency, which was enough of an advantage to keep a walking disaster like Trump in the Republican nomination in 2020.

      Joe Biden will run for reelection if Joe Biden wants to.

      1. He bought the nomination, just like it was sold to Hillary the last run. Nothing Democratic about it.

  12. Doomed? What does he care? Not like he going to be re-elected anyway.

    1. He may not even live that long. He's been selected and propped up in the Oval Office and is serving the purpose he was put there for. Everyone else was too radical to beat Trump, so the middle of the way voters proudly cast their votes for an acceptable alternative so they could proudly brag about their virtue at the water cooler.

      And this is what we got: POOTUS.

      1. 'Acceptable alternative'
        I want to see those unacceptable alternatives again!

        1. One of them is the VP right now.

          1. Vice Queen POOTUS

    2. He could easily be re-elected using the same methods that got him elected the first time.

      1. That's not how you, "Things'll be different in 2022, guys!", Paul.

      2. With adequate fortification...

        1. Short of actual totalitarian martial law, I think we've seen "maximum fortification". It was so extreme that even normies noticed, but hey "Orange Man bad.".


    JUST IN - German parliament to vote on compulsory vaccination of the general population this year, says designated Chancellor Scholz (SPD) and blames the unvaccinated for the current wave of infections.

    1. You know what other Chancellor blamed a spurned minority for Germany's troubles?

      1. Angela Merkel?

      2. Kinda narrowing that one down a lot, aren'cha?

        1. Yeah, that was supposed to be humorous.

    2. I'm here to declare that heroin works best if everyone takes it.

      1. Communism totally works, too. Everyone just has to believe hard enough, and every time it's been tried there were always one or two jerks ruining it for everyone else.

        1. Damned wreckers! And it only takes one or two to bring the whole utopia down

      2. We need heroin to wean people off the opiate of the masses.

    3. designated Chancellor Scholz (SPD) and blames the unvaccinated for the current wave of infections

      Not so much seeing nothing anymore?

    4. The only problem with mandating the vaccine in the US is that it might help Trump voters survive who would otherwise die of stupidity.

      1. Stay evil my friends.

        1. The thing is, they have perfect unfettered freedom to stop being disease-ridden dumbasses.

          1. A “vaccine” that doesn’t immunize anyone is worthless.

            1. Do you have the slightest clue what you're talking about? Be honest with yourself.

              1. A "vaccine" that leaves the "vaccinated" in need of protection by a mask and a social distancing bunker is worthless.

              2. He does, but I'm pretty sure you don't, Tony.

                1. Don't ruin Tony's brilliant thoughts. I'm shocked there are any Trump voters alive after not being vaccinated for such a deadly disease. If he's that dumb, you don't owe it to him to talk him down.

              3. A vaccine that offers no protection is no vaccine.
                Taking stupid pills again tony?

                1. He doesn’t need those pills.

                2. I think he over dosed.

            2. See, the way the vaccine "works" is, if you're alive and vaccinated and get Covid...well, you would have died. The vaccine worked.
              If you're vaccinated and DON'T get Covid, see? The vaccine worked.
              If you're vaccinated, get Covid, and die...DAMN THOSE ANTI-VAXXERS!

          2. Functionally, the vaccine is a therapeutic, not really preventative. Of course, Tony is too stupid to understand that.

    1. Has already failed.

      He might never realize it.

      1. Not even joking, he does not realize it. You think Nancy lets him change the channel at home unsupervised?
        Brandon really has no clue what actually is going on.


  14. >>Biden is already presiding over a failed presidency

    started as fraud and everyone knew it. no measure of success will ever attach.

    1. Well, not everyone.

      1. Brandon might not have been in on it but he did mention the Fraud Machine in a pre-election speech

  15. Just out of curiosity how many women long to be truck drivers?

    1. Will this create opportunities for male prostitutes at truck stops?

      1. Have you seen lot lizards?

        Some of them can probably fit the masculine bill, if the trucker closes her eyes.

        1. Some of them actually are men.

          1. Well, you can call yourself whatever you want, selected from the 23 gender identities available this week, so...

            but yeah. Some of 'em are dudes.

            1. I see that you two have also been to West Memphis...

      2. Yeah. The same way the WNBA unleashed a wave of paternity suits against a wave of male groupies.

    2. All of the diesel dames?

      1. Ha, "Diesel Dames" would be a good name for a band if it isn't already taken.

        1. Google found one. Chick Churlish and the Diesel Dames.

    3. tell 'em Large Marge sent ya.

    4. A Google search shows that “Diesel Dames” is the name of a trucking company in New Jersey, an Instagram group, and a brand of jeans.

    5. Apparently about 8% of the total.

      Honestly, I suspect that women are for the most part too smart to to that job.

    6. It hardly matters as a solution to the supply chain if they become owner operators since they won't be allowed to work in California thanks to AB5. In short, Gavin shoulders some of the burden for national inflation albeit not as much as Brandon but 1 will get you 2 that dopey Calicans will put Gavin back on the throne next go if they can. I say that because hey, given his age and dismissal of his own mask policies he could catch omicron and ultimately make Cali life better for everyone else.

    7. Well, the main goal is creating the patronage jobs associated with a "Women In Trucking" agency. So..."Mission Accomplished!"

  16. Democrats are deluded. They think that Biden's approval has tanked because he hasn't done enough, and they really need to work on marketing! Tell the people! Tell the people about all the goodness Build Back Better has in store for them!

    Don't you know how much free pre-school and childcare you will get with Build Back Better? Don't you know? Isn't that why you don't love democrats? Because you just don't know how much free pre-school you'll get?

    They really think like this.

    1. Actually on that slice they're not wrong. Biden's support hasn't dropped significantly further among Republicans. It's dropped among Democrats. Even more than independents, a president's own party is where the bulk of downside approval rating risk lies. So when you're looking at a President going from ~50 to ~30 a substantial chunk of that has to be being outflanked by his own party.

      Of course, trying to please the more extreme flank of your party by giving them what they want is highly unlikely to get your head above water, as matters for actually winning national elections.

      1. Biden started with less than 10% of Republicans. Hard to go down in support there.

  17. Suderman better check the bill. There may be a kick back to Reason for all the help they provided last year.

    1. Wasn't there that payout to favored media outlets?

  18. Maybe we shouldn't take national polls seriously? I'd be more interested in how the Brandon/Pelosi policies poll in the purple swing districts that will determine the House results in 2022.
    Looking around such a congressional district here in the Phila. suburbs, the child care credits, pre-K, parental leave, infrastructure hoo-hah, seems to be embraced by the two-income white collar folks who think inflation can be offset by more and more "free" federal goodies. It really doesn't help much if solidly red districts go even more solidly red if the suburban swing districts don't swing red too.

    1. Check the suburbs northeast of Cincinnati. In the general election, the winner of Warren County wins the country.

  19. Christ, what a loser.

  20. I can't defend Biden's shoddy record but Donnie-boy left him a low bar with a 4-year GDP of only 1.6% (worst since the 30s), took the deficit from $500 billion to over $3 trillion, only POTUS to have Negative job creation and who fumbled us into a pandemic.

    But Biden could be worse!

    1. You mad bro that you have to pay for your footlongs after Jared stopped giving you free vouchers?

    2. took the deficit from $500 billion to over $3 trillion

      and then Biden said, "hold my beer."

    3. Hmm so if Hillary had won in 2016 there would have been no pandemic? How would she have accomplished this?

      1. Impossible to know, but it was Trump who pulled scientists out of Wuhan just before the pandemic broke.

        1. What were they doing in Wuhan in the first place? And why do you believe the CCP would give a fuck what they say?

        2. Biden has now killed more people with covid than trump despite a vaccine.

          1. ‘Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up’.

      2. See Seth Rich or Jeffrey Epstein for examples.

      3. Interesting idea, but the plan might already have progressed too far by 2017 for Hillary to call it off.

    4. turd lies; it’s all he ever does. turd is a pathological liar, entirely too stupid to remember which lies he posted even minutes ago, and also too stupid to understand we all know he’s a liar.
      If anything he posts isn’t a lie, it’s totally accidental. If he included numbers they are either out-right lies or cherry picked such that (his TDS-addled bullshit above) if used by an honest person, they would prove the opposite of what turd is claiming
      Turd lies; it’s what he does. turd is a lying, steaming pile of lefty shit.


    In the Soviet Union we had:
    - A media which regurgitated the Party line and was widely understood to be lying
    - A culture of fear about speaking your mind in public because wrongthink was punished both socially and criminally
    - Cultural and creative stagnation resulting from...
    ...state and self-censorship
    - Mass scale indoctrination of children with radical unscientific ideologies through the education system
    - A fake "consensus" which went largely unchallenged for fear of losing your job and social stigma
    - People pretending to believe things in...
    ...public that they vehemently opposed in private
    - The framing of dissenters as undermining the safety of others
    - Underground groups which met to discuss all of this in secret (think WhatsApp groups but with vodka)

    Good thing the Soviet Union is no longer with us, eh?

    1. Sounds like USA conservatives. An ideology so bad they have to have their own colleges like Bob Jones U to spew their Creation Garbage and isolate their yutes.

      1. You've got your 43,974 colleges that spew racist bullshit, let the conservatives have one.

      2. Yeah. Those good old boy spittin tobacky chewin suthern hick Republicans using the White House to pressure social media companies to ban those with dissenting views. And working to use the FBI to investigate parents that, shockingly, speak out against their agendas at school board meeting. You hit the nail right on the shank.

      3. Turd lies; it’s all he ever does. Turd is a pathological liar, entirely too stupid to remember which lies he posted even minutes ago, and also too stupid to understand we all know he’s a liar.
        If anything he posts isn’t a lie, it’s totally accidental.
        turd lies; it’s what he does. turd is a lying pile of lefty shit.

    2. "The framing of dissenters as undermining the safety of others"

      Hey man, if you wont admit that men and women are exactly the same and a guy with a 10 inch cock and a pink wig is a woman, then you are LITERALLY CAUSING TRANS GENOCIDE

      1. Genocide? Can't that be achieved by doing nothing? It's not like they're gonna breed or anything.

    3. Fake news. I refuse to believe Russians participate in Whatsapp groups without vodka.

  22. Biden's presidency is over. He will pass nothing substantial, other than watered down money wasting bills that no one really celebrates and will mostly be a transfer of money from the public to dems and their corporate cronies.

    Anything significant will never pass the senate. Inflation + stagnation will have everyone making the obvious Carter comparisons.

    And despite the media carrying every bucket of water for him they can, his approval is lower than Trump's was. His VP and supposed successor is somehow even more unpopular.

    "Fuck Joe Biden" will be about the only substantial and lasting thing that comes from his presidency

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

      I’m doing my part to cement his place in history.

      1. This monument is dedicated to the 46th president of the United States, to commemorate an administration more fucked up than all the porn sites on the internet combined. For this great leader who once stood before the world, and shit his pants and thought it was ice cream.

        "FUCK JOE BIDEN"

  23. "Passing the Spending Bill Could Doom Biden's Presidency"

    Biden doomed his own presidency by speaking publicly (i.e. he cannot even complete a coherent sentence) and by imposing many left-wing, totalitarian, racist, China promoting, debt/inflation increasing policies.

  24. Could Doom? ROFLMAO! Wake up Reason.

  25. Whoever runs things is happy to sacrifice "Biden's" "Presidency" to get the spending bill passed. The point of the bill is a huge increase in government power and it will never go away. Biden is a disposable game piece, as has always been obvious.

      1. Really! Why would The Squad give two shits about what happens to Biden?

      2. ^ THIS!! ^

        The Democrats are willing to sacrifice a pawn to advance a queen, they play the long game.

    1. What will be harder for many here to accept is that Trump was a disposable game piece.

      1. It'll be much harder for you to back that bullshit.

        1. But I want to see him try.

        2. Trump winning wasn't part of the plan. He was supposed to ensure Hillary's win. But when Trump saw that he actually had a chance, he went all in. Yes, Trump was a pawn, but he realized that he had a better chance playing checkers, and somehow, managed to cross the board and yell "king me, bitches!"

          A kinged checkers piece is still disposable though. All of the game pieces are disposable, to the people actually playing the game.

  26. In other news JP Morgan Chase says gas hikes are just getting started at $5/gallon and considers $5 a run on pumps for domesday preppers. The Democrats did not shy away from comparing themselves to Jimmy Carter and the equality of the 1970s. Good Times the 1970s.

    1. So you're saying invest in fuel stabilizer?

      1. Especially with that ethanol shit.

  27. Could doom? Biden’s presidency is effectively over already.


    An interesting article that documents many left wing politicians and media propagandists falsely portraying Jessie Smollett as a victim of racism by Trump loving white supremacists.

    Seems like many of the left wingers who continue to falsely claim Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist also falsely insisted that Smollett was a victim of racism.

    1. If he gets any charges that stick to him, the media will be covered with "Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist went free while an actor trying to bring attention to racism gets punished"

      Guarantee that headline happens

      1. Smollett's going with the Costanza defense, "It's not a lie if you believe it".

  29. I wonder what the metric is for a successful vs. failed presidency. I'd prefer it to be something simple and clear, like body count, but I understand that the sniveling right-wing man-baby conception of success has more to do with how much their hate boner is stroked for their perceived enemies.

    Maybe it's promises vs. achievements? Maybe it's not fucking up the world more than absolutely necessary given the limitations of human cognition.

    I do know one thing: the biggest threat to civilization is stupidity. Adherence to dogma. People have been willing to kill millions before admitting their cosmic notions are flawed.

    Libertarians, to their credit, I suppose could see 90% of the population die in starvation and still call it a success, as long as nobody paid too many taxes.

    It's all rather subjective, don't you think? I see the US's longest war ended, a booming economy, and a science-positive government. If you ask for more than that, you're a spoiled cunt.

    1. >>the metric is

      what twitter tells us. keep up.

      1. Twitter is a dopamine production machine that doesn't even have a chance of spitting out money, like the slot machine tech it is based on.

    2. I agree that it's subjective, and most people judge based on pure tribalism.

      It's kinda funny about Democrats though. Before Biden, you guys were always telling us that embracing Big Government would make our lives soooo much better, heaven on earth. Look at your slogans now: Lower Your Expectations. Take The Beating. etc. Now you're saying Big Government will crap up our lives--and we should thank you for it.

      1. I don't know what you mean by big government. Why don't you attempt to explain it.

      2. "Look at your slogans now: Lower Your Expectations. Take The Beating. etc. Now you're saying Big Government will crap up our lives--and we should thank you for it."

        another Marxism / socialism win. That was always the plan

    3. I wonder what the metric is for a successful vs. failed presidency. I'd prefer it to be something simple and clear, like body count,

      Well, Biden's COVID body count is already higher than Trump's.

      I do know one thing: the biggest threat to civilization is stupidity. Adherence to dogma.

      Yeah, you can say that again. This guy "Tony" who hangs out here is a prime example of this.

    4. In the first term, the metric is obvious—re-election.

  30. "I do know one thing: the biggest threat to civilization is stupidity. Adherence to dogma. People have been willing to kill millions before admitting their cosmic notions are flawed."

    Mea Culpa? Its about time you realized being on the side of socialism is the side of true evil. No ideology in history has killed more people more efficiently

    "I see the US's longest war ended, a booming economy, and a science-positive government."

    LOL. Fauci still openly pushing wet market conspiracy theory with the govt backing him while declaring "I AM THE SCIENCE"...chefs fucking kiss.

    1. Will figuring out exactly where the virus came from bring people back to life? As far as I know, the science is still unsettled as to origin. Although you imply that you've figured it all out, so maybe you should get on the phone to Dr. Fauci and explain your definitive findings.

      I'm not a socialist. I'm not fond of -isms of any sort. There is far more diversity in how humans have lived in the last half million years than you can possibly imagine, and nobody has any way to explain why their way was the right way.

      I'm for maximizing human freedom and joy, because what else is there to maximize?

      1. Will figuring out exactly where the virus came from bring people back to life?

        No, but it just might prevent it from happening again. We either need to quit eating under-cooked bats or beat the shit out of Anthony Fauci for funding risky viral research by the Chinese and I'd like to know which one. But I've got my suspicions as to which one was the problem. Playing God rarely ends well, and all these morons who think they're perfectly suited for the task should be locked safely away in the loony bin.

      2. I'm not a socialist. I'm not fond of -isms of any sort.

        Right. Steeped in the denialism, recidivism, and infantilism that you're 'not fond' of. The self-hatred is apparently everything but self-evident.

        1. He goes for jismism I hear.

      3. Will figuring out exactly where the virus came from bring people back to life?

        No, but it may prevent a few billion people from getting killed by the next US-financed, Chinese-made virus.

        I'm not a socialist.

        Not 100% socialist, but clearly 100% idiot.

        1. "I am not a socialist. I merely want everything you have or will ever produce, and I would kill you in a second for it if I thought I could get away with it."

        2. ^ he's got it here and this is why your hated R's Paul and Cruz will unfortunately have you by the balls, despite how much you will hate having them win

          GOF research, based on the FOIA releases and everything we have learned, absolutely caused this pandemic. And your lionized St Fauci funded it, with gusto. Your peeps absolutely are the ones responsible, and it wont be forgotten. Ya, that mysterious bat that "flew" from Laos to Wuhan was...gasp...transported there, by scientists, to use in GOF research (like everyone with 2 brain cells already put together). Dont believe me, believe the SCIENTISTS! that wrote the papers. And Fauci, with our NIH, funded it, knowingly.

          They thought they could play god, and they killed millions. You know, like most authoritarian socialists.

          Not allowing future wannabe gods play this game will actually save lives. And not allowing you to gaslight about their failures will actually let everyone see that the people you support were the villains all along.

          Useful idiots like yourself are absolutely the individuals that made millions of socialism-caused deaths possible in the past.

      4. What difference does it make at this point, huh?

        1. So some scientists did something, so what?

  31. If anything, Biden's spending plans could make those problems worse still, by throwing more federal spending into an already inflationary economy, and by diverting resources toward Democratic social and climate priorities rather than more pressing issues.

    He detailed these plans on his website, why would anyone be surprised? Why would doing what he promised wreck his presidency? And this is a serious question, not a snark.

    1. They didn't think he meant it.

    2. HIs dumbass ideas would ALWAYS have "wrecked his presidency". Nobody cared because, you know-mean tweets, all that.

      The infrastructure bill is 10% actual infrastructure improvements, the rest of it is targeted payoffs for Dem donors. The Big Bag Bounty bill is even worse.

  32. This article reads a bit like the white people on MSNBC suddenly being horrified by flash-mob smash-and-grabs, with groups of young toughs waving guns and clearing out store shelves... now that they're no longer hitting Target but instead are hitting their high-end stores.

    "A good friend of ours went into a Lubiton store to get a pair of sweats, when ten people stormed into the store, pulled out guns and started piling stuff into suitcases". -- San Francisco is out of control, Portland is out of control..." -MSNBC host.

    How much were those sweatpants at Louboutin?

    "Oh my God Buffy, who knew #DefundThePolice would lead to this! I thought it would only affect those downmarket WalMart and Target Shoppers! I'll call the DA and have him drop felony charges on these ruffians!"

    1. Dishonest fucks on youtube now hide dislike counts. I noticed an explosion of those on channels like msnbc.

      It is meant to make conservatives, contrarians and non-communists feel more isolated with their opinions. They are trying to discourage speaking up and voting. If you can't see that many people share your opinion, it has a demoralizing effect. The peer-pressure driven socialist bastards are very aware of this.

      1. Youtube themselves have actually been doing that as an experiment since the summer.

        They claim they're looking for a way to limit outrage mobs and the like from downing a video. I don't know how they're choosing where to hide dislikes and where to just leave it as a control though.

    2. How much were those sweatpants at Louboutin?

      I hit the party and they stop in that motherfucker
      They be like, "Oh, that Gucci? That's hella tight"
      I'm like, "Yo, that's fifty dollars for a T-shirt"
      Limited edition, let's do some simple addition
      Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that's just some ignorant bitch shit
      I call that getting-swindled-and-pimped shit
      I call that getting tricked by business
      That shirt's hella though
      And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don't
      Peep game, come take a look through my telescope
      Tryna get girls from a brand?
      Man, you hella won't! Man, you hella won't!

      I now blame you for forcing me to remember that Macklemore existed.

      1. Macklemore... hip hop for the NPR Totebag crowd.

      2. Jesus, what crap lyrics.

        1. That was music? Ech.

          1. C'mon, guize! He sucks dick and everything!
            What are you, racist? Or is it one of those other things?

    3. How much were those sweatpants at Louboutin?

      $2,300 according to the segment. :/

  33. I empathize with the intention here but it's still a ruse.

    The only way Biden wins reelection barring a truly monumental incident is if the Republicans are stupid enough to nominate Trump again.

    So the purpose of this article is to talk Democrats away from passing their big fat wishlist. Which yeah, it'd be great if it wasn't passed. But unfortunately there are four Democrat senators between Georgia and Arizona. The planets don't align like that for the dems except when, as I said, Republicans are stupid enough to nominate Trump.

    They're going to pass a reconciliation bill. I don't know how much it's going to change from the current BBB, but they're going to pass something. And it's going to suck.

    1. The only way Biden wins reelection barring a truly monumental incident is if the Republicans are stupid enough to nominate Trump again.

      So... you don't think he can win through a conglomeration of Tech companies, media giants, wealthy donors and elections officials through a robust, multi-pronged fortification program?

      1. I remain, as of right now, unconvinced that 4 yrs. of Biden will convince anyone that Trump is as bad or worse than he was perceived. I additionally remain unconvinced that if you are anywhere between wanting to spite the DNC for 4 yrs. of a President that makes Trump look even borderline competent and obliterating all record or policy implications of Biden's Presidency, there is a better option than Trump. Everyone else is going to have to play to moderates, consider their second term, contemplate their life after politics, worry about handouts, graft, and getting their connections into cushy lifetime appointments...

        He is by no means Mr. Right. But unless somebody like DeSantis manages to catch Pelosi, Harris, and Biden around a dumpster fire and pull off a Rittenhouse, I don't see them becoming Mr. Right Now.

        1. Nothing could possibly make them scream louder. Seriously, the wailing and gnashing of teeth would be epic.

          1. Be sure to choose your emotional gratification instead of sound strategy, your political foes appreciate it.

            1. It was a response to the line about there being no one better for the purpose of needling the left.

              Am I *incorrect* about the fact that the reelection of Trump would cause them to scream? Ignoring the question of whether putting him up as a candidate is a good idea, assuming he got elected, is the thesis as stated wrong?

              1. The easy answer is yes, but the quickest way to find a leftist with a false front about the unique evil of Trump (most of them, from what I heard) was to listen to them lamenting that Pence would be president if Trump resigned or was impeached. A publicly observant Christian was scarier to them than Trump.

                No, Trump's unique threat has always been to the Republicans. He's a gift for the Democrats.

                1. The Dems absolutely LOVED him and his money when he was a big NYC donor for 30 years. Invited to every gala luncheon and red carpet fundraiser. Nor was there so much as a single hint about his horrific racism. So they were either okay with it, and were lying during his term, or they were secretly seething about it, but unwilling to give up the filthy lucre he donated.

                  Neither possibility makes the Dems look good.

      2. No, he needs the lizard people too, but they are out of the alliance since the breakdown of talks with the Illuminati.

        1. You seem to think Paul is talking conspiracy theories when in reality he is just talking about basic skewing of probabilities via well-known social engineering by tech companies. And impacting a margin of 1 or 2 percent is all that is required to tip razor blade elections. This is all just basic reasoning, and the effects are out there for everyone to see.

          If this is the case, and if you can't tell these two very distinct devices apart, I suggest you just go back to sleep.

          1. That. Go read the Time article where they bragged about pulling it off.

            Let's see how November 2022 goes. Assuming the Chinese haven't gone globally batshit by then.

            1. Please do read it again. If you're choosing the side that wanted to pressure the Vice President to reject slates of electors, unilaterally selecting the President, and trigger a constitutional crisis, you're on the wrong side.

              Yes, the Left wants to undermine election integrity via state law changes so it's easier to stuff the ballot box. And yes, that article does have some of that "let's sue until everyone gets to vote twice" cheerleading in it. But they didn't succeed and didn't have to to in 2020 because Donald Trump is a repulsive retard. What that Time article mostly talks about is that various groups worked together to hold the line on the idiotic lies that you and yours continue to tell regarding what didn't even happen yet in the 2020 election.

              And our current, intact electoral system in most states (including most swing states) should be defended as legitimate. Trump started crowing about a fixed election before anyone had voted. Because despite Trump being a repulsive retard, he at least knew a little better than you that he was in bad shape as a candidate.

              Such bad shape that is, that he handily lost to Joe Biden, eternal Presidential also-ran, plagiarist, always-a-bridesmaid-never-the-president, until now.

              It's real simple, you just have to vote for decent human beings in the Republican primaries. And you won't have to suffer undivided Democrat control of government.

              I'm not confident you can do that much.

              1. You're a deranged sack of frothy TDS shit is what.

                "Well, the left really tried and kinda succeeded in undermining democracy and lying like rugs to the populace about the sitting president and the candidate, but it's TOTALLY OK because BadOrangeMan had mean tweets."

              2. That unpopular President gained 10-15 million votes over the Election that first seated him. Biden gained the most votes ever, despite hardly anybody going to rallies, bothering to hear him speak, and with a slew of statistical anomalies following the vote counts.

                The Election was stolen. In defiance of several States' own laws for how to conduct an election. In a healthy republic, halting the Electoral College reading, and if necessary, disallowing disputed States' Electors is exactly what should have been done. Pence was obligated to do so. "Ceremonial position only" is a cop-out, done exactly why the Supreme Court didn't want to get involved either: "Riots." (Maybe the Right should riot, too?)

                We have a process for corrupt, contested Presidential votes: send it to the House. At least the House would be on the record, and try as people might, it's difficult to create House votes out of thin air. Did it in 1876, when things were just about as corrupt as they are now.

                This Republic very well might not survive the Venezuela-esque stunt of the 2020 Presidential Election. I'm not sure that the 2022 Elections will be fair, nor that a repudiation of the current politicians by those Elections will mean that things are back to normal.

                But whatever happens, don't lie to me, and claim the election was in any respect fair and honest, and occurred because most people were personally dissatisfied with Donald Trump's performance. The right, few people were dissatisfied though, and they made that mockery happen.

                We make the ballot box a worthless way of determining who we want in charge? The next stop is bullets and bombs.

                1. I kind of just skipped to the end to see the civil war threat. Should I read the rest, or are you just continuing to have exclusively emotional reactions to most people hating your (lying, cheating, obviously repulsive) politician?

                  Ok, I read up a paragraph:

                  But whatever happens, don't lie to me, and claim the election was in any respect fair and honest, and occurred because most people were personally dissatisfied with Donald Trump's performance.

                  The election was in most respects fair and honest, and its outcome occurred because most marginal voters were personally dissatisfied with Donald Trump's performance.

                  I'm not lying to you.

                2. I will comment substantively on one proposal you make (rather than re-litigating the kraken):

                  In a healthy republic, halting the Electoral College reading, and if necessary, disallowing disputed States' Electors is exactly what should have been done. Pence was obligated to do so. "Ceremonial position only" is a cop-out, done exactly why the Supreme Court didn't want to get involved either: "Riots." (Maybe the Right should riot, too?)

                  So, taking your proposal at face value, the Vice President unilaterally decides whether the next President is selected by the electoral college or the House, by exercising this claimed power to reject certain slates of electors.

                  Here are a few losing presidential candidates whose defeating elections occurred while the Vice President and the House majority were of their party:

                  Adlai Stevenson (1952) (aka no Ike Eisenhower)
                  Hubert Humphrey (1968) (he *was* the vice president at the time)
                  Jimmy Carter (1980) (aka no Ronald Reagan)

                  In other words, this is a horrible, shortsighted policy that would have resulted in the Democrats imposing whatever they wanted on the country, decades in the past, if it was the rule previously.

                  Stop trying to rig the system for your retard. You suck at politics and the rules you not just advocate for, but threaten violence if they are not accepted, would have had utterly fatal consequences for the policies you presumably espouse (being as you're this far down the Trump pit) if they were enacted in the past.

  34. Funny thing about polling people about things like the economy and inflation is that the majority of people in the United States are dumb as fuck. They have no working knowledge of such things other than what some talking head tells them on the television.

  35. Lets word that first paragraph correctly.

    One of the obvious ticks of left-leaning punditry has been the contention that if Democrats in Congress didn't join together to pass some sort *UN-Constitutional National Socialist* (i.e. Nazism) bill then President Joe Biden would have presided over a failed presidency.

    The idea was that without this legislative package, Biden would have no accomplishments, no legacy, and nothing to show for his years in office with congressional majorities. Without the Nazi bill, Biden and the Democratic Party were doomed.

    Now that is SPOT-ON... Democrats level of success is measured by the amount of National Socialism they can stuff onto the USA while ignoring the US Constitution (the USA's very definition).

    They are perfectly described as the Nazi-Regime illegally ignoring 'The Peoples' law over them and over-taking the USA.

  36. I would suggest that the Biden Presidency is following the same pattern as many other Presidencies. People are unhappy at the end of the first two years, the President's party loses seats in Congress, the people don't like the new Congress and the incumbent President wins reelection. I would think different if the Republicans had any different ideas on the issues of concern, but they are off chasing conspiracy theories. If we root all CRT, bar all trans people from bathrooms, and make the world free to transmit Covid19, will that stop inflation?

    1. ...As a matter of fact; Yes, Yes it would.... because it would 'make the world free' (your own hidden quote). But; that does also assume the Republicans wouldn't pass $3.5T in more 'fiat' spending - which with a working civilization probably wouldn't be seen as needed.

      That's the problem with leftards; They push for Nazism. The Nazism destroys massive sectors of the economy so they NEED-MORE Nazism and around around it goes endlessly. Which explains exactly how the USA entertained 12-years of a Great Depression.

    2. I would suggest that the Biden Presidency is following the same pattern as many other Presidencies.

      Not sure most popular President in history to most disapproved President in history in less than a year is the pattern you think it is:

      Except for Donald Trump, every U.S. president since Harry Truman has enjoyed a honeymoon period characterized by above-average approval ratings upon taking office. Biden's recent slides in approval put him in the company of Trump and Bill Clinton, whose ratings were at or below Biden's current 43% at some point in the first eight months of their presidencies. However, by September 1993, Clinton's approval ratings began to recover and averaged 50% that month. Thus, among elected presidents since World War II, only Trump has had a lower job approval rating than Biden does at a similar point in their presidencies.

      1. Midterm elections are typically referendums on the President and most Presidents lose. Their party loses seats. However, most make corrections and regain popularity when facing a challenger. As you noted Bill Clinton did this. Donald Trump never corrected and also faced a crisis in his final year, the pandemic. It remains to be seen how President Biden will handle the final two years of his Presidency.

        1. It remains to be seen how President Biden will handle the final two years of his Presidency.
          Probably from inside a casket.

          1. And honestly, whatever event saves Biden is a bit unfathomable. Like maybe if it's discovered that the vaccines confer immortality he could win. Otherwise, it's going to be riots, looting, sexual assaults, more taxes, and vaccine/lockdown theater for the foreseeable future. "Biden/Harris 2024: We're not the *most* fascist."

            It's not like they can unleash a wave of immigrants to the border to boost his reputation. And even if they fix the supply chain issues or COVID eventually goes away, it's not like, at this point, anyone is going to say "Yay! Biden fixed it!"

            1. "...And even if they fix the supply chain issues..."

              Possible, but unlikely.
              The 'supply chain issues' are a result of turning over a good bit of market-driven economy to the control of tin-pot-dictator wannabes. (see below)
              The way to "fix' it is to remove ALL government controls and give it time to heal.
              Not going to happen with Covid.X coming down the pike; if he did, he'd be admitting that Trump had the right approach.


                Nearly all of the vid is irrelevant, and while the (obnoxious) robo voice mentions several very important details, the trees are blocking the view of the forest; the root cause is ignored:
                1) Detail: The ports and shipping vessels/containers were ‘designed’ to be very efficient, and were not designed for excess capacity!
                Correct: They were designed to make money for the owners within the planning abilities of the managers. Tin-pot-dictator wannabes shutting down the economy and then ‘re-opening’ it were not in the foreseeable plans.
                2) Detail: The current (rebound) shipping traffic is ~25% higher than what existed before we allowed the tin-pot-dictator wannabes to plan our economy, and a 25% increase over market-driven planning results in an exponential increase in delays.
                Correct, but ignores the reason for the increase; the rebound as a result of the econ-ignoramuses hoping that simply telling everyone to go back to work would make things instantly ducky!
                You want supply-chain fuck ups, loaded ships at anchor off-shore for weeks at a time and empty containers where they aren’t needed?
                Easy: Let even SMART people try to plan your economy, let alone grease-ball, econ-ignoramuses like Newsom.

                1. Don't forget that only union trucks get in... Buddy favors.

      2. Biden’s ratings are cratering even though the press is 99.9% in his pocket, and with lots of dissent on public media platforms being censored. Trump did ok considering he had the exact opposite situation.

        Can you imagine how much worse Biden’s polls would be if the media didn’t cover for him?

        1. "Can you imagine how much worse Biden’s polls would be if the media didn’t cover for him?"

          He'd be removed via the 25th. Miracle, really that it hasn't happened by now. I imagine it will, if indeed the Midterms are an abject fucking disaster.

    3. Forgot about this adolescent pile of shit; fuck off and die.

    4. Trans people shit and pissed all this time before you (you, yourself?) decided their waste elimination had to be some new power, with, I'm pretty sure, it's own office and staff (as part of some other feifdom...Justice? Yeah. Civil Rights.). With every other department and regulatory kingdom getting to exercise some power over their area of expertise, possibly with increased staffing and budget. Education, FDA, Parks!!

      Fuck trannys. The ones that pass use the women's, the ones with beards use the men's, even if they're wearing a dress. Their "rights" do not justify inconveniencing a singe normal person (I will NOT use "cisnormative". Fuck 'em. That word means "normal", just with someone jerking me around.).

      People on the right aren't plotting to do evil to trannys, tranny activists are on the attack, including girls and womens' sports and the amazing, but sadly not Babylon Bee, claim that lesbians are unacceptably transphobic because they don't want to give blow jobs. Think about that. How is that something to just be handwaved?

      "bar all trans people from bathrooms"
      Such a stupid thing to say, one might almost take it as a clue that you're just trolling.

  37. Color me partisan but I've had enough of what the Democrats are offering. I would like it if Reason Mag would stop explaining what the Democrats should do because the Democrats (and Biden) just might take your advice.

    Really RM, I can't take much more of this Democratic agenda. Let's have a clean sweep in 2022 and finish the job in 2024. Stop helping the Democrats with your advice.

    1. Wait, you think someone in the Democratic Party is paying any attention to Reason’s advice?

  38. Worst Anti-American president is not a legacy-it’s a disgrace.

  39. Doubling the tariff on Canadian lumber should really help us: “build back better”.

    1. With more money in the system and higher prices on basic goods, inflation is sure to be “transitory “.

    2. Are you part of a splinter group in opposition?

      1. I'm knot yet, but I'm burly over the line on this branch of thought.

        1. Wood you knock it off with the puns, please? Bud.

  40. “Passing the Spending Bill Could Doom Biden's Presidency”

    From your lips to God’s ear.

  41. Biden is on borrowed time. He will sign off on any bill put before him. I am curious, though, if Democrats want him to die in office or praying he hold on long enough until Kamala can be replaced somehow.

  42. Must be too local or perhaps writing something up would cut into the cocktail hours:
    "CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo Indefinitely Following Report on Involvement in Brother’s Sex Scandal Crisis Management"
    "UPDATE: CNN has suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely, the network announced Tuesday evening.

    “The New York Attorney General’s office released transcripts and exhibits Monday that shed new light on Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s defense,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. “The documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions. When Chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second. However, these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”..."

    Slimy sumbitch deserves it; 'nuff said.

    1. I guess the elite crowd finally got tired of the retarded guido.

      1. (Fuck Welsh! No, you're not getting $5 from me this year; look for a $0.01 check; that's mine. Try paying for something other than a steam-powered server host instead of the cocktails, asshole!)
        Not sure who is making decisions, but there are limits to what even CNN viewers will tolerate.
        Like the lefty piles of shit posting here, the CNN hoi polloi will attempt to excuse Fredo for his slime, but it seems management had to take notice of what the advertisers (their customers) might do.

  43. The bill also gives a big tax break to people who bought lavish homes while taxing people who responsibly invest their money. Democrats don't want average people in the market anyway. If you retire with a large IRA they can't scare you with threats to that social security will be cut.

  44. "The bill also gives a big tax break to people who bought lavish homes while taxing people who responsibly invest their money..."

    In a lot of urban locales, there really isn't a difference; find a place with high demand and RE *is* a 'responsible investment'.

  45. Wow! Rolled up the sidewalks early in this cow town!

  46. Barring a miracle, Biden is a one-term president anyway. There's nothing for him to care about except passing the Progressive agenda he was specifically elected *to not pass*.

    Remember when he got the nod over more progressive candidates (like . . . all of them) in the primary? Because he was a 'centrist'?

    Yeah, apparently no one else does either.

  47. Andiamo Brandon

  48. Biden, in other words, is focused on legislative initiatives that would attempt to remedy non-problems that people aren't particularly worried about...

    I believe Biden's handlers have a very specific kind of legacy in mind, beyond just their president's name on a couple pieces of trillion-dollar legislation.

    1. Something more along the lines of restructuring America's political power to more closely resemble China's?? "One man, one vote, one time; except not really."?

  49. So what? Communism always tolerates and assumes 'failure' will occur, even death if need be, if it moves the needle towards ultimately winning. Clinton and Obama lost over 100 seats for pushing the needle to the left (failed) but so what? Libertarians and the 'right' don't understand failure by the left is actually success if it moves them towards their goals. What lasting 'success' has the right ever achieved in the last 40 years? Zilch. We had all three branches of government and couldn't get rid of Obamacare or seal the borders permanently (using troops if necessary until a structure could be put in place).

  50. I'm curious. How much MORE doomed could the worst Presidency in history possibly become?

  51. Women may be woefully underestimated in trucking but it's not because they face "barriers to entry". It's because it's a dirty, shitty dangerous job that they don't want to do. And they have much better options than a job that requires you to walk 200 ft. or more in a blizzard to take a piss. I've been in the trucking business for quite a while and I can state for a fact that at least the large otr carriers (where the vast majority of drivers will start) don't give a shit about race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or anything else. If you can pass the DOT requirements and put up with the stress and relentless bullshit they'll put any ass in that seat. The big carriers typically have 100% yearly driver turnover. It is a non stop revolving door. Women are more than welcome to hire on. They wisely choose not to.

    1. You don't understand. The "jobs created" will exclusively be in the permanent bureaucracy, "Women In Trucking" will, however improbable it seems, create a dozen or more jobs for work waifus and the daughters of donors. Good job, Brandon.

      The other 99.9% of the bill directs funds towards equally vital goals.

      1. Oh, and when next the Dems are in power (2028?), the now-permanent "Gender, Race, Sex and Ethnicity In Transport Agency" will attribute the increase of 0 females in trucking to...(can you guess?) three things:
        1) White supremacy
        2) Trump
        3) GRSET Agency underfunded and understaffed

        Oh yeah, there's no fucking swamp.

  52. Was anyone really expecting an obiden presidency would even go on to finish out his term? I'd hope not. It's funny watching the junky media trying to condemn both their own block of swiss cheese AND the capital riot. How do they do both? Hypocrisy! Lol. It's not like the demonicrat party was ever about logic reason or integrity. They're the cemented vagina homophilia party, after all. They never needed dignity for anything in the first place.

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