Biden Wants To Empower the IRS Despite Its Track Record of Trampling Rights and Undermining Privacy

The IRS' track record suggests that beefed up enforcement will also mean more trampling of Americans' due process rights.


President Joe Biden's plan to beef up IRS enforcement and snoop on Americans' bank accounts will require hiring more than 80,000 additional tax cops—expanding a federal bureaucracy with a long track record of flouting due process and undermining privacy.

As part of Biden's "Build Back Better" plan, the IRS would get $80 billion in additional funding over the next 10 years. The bulk of those new funds, nearly $45 billion, would be directed toward enforcement actions with the goal of doubling the number of annual audits of small businesses. By comparison, the bill spends a relatively meager $1.93 billion on improving taxpayer services, including education and filing assistance.

In short, for every new dollar the IRS will spend helping Americans understand the endlessly complicated federal tax code, the agency will spend roughly $23 new dollars on enforcing those same rules.

Everyone should pay the taxes they owe, of course, but the IRS' track record suggests that more enforcement will also mean more trampling of Americans' due process rights.

"It's a systematic practice at the IRS to violate due process and to abuse taxpayers," says Isabelle Morales, a policy specialist for Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative nonprofit that opposes tax increases. Biden is proposing to boost funding "for an agency that needs reform," Morales tells Reason, "and that will only lead to us fueling their bad practices."

In 2017, for example, an inspector general report found that IRS agents investigating so-called "structuring"—legal cash deposits that the agency believes to have been part of an attempt to skirt tax obligations—routinely failed to follow well-established procedures meant to protect the rights of individuals being investigated. Among other things, targets of IRS investigations are supposed to be told of the reason for the investigation and read their Miranda rights before an interview with an IRS agent. Of the 229 interviews reviewed by auditors, however, there were "only five" cases where targets were informed of their rights before speaking to investigators.

"Individuals and businesses who are not engaged in unlawful conduct may be less guarded in speaking with law enforcement about their banking transactions, and the absence of information about what their rights are might lead them to make statements that are later used against them," auditors wrote in the report.

Morales points out that the 2017 audit report is just one data point in a long line of similar behavior. The most well-known example of the IRS abusing its power, of course, is the 2012 scandal in which the agency was caught applying stricter scrutiny to conservative nonprofits.

But even when the IRS isn't engaging in outright political favoritism, there are reasons to worry about what expanding enforcement capabilities might mean for individuals and businesses. A 2016 inspector general report found that the IRS had lost track of more than 1,000 computers that might contain sensitive taxpayer information. A year later, an audit found that the IRS had recently rehired at least 200 employees who were previously fired for conduct or performance issues.

Biden is pitching his plan for enhanced IRS enforcement by promising that it's all about ensuring billionaires pay what they owe.

That's disingenuous. As the details of his proposal make clear, enhanced tax enforcement will mean hoovering up more data from crypto wallets, bank accounts, and third-party payment providers such as PayPal and Venmo. And that comes after Biden already ordered the IRS to give greater scrutiny to transactions in the so-called sharing economy. In total, Biden's plan envisions the IRS carrying out 1.2 million more audits each year, according to the House Ways and Means Committee's analysis of the Build Back Better plan. About half of those audits would target households making less than $75,000 annually.

Combined with a separate effort that makes it more difficult to shift assets overseas, Biden's plan amounts to total financial surveillance, as Reason's Matt Welch has written.

That surveillance would be carried out by an agency that has a long history of disregarding the guardrails placed on its power. What could go wrong?

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            2. Nothing compared to the Gulags we’d have if AOC and the squad got power.

              To be fair only about 10-20 million would be outright executions, the other 150-200 million would be from starvation and freezing to death due their incompetence taking 100% control of the economy and banning fossil fuels.

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    3. Francis Joe Biden

  2. 'Biden Wants To Empower the IRS Because of Its Track Record of Trampling Rights and Undermining Privacy'
    Fixed that for you.

    1. More likely to try to figure out how any small business owners made it through 2 years of lockdowns and mandates. They must be hiding something. There aren't 87,000 billionaires to audit.

      1. And the new guys can do it!

    2. I don’t think Biden wants much of anything himself these days. He stumbles around in a cognitive fog. His handlers are definitely salivating at the chance to use the IRS to wage war on Americans though.

    3. Do they assume that suddenly a vast majority of small transactions will not begin to be cash transactions? Will that provide them with an excuse to call in currency and force a (completely trackable) digital economy.

      And while we're at it, where can a person by some high-quality (passable) immunization monkey paper?

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      1. thats not always a bad thing.

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  4. On these grounds alone, empowering the IRS, every Team D congress-critter should be voted out of office.

    1. Even if they are raiding your wallet out of sincerity?

      Seems people forgot the many times the IRS was used for political reasons from Nixon to Obama.

      The problem is the mainstream media doesn't include this part when they poll people about Build Back Worse.

      1. You forgot Jack and Bobby.

        1. You're forgetting FDR was fond of that tactic long before the other named youngsters came along.

  5. Joe Biden is a thief like his predecessor. Executive order taxation is unconstitutional. Lock him up!

    1. It's sad how you have to so desperately work your "both sidez" faith into everything.
      You won. You got what you wanted. Badorangeman was successfully couped out of office.
      Fuck your attempts to equivocate and minimize the totalitarianism we now face, and fuck your mediocre little intellect.

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  6. Be honest, Boehm. When you Koch-funded libertarians overwhelmingly endorsed Biden, you knew stuff like this would happen.


    1. Seriously.

      We all saw this coming boehm. Why didn't your schmarmy, cunty, douchey, dumb ass see it coming too?

      Feign ignorance now like the cheap hack your are, bitch.

    2. OBL....You beat me to it = the link to Boehm announcing his reluctant vote for brain-damaged Biden.

      Today is Black Friday, OBL. As a good woke-ster, how does one reconcile the racist 'Black Friday' label with plans to shop until one drops?!


      1. To be fair, the vote would have gone to JoJo if it looked like it wouldn't matter.

        1. I like JoJo Siwa. She managed to turn being exploited on a reality show about kid beauty pageants into a hundred million dollar empire. Shure, it may have left her a little bit nutty.... But she hasn't sexually assaulted anyone or ruined any entire nations..m.

          1. Nor has she, I'm assuming, endorsed prioritizing race and totalitarian collectivist morality... unlike the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate.

      2. Perhaps 90% of Americans should stay home today, so the 10% who are ex-slaves* can "shop".

        *I have been told that only ex-slaves are truly black, since many first generation African Americans achieve too much success.

    3. Biden Wants To Empower the IRS reluctantly but strategically.

      1. The strategy being to use the IRS to silence and destroy his political enemies.

    4. LIAR.

      I just read the article you linked. The Reason staffers' endorsements were as follows:

      Jorgensen (L): 10
      Biden: 4
      Trump: 1
      NOTA: 7
      Undecided: 1

      In no way, shape or form was that an "overwhelming" endorsement of Biden.

      1. Let’s read Slade, Dahlmia, Boehm Riggs, Ciaramella, Weissmueller and Welch’s posts on the matter:

        “I will cast my ballot for Joe Biden in Michigan, a swing state, because there is no bigger libertarian cause right now”

        “Who do you plan to vote for this year? Joe Biden. The nationalists said the libertarian-conservative consensus is dead, and I take them at their word. Also, Stephen Miller is a white nationalist.”

        “I will vote strategically… for Biden.”

        “I will cast my first ever vote for president for Joe Biden in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.”

        “I’ve been vacillating between sitting out this election, as I did in 2016, or voting for Joe Biden. The strongest argument for the latter choice is that it’s an opportunity to support the repudiation of both Trumpism and AOC” (lol)

        “I’ll be voting for Joe Biden, primarily for three reasons: (1) A feeble president Biden seems like an opportunity to erode the power and glamour of the dangerous cult of the presidency and also push socialists, nationalists, and identitarians back to the margins, creating space for a more libertarian-friendly coalition to emerge.” (Oh wow! lol)

        “If it was going to be close in my state, I might have considered holding my nose and voting for the person most likely to supplant the eminently fireable incumbent.”
        I will vote for Jo Jorgensen—unless I believe there is a chance that Joe Biden will somehow fail to win Virginia, in which case I will vote strategically and reluctantly for Biden.

        Looks like Mean Tweets were worse than the fascist mess America is now in after all. Reason wanted this. Enjoy.

      2. 4 to 1 in favor of Brandon, the other 18 basically abstained.

  7. First, I have always found the IRS staff courteous and helpful.

    The fact is that the IRS is merely the whipping boy for many politicians of both parties. The IRS does not make our overly complicated tax rules, that is the prerogative of Congress. They make a complicated tax code and then complain that enforce is not done correctly.

    My suggestion clean-up the code and then fund the agency assigned to collect that money at a level necessary for the job.

    1. Bullshit. Eat a dick you bootlicking piece of ass trash.

    2. For once, M4E makes a good point: F Congress AND the IRS!

      And Joe Biden, of course!

      1. But lack the guts to vote libertarian...

    3. Yeah this is basically right, except for the "courteous and helpful" part. The IRS in this case is a scapegoat for a completely ridiculous tax code.

      1. "The SS was just a scapegoat for a completely ridiculous public health policy"

      2. I had a bit a tax problem once, and I found the IRS fairly courteous, and at least helpful in setting up a payment plan. I don't know if the fact that I was undergoing chemo for lymphoma at the time, and stood a good chance of not living out the year, played any part in the IRS agent being polite with me, though.

        Might have.

        1. yeah. everyones nice when they want something! Especislly with interest.

          "IRS, a Deleware corporation"

      3. Yet you support these people.

    4. I've also found IRS staff to be courteous and helpful, except for the part where every agent gives a different answer to the same question. Get an answer, comply as best as you can but call in about some detail, and then you have to start over because this new person interpreted the same rules to mean something completely different.

      1. I think you get my point. We have a tax code so complex and subjective that it difficult to get a single answer on many questions.

        Years ago, I subscribed to one of the personal finance magazines. Too long to remember the specific one. What I do remember is every spring they would have an articles on taxes. They would create a fictious person with a salary, investments, other characteristic and submit the person's tax information to a number of companies doing tax preparation. Usually with a range of experience in tax preparation. What was interesting was the companies came up with different amounts for the taxes due. One would expect all the same number, but the complexity and subjectivity of the tax code leads to different amounts.

      2. With the enforcement powers they possess, the revenue agents can afford to be nice.

      3. “every agent gives a different answer to the same question”

        Same experience.

    5. First, I have always found the IRS staff courteous and helpful.

      I have found them to be obtuse and to assume malfeasance. Even when I try to play nice.

    6. "First, I have always found the IRS staff courteous and helpful."

      If you don't owe any taxes, they can't bother you.

    7. I find an agency with an even MORE absurd "court" than FISA courts and similar lack of concern about violating laws and rights to be evil at bare minimum.

    8. My suggestion is to permanently furlough all the IRS workers, then sell off their office buildings to cover their severance pay and retraining for productive work.

    9. Irrelevant to the points made in the article, as one would expect. The additional finding has already been allocated, and the additional staffing planned. No reform is planned. Moderate your lack of comprehension to actually paying attention, perhaps?

    10. The IRS has a snitch line?

    11. My one real interaction with the IRS, I supposed they were courteous enough but, boy, they were hard to reach. That’s how you know those phone calls where they say they are calling you from the IRS are a scam — the IRS would never phone someone.

      I needed the answer to a question about IRAs, and I eventually got three different, conflicting answers from three different people at the IRS.

  8. Fuck off and die bohem. You voted for this shit head, you knew full well what he wanted to do as all of this was on his website. You are a retarded sub human, and if you think anyone should listen to you you are delusional. One more time so I am completely clear, slit your wrists you totalitarian voting scumbag.

    1. I detect a mild dislike for Boehm in your comment. Pls check your biases.

      1. Pardon me as a libritarian I hate totalitarian, socialists, and all who vote for these truely evil people.
        (I assume your being sarcastic and my reply is inteded to be the same)

        1. What tipped you off? The sardonic wit, or the deadpan delivery?

          1. Can't it be both?

  9. Biden's going to hire 80,000 new IRS agents to go after the billionaires that aren't paying their fair share of taxes. I'd like to ask Joe exactly how many billionaires he thinks there are in the United States. And how many of them run Mom and Pop businesses.

    1. This is the salient point....

      Also, when the entire exercise is presented as "we will spend billions to collect hundreds of billions" what in the world makes anyone think "fair application of the law as written" is anywhere on the agenda.

      1. "We will spend billions to collect hundreds of billions to pay for the trillions we already spent."

    2. Unless Biden is lying (and only our previous president is accused of that) then there must be 1.2 million billionaires to audit. I had no idea that Trump's policies had created so many new billionaires over the last four years! Does FORBES know? The fact is the tax code is now so complicated that if many of us had our tax return prepared by ten different CPAs, you'd get four or five different answers.

      1. Maybe they have the end result of this hyper-inflation already mapped out.....

        1. It is...find the comment made by the Denver Federal Reserve Chair in 2009 about "if we dont claw this back ( Obamas trillions in digital credits to TBTF banks) theres going to be a disaster"

          That appears to be what theyre monetizing.

          Communust China did similar in 1936 according to Milton Friedman. In response to an economic disaster, they crashed the currency.

        2. You know who else mapped out an end result to hyperinflation?

          1. Robert Mugabe?

      2. Every president is accused of lying. So are you lying, or just an idiot?

        1. When has big media accused Biden or Obama of lying?
          Obama could claim he singlehandedly won WWII, and they'd say he 'misspoke' and then launch into a convoluted explanation as to how it was true.

          Meanwhile the WaPo had a website dedicated to documenting Trump's "lies", which was 90% bitching about figures of speech and parables, and 10% taking shit out of context. E.g. "Trump said he was 'flabbergasted', this is a lie because flabber doesn't exist".

          The American mainstream press' first purpose is to protect members of the Democratic Party. The more strenuously they defend them, the better they are at journalism and the more awards they get.
          Its second purpose is about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.

          1. I've never been gasted by flabber but it sounds kinda painful.

            1. Ever been in an old folks home?

        2. Partisan bias isn’t idiocy. I’ve seen very intelligent people infected with it — it’s like going nuts as a sports fan, or having religious beliefs, bypassing critical thinking.

          1. There's a lot of that going around.

            1. Remember yesterday when you were furious that Trump supporters supported Rittenhouse despite the fact he was a Yang supporter?

              And remember last month when White Mike had a shit over the fact that Trump supporters booed Trump's vaccine endorsement?

              It would seem you two clowns want partisan bias far more than your hated enemies do.

              Do you two ever get tired of being so retarded?

        3. There goes Sarc again, carrying water for his precious democrats again.

    3. And why is he trying to jack up the SALT deduction?

    4. ...EX-cluding rich Democrats, of course.

    5. I'd ask why HE, personally, underpaid HIS taxes.

      1. Because rules don’t apply to him. It’s the return to normalcy Reason advocated for.

      2. “Show us your tax returns!” is soooo 2019.

        Wonder why nobody demands that from Brandon?

    6. There are approximately 614 billionaires in the USA in 2021. So the IRS can assign a team of 140 agents to audit each of them.

      Oh, who am I kidding. Billionaires have world class tax attorneys. The IRS will sic the new agents on small business owners.

    7. Get your wheelbarrow. By the time Fuck Joe Biden's done everyone will be a billionaire.

  10. Everyone should pay the taxes they owe, of course...

    Screw that. When the tax system become Byzantine and burdensome, the people should be obligated to create an underground tax-free economy. Working for cash, bartering, or just simply lying. I applaud anyone who gets away without paying taxes.

    1. Do you find it odd you hate the guy who lowered taxes while defending the guy trying to raise them?

      1. He just said he admires cheating., so the higher the taxes, the more cheating will happen, the happier he will be.

        1. Good point.

      2. Serious question: Is child support taken out before or after taxes?

        1. You pay with it post taxes but declare it as lost income (she declares it income) when you file. So lessens your tax burden at the end of the year. Withholdings does not adjust for payments, but you can adjust your withholding amount.

    2. This nicely encapsulates the problem. The IRS is charged with assessing and collecting taxes on “incomes.” This is a relatively simple matter if there are W-2s, form 1099s filed with the IRS that reflect ones income. With small business owners or the self-employed, things get more complicated. The system relies upon voluntary compliance for the most part, and I suppose one could rely upon the honor system. Sacasmic (an homage to Sarcastro?) shows why this is a bad idea.

    3. I can never tell if Sarcasmic is serious or not, but I agree 100% with this post. If possible, we should all try to follow the example of Karl Hess. From his Wikipedia page:

      "After his work on the Goldwater campaign, Hess was audited by the Internal Revenue Service, which he believed was in retaliation for his support of the losing candidate. In response, he sent the IRS a copy of the Declaration of Independence with a letter saying that he would never again pay taxes. Hess claimed that the IRS then threatened to put a lien on all of his property and 100% of his future earnings. He was supported financially thereafter by his wife and used barter to keep himself busy."

      Both the not paying taxes and the being supported by his wife sound great to me!

      1. It's pretty easy to tell if I'm serious or not. When I say something so absurd that no reasonable person would think I'm being serious, then I'm not being serious. Unfortunately reasonable people are in short supply on this board.

      2. Yes, I agree too. As much as the guy gets kicked around he seems ok on tax issues.

  11. And as far as "the rich don't pay their fair share" goes, that's just envy-talk from people who won't be satisfied until the rich (people with more than them) aren't rich anymore (are now below them economically).

    1. So youre aware of how you live your life yet you dont change your life to stop being envious.

      1. He has come to the sad realization that he simply cannot be successful.

      2. If a man builds a thousand bridges in his life, he will forever be known as a bridge builder.
        If a man builds a thousand bridges in his life and sucks one cock, he will forever be known as a cocksucker.

        No matter how many cocks Sarc should suck, he will forever be known as a drunk.

        1. But with enough blackouts he wont know he is a cocksucker. A catch 22.

          1. He's caught more than that.

      3. His goals in life are to consume as much bottom shelf liquor and hobo wine as possible. Then come here to rant and rave about how he’s such a great libertarian and rage about Trump. While he protects his precious democrats.

  12. This change has already happened at the FTC. I was talking with some relatives at Thanksgiving, a couple of whom are corporate lawyers. They were talking about the massive headaches that the FTC is causing, aggressively going after companies for the layout of their websites.

    Everything is completely arbitrary... They can just decide the placement of links to disclaimers or terms is not prominent enough.... Based on no standard at all. They agreed that it is 100% down to the Biden administration and their political appointees pushing the staff to go after companies.

    They even said they knew regulators at FTC who had quit because they did not believe the FTC should be anti-business and they viewed the stance of the FTC as being moved to an explicitly anti-business footing.

    1. When has government not been anti-business? Government has always viewed itself as the great protector, shielding the people from rapacious businesses that would kill mothers and children if there was a profit in it. This shouldn't be news. It's just government protecting the people from evil companies that hide disclaimers and terms that nobody reads anyway.

      1. Under trump.

      2. There is a big difference between enforcing rules and just fscking with businesses.

        Government does both.

        Example:. Some years ago Texas passed a law that required a certain type of contract to be pre-approved by a state regulator for compliance.

        So they appointed a key senator's secretary as the regulator.

        Not a lawyer. But gonna review contracts. Nice.

        Our company was the first to get a contract approved. It took 18 months ... Almost the entirety of which was back and forth for "change 'the' to 'a'". And squabbling over commas. Almost every required change was wrong... Usually just grammatically wrong, but every now and again legally wrong.

        And they were always changes to things already agreed to. Sometimes she even insisted that changes she ordered previously be changed back.

        Always with strongly worded letters talking about not tolerating X and not getting away with Y.... Several changes she insisted on would have invalidated the contracts in court.

        But she was getting $200k to be a regulator now, and by golly she was going to regulate.

        So an entire industry was blocked from the state of Texas for two years because of a law saying the contracts have to be approved by a consumer protection bureaucrat. And she was without doubt just screwing with businesses.

        1. One of the first things President TRUMP
          ( suck it, Lefties) did was order EPA to stop using Federal power to harass individuals by usung environmental regulations.

          Fuck Joe Biden

          1. why, Orgasmic is commenting.

            If it had a chance of being anything intelligent, Id read it...

            Inbred moron..check the gas water heater vent in your Mommys basement...Your air may be contaminated

            1. Did you mean to reply to yourself?

        2. When I worked in restaurants, inspection time was always interesting. Every inspector interpreted the same rules to mean different things, and the result depended more upon kissing ass than following the rules. I made the mistake of chuckling when one inspector asked me a really stupid question, so she dinged me for touching my water bottle. She said I was supposed to put my hands behind my back and bob like one of those birds on the boss' desk.

          Power is an end, not a means. Power means being able to fuck with people who have no recourse, so that's exactly what many people with power do.

          1. When I worked in restaurants…
            Until the new dishwashing machine replaced you.

            1. The manager wanted to add Cuban sandwiches to the menu and sarc just lost it.

        3. Sounds like every code review by a CS major. 80% which Hungarian notation to use, astyle format. 10% comments. 5% brackets on same line or next line. 5% code discussion.

      3. Both sides-ing a direct account of increased abuse by the FTC.

        1. truth in advertising is not abuse.

          Lying Gaslighting with the use of a childish implementation iflof " all or none" comments is Trolling.

          1. Does your mom work for the FTC or something?

    2. You mean like the IRS under Obama feet dragging or outright rejecting non profit applications from conservative or republican organizations?

      1. ...John Boehner in Particular. He was behind preventing the Tea Party from incorporating. He was the Darling of the RNC in Mason OH ( Cincinnati) and used the IRS to harass the TP.

        Fun Fact.

        The Republicans Contract with America was stolen from an individual in Boehners District who was trying to get on the ballot against Boner. His attempts to getvregistered were blicked by BoE. It was originally titled " Covenant With America. RNC stole it, changed a few words and claimed they created it.

        Fact. I proofread the original for the original Author.

        1. Boner was against weed in his political career. Now he's part of Big Cannabis.

    3. so them HIDING their terms and disclaimers to bait and confuse and deceive consumers is OK with you?

      Youre whining about FONT size?

      Go stick your head in the oven

    4. Based on no standard at all.

      No standard? That's completely untrue! The size of type is the height of an em-square, a strictly-conceptual box which emulates the functionality of typesetting blocks on which movable type was originally embossed. In order to accommodate the actual lettering, it is typically slightly larger than the distance from the highest ascending character stroke to the lowest descending character stroke. Regardless of whether the font size is specified in pixels, points, or mm.

  13. They were not "applying stricter scrutiny" to conservative organizations. That makes it sound like they were just enforcing the rules.

    This is a lie

    They were completely refusing to examine applications for conservative nonprofits. For an entire election cycle. No such slow boating for DNC associated groups existed. They also denied applications for spurious reasons, only to lose appeals years down the road.

    The entire thing was indefensible, and our response to it (nothing) lead directly to the bravado that allowed Obama to spy on the opposing presidential campaign and attempt to frame members of the incoming cabinet for crimes. Something which also managed to generate no response.

    1. Given the current proliferation of flagrant abuse of tax discounts by conservative groups, including churches themselves, it sure seems like it was a good idea to give them extra scrutiny.

      I will hand it to Republicans. Playing the victim works for them. I don't understand why it's so difficult for sane people to have enough balls to stand up to their crap. Tucker Carlson is going to say mean things at you? Boo hoo. Tucker Carlson is a crayon-dicked fancy boy.

      How many more decades to us sane people have to be subjected to conservative whining? All you do is whine. LITERALLY ALL YOU DO IS WHINE.

      1. You desperately want Tucker to plow your ass. You constantly insert him into conversation.

        And Tony, none of us are whining. We leave that to a sniveling little Marxist faggot like you.

      2. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair(tm)!

        Tony, the poster boy projecting again.

        How many trannies have died because of Dave chappelle, tony? Now there’s some unhinged whining for ya! Haha.

        1. Probably more dead trannies than canceled comedians.

          1. You faggots shouldn’t have been so bigoted towards them all these years.

          2. Isn't this a good thing?

      3. Wow... That was impressively stupid. That will probably get you an extra cookie back at the office.

  14. Fuck progressive taxation and all special tax rules to manage the economy and society.

    With the current federal budget, we each owe the feds $20,500 just for 2021. So pay up, get out, or vote for candidates and policies to reduce spending.

    1. Show me candidates or a political party that actually will reduce spending, and I'll reregister to vote.

      Thing is, that will never happen. Reducing spending means lost jobs and handouts. People like jobs and handouts. Promise to cut spending and people dependent upon government will not get your vote. Between government employees, government contractors, people taking advantage of government programs, people on the dole, and whatever else I'm missing, that's most of the country.

      1. I will bet that most people, when handed a tax bill of $82k for a family of four, might question the sugar daddy model.

        1. The best way to get a tax revolt would be to end the practice of deducting income taxes from paychecks, and instead send bills. Like they do with property taxes.

          1. I think you are correct this might get people attention.

            1. Holmes famously said that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society

              1. We are overpaying.

                1. For riots, smash raids and coerced medication injections. Civilized?

              2. And then we pay the other 95% of the taxes.

          2. Also, have the tax deadline be the same day as Election Day. Right now, they are nearly 6 months apart.

            1. I like that.


        But then again you seem ignorant as to how spending is generated. It happens in congress and the president has very little leeway in reducing passed spending due to the impoundment act.

        Maybe that is why you are so useless in these discussion, you lack basic knowledge.

      3. Well, the Libertarian Party, obviously. In 2016 they ran a 2-time governor and successful businessman who would have balanced the budget in 4 years without raising taxes. He got 3% of the vote.

        1. Says something there about how we view taxes and spending.

          1. Says more about the binary nature of humanity and billions of dollars used to reinforce that in media.

            Yankees-Red Sox




            1. Liberal -Moron..

    2. "I hereby delcare for the record that I did not incurr said debt and will not be responsible to repay it."

      . Thats the disclaimer that used to be published in newspapers.


  15. Didn’t Biden say the income tax was voluntary?
    Or maybe he said that before the IRS was created.

  16. his drooling, losing control of his bodily functions and psychopathic drive to snuff little girls hair are not voulentary.


    1. I agree with that. No one wants to be senile and mentally ill.

  17. PS

    Dear Commenter

    Tired of the medicare insurance scam commervials on TV at every ad break?

    Theyre lying about being Medicare. Theyre corps selling suppkimental insurance but running deceptive ads pretending to be Medicare

    Call them and waste their time. Big fun. More fun than harassing phone scammers!

    1. Call them and waste their time.

      But won't the phone lines be busy?

      1. Depending on tense, no then yes.

        No, never been on hold. Yes, after I unload on them for deceptive advertulising, it is.

        I told the one last night that the time I tied up her phone line was time she couldnt be scamming soneone else.

        That ended her arrogant retorts.

  18. "'Nu' Variant Puts southern Africa at Risk of Global Shut Out..."

    If I recall Greek correctly, Nu is the tenth letter.

    So, THREE years and TEN variants later, Pharma corps, Dr Death Fauci and
    Bill Sanger-Gates are still selling an old vaccine and blaming us for it not working?

    Yes, they SHOULD be in jail for profiting from it.

    1. Nu is the tenth letter.

      It is from Africa. Are you sure it's not a species jumping 'gnu' variant?

      1. It is from Africa. Are you sure it's not a species jumping 'gnu' variant?

        You mean Ubuntu?

        1. Gnusundheit.

      2. Off topic. If you could follow the topic...

        I tried to keep it < 140 Twitter characters for you in the Slow Crowd.

        The topic is Govt lies and trillions in profits under a scam of collusion of Govt and big Pharms.

        1. Yeah, but I just heard NPR say this is the Omicron variant, so.... Old news!

        1. The gnus media got the story wrong.

    2. The Delta variant was called the Delta variant because it came from the area of the Ganges River Delta in India, not because it was the Greek letter delta. It's like naming one hurricane Georgia and then assuming the next one should be named Alabama.


        Once the original strain of coronavirus started mutating, commonly used names for the variants were based on where they were first identified—U.K., Brazil, India, and South Africa—even though they were also given scientific names, like B.1.1.7.

        Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is renaming these variants using the Greek alphabet. They hope these easy-to-remember names will help reduce stigma and discrimination in the variant reporting process.

        The WHO says these news labels were decided upon after wide consultation with expert groups around the world. The organization will continue to assign new names for variants that are designated “variants of interest” or “variants of concern.”

        The new names for the variants are:

        Alpha: first identified in the U.K.
        Beta: first sampled in South Africa
        Gamma: first detected in Brazil
        Delta: first reported in India

        1. They hope these easy-to-remember names will help reduce stigma and discrimination in the variant reporting process.

          I failed to consider both retconning *and* clusterfuckery.

          Of note: Not only does this nomenclature prevent discrimination, it also prevents off-hand recognition that 'I've never been to Brazil and don't need to worry about the Brazilian variant' or 'the most wide-spread variant is still the variant that came from a country that's been under lockdown the longest' or 'the delta variant is far more virulent but, somehow, still far less prevalent than alpha'.

          1. " prevents off-hand recognition that 'I've never been to Brazil and don't need to worry about the Brazilian variant"

            Not to worry, with Democrats "Open Borders brings Boarders" policies surely that variant will find You soon.

      2. IDK, this sounds like a bit of retconning... or just another symptom of various parts of the cluster fucking each other:
        Designation - Date (Collection? Identification? Reporting? Designation? Who the fuck knows?)
        Beta - May '20
        Gamma - Nov. '20
        Delta - Oct. '20
        Eta - Dec. '20
        Iota - Nov. '20
        Kappa - Oct. '20
        Lambda - Dec. '20
        Mu - Jan. '21
        Nu - Nov. '21
        Xi? - Nov. '21?

        1. How is a person supposed to say 'mu variant' and keep a straight face?

        2. Retconning is what happens in movie sequels. Here in real life, people change their minds or update their models or advance science.

          1. You Marxist democrats retcon all the time.

          2. Maybe you can update your tranny murder prediction?

            Or retcon. Whichever.

            1. He will most likely run out and murder lots of trannies. Then retcon it so that republicans did it, under Trump’s orders.

  19. What kind of a scumbag would work for the IRS? Don't they realize if they all quit none of us would have to pay taxes? A bunch of little Eichmans.

    1. 100% un Constitutional. Just like cops.

      Las Vegas Shot Show 2010. I walked up to the BATF tables and told them that they were a bunch of TRAITORS for undermining the Second Amendment.

      The looks on their faces was priceless!

      1. BATF should be a store that sells alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

        1. So you're saying they need to branch out into selling alcohol and tobacco?

          1. Yes. At an agency store.

            1. Brick and mortar? You boomer. ATF trucks parked on public streets in front of restaurants or GTFO.

          2. ...and chips...

        2. They should merge the BATF with the Fish and Wildlife Service and call it The Department of Guys.

      2. I've done similar to BMI and ASCAP agents. I don't go too far, though, because I know they're all packing.

    2. If you didn't pay taxes, civilization would collapse, and then you'd be bitching about that.

      All you do is bitch. Don't you ever get tired of bitching? Life is short.

      1. Most libertarians agree that some taxes are necessary for government to function. We need laws protecting life, liberty and property, and people to enforce them. We need courts so people don't settle disputes with violence. We need a military to protect the borders.

        And that's about it.

        Civilization would not collapse if all wealth redistribution ceased. In fact I believe it would improve greatly.

        1. So you have some policy disagreements with your fellow citizens. Presumably we both agree that it's necessary to incentivize against tax evasion.

          The more interesting hot take, in my opinion, is the juxtaposition of incessant never-ending headache-inducing bitching about every minor inconvenience in life with revolutionary calls to burn the whole system down.

          It's just cute. Cute like a puppy dog.

          1. You should kill yourself.

      2. Oh shoot. I forgot that you see no difference between taxes for the purpose of distributing wealth, and taxes for the purpose of paying government employees for legitimate government functions.

        Sorry. Never mind.

        1. On the contrary, the only purpose of taxation is to redistribute wealth. The rest is details.

          1. That might be the stupidest thing you've ever posted here, although there's lots of competition.

  20. Is THIS Black Friday?

    "Ahm intitled!"

    Big sale...all you can carry for one brick!

    1. Yes, a booming economy, yet we have a huge problem with theft.

      1. From Wokester's Progressive Dictionary:
        Theft is a form of speech, and has nothing to do with material gain.

        1. They workedfor it!

          Those bricks dont throw themselves thru windows!

        2. Organized retail theft is more of an idea than a real thing.

        3. So if theft is Speech, what about shooting a thief. That must also be Speech.

          1. That would be a mostly peaceful counter protest

    2. Democrats love to loot. They’re all thieving murderers at heart.

  21. Hey, Biden said he would create lots of high paying jobs with good benefits. Sure, the first 87,000 of them at the IRS, but those jobs will pay for themselves, by extracting more blood from the productive class.

  22. Abolish the income tax.

    1. Taxation is theft!

      1. Taxation Without Representation largely led to the Revolutionary War.

        We have no Representation now.

        Conditions then were being invaded and harassed by a Foriegn power, England.

        Same now, with International law. Our control and Self Government have been harmed or destroyed.

        1. Taxation with representation ain't that hot either.

        2. Agreed. The Senate, House, and presidency (hence the judicial branch as well) are all stuffed with people out of step with the mainstream of America because of rural bias.

          Given that the affirmative action Republicans are so terrible and nihilistic and self-destructive, revolution could easily be considered justified.

          How you get the US Armed Forces to get behind a constitutional convention, I couldn't say.

      2. Actually robbery because of the threat of violence.

  23. The Rogue National Socialist Agency is hiring *MORE* Guns to STEAL MORE labor/earnings from it's USA citizens to be used for absolutely UN-Constitutional (Anti-USA) purposes....

    At exactly what point will the people go from a 'fair share' to ensure USA Liberty and Justice to flat out Nazi Armed Robbery?? 1%,2%,3%,4%,5%,15%,20%,40%,80%,100%(complete enslavement)?

    It's like the British Parliament never did let-go of the American colonies (States) but instead just re-settled in D.C. and started a new "Woke" government called Democratic National Socialism.

    1. Socislism is Communism with a Tax Bill.

      Socislism, Communism. Tomatoe, Tomato.

      Rotten either way.

      Fuck Biden. He doesnt even have the common courtesy to give Us a reach-around!

    2. It's like the British...never did let-go of the American colonies

      That's exactly right. In a thousand years, historians will consider this era to be that of the British Empire. They won't put as much significance on the move from the headquarters of the empire from London to New York as we do. Just like we look back on the late Roman Empire as still being the Roman Empire despite the move of the capital to Constantinople.

  24. All of this was on his website, just as Marxism land reform is on the World Economic Forum website.

    At least you don’t have to endure mean tweets in the camps or favellas

  25. "Everyone should pay the taxes they owe, of course..."

    You are not a Libertarian. Stop.

    1. .. a-priori assumption that they do owe...

      Were not getting Representation for our Taxation, foriegners and criminals are getting it.

    2. "Everyone should pay the taxes they owe"

      When the government is not capable of telling us exactly how much we owe, they've lost the authority to make that statement.

  26. Going back to 1972 the IRS has questioned my returns and sent out a letter stating I them money. They have always been wrong.
    They actually lost my 940-941 deposits and asked that I pay again. When they find the missing money they would credit my account. The last time was when I sent them $60K check for Cap Gains tax, They replied with a bill for that plus interest and penalties. Morons running the place.

  27. I do like that Republicans are scaremongering in favor of tax cheats.

    Did you know that the best-polling policy proposal is raising taxes on rich people?

    The American people aren't buying your crap anymore.

    1. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's wonderful.

      If people voted in favor of reinstituting slavery would you support it or go against the majority? Because according to you the majority is always right. Right?

      1. No, obviously there are other ways to assess the correctness of an action than democratic vote.

        The problem is that trickle-down economics depends on lies and misdirections. The people have long ago stopped buying those lies and misdirections, which to some extent explains why the Republican party is doing its best to destroy democracy.

        1. "No, obviously there are other ways to assess the correctness of an action than democratic vote."

          Ya know; like a US Constitution which you compulsively want to ignore which also doesn't give the 'feds' any authority for wealth redistribution....

          What are those "lies and misdirections"??? That *EARNING* something means you OWN it??? Or did you mean all those "lies and misdirections" Democrats sell for their crony socialism...

          How long does it take you Democratic fans to stop being so STUPID and realize the OBVIOUS result is; that the more you Commie Wealth, the more the 1% gets richer??? Is *Reality* not in you cognitive abilities or what? Good grief just look at communist countries wealth divide.

          So... Stop buying those lefty "lies and misdirections" which explains EXACTLY why the Democratic party is doing its best to destroy the USA (which isn't a "democracy" but a CONSTITUTIONAL Union of Republican States).

          ... but I do find it humorous how you start by admitting democracy is a failed ideology and then pull a blind-180 and pretend Republicans rejection of Nazi-Democracy is some kind of curse.

          It's almost as humorous as ignorance you show towards STEALING other people's *EARNINGS* and calling it the opposite of "buying lies and misdirection".... So Robbery is the right thing to do???

          1. I'm aware of the existence of the US constitution.

            You don't really know what the fuck you're talking about, do you?

        2. God, all you do is bitch.

          1. Because he IS a bitch.

        3. You really should be executed as a traitor to the republic.

    2. Yes, the best polling policy is always “someone else should pay taxes.”

  28. This just in- reason writers continue to slob the koch knob so their boss doesn't have to actually pay the taxes they should owe. Oh the horror!

    1. Return to normality!

    2. Everyone must, "pay the taxes they should owe" until we're ALL as broke as broke-st, jobless, cracked-out, dependent person in the USA....

      ...because obviously; no matter what a person does - their wealth should not reflect anything *earned* or wasted. WE CAN ALL BE broke together!!!! Yells the leftards who are completely obsessed with the idea of legal armed robbery.

      1. " take from the rich and give to the poor till there are no rich no more"

        Some 1960s protest song, I dont recall the title ( sign, sign everywhere a sign?")

        Communist- Marxist economics were born of a National disaster and any application thereafter will lead TO a disaster.


    3. Democrat billionaire generally don’t. There are always carve outs to protect them in tax legislation.

  29. Biden Wants To Empower the IRS Because Of Its Track Record of Trampling Rights and Undermining Privacy

    There, FTFY

  30. Hello, and welcome to the DNC bandwagon train... Were [WE] have the largest "pity-me" bunch of losers America has ever seen.

    Our job in this world is to compulsively cheerlead for 3rd party Gov-Guns to go out and STEAL our loser-life livings from other people...

    ...Because losers is our middle name. We take pride in being losers and call any success a problem of inequality. We're too busy riding our pity-train bandwagon to get up off our lazy twats and *EARN* anything -- so that curs-id idea that *EARNING* things must be made 'evil' by name-calling it racist, sexist, 1%, etc, etc, etc, etc, (the list of EXCUSES is endless)....

    Now common everybody... Sell your individual souls to the [WE] foundation; because YOU don't own you, [WE] own you --- and that certainly means anything you produce isn't yours; its ours!

    And all Democrats aren't in prison because????

    1. ...bc lawmakers cant be law breakers. cant prosecute them.

      Its a guaranteed Race to the Bottom

      1. Maybe it's time for a Constitutional Amendment that any lawmaker that votes 'yes' three times on a law struck down by the supreme court as UN-Constitutional be removed from office.

        1. no, just strike them. Hard.

          Simple. Effective.

  31. "Biden Wants To Empower the IRS Despite Its Track Record of Trampling Rights and Undermining Privacy"

    "despite"; You seem to have spelled "because of" wrong...

  32. Another take on the Retail store smash and grabs...

    Deliberate for insyrance fraud.

    The continuing 21 year Obama - Biden Depression, coupled with Fauci Fearmongering has crippled high end retail sales.

    No one orders a $10,000 necklace delivered by Uber.

    Tonys brain, maybe (Abbey- normal)) pickled in formaldehyde.

    Solution? Conspire with the Cits to order the cops to look the other way while the Wild Ones steal the merch they cant sell.

    The City and Media refuse to call it " rioting" bc. riots and Acts of God ( like God making Tony a brain dead moron) are universally excluded in insurance policies.

    Win, Win, Lose

    1. Tony...type your response below the line with the pencil between your teeth


      1. Could you restate the question in standard English? I don't speak crazy.

        1. You do speak stupid though. Your native language.

          1. Hereby renamed "Tiny"

            Hope it sticks...

      2. I said " type with a pencil...." not that

  33. The common sense of it is that the IRS does not need so many agents for rich people. There just aren't that many rich people. Why does the media keep saying they will audit only the rich? Besides, I remember reading that the IRS has agents specifically for the ultra-wealthy that use special tax laws (which are legal anyway).

    This will be the last act of a dying Democratic congress and Senate. Then Pelosi and Schumer retire and leave us with the mess they made.

    1. theyll die first. Not soon enough.

      The Grim Reaper will clean the old Marxists out

  34. Biden's peeps plan to drop nets on looters at WalMart and Home Despot exits, then make them do community service as unionized 16th Amendment income tax looters, service pistols, asset forfeiture... the works! Two birds, one bolide.

  35. I once asked an IRS Agent about their Court filing process to seize real estate, while in context of surfing the Govt seized merch website.

    She said they didnt ask, they just seized real estate.

    So, No Due Process of Law.

    Fuck Joe Biden.

  36. 20 and30 meters just folded like a Democrat getting a bribe so I guess its movie time!

  37. Progressives tend to be poorer and obsessed with the distribution of wealth, which leaves them butt-hurt and loving taxation as a way of making life more fair for themselves. Hence, they love the IRS.

    Of course, they never consider themselves at risk of being on the receiving end. And, given their inability to provide value in markets, is probably right.

    1. You're not an anarchist, Brian.

      1. I’m so much more of an authority on me than you.

        1. You'd think so, wouldn't you? But you also think you're an authority on liberals, who you absurdly claim don't "provide value in markets" and are poor.

          Tomorrow you'll probably whine about something having to do with all the cities that are controlled by liberals. You know, cities? Where all the wealth and education are?

          1. “ An individual’s likelihood of being a Democrat decreases with every additional dollar he or she earns. Democrats have a huge advantage (63 percent) with voters earning less than $15,000 per year. This advantage carries forward for individuals earning up to $50,000 per year, and then turns in the Republicans’ favor — with just 36 percent of individuals earning more than $200,000 per year supporting Democrats.

            Interestingly, the median household income in the United States is $49,777 — right near the point where the Democratic advantage disappears and the Republicans take over.”


            1. Earning? Id view THAT assertion with suspicion.

              Welfare and unearned tax refunds, more like it.

              Welcome to the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Part Two.

              The Barbarians caused it.
              Un- washen invaders...

              See a parallel?

            2. Not an argument in favor of the wisdom of markets, is it? All the money seems to be going to the idiots.

              It's not so simple, of course, since once you start talking about the ultra-wealthy, they start getting more Democratic again (as that same stat page says). Republicans control high school educated middle income people. Stupid white people. It is known.

              I don't know what you think your gotcha is. I'd always want to be in the political cohort that includes the poverty-stricken. I'd always want my politics to err on the side of the poor. What about you? Do you actually believe that the rich are the real victims?

              1. I don’t think we should be running society in accordance with the wishes of the least successful people.

                1. I think we should run society in accordance with the wishes of the people as a whole as expressed via democracy. You?

                  1. It depends on who the people are and how stupid what they want is.

                  2. Tony lobbying for [WE] gangs of Gov-Gun threats.

                    Ya Tony; That'll make a civilized society. Just establish two 'gangs' of the hood and give the most popular one unlimited Gov-Gun-Forces.... RU really that retarded?

              2. "Stupid white people" -- Your racism is showing again...

          2. “ Why is the average income of Democrats lower than that of Republicans?

            Best answer:
            It’s not hard to understand.

            The Democrat Party’s primary inducement for voters is that they will get free stuff without having to pay for it.

            Not surprisingly, people who pay no Federal income tax are enticed by promises of lots of free stuff (free education, free medical care, free lifetime income, etc. etc. etc.) to be paid for by raising Federal taxes on other people. That means they get stuff without having to pay for it, Pandering works.

            Nearly half (45%) of American households pay no income taxes.

            45% of Americans pay no federal income tax

            The Democrat Party membership skews strongly to lower income households, most of whom pay no Federal income taxes.”


            1. "get free stuff without having to pay for it."

              FJB has a plan. He let it slip last month.

              He made a guarded cryptic statement about ' more debt not making any difference.'

              That was framing Killary KKKlintons " whats it matter now" statement about Obunghole and FJB getting Americans killed in Benghazi.

              What he referred to can NOT be real of fiat currency, for that has some value. Its referring to Digital Funny Money the Fed released by the Dump Truck Load under Oblowhole- FJN in 2009.

              It has no value whatsoever.

              See Forbes Magazine 11/11 on The Money Printing Myth.

              There are a few measely billion actually printed ( as in the economic concept of currency issue backed by Fed Bonds) and thats a drop in the bucket compared to the 20s of TRILLIONS Democrats have thrown down a hole.

              This Funny Digital money cannot be inflationary as it doest exist.

              Read the comments of the Denver Federal Reserve Chair on the topic from 2009.

            2. Federal income taxes, of course, exist to be a counterweight to all the other regressive taxes people pay.

              If you only mention the federal income tax, as if it were the only tax burden in existence, you're fundamentally lying.

  38. Who could have predicted this? Elect an authoritarian and you get authoritarian government.

    1. Elections have nothing to do with whether we live under authoritarianism. The authoritarianism comes from a higher level than the government.

      1. liar.

        We didnt get that with TRUMP.

  39. News tonite. IRS screwing small businesses over.



    Nothing says " Biden Economic collapse" like THAT!


    1. You talking about the PPP loans from the CARES Act signed by Donald Trump in March 2020?

    2. go away Lead Paint Eater.

      1. Don't like being called out on your lies, don't lie.

  40. "Its Track Record of Trampling Rights and Undermining Privacy"

    I wouldn't worry. As long as you have the correct political beliefs, you should be OK.

    1. " Do you agree with murdering unborn babies?"

      " Yes"

      Great, welcome to the Club. Anything goes."

  41. with all respect i don't like biden


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  45. "Despite"?
    I think the trampling rights and undermining privacy are the aspects of the IRS he's counting on.

    1. "Crucifixion?"

      " One cross each, line on the left."

  46. Biden wants to trample people's rights. The IRS is just one department he is using to do that, there are many others.
    When will Reason wake up? They backed the biggest dictator wannabe in history!

  47. It's too bad this this supposedly "libertarian" site did not support the obvious libertarian choice in the last election - Donald Trump - and instead played along with the fiction that the Democrats were something other than totalitarian thugs.

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