Feds Undermine Themselves by Targeting Parents Who Criticize School Officials

Muzzling critics of government policy will just make them angrier.


Plenty of people point out that Attorney General Merrick Garland's decision to deploy federal law enforcement against families protesting public school policies is an abuse of power that threatens civil liberties. Worth adding to the objections, though, is the important point that treating parents who object to school board decisions about masking and curricula as terrorists can only further turn them against the powers-that-be. Garland and other officials are setting up a cycle of reaction and repression that can only destroy the institutions they claim to protect.

"Citing an increase in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members, teachers and workers in our nation's public schools, today Attorney General Merrick B. Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys' Offices to meet in the next 30 days with federal, state, Tribal, territorial and local law enforcement leaders to discuss strategies for addressing this disturbing trend," the U.S. Department of Justice announced on October 4.

The federal move came in response to a hysterical letter from the National School Boards Association demanding officialdom respond to the protests with the full force of "the Gun-Free School Zones Act, the PATRIOT Act in regards to domestic terrorism, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Violent Interference with Federally Protected Rights statute, the Conspiracy Against Rights statute," and other legal powers disproportionate to the "threat" posed by parents offended by what and how their children are taught.

For those who avoided headlines in recent months (and who can blame you?) school board meetings around the country have featured vigorous protests over COVID policies—mask mandates for students, in particular—and racially charged lessons incorporating elements from controversial Critical Race Theory/anti-racism sources. The disagreements are more confrontational than in the past, but you could say that about pretty much any difference of opinion in this era of national fracture. Some protests have turned violent, but such unfortunate incidents are already addressed by state laws. Mostly, though, the protests feature strong views, loud voices, and discomfort for public officials, which is just part of the job when you're in a position to impose your decisions on those who disagree.

Much of the of the pushback to Garland's deployment of the FBI against pissed-off moms and dads rightly emphasizes the threat his order poses to legitimate expressions of free speech.

"You may disagree with parents like me who do not want our children indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory, masked during recess, or told that their biological sex is not real," writes Maud Maron, a New York City mother, lawyer, and city council candidate who, in the past, served as a school board member on the receiving end of criticism. "But in a free society, we don't call the feds to police our fellow Americans because we don't share their politics."

It's true that government repression of dissent threatens the status of a "free society." It also is bound to further erode trust in that government and people's willingness to work with officials.

"Trust in government has been identified as one of the most important foundations upon which the legitimacy and sustainability of political systems are built," noted a 2013 OECD paper that addressed the implications of collapsing trust in government in the wake of the Great Recession. "Trust is essential for social cohesion and well-being as it affects governments' ability to govern and enables them to act without having to resort to coercion." (Emphasis in the original.)

The authors fretted that declining trust would "lead to lower rates of compliance."

Similarly, an article last December in Norway's BI Business Review on pandemic policy pointed out that "positive role models and experts—not coercion—are the most important factors in influencing behavior. Coercion may terminate trust that is needed to facilitate anti Covid-19 strategies."

"Use of coercion, threats, punishment and restrictions as an influence strategy may have the opposite effect of what is intended," the authors added. "Our studies suggest that the use of 'coercive power' often leads to 'counteracting power' that creates conflict and eliminates trust and consensus—thereby reducing the shared responsibility and duty that we need now."

"One of the phenomena that interests me about institutional irrationality is the way that as an institution suffers a loss of trust it turns to coercion, which only increases distrust," economist Arnold Kling observes with specific reference to school board protests. "I refer to this as shifting from a prestige hierarchy to a dominance hierarchy. Public schools appear to be going through this process."

It's not like governing institutions have a big reservoir of good will to burn, right now. "Americans' trust in many aspects of government in the U.S. is low," Gallup reported just two weeks ago. "Only about one-quarter of Americans say they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right 'just about always' (2%) or 'most of the time' (22%)," according to a May Pew Research report.

State and local governments, which shoulder most of the responsibility for public schools, tend to fare better than their federal counterparts. But "as much as 67% of trust in government can be explained by customer experience," according to researchers. That "customer experience" is going to be pretty negative if it involves investigations by already-despised federal goons of parents who criticize thin-skinned local officials. 

Maybe that's for the best. It's long past time for more Americans to learn that the government-run institutions for which their taxes pay are often awful and even malevolent. A wake-up call that pushes them to abandon those institutions could well be a good thing, and the schools that teach our children are a better place to start than most. Families would be well-served to leave school boards to preside over hollow shells while children are educated via alternatives chosen by their families.

But, if the road to realistic assessments of government flaws and failures is lined with FBI agents and invocations of the Patriot Act, people will suffer unnecessarily. It would be easier on everybody involved if Merrick Garland and the federal government just left parents and local functionaries alone to hash out their differences, even if that makes some folks uncomfortable. A little official restraint might even slow the erosion of trust in public institutions.

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  1. I’m surprised and pleased by the lack of equivocation. It’s nice to see Reason criticizing this issue without trying to tack on something about how the parent’s fears are misplaced because they don’t understand the one true CRT. Good job. Good article. I hope to see more of this quality in the future.

    1. There was indeed a refreshing lack of “both sides” here.

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      2. I concur. This article was surprisingly straightforward and spot on.

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      3. You can’t both sides this, unless there’s a Republican AG somewhere who has a financial interest in destroying opposition to CRT being taught in schools:–emotional-climate-surveys/?sh=7cf12f654e60

        1. A *rational* person couldn’t both side it, doesn’t mean no one would try anyway.

      4. On the other hand, equally egregious 1A violations are being perpetrated by the Biden DOJ that Reason has no problem with. Just last week a guy named Jeremy Brown was arrested by the FBI for allegedly standing a quarter mile away from the Capitol building on Jan. 6th. In fact the government is claiming that thousands of peaceful protesters who crossed an imaginary line on that day are subject to arrest for trespassing.
        Hundreds of peaceful protesters have been held without bail by the federal government for nearly 10 months for the crimes of trespassing and parading. Not a mention in Reason.

        1. According to several of the commenters here, they could be murdered by the cops and it would have been their fault.

    2. Or the even more disingenuous “They’s jus’ havin’ meetins, gaiz!” argument.

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  2. “and racially charged lessons incorporating elements from controversial Critical Race Theory/anti-racism sources” commenter chemjeff has repeatedly explained that principled libertarians should absolutely support mandatory CRT classes for public school students.


    1. But how does that make billionaires wealthier?

      1. I’m glad you asked.

        CRT teaches us to view other people not as individuals, but as representatives of their race and ethnicity. Anybody trained in this philosophy will therefore see immigrants to the US primarily as Black and Brown bodies — and conclude that it’s racist to support any form of “border enforcement.” IOW CRT is literally the ideal framework to convince progressives to support the open borders policy that’s benefactor Charles Koch has been promoting for decades.


        1. That’s easily understood. What I don’t understand is how you’re going to get that fatty Jeff to work making you more money.

          1. As long as it doesn’t involve anything more strenuous than him waddling between the computer, the fridge, and the bathroom, he should be good to go.

    2. And of course, Chemjeff will also be hear to tell us, “All they are doing is having meetings. How can you object to meetings?”

      Of course, the memo also said: “In the coming days, the Department will announce a series of measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel. ”

      And according to the accompanying press release, those “Those efforts are expected to include the creation of a task force […] used to prosecute these crimes, and ways to assist state, Tribal, territorial and local law enforcement where threats of violence may not constitute federal crimes.”

      But who are you gonna believe? The guy pretending he is anything but a PR Agent of the Left or your own damn, lying eyes?

      1. Joe Friday is already in thread running Jeff’s talking points.

  3. Feds Undermine Themselves by Targeting Parents Who Criticize School Officials

    You mean the feds reveal themselves. Joe Biden is right when he says we are at an inflection point in history – right now we are in a battle to determine whether we are citizens or subjects, a question of who rules whom. And make no mistake, even if government blinks first and backs off, it doesn’t mean the question is settled. The battle may be won but the war is eternal. If the government engages in a strategic retreat, they are only gathering their forces to return to the subject again. And with the GOP happy to lose the war as long as we lose the war slowly, don’t look for them to save your ass.

    1. This is ultimately the problem with ceding so much of our lives to the government. Government isn’t there to serve you, it is there to pay people to do just enough so that you won’t complain.

      In many ways, this is one aspect of human nature- do just enough to get what you want. The difference is that correcting a private individual is easy (opt out of doing business with them) while correcting the government is hard (motivate a bunch of other people with other shit to do to go complain).

      As noted, even the GOP has figured this out. They don’t fix the budget or permanently keep the leviathan in check because a majority of their voters won’t hold them accountable for it.

  4. It would be easier on everybody involved if Merrick Garland and the federal government just left parents and local functionaries alone to hash out their differences

    The Senate dodged a cannonball when it passed on Garland.

    1. I am shocked to say this…. but garland is a bigger political agent of the Dems as AG than even Holder or Lynch were.

      1. And it’s only 9 months in…

      2. It’s always possible that the drama of his appointment is what broke him. There is an awesome plot for a political movie here.

        “He was the perfect Manchurian candidate, biding his time until he joined the ranks of the Nazgul. Yet at the last minute his plans were thwarted. With nothing to lose, the mask is finally off!”

        or, more charitably:

        “In a world where you only get one shot at the political appointment of your life, Eric Garland…lost it all. He had the perfect reputation, the perfect family, and the perfect political winds…then everything changed. But just when all was lost, they gave him hope. Now, with all the power of the world at his fingertips, Eric Garland is out for revenge.”

        1. He looks more like Gollum with hair to me.

          1. Give us the black robes, precious!

      3. At least Garland has shipped any high powered fire arms into Mehico……yet.

        1. Why stay with arms when biden can lift sanctions on Iranian missiles?

          1. This go-round, DoD and DoS are the agencies in the “Let’s give weapons to Bad People,” contest. It would be incredibly fitting for the Beast to get hit with a Javelin or two that those idiots left behind in Afghanistan.

            1. Let’s all take a moment to remember our friend Gray_Jay, who was disappeared by the secret service after commenting on Reason’s website.


              1. Pffft. I’m not advocating, soliciting, or supporting the idea. Merely saying such a thing would be poetic justice. At least it’d be the people responsible for such idiocy getting bit, instead of some poor bastards riding a helicopter in Afghanistan, and getting shot down by one of our own Stingers.

                I don’t own any Javelins. And I would never use them against our own people. We give a lot of ordnance to people around the world, for whom that second point simply isn’t true. One day, odds are that’s going to bite someone besides some Soldiers or Airmen just trying to do their jobs.

                1. Agreed. Wonder how many Stingers stamped “made in the USA” were still lying around from the ’80’s? They work just as well against Blackhawks as they do against Hinds.

                  1. The ‘batteries’ on those go bad after awhile. Ditto the motors.

                    But the ones we gave to the people trying to get rid of Khadafy, and then Assad??? Yeah, those still work. (Getting those, and other problematic ordnance, was one of the tasks of that Embassy annex that got snuffed in Benghazi)

                    Parts from one of those Stingers were found at an MH-47 crash site in Afghanistan. I’m sure we’ll hear of more… Thankfully, it’s pretty hard to shoot down a modern wide body with a MANPAD like the FIM-92. Much smaller warhead than something like the Buk that destroyed that Malaysian Airlines bird over Ukraine.

      4. I do not find that surprising at all. Garland was an ace in the hole, until his nomination was blocked. Now he’s got no reason to hide a thing. The mask is fully off on this little Stalinist.

    2. “The Senate dodged a cannonball when it passed on Garland.”

      Remember when Kavanaugh raised his voice at a Senate hearing after a month of lies and slander and everybody tut-tutted and said, “Well clearly THIS man lacks the temperament to be a Supreme Court Judge.”?

      Here we see what bad temperament looks like. I wonder if this gleeful willingness to weaponize the federal government against political adversaries is at all telegraphed in his opinions?

      1. It’s the entire MO these days.

        Antifa is the most clear about it, but the left does it everywhere. Push, push, push, push, enough to be annoying but no single shove being enough to be seen as too much. Then, after the hundredth push, when it has been too much for too long and someone reacts strongly you blame them for being the aggressive one.

        Assuming it isn’t intentional, these guys should think. If this many normally reserved, not politically active people are this pissed off at you, you’re definitely not serving your constituency. They feel unheard, haven’t been heard for a long time, and are finally past that breaking point. But it has been coming for years.

        You know how it is. If you smell dogshit everywhere you go, it’s time to look at the bottom of your shoe.

  5. Discuss strategies for addressing this disturbing trend…

    ABOLISH the Commie-Indoctrination camps… Gov-Guns do NOT belong in personal education.

    1st Amendment –
    Congress shall make no law …. or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    1. Actually, people looking back at this a decade from now might see this as the point where education funding became independent of districts and was giver to the students.
      Collapse of government schools does not have to be a bad thing.

      1. Does not have to be a bad thing? It would be the best thing to happen to The Republic since the founding.

    2. Wouldn’t it have been a hoot if Madison’s quill had broken right after he wrote “Congress shall make no law”?

      Sounds like a damn fine bill of rights right there.

  6. “But in a free society, we don’t call the feds to police our fellow Americans because we don’t share their politics.”

    And the obvious conclusion from this fact is that we have not been in a free society for years.
    Welcome to the revolution.

    1. Im both impressed and appalled that it took someone from NYC this long to notice.

      1. Worthy of praise, as you noted. If we constantly slag on the writers whether they write decent articles, or the garbage that’s been characteristic for them the last half-decade or so, then there’s no point in trying to please their vocal readers. Not that I think they really give a rosy rat’s ass about the readership’s opinion of their writing.

        “Undermining themselves” in this fashion is the point though. The people running Bartertown want chaos, want strife. They want a parent to lash out at a school board and get arrested, after his daughter got raped because of the board’s trendy but idiotic pedagogical practices.

        Because After the Breakdown, they can build something else.

        1. “Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your children raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.”

          1. We really need to figure out exactly who are, “these people,” and specifically identify which evil acts and goals they have in mind for the rest of the planet.

            The WEF senior leadership is likely a decent starting point. The thing I don’t grasp, is how they can be so certain that non-Western leadership is going to go along with their plans. A perfectly viable CCP victory condition is death to all non-Han. I doubt the CCP upper echelons are going to be fine with the Davos crowd’s (as you’ve put it), ‘Luxury Automated Gay Space Utopia.’ Maybe that tension only gets resolved after the Mensheviks get purged, I dunno.

            1. “The thing I don’t grasp, is how they can be so certain that non-Western leadership is going to go along with their plans.”

              Because they are arrogant and incompetent outside the bounds of the arbitrary system they’ve turned western society into. They really believe they’re the smartest people in the room, and that the Chinese, and/or Islamists, will bow to their will as it is their natural place. It’s shameful just how untalented our totalitarian overlords are.

              1. “Because they are arrogant and incompetent outside the bounds of the arbitrary system they’ve turned western society into. They really believe they’re the smartest people in the room, and that the Chinese, and/or Islamists, will bow to their will as it is their natural place. It’s shameful just how untalented our totalitarian overlords are.”

                Sure is looking that way. They almost couldn’t have fucked up Afghanistan any harder if they tried. Still surprised a Moose didn’t get splattered all over the landscape. Or the Taliban haven’t been indulging in public displays of recreational carnage upon the Americans and dual-citizens we abandoned there.

        2. “That will never happen, and when it does, boy will you deserve it.”

          Which brings us to the Law of Salutary Contradiction, whose formulation is: “That’s not happening and it’s good that it is.” While the Law of Merited Impossibility applies to the future, this one is about the present. It’s what the ruling class immediately switches to after what they insisted would “never” happen is happening before everyone’s eyes.

          Is the NSA spying on Tucker Carlson? That’s an insane conspiracy theory … which is also warranted by Tucker’s treasonous contacts with Russian officials as he seeks an interview with Putin.

          Is the Biden Administration inviting in illegal immigrants, then putting them on military planes and shipping them to the heartland? Absolutely not … and these future Nobel Prize winners deserve their shot at the American Dream.

          The coinage is Rod Dreher’s and goes back to the early debates on homosexual marriage. As Dreher formulates it, the Law of Merited Impossibility holds: “That will never happen, and when it does, boy will you [homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, whatever] deserve it.”

          Its second purpose is to dismiss out of hand “slippery slope” arguments—despite, or because of, the fact that every single such argument over the last twenty years at least has proved true. Worried that allowing people to “self-identify” as whatever sex they want will lead to pervy 50-year-old men exposing themselves to’ tween girls? Insist, loudly and indignantly, that that will NEVER happen and anyone who suggests it might is an alarmist bigot with a heart full of hate.

          The third purpose is to enforce the new caste system. Those who get to impose fresh irrational indignities on the rest of us are the upper caste. Those who object, or even have reservations, are lower. The latter are not allowed to harbor, much less express, any doubts. Whatever humiliation the upper caste has planned for us, we deserve and must meekly accept. Hence when said pervy 50-year-old actually does start waving around “her” equipment in the girls’ locker room, if any parent dares object, let ’em have it with both barrels. That thing that ten seconds ago you said would “never” happen? Now it’s righteous punishment for the retrograde.

    2. Reason barely covered the IRS and OSHA agents going after prominent tea party members businesses a decade ago. They still deny the deep state apparatus and the overwhelmingly democrat ran federal executive agencies. Or the articles of antifa openly admitting to using government databases from friendly government workers.

      1. I don’t think Reason has covered OSHA’s refusal to enforce federal law on vaccine mandates vis-a-vis employer reporting of adverse effects, either.

        “OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022.

    3. Will observe that years would be decades…

  7. Eliminate public schools, which makes this and many other problems disappear. Parents will have full control of their children’s education, sexual assaults at public schools will drop to zero, no more carbon belching school buses, trans kids will no longer be a lightning rod regarding bathrooms and sports teams and teaching CRT gets fully resolved. End the education industrial complex.

    1. Thanks Chumby. Good to know Libertarians will always promote ideas which condemn them to political irrelevancy.

      1. Funny how you don’t see political irrelevancy as freedom.
        Or maybe you do; but just hate freedom; might I suggest moving out of the USA.

        1. Given that we’ve had public education in America from it’s beginnings, I think you might want to move out TJJ and take Chumby with you.

          1. Sounds like something Democrat Jefferson Davis would have said. But not about schools

          2. We had slavery from the beginning too. Some ideas need to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

          3. I can’t tell, are you advocating for a return of the one room schoolhouse where the teacher often boarded at the home of one of the students?

            I’m all for it, the teacher – parent relationship would be far better than the current teacher union – FYTW relationship we have now.

      2. Still waiting for you to point out where children up to 4 years old were required to get the Holy Coof Juice, Joe Fuckhead.

        1. I think you’re hallucinating Red Rock.

          1. No, it’s an accurate summation of your argument.

          2. Fuck off and die, Joe; make your family proud.

      3. I feel your pain, loser.

        1. You imagine you’ve won something Chumby?

        2. Chumby, you must imagine you’ve won something.

          1. Not being you is a victory in and of itself.

          2. More Americans are moving away from the broken and expensive public school model. Having more young, capable people enter the labor force is a good thing.

  8. Some protests have turned violent, but such unfortunate incidents are already addressed by state laws.

    Are you talking about the dad arrested for assault after the school board member denied any sexual assaults took place on school bathrooms despite a cross dressing student sexually molesting the man’s daughter? After the school refused to report it to police and the dad had to take his daughter to the emergency room for a rape kit? Where the schoolnsaid they would cover it up internally? Where the cross dressing student did it again a month later?

    Is that the violent act?

    1. This is the result of the neo-Marxist leftists running that dumpster fire of a school.
      The parents of that community needs to get petitions going to remove each and every one of those little Marxist POS and replace them with responsible people.
      I don’t blame that man at all for being boiling mad.
      Sooner or later the SHTF .

      1. If every one of those running that shitshow were found dead in a ditch in the morning I would not be surprised, nor would I think it anything that warranted Federal intervention.

        1. Nothing changes unless shit like that starts happening.

        2. People like this exploit the civility and forbearance of others. They pretend that anyone who challenges them is a domestic terrorist, but they know they aren’t under any real threat. They expect to be tolerated and indulged.

    2. Yes it was a “violent act”. The Father looked mean at the Liberal Socialist snowflake on the school board. How many times lately have we heard the term “words are violence”? Notice the trend to prosecute speech the same as physical violence.

    3. They didn’t just cover it up, they transferred it to a new school, where he assaulted another girl.

      1. “They didn’t just cover it up, they transferred it to a new school, where he assaulted another girl.”

        Tell a school bureaucrat how much he has in common with the Catholic church and watch his head explode.

    4. You forgot to add the part where the CRT activist told him that his daughter was lying about the incident (#BelieveAllWomen).

    5. What? Do you have a cite for that story?

    6. That trans student raped and sodomized that man’s daughter. The school board and authorities told him to keep quiet in the interest of justice. Then the superintendent moved the trans student to another school were he assaulted another girl. When the superintendent was asked about it he denied it had happened and the father gets arrested because he brings it up at the school board meeting. Talk about clown world. Tuccille knows that in this instance “Both Sides” is ludicrous.

  9. The Feds aren’t targeting those who criticize school boards, or they work would never end. Garland specifically limited his interest in those threatening violence while he cut out those engaged in peaceful debate.

    “In recent months, there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and
    threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who
    participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools. While spirited debate about
    policy matters is protected under our Constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of
    violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views.
    Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core
    values. Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper
    education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety.
    The Department takes these incidents seriously and is committed to using its authority
    and resources to discourage these threats, identify them when they occur, and prosecute them
    when appropriate. I…”

    1. This is a lie. Likewise the fbi has no jurisdiction over local school boards. I get youre a lefty shit, but you could try to be an honest one. The intent of a public letter as issued was to squelch speech through intimidation. That was the sole intent.

      Likewise garland has a motivation to protect schools from dumping CRT training as his son in law is CEO of a large training group for CRT. It is pure corruption.

      But I expect nothing more from an open democrat gaslighting in a libertarian site.

      1. Jesse, Garland’s comment is the only known fact in this issue, so i guess you can imagine anything you want ……..and will.

        1. It is not the only known fact.

          There is the initial letter which asked for the patriot act, hate laws, etc to be used.

          There is garlands statement which is an open threat with intent to discourage protest and 1a actions. This letter includes 30 days of working with school boards to plan a course of action. Weird you left this out.

          There are school board members actively calling for fbi action.

          The fact is no single action that has occurred rises to a federal level. Not one. So garland intersecting the DoJ himself is a violation meant to intimidate protestors.

          Again, youre an open democrat and openly support state over reach. That is your entire posting history.

          1. Jesse, as has been pointed out to you, Garland’s letter says nothing like what you allege.

            I don’t accept your characterization of my positions, but understand you have to believe it justify your extreme and irrational positions. Devils are required – it’s what true believers do.

            1. Overt quotes above the 30 day call to action. Why are you gaslighting? Both letters are public. Read them.

              Which action at a school board rose to a federal action? You say “devils are required” so assume you mean details. Which action rises to the level of the DoJ. What action initiated a call for garland to publicly intimidate citizens addressing their government?

              The characterizations of your statements are also public. Youre defending federal intervention into state and local matters. That is a defense only statist actions. What the fuck do you think you’re actually doing there?

            2. JesseAz doesn’t argue ideas. He argues people. So any debate with him is a waste of time because it will ultimately become an argument about you as a person.

              1. Hey broke ass sarc, Jesse’s post just above yours addressed the topic being discussed. Yours was a personal attack against Jesse only.

                Fucking hypocrite.

                1. sarcasmic doesn’t argue ideas. He argues people. So any debate with him is a waste of time because it will ultimately become an argument about what he thinks someone said about him.

                  1. And him crying about it. Lots and lots of crying.

                2. I was just marvelling at the fact that there was an unprompted sarcasmic screed accusing Jesse of not arguing facts, directly under an example of Jesse arguing facts.

                  If you’re going to copypasta, think first. And only copypasta where the counterexample to the copypasta is at least a screen away.

              2. It’s revealing sarc objects to his own tactics as soon as they are adopted by his enemies even as he continues to use them.

              3. Hey the hypocrite appears. Lying as usual about what people do.

        2. And there was also the press release from the DOJ that stated:

          “Those efforts are expected to include the creation of a task force […] used to prosecute these crimes, and ways to assist state, Tribal, territorial and local law enforcement where threats of violence may not constitute federal crimes.”

      2. Nothing like a little CONFLICT OF INTEREST for Garland.

        1. The SOB needs to go to prison as an example of what happens to government officials engaged in open corruption. Especially now that there’s a single political party that doesn’t think they’re going to loose elections any more.

          Do your job Congress.

          1. Why would they? He’s *their* corrupt official.

    2. In practice, this will be a distinction without a difference.

      This is the same DOJ that is prosecuting grandmothers for being in the same vicinity of the Capitol building while a riot was taking place. It’s about crafting a narrative to punish your political enemies, they don’t give af about the institution of education, or whatever.

      1. This is the same DOJ that ransacked a woman’s house and confiscated all her electronics because she kind of looked like someone who was at the capitol on Jan 6.

        This is the same DOJ that put a picture of a minor on its twitter, and asked for information on her.

        Same DOJ that is getting warrants for google search terms.

        Same DOJ that- at best- submitted sloppy FISA warrants that were filled with mistakes and omissions, in order to justify a years long witch hunt.

        Same DOJ that deliberately radicalized young Muslim men in order to “disrupt terror plots.”

        Same DOJ that turned a blind eye to the ongoing, systematic sexual assault of teenaged girls in the US Olympic gymnastics program.

        And yet we should totally trust them on this.

        1. Don’t forget the same DOJ that buried investigations of politically powerful people, including Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, and Jeffery Epstein.

          1. It sounds like the possible money laundering scheme of Hunter is ongoing as it is happening in a regional office. Normally a special prosecutor would be summoned for that as emails now show Hunter and Joe linking their accounts *one email is directly about Joe’s tax attorney dumping Joe’s state tax over payment directly into Hunters account to pay back what Hunter was owed*.

    3. ” that protection does not extend to… efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views.”

      Unless you’re the FBI. Then you can do whatever you want.

      1. “If you continue to support this action, we will vote you off the school board.”

        Seems to me that would qualify as “efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views.”

        1. “If your performance does not improve you will be fired.”
          Does not count as intimidation.

    4. The fact that he thinks the Feds have any justification to be involved is disturbing enough.

      1. That’s the entire point- to involve the feds in everything and eliminate any local control that allows dissention from the party line.

        Although I think it was a gross miscalculation, assuming that siccing the feds on parents would shut them up and make them obey. Some people will be cowed, probably a lot of people, but there are plenty of others who won’t, and this will INFURIATE them.

        People will tolerate a lot of bullshit, but when you come for their kids, it’s a whole different ball game.

        1. Some people will be cowed, probably a lot of people, but there are plenty of others who won’t, and this will INFURIATE them.

          Trying to pull this shit after the last year and a half of left-liberals generally showing that they believe that they’re entitled to steamroll their agenda down everyone’s throat was an incredibly stupid move, and just confirmed what a bunch of petty tyrants these people really are.

          1. They are resorting to force because they know their arguments are losers.

    5. How many times have Liberals claimed that they were threatened by something that turned out to not be a threat or something that they did themselves? I seem to remember a “noose” hanging in a NASCAR garage. How about a “B” list actor hiring people to make “racial slurs’ to him. We can go on and on with examples of this.

      This “school board organization” is supposed to be a “lobbyist group” to promote education. To join a school board is charged about $17,000 paid for by the school district (taxpayers). The only financial information I can find on them is from 2004 to 2007. The funny thing is that they claim to have taken in an average of $2.5 million per year, but, they spent an average of $24 million per year. So who’s paying the extra $21.5 million? Are they really representing the interests of their members?

      1. How about a “B” list actor hiring people to make “racial slurs’ to him.

        That is unadulterated fake news. In no universe is Jussie Smollet more than D-list.

        1. Checks out, I’ve never heard anything about him other than that incident.

    6. Garland specifically limited his interest in those threatening violence

      Did he? Let’s check:

      harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators,

      So in addition to threats he also cited non-threatening speech. I wonder why Joe lied about something so clearly wrong.

      This is over and above that there haven’t been any “threats of violence”, this is left wing code for “speech critical of the left’s psyche which is so fragile any disturbance to it counts as violence”. We see once again how left wingers protect their allies by lying about both the conduct in question and by supporting whatever standard is necessary to exonerate the left or malign their enemies.

    7. Joe claimed yesterday that COVID is the deadliest disease in history. If we could insert multiple links, I could also highlight the one where he claimed the Soviets broke the back of the Axis. The guy is a poser, a useful idiot parroting lefty talking points. He deserves only ridicule and/or muting.

    8. Fuck off and die, Joe; make your dog happy.

    9. So we can expect that the angry activists harassing a college professor into the bathroom and posting video of it will be thoroughly investigated and that they will face appropriate charges for their actions? I mean this is a carbon copy of what Garland was speaking about, right?

      1. I don’t think that counts as intimidation when illegal aliens do it.

    1. I like Phil Ochs. This song was updated a while back by Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra.

  10. Muzzling critics of government policy will just make them angrier.

    “And hence more likely to engage in ‘harassment, intimidation and threats of violence’! BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!”

    1. Or just plain outright violence.
      When people are muzzled after a while the lid is blown off and then it gets real.

    2. You’d think after all these years they’d actually wrap their heads around the concept of blowback. Oh wait, blowback implies the result was unforeseen.

      Meh, it worked for King George III so why wouldn’t it work for Garland I?

      1. George III didn’t have nukes…

        1. Yeah, all the chicken shit OG pols make that same comment. Hell they’re too pusillanimous to use them anywhere else, they’re damn sure all talk and no walk inside their own walls.

          IOW, for all intents and purposes, neither does our gov’t.

  11. This is one of the incidents that the school board association letter to the Justice Department referred to as violent and Garland’s announcement cited andwhat was actually behind the outburst by the father:

    “On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.

    What people did not know is that weeks prior on May 28, Smith says, a boy allegedly wearing a skirt entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

    Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school. . . .

    Minutes before Smith’s arrest, the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) superintendent lectured the public that concerns about the transgender policy were misplaced because the school system had no record of any assault occurring in any school bathroom.”

    1. Lying little c***. he should drown himself in a bucket of camel piss.

    2. Saw that in the Daily Mail yesterday. Messed up.

      1. You would have seen it much sooner if you weren’t a little victim muting everyone.

    3. The Virginia state association of schoolboards released a statement saying that they weren’t consulted before the letter was written by the national school board association–citing their issue in Virginia. In addition to clarifying that they weren’t consulted about the letter to Biden–asking him to sic the FBI on parents–they also made it clear that they do not support using the FBI, even when there are legitimate problems. They say local law enforcement is sufficient.

      “There is no justification for physical or verbal threats directed against them, their staff and certainly not the students. Nor is there any excuse for disrupting a public meeting. When such unfortunate events occur, the local officials, working with local law enforcement, must deal with the situation appropriately. While we look for support to our state and federal governments, we do not seek the involvement of federal law enforcement . . . “

      —-Virginia School Board Association

      1. I would suggest that if one’s daughter had been sexually assaulted in school and formal charges had been leveled against the offender, and the school board denies knowledge that it happened in support of a policy they are pushing, then it is understandable, though unhelpful, if the father has an emotional, even violent reaction.

        1. If I were on that man’s grand jury, the prosecutor would have a hard time getting me to indict him for anything he said, and if I were on the jury in his trial, the prosecutor would have a hard time getting me to convict him for anything he said. It seems to be clear to everyone–including the Virginia association of school boards–that this should be a matter for local law enforcement rather than the FBI’s antiterrorism task force.

          I believe the ultimate intent of siccing the FBI on parents for opposing their school boards policies, however, has little or nothing to do with the actual facts in any of these cases and more to do with the desire of progressives at the national level to silence dissent against vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and critical race theory. The intent is to create a chilling effect and make parents reluctant to speak out for fear of being labeled a terrorist or an insurrectionist by the FBI and maybe in the press.

          1. That is definitely the point of federalizing these incidents.

          2. “If I were on that man’s grand jury, the prosecutor would have a hard time getting me to indict him for anything he said,…”

            Which is why I don’t think you’ll ever be selected to sit on one. To your credit.

          3. I concur completely. We’re entering a new era where Biden and Garland have replaced the House Committee on Un-American Activities directly with the DOJ & FBI.

        2. Not to mention denying the rape happened is a cover-up.

      2. They are just making excuses to avoid cancelling their membership.

        That would be the appropriate response.

      3. There was plenty of excuse for disrupting this public meeting.

    4. Seems like title IX should be used to shut that school down. Or is it just for settling “domestic disputes” between college students?

  12. Congress needs to remove Garland on grounds of conflict of interest. He needs to go find himself another job more useful like overseeing trash pickup along the highways but he would probably make a mess of that too. Totally incompetent ,another jobsworthy bureaucrat who has never done anything meaningful in his life, like Fauci.
    Parents are not having any of this. The liberal run public schools are committing slow suicide while parents take on home schooling and creating private and charter schools run by the parents so that their children can get a real education and not brainwashing and indoctrination.
    As Tom Woods often stated, “public schools should be sued for malpractice.”

    1. That would require a 2/3rds vote in the Senate and democrats do not take action against their stormtroopers. On the other hand, a republican House could stall funding for DoJ and send them all home on unpaid leave unless Reichsfuhrer Garland resigns.

  13. “Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memorandum directing federal counterterrorism agents to monitor parents at local school-board meetings—is emblematic of the Biden administration’s unparalleled effort to transform federal laws and agencies into instruments of domestic political repression . . . .

    Congress should demand the immediate withdrawal of the school-board memorandum, bar the appropriation of funds to implement it, and directly challenge the administration’s efforts to misuse federal laws to silence political opposition. Respect for our laws, Constitution and citizens demands no less”.

    —-F. James Sensenbrenner, Primary author of the Patriot Act

    “The Patriot Act Wasn’t Meant to Target Parents”

    As unsurprising as it is to libertarians to see legislation that was originally intended to target terrorists ultimately used to target average Americans, it’s even less surprising to see progressives target American parents in this way for opposing their local school boards. Progressives using the coercive power of government to inflict themselves on the unwilling, be they school children or their parents, is perfectly consistent with progressive ideology. The whole purpose of progressivism is to use the coercive power of government to force the unwilling to support their vision of the common good. Everyone who didn’t realize this was the alternative to Trump in 2020 should be at least smart enough to learn from their mistakes.

    1. Oh, and where’s Brandybuck to tell us that laws to prohibit the appropriation of funds for the FBI to go after parents for opposing their school board’s policies are unacceptable–because the perfect libertarian solution is to not regulate speech at all? Not that such a bill could get through a progressive dominated Congress. If the Republicans introduced such a bill, the Democrats would defeat it in both the House and the Senate–since using the FBI to silence dissent against progressive policies is not an unintended consequence of progressive ideology. They’re doing this on purpose. Using the coercive power of government to shut down dissent is what progressives do and have done repeatedly under the Biden administration. This is another one of the reasons why progressives are America’s most horrible people.

      And it’s not just libertarians who think so! This is becoming the general consensus of more and more people all the time. Sensenbrenner isn’t a libertarian. According to the Journal, he served as a U.S. representative from Wisconsin, 1979-2021, and he was chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, 2001-07. This is mainstream stuff. These reactions against Biden aren’t being driven by Trump supporters. People are reacting to Biden and the Democrats with revulsion because their polices are disgusting and horrifying to mainstream society. There are never Trumpers out there who are disgusted the progressives’ behavior, I’m sure.

  14. These parents should not be muzzled.

    They should be mocked, scorned, shunned, and disregarded by their betters.

    1. That may be the most libertarian thing you’ve ever written. Good job, Kirkland!

      Now say the same thing about Ashli Babbitt.

    2. Uh, the latter is the reason your allies are getting pushback, you slack-jawed, slope-foreheaded hicklib.

    3. When your masters get voted out in 2022, how long will you be in hiding?

    4. Fuck off and die, asshole bigot; make your dog happy.

      1. Fits him to a T.

        big·​ot | \ ˈbi-gət

        : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices
        especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

        1. And it’s odds-on his dog hates him. If he designated his burial plot beforehand, his dog would have a satisfying place to shit.

        2. It’s not a word you should have to look up to make sure you get right.

    5. Teacher? Administration? Educational “experts”? Just asking

  15. Not letting Garland’s USSC nomination go to a vote may have been the most important thing McConnell ever did.

    1. It would be nice to know if McConnell did it simply on principle or of he had some actual knowledge of just how horrible Garland would have been.

      Of course, that it remains such a sore point among the leftists tells you that his inclinations were not a total secret.

      1. McConnell did what nearly every other Senate Majority Leader has done. Only once in history has the Senate majority of one party confirmed the nominee of a President of the opposing party in the year of election.

        McConnell was consistent with precedent in both the Garland and Comey Barrett process.

        1. True that.

          And if only that then all McConnell gets is the Stopped Clock Trophy for being in the right place at the right time.

  16. It will now come down to the next school board elections. The people protesting the mask mandates, vaccine mandates, racist CRT curriculum, etc. can replace those that support mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and racist CRT curriculum.

    Thank goodness Garland is not on SCOTUS. All the blathering about him being even handed and centrist turns out to be a Trojan Horse in the attempt to get him on the Court.

    1. Why is it a conservative value to infect yourself and your loved ones with a deadly disease? Are you a bunch of bug-chasing faggots or what?

  17. The fact that this action by Garland and the DOJ did not cause widespread condemnation and horror is depressing in and of itself. But the fact that so many people actually defend it is what is most appalling.

    We are getting to the point that political wins at any cost are more important than truth and our societal foundations.

  18. So what will happen to public schools if any parent input is considered harassment, which it already pretty much is, or terrorism (which it will soon be). The only parents who will send their kids to public schools will be those who literally don’t give a shit. Success everyone!

  19. “Use of coercion, threats, punishment and restrictions as an influence strategy may have the opposite effect of what is intended,”

    I’ve posted before vis-a-vis masking and vaccination mandates…

    If you feel like you’re in an at-risk group, then by all means take whatever measures you feel are reasonable for yourself.

    You can politely ask me to help you protect yourself, but don’t expect me to make any effort to help you though and if you try to force me to do so, there is going to be backlash.

    If your kid is deathly allergic to peanuts, I expect you to teach your kid to not eat peanuts, to carry an epipen in case he accidentally does so, and to politely ask me if the cookies I’m serving might possibly have peanuts in them. If you inform me before hand, I’ll probably even make an extra effort to avoid creating an issue for your kid.

    But if you say “No one who sends a kid to this school can be permitted to have any peanut products in their home because they could be uncaring assholes and let their kids eat peanut butter toast and wipe their hands on their jacket before coming to school and killing my kid.” I’ll probably say “Fuck you” and slick my kid’s hair back with peanut oil and send them to school with a PB&J for lunch.

  20. “Worth adding to the objections, though, is the important point that treating parents who object to school board decisions about masking and curricula as terrorists can only further turn them against the powers-that-be.”

    Um, I would say it’s the best part about it. Who, except the corrupt powers that be, would object to turning people against the corrupt powers that be?”

    I keep seeing this upside down logic on various issues and don’t understand how people can think these things without understanding how ridiculous they sound.

  21. It makes me angry; and my kids are old

  22. “Muzzling critics of government policy will just make them angrier.”

    And what do the fascists have to fear from a silenced angry subject?

    1. Not a damn thing. In fact, the “in your face” attitude of the left is a purposeful show of power over and disdain for anyone who opposes them.

  23. So how does CRT fit with MLK’s famous speech statement, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”? Since it obviously doesn’t, I guess MLK will now be labeled as a “racist” and have his statues removed.

    1. And more disruptively, have all those streets renamed.

  24. The Biden administration is acting like every other dictatorship in history. Demonizing dissenter, arresting them, locking them up without charges or bail, and using the justice system and courts to cause fear and shut up all political opposition

  25. And in Loudon country the school board and the woke DA wanted to throw a Dad whose daughter was raped by a boy who said he was a girl and then entered the girls bathroom and brutally raped his daughter…again the “woke” brigade has to cover it up less it cast a shadow on their gender identify push on youngsters…angry parents indeed..

  26. I do believe that Garland of the DOJ and potus in name only Joe Bidet have now opened the eyes of all Americans by declaring real Americans practicing open peaceful dissent over bad, horrific educational policy are now said to be white supremist, terrorist violating the Patriot Act…Declaring that the state owns your children and can indoctrinate them with CRT or as they want without your permission….That ain’t America folks, that may be Red China or Iran or NORK but here in the US they, the left and DIMs have now confirmed their anti American stance and will now be escorted from office by a astounding election turnover…Lie, Cheat and Steal is not going to help them this time….

  27. School officials are government entities, they are either directly elected ( (school board, superintendants) or apppointed by others who are elected. (county supervisors, mayors, city councilmemebers, etc0 and thus ARE government officials.

    In that Firt Article of Ammendment are the most important rights we have named and put “out of bounds” for all forms and levels of government. One of those RIGHTS is that o to “petitioin the government for redress of greivances”. That means, to the uneducated (which appear to be rapidy multiplying these days) that we have the RIGHT (whcch CANNOT be violated or restricted) to bring our compaints and demands before government. In the isntant cae, a 9th grade girl was in what was supposed to be a “safe space”, a school restroom, when a male dressed in a skirt entered and forcibly raped her. It was government (official school) poicy that set that up. It turns out annearlier incident very much liie ths one happened as well, same honry little goat-boy. The Father of that recently raoed girl was DEMANDING the government change the policy that led directy and proximally to his daughter’s violation. He aas fully justified in his raising objections and demanding a change in policy.

    What I wonder is WHERE are the other several thosand parants of those chidlren in those schools in this? Are tey waiting for their own daughters to be similary raped? Or are they sort of hoping the polcy remains to increase the chances of their randy sons “scoring”? This out of control boy in a skirt MUST be dealt with harshly and effectiely. Two young girls raped… because HE decided he could get off with the evil, and he KNEW rhe government officials in charge would protect him and his perverse proclivities. Where are HIS parents? Or moreliley the singular form of that concept. Or where are the other boys in the school, who MUST, for a few of tem,know about his activities? In my grade and high school days if any of the boys tried puling any “funny business’ with the girls, and it was obvious the girls were not cooperating, the errant miscreant would be dealt with, one way or another, and the evil ended. Nearly always without the help of law enforcement or courts.

  28. These parents are doing it all wrong. They should follow the school board members into the bathroom and record them on cells phones. Then it would just be part of the process.

  29. Perhaps it should be asked just why, all of a sudden, so many school boards are trying so hard to fuck over the students and their parents with all this crazy-assed, politically-correct bullshit, instead of working to make sure the students get a quality education. Then the idiots on school boards act so petrified when parents raise concerns and get upset when parents pull their kids out of their schools, for home schooling or private/religious schools. Where applicable, parents need to start recalls on school board members who take so much pleasure in fucking with students and parents. Recalls are happening, need more.

  30. Harassment, intimidation and threats of violence are not speech. If you morons insist on bringing guns to your meetings, then your whining about free speech can take a back seat to my problem of nutcases waving guns and fists at public officials.

    These people tried to cancel an election and they’re trying to cancel education and replace it with God knows what. Fairy tales about Jesus and Christopher Columbus.

    This behavior is a crime, and that’s why it’s being investigated. It’s being prompted by right-wing propaganda, which is no conspiracy theory but the observation of a phenomenon that’s happened over and over in many societies that have come under autocratic shitholeness. It’s happening in country after country as well. And much of this stuff is pure astroturf, like the Tea Parties.

    What do they want to do? Black and trans people aren’t going to go away, so do they want to force schools to pretend like they don’t exist as they’re looking right at them? Or do they want to shuffle them off to work camps perhaps?

    1. Rape isn’t a reason to get upset at your school board either..just sit down let your daughter be rapped by a boy (sorry about that Tony but biology does exist) who identified as a girl and thus entered the girls bathroom..

      How about schools not getting involved in children’s own journey to adulthood with regards to sexuality. Having adults pushing their agenda in schools to compensate for their own bitterness, anger, feelings of being left out or insecurity, and desperate need to expand their group to “show them” is ridiculous. A youngsters are can make decisons for themselves as an adult on if they are straight, gay or decide to artifically change their gender at least superficially through surgery. JC..these are kids we are talking about and the govt has zero right to push any agenda. As for this school board or any school board these days..parents would not be so upset if you actually represented the community and not outside political extremists.

      1. Do you not ever sit down and think “Hm. I said gay people were perverts who would corrupt children too. Maybe I’m a sick, twisted bigot, and I don’t understand what the fuck I’m ranting about?”

        I absolutely do love this Ben Shapiro nonsense of “Trans people aren’t real because science.” Big fan of science, that Ben Shapiro.

        Science has absolutely nothing to say on our cultural choices. If a person with a penis wants to put on a skirt, freedom means they get to and you shut up about it. Perfectly heterosexual men wore skirts for way longer than they wore pants anyway.

        You’re lost in fear of your specific culture changing from something you understand to something you don’t understand. It’s jus’ conservatism. You’ll get over it. Or you’ll die and we won’t have to listen to you whine about how your culture doesn’t cater to your every paranoid whim anymore. That’s usually what happens in the end.

    2. Black or Trans people…what the hell are you talking about? Schools exist to teach life skills like reading, writing, critical thinking, math (no math is not racist) and some idea of the natural universe (physics, chemistry, biology) to prepare youngster for a future where they are NOT on the public dole and perhaps help society become more prosperous and themselves.

      1. So should black students paint their faces white when they’re in school so nobody has to be triggered by their presence, or what?

  31. ‘State and local governments, which shoulder most of the responsibility for public schools, tend to fare better than their federal counterparts.’ This in no way precludes them from being petty tyrants with tendency to bully, wheedle, lie and abuse their power. State and local administrators and politicians are every bit as awful, but folks can put a face to them, which may help in polling questions related to trust.

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