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The Sims 4: Cottage Living

You can finally set up a farm with crops and animals such as cows, llamas, and chickens—heedless of zoning rules!


The classic PC simulation game The Sims has finally delivered what fans have hoped for since its inception: illegal family farming. Though its newest expansion pack, The Sims 4: Cottage Living, is set in a peaceful country town, the gameplay itself features an abundance of unregulated activities.

You can set up a farm with crops and animals such as cows, llamas, and chickens—heedless of zoning rules!—and the products can be sold without any inspection, certification, permit, or authorization required. You can milk your cow right behind your house—even giving it a special treat to produce rainbow milk if you like—and walk right over to the local farmstand to sell it unpasteurized. You can grab eggs from the chicken coop—if one of the prowling foxes hasn't gotten them first—and sell them to a neighbor without any oversight of the chicken's growing conditions. You can even pick your own oversized produce; turn it into jam, preserves, or pie in your own non-inspected kitchen; and sell it at the local fair.

This game offers players an escape into a "cottage-core" fantasy. One reason it has to remain a fantasy is that many of the Sims world's activities would in our world be illegal. Real family farming involves repeated phone calls to bureaucrats, lots of paperwork, and surprise visits from the chicken police—a lot less fun than this game of peaceful, productive agricultural outlawry.

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  1. Do Sims chickens have large talons?

    1. On Sims 4, I dan do…whatever I feel like doing! *GOSH!*
      *Drags action figure behind bicycle.*

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  2. Oh, the Sims has always been a libertarian haven. Marry an illegal alien (from outer space), keep your (undead) grandma’s coffin in the backyard, and if you are particularly antisocial, feed your annoying neighbor to your cowplant. Nobody cares! Your sims are not entirely free from government oversight though–if you neglect your sim children too much, the social workers will descend on you and you may never see your kids again!

    1. So, soon to be either banned or edited by the right-thinking authorities.

      With a requirement for characters to get vaccinated before play can start.

  3. In my home town, most “family farming” was still illegal, but no one cared. They should farmed. Chickens and goats in the back yard. Tomato crops a bit too large for a hobby garden. Etc. Some places had a couple acres. Profits on kids roadside fruit stands were not declared. Mostly not the White Folk though, mainly those Illegal Foreigner with Brown Skin. Debasing our culture, of course. Free markets have no business in these terrific great states. But that was a different time when people weren’t so full of themselves.

    But they’re still there today. Because unlike Right Thinking White Folk, they don’t go around turning each other in to the IRS or DoA. We could learn a lot from immigrants if we weren’t so busy rounding them up.

    1. Sounds like someone understands that often it is better to apologize than ask for permission.

      1. And the crafty don’t have to ask for either! 😉

    2. This was a reality for U.S. Citizens not too long ago. My Grandpa grew some monsterous-sized tomatoes and the best squash and beans you ever tasted! And he had a plum, a crabapple, and a Japanese Cherry tree! I’ve also lived next to a neighbor who raised a few chickens and it was nothing like the horror stories everyone tells.

  4. I once thought that Sim City would be a great way to take the mania to rule other people’s lives and channel it so it doesn’t murder and destroy.

    Just give all the Statists, Collectivists, Authoritarians, Totalitarians, Theocrats, and Coercive Utopians a VR headset with Sim City on the computer so they’ll stay the Hell away from the rest of us!

    Alas, I had not reckoned on their need to go get Hot Pockets in between sessions and perhaps bathe, so it was a “best-laid plan of mice and men…” Turns out that Sim City just reinforces their pathology and makes them want to carry it out more once they get back in meatspace! Now they are turning the tables so the only freedom the rest of us have is Virtual!

  5. Meanwhile, the minute your next-door neighbor does something with his land you don’t approve of: “Help me local government authorities!”

    You people really are children with childish thoughts.

  6. I don’t know if Sims 4 still has it (although I don’t know why it wouldn’t), but in Sims 2 there was the equivalent of CPS that would come and take your children for various reasons, including simply being left at home alone. No latch-key kids allowed!

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