AOC Uses Facebook Outage To Make the (Unrelated) Case for Antitrust

"Maybe one billionaire with a penchant for destroying democracies shouldn’t be allowed to own so much of the internet," says the representative from New York.


"Say you couldn't communicate with loved ones because WhatsApp was down," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) said last night on Instagram Reels. "Maybe your career or small business took a hit because Instagram was down."

Both WhatsApp and Instagram "were successful, independent apps until Facebook identified them as a competitive threat and decided to purchase them due to monopolistic anticompetitive behavior," she continued later. "Maybe we should be asking ourselves why one company is trying to monopolize the internet, communications platforms, and digital commerce and maybe we should break them up." She moved closer to the camera for the final three words, lingering on each for emphasis.

In another Instagram caption last night, the congresswoman mused that "maybe one billionaire with a penchant for destroying democracies shouldn't be allowed to own so much of the internet and maybe that's why antitrust laws exist that officials who do not take lobbyist money from said billionaire-owned interests should enforce." But Facebook's purported monopoly power is unrelated to Monday's outage, which was due to "configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers," according to the company.

For politicians who are chomping at the bit to regulate Facebook, the outage is yet another opportunity to make their case. But this case is rooted more in moral panic and general antitrust sentiment than in a legitimate argument that such acquisitions harm consumer welfare.

Ocasio-Cortez is right that products like Instagram and WhatsApp, which are owned by Facebook, are essential for small business owners and people in the developing world who rely on these messaging services. But she seems to be assuming that, if independent, these platforms would never experience outages—an assertion that defies logic, and for which she supplies no proof.

Ocasio-Cortez calls Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a "billionaire with a penchant for destroying democracies." This may be an allusion to the fact that moderators have not stopped divisive political rhetoric from finding a home on Facebook, and it may be an allusion to the fact that Frances Haugen, a Facebook "whistleblower," recently told 60 Minutes that Facebook was used to organize the January 6 Capitol riot. But that would histrionically oversell both the impact of Facebook's content moderation decisions and the degree to which Zuck is personally orchestrating them. To quote Masnick's Impossibility Theorem: "Content moderation at scale is impossible to do well." Bad people will use communications technologies to do bad things. That doesn't mean companies should abstain from trying to stop them, but content moderators are going to make mistakes, and riots are (disturbingly!) going to happen whether or not the rioters are on Facebook.

As for mergers and acquisitions, they're a standard part of doing business and should not be reflexively opposed; in many cases, they do not harm consumers. Ocasio-Cortez's allegations that Facebook is trying to gobble up the whole internet, and that outages would somehow never affect WhatsApp if it were not owned by Facebook, are not backed up by the facts.

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  1. I didn’t get AOC’s flailing on Telegram.

    1. My whatsapp group moved to signal. How is Telegram?

      1. I use it to chat with Russians and a Brazilian. The Russians gave me a translator bot.

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  2. >>… and maybe we should break them up.”

    somebody thinks she’s teflon.

    1. Teflon has PFAS in it and will cause cancer.

  3. Virtually nothing AOC says is backed up by facts. Democrats have never let things like facts or truth get in the way of their ideology and desire to force and inflict their ideology upon everyone — with *democrats alone* in charge of course.

  4. The Democratic Party is becoming the most anti-democracy, anti-liberty political party in American history.

    1. I mean, they ARE the party of slavery, FDR and the New Deal, and Jim Crow.

    2. And you’re out of your fing mind to believe that. Are you that stupid or a liar? Do you know the first thing about American history?

      1. He needs to drink more koolaid, right?

      2. Almost as big of a faggot as Tony.

      3. Who do you think is worse, and why?

        “This isn’t an argument, it’s just contradiction!”

        1. No it isnt

      4. Actually he’s correct. Before the 1960’s the Democrats were the pro slavery party. In the 1960’s the Republican and Democrat parties shifted. Republicans are more xenophobic. Democrats are now the progressive party. I teach US History.

        1. Democrats are still the pro slavery party. They want everyone to be slaves to the government.

        2. I hope you do not actually teach U.S. History, since the ‘shift’ of the 1960s is a lazy myth.

        3. I think we need a new term. “Progressive” is inaccurate. I’m thinking “Corrosive” instead.

  5. “Maybe your career or small business took a hit because Instagram was down.”

    Maybe your representative got on the phone with Jeff Bezos and politely “convinced” him to take a competitor to Twitter off the internet.

    1. AOC fights for capitalism.

  6. Crazy bitch.

    1. Stupid cunts gotta stupid cunt.

    2. ya but in an intriguing way

  7. Let’s use monopoly government to break up non-monopoly businesses.

    I have a t-shirt with “Government is the idea that we should hire thugs, thieves, and murderers to stop thugs, thieves, and murderers”. I should send one to AOC.

  8. recently told 60 Minutes that Facebook was used to organize the January 6 Capitol riot.

    So we’re supposed to be shocked that the FBI uses Facebook?

  9. There’s some other recent news relating to Facebook, and also sometime Reason contributor John Stossel. I wonder if anyone at Reason is going to acknowledge it, or if they’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist like certain inconvenient Time Magazine articles.

    1. You mean like the multiple articles that Reason published when the litigation was first announced?

      If that counts as “pretend[ing] it doesn’t exist”, I’m curious what you think the proper standard of journalism should be.

      1. Can you provide some links?

        1. No, the lying faggot cannot on account of he’s a lying faggot and Reason.com has not published a single article on Stossel’s lawsuit against Facebook. Not one. Go ahead and type site:reason.com “stossel” “facebook” “lawsuit” into Google’s search bar and see what you come up with.

  10. “Own so much of the internet.” Yes, of course. I only a tiny bit of internet. Got a little 1 acre plot with a trailer on it outside of Facebook…..

    1. I was given 40 acres and a (data) mule.

    2. It’s the leftist paradigm to constantly obsess over others having “more” than you and reflexively engage to extinguish that “evil.”

      1. Unless the others are central government. They deserve to own everything.

      2. It’s the libertarian paradigm to constantly defend people who have achieved colossal levels of power through market concentration, market manipulation, regulatory capture, and direct government subsidy and reflexively lash out against anyone who suggests that perhaps fascist oligarchy is not the optimal way of running an economy or a government.

        1. My butt’s been wiped…

  11. Both WattsApp and Instagram “were successful, independent apps until Facebook identified them as a competitive threat and decided to purchase them due to monopolistic anticompetitive behavior,” she continued later. “Maybe we should be asking ourselves why one company is trying to monopolize the internet, communications platforms, and digital commerce and maybe we should break them up.”

    Someone let this dumb bitch know that the very reason Facebook became as big as it was, is due precisely to sponsorship from the government surveillance state that she wants to leverage against her political enemies.

    1. Like I pointed out under Robby’s article on this, the reason Facebook is getting targeted is specifically because they aren’t censoring right-wing views nearly as hard as the Cabal wants them to. It doesn’t have jack shit to do with their monopolistic practices.

      Anyone here recall that Microsoft suddenly got left the fuck alone after Bill Gates started up MSNBC and became more involved in left-wing causes via the Gates Foundation? Facebook is undergoing the same pressure here.

      At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if that outage yesterday was a form of industrial sabotage, given that we know the tech companies colluded with left-wing media outlets to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

      1. “Like I pointed out under Robby’s article on this, the reason Facebook is getting targeted is specifically because they aren’t censoring right-wing views nearly as hard as the Cabal wants them to. ”

        Yup. The left gleefully praised Obama’s campaign when they slurped all sorts of user data- including users friends lists without those users’ consent. Then when Cambridge Analytics did essentially the same thing, it was a massive breach of privacy.

        1. You can’t even call them out for hypocrisy on it, because the left literally could not give a shit about intellectual consistency. They are an “ends justify the means” ideology, and have been since the French Revolution.

      2. I think there are two ultimate reasons why Facebook is being targeted.

        1) The government and the Democratic party are on in the same thing, and the Democrats can make Facebook do whatever they want under the auspices of antitrust.

        The Democrats have never been shy about pushing the constitutional and legal envelope when it comes to pushing policies that benefit them, and why should they let people say things they don’t like? Going after them on antitrust is means to that. They same thing happened to the studio system during the Red Scare.

        The White House was literally flagging specific posts and accounts for deletion according to both the White House spokesperson and Joe Biden himself. Facebook is being targeted because they can be targeted, and so long as they’re under threat of being broken up, they’ll avoid doing anything to offend the Democratic party.

        2) They treat people like shit, so the American people won’t defend them.

        Brian Acton, the founder of WhatsApp, left hundreds of millions of dollars in unvested options on the table when he resigned from Facebook in disgust for what they were doing to monetize WhatsApp and how it compromised WhatsApp users’ privacy. He sank $50 million into Signal the day he left Facebook behind.


        Whenever someone asks me to join WhatsApp, I always tell them that story and ask them, “What do you know about the way Facebook treats your privacy that Brian Acton doesn’t know? Of course, screwing people’s moms and dads and friends and family over on privacy isn’t the only awful thing Facebook does.

        There’s the way they suppressed information about Hunter Biden and the origin of the pandemic before the election in 2020. There’s the way they selectively enforce their moderation policies. You can’t treat people like shit and expect them to get upset when the government comes after you. McDonalds runs Ronald McDonald House to help crippled children. Biker gangs like the The Hells Angels raise money for Toys for Tots.

        Facebook is probably less popular than McDonald or the Hells Angels. If you’re unpopular, because you treat people like shit, you invite becoming a target for politicians, who are always ready to go after anybody who’s less popular than they are. Every asshole politicians looks better when they’re going after somebody everybody hates.

        Being against the Taliban doesn’t drive approval like it did circa 2001, and hating banks doesn’t drive approval like it did circa 2008, and being against racist cops doesn’t drive Democrat polls like it did circa 2020, so I guess they’ll let Facebook take a turn in the stocks and urge on the crowd to throw rotten vegetables at them.

        1. 1) The government and the Democratic party are on in the same thing, and the Democrats can make Facebook do whatever they want under the auspices of antitrust.

          This is why Twitter pretty much gets left alone–it’s the Cabal’s platform of choice, and Twitter returns the favor by doing whatever the Cabal requires of it.

        2. A third reason is that Facebook users are some of the most ignorant people on the planet and that’s the Democrats demographic, they want more control over the sheep.

        3. “Facebook is being targeted because they can be targeted, and so long as they’re under threat of being broken up, they’ll avoid doing anything to offend the Democratic party.”

          You never address to what degree Facebook voluntarily sided with the Democratic Party, and Facebook’s actively asking for more/different regulation. It’s even discussed in another Reason post today:


          It’s important to address because if Facebook is taking down right-wing information of their own volition, they are exercising their First Amendment right to do so.

          1. Dumbfuck White Mike introduces his own unrelated argument.

        4. Facebook is not being targeted. They are in on the Kubuki theater. They want the regulation.. they want the protection of big brother and the ability to exercise power and influence with I pignity.

          This is Beer Rabbit crying “please don’t throw me in that briar patch!!”

          1. That was true–right up until the moment Biden appointed Lina Khan to chair the FTC. Facebook’s worst fear is being broken up into three companies and severely restricted in their ability to make future acquisitions, and Lina Khan at the FTC is doing everything she can to make that happen.

      3. That’s also when Gates realized that government is the best customer of all and set out to start buying up legislators who will return the best ROI in history.

  12. “AOC Uses Facebook Outage To Make the (Unrelated) Case for Antitrust”

    The reason progressives generally avoid using facts and logic to support their positions is because their positions quickly fall apart when they’re subjected to rational scrutiny. The reason this website is called “Reason” is because libertarians used to generally believe that if we could convince people to look at things through the perspective of reason, they would become more libertarian.

    When libertarians turned their backs on Objectivism because of some of the cult like obsessions of some of Rand’s . . . um . . . followers, there were some babies in that bathwater, and the realization that reality and reason have a distinct libertarian bias was one of them. They’re wrong about educating the public being necessary to improve society, but that is one way to do it!

    AOC couldn’t defend any of her positions using facts and reason–to save her life. I’ve sat through sappy romance movies on the Hallmark channel that could survive more rational scrutiny than anything AOC believes. AOC’s fans are some of the most ignorant and stupid people in our society, and I’m using the words “ignorant” and “stupid” in the technical sense. You cannot be knowledgeable and rational and believe some of the things she believes.

    1. Look, we’re deeply enmeshed in the “My personal truth” generation. Not sure what it’s going to take to get out of that. Probably a famine, or something even more awful. A pandemic certainly didn’t bring us back to reality… probably because if you made a “horror” movie about this pandemic, it would be the worst, most boringest, slowest moving, least scary pandemic movie ever made.

      1. It’s gotta be on a personal basis. Being wrong has an impact, even if the news media won’t acknowledge it, and people know that–despite what the media says–or Biden’s approval numbers wouldn’t be going down.

        There are people out there who generally don’t care whether they’re wrong or right or whether the American people suffer because of bad policies. They’re the enemy, and we shouldn’t waste time and energy on people who, like AOC, don’t care whether they’re wrong or right.

        We need to focus on friends and family first. We need to care about the people whose hearts we want to change to be effective, and we already care about our friends and family. Persuade them that you want them to be rational and free because you care about them.

        1. AOC’s followers have convinced themselves that Billionaires control 1/2 the world’s wealth and they don’t pay taxes.

          Fact: They control 3.5% of wealth in the US, for a total of between $4T and $5T depending on the day. You could confiscate all of it and pay for approximately one of the COVID stimulus bills, or about 20% of the national debt, or maybe a year of federal spending.

          1. hey just wait a cotton pickin’ minute there bubba…don’t be tryin a confuse us with facts!

    2. The easiest way to kill a conversation with a progressive is to ask for specifics.

      “Which tax loopholes should we close?”


    3. “When libertarians turned their backs on Objectivism”

      There is a wide spectrum of libertarian thought, and Objectivists were only one subculture. Ayn Rand herself was adamant about making sure everyone knew she did not consider herself a libertarian, so you maybe unclear on who turned their backs on who.

  13. Maybe one billionaire with a penchant for destroying democracies

    Maybe one crazy socialist bitch representing a soft district with a penchant for destroying democracies…

    1. Funny how they have inverted the meaning of democracy.

      The voters of California moving to recall the Democrat Governor by a democratic vote is anti-democratic. Requiring some proof that a voter is who they say they are is anti-democratic. Allowing free speech is anti-democratic (we have moved from hate speech is not free speech to outright banning of anything the party disagrees with in just 2 years)

      According to AOC and Chuck Schumer, failing to spend 12 trillion above and beyond the normal budget in 2 years is somehow fascism.

      The ones I really fail to understand are the 4th estate. These people are not your friends. I don’t get why anyone in the press would carry their water… Well, beyond the people who are being covertly paid by various intelligence services.

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  15. AOC is MollyGodiva?

    1. Just a dumb

  16. I’ve thought of this woman as some kind of agent provocateur, handily picked and placed in Congress [by the Justice Democrats] to inflame others for given causes; I still think that describes her, but there is something much more sinister at work here. She and her fellow “squad” members [Omar, Tlaib, Pressley] along with much of the “progressive caucus” [of which there are currently 96/ over 1/5th of the House] represent something much more, and it is not what most of us associate with being “American.” For me that means equality [under the law], freedom to do what you want, and ability to pursue opportunity with a chance at success that is invariably tied to hard work and a willingness to take risks.

    At this point it is not that tyrants are arbitrarily taking over, but they are being elected to usher in a new era [of what I see as tyranny] by a demographic that believes this is in their best interests; to be guaranteed, housing, income, access to “higher” education [whatever that means anymore] and to insure that they do not live at a variance from others regardless of their skills and ambitions. Health care as a “human right” has morphed into virtually every area of life.

    Progressivism is collective, authoritarian, and radical. It insists that we all be on the same team, and that we all pull for the same results: equity, centralized control, and a forfeiture of individual rights for the common good. If it moves beyond the not so fringes, we will indeed become two distinct countries. Perhaps not as a result of civil war [though some armed conflict will be inevitable when peoples freedom and property are taken] but most certainly a necessary and deliberate division will occur.

    1. She and her fellow “squad” members [Omar, Tlaib, Pressley] along with much of the “progressive caucus” [of which there are currently 96/ over 1/5th of the House] represent something much more, and it is not what most of us associate with being “American.”

      They’re pretty open about how much they hate the US and want to transform it into some cultural Marxist shithole. This is basically the end result of malformed notions of “tolerance” and “justice” that have been de riguer in the universities for at least 40 years, and finally went mainstream around 10 years ago when the IdPol fucks took over the Occupy Wall Street protests.

  17. Maybe it’s because I’m old and all, but the Facebook outage only proved a minor inconvenience to me. I needed to pass a Dropbox link to a band I had taken photos for; I normally do that via FB Messenger but since that was down I reached back into Ye Olden Days: I sent the link in an email. I know to many today that’s akin to churning your own butter but it’s really not that hard.

  18. What kind of socialist is she if she doesn’t even advocate nationalizing Facebook? Think about how much better it would be if the government controlled it. Like Biden’s infrastructure plan, it costs nothing. You can download it for free.

    Then they could program the algorithm to direct you to all the best government programs you are eligible to receive.

    1. Then they could program the algorithm to direct you to all the best government programs you are eligible to receive.

      The delusion of the Cloward-Piven strategy is that a Marxist utopia would emerge from the rubble of the liberal capitalist system that it overthrew. I suspect that’s why the left is barking about “domestic terrorists” now, as is their wont, specifically because like most radical left revolutions, they’re looking to turn the military and police against their political opponents and kill them once they actually gain full control of the country.

    2. But until they eliminate the Constitution, the fig leaf of private ownership allows government censorship.

  19. Something something falling something looking glass – – – – – –

    Is this really an article about a socialist complaining about someone destroying democracy?
    Jealous, or just concerned Mark is getting ahead of the takeover timeline?

  20. A dangerous conspiracy theorist.

  21. The political class has been using some Big Tech firms to censor for them. I’d like to see an investigation and/or whistleblower so we know who/what/how/when the interactions between the political class operatives and say FB’s management. Is FB allowing government officials to spy on their political opponents?

    No doubt the Chinese are building up a database of everyone in the world, of all the intimate information they can, especially the politically important ones.

    AOC thinks the government can run a more reliable computer system. Ignoring how well Obamacare worked. Typical socialist.

  22. Of course, this is the same Economics Major that said unemployment was going down because people were getting second jobs. The BU Economics department must be so proud to have graduated such a vacuous student.

    1. The BU Economics department must be so proud to have graduated such a vacuous student.

      Where do you think she got those stupid ideas of hers confirmed?

      1. HER ARROGANCE IS EXCEeded only by her ignorance. so they are sure to be proud

  23. Just wait until she finds about AWS, and how much of the internet is dependent on it!

  24. Relax, Reason. Nobody will be able to harm or even slow down Zuckerberg’s social media juggernaut.

    Seriously, he can do without your help.

  25. Unrelated but she makes a valid point. I’m not sure anyone is too thrilled with how facebook is swallowing up everything and buying competitors out.

    1. Exactly. AOC understands how centralized power creates single point of failure risks that harms minorities, such as the WhatsApp outage’s affect on Latin America.

      That’s why we need a strong government that can stand up to tech companies and regulate them as utilities.

      1. “…centralized power creates single point of failure”

        “we need a strong [centralized] government”

        I’m hoping you’re being sarcastic here.

        1. Hard to tell nowadays

          1. Damned Poe’s Horizon; The Onion hardest hit.

  26. Am I supposed to use 6 different apps to communicate with my customers? Is that an improvement?

    Teams sucks, but at least I know that’s where all my work-related communication is.

  27. ms. ocasiocortez will you please just shut the fuck up. your constant whining is tiresome. your dipshit opinions are not of interest to the vast majority of the population.


  28. Academia, yes, is the fountainhead of her delusions. The malodor you smell, one ideological professor regurgitating propaganda after another, is progressive rot from the head down.

    AOC is the fruit of their labors. Their paradigm. She’s one of today’s many bumptious t-shirt progressives. Better yet, she’s a perfect symphony of victim, minority and bureaucrat. She can be counted on, in the fine tradition of the left’s useful idiot, to cackle on endlessly about the primacy and virtue of the state.

    The good news is, that only her other useful idiots take her seriously. The bad news is, our leftist universities are mass producing these dopes and are crystallizing a perfect storm of the stupid, gullible and dogmatic to recalibrate the culture.

    And you’re right about their wanting to own the messaging, as well. Control the media, dictate the language, decide the conversation. All SOP for the totalitarians, for the ministry of truth.

    Step one in the plan for power in perpetuity.

    1. This is actually more pessimistic than my post above. But I do like the phrase “bumptious t-shirt progressives.”

      I think it comes down to how many will it take to inflict real damage; will the urban phenomenon of what we’ve seen from the Bronx and other locales sufficiently spread to envelop much of the country? As I noted earlier the progressive caucus already comprises nearly 22% of Congress, and this doesn’t count the likes of Al Green [TX] who is part of the Black Congressional Caucus or Eris Swalwell from CA who are just as bad if not worse in terms of advocating for totalitarian measures.

      1. Will it take???

        Future tense for the real damage??

        We are probably at all time high inflation right now… Just nobody knows it. The cheap price for soda has more than doubled in 2 months. New and used car prices are up sharply. Milk is up by 25% or more this year.

        Real inflation might be 30% or more at the moment. I know unskilled labor has gone up by maybe 50% this year. …. And you still can’t find reliable workers

        We have brownshirts in the streets, provocateurs chasing politicians with impunity, propaganda is rampant, censorship in the public interest, race-based scapegoating… Plus massive expansion of the currency and extreme inflation.

        We sure are doing a pretty good impression of the Wiemar Republic. We even have prominent citizens and politicians calling for suspending various aspects of the constitution…. Court packing, cancelling the 1st amendment, killing the second amendment, public excommunications of apostates…

    2. that covers it nicely

  29. Progressives are the ones who created the monopolies and cartels. And they did it in collusion with the large corporations.

    The large corporations couldn’t create cartels on their own, so they got the government to “regulate” them to protect them from competition. They raised to cost of doing business to make it too expensive for new companies to compete. Why do you think Facebook has been asking for regulations?

    Not the AOC reads history or comprehends basic economics. Few people actually do.

  30. “…and other locales sufficiently spread to envelop much of the country? “

    Trojan horses come in many forms. Check out Biden’s nominee for Currency Comptroller, S. Omarova.
    The five year plan is around the corner.

  31. So in reading the recap of this fucking farce of a hearing, Haugen unintentionally lays out why ALL social media companies should be nuked (because Facebook causes “social harm” in the pursuit of profits), then offers up this bit of virtue-signaling flatulence right out of the cultural Marxist rhetorical playbook:

    “They need a process where they admit they did something wrong but we have a mechanism where we forgive them and we let them move forward,” Haugen said. “They have been hiding this information because they feel trapped. … They need to admit they did something wrong and that they need help to solve these problems. That’s what moral bankruptcy is.”

    Again, note that it’s JUST FACEBOOK being singled out here–not Twitter or any other social media company. She literally states in her testimony that Facebook needs to go through a Maoist struggle session and put themselves under the scrutiny of an “independent” (haha) Congressional committee.

    This evil bitch is basically a left-wing activist masquerading as a social crusader, and being used by the media and the Democrats as a proxy to get Facebook to enact further suppression of wrongthink from the left-liberal consensus.

    1. Note that she outed herself on Sunday and had a congressional hearing on Monday….

      But there was no coordination before hand… Nope…. It wasn’t a setup from the jump….. Nope…. Purely organic….

  32. Ben and Jerry’s make ice cream. Its decent stuff. I’ve tasted it, way back when they had their heads on straight.
    There current politics have made me decide to no longer eat their pretty decent ice cream. They almost certainly are unaware of my decision and actions. Fine. I am, and that’s what matters.

    WHen Facebook had content I did not want to view, I shut it out.

    I don’t care HOW much of the market they own/control, it is up to ME to let him penetrate the walls of my home and mind.
    I know folks who have Amzon everything in their homes.. lighting autpmatically controlle,d tel the teeVee what to put on, regulate the C system, run a bunch o fappliances.. andlisten in to every conversation in the whole house. Mention some item in a casual coversation inside the house, within a few minutes everyone has adverts popping up on their phone screens with options to get this or that one.
    I do not like that. So I do not have anyof Jeffie’s toys in or around my home. Not even this dorbell camera. Nope. AOC is way off base when she talks about “how much should one person own”? Turn that one around and put it into your own face, “sweetiepie”. How is it that yOU have so much power and influence? Sme thing. But WHO are you to decide who can have what, anyway? Go back to tending bar in NYC. If the whiskey is good, you should have loyal customers. But not TOO many now……..

  33. If you think this has anything at all to do with a “moral panic” you are too gullible to be offering up opinions in public.

    This is a power grab. It has been a power grab for a decade now. They want to control all public discourse. That is the beginning and end of it. All of the screeching about “misinformation” is simply a means to the end. So is this “monopoly” talk.

    The internet is only one area of this attack. “Cancelling” is another area. No dissent allowed, particularly in areas of I fluence, like college campus, the press, media personalities. …. This is why they had to destroy a random nobody like Gina Carano.

    Similarly, the banking system is under attack. People can speak in public if they can accept payments… So they went after PayPal, Patreon, GoFundMe, and traditional banks.

    “Moral panic”…. Jeez. I bet you thought the Mueller investigation was about Russian interference too.

    This is not even a kindergarten level of understanding. They have not exactly been subtle about their intentions… Why in the world would you take such a statement at face value?

    1. For that matter, what in the world makes you think AOC and Zuckerberg are on opposite sides? It is pretty silly to think that. Facebook has been actively censoring anything opposed by the progressives for at least a half dozen years. They have also been lobbying for increased regulations.

      So why the hell would you think that a progressive lawmaker calling for more regulation and more censorship by Facebook is in a “moral panic” simply because she mouths the words “billionaire” and talks of threats to democracy?

      Did you remember Silverado?

      “I think there’s only a couple of guys up there, and this asshole is one of them”


  34. Network outages, Hyper-Inflation, Tax Increases, Mass Foreign Invasion, Mandatory Racist/Sexist Curriculum’s, Lock-Downs, No work incentive, The 666 mandated flue shot, Uncontrollable Deficits/Debt, 500% inflation on gas and cars…….

    Welcome to another beginning of the Democratic Nazi-Regime Utopia. If they can’t F-It-Up, Nobody can!

    1. Information Retrieval

  35. OAC he doesn’T OWN THE DAMN INTERNET. He dominates social network market. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  36. What nonsense is this – has AOC burned our own minds of critical reflection?

    There are no markets, free or otherwise, without competition, it is a necessary condition for them. I don’t view her comments as unrelated, it was certainly an example of consumers “enjoying” the efficiencies brought about by those mergers. One part being being the simultaneous outage that shut down various modes of communication, the other part being the possibility of competitors making the market better, or even function.

    The continuous grasping for a (bad) consumer welfare standard is obviously beside the point, and certainly was not as congress intended. But if you are going to allow big business to swallow up all competitors, you play into AOCs hands – if all we are to have are giant single companies across markets (or even highly consolidated oligopolies) than we basically require high regulatory environments. Whereas smaller, competitive markets, can self-regulate to a much higher degree.

  37. Even broken clocks are right twice per day.

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