Environmentalists Pan Unintended Environmental Consequences of Flawed Agricultural Laws

Here and abroad, laws and policies meant to protect sustainability aren't delivering and cost a fortune.


Two unrelated food policies—one here in the United States and one in France—are drawing fire from environmentalists and sustainability advocates, who argue the approaches they mandate waste resources and money and don't improve environmental quality.

A Politico piece last month took aim at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), a 35-year-old program the USDA explains "pays rural landowners to convert environmentally sensitive cropland to long-term grass, tree, and wetland covers."

Under the CRP, Politico reports, "farmers agree to undertake conservation measures such as planting trees or grass that prevent soil erosion, improve water quality[,] or provide habitat for wildlife. In exchange, FSA pays farmers rent for the 10 to 15 years the land is enrolled and shares in the costs of making the conservation changes."

The premise behind the program seems simple enough. If growing crops typically requires soil, tillage, water, fertilizer, pesticides, fuel, and other inputs—which can lead to erosion, runoff, greenhouse emissions, and other negative externalities—then taking land out of production, in favor of planting trees or native grasses, will reduce or eliminate the need for those inputs and should eliminate the negative consequences of that land being used for farming.

So why isn't the program working? A 2017 analysis of CRP by the Environmental Working Group found that the program was "failing to provide lasting protection for environmentally sensitive land" and "wasting of billions of taxpayer dollars."

Low enrollment is one problem—and one with no clear solution in sight. When commodity prices fall, farmers are more amenable to taking some land out of production and seeking CRP money. That way they make more money. But when commodity prices are high—as they are now—farmers put more land into production and plant more crops. That way they make more money. 

There are other problems with CRP. For example, it's been plagued with violations

This is why, even as Politico notes the Biden administration is pushing CRP enrollment "as a climate solution," the environmentalists Politico spoke with for the article "don't see it that way." Many see CRP as I do—a wasteful program that's not achieving its objectives.

In the other example I teased in the lede, a New York Times piece, published the same day as the article on CRP's failures, detailed how France's senseless 87-year-old ban on using imported grapevines is holding back not just the quality of the country's wine but also the sustainability—and perhaps the future—of its vines and wines.

The Times report introduces renegade French vintner Hervé Garnier as the face of the "long-running struggle against the French wine establishment and its allies in Paris." During a year when France's wine production has been devastated by frost and disease, Garnier's grapes, the Times notes, are flourishing. That's because Garnier raises Jacquez grapes, an American hybrid variety that's growing quite nicely despite the aforementioned challenges.

The problem? France banned the Jaquez hybrid in 1934, and has gone to insane lengths to uphold that ban.

"The French government has tried to rip the Jacquez and five other American vine varieties out of French soil for the past 87 years, arguing that they are bad for human physical and mental health—and produce bad wine," the Times reports. How bad? In banning those American grapevines in the 1930s, French authorities claimed they could cause "madness and blindness," the Times reports. (That clearly false claim, which the Times acknowledges as such, seems particularly French. As I detailed in a 2012 law review article, France once banned eating potatoes due to their "purported ability to cause 'not only leprosy, but also syphilis, narcosis, scrofula, early death, sterility, and rampant sexuality'"—though, in the potato's defense, not madness nor blindness.)

"There's really no reason for its prohibition," Mr. Garnier says. "Prohibited? I'd like to understand why, especially when you see the prohibition rests on nothing."

Garnier is right. The American varieties—whether grafted onto or crossbred with native French vines—produce great wine, resist cold, drought, and pests, and could help France cut its reliance on pesticides.

I, for one, think it's great that more publications, including the N.Y. Times and Politico, are reporting on food, agricultural, and environmental rules that are intended to boost sustainability but which don't deliver on their expensive promises. Indeed, the premise of my 2016 book Biting the Hands that Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable is that laws and regulations at every level of government tend to promote unsustainable outcomes while also handcuffing people such as Mr. Garnier who wish to engage in more sustainable practices. I'll be discussing the CRP and France's vine ban, along with examples from my book, later this month in a pair of Federalist Society-sponsored talks at Quinnipiac University Law School and New England School of Law.

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  1. OMG, a Reason writer is agreeing with “the N.Y. Times and Politico”!!!

    Once AGAIN, this CLEARLY proves that Reason is a coven of Marxist witches and lizard people, conspiring to sneak tiny little Hunter Biden homunculi (one each per each fluorine atom, with a tiny sub-atomic Hunter Biden working the tiny little brain-control levers, and chucking an evil laugh) into our drinking water! This, of course, will FORCE us ALL to vote for Marxists like Joe Biden!

    (I’ve already done your work here for you today, Nardz, R Mac, JesseBahnFuhrer, MammaryBahnFuhrer, etc., so you can take the day off, at least with respect to this article. You’re welcome!)

    1. Spaz was up all night drinking again.

      1. Did I do YOUR work already, today, as well? If so, then, WHERE is my “Thank You”? Did yer Mamma not raise you right?

        1. Fuck off, spaz – flagged

          1. You’re too polite to him, Sevo.

            1. I’ve gotta work on that regarding Mike also.

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    3. Hey broken clocks are right twice a day.

      NYT is mad that a government program isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. I can agree. Our solutions are different (they want to put a new one in, I just want to get rid of the broken one without replacement since they never seem to work).

      1. Even a blind sqrl occasionally finds a few nuts.

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    4. SQRLSY – you actually don’t realize how close to the truth your sarcasmic really is.

      The argument I have tended to make with people like Mr Linnekin is that when you ally yourself with Progressives, you give them the extra platform and votes necessary to create very un-free situations. For example, you ally with progressives to get gay marriage and end up with bake the cake violations of our freedoms to associate.

      Case in point, the Politico article that Mr Linnekin points to doesn’t propose getting rid of CRP. It proposes replacing it with far more intrusive environmental laws that are designed to take land off the market permanently. I have no love of the CRP, but you cannot just criticize it when the progressive left controls government- you need to explain why the entire proggy agenda here is misplaced.

      1. Agreed! We (libertarians, pro-smaller-Government-Almighty people) can agree with the likes of the Salon writer here, and heartily agree that “what we have now, isn’t working, and here’s why”… But then STOP, and NOT agree that “more and better Government Almighty intervention will FIX it all!” (Salon has only part of the truth, but it does have some truth).

        Government Almighty almost always fails, because of politics, special interests, and “concentrated benefits, diffuse costs”. Someone will ALWAYS figure out how to rig the system… Follow the money! The only times that Government Almighty works is the usual, courts to adjudicate disputes, etc., and protecting us from rights-violators (domestic and foreign). AND when Government Almighty willfully limits its own powers, and all-too-precious thing, like Section 230, which puts the use of the Government’s courts, to punish YOU for MY writings (on the internet if not the hardcopy rags) OFF LIMITS!

      2. how close to the truth your sarcasmic really is

        Chuckle, well played.

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    5. SQRLSY, can you cover for me today? In a typical day, I usually:
      – post a comment or two pointing out logical flaws, contradictions and partisanship in Ken’s essays, which he regards as examples of flawless logical thinking
      – post a comment or two pointing out that Ashli Babbitt was not a saint and the January 6th MAGA rioters were violent
      – post one “Fuck Tulpa!” comment
      – post a comment or two that actually seriously discuss a topic. Everyone once in a while I’m lucky and someone responds in serious conversation, but most of the time I just get met with a bunch of grayed-out insults from JesseAz and the other Trump Mean Girls.

      1. Agreed! Especially… “Fuck Tulpa!”

        1. Fuck White Mike, fuck Sqrlasmic, and if they waddle in here, fuck Jeff and Shrike too… but most of all fuck Biden.

          1. Yes. Fuck Joe Biden.

      2. – no you don’t
        – you actually defend a government murdering an unarmed woman
        – trolling. So got one right
        – weird you assume they are insults when I’m just pointing out how ignorant your arguments are.

        You also forgot

        – try out a new sock making sure to reply at least once to throw people off
        – push the latest leftist narrative
        – claim to be neutral when pushing the narrative
        – claiming to be libertarian when obviously leftist
        – lying about what you’ve said even 3 days previous (overt has a fine example)
        – and generally participating in the brotherhood of the ignorant leftists.

        1. Mike’s being very self-congratulatory, but did everyone notice he actually just posted his fifty-centing agenda?

          Did you notice how most of it involved trolling and attempting to craft a narrative?

          Did you note that he admitted to specifically targeting Ken?

          Save that post of Mike’s, folks, and remind him of it whenever you see him following his agenda.

          1. This is my favorite self congratulations from white Mike still. Lol.

            Mike Laursen
            July.31.2021 at 12:03 pm
            Flag Comment Mute User
            White Knight pointed out, correctly, that you are very logical, but quite unaware that you often engage in not seeking out information that goes against your narratives, garbage-in/garbage-out logic, and not checking your conclusions for basic sanity. You should have listened to White Knight.

            1. That was unreal. After several months of referencing White Knight as his prior nickname, he suddenly pretends it was someone else entirely… and then tells everyone how smart he is.

              That said, I think his post right now is more important, because he reveals what he’s actually here to do.

              1. Be laughed at?

                1. That’s the result, not the purpose.

      3. “Everyone once in a while I’m lucky and someone responds in serious conversation, ”

        You are so full of it Mike. Every time people engage you in conversation you bring up the same points that people have countered for WEEKS. It isn’t conversation if you are just going to mouth the same points you were making back then.

        For the benefit of the thread, arguing with Mike is arguing with someone who will never take responsibility for what he says. In fact, within days he will be acting as if he never said these things in the first place. He is a completely disingenuous adversary and you would do better arguing with the main character from Memento.


        That is Mike insisting that he “would never look to Rolling Stone” for news, after spreading their bogus ivermectin story only days earlier. This is what passes for “conversation”. Consider that: He didn’t apologize. He didn’t even try to ignore his mistake. He brazenly tried to dunk on Rolling Stone to make himself look like an arbiter of truth.

        The pathological narcissism required to disrespect the truth and readers so heavily should make him ashamed. It won’t though, so I advise others in the thread to avoid engaging with someone that argues in such bad faith.

        1. ” I advise others in the thread to avoid engaging with someone that argues in such bad faith”

          To me there is no doubt in my mind that these guys are paid (not sarcasmic though, he’s a retard for free) variously by Media Matters, some Open Society agitprop outfits, a few other fifty-cent factories and the odd staffer.

          Because Reason is far less important than imgur, Twitter or Buzzfeed we mostly get the lemons. These are guys like Tony, who doesn’t know a fact that isn’t on his talking-points pdf, or chemjeff and Assplug, whose scientific and political educations come exclusively from Huffpo and IFL memes.

          There’s three things that motivate me to go after them instead of ignoring them:

          1. I have a feeling that freedom of speech is pretty much done for, here in the West, and soon we will no longer have the opportunity (or safety) to mock these establishment propagandists. If you want to point out their idiocies and fallacies, now’s our last chance. Enjoy it. It’ll just be a memory soon.

          2. Do we really want to let obvious propaganda stand here without being challenged? Do we want to let them attempt to silence some of our more thoughtful posters (e.g. White Mike and chemjeff’s harassment campaign against Ken)? Do we want to let them shitpost threads to oblivion whenever the conversation isn’t going their way?
          That’s what they’re being paid for, and when we let their nonsense stand, they’ve earn their money.

          3. I’m sorry, but I get a kick out of mocking their stupidity. Picking on retards and far-left true believers isn’t nice, but it is fun. Some of my biggest laughs came from White Mike’s HO2, sarcasmic’s definition of law, DOLs stolen valor and Tony’s understanding of how oil and gas work.

          1. SPB admitted to being a donor and member of Open Society.

            1. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
              September.16.2021 at 11:02 am
              As an Open Society donor and advocate I am open to a discussion from any source.

              Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
              September.16.2021 at 11:49 am
              Yes, I donated to the Open Society Institute. Never claimed I didn’t…


              1. So what?

                Open Society is 100% compatible with classical liberalism.

                Soros got into politics to fight socialism and fascism.


                So Soros is an anti-war, anti-communist, anti-fascist, pro drug legalization, pro-immigrant capitalist that conservatives hate?

                Because in open society we question and reject all religious dogma and the authority of the church – that is why.

                You conservatives are so easy to predict.

                1. Soros actually helped his uncle confiscate Jewish belongings during WW2, and he wasn’t just some funktionshäftling, he was the facist. Not even Richard Spencer is as legit a Nazi tool as Soros was.

                  Soros never spoke out against communism as an ideology. He objected to the nationalistic aspect that had permeated the Eastern Bloc. Soros hates nationalism and always has. The man’s a global imperialist, and nation states stand in the way of the new imperialism.

                  For being allegedly anti-war, he’s made billions from all the weapons manufacturers he’s owned or invested in over the years.

                  He’s not pro-immigrant. Everyone here is pro-immigrant. Soros, like you, is pro-illegal-immigrant, because it undermines the nation and hurts the working classes. Soros’ greatest enemies.

                  Same with drugs.

                  “Because in open society we question and reject all religious dogma and the authority of the church”

                  Lol, only because you see them as competition. Your Intersectionality and Woke are nothing more than 19th century Evangelical Christianity with the concepts of mercy and forgiveness removed and God replaced by the state.

                  You conservatives are so easy to predict

                  Of course.
                  Probably because we’re honest and forthright. Unlike you devils we’re not motivated by a lust for power and trading in lies.
                  Everything you do is mired in deception and hate for the proletariat. You’re obtuse by nature.

                  1. You’re completely full of shit.

                    Soros never spoke out against communism as an ideology.

                    Not only has he railed against communism in his books he put billions of his own money into eradicating communism.

                    Soros is one of the world’s greatest capitalists – behind only Warren Buffett.

                    As a true capitalist they know we are already all Globalists. When the EU can stop one US company from buying another like GE – Honeywell back in 2001 provincialism is a dead Middle Ages relic you conservatives are desperately fanning embers on.

                2. You’re not a classical liberal though.

              2. Soros in 1993 after successfully fighting communism:

                For all the undeniable progress to which he has contributed, Soros’s outlook on the former Eastern bloc is decidedly dark. He fears that it may have shaken off communism only to succumb to nationalist dictatorships, and that “what used to be the Soviet Union may become a black hole that may eventually swallow up civilization.” Soros initially envisioned his foundations as a short-term venture. He now says that “things haven’t worked out, they’re not going to work out, and so you’ve got a much longer period while I will need to be engaged.”


                Soros was correct again.

                Open Society puts individual freedom in the center of the world. Conservatism (closed societies) puts a tribal master/deity at the center of the world.

                1. Open societies like mask mandates? Vaccine passports? Murdering peaceful protestors? Drone striking an aid worker and some kids?

                2. Well, thanks to those two posts I realize now that your American Socia1ist sockpuppet is closer to your actual beliefs.

                  Just like Nazis hated communists while advocating socialism and government authoritarianism, so do some Keynesian socialists.

                  However this isn’t actually true in Soros case. He hates the Eastern bloc for becoming nationalistic. Soros is the consummate internationalist

                  Note that he clearly says his aversion is solely to the nationalist aspect in the Eastern bloc. Not to the socialism, not to the authoritarianism, but the nationalism.

                  With international Keynesian corporatism there is no escape. No where to hide from the fascist authoritarian impulses of the global aristocracy. Sorosist globalism sees people as global chattel and commodities.
                  And so do foolish people like you.

                  1. The enemy of an open society is authoritarian socialism and that is what Soros fought.

                    Are you really this stupid?

                    Karl Popper defined the open society as one “in which individual is confronted with personal decisions” as opposed to a “magical or tribal or collectivist society.”

                    Freedom of speech, individualism, and democracy are the cornerstones of open society and classical liberalism.

                    You conservatives value tradition, conformity, and allegiance to tribal standards.

                    1. After his triumph over communism Soros writes:

                      The breakdown of closed societies based on the universal dogma of communism has led to a widespread rejection of all universal ideas, and the countries that used to constitute the Soviet empire are search­ing for an organizing principle in their own particular histories. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. But the dominant emerging theme is national or ethnic identity rather than any universal concept such as democracy, human rights, the rule of law, or open society.

                      Mothers Lament – you admit you base your worldview on national/ethnic identity like Germany did for Aryan Supremacy.

                      Rather than endorse freedom and individualism you HIDE BEHIND YOUR RACE/ETHNIC IDENTITY.

                      You are, in short, a fascist.

                    2. I’m Métis you stupid sod, I even have a settlement I belong too. I’m the very definition of mixed race.
                      Yet a fat, white pedophile like you thinks you can squeal about Aryanism, while defending his employer, an evil old misanthrope WHO ACTUALLY WORKED FOR THE FUCKING NAZIS AS A TEEN.

                      Fuck, your hat, your deluded psychopath.

          2. Lol you don’t “refute propaganda” you make bitchy personal attacks.

            1. Like that one?

    6. By the way, I’d offer to return the favor and cover for you, but I just can’t do SQRLSY comments. They are, umm, unique.

      1. They are copy paste dumbass.

        1. He’s posted the exact same comments over and over for years now. And they’re almost always irrelevant to the conversation or the article above.
          Occasionally he’ll change it up by including a screed from a far-left propaganda house like Salon, but those are generally irrelevant to the conversation too.

          I think he just does it to shitpost conversation that’s headed the wrong way to oblivion.

          1. I’ve noticed we get silence from the sarcasmic sock after he completely embarasses himself in threads like he did twice this week. So now we have to put up with him as sqrsly.

    7. Before I take the day off, I’ll drop a discussion bomb on this page to get the weekend comment count up into the high hundreds…

      On the Texas abortion story yesterday, I mentioned the Hippocratic Oath. What I didn’t know at the time was that the original Hippocratic Oath had a clause in it that forbids administering abortive pessaries to women. I had unwittingly stumbled straight into a well-memorized anti-abortion talking point that “the original Hippocratic Oath” forbids abortion. I honestly learned something I did not know.

      So, I decided to read up on it, and found this excellent in-depth article. As with a lot of things, the facts ain’t as simple as the talking point:

      “The Hippocratic Oath in Roe v. Wade”:


      Extra points if you actually read the article before jumping into the debate. I’m going to go walk my dog now.

      1. Hippocratic? Crates full of hippos?

        So, um, hippos don’t approve of aborting unborn hippos? What if the hippos are a hazard to humans, as foreign invaders and “non-native species”? Can we just kill them all? No? How about STRICT birth control policies for alien hippos, and who will make sure that the hippos comply?


        Oooops, pay-walled… Try…


        Colombia Has A Hippo Problem, Thanks To Pablo Escobar

      2. Congrats. You argued from a position of ignorance as usual. Only this time you actually tried to educate yourself after the fact. Now try reordering that path you take daily here and you won’t come across as so uneducated.

        1. Mike has an iota of humility… Which is a GOOD thing! You (Infallible in Your Own Mind) might learn something from those who have humility! Does Der JesseBahnFuhrer EVER make mistakes, or have the room to learn (AKA, ignorance) in His Perfect Brain? You know, it is VERY hard to add to a vessel, which is already TOTALLY full of itself!

          Humility is a MUCH underappreciated virtue! See this: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/12/27/army-has-introduced-new-leadership-value-heres-why-it-matters.html Even in a supposedly “proud” profession, wise leaders treasure humility!

        2. And sarcasmic takes leadership advice to continue trolling at the behest of Mike lol.

          Man. So desperate for a friend.

      3. It is interesting that Mike, who claims to have muted me, has now started apologizing for the behavior that I called him out on (getting facts wrong and then pretending he never said them later).

        It is funny too, because in his abrupt change of behavior he still refuses to acknowledge that he is doing this because he was caught and people like myself called him out on it.

        I predict that in a week or so he will suddenly stop ignoring me and point out posts like this one to insist that my criticism is unfair.

        He will do this because he is uninterested in conversation despite his protests to the contrary. No, he wants to feel smugly superior about owning his opponents. He can’t do that if he is admitting to bad form all the time and so he attempts these gaslighting campaigns to preserve his smug superiority.

        Please thread, for his own good, don’t encourage him. His best hope is to drop this handle and return under a new one and start actually earning a reputation for good faith conversation rather than attempting to manufacture one through these games.

        1. Its a weird own to be self righteous from pure ignorance and then when discover you were wrong try to mitigate it by calling it “more complicated” as an excuse for his ignorance.

        2. And his other new handle is Joe Friday.

          1. I really don’t think it is Joe. That guy speaks with way too much self assured confidence. He isn’t nearly the concern troll that Mike is.

            1. Same verbal ticks and source material. And his whole “who is mike” in a thread of 30 posts from Mike is obviously the dumbest way to claim he isnt him. While claiming to know soldiermedics style and attacking Ken as a conservative. Could be SPB, but they are all the same.

              1. SPB2 is American Socia1list. He accidentally outed himself here: https://reason.com/2021/08/31/americas-longest-war-is-over/#comment-9076679

                And looking at some of KAR’s stuff lately has convinced me he’s SPB2 as well. I thought he was originally sarcasmic, because sarc’s often railed about Mormons too. But by comparing grammar and idioms I realized that if KAR isn’t Buttplug, he’s from the same area of Georgia.

            2. No, it’s definitely White Mike. Some of the arguments were pretty much copypasta, and the same old resentments were there too.

              Queen Anathema is Laursen as well.

      4. Before I take the day off

        Lol. Fifty-centing isn’t real work you know, Joe Lunchpail.

    8. Strangely, Reason seems to be one of the best places to read what
      the NYT is saying, without actually going to the NYT. What is it with this website? Trying so hard to be mainstream…

      1. You can get the current scoop on what’s happening on Twitter here too.

      2. What’s wrong with trying to be a mainstream publication? If Reason can be a mainstream publication that brings libertarian ideas to a mainstream audience, wouldn’t that be a success? We don’t want libertarianism to continue to be thought of as the domain of cranks and weirdos, do we?

        1. Whats wrong with selling out for notoriety over truth asked Jeff.

        2. Yeah that would be cool if Reason was actually a libertarian publication.

        3. It would help if the articles actually made more libertarian arguments.

    9. A Politico piece last month took aim at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), a 35-year-old program the USDA explains “pays rural landowners to convert environmentally sensitive cropland to long-term grass, tree, and wetland covers.”

      Basically, this is the “Get Paid to Not Grow or Raise Shit” grift done in the name of environmentalism.

      CRP sounds like it’s as big of a grift as CRT.

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  2. The “Conservation Reserve Program”, by idling farmlands, also increases pressures on farmers to produce more crops per acre that remains in use… So, on the acres that they have left (in use), they use that many more pesticides and (especially) fertilizers, increasing run-off of fertilizers, polluting waters all the way out into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Thank You Government Almighty, may I have another?

    1. lol… I mean surely; vitamins and minerals that help plants grow to their maximum must be poisonous for everything else… Let the propaganda rule over common-sense.

      I won’t even go into how fertilizer is mostly but organic excrement – maybe next we can regulate wildlife excrement in the name of scary propaganda…

      1. “scary propaganda” as an excuse to *STEAL*.

        1. Its not stealing, its government-directed re-allocation of public goods.

          1. lol… I forgot to sign the bill of sale that made me “public goods”.

            1. I believe they refer to that as the “social contract”. Freely modifiable by the other party, of course, and no way for you to escape it.

              1. “You didn’t build that.”

      2. Pesticides are not “vitamins and minerals”. Think Roundup, toxic and dumped in large quantities.

        1. Dumped in large quantities?? lol… Say about 10-Gallons dusted on 200-acres which isn’t even potent enough to kill a weed past 8-inches.. Which is but an enzyme blocker for weeds.. But don’t let that deter the scary propaganda… We’re all gonna die! Since 1961 – that enzyme blocker has killed us all. We’re all but ghosts!

          The funniest part about propaganda – it never survives the test of time but religious fanatics really don’t care.. They still have faith “We’re all going to die!” even centuries later.

  3. Many see CRP as I do—a wasteful program that’s not achieving its objectives.

    Unexpectedly. Nobody foresaw farmers responding to perverse incentives, the computer models all showed that human beings lack free will and can be relied upon to do as they are told.

    1. They’re members of a religious cult and don’t even know it. What are the objectives? Convert all the farmland to forest/wetland? Capture all the carbon? *Sustainably*? If we sustainably capture all the carbon and produce vast swaths of desert covered in calcium carbonate have the objectives been met or are we spending money looking for the garden of Eden?

      At least the Crusaders were partially justified in retaliation for prior aggression even if they didn’t have a plan to sustainably convert their opposition. Even they realized that Eden was lost.

      1. “What are the objectives?”

        The objective is to get those noisy, icky farmers and ranchers off the beautiful land in mountain states and out into the great plains. That way the wealthy Elites can live on vast estates with rivers and mountain views and actually be paid for not developing that.

        1. Wow! Ya nailed it! Good job!

        2. Tom Brokaw agrees.

        3. Rev. Artie, call your office!

    2. No, its more like the ideologues setting policy did not expect that others did not share the same ideology.

  4. environmental rules that are intended to boost sustainability

    Here’s your problem, you don’t even understand your own religion; sustainability of what? Death Valley is pretty self-sustaining. California is proving to be exceedingly homeostatic in spite of our, uh, best efforts. Presumably, since you’re talking about preserving forests and wetlands (which we have more of than when the settlers arrived) from farming rather than sustaining deserts and badlands, you’ve got some sort of fictional garden of Eden in mind that needs to be sustained. Even at that, the fictional garden of Eden bore fruit for people to eat and quickly gave way to farming.

    As long as you’re trying to spend money to have your cake and eat it too, expect to find money wasted on having cakes that have been eaten.

    1. ^^This x1000.

      When I first read the “problem” with this bill, I was thinking “What is the problem with that?” When crop prices go down, the government pays them to convert it to habitat/carbon sequestration. The alternative is that they continue to farm the land with a low cost crop like hay or, if crop prices remain too low for too long, they sell the land for development.

      How is that a problem? I mean, sure, as a libertarian, this is as outrageous as the 1 million other things that the government does. But at least this program is getting a net benefit for both parties. The farmers make enough money to preserve their land, and the US gets a buffer of habitat during times of food surplus.

      Of course, Baylen, doesn’t tell you the actual point of the Politico article. They hate it because it doesn’t do ENOUGH. Politico wants programs that permanently removes land from development OR farming. As usual, environmentalists’ only solution is for us to produce less and make things more expensive by having the government drive up the cost of inputs.

    2. Well, it means ‘kept exactly the way I like it’!

    3. The idea is to idle lands and conserve, to give up on having a prosperous life, so future generations will be able to … idle lands and conserve and also be deprived of prosperity. They’re selling artificially imposed perpetual poverty.

      1. It’s supposed to replenish the land with nutrients so it can keep producing. It’s been an ag tech for eons to let land go fallow occasionally. Or at least rotate complimentary crops. I’m suspicious of the planting trees part of it instead of just letting it go to weeds.

        I thought the dust bowl famine was a consequence of failure to let land go fallow.

  5. “The Biden administration is pushing CRP enrollment as a climate solution, the environmentalists Politico spoke with for the article don’t see it that way. Many see CRP as I do—a wasteful program that’s not achieving its objectives.”

    The people never gave Biden or the Union of States government any authority to ‘manage’ the climate or the land ……

    Piss off criminals; If you can’t get the 2/3rds Congress and State Ratification for the authority then PISS OFF — UR Criminals!!!!! Someday your ILLEGAL acts of unauthorized dictation will be met with an armed citizenry/states and people will die because your own almighty EGO couldn’t restrain itself within the boundaries of the LAW!

    Environmentalists are such egotistical clowns.. Heaven forbid the Grand Canyon exists! What a curse it has been; all those years of land getting washed away without the all holy Gov-Gods to stop it. YOU better pay us to stop that Grand Canyon… PAY US to sit around on our *sses and do nothing so we can pay farmers to sit around on their *sses to do nothing….

    1. As the real substance of Nazi-Governing flies over everyone’s head.

    2. Oh my God, dude, shut up, shut up! You’ll give them ideas!

      “President Biden announced today an initiative to combat erosion directly by filling the Grand Canyon back in. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, this work will be performed with manual labor. All citizens are expected to report for duty in Arizona on Tuesday. Don’t forget to bring your shovel.”

      1. lol… Exactly 🙂

      2. Nah. That’ll be the Civilian Climate Corps, with good-paying union jobs. Shovels will be provided by buying them from a well-connected company that’s never made shovels before, at $100 per unit.

        1. We could dig dirt into the pattern of the words: “Joe Biden (Fuck Be Unto Him.)”

  6. The negative consequences are far from unintended.
    The “green” stuff is just another cover for destruction of the economy to a level that people will accept tyranny with minimal armed resistance.

    1. Reference;
      1) The Federal Reserve Act
      2) The Great Depression
      3) The “New Deal” and 12-Years of Nazi-Governing.

  7. It’s another fall Saturday in 2021 America, and you all know exactly what that means. It’s time to enjoy the shit out of the diminishing freedom we still have left in America! It’s time to kick off the tailgates, tap the kegs, fire up the grills, go watch all our favorite college football teams across this great land. And most importantly of all, it’s time to get those “Fuck Joe Biden” chants going while we’re doing all the above.

    Chant it loud and proud, and record it for your friends and for posterity. Chant it so loud that all the fake, fraudulent, fugazi libertarians of Reason and their sockpuppet comment accounts on here all break down sobbing uncontrollably like the little lefty bitches that they are!

  8. “Laws and policies meant to protect sustainability aren’t delivering and cost a fortune.”

    Ultimately, support for these kinds of policies is being driven by religious impulses–the great satisfaction some people experience when they sacrifice something for a greater cause. Ever hear a charismatic minister implore his congregation to “give until it hurts”? They often say it with a choir and an organ playing ecstatically in the background. It makes them feel good to sacrifice, and if they’re getting something clear and tangible back for their sacrifice, it doesn’t have the same effect.

    What really matters to the true believers in environmentalism is that they feel like they’re part of something greater than themselves. Debunking the six-day creation story isn’t about to stop charismatic Christians from sending in their money, and pointing out the shortcomings of bad policy to religious environmentalists doesn’t really speak to the driving force behind their fanaticism either. It might make a difference, however, if we started treating them like a religion.

    Before we can get them to stop supporting sacrifices that don’t pay off, they need them to start caring about whether their sacrifices really pay off.

    1. Hmm, but is it sacrificing like denying themselves some material desires, or sacrificing like throwing other, aka undesirable, people into the volcano?

    2. The issue I have isn’t with *them* making sacrifices, it’s with them sacrificing *me*. The modus operandi of the enviros is as if that preacher were going around preaching about the value of giving, in public, while holding a collection plate in one hand and a pistol in the other. Worse, with the expectation that the population in general would support him if he shot his victims for not “donating”.

      1. Right, those wealthy Silicon Valley people got free access to Carpool lanes for buying a Prius. And then they got the government to subsidize their Tesla for the same. And got the government to pay for their Solar Panels, so that they didn’t have to pay for the energy their policies made so expensive. This was the “Sacrifice” they had to endure.

        And now they want the government to pay them to buy up farm land and convert it into sprawling “conservation plots” (one might alternatively call them Lords Estates)- outside of the cities that they have turned into rioting, overcrowded shit holes. Once again, the sacrifice seems to fall everywhere but on their shoulders.

        1. The issue I have is the urban progressives that get full buy-in for their progressive policies that then leave the urban area because they have helped transform it into such a hellhole.

        2. Joe Biden has promised to eliminate all fossil fuels (including natural gas) from power production in 15 years, and he’s currently pushing a bill that would force us all to pay $3.5 trillion towards that goal (and others). Talk about forced sacrifice with a questionable payoff! China and India have more in fossil fuel power production facilities under construction than we could possibly close, and Biden intends to finance it by going after those who are unwilling to make these sacrifices by freezing our bank accounts, ruining our credit, and throwing in prison. At the heart of it, we’re talking about a First Amendment issue.

          We’re not about to block it in court by citing the First Amendment, but people aren’t likely to fully understand why it’s wrong until we, at least, start addressing environmentalism in terms of religion. Environmentalists may not believe in a supernatural deity, but they believe in sin, an apocalypse, a utopian paradise, shared sacrifice as a means of redemption, and punishment for sinners and unbelievers. They may not have a supernatural deity, but they have a faith, and they’re using the government to impose it on us against our will.

          1. The response to each supporting it is, “You first.”
            They either lie, which is rare in regard to what they actually do in their lives, or more typically point and sputter.

          2. Ken, have you been following the drama in Eastern europe and Russian natural gas? Russia slowed down production during summer months so Europe can’t stock up reserves for winter to push much higher prices. This is done even after Biden played the building of the new Russia/Europe pipelines.

            1. Wonder if Merkel stepped down knowing a freezing Fatherland would be hostile. Russian had a joint military exercise with Lushenko led Belarus using 200,000 troops.
              My guess is eastern Europe will have natural gas if they lean more to the east. Romania has their own fuel supplies and will remain distant from Moscow.

      2. “The issue I have isn’t with *them* making sacrifices, it’s with them sacrificing *me*.”

        First Amendment logic against being forced to live by the rules of someone else’s religion should apply to environmentalists–even if we’d have a hard time making the case in court.

        Still, we need to start talking about their willingness to make sacrifices (and use the coercive power of government to make the rest of us make sacrifices) in terms of their religious convictions.

        1. When Air Force One is powered by PV panels, I’ll take notice that Biden gives a shit. And it is good to throw this back in the face of the double digit IQ environmentalists.
          How will the emergency room keep the lights on at night when the wind is still?

        2. While I totally agree that 90% of the environmentalist convictions really are religious (We must cripple the economy to stop CO2 but don’t even think about Nuclear or Geo Engineering), the problem is that the priestly caste of scientists are now without approach.

          The second that you find a logical loophole in their thinking, there will be some professor with a shoddy study that will be enough for the zealots to claim they’ve got that loophole closed. For example, a decade or so ago, Russia said they weren’t interested in stopping global warming because a warmer earth would benefit them. That is roughly when “Global Warming” became “Climate Change”, and several studies suggested that in fact Russia would become COLDER if CO2 went up.

          Unfortunately the long march through the institutions is complete and they have the scientists who can dress up their religious views as SCIENCE! ™ and a willing media to amplify that signal while ignoring any countermanding science.

  9. “When commodity prices fall, farmers are more amenable to taking some land out of production and seeking CRP money. That way they make more money. But when commodity prices are high—as they are now—farmers put more land into production and plant more crops. That way they make more money. ”

    Clearly, the problem is that farmers have too much freedom. The plan will succeed once farmers have to apply to the FDA for permission to plant, ten years in advance.

    1. Too long. The key is *five* year plans, comrade.

    2. The recovery spike in food prices is already wearing off.

      Corn is $5.50 bushel – well off all time highs of $8.

      Wheat and rice are well off all time highs.

      Gold is still falling at $1750. Some “inflation” we got. Not.

      The transitory bump was real though.

      1. turd lies. It’s what turd does. If there’s a turd post, it’s either a complete lie or has one in it.
        If turd is dealing with any sort of numbers, forget it. They are cherry-picked to suit his lies, or just plain outright fabrications.
        turd is a pathological liar too stupid to understand all of ua are familiar with the condition.

      2. And Obama rant he lowest deficits….. lmao…
        U do lie; compulsively.

        1. I never said he ran the lowest deficits.

          I said he cut the $1,2 trillion deficit he inherited in half (which is true).


          stick that up your ass, you hillbilly.

          1. Fuck Joe Biden
            Don’t Fuck Kids

          2. Oh; so you admit to your own deceitful narratives…
            That’s a start.

            1. I do enjoy the WILDLY bias deceitful attempts of Politifact…

              i.e. Obama tripled the deficit his first year in office … but, but; We’ll just blame that on Bush. Ran a consistent over 1T per year during his first term (triple). Then give him credit for cutting his own wildly expensive deficit (we blamed on bush) and cherry-pick the EXACT year Republicans took over congress and dropped his triple-spending habits in half.

              Conclusion — True…. lmao…. I’ve heard two-year olds do a better job at utter deception than that.

      3. As usual shitstain doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

        1. I put actual prices with numbers up. Which one is wrong?

          Oh, none of them are. You are just dumbass Trump Trash who will disagree on anything.

          1. Tell us again what happened in March 2020, if the economic numbers drastically changed after that point, and explain how a veto-proof spending bill from the House Democrats was Trump’s fault.

            1. We’ve gone through this a million times with Buttplug, and he always pretends like he doesn’t know the answer or refuses to acknowledge it, so this is kind of futile.

              But, rather than just let him post lies unchallenged, let’s make him work for his fifty-cents.

              1. Have considered going back to when he posted child porn and getting that info to a DA. Reason won’t protect someone trafficking in that garbage (they wouldn’t protect the folks in WoodchipperGate). He’s likely still engaging in this evil behavior.

          2. turd lies. If turd includes number in his lies, they are either outright fabrications or cherry-picked such that while they prove the opposite of what turd claims, they appear to support turd’s lies.
            turd lies; it’s what turd does,

  10. CRP is like unemployment for folks that intentionally work seasonal jobs (and collect the unemployment benefits).

    1. In banning those American grapevines in the 1930s, French authorities claimed they could cause “madness and blindness,” the Times reports.

      The French clearly can, and have, done madness and blindness all by themselves without our help.

      (That clearly false claim, which the Times acknowledges as such, seems particularly French. As I detailed in a 2012 law review article, France once banned eating potatoes due to their “purported ability to cause ‘not only leprosy, but also syphilis, narcosis, scrofula, early death, sterility, and rampant sexuality'”—though, in the potato’s defense, not madness nor blindness.)

      Like “rampant sexuality” is a problem with any of the French except Pepe Le Pew.

      And people actually wonder why France surrendered and rolled over to the Nazis so easily. They shared the Nazis’ superstitious woo and they didn’t bulk up so they could buck up.

  11. What’s up Peanuts?

    The media bias chart linked:


    No surprise here. AP and Reuters show the least bias. Reason skews slightly.

    1. WTF

      Rachel Maddow bordering on “hyper-partisan left”?! She just presents facts. Like how Russians were literally controlling the US government — which Robert Mueller confirmed.


      1. MuellerLite tastes great and is less filling.

        1. All emotional appeal with no substance?

    2. turd lies. It’s what turd does. If there’s a turd post, it’s either a complete lie or has one in it.
      turd is a pathological liar far too stupid to understand all of us are familiar with the condition.

    3. Shitstain will believe anything. Go back to jerking off to pictures of your mom.

      1. He prefers children.

    4. AP least biased? Almost every one of their news reports that are carried in my newspaper contain editorializing or word-smithing towards a proggie conclusion. AP frequently refers to “far right extremist” groups but I’ve never seen Antifa or any other group labelled as “far left extremist.” Trump is a “liar;” Biden just “mispeaks.” Republicans “blast” something; Democrats calmly “seek a bipartisan solution,” “unity,” or “support our democratic ideals.”

        1. Hilarious. You undercut your own argument when you link to an opinion piece on the matter.

          1. Wow. You’ve just given up on all forms of argumentation haven’t you? The reference is for their style guide to force writers of the AP to call riots protests instead as that is what the left preferred.

            You okay? Youre dumber than usual.

    5. Irrelevant authority fallacy.

    6. AP has been a house organ for the Washington establishment since forever.

      Here’s another fun AP memory: The AP gave the Nazi regime access to its photo archives for its antisemitic propaganda. And it happened while the US was at war with Germany, and yes, they knew what they were doing.

    7. How is the Daily Kos and Salon less partisan than Infowars or Alex Jones? they’re like mirror images.

    8. I would love to hear which news source they believe is the fairest and most reliable.

      1. And “they” should mean the right wingers around here who perpetually complain about it.

        1. None.
          Just the News probably gets the closest, but that’s about it.

          But of course a fifty-center like you would know this already, so your question must be rhetorical.

          1. Jeff ready trashed Just the News as being a fat right wing publication because of John Solomon. He didnt know about the dig in tag that provides all of the primary documents as the source of the story. Jeff is an idiot.

  12. When you see environmentalists angling for changes to subsidy laws, you must *always* look for the grift to wealthy elites. CRP is actually a good example of how the Elite use crypto-religious, environmentalist platitudes to fleece taxpayers of their money.

    Over the last year, we have seen Elites take advantage of their Work From Home status to depart crowded urban centers. For 20 years their subsidized solar allowed them to avoid the high costs of energy. For 20 years, subsidized Prius’s and Teslas have allowed them easy access to the car pool lane. But now the plebes are getting into the game, and the Elites need a new way to display their superiority.

    Here is the dirty little secret about what is going on here: These conservation subsidies SUBSIDIZE the large country estates of Elites. Go look in Wyoming, and Colorado, Idaho and Montana and you will see this happening. What once used to be productive farms and ranches have instead been turned into Conservation Areas, surrounding $5 Million dollar multi-acre estates. The developer gets a huge payout when they sell all of these plots to wealthy Silicon Valley laptop warriors. And (not mentioned in the article) CRP also gives tax deductions for that profit. Then they get a continued income stream from the conservation fund and selling carbon sequestration credits, which they use to fund “low environmental impact” common use facilities, like hunting lodges, guest cabins and farm to table restaurants.

    The problem that the wealthy elite have with this program is that it lets Farmers continue using THEIR land for farming instead of turning it into these wealthy estates. So they want to replace it with programs that encourage the permanent creation of these estates, without those dirty farmers syphoning some of the money for them. It is sickening to watch this happen.

    1. Yeah man! It makes me think of NAZI Germany’s plans to drive the peasants off of enormous parts of Poland, and “re-wild” the lands to make giant hunting grounds for the German elite.

      The below may not be the best link, but it is what I could find fairly quickly…


      When the Nazis Tried to Bring Animals Back From Extinction
      Their ideology of genetic purity extended to aspirations about reviving a pristine landscape with ancient animals and forests

      OK, it’s a good site for this… See below out-take…

      In practical terms, this meant seizing land from Poland, especially the vast wilderness of Białowieża Forest, then using it to create his own hunting reserves. This fit into the larger Nazi ideology of lebensraum, or living space, and a return to the heroic past.

      1. That’s right Sqrlsy, Pleistocene rewilding is Nazi. Just like vegetarianism and a dislike of smoking.

        1. Colossally stupid shit! Learn to read! Pleistocene rewilding WITH UNRECOMPENSATED LAND GRABS is NAZI bullshit! Dishonest, EVIL twit-twat!

          1. Why do you hate Przewalski’s horses, Chamois and Heck cattle, Sqrlsy?

  13. This, CRP, may appear to be a ‘food policy’ given it originates from the rubric of the USDA, but looking at the intent, there is no food in that policy. Perhaps if the intent is to cycle croplands through periods of laying fallow, with the ‘bonus’ second-order effect of preserving potentially delicate areas. This said, there appears to be no plan to bring the land back into use on the part of the policymakers, but there was by those abusing the policy -there is the ‘food’ one supposes. More succinctly, USDA may suffering from the same mission creep that CDC, IRS have, and is picking up EPA and DOI missions, in that this appears to be a particularly wasteful example of overlap of missions and possible politicization of mission.

  14. No wonder France has called its ambassador home. Look at all the scary, horrific, and deadly stuff that Science has identified in American grapes grown in La Belle France.

    1. I believe that this so-called “president” Joe Biden is now both the first U.S. president to be censured by the U.K. Parliament and the first U.S. president to cause this big of a diplomatic international incident with France, America’s oldest ally.

      In just eight months, this totally incompetent dickhead is already well on his way to being on of the absolute worst ever.

      1. Thank goodness that “the adults are back in charge again”, huh.

        Could you imagine how bad the Afghanistan pullout would have been if they’d followed Trump’s negotiated settlement instead?

        Pissing off America’s allies is a small price to pay for “putting the smartest people in the room” back in charge.

        1. SLOPPY PULLOUT!

          1. Afghanistan survivors are calling for more than an apology. Biden should face a war crime trial in Kabul.

          2. I’ll say it was sloppy.
            They couldn’t have fucked it up worse if they tried.

  15. Environmentalists mostly care about making life worse for Americans. If you pay attention to what they advocate, it’s always something to make our lives worse as a sort of cult sacrifice for The Earth.

    1. To prove you basically correct (SOME tree-huggers are human-haters), I give you this:

      Bill McKibben is an un-reformed, 200-proof, human-hating asshole!

      “At its extreme, green ideology expresses itself in utter contempt for humanity. Reviewing Bill McKibben’s The End of Nature in the Los Angeles Times, National Park Service research biologist David M. Graber concluded with this stunning passage: ‘Human happiness, and certainly human fecundity, are not as important as a wild and healthy planet. I know social scientists who remind me that people are part of nature, but it isn’t true. Somewhere along the lineat about a billion years ago, maybe half thatwe quit the contract and became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth. It is cosmically unlikely that the developed world will choose to end its orgy of fossil-energy consumption, and the Third World its suicidal consumption of landscape. Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.’
      “It is hard to take such notions seriously without sounding like a bit of a kook yourself. But there they arecalmly expressed in the pages of a major, mainstream, Establishment newspaper by an employee of the federal government. When it is acceptable to say such things in polite intellectual company, when feel-good environmentalists tolerate the totalitarians in their midst, when sophisticates greet the likes of Graber with indulgent nods and smiles rather than arguments and outrage, we are one step further down another bloody road to someone’s imagined Eden. All the greens need is an opportunity and a Lenin.”
      From “Free Minds & Free Markets”, Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy, 1993, which is a compilation of 25 years of articles from Reason magazine, this one being “The Green Road to Serfdom”, April 1990, by Virginia I. Postrel.

      Proggie brain is generally addicted to self-righteous and smug coercion of others. It is also self-destructive of humans generally, as noted above. Then it’s also hypocritical, in that, if they REALLY believed that human life is a blight upon the planet, they’d just go off and commit suicide. But no, THEY personally aren’t part of the blight; those people over THERE are the blight! So proggie brain is pretty stupid AND evil…
      Contard brain, in SOME flavors (hyper-nationalism, militarism, self-righteous religion, exono-phobia, gayophobia, etc.) can be just as bad, I will admit that. Contards don’t have as much “traction” (especially in media and academia) right now, THAT is the big difference!

      1. Oh good finish up with “both sides”, jeffsarc.

        1. Hyper-nationalism, militarism, self-righteous religion, xenophobia, gayophobia… What? They don’t exist? No conservatives are guilty of ANY of this? Or all of these things GOOD things?

          1. self-righteous religion”
            (e.g. Church of Sqrls)

            Also, you forgot oikophobia, transnationalism, urban chauvinism and elitism.

            1. And oinkoinkoinkophilia, a love of power pigs, which is the affliction of MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrers planet-wide! Galaxy-wide, and further, actually!

              1. fuck off, spaz

              2. SQRLSY is clarifying that he doesn’t know what “oikophobia” means, and is confused as to whether he’s for or against it.

                1. official SQRLSY gibberish translator = Tulpa! Fuck off, evil Tulpa! You necrophiliac you!

                  Your lies indicate sickness in your soul! You lie for some clearly EVIL reasons, whose details I know not. But you are sick! And the only people who will believe your lies, are your fellow evil people who desperately WANT to believe your lies!
                  To make inroads on curing your illness, getting a good understanding of it, first, helps a LOT! Read this:

                  M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie, the Hope for Healing Human Evil
                  People who are evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. Peck demonstrates the havoc these “people of the lie” work in the lives of those around them.

                  Drowning asshole, WHEN will you gain the smarts and humility required, to clutch at a few straws! That I am offering you for FREE!?!?!

                  1. In my book, The People of the Lie, the Hope for Healing Human Evil, I clearly show that you’re the liar, SQRLSY.

                    After all, you’re the one advancing the fascist narrative about January 6. You’re the one who made poor officer Sicknick into a new Horst Wessel.

                    Invoking me as a cover for your Big Lie, SQRLSY, is making me spin in my grave. Maybe I should haunt you for being everything that I warned against.

                    1. Hi Tulpa! I got an email the other day…

                      “Dear Abby” is a personal friend of mine. She gets some VERY strange letters! For my amusement, she forwards some of them to me from time to time. Here is a relevant one:

                      Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
                      My life is a mess,
                      Even Bill Clinton won’t stain my dress,
                      I whinny seductively for the horses,
                      They tell me my picnic is short a few courses,
                      My real name is Mary Stack,
                      NO ONE wants my hairy crack!
                      On disability, I live all alone,
                      Spend desperate nights by the phone,
                      I found a man named Richard (Dick) Decker,
                      But he won’t give me his hairy pecker!
                      Dick Decker’s pecker is reserved for farm beasts,
                      I am beastly, yes! But my crack’s full of yeasts!

                      So Dear Abby, that’s just a poetic summary… You can read about the Love of my Life, Richard Decker, here:
                      Farmers kept refusing to let him have sex with their animals. So he sought revenge, authorities say.
                      Decker the hairy pecker told me a summary of his story as below:
                      Decker: “Can I have sex with your horse?”
                      Farmer: “Lemme go ask the horse.”
                      Farmer: “My horse says ‘neigh’!”
                      And THAT was straight from the horse’s mouth! I’m not horsin’ around, here, no mare!

                      So Richard Decker the hairy pecker told me that, apparently never even realizing just HOW DEEPLY it hurt me, that he was all interested in farm beasts, while totally ignoring MEEE!!

                      So I thought maybe I could at least liven up my lonely-heart social life, by refining my common interests that I share with Richard Decker… I, too, like to have sex with horses!

                      But Dear Abby, the horses ALL keep on saying “neigh” to my whinnying sexual advances!
                      Some tell me that my whinnying is too whiny… Abby, I don’t know how to fix it!

                      Dear Abby, please don’t tell me “get therapy”… I can’t afford it on my disability check!

                      Now, along with my crack full of yeasts… I am developing anorexia! Some are calling me a “quarter pounder with cheese”, but they are NOT interested at ALL, in eating me!!! They will NOT snack on my crack!

                      What will I DO, Dear Abby?!?!?

                      -Desperately Seeking Horses, Men, or ANYTHING, in Fort Worth,
                      Yours Truly,
                      R Mac / Mary Stack / Tulpa / Mary’s Period / “.” / Satan

                    2. That was pretty clearly M. Scott Peck, Sqrlsy. And it looks like he hates you.

  16. Environmentalism is the religion of peas

    1. I thought it was the religion of watermelons?

    2. Romaine calm.

      1. Or squash the opposition if any turnip.

        1. The potatoes have their eyes on you!

    3. Pretty corny jokes.

      1. Yeah. There have bean better ones.

    4. And you know the best way to get peas?
      With a knife.

    5. Lettuce spray

    6. True Bumper Sticker: “Visualize Whirrled Peas!”

  17. Interesting tidbit about potatoes in France. Good to see that The Science hasn’t changed.

    1. Potatoes can cause a spudden outbreak of leprosy? Sacrebleu!

      1. THIS is what we need to do to that them thar EVIL potatoes! For splendid, sweet REVENGE!!!


        Boil ’em (Potatoes)… Mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew!

        1. Sqrlsy is worshiping a potato, here.

  18. This seems like a good set of incentives to make food really expensive and potentially starve a country to death.

    1. Roll your own.

  19. Jailed wingnut Jan 6 insurrectionist Pauline Bauer says as a “sovereign people” she is above the law and the US government is illegitimate.

    Last year, as her business suffered, Bauer also began to embrace an ideology that appears to comport with the “sovereign citizens” extremist movement’s belief that the U.S. government is illegitimate. Bauer says she is a “sovereign people,” not a sovereign citizen, and refers to herself as “Pauline from the House of Bauer.”

    Bauer has been combative with the judge presiding over her case and claimed the court has no authority over her. She was jailed for one night in June after she refused to answer a magistrate judge’s routine questions. During a recent hearing, she told U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden that she doesn’t want an attorney to represent her “or any lawyering from the bench.”

    “I do not recognize your bar card, sir,” she told McFadden, who appointed a lawyer to act as her standby counsel.


    1. When you lead in a story that includes “Stephen Colbert,” your target audience is double-digit IQ mouth breathers.

      1. But he totally doesn’t push DNC narratives!

        1. Sqrlsy isn’t a Democratic Party mouthpiece!
          It’s just a crazy coincidence that all his opinions match theirs exactly.

    2. I’m the modern era of self identify, shouldn’t someone be allowed to identify as an independent nation? It’s a new gender.

  20. The Biden administration’s latest demonstration of incompetence is probably shaping up to be the tens of thousands of Haitians who have showed up on the border with Texas (many over the last week). The Biden administration is flying them home, but they never should have made it to Texas in the first place.

    “The Biden administration is planning to send home thousands of Haitian migrants who are being held by the U.S. Border Patrol under a bridge in a small South Texas border town, an administration official confirmed . . . .

    He said more than 12,000 people had been brought to the bridge to await processing as of Friday morning—a fresh humanitarian crisis in a year when illegal border crossings have hit a two-decade high and the Biden administration has been struggling to handle a crush of asylum seekers.”


    We’ve been dealing with periodic waves of Haitian refugees since the Reagan administration–with significant measures taken by Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. The thousands we saw show up over the last week are no doubt the beginning of a new trend, and if the Biden wasn’t prepared for this to happen in the aftermath of recent political upheaval and an earthquake in Haiti, then they’re incompetent.

    1. The way to stop having to airlift them back to Haiti is to enlist the Coast Guard–and it’s been that way since 1981. They used to house them in tent camps at Guantanamo.


    2. Vice President Harris already addressed all the issues at the Texas border greater than the Biden-approved four day news cycle max limit. So old news.

      1. Biden just addressed it by sending 400 agents to clear the 12,000 Haitian migrants out of Del Rio, Texas and fly them back to Haiti. He’s promising to send more if needed.


        How bad do you think it would need to get before the Biden administration started building a wall? The Biden administration wouldn’t call it a wall, and if the press covered it at all, they’d call it an infrastructure project or something like that.

        1. The only fix is to end the welfare state in the US. I suppose a Korean DMZ like border might work. But that won’t be built and properly staffed. So back to point 1…pray for the collapse.

          1. There were 12,000 Haitians hanging around underneath this bridge in Texas, and from what I can tell, Homeland Security built a fence around them to keep them there, while they’re being “processed”–which means they’re being flown back to Haiti in groups.

            They’ll build a fence around them, but they won’t build a wall–because that would be wrong.

            1. Perhaps they are contemplating this…sitting on the fence, if you will.

    3. Biden’s handlers are the ones organizing the migration of these Haitians

  21. The military is stating the killing of 11 Afghanistan citizens, 7 children, as a self defense strike.

    “Let me be clear: This was a self-defense strike taken under self-defense rules of engagement based on an imminent threat to attack us,” McKenzie said. “That is not the way that we would strike in an OTH mission going into Afghanistan against ISIS-K targets.”

    This is the same tact they used to defense themselves against murdering ashli babbitt.

    White Mike and Jeff will be by shortly to agree with the state.

    1. McKenzie continued: “For one thing, that will not be a self-defense strike, it will be done under different rules of engagement, and we will have a lot more opportunity, probably, than we had under this extreme time pressure to look at the target — to use a phrase that you’ll be familiar with, to soak the target with multiple platforms — to have an opportunity to develop an extended pattern of life. None of these things were available to us given the urgent and pressing nature given the imminent threat to our forces.”

      The same rationale as the jan 6th shooting.

      Citizens of course can not make these claims. See Rittenhouse or Perry (national guard member/uber driver in Austin) who were arrested and arraigned despite video showing them acting in self defense.

    2. This is bizarre even for you. There is precious little that is similar between drone-striking completely innocent people, and prosecuting individuals associated with a riot.

      And by the way I completely disagree with the drone strike.

      1. Whats bizarre? My understanding of how both the Capitol Police and the army invoked self defense and a vague sense of lack of information and confusion to justify it?

        Are you illiterate jeff?

      2. Jeff’s hoping that by declaring it “bizarre” everyone will ignore the correlations.

      3. He wasn’t talking about the prosecutions, he was talking about the killing of an unarmed protestor.

  22. I would think Reason would be interested in the origins of the Trump/Russia narrative being formulated by the Clinton campaign through Fusion and their law firm. Reason pushed the narrative blindly despite a lot of this being known back in 2016. Latest indictment just confirmed the process.


    1. Trump and the Russian mob have colluded since the 90s

      Robert Mueller did not find collusion to steal the 2016 election—but he did find evidence of collusion to try to make money. Sater and Cohen did the work on the ground, rubbing elbows with oligarchs and Russian-government entities.

      In sworn testimony before Congress, Cohen left no doubt about who was ultimately in charge: “To be clear, Mr. Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it.”

      There was good reason to lie, given the cast of characters involved. On October 9, 2015, before Trump had even signed the letter of intent, Sater wrote that he was meeting with Andrey Molchanov, a former member of the Russian senate who controlled a plot of land that could work for the tower. Three days later, Sater claimed the chairman of VTB, a Kremlin-controlled bank on which the U.S. imposed sanctions, was “on board” with the project. A spokesperson for VTB said the bank never dealt with Sater or his affiliates in Russia. Ultimately, Sater secured an invitation to Russia from a different bank, days after it had also landed on the U.S. sanctions list.


      1. That was completely debunked way back in the fall of 2019.

        1. Some here insist on continuing lies after they have been brought into the light.

  23. Mitt Romney has become the sane voice in the GOP:

    Mitt Romney Slams Tucker Carlson Over Viktor Orbán Trip: ‘Hungary, Model for America?’

    “Orbán censors the media in his country, ignores the will of the people in elections, amasses wealth for himself and his cronies. Hungary is ranked as one of the least free, least democratic countries in the developed world,” the senator said.

    “Hungary, model for America?”

    Orbán’s government has been widely criticized for entrenching his political party, Fidesz, in the country’s institutions and for undermining democracy and the free press in Hungary.

    Carlson visited the Hungarian capital of Budapest in August and his prime time was broadcast from the country for a week. He also interviewed Orbán on Fox News and praised the prime minister.

    Well done, Willard.

    1. buttplug gets a woody thinking about all of Mitt’s grandkids.

      1. Buttplug has binders full of children.

    2. Buttplug is pushing Pierre Delecto now, but he swears he’s libertarian. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

    3. SPB if you support Romney, you might as well support the Clintonian elites that corrupted your preferred party. They are part of the same group of Elites that intend to ruin our country, and you are helping them with your Tribal BS.

      1. Is it possible to support Romney’s position on one issue without supporting everything that Romney ever did or said? You know, kinda like supporting a few of Trump’s policies without falling in love with the Cult of Trump? That sort of thing.

        1. Is that how you claim to be a libertarian? You support one single libertarian position on open borders so you claim that mantra instead of the far left mantra of everything else you hold dear?

          1. Open borders also happens to be a communist position

            1. For Communists, open borders function like a one-way valve.

        2. “Is it possible to support Romney’s position on one issue without supporting everything that Romney ever did or said?”

          Yes absolutely. However SPB said that Romney was the “Sane Voice”- that is endorsing the man, not a specific argument.

          But it is telling that you would jump in to defend a pedophile with this non-sequitor and deflection to Trump. This is why I stopped arguing with you years ago.

          1. * Sorry, months ago.

  24. San Francisco democrat mayor has a mind boggling defense of her hypocrisy.

    “My drink was sitting at the table. I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask,” Breed explained. “I was thinking about having a good time and in the process I was following the health orders.”

    Breed added, she and fellow club-goers “don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

    “The fact that this story became about me and less about the artists and nightlife, which I will continue to enjoy in San Francisco, is very unfortunate,” she told reporters.

    1. That’s pretty fucking bold, given that SHE’S THE ONE WHO TOLD THE FUN POLICE TO GO MICROMANAGE PEOPLE.

  25. What on the actual fuck is this.

    The judges wrote that the attorneys defending the law failed to prove that it “would have been enacted in its present form if it did not tend to discriminate against African American voters.”

    Liberal judges are now demanding proof of non discriminatory intent despite precedence requiring proof of such. They are asking to prove a negative to make even minor changes to voting laws that democrats oppose. This is madness.


    This is the opposite of how the law works. But liberals don’t give a fuck about norms.

    1. They noted that they did not find that any individual lawmaker supporting the voter-ID law “harbors any racial animus or hatred towards African American voters,” but rather that the legislature’s Republican majority targeted those voters because they were more likely to be Democrats.

      In a dissenting opinion, Judge Nathaniel Poovey wrote that the evidence presented during the three-week trial did not support a finding that the state legislature “acted with racially discriminatory intent.” He noted that the measure was a bipartisan one “that was supported along the way by multiple African American legislators.”

    2. To make matters worse… voter ID was actually enshrined in the NC constitution making the ruling even more egregious.


    3. The North American judicial system is cancerous and always has been. From Dred Scott to phony political bullshit like this.

      There’s got to be a better method of interpreting law and dispensing justice.

      1. It is just mond boggling that they don’t even hide it anymore. It is now judicial politics openly and the major newspapers are hailing it as a righteous decision.

        1. It doesn’t take much to “mond boggle” JesseBahnFuhrer, the high school dorp-out who keeps right on dorping out!

          1. Hi folks, I’m here to help!

            “dorping, dorp-out” = “Graduated and I’m jealous”

            1. Looks like “official SQRLSY gibberish translator” is “mond boggled” ass well ass intellectually handicapped! SAVE the endangered asses; donate NOW!!!

              1. It may just look like “bloop-beep-ding” to humans, but these are actually cries of rage that he’s making.

      2. “There’s got to be a better method of interpreting law and dispensing justice.”

        Expert Christian Theologian MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer will be happy to run a theocracy to rule us all!

        Hey Mamma the Highly Esteemed, Expert Christian Theologian!
        Have you figured out yet, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Many of us are waiting with bated breath!

        Also, how is Your Followership building up? I mean, for Your “Expert Theologians for Worshipful Methods of Identity Theft”? Where do we subscribe to Your Newsletter?

        1. jeffsarc imagines there’s some fight here, but we’re just living in his spacious head rent free next to his tiny pea brain.

          1. He is drunk as usual. If don quixote was a piece of shit drug addict who drank non stop, you’d have sarc. Always tilting at windmills while thinking he is a hero.

        2. “MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer”

          This is tough so we’ll have to break it up.
          “Marxist” = Sqsly’s political allegiance
          “Mammary” = Tit’s. Sqrlsy’s never touched a human pair (he wasn’t breastfed) but has fondled his cat’s. He’s a little frightened of them.
          “BahnFuhrer” = Railway captain

          Nope. Still doesn’t make any sense.

          “Also, how is Your Followership building up? I mean, for Your “Expert Theologians for Worshipful Methods of Identity Theft”? Where do we subscribe to Your Newsletter?”

          This is much clearer, Sqrlsy is attempting to solicit for prostitution.

  26. The end of every day is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild and declare yourself to that special someone. A simple goodnight message can bring a smile, but a very passionate and romantic phrase is even better!

  27. Too bad for sqrlsy/jeff/sarc and buttplug/tony/molly the rally went on peacefully, more cops and reporters than anyone. Seems the left wingers here love to gin up the hate more than anyone. They love cops when they are protecting them, not anyone else.

    Big fail for democrats once again. And reason koch still hasn’t talked about people in jail/solitary for 8 months with no bail.

    1. “Big fail for democrats once again.”

      Oh bullshit! Artie the Smarty had a Party, but nobody came! “Artie” here, in case you didn’t notice, is the Trumpturds!

      Oh BTW… SEND MORE MONEY till it hurts!!! Send lawyers, guns, AND money, cum to think of shit!

      MyPillow Guy Punts Timeline for Trump Retaking Power as Conspiracy Theories Get Wackier


      The Lord Trump didn’t return to us as scheduled, but the Second Coming is now re-scheduled. You can TRUST us THIS time, for sure!

      The Lord Trump DID return to us faithful ones, but He did it in an invisible way! Hold strong in your Faith in Him!

      The Lord Trump didn’t return to us yet, this is true! It only did NOT happen because YOU were not faithful enough, and didn’t send Him enough donations!

      The Lord Trump didn’t return to us yet, but He DID miraculously protect us all from the VERY worst forces of Evil, which is Der BidenFuhrer! Hold fast in your Faith… Lord Trump will come back VERY soon now! Especially if you send more money!

      The Lord Trump moves in Mysterious Ways! All will be revealed SOON! Especially if you have Enough Faith to DONATE till it HURTS!

      1. This is an invocation of the Rain Gods and a warding chant against devils. Sqrlsy is very credulous and superstitious.

        You can see he calls for the assistance of the Beast, and the Democratic high priests at Salon in his supplication.

        1. I welcome the help of ANYONE who will save us from the TrumpTurds and Trumpanzees, as they seek to devour democracy! And replace it with mobocracy, or worse! (As long as they don’t try to do even worse than Der TrumpfenFuhrer, but that’s kinda hard to imagine, at times).

          Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

          The above is mostly strictly factual, with very little editorializing. When I post it, the FACTS never get refuted… I only get called names. But what do you expect from morally, ethically, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt Trumpturds?

          1. fuck off spastic TDS-addled piece of shit; you’re stupid and confused

          2. SQRLSY’s hoping that if he calls everyone else a lying fascist, they won’t notice that he’s lying and being a fascist.

            1. Is sqrlsy a fed?
              Makes sense

        2. more spaz, more flags!
          Fuck off and die, asshole.

      2. Fuck off, spastic piece of shit

        1. Sevo the Pedo, whining crybaby, once threatened to take me to the courts of Government Almighty!

          Let’s see now, Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo the Pedo, wearing a speedo… Apparently what the law supposedly prohibits (IF you do NOT have enough money and lawyers to defend yourself)… Is making “credible threats” against others online! So, apparently, making threats to reveal more truths about the predatory nature of the pedo habits of Sevo the Pedo ***IS*** a credible threat!
          Did you think all of this through, Sevo the Pedo, with your LONG, well-documented history of being one of the biggest, most empty-headed, unfounded-accusation-makers in Gay ol’ San Fran, and on Reason.com? A hundreds-of-years-old English-style legal presumption is that one gets to confront (challenge, ask questions of) one’s accuser. Are you ready to reveal your REAL ID to all of the decent people that you have pissed off, for no other reason other than keeping on satisfying your sadistic trolling boner?
          Might as well reveal your real ID NOW, Sevo the Pedo! Get it over with!

          PS, precedence doesn’t favor Your lost cause, whining crybaby… See Elon Musk and pedo lawsuit… https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50695593 … Elon Musk wins defamation case over ‘pedo guy’ tweet about caver

          1. fuck off spastic piece of shit; you’re stupid and confused

            1. Go whine and cry to the courts of Government Almighty some more, totally self-centered whiner, crybaby, and prima donna!

              Did I hurt Your Precious Baby Feelings?!?! Awwww!!! There, there, now!

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              Now, I have NO “deep pockets” and I hate to bring this up, for fear of too-deeply “tapping” the pockets of Reason.com…

              But… IF by any chance, my generous offer is NOT enough to assuage your DEEPLY offended feelings… And maybe you are seriously contemplating some SERIOUSLY destructive vengeance, such as Holding Your Breath till such time as the Very World Itself implodes… Then I Truly Beseech Ye, don’t DO that! Not quite yet! First, send an email to Reason.com… I have written a draft for YE:

              To: SQRLSY_One_Has_Hurt_My_Deepest_Feelings@Reason.com

              Reason! SQRLSY One has HURT MEEE, Deeply! SQRLSY One has offered to sing ME some stupid, hurtful sing-along, ding-a-dong song, and to bring ME a warmed-up ba-ba, but it is NOT enough to make even the TINIEST dent in MY DEEPLY Hurt Feelings!

              Accordingly (with the writing-assistance of MY attorney), please be advised that the hurtful statements of SQRLSY One has caused ME to require, for MY “medically required” recovery:

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              That comes up to around-about $137,538.27! So PAY UP, or else!

              Yours Truly,
              A Truly and Deeply Hurt, Long-Suffering VICTIM!!!
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              1. Spaz flags for the spasitc asshole!

              2. SQRLSY’s confused Sevo for a girl, as women are always telling him to fuck off too, so this is actually an awkward attempt to woo.

                He thinks that girls are like his mom, and will appreciate the talk about crystals and therapy.

      3. https://www.newsweek.com/trumps-waning-influence-shown-very-small-crowd-size-justice-j6-rally-ted-lieu-1630502

        Read and heed! Evil TrumpTurds going DOWN, to where they belong!!! Roast in polls-and-electoral-traction Hell, evil bastards!

        1. Got you spun up again. fatty sarc sqrlsy eats shit.

          1. Hey faggotty faggot homo!
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            Is there an adult in the room?

            1. More asshole spaz, more flag

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                Some fierce and brave Truth-Speakers-Wannabes are actually whining little crybabies who want to run to Big Mommy Government Almighty’s courts of law, every time that someone hurts their precious little baby FEELINGS, right, Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo-the-Pedo, Hippo wearing a Speedo?

                1. SQRLSY is trying to hit on Sevo.
                  SQRLSY’s not actually gay, but since Sevo addresses him in the same manner as real life girls do, with hatred and swearing, he’s a little confused.

                2. Yet more spaz from the spastic asshole! Yet more flags, steaming pile of shit.

        2. Sqrlsy’s not sure, but he thinks that nobody going to the rally that Trump told everyone was a Democratic Party set up, and not to go to, is some sort of indication that people aren’t listening to him.
          thefederalist (dot) com/2021/09/16/in-exclusive-interview-trump-calls-sept-18-rally-a-setup-says-gop-senate-should-fire-disaster-mcconnell/

          SQRLSY’s a little thick.

          1. Speaking of stupid, deluded fools… Y’all are still sending your money to the Rip-Off Artist In Chief, right?

            ‘A complete rip-off’: Campaign-finance experts puzzled and stunned by Trump camp’s reported ‘money-bomb’ ploy

            1. SQRLSY knows that the New York Times withdrew most of its allegations almost five months ago, to what is now and old and discredited story.
              But SQRLSY isn’t very honest, so he hopes some of you don’t look at the date and are fooled.

              1. Der TrumpfenFuhrer is now “and” old and discredited story.

                And YOU are “and” idiot! Sprechen or written ye Engraisch, kindergarten dorp-out?

                1. Asshole spaz, one more flag.
                  Fuck off and die.

                2. So you posted an old story that turned out to have been exposed as bullshit two years ago, and now you’re pretending that wasn’t what you meant.
                  You’re such dishonest garbage.

                  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/campaign-finance-experts-stunned-by-trump-camps-reported-money-bomb-2021-4 … Look, dipshit, it’s right in the link! 2021-4 means April of this year! That means that this story was refuted almost 1.5 years BEFORE it was written, per YOUR lies! Now WHO is the moronic liar here?

                    I hereby pre-refute everything that you are going to say or write for the next 1,000 years, MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer! Your thousand-year Reich is hereby revoked and annulled!

                  2. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-campaign-donations-refunds/

                    Did the Trump Campaign Have To Issue Refunds for Recurring Donations?
                    A report by The New York Times outlines Trump donors who were surprised to find their bank accounts drained.

                    Rated a solid “true”!

                    Lying bitch! EVERYTHING that ALL the media says (if it isn’t Alex Jones or the voices and vices in your head) is FALSE, isn’t it, paranoid whack job? Paranoia will destroy ya! Get help now!

              2. “…But SQRLSY isn’t very honest,..”

                You misspelled “pathological liar”. turd may be worse, but spaz’ TDS affliction is sufficient to make up any difference.

        3. Don’t go to the faux “MAGA rally” this weekend in DC, folks

          http://www.facebook (dot) com/amy.d.johnston.9/posts/10158757113123983

          1. Yeah, the obviousness of the setup makes me laugh.

            Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec

            Select all squares with FED
            If there are none click skip


            Expect to see more of these ops from the establishment as we get closer to the midterms. They’re looking for an excuse to crack down on the people.

          2. You have taken on a difficult task.
            Most codes can be broken in that they are intended to transmit coherent information. Like trueman, Spaz has no such intent at all; this is a spastic piece of TDS-addled shit whose intent (assuming there ever was one) is to impress a reader with an attempt at “clever” or “humorous”.
            How this raging asshole ever assumed anyone would examine the piles of shit s/he delivers for any value simply suggests a narcissism beyond imagining and an equal stupidity.

            1. Wow, what literary talent and rapier wit! Let’s see if I can match or exceed it, with some OTHER brilliantly smart comments that I have created just now!

              Fuck off, spaz!
              You eat shit, you said so yourself!
              You’re a racist Hitler-lover!
              Take your meds!
              That’s so retarded!
              You’re a Marxist!
              Your feet stink and you don’t love Trump!
              Your source is leftist, so it must be false!
              Trump rules and leftists drool!
              You are SOOO icky-poo!
              But Goo-Goo-Gah-Gah!

              Wow, I am now 11 times as smart and original as you are!

              1. No, you’re still a hatemongering retard, pushing Big Lies for the Democratic Party.

  28. The “Justice for J6” rally is over, and life afterwards seems to have returned to normal. No riots. No violence. No attempts to overthrow the government. Instead, it appears to have been a peaceful demonstration by people claiming that many of those charged with rioting on January 6 are being treated unfairly. I know progressives often feel like it’s violence when people say things they don’t like, but it isn’t.

    The idea that the significance of January 6 has been overplayed by the news media and the government was probably underscored, today, by the unnecessary call up of the National Guard, the hundreds of riot police in attendance, the steel barriers they erected, and the sheer number of journalists–all in fear of average Americans peacefully protesting on the National Mall?

    Police and journalists reportedly outnumbered the protesters by a long shot. If the Biden administration had treated the Taliban on August 15th like they treated the peaceful protesters at the “Justice for J6” rally today, maybe there wouldn’t be so many Americans trapped in Afghanistan. And if the progressives in the Biden administration and the media weren’t so contemptuous of the average Americans who peacefully expressed their opinions at the “Justice for J6” rally today, maybe they wouldn’t look like a bunch of pants-shitting ninnies.

    1. Of course Ken. The government should have given the benefit of the doubt to today’s right wing protesters. Because just look at what happened last time there was a big right wing protest at the Capitol

      1. “just look at what happened last time there was a big right wing protest at the Capitol”

        Far less than every left-wing protest in the Capitol area for the previous four years?

      2. Or just shoot them all.

        chemjeff radical individualist
        February.9.2021 at 8:56 am
        Flag Comment Mute User
        What is there to talk about?

        From a libertarian perspective, Ashli Babbett was trespassing, and the officers were totally justified to shoot trespassers. Again from a libertarian perspective, the officers would have been justified in shooting every single trespasser. That would not have been wise or prudent, of course.

        They were all trespassers trying to be where they weren’t supposed to be.

        1. Disgusting display of inhumanity.

        2. He really doesn’t understand that the Capitol is supposed to be the most public place in America.

          1. “Understanding” assumes a level of intelligence such that distinctions are recognized.
            Ken, months ago, pointed out that sarc, jeff, turd, shitstain, spaz and others are certainly dishonest, but that is a symptom, not a cause. These stupid pieces of shit simply have not the mental ability to differentiate between the lies they are telling and the reality surrounding them.
            Yes, of course they are lying! That goes without saying: Try to find ONE turd post which is not a lie! Please! Well, don’t bother…
            But while it might be worthwhile to correct their lies for anyone not familiar with them, it has exactly zero effect on them; they are too abysmally stupid to understand a difference between reality and their fantasies. They imagine all of us are subject to and repeat *our* fantasies; the concept of an objective reality differentiated from an internal fantasy is a mystery to them.
            They remain the assholic pieces of stupid shit they are and not a one of them shows any desire to change.

        3. It really shouldn’t surprise us to see progressives rationalize treating peaceful protesters like the Taliban–when they’re advocating the shooting of unarmed protesters for trespassing on public property.

          Progressives really are America’s most horrible people.

          1. “…Progressives really are America’s most horrible people.”

            sarc, unable to differentiate (as a result of mental inabilities) will claim this to be a call to “MURDER!!!!” on your part.
            Shitstain, turd, jeff, and Mike will agree.

      3. “…The government should have given the benefit of the doubt to today’s right wing protesters. Because just look at what happened last time there was a big right wing protest at the Capitol”

        Yeah, a cop murdered an un-armed woman, you slimy pile of shit.

      4. 10’s of thousands of people peacefully protested outside the capitol?

    2. While it is probable the news media interviewed the protestors, the only one shown on tonite’s NBC news was a counter-protestor who decried “millions in damages, 100 police injured, and they want there to be no consequences.” I don’t really know anyone on the right side of the political equation who has said there should be “no consequences” but let that lie continue to be spread.

    3. “…If the Biden administration had treated the Taliban on August 15th like they treated the peaceful protesters at the “Justice for J6” rally today, maybe there wouldn’t be so many Americans trapped in Afghanistan…”

      Pretty much a tell on droolin’ Joes handlers.

  29. My name’s invoked eleven times and I haven’t even said anything.

    You losers are obsessed.

    Get help.

    1. And now you show up and say nothing anyway.
      Fuck off, loser.

    2. “Are you guys paying attention to me? I’m not obsessed, you’re obsessed!”


        I’m seriously laughing my as off, could there be anyone more pathetic? sarcasmic is truly a top producing lolcow.

        1. Hey, if you are not obsessed with your position as the most victimized piece of shit on the Reason web site, what could possibly be more important?
          *NOTHING* in life matters more than that to, uh, well, uh……………. See below, TDS-addled asshole.
          There was some (probably sock) piece of shit whining that I show up here every day at some time or other to point out that lefty shits are lefty shits. Yes I do, most days and don’t bother whining that spaz, shitstain, KAR don’t like me calling them on their bullshit, but simply call them on it.
          The lot of you: Make the world a better place! Tell your dog where you are to be interred so the dog knows where to take a shit, fuck off and die.

        2. Says the guy who literally searched through archives in a failed attempt to appease the voices in his head calling me a leftist.

          1. Lol, when did I ever do that?

            So many people here hate your guts that you’re starting to confuse us with each other.

    3. Dumb fag is still dumb.

  30. “Dr. Mark Young @MarkYoungTruth

    Today @JoeBiden told us that he needs to monitor all bank accounts with over $600, in order to catch tax cheating billionaires, because everyone knows that if you have $600 in the bank you must be a billionaire.”


    1. “Miketr1 @Miketr1
      Replying to @MarkYoungTruth

      Does the ACLU exist anymore? Or do they hibernate until a Repub admin”


    2. Maybe they each have over a million bank accounts. Just imagine how many free toasters they got.

  31. Even the experts can’t tell the difference between a $10 bottle and a $1000 bottle.

  32. As to the first policy, Reason continues its shameful agitating for the Left. The complaint against CRP appears to be: why isn’t it permanent. That is, take the land out of production indefinitely, so those nasty producers can’t cycle it back in based on consumer demand, that it may forever rest as wilderness for tree huggers to fellate. A libertarian commentator should instead be doubting why our government is paying private landowners for a particular non-productive use of their land.

    As to the second policy, cultural chauvinism is the essence of being French. Their crap is better, even though its crap, in their view. Stupid policies like economic protectionism tend to follow.

  33. https://twitter.com/_evelynrae/status/1439102631738167301?s=19

    A very dark day in Australian history. I can’t believe it has got to this point. #Melbourne #Australia [video]

    ** This is the freedom rally protest in Melbourne today.

    This scene looks all too familiar… [video]

  34. https://twitter.com/DrewHolden360/status/1439310630276767745?s=19


    Today’s “Justice for J6” rally consisted mostly of reporters, cops & FBI agents, fizzling out in about an hour.

    But in the last few days, the corporate press fearmongered constantly about it.

    Will they follow up now that it, unsurprisingly, amounted to nothing?


    1. “I hope the dozens of attendees from today’s Justice for J6 rally make it safely back to their desks at the FBI.”

    2. They scheduled it for the weekend so they get time and a half.

    1. Creepy.

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