Joe Biden

Toddler-Masking Biden Says Governors Are 'Playing Politics With the Lives of…Children'

The president bemoans the incivility of politics while accusing Republicans of being "cavalier" about the potential for dead kids.


On September 10, President Joe Biden lamented to a group of Washington, D.C., middle schoolers that political disputes in 2021 have become far too nasty.

"One of the lessons I hope our students can unlearn is that politics doesn't have to be this way," Biden said. "Politics doesn't have to be this way. They're growing up in an environment where they see it's…like a war, like a bitter feud….I mean, it's not how we are. It's not who we are as a nation. And it's not how we beat every other crisis in our history. We got to come together."

When an elected executive complains that politics is too much like war, the prudent thing to do is to do reach for your flak jacket. And sure enough, literally in the preceding paragraph, the president implied that some GOP politicians don't care overmuch if their constituents die.

"Look, I'm so disappointed that particularly some Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids, so cavalier with the health of their communities," Biden said. "We're playing for real here. This isn't a game. And I don't know of any scientist out there in this field that doesn't think it makes considerable sense to do the six things I've suggested" as a path out of the pandemic.

Table that "I don't know of any scientist" whopper for later, and fast forward to last night. Perhaps because his previous accusations didn't attract much attention from the nodding-along media, Biden again trained his rhetorical howitzers onto GOP electeds.

"Republican governors in states like Texas and Florida are doing everything they can to undermine the public health requirements that keep people safe," the president tweeted. "They're playing politics with the lives of their citizens, especially children. I refuse to give in to it."

Everything about this tweet is terrible.

Take just the "especially children" part. The only thing "especially" about children and COVID-19 is that children are especially unlikely to get seriously sick or die from it, regardless of their governor's party affiliation. Just 439 of the 658,754 people in the United States who have died from the coronavirus have been under age 18, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That's 0.07 percent, or one out of every 1,500 people.

Even as vaccinations, unavailable to those under 12, have become widespread, and the more infectious delta variant has become the dominant strain, minors are still blessedly underrepresented in COVID death numbers: 146 out of 97,071 since April 1, or 0.15 percent. Kids are 23.1 percent of the United States population, one out of every 4.3 people, and even during the delta/vaccination period, they have accounted for just one out of every 665 COVID deaths. The virus is still unlikely to crack the top 10 causes of pediatric fatalities this year, lagging far behind car crashes, drowning, suffocation, drug overdoses, cancer, malignant neoplasm, and heart disease.

Ah, I can hear some parents retort (literally, in the case of a Washington Post scare story Thursday), "It doesn't matter how small the numbers are….Even if the numbers are really small, you still keep thinking it could be yours." But upper-middle-class neurosis (and the journalism amplifying it) should not drive pandemic policy; rational risk assessment should.

This is where Biden's incantation of science comes in. The president in his remarks last week, using a rhetorical and policy playbook seen most heavily in Democratic-run blue states such as California and New York, nodded toward the zero-COVID neuroses of his party's donor base, before selling as scientific a school-masking policy more restrictive than almost any other industrialized country.

"Now, for any parent, it doesn't matter how low the risk of any illness is when it could happen to your child," Biden said. "But we all know, if schools follow the science…and implement safety measures like vaccinations, testing, masking, then children can be safe in schools, safe from COVID-19."

As Jacob Sullum has documented, there are scientists all over the United States and United Kingdom and Western Europe who do not agree with the CDC that masking kids in group settings beginning at age 2 has a demonstrably positive effect on stopping the spread of COVID-19, let alone one large enough to offset the costs in learning, communication, and emotional well-being.

The president is saying explicitly that kids in unmasked environments are unsafe. That would mean every student in Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, Iowa, Tennessee, and Georgia, for starters, plus most in "the U.K., Ireland, all of Scandinavia, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy." Aside from the factual unlikelihood, what kind of message does that convey to parents nervous about sending their kids back into school buildings?

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has been saying for months that he "fear[s]" a continuation of remote learning, that "we're going to do everything in our power" to avoid it, because "We know there's no substitute for in-person learning. We know there's no substitute for that social interaction that our little ones need." And now his boss is telling parents not only that their kids are in jeopardy, but that the people in charge of K-12 policy in some states "are doing everything they can to undermine the public health requirements that keep people safe."

There is something extra rich about Biden and Cardona accusing Republicans of elevating political concerns over the well-being of kids. One of the main reasons why certain Democratic-run school districts, cities, states, and now the federal government have enacted some of the world's most restrictive and inflexible school-reopening policies is that A) teachers unions have far more clout in the United States than, say, France, and B) those same teachers unions overwhelmingly have pull with Democratic politicians, who are recipients of 94 percent of their political donations.

And Biden's CDC in particular has repeatedly allowed teachers unions to influence what are supposedly scientific recommendations about masking and reopening requirements. As usual, when a politician says something like "We've got to come together," what he really means is "You've got to agree with my contestable policies, which I've arrived at by the usual unholy alliances with interest groups."

Biden's tweet last night received the usual applause from the types of commentators and journalists who enjoy rewriting the Florida governor's last name as "DeathSantis" (though probably less so from those who used to call Andrew Cuomo "Governor Granny-Killer"). But as someone who frequently "believes that both sides are wrong," I'd like to make a gentle suggestion about the political rhetoric of dastardly intent.

There's an important difference between arguing over life-and-death policies, and accusing your debate opponent of consciously choosing the door marked "Death." Those growing number of people who enjoy that second tactic have abandoned persuasion for stigmatizing, truth seeking for in-group validation. It's fine I guess for some schmo on Twitter (if for no other reason than that tells me to mute them), but it's an awful look for the head of any government's executive branch.

Gov. Ron DeSantis does not want to kill your children. Nor does Biden, nor does Gov. Gavin Newsom (D–Calif.), nor does Gov. Greg Abbott (R–Texas). They each have embraced different COVID-19 policies worth criticizing vigorously, and those policies could affect death numbers (though almost certainly less so than their critics contend). But thinking seriously that any of these people wake up in the morning and choose sickness is not thinking seriously.

In closing, people will die!

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  1. I am officially referring to this disease as KAREN-19 from here on out. Who’s with me?

    1. I thought that was JFree’s nick already.

      1. I still call him Chicken Little.

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        2. When I saw the headline to this article, for a moment I thought it was proclaimed that governors thought. Idea was like. Toddler and were masking him.

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      2. JSlave covers it for me.

        1. You just don’t realize how much more efficacious it would be for you to eat shit than to eat sheep dip.

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    2. We all just got an email about this from Karen in HR. “No. And wear your double mask.”

      1. Now it’s a double-double mask mandate mandate. Gotta wear 4 masks simultaneously. It makes you 4 times as safe. No, you’re still not allowed to go outside.

        1. Can you triple stamp a double mask? Or are their eraseys?

        2. There has been at least one article out there reviewing the randomized trials of mask wearing, and they don’t provide evidence mask wearing helps.

          The FDA/CDC plays a game with us. E.G. Fauci said there’s no evidence HCQ helps Covid patients, which is true only if your standard of evidence is a double blind human trial of sufficient size to statistically prove it, because many doctors treating the virus early on, plus many of their patients, say differently. What Fauci didn’t say, was he had no evidence that HCQ isn’t effective; thus, being disingenuous and suggesting HCQ doesn’t work.

          Yet when it came to masking, he ignored the randomized controlled trials (which cannot be double blind either because you know if you’re wearing a mask or not; thus, the cohort group you are in) and instead used unproven hypothesis that “it makes sense that two masks are better than one” in reducing aerosol droplet levels around wearers of masks. His hypothesis ignores the science, and other hypothesis that mask wearers touch their face as a result more, that people are less careful about washing their hands when wearing masks, or are less careful about distancing.

          What really pisses me off, is Fauci funded the creation of the virus, said it was better to do in China than in Ft. Dietrick, and that the risk of a pandemic was worth it in the hope that doing the research would teach us something about preventing them (yeah, like maybe we shouldn’t do it) and Fauci played it to get rid of Trump because he harmed the Big Pharma, FDA, CDC medical complex that enriches Big Pharma, politicians and bureaucrats like Fauci. Biden of course rewarded him for helping get Biden elected. Trump at least put Fauci out front, allowing him to discredt himself and show the public what bureaucrats do to us.

          Fauci’s hubris lead to millions of deaths, yet he didn’t want people to die either. I suppose he thought China would contain an outbreak rather than corner the market on PPE and other stuff we’d need in the pandemic, to take advantage of the crisis.

    3. When liberals take away your freedom to choose they aren’t liberal anymore.

      1. I struggled with this at my previous office. They asked me one time what my political leanings were and I answered “classical liberal or libertarian”. In my Karen-Conservative office that did it, they began treating me as if I were a pariah, and if I was a progressive. I tried to explain what classical liberalism really was. It didn’t matter to them, the fact that progressives claimed to be liberals was all they needed to know.
        During the BLM riots they were positive I would support the BLM movement. I tried explaining that no, I supported legal reform, such as not criminalizing everything, and no we didn’t need a law for that (whatever the subject was) but opposed depolicing, while also supporting some police reforms. That I supported most police officers, and felt most were tasked with a trying job and often were overworked. That it should be easier to fire bad cops, so we needed public union reform. They agreed bad cops gave good cops bad names, and that it frustrated most cops.
        They agreed that we over criminalized to many things, that we didn’t need a law for every case. But they still argued that BLM was wrong and I was wrong to support it. I would protest I didn’t support BLM, and especially the riots. It didn’t matter, they classified me as siding with them and even brought up that I called myself a liberal. I said no I called myself a classical liberal like Jefferson, Madison, Paine etc. They didn’t get the analogy. It got so bad I finally had to stop joining them on coffee break. I complained to my superior, but to little avail. Others in the building had similar experiences. Now instead, when people ask me I either say libertarian leaning conservative or more accurately Constitutional conservative (with strong libertarian and federalist leanings).

        1. Fucking squirrels this wasn’t meant for here.

          1. Sorry fucking squirrels again. My above comment wasn’t meant for here either.

          2. I don’t know where these posts were supposed to go but I’m real curious and would like to know the back story.

            1. This post is where it was supposed to go, the post saying it wasn’t was misplaced by the fucking squirrels.

        2. Never reveal your politics, pay grade or religion.

        3. Yup. Summer 2020 was really an eye opener for me. At that one moment when the whole country was ready for reforms, the antifa assholes and their sympathizers began turning peaceful protests into riots. That snatched defeat from the laws of victory and ensured we would spend another year with nothing ever getting done.

          1. If the problem got fixed they’d lose the job of complaining about it.

          2. That snatched defeat from the laws of victory and ensured we would spend another decade with nothing ever getting done.


            1. Decade, who is the optimist here? How long have we been fighting over border security reform, at least since 1986.

              1. Based on that example I predict it will take several decades if ever.

          3. Never getting anything done?
            Australia is already building concentration camps.
            There never were any anti lockdown riots, like a free people would be morally bound to engage in, because they were preempted by blmantifa.
            We live in a totalitarian one party state now that barely veils its control over you.
            They accomplished exactly what they set out to get done.

    4. The amazing thing is that there is zero evidence support effectiveness and lots of evidence showing little to no effectiveness. It’s insane to listen to these mask freaks act like they are being rational.

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  2. Senile Joe spews his left wing hatred at people before his shits his diaper. Whoever voted for that tired sick old man is to blame.


      1. Where can I get a yard sign?

        1. I’m making my own this weekend.

        2. Amazon sells low cost fuck Biden flags and signs.

          Your welcome.

          1. Fuck Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

        3. I have business cards printed with Franklin’s safety/liberty quote and Voltaire’s free speech quote and leave them at restaurants, convenience stores, businesses etc.. my 26yr old son has a friend who found one and carries it with him. Small effort, I know, but it’s something.

      2. Be careful, Joe may try to sniff you.

      3. Haha. Exactly, and keep your children away from him no matter what Matt Welch says!

        1. Start making money this time… Spend more time with your family & relatives by doing jobs that only require you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. HYx Start bringing up to $65,000 to $70,000 a month. I’ve started this job and earn a handsome income and now I am exchanging it with you, so you can do it too.

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      1. You are a cruel, sick, asshole, doing something that vile to a poor, innocent, defenseless possum.

  3. “And I don’t know of any scientist out there in this field that doesn’t think it makes considerable sense to do the six things I’ve suggested” – Biden

    The question is how many of those scientists does he know to begin with. Probably a few at best.

    1. It’s a very Trumpian statement. “They’re all saying it. I’m hearing this from everyone.”

    2. He knows 0 scientists, so this statement is true.

      1. It’s hard to know scientists when you don’t know what you had for breakfast or how old you are.

        Biden *does* know that he likes diddling little girls though. He remembers that much. This is how I know Tara Reade was lying. Joe Biden never would have forcibly finger fucked her! She was *way* too old for him.

        1. Or who the president is while you are sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.

  4. Lol, who are you kidding, Joe.

    With a few notable exceptions, the GOP have been exceptionally cowardly in challenging the establishment’s psychotic authoritarianism run amuck. And the GOPe have outright played funktionshäftlings.

    Truthfully Nicki Minaj has done more for freedom in 2021 than the GOP. Prove me wrong.

    1. Unlike Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend, the GOP are a bunch of nutless cucks.

      1. Impossible to have a swollen nut when you are nutless.

    2. Rand Paul has been taking a pretty fucking strong stand. However the media knows how to deal with him, because he is a southern white heterosexual male on Team Red.

      The GOP is never going to break this open, because it is too easy to just paint them as contrarian for partisan reasons.

      Nicki Minaj has been effective because she is everything that Team Blue has insisted must be trustworthy on first site. She was already behind Team Blue’s defenses, and so her attack was surprisingly effective.

      This is also why the media had such a hard time dealing with Kanye West.

      1. This.

        It doesn’t matter what I say or do, as a white male I still will be Satan.

        1. Only to the satanists. It is good to know where you stand.

      2. During the 18th century, you could purchase a commission in the British military. The aristocracy fought the idea of wealthy merchants being able to purchase a commission. Wealthy merchants purchasing commissions quickly surpassed the aristocracy (the merchant class was far wealthier than the aristocracy). Even as the number of merchant class officers began to surpass the aristocratic class, the aristocratic class continued to seclude and prejudice against the merchant class. Despite the merchant class often performing as well, if not better in their military duties, the prejudice against them remained entrenched. It was even harder for those who won battlefield commissions from the ranks. Few were ever allowed to succeed. Most ended up selling their commissions rather than face the prejudicial treatment. But even that was denied to many of them, as many were forbidding from selling a commission that was awarded. Both the aristocratic and merchant class looked down on those who were commissioned from the ranks.
        The moral was that even a class that was the victim of bigotry, inflicted bigotry on those they saw below them. It seems to be human nature. We all must fight our inner elitism.

        1. This wasn’t meant to be posted here.

          1. Worth reading regardless.

          2. That was great. I’d like to get the whole story.

            1. The story is far to long to post here and would require a full discussion of the Royal Army and Navy, and the changing politics of England at the beginning of the industrial revolution. To really tell it you would have to go back to the ascendency of yeoman class during the 100 years war and the Black Plague. Or even go back to the way English Scando-Germanic heritage played into English feudalism.

  5. “Republican governors in states like Texas and Florida are doing everything they can to undermine the public health requirements that keep people safe,”

    Which of those scum-sucking governors are prohibiting people from wearing masks if they want to?

    1. And who is withholding shipments of medication to Florida?

      1. It’s starting to be pretty obvious that America is being run by a cabal of its enemies.

        1. The western hereditary aristocracy never accepted their loss of total power in the 18th century and have been clawing their way back ever since. Now, their defeat of republicanism and reascendence is almost complete.

  6. Just 439 of the 658,754 people in the United States who have died from the coronavirus

    You mean died while adjacent to coronavirus.

    1. Died on a day when the word coronavirus was in a news article.

      1. Died in a hospital after March 17th, 2020 from anything.

    2. Admitting to overcounting by 30%, so you know it’s more like 80% inflated.

    3. 439 died from terminal cancer while testing positive for dead viral particles.

  7. “‘Now, for any parent, it doesn’t matter how low the risk of any illness is when it could happen to your child,’ Biden said.”

    Not for every parent, because some of us aren’t paralyzed by irrational fear that something terrible is always lurking around the corner to kill your kids.

    Joe Biden is very, very low on the list of people I am willing to take parenting advice from, given how successful he’s been with his own son.

    1. ^this. My kids help me work cattle, sheep and ride horses. In my area, despite high COVID IFR, no kids have died from COVID but some have died in farm accidents. They in essence face far greater danger in their every day lives than they do from COVID. The ones who are eligible are vaccinated. I have far greater concerns than a disease that they have a 1 in 33,000 chance of dying from. I mitigated it as far as I can and drive on from there. My school district doesn’t require masks, and I am unconvinced of their benefit, especially at that age group. Despite masks last year we still saw COVID in the schools, we still saw the spread of various colds. From my own lived experience I also question the need for masking. When I was stationed at Ft. Eustis we had an outbreak in the barracks of influenza, despite a young, healthy, in shape, and highly vaccinated population. It got so bad that we had to open quarantine barracks. I had to man them. We wore masks and gloves, and were vaccinated and constantly washed our hands, and except for direct patient care, which was fairly minimal, giving Tylenol for fevers and taking vital signs twice a shift, all of us who manned the barracks came down with influenza too. The patients also were masked whenever we interacted with them. We who manned the barracks were all trained medical hospital personal, with extensive education and experience. If masks proved insufficient for that population, I fail to see how the general population, with far less training and experience in PPE use and sanitization, can successfully use PPE to mitigate spread.
      Possibly if everyone used single use N-95 masks, and were trained with proper fitting, putting on and taking off and disposing of them, and only used them for the short duration they were designed for, it may be possible.
      We didn’t wear N-95, instead we used the far more common single use paper surgical masks. We used them for short durations, when directly in contact with masked patients, we washed our hands before and after taking them off and disposed of them in proper, lidded, biohazard bags. The barracks were well ventilated and we were assigned a separate area, isolated from the barracks inhabitants when not providing direct patient care.
      For reference the influenza virus and the Sars-CoV-2 virus are similar in size, ergo I conclude my experience as being a good approximation to current masking recommendations. And therefore I have concluded that the efficacy of masks is greatly overhyped. The correct type of mask may be beneficial it used correctly, for short durations, with stringent hand sanitization before and after use, and proper disposal, however, I doubt that this is possible for the majority of the layman population, especially young kids. Therefore I conclude that those pushing masks are doing it more for theater than for any perceived benefit.

      1. Meant this as a stand-alone comment, fucking squirrels.

        1. Okay maybe I didn’t originally but on review it should have been a stand alone comment.

    2. Oh my God, what a stupid thing to say. There are tons of actual risks that exist but are low enough that no one gives them a thought. Most parents also seem to be able to accept that kids get sick sometimes and it’s usually not a big deal even if it sucks at the time.

      1. Yes, the best thing to do is vaccinate if able, teach good hand washing techniques (probably the best way to avoid colds is from proper hand washing) and let them develop normally. Stop the fear porn, it will stunt their development.

    3. From observation, Biden is pretty clearly abusive, and uses/d his children for his own gain. Am not referring to the Hunter/big guy story that is getting little traction, because the press doesn’t dirty itself with investigative journalism. Am referring to having son in military for optics. Using retard son to make connections. Biden may be a stupid grifter, but like most career politicians, he possesses an animal cunning when it comes to amassing influence, money and power.

  8. Because it needs to be reposted.

    Fascism will come at you with a rainbow flag.

    Oh, 85% of King County residents have gotten the vaccine (at least one jab) yet hospitalizations and deaths are apparently climbing through the roof.

    1. It must be those dirty, un-vaccinnated deplorables. Only excuse. Couldn’t be that vaccines don’t work or wear off.

  9. Remember, toddlers need masks but not American aristocrats(D). Their moral superiority protects them.

    Matthew Foldi@MatthewFoldi
    San Francisco Mayor @LondonBreed partied maskless indoors with Black Lives Matter activists.

    Do any Democrats actually obey their own mask mandates?

    See also AOC, Gavin Newsom, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi fundraisers and parties.

    1. They literally don’t believe this pandemic is real. You criticize a policy, you’re labeled as a “pandemic denier”, but then you watch the revealed preferences of the elite, and they clearly don’t believe the pandemic is real.

    2. They are a sophisticated group.

    3. Mother’s Lament, add to that the illegals who are spreading covid19 to every American, are NOT required to vaccinate OR wear a mask. Even wearing a mask DOES NOT shield children from covid19. Vaccinating children GUARANTEES they WILL get covid19. NOT vaccinating will most likely protect them WAAAY MORE than masks & vaccines. The Joenapolean bidenaparte tyrant Really wants to prevent any future Republicans. It has already been reported: 1) that teen boys will have a high chance of having myocarditis = no sports; 2) Pregnant women who have gotten the vaccine have miscarried; 3) females who have vaccinated & are trying to get pregnant are having a tough time, even if they go through IVF (I personally know of 3 women in Colorado who have tried & failed). Think about that bit of mid- dis- information that the dumocrats don’t want y’all to know. ONLY PARENTS have the Right to determine what chemicals or masks should pertain to their child. NOT SOME PUNY BUREAUCRAT intending to destroy America so he can build back better.

      1. Don’t forget this resident of the WH IS a ‘White Supremacist’! According to the liberal socialist definition!!

  10. Botcher Biden is cavalier about unborn kids with heartbeats.

  11. And around the wheel goes. Let’s have another 100+ posting thread where Anti-Maskers and Pro-Maskers fling vitriol at one another, calling one another the greatest threats to humanity, when the real cause of our misery, the leviathan, continues to feast away on our souls.

    1. For 20+ years, the Elites have established a massive surveillance network over us. That was done under both Team Red and Team Blue.

      For 20+ years, our Elites have gorged themselves on the slop flowing from the federal government into Ukraine, Africa, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq.

      In 2000, one Larry Nassar began his career with the US Gymnastics Olympics Team and immediately set off to molesting little girls. And over 15 years he would be repeatedly enabled by Elites and even protected by the FBI- during Red and Blue governments. Around the same time Jeffery Epstein was climbing the ladders of politics, and likewise being protected from exploitation charges by powerful federal figures.

      For 20+ years, beard-stroking elites have explained that we must cede just a little more power, just a little more GDP to their control to protect us from the Terrorists and White Supremacists and Racists and Viruses and Drug Dealers and CO2, all while THEY were building their mansions, and enabling child molesters.

      For 20+ years charismatic tribal chiefs in Team Blue and Team Red have insisted that they could feel our pain from Martha’s Vineyard and Davos. And every year, they have made big business bigger and crushed the little guy under more and more micromanagement.

      It’s time for Americans to wake up and realize that their enemy isn’t Team Red or Team Blue. It isn’t Black vs White. It isn’t even Rich vs Poor. It’s the Elite vs the rest of us. These Ivy League club members have ideological differences, sure. But one thing they agree on is that they look out for one another and that the longer we are at one another’s throats, the longer they will continue their lives of grift, perversion, decadence and power.

      1. Nobody will stop them because they want to be them, and those who don’t, won’t mess up the free stuff train.

      2. Yea, I’m sure just ignoring the lemmings who shill for the overlords will totes work.

      3. With Jeffery Epstein dead, who is the new pedo ambassador?

      4. Does Nassau also answer to the name ‘Buttplug’?

      5. I completely agree with this sentiment, but throughout COVID I have found that a huge number of people have learned to love their servitude. I have seen even liberty minded people abandon their core principles way too easily. One of the bigger shocks was hearing Penn Jillette say that the election of Trump was a huge blow for him because it proved that there were no secret elites able to act as goalie to stop him. In the same interview he then said that he did not realize how much he needed a strong government leader until watching Trump handle COVID. Essentially lamenting too much freedom.

    2. Just because they come back for more is no excuse to stop abusing idiots.

  12. Yo, fuck you, Joe Biden. If you are claiming that not requiring masks endangers children, but think that all that children have been subjected to over the past 18+ months is reasonable and appropriate, you are an evil piece of shit.
    A small number of children, mostly with other serious health problems, might get seriously ill or die. Meanwhile childhood obeisity, depression, suicide and general fucking misery are on the rise. But as long as as few people as possible get this one virus, everything is justified apparently. Fuck these people, ruining the lives and destroying the future of children everywhere so we can pretend we are doing something to save old and sick people (while pretty much failing to do that as well).

  13. ‘Playing Politics With the Lives of…Children’ As he lets in thousands of dirty beaners. Go figure?

  14. ‘Playing Politics With the Lives of…Children’ As he lets in thousands of illegals

  15. Another winner from Remy!!

    1. Toobin was hoping that Zoom interns could lend him a hand.

      1. It’s a big job.

        1. Someone must have the stroke to make it happen.

          1. All of this is going to come to a head one day.

            1. Things kept balled up inside are bound to eventually erupt.

      2. He always makes things so hard though.

  16. As an update to the discussion from earlier today, the FDA has decided not to recommend a booster shot for Covid-19, which undermines the Biden administration’s efforts to pay for another round of shots for hundreds of millions of Americans at taxpayer expense.

    “The outside panel on Friday voted 16-2 against advising the FDA to approve a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE at least six months after the second shot for people 16 years and older . . . .

    “The marginal benefit of a third dose of vaccine for people who are already vaccinated is likely to be very small for reducing the overall burden,” said Eric Rubin, a Harvard microbiologist, panel member and editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine.”


    The Biden administration was preparing to offer booster shots as early as next week. The CDC will make a recommendation next week, and it will be interesting to see if they come to the same conclusion. For the moment, however, any claim the Biden administration makes regarding the need for booster shots should be treated as misinformation–using the Biden administration’s own rationale.

    IF IF IF the CDC makes a recommendation for booster shots sometime next week, perhaps the Biden administration will require Facebook to block any mention of the FDA’s recommendation as misinformation. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. P.S. If the editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine disagrees with the Biden administration’s CDC, is his opinion also misinformation?

      1. This is like when the pitcher keeps calling off the catcher to the point where they have to call time and have the pitching coach visit the mound.

        1. In this scenario, is Biden the bat boy or the mascot?

          1. Dunno. Fauci is the Skip Bayless type beat reporter.

    2. Their conclusion to summarize was that the science doesn’t support the benefit of boosters for anyone not over 65 or at risk because of co-morbidities, and it isn’t clear, that any benefit outweighs the risk, especially from increased risk of cardiomyleotis. Therefore the only recommended shots be administered to the at risk population, people with dangerous co-morbidities or over 65 years of age.

      1. Is it just me or are there some voices in the government that are becoming mildly sane?

        1. I don’t expect the full panel to come to the same solution. This panel was made up of actual scientist, the full advisory panel is made up of political appointees. It will turn out like the CDC school masks mandates. The CDC, based on the science, was going to recommend that masks mandates in school were unnecessary. As soon as that leaked, full court press from the left, especially teacher unions. And the CDC reversed itself. They couldn’t give a scientific explanation, it was perfectly clear that they changed it only because of political pressure. But now people like Joe Friday use these politically driven recommendations as evidence for the importance of masking.

        2. 16-2, they’re still voting on The Science, but it would seem that this is how (or at least one way) we get back to normal. Remember the ’50 million Elvis fans’ who insisted Elvis isn’t dead (they can’t be wrong!)? We’re just going to have to wait for all the doctors and medical professionals who’re still convinced that Elvis is still alive to find their own rationalizations back to sensible… or die.

          Maybe unfortunate as, then, Karen-19 doesn’t truly completely die out until sometime around 2100.

  17. “Everything about this tweet is terrible.”

    Seriously–you think Joe von Hindenburg has any say over what is tweeted in his name?

    Good Christ….

    1. They openly admit he has nothing to do with the Twitter account. Can you really picture Dementia Joe sitting at a keyboard trying to edit his thoughts down to the right number of characters?

      “today is an, an, an important day because days like this are the kind of day, when, well … I remember when I was a teenager and there was this guy at the at the local pool named cornhole and he used to tp my bunghole”

  18. Hmmmm, I’d say Biden was pretty cavalier with the health of kids when he ordered a drone strike that murdered 7 children in Kabul.

    1. That’s because they weren’t American kids just some snot nose Ukrainians or Chechens or whatever country we were bombing that morning.

  19. In a new health mandate directive Biden wants unborn children in the womb masked! We must protect the unborn!

  20. C’mon, the big guy needs his cut. Vax to the max!

    Wondering how the ‘infrequent’ myocardia rates will go up on 3rd dose. Mostly noted after 2nd. Mostly killed the elderly. Didn’t they just raise the death tax?

    1. I’m almost certain that a bullet to the brain is 98% effective at preventing future infection. A booster bullet will raise that to 100%. No need for a 3rd or 4th shot.

      1. In the name of safety, we should be absolutely certain.

  21. If President Potato is worried about dead kids, then the multiple cities run by Dems where crime has gone wild is a good starting point. This virus is not an existential threat to children and the perpetual fear-mongering has reached its shelf life.

  22. Eh, Fuck Joe Biden!?!

  23. So, the FDA says there is no significant benefit to a booster shot. We’ve also seen it reported that the vaccine efficacy after six months declines from over 90% to 50-60% . So, how did they conclude a booster is worthless?

    If this is going to turn into just part of the annual flu shot routine, that’s basically admitting that the shot was nothing all along but a Potemkin Vaccine designed to make a good show of doing something. And if I need THREE shots every year to keep my immunity up, then double fuck those assholes, I’m at more risk from the dozens of shots I’ll need over the years than I am by just ignoring the government’s lies and going on with my life.

    1. .. then double fuck those assholes and Joe Biden

  24. I have always maintained that when most politicians, especially the left, uses the word compromise what they actually mean is capitulation. Compromise means you give something to get something, neither party gets everything they want and neither party is particularly satisfied. Capitulation means one side gives the other side everything or nearly everything they want. Obama was great for using compromise when he actually wanted the GOP to capitulate. The media let him get away with it, and ran stories about obstructionist republicans who refused to compromise. Those stories disappeared after 2018. And now they are back, with the addition of some moderate Democrats added in. Even FNC does it to some extent. Whenever a progressive uses the word compromise, no matter what the subject discussed, ask them what they are giving to the other party? Invariably they will say “nothing” or “we could have asked for more” or a combination of the two. That is the tipoff that they aren’t asking for compromise, truly but asking for capitulation.
    The use of bipartisan is often used the same way. When Joe Biden asks for unification and bipartisanship, he is really asking for capitulation. He may throw them a bone every so often, usually some sort of earmark for their district but never anything that actually changes his underlying demand. Rather that attempt to compromise with the numerous GOP governors who have forbidden masks mandates, he instead had derided them, sicced the DoJ on them and apparently is throttling the distribution of treatments to their states. And all the while the media plays along, blaming Republicans for the polarization of the virus, despite the fact that the Democrats have been politicizing this since January of 2020. Even Reason gets in on the act more often than not.

    1. If we could all just do as we’re told, everything would work so much more smoothly. Get with the pogrom, man.

      Sarcasm aside, you’re not alone in noticing that. It’s hard to negotiate with fanatics.

  25. What kind of mediocre anti-scientific nonsense is this? We know to a scientific certainty that toddlers are infecting people who subsequently get very sick and sometimes die. Nobody has the right to assault others by bringing their unmasked toddlers into proximity with vulnerable people. This article is insane garbage. I strongly support you mediocre ignoramuses not getting vaccinated and not masking. Just stay away from civilized people until you reap the rewards of your stupidity.

    1. Sarcasm I hope.

    2. Scientific certainty. Right there we know you are dishing bullshit pseudo-science. There is no such thing as a scientific certainty. It doesn’t fucking exist. Only people with no scientific education or understanding uses that phrase. Show me the study that proves this so called scientific certainty? I will wait, but suspect this was meant as a drive by comment meant to troll rather than educate or debate.

    3. Well we found MollyGarbage’s new sock.

      Or this was clever parody.

      1. Smells like parody.

        1. Much like the Sacramento Bee, who can tell anymore? How many SacBee Headlines have been proven to be true?

      2. I’m thinking is not parody. The few other comments it has made are in the same vein.

  26. They’re growing up in an environment where they see it’s…like a war, like a bitter feud….I mean, it’s not how we are.

    The fact is, if you’re going to take on the government, you need an F-15 with Hellfire missiles, there is no way an AK-47 is going to take care of you.

    Sometimes life comes at you fast and, sometimes, you’re a little slower than even the poor kids.

  27. Virginia was originally opposed to secession. Most everyone predicted they would stay in the union or at worse declare neutrality the same as Kentucky and Maryland. However, once Lincoln called on the states to build a federal Army, Virginia shifted quickly towards secession.
    When people feel pushed, they often don’t go the way you pushed them but go the opposite way. Biden thinks that people will go in the direction he wants them to go. But human nature suggests more likely they will react in the opposite direction from what Biden wants.

  28. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!

  29. Biden has been a disaster from day one and he wishes to continue to be a disaster no matter who gets hurt.
    The President has NO power to make any such order or mandate. Period.
    The only thing left is non compliance and rebellion.
    BTW: Do not attend the rally tomorrow. It’s all a set up.
    The FBI is waiting for anyone to show up….false flags will happen, the MSM will be complicit.
    Stay away. Do not attend.

    1. There’s a rally tomorrow? At least it’s not a work day.

  30. I think I figured out the problem the FDA is having in their communications:

    From an internet search, first entry, The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.:

    văk-sēn′, văk′sēn″
    A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.

    From the CDC:

    Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

    The definition of vaccine has been changed, but the public perception is of the old definition.

    The rest of it is public health theater. The mRNA vaccine trials were conducted at peak lockdown. 87-95% efficacy with little to no contact with the infected? LOL!

    6 months under more realistic conditions clearly show that the vaccine is about as effective as a cloth mask at preventing infections. My vaccinated wife’s symptoms started 5 days after being exposed, identical to my unvaccinated experience. Her symptoms abated 7 days faster than mine.

    The shots have a significant effect, but they in way satisfy the definition of vaccination that the public has come to expect after 100 years and the dozens of diseases from smallpox to chicken pox that have been nearly eradicated through vaccination. Many people are blaming the unvaccinated because it is easier than admitting that the people they have empowered to protect us all from COVID have deceived them.

  31. Love the re-post of “People Will Die!”. It’s one of Remy’s best.

  32. President Biden is right. There are governors playing with the lives of children, and everyone else.

    Governors Ron DeSantis (aptly referred to as DeathSantis by many) and Greg Abbott are the worst, but there are others. Their actions to restrict pandemic protocols and take away power from local school boards and governments are totally unjustified–and deadly. They have their citizens’ blood on their hands, as does Donald Trump. If these evil people, and other like them, had supported the science and taken real action to deal with the COVID pandemic, it would be behind us now. Instead, we are once again dealing with overwhelmed hospitals, closed businesses, and needless tragic deaths.
    DeSantis and Abbott have a moral obligation to resign, but they will never do it. They are more concerned about power and politics than the health and life of the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.

    1. My Governor is in office to protect me from you.

    2. President Biden has never been right. Instead of trying to work out differences he chooses to demonize, use the DoJ as political attack dogs and mandate compliance. Rather than a uniter he is the ultimate divider.

      1. In fairness, he isn’t allowed to make his own decisions.

        1. The thing that pisses me off, and I’ll add my usual disclaimer that I never voted for Trump, is that everything people were having kittens about Trump might do, Biden actually is doing (and more), and we mostly hear crickets or “well Trump would have done the same” excuses.

    3. By denying adequate stocks of monoclonal antibodies to Republican governed states, isn’t Biden intentionally murdering Americans for partisan political advantage? This is intended as a serious question to midnight mike. Let’s see if he can provide a reasoned answer.

    4. Meh, 1 out of 5 for the poor OBL take. I know imitation is the sincerest form flattery but this is just lazy.

  33. Since the start of the pandemic, <450 children 18 or under have died from covid. During that same time period, ~13,000 children died in automobile accidents. When is Biden going to prohibit children from riding in cars?

  34. Is blowing up a half dozen children sitting in a van “playing politics?”

  35. By denying adequate stocks of monoclonal antibodies to Republican governed states, isn’t Biden intentionally murdering Americans for partisan political advantage? This is intended as a serious question.

    1. But he is trying to get the vaccine out to as many people as possible, and that’s what counts.

      Trump ignored the pandemic because he thought it would stick to blue states. He actually articulated this rationale.

      1. So you support the murder of Americans, just as long as its in furtherance of advancing a leftist agenda, Tony?

    2. Again, of the 7 states he denied monoclonal antibodies to 5 are the blackest states in the Union.

  36. Modern human societies used to move heaven and earth to protect the children, say from pandemics, and it wasn’t even controversial.

    Then Republicans came along and had the bright idea to oppose everything Democrats do, even if it’s save children from death, because their brains are broken and they’re fucked up.

    1. “Modern human societies used to move heaven and earth to protect the children, say from pandemics, and it wasn’t even controversial.”

      Which is exactly why we’re not moving heaven and earth for this pandemic. This virus poses no threat to children, just the old, infirm, and fat. Maybe Republicans and anybody with an IQ 100 and above understand not to throw the Constitution into the trash over a virus with a 99% survival rate. Now do the AIDS virus and tell us how California State law allows people who know they are infected with HIV to knowingly pass it to unsuspecting victims be the fault of the Republican Party?

    2. Modern human societies used to move heaven and earth to protect the children, say from pandemics, and it wasn’t even controversial.

      Until Roe v. Wade.

  37. Mass hysteria. Even now the deaths do not substantiate the panic and most of those deaths are pre-existing condition, elderly, hypertension, diabetes etc. Children are the lowest effected. They are only pushing this hand ringing agenda because they want the kids all vaccinated with a non vaccine. Joe Biden is the consequence of being such a shiftless country. Next time around they’ll run a porn star, someone who’d you’d never expect to be in an elected position, and she / he will win. The rot has never been more evident than it is today.

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