America on the Dole

Biden's American Families Plan would put most working-age American households on the dole.


After Congress passed the American Recovery Plan, Joe Biden's $2 trillion economic relief legislation, the president proposed roughly $4 trillion in further spending. The American Jobs Plan, also known as the president's infrastructure proposal, accounted for about half of that money. The rest was included in the American Families Plan, a $1.8 trillion package that the Biden administration described as a set of "investments and tax credits for American families and children over ten years."

In other words, it was a welfare bill, and quite an ambitious one. The plan would put most working-age American households on the dole, even when the economy is strong and the country is not in crisis.

The American Families Plan proposes spending on various new and newly expanded programs, including an extension of the American Recovery Plan's one-year child tax credit boost, increased subsidies for insurance purchased through the Affordable Care Act's health exchanges, a new universal paid family and medical leave program, and federal funding for two years of "free" community college. The plan thus represents an escalation of the American Recovery Plan, which temporarily funded some new benefits based on the argument that they were necessary salves for the economic pain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American Families Plan, by contrast, is premised on the idea that such benefits are necessary on an ongoing basis, regardless of the economy's condition. That shift would further enmesh such benefits into American life.

In a June working paper, the Hoover Institution's John F. Cogan and Daniel Heil report that the plan would add more than 6 million households, and more than 21 million Americans, to federal entitlement rolls. That would raise the share of nonelderly American households receiving such entitlements by seven percentage points and push it above the 50 percent mark. Although Biden has pitched the American Families Plan as an inequality-reducing boon to the poor and middle classes, about 40 percent of the benefits would go to the top half of the household income distribution.

The plan may not go into effect exactly as Biden proposed. But if it did, Cogan and Heil write, "this would be the first time in U.S. history"—with the possible exceptions of 2020 and 2021, for which data are not yet available—"that a majority of working age households are federal entitlement recipients." Biden wants to make most working-age Americans into beneficiaries of federal largesse, a sea change in the relationship between individuals and the state.

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83 responses to “America on the Dole

  1. What could go wrong with paying young people to not get jobs? It’s not like unemployed young males with a little beer money in their pocket could cause any problems.

    1. Have you spent any damned time around groups of women? Stop regurgitating the mythology that academe and entertainment have pushed for decades.

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          2. LOL $70,000 a month and your are hawking the con of work spam on Reason? Why do I doubt you.

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  2. Hmm surely someone wrote something about everyone being on the dole? Oh yeah Kipling did:

    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!
    -Gods of the Copybook Headings

    1. This works too:

      We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
      No matter how trifling the cost;
      For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
      And the nation that plays it is lost!

      1. Though the pithy stanza above it is better suited to this situation.

        It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
        For fear they should succumb and go astray;

        Just another example of the electorate figuring out that they can vote themselves rich.

        1. As B Franklin put it, when they figure out they can do that, that will be the end of the Republic [if you can keep it].

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  4. Feature not bug.
    Fuck Joe Biden.

  5. So thankful to have this opportunity to pay for this wonderful program operated by the same Government that ran Afghanistan. Woo-hoo!!!!

  6. We need to use Sweden as a model. They tried this stuff, it didn’t work, and they stopped most of it.

    However damaging it was in Sweden, it will be even worse in the US, where we have a game-the-system culture.

    1. Sweden cut svending on this?

      1. I am finnish’d with all your puns.

        1. I am neither somewhat done norway done with them.

          1. Dats gonna leave wan of those den marks.

            1. The Swedish admiralty affixed bar codes on all of their ships. That way when the fleet returns to port, the harbormaster can scan da navy in.

              1. Genius level work.

                1. That one was from another. Cleaned up a little.
                  Want to give credit to the original author for I am neither ass nordic.

                  1. Are you Finnished?

                    1. sorry I see that one was already used…well svuck me.

                    2. If I had a relaxing thinking room, I might be able to come up with more. But I wasn’t able to afford a custom house and have no such space in my stockholm.

      2. “Sweden cut svending on this?”

        Even on programs for the hard of herring?

        Noteworthy that Sweden wasn’t going to stop these programs until they too, cleverly imported a bunch of people with a ‘game-the-system’ culture. Folkhemmet kinda sorta works for a homogeneous civilization of Lutheran Northern Europeans. (Even if other systems might’ve led to greater economic development, it still worked for them.)

        It’s utter suicide when you add low-trust strangers to the mix.

      3. We should neither fool nor dick around with this. We can’t affjord it.

        1. All should have disdane for overspending.

    2. American socialists are so damn ignorant. The Euro places that tried some actual socialism mostly found it to be a disaster.

      1. Ignorant or egotistical enough to think that just because socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried, we’ll somehow be able to make it work. Because we’re totes smart, or some shit. That and “real socialism has never really been tried, etc. etc.” They always have some lame excuse for why “this time things will be different.”

        1. … And at the very root of every ignorance and egotistical argument is the basic criminal intent to *STEAL* and *ENSLAVE* (i.e. Greed).

        2. So on some level they do believe in American exceptionalism?

          1. They believe in their own exceptionalism, which makes them even more delusional.

    3. We need to use Sweden as a model.

      A moose once bit my sister…

      1. Swedish model. Hopefully hilda little closer.

      2. I thought they just gave you a good ass stomping.

        1. My God you people are so uncultured

            1. So ashamed; as many times as I’ve watched that and memorized so many lines, I have no recollection of the moose bite in the credits!

              [Maybe I noticed it nearly 46 years ago, but it’s been a while]

              I thank you from the bottom of my philistine heart for the remediation.

  7. “Biden’s American Families Plan would put most working-age American households on the dole.”

    No big deal. As long as Biden continues to import more working-age Mexicans, we Koch / Reason libertarians are getting exactly what we voted for.


    1. To quote a former President of Mexico [V Fox] we will need them “to do jobs not even Black people will do.”

      1. Maybe due to the greater diversity in the Latin community as compared against the black community. – Biden

  8. Ooohhhh: I get a temp child tax credit, a health insurance coupon, and two years of community college? My life is changed forever! Thanks, democrats! You really get me!

    1. The Free Stuff Brigade doesn’t think there will be any change in the quality or availability of their free stuff. They think it will be exactly the same as the stuff you pay for.

      1. And Cronut, just like it was in the Soviet Union, eventually it will be.

        1. “Bread lines are good because that means people are getting food.”

          Bernie Sanders, commenting on his trip to the CCCP

          1. Right, unlike this country, where only the rich can buy bread.

            1. “…unlike this country, where only the rich can buy bread.”

              So tell me, why is it every “poor” mother fucker I see has a BMI over 40?

              If this was meant to be sarcasm I surely missed it.

  9. Brought to you by the same folks that botched the Afghanistan withdrawal.

  10. It’s going to be okay! The 1% will still make all the money and Reason’s on the 1%er dole.

    1. Obama and Senile Joe are also 1%, Lard of Shit.

      You have no problem sucking their dicks.

    2. The fact that the 1% are on board with this plan ought to clue you in. But perhaps I expect too much.

      1. You expect too much.

  11. Promises made, promises kept.

  12. We are on the verge of becoming a one-party state now that everyone is used to getting their handouts. To be sure, this started under Trump during the Covid response, but it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle and the Democrats sure as hell aren’t going to. It makes sense though, we stopped being a producing nation 30 years ago and the economy can only support so many liberal arts majors, so might as well pay them to do nothing

    1. Don’t worry, it won’t last.

    2. Hey, being a social media influencer ain’t “nothing.”

      It’s worse than nothing.

    3. “the economy can only support so many liberal arts majors, so might as well pay them to do nothing”

      Pay them what? Liberal Arts Indoctrination? I honestly don’t there is is a single Democrat that is really stupid enough to believe compulsive *THEFT* is sustainable; but their greed to take what’s been created by others is stronger than any reason they care to entertain.

    4. Acclimating Americans to expect handouts started under the New Deal, not Trump. Trump certainly didn’t make the situation any better though.

      That’s the problem with nominating progressives* instead of Republicans – we will only get so many shots to fix this before it collapses and the remaining polity is insufficient to sustain liberty. Trump’s two years of undivided “Republican” control of the federal government was a rare, and squandered opportunity.

      *and/or apolitical egomaniacal retards

  13. We need government to give us FREE everything:

    Free healthcare
    Free mortgage payments
    Free gasoline
    Free tuition
    Free massages with “Happy Endings”
    Free HBO
    Free interest until 2040
    Free p o r n o g r a p h y
    Free drinks at the open bar
    Free with your paid subscription
    Free of a world polluted by the worst President in US History ever!
    Free wang from the sanitarium
    Free lunch

    Food stamps, welfare, subsidized housing, Medicaid…why can’t everything be FREE?

    No more shall we be enslaved by a market economy and capitalism­! We shall celebrate the perfect freedom that socialism brings and that is free stuff!”

    1. And we all [well, most of us, as there are certainly “exceptions”] will be poor and finally have EQUITY god dammit!

      And per the current narrative, that is more important than anything.

    2. Who’s going to make all that??
      Oh yeah; SLAVES!!!! The Party-of-Slavery; always has been always will be.

    3. Free American Goods Again

  14. Biden wants to make most working-age Americans into beneficiaries of federal largesse, a sea change in the relationship between individuals and the state.

    Nah, the only thing Biden wants is his ice cream cone and an “afternoon” nap from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm everyday. Whoever’s really in charge, on the other hand…


    Try telling that to the voter and the uni-party they’re begging on their knees for.

    1. Not free if somebody is paying for it.

      Problem is you run out of milk cows because they’ve all been turned into hamburger.

      1. Not turned into hamburger; just killed because they fart a lot.
        You have to eat the meat substitutes, because.

  16. I suppose Tony aka “raspberry dinners” will show up to celebrate as soon as he stops spraying his pants over this. Will finally be compensated just for being a homo…sapiens.

  17. There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program

  18. What’s wrong with the USA government?
    Those politicians really believe they ‘own’ every one of us.

    That they can take whatever anyone of us creates as their own.
    That they can fix everyone of us as their children.
    That they can save everyone of us from death.

    Entirely Power-Mad from their monopoly of Gun-Forces and ignorant and arrogant enough to pretend they themselves ‘make’ anything at all except either gun-violence or gun-justice.

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    1. Fuck you, your girlfriend, your birthday messages, and your fucking compilation of fucking phrases.

      And fuck Joe Biden.

  20. Well, I could have stayed to take the dole,
    but I’m not one of those.
    I take nothing free, and that makes me,
    an idiot, I suppose.

    Stan Rogers’ song The Idiot hit the nail on the head.

  21. I gave up worrying about debt and deficits long ago. Let it crash, clean out suckers and politicians, start again.

    1. don’t you realize it will take more debt and deficits to cure the crash its the only way and its how we got here by curing the last crash with cash

      1. Reminds me of The Simpsons episode where Homer (and Bart?) are stuck in a hole. Homer proclaims, “We’ll dig our way out” and proceeds to dig deeper.

  22. I never thought we’d tumble over the let’s-get-while-the-getting’s-good cliff so soon. It’s like they saw how much cash could be distributed because of an emergency, and then decided the emergency would end only when they ran out of credit.

    1. And I’m sure they do expect to run out of credit, but to get out of town just before that.

      1. That’s wishful thinking on your part. They’re not getting out of town, they’re eager to remake America when the fiscal crisis makes major changes necessary. And they want to buy votes in the meantime to make it more likely they’re in that position when it happens.

  23. If most Americans are on the dole, who is going to pay for the dole? I am guessing that program will run out of money pretty quickly.

  24. Amazing to read memoirs of people living in the 1930’s. People were ashamed to have to go before their town board and ask for “relief”, and the town boards who were responsible for distributing it were neither generous nor sympathetic. Questions started with things like: do you have any family you can go and live with? What possession have you sold off so far? Did you try farmer X/ we hear he needs someone to shovel manure for 10 cents an hour.

    Those of us who work and save are being robbed at the point of a gun to pay for other people’s luxuries (cell phone and heated apartment with private bath come to mind to start the list).

  25. Time to shrug.

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