Opposing Racism Doesn't Require Promoting Victimhood

The ideas put forward by Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi are fundamentally "anti-black."


Are you a racist?

All white people are, says White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo.

Race explains everything, says bestselling How to Be an Antiracist author Ibram X. Kendi. "Every policy is either racist or anti-racist."

Kendi's and DiAngelo's books are now recommended reading at schools, corporations, and in the military. Both authors command high speaking fees.

Isn't that good? It's important to educate people about racism.

But John McWhorter, author of Woke Racism, says, "The way we're being encouraged to think hurts black people."

In my new video, he gives this example: "There is a disproportionate number of suspensions of black boys in schools for violence. [Kendi says] that must be racist…a stereotype of black men as violent. But…the data makes it very clear that black boys do commit more violent acts in schools. If you don't suspend those boys, the violence is being perpetrated [mostly] against other black kids."

Kendi's positions "leave black kids in the lurch," says McWhorter.

Kendi and DiAngelo call most every disparity between races "systemic racism."

White people live longer than black people? Racism.

Income inequality? Racism.

White and Asian students get higher test scores? Systemic racism.

In the past, says McWhorter, civil rights leaders asked, "How can we make it so that black kids are better at the test?" Now they want to "eliminate the tests" because they "make black people unhappy."

This just makes the problem worse, he says, because it encourages people to think of themselves as victims. If you believe you are a helpless victim of racism, why study?

The idea that it is "unreasonable to expect black kids to use analytical thinking in a rigorous way….This is a new way of thinking. It's a religious way of thinking."

Blaming racism for low test scores ignores "aspects of black culture that don't stress getting good at those tests—the way that South Asian immigrant culture clearly does."

Nigerian and Caribbean culture, too. People from those places are often just as dark or darker than black Americans. They "come here and deal with the same racism that everybody else does. Yet they make the best of the worst. That means: so could black Americans."

The media label Kendi and DiAngelo "leading scholars," but their arguments are rarely tested in the marketplace of ideas. Both refuse to debate opponents. McWhorter calls their work far from scholarly—"more like a toxic religion, a cult."

In fact, he adds, "Kendi is dim."

I argue that, even if Kendi is "dim," he's winning hearts and minds. Companies now donate millions to his Center for Antiracist Research. His book sales and success with students show that his arguments convince people.

McWhorter disagrees. "As we come out of the pandemic and we're less bored, less anxious, I suspect that a lot of the extremes that we saw are going to start retreating because there's going to be pushback."

The idea of anti-racism is "charismatic," he adds. "It makes it seem like you've got one answer to a bunch of things that look disparate and difficult. But all disparities between white people and black people are not due to something unfair that was driven by whites."

I'm puzzled that DiAngelo's and Kendi's message is so popular today, when life for racial minorities seems to be better than ever before. With some exceptions, there's less racism, more intermarriage, more opportunities for minorities, etc.

"Why now?" I ask.

There's an advantage to being identified as a victim, says McWhorter. "An emotional balm to be treated as this victimized person. The problem is that it's anti-black."

Anti-white too.

If the "systemic racism" cult wins, says McWhorter, "we all lose."


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    1. “hint: McWhorter called him “dumb””

      1. Dumb? Who’s rolling in royalties and speaking fees?

  2. And the big elephant in this room.

    Any *EXCUSE* to Steal….. Racist is just one of many *EXCUSES* the criminals will use to Steal from others.

  3. The media label Kendi and DiAngelo “leading scholars,” but their arguments are rarely tested in the marketplace of ideas. Both refuse to debate opponents.

    Logic is whitethink, so they won’t debate. And DiAngelo in particular doesn’t back her “research” with and sort of empirical data. White Fragility merely projects her own racism (and she is) onto everyone else.

    1. Which is why CRT eschews concepts like objectivity and empirical evidence. If all you need is your “lived experience” it’s like the song that never ends. And nowadays victimhood is inverse power.

    2. DiAngelo is Stormfront with a Human Resources badge.

  4. Good one. Stossel and McWhorter make a good pair.

    This really needs to be hammered on. Not only is the wokism annoying bullshit, it’s actively harmful most particularly to the people it purports to be advocating for. And I’m pretty sure it’s the most overt and disgusting form of racism I’ve seen in America in my lifetime.

  5. Good job John Stossel!

    However, please, let’s not let Kendi claim a monopoly on “anti-racism”. I am “anti-racist” in that I personally oppose racism. That doesn’t mean I buy horseshit like “all whites are racists” or “more Government Almighty laws will fix it for us”.

    1. I think that regular old non-racists need to accept that “anti-racist” just means racist. At this point it’s like trying to use a swastika and not have people think of Nazis.
      Unless you think you can rehabilitate the word to meaning something sensible like opposition to racism rather than racism aimed in slightly different directions.

      1. LOL, good job! Would be much funnier if it wasn’t sadly true!

    2. SQRLSY, you don’t quite get it. You say you oppose racism, but do you really? When you go to the store to buy milk, do you do it in a way that is anti-racist? Is every one of your posts a post that is opposing racism?

      The term Anti-Racist is created to differentiate from someone who just says “I’m not racist”. This is classic Marxist collectivism at play. If you are not actively working to promote X, then even your non-action furthers the cause of Not-X. In a collectivist society where we are obligated to the collective, our actions can never be neutral.

      1. Yeah man! And silence is violence! You can’t win this game!

    3. I am “anti-racist” in that I personally oppose racism.

      Who do you think you’re kidding?

  6. Why do we have to get rid of racism? Why do people care if others are racist? I’m white and couldn’t care less if every black person in the world hates me for being white. All I care about is if someone initiates physical force against me. That’s all anyone should care about because what people think can’t hurt you.

    1. A lot of people thought James Damore shouldn’t have a job.

    2. It is an interesting question. Why is racism considered so much more bad than all the other ways people have of treating each other like shit?
      I certainly agree with those who think racism is distasteful and abhorrent and bad for people in general. But a quasi-religious conviction has formed in the west that racism is about the greatest sin a person can commit and it is kind of weird.

      1. Well, there’s an understandable history of violence being perpetrated on people who are different, so the Western enlightenment ideal was to see past race and treat people via a shared humanity.

        In civil society, a pervasive racism can keep entire groups of people from reaching their full potential which represents a shameful unfairness. And so if and when we suspect that’s happening on a large scale, it’s understandable that people would want to root it out.

        There is nothing fundamentally wondering… or proposing that there might be pervasive racism which is difficult to see or root out. As some critics have pointed out, they’re not “on to nothing”.
        The problem with Critical Race Theory, however, is that it starts with a conclusion and produces its entire body of theory from there: Because there are obvious racial disparities we can clearly point to, the ONLY conclusion is that these disparities are the result of pervasive, systemic racism.

        It’s taking an exactly backwards approach.

        1. I certainly agree that racism is bad for individuals and for societies and it had and continues to be a real problem in many ways. And it’s good that the idea that racism is bad has been embedded so deeply into our culture. But there are so many other ways in which people can abuse and harm each other that get little attention, or are even celebrated by many people. It’s a weird thing. And something no one wants to talk about.

      2. “Why is racism considered so much more bad than all the other ways people have of treating each other like shit?”

        Because the marxists/Soviets realized it was the best cudgel to use to destroy a western civilization based on enlightenment principles and ideas of individual rights, and that they could piggyback on the holocaust to drive it.
        Guilt is the most potent weapon in Man’s arsenal. With it you can make your opponent defeat itself. Nietzsche has some very good writing on this. Check out On the Genealogy of Morals.

        1. Hey Nazi Nardz what does “river to the sea” mean?

          Where have I libeled or lied about you?

  7. jeebus if there’s one thing nobody outside the circle gives a fuck about it’s race

  8. At about 00:40 there’s a clip of a white guy on his knees begging for forgiveness.

    That’s the endgame. What they don’t admit to, is that they want everyone on their knees begging for forgiveness, not just whitey.

    These race war hustlers are truly evil, power mad enemies of all human kind, and should be treated appropriately as such.

  9. Nigerians and other Africans do better because American blacks have had their bloodline diluted by generations of forced breeding with inferior whites.

    1. along comes dingus to prove me wrong.

    2. It’s the Neanderthal DNA.

    3. That’s how you do sarcasm.

      1. It’s pretty glorious.

  10. Somebody should have told Jo before she ran for president

  11. Although there’s research indicating that infants demonstrate a preference for caregivers of their own race, any future racial biases and bigotries generally are environmentally acquired. Adult racist sentiments are often cemented by a misguided yet strong sense of entitlement, perhaps also acquired from one’s environment.

    One means of proactively preventing this social/societal problem may be by allowing young children to become accustomed to other races in a harmoniously positive manner. The early years are typically the best time to instill and even solidify positive social-interaction life skills/traits, like interracial harmonization, into a very young brain. Human infancy is the prime (if not the only) time to instill and even solidify positive social-interaction characteristics into a very young mind.

    Irrational racist sentiment can be handed down generation to generation. If it’s deliberate, it’s something I strongly feel amounts to a form of child abuse: to rear one’s impressionably very young children in an environment of overt bigotry — especially against other races and/or sub-racial groups (i.e. ethnicities). Not only does it fail to prepare children for the practical reality of an increasingly racially/ethnically diverse and populous society and workplace, it also makes it so much less likely those children will be emotionally content or (preferably) harmonious with their multicultural/-racial surroundings.

    Children reared into their adolescence and, eventually, young adulthood this way can often be angry yet not fully realize at precisely what. Then they may feel left with little choice but to move to another part of the land, where their race or ethnicity predominates, preferably overwhelmingly so. If not for themselves, parents then should do their young children a big favor and NOT pass down onto their very impressionable offspring racially/ethnically bigoted feelings and perceptions, nor implicit stereotypes and ‘humor’, for that matter. Ironically, such rearing can make life much harder for one’s own children.

    1. Adult racist sentiments are often cemented by a misguided yet strong sense of entitlement

      Adult “racist sentiments” are “cemented” by the simple, very real fact that someone who looks like me is more likely to share my values, preferences, and views, and that people’s appearance correlates with their beliefs, culture, and socio-economic status.

      Progressives insist on dividing up the country by races and associating races, cultures, and political views with each other. Multiculturalism is the source and essence of racism. We will “overcome racism” when we overcome multiculturalism.

    2. More social engineering is not a good solution to problems created by social engineering

    3. If, as the article indicates, the schools have gone soft on disciplining black students for misconduct, then that seems like an *excellent* way to discourage racism among children – no racist teachers holding anyone accountable.


  12. NEWS FLASH!!!

    These people are not against racism. They simply want to impose their version of racism.

  13. Opposing Racism Doesn’t Require Promoting Victimhood

    Racism is just a scientifically inaccurate belief, one among a near infinity of scientifically inaccurate beliefs. If you oppose every scientifically inaccurate belief, you aren’t going to have much of a life.

    The problem isn’t with racism; in a free society, racism harms the holder of the erroneous belief and the problem is self-correcting.

    Our problem is with making scientific beliefs and experts the basis of government. That’s at least what libertarians believe. It’s perhaps not what Stossel believes.

    1. “Our problem is with making scientific beliefs and experts the basis of government.”

      Well, and not actually having a free society.

    1. It’s a good thing for the left that they control the media, because their “constituents” show who they really are on camera constantly. That clip, which should be headline news, won’t see the light of day.

      Disgusting human beings.

  14. https://twitter.com/TomasMorales_iv/status/1435838708364681217?s=19

    SoCal Antifa are celebrating the assault on @larryelder & team. [Receipts]

    1. But assaulting a candidate on the street totally isn’t a threat to democracy.

  15. “This is a new way of thinking. It’s a religious way of thinking.”

    Later he speaks of “toxic religion,” so I hope he’s confining his remarks to the *bad* kind of religion, and I certainly hope he’s not using “religion” to imply rejecting academic standards.

    Many American universities were founded by religious organizations. It took many generations for those institutions to become woke, and that was only when the original religion of the founders was replaced by the woke religion.

    1. Given that the full quote is “more like a toxic religion, a cult” I think it’s safe to assume that he’s specifically referring to bad religions, not religion in general.

  16. “As we come out of the pandemic and we’re less bored, less anxious, I suspect that a lot of the extremes that we saw are going to start retreating because there’s going to be pushback.”

    McWhorter and Loury have the better argument, but they’ve had the better argument for years. Yet they’ve consistently been on the *losing* side. Is that going to change any time soon? I mean, Loury I think was opposing PC back in the 90s, wasn’t he? How did that work?

    “I’m puzzled that DiAngelo’s and Kendi’s message is so popular today, when life for racial minorities seems to be better than ever before. With some exceptions, there’s less racism, more intermarriage, more opportunities for minorities, etc.”

    Which makes the differential progress among different minorities all the more galling. Asians are becoming purveyors of black beauty products. Nigerian immigrants are doing better than many “native” blacks (to be fair, the Nigerians’ social class were doing OK back in Nigeria).

    Either some minorities are not on the ball, or (more consolingly) the whites are behind everything and dividing minorities against each other, so it’s necessary to rally against the whites. And we shouldn’t be surprised to see anti-white and anti-Jewish bigotry associated together.

    “Why the Jews?”

    “Why the whites?”

  17. The poor are being dispossessed. This is true regardless of skin color. Exploiting racial disharmony and resentment has long been a way for Them to keep us divided and underfoot.

  18. It’s kind of a chicken or egg problem. The modern anti-racism crap was definitely formulated in order to promote racial grievance and strife, but that doesn’t mean a given moron on the street promoting it is coming with that motive. If you view everything through a racial lens, if you think inequality of outcomes is a problem, then you view all such “problems” as being caused by rac(ism).

    I think we should maintain opposition to every plank of that. Not just the critical race theory parts. Disparate impact is trash, and something like anti-racism would have arisen to undergird it, even without the Marxist plotting.

    People are responsible for their choices and actions, or they aren’t. Choose wisely.

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