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Democrats Plot Huge New Federal Health Program as Part of $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan

Plus: Steven Horwitz's economic theories, Hawaii cops sued over fatal shooting, and more...


The program "would be complex and costly, burdened by bureaucracy and rulemaking that would unnecessarily delay access to care for millions," hospital federation warns. Congressional Democrats seek a new federal health care program to join Medicare and Medicaid. The proposal is expected to be included in the upcoming $3.5 trillion budget bill. It would apply to people in 12 states that have declined to expand Medicaid coverage in recent years and provide coverage for some additional 2.2 million people who are currently ineligible for Medicaid.

Details of the plan are still unclear, but it will reportedly involve subsidizing private insurance purchases from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges as a first step while setting up an entirely new federal coverage program for the long run. Eventually, the "federal fallback option" would be run through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The idea has "drawn pushback from some in the health care industry, given that it could be a stepping stone to a larger, government-run 'public option,'" reports The Hill.

"We have significant concerns with any proposal that would establish a new Federal Medicaid look-alike program to fill the coverage gap," the Federation of American Hospitals wrote in a recent letter to Congress. "The formation and implementation of a new federal program or a Medicaid public option would be complex and costly, burdened by bureaucracy and rulemaking that would unnecessarily delay access to care for millions."

However, the group supports efforts to expand subsidies for people to purchase private insurance on the ACA exchanges in the 12 states that won't be bribed by federal funding into expanding Medicaid enrollment.

Until recently, 13 states fit this bill. But, in July, the Missouri Supreme Court said the state must expand its coverage. "Missouri voters approved Medicaid Expansion in August 2020 by a vote of 53.25% to 46.75%. It required the state to submit a Medicaid expansion state plan amendment to the federal government by March 2021, and for Medicaid expansion to take effect by July 1, 2021," Northeast News explains.

However, when state lawmakers passed the 2022 fiscal year budget, they failed to include funding for the state's portion of the cost of Medicaid expansion.

A lawsuit was brought by Missouri residents who would gain eligibility under the expansion. Missouri DSS argued that the ballot initiative was unconstitutional since the state constitution says ballot measures can't be used to appropriate state funds. In June a circuit court judge ruled that Missouri's Medicaid expansion ballot measure was unconstitutional because it didn't include a funding mechanism.

The case was appealed, and the Missouri Supreme Court vacated the lower court's ruling, and noted that the Medicaid expansion eligibility criteria outlined in Missouri Article IV, Section 36(c) are "now in effect."

The plan to expand federal health coverage for people in the other 12 states—a "federal fallback option"—is only one of a number of health-related spending proposals in the spending plan sought by President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats.

"Technically, Biden's social spending package isn't a health-care bill. But it'd still amount to the biggest health expansion since Obamacare," Washington Post health care reporter Rachel Roubein writes. These plans also include expanding Medicare coverage and a prescription drug element.

"Democrats aren't expected to include a measure lowering Medicare's eligibility age in the package," notes Roubein. "Progressives including Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) have been pushing hard for the policy, but probably to no avail."


More on mask mandates in schools. A lawsuit over Florida's ban on school mask mandates continues this week, as Arizona prepares to go to trial in September over the same. "A judge will hear arguments Sept. 13 over whether it was legal for state lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey to bar schools from requiring students and employees to wear masks," reports the Arizona Daily Star. "The date set by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Katherine Cooper is designed to allow time for whichever side loses to quickly seek Supreme Court review. That is important as, absent a court order, the new law takes effect on Sept. 29." Meanwhile…

More on the Proposition 22 decision. Cathy Gellis at Techdirt has a good analysis of the recent California court decision concerning Proposition 22, which this Roundup touched on earlier this week. "Whether it actually is a victory for labor is debatable but also somewhat besides the point," suggests Gellis. "The relative merits of any of these things (Uber, Prop. 22, AB 5) is not what's at issue. Instead, the question is whether the decision correctly interprets the California Constitution." That's more complicated. Read Gellis' whole post for why.


A new lawsuit against police in Hawaii County alleges that officers didn't announce themselves before barging into the room where 31-year-old Daniel Buckingham was killed. Buckingham struck one of the officers with a knife, prompting police to shoot him 13 times.

"Hawaii County police said in a press release in June that officers did announce their presence several times, but that cannot be heard on body camera footage the department released," reports Honolulu Civil Beat.

Police said in a press release that Buckingham was armed with two knives, one small and one large, and that when police breached the door, he swung the larger one at an officer, striking him in the forearm.

However, no video footage was recovered from the camera of that injured officer and the department said in June it is investigating why. The video police released doesn't include any clear footage of the knife or the shooting. Without video, Bickerton said he doesn't know whether or not Buckingham lunged at them with a knife.


Patrick Horan looks at the "nuanced" theories of late libertarian economist Steven Horwitz, who died in June. "The economics professor's ideas about monetary policy synthesized different viewpoints on how to mitigate recessions and inflations," Horan writes in Discourse magazine.

While Horwitz wrote on topics ranging from disaster relief to family economics, for both academic and popular audiences, he also wrote prolifically on monetary economics and business cycles. Horwitz was one of a small number of macroeconomists to be influenced by the Austrian school of economics associated with Ludwig von Mises and F. A. Hayek. Austrian macroeconomics emphasizes the role central banks play in generating credit-fueled bubbles. Although Horwitz accepted major tenets of what is commonly called Austrian business cycle theory (ABCT), he also embraced insights from other macroeconomic schools of thought. Horwitz's nuanced approach and rejection of dogma made him one of the best macroeconomists to come from the Austrian tradition.

More here.


• The Federal Trade Commission's revised antitrust complaint against Facebook fails again, suggests MarketWatch. "Antitrust enforcers can't show that Facebook has monopoly power, nor can it show that it's harming consumers."

• Spike Cohen, who was the Libertarian Party's 2020 vice presidential candidate, tweeted and then walked back misinformation about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and deaths. "The FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine in less than a year, despite it having killed thousands of people, because of its efficacy in reducing COVID symptoms," Cohen tweeted on Wednesday afternoon. A few hours later, he deleted that tweet, commenting:

• Vaccination is on an upswing in the U.S.

• "The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that chalking the tires of parked cars is unconstitutional," reports ABC 12 News. The case stems from a lawsuit filed by a woman who received 15 parking tickets in the city of Saginaw, Michigan.

• A federal appeals court granted Facebook's motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it was guilty of housing discrimination. "I believe this case is now ready for a Ninth Circuit appeal, where anything could happen," writes law professor Eric Goldman.

• Libertarian think tanks weigh in on the American Civil Liberties Union's fight with Grand Rapids, Michigan, over the city's forced fingerprinting policy. "Not every interaction with the police should result in a background check," said Patrick J. Wright, vice president of legal affairs at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which filed an amicus brief along with the Cato Institute. "The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable search and seizure, and the Michigan Supreme Court should put an end to this unconstitutional practice."

NEXT: The Same Law California NIMBYs Use To Block Housing Is Now Freezing College Enrollments and Halting Hospital Expansions

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  1. The program “would be complex and costly, burdened by bureaucracy and rulemaking that would unnecessarily delay access to care for millions…”

    So they’re reusing the Obamacare website, then?

    1. He didn’t build that!

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    2. If you like your website, you’re the only one.

  2. Details of the plan are still unclear…


    1. We have to pass it to see what’s in it.

      1. We already know what will be in it. Any state that didn’t accept everything the Feds want with Medicaid will get a new program specifically for them. An offer they can’t refuse, if you will.

    2. We have to pass it to see what’s in it. Again.

    3. Hey! The details will be filled in by unelected bureaucrats!

    4. Again, we have to pass it to see what’s in it. Again.

    5. 1. Prove (or claim) you voted a straight D ticket.
      2. Get free health care.

    6. We have to pass it to see what’s in it. Again.

  3. A judge will hear arguments Sept. 13 over whether it was legal for state lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey to bar schools from requiring students and employees to wear masks…

    Government dictates are for the little people.

    1. Seems like government dictates any way you turn. So, at best, it’s a local vs. high-level government debate.

      Generally, I favor local control, but I acknowledge there’s not necessarily anything more libertarian about local governments. They can be quite intrusive and petty.

      1. I know right. Government mandating behavior is the exact same as government disallowing other government to mandate behavior. I mean individual choices?!? Get out of here with that.

      2. Favoring local control is still favoring control.

      3. If there is any use for central government, I would say that keeping local government in check and stopping it violating people’s rights is a pretty good role for it to have. I’m OK with government dictats that limit government power.

          1. It is known that those who favor “small government” are essentially Social Darwinists who don’t care about the systemically oppressed [based upon their “lived experience”] or those who have less than they do.

            You can’t make it all fair and square without gov guns to force it, people.

  4. “Democrats Plot Huge New Federal Health Program as Part of $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan”

    That’s expected. This is what we Koch / Reason libertarians voted for.

    I think it’s time for us to be honest and admit we never cared about “shrinking government” or “cutting spending.” Our philosophy exists to make billionaires — especially our benefactor Charles Koch — even richer. And Biden and the Democratic Congress are doing exactly that.


    1. Related:

      The 10 richest Americans have gained a combined $235 billion this year.

      The Biden economy is concentrating wealth at the very top even more efficiently than my best-case scenario predicted.


  5. When will Fauci answer for his crimes against humanity?

    1. I would be happy if we could just stop him from committing more in the future at this point.

  6. …the question is whether the decision correctly interprets the California Constitution.

    A well regulated economy, being necessary to the financial security of special interests, the right of the people to vote on their own labor rules, shall be infringed.

  7. Congressional Democrats seek a new federal health care program to join Medicare and Medicaid.

    How about the following as a compromise? Citizens get cradle-to-grave medical coverage, national defense, and *nothing else* from the federal government.

    1. Sorry, but if your personal choices result in tax payers paying more or less for your healthcare, there will be no end to the regulation that falls under “cradle to grave medical coverage”.

      1. What are these “tax payers” of which you speak?

        1. The rich!

            1. I’m one of two tax payers? That explains a lot about the check I wrote this year.

              You’re welcome.

              1. Hey, me too. We should get together, maybe in our mega-yachts.

                1. If you own a yacht, you should pay more taxes.

                  1. Yachts are a human right.

                  2. An a yacht will be defined as any watercraft seating more than 2 persons.

                    1. And ‘Watercraft’ will be defined as ‘Anything that could possibly float’; further, ‘persons’ will be defined to include midgets, infants, and Lilliputians.

                2. Fuck both of you, you need to pay your fair shares. What’s your fair share, you ask, more!

                  /sarc or prog ; readers choice

      2. Perhaps. We’ve had Medicare and Medicaid for decades now, without that slippery slope argument having come true, even though it is a quite rational argument.

        1. Lol. Low effort trolling Dee.

          1. I’m sure mike believes there is no issue with Medicare or Medicaid.

            1. It’s free!

        2. Yeah we haven’t had ANY extensions to Medicare or Medicaid year over year.

          Bush (Medicare Part D) and Obama (ACA Medicaid Expansion) not available for comment.

          Nope, nope, no slope to be seen.

          1. and no one’s even discussing lowering the Medicare eligibility age.

          2. That’s not what I am saying. The slippery slope argument that the government will start telling people what they can eat, forcing them to exercise, etc. has been made many times (including by commenters here).

            It is not an irrational argument. One could expect that to happen. But the odd thing is it hasn’t happened, even though we have had Medicare and Medicaid for decades.

            Re-reading your comment above, I see that you weren’t making this argument. I mis-read it and thought that you had.

            1. Food stamp recipients were told what they could spend their money on. So you are seemingly ignorant. And even to this day politicians on both sides have discussed incentivization for people on government health programs.

    2. I would offer UBI as a compromise: we accept no-strings-attached welfare but you need to get rid of literally every other program, especially Medicare/Aid.

      1. You can trade your vote for a UBI.

        Incompetent wards of the state do not deserve adult rights.

        1. The UBI checks will be available for pickup at our service desk in Jalalabad.

      2. Neither UBI recipients nor administrators of existing programs will ever accept that. Statists always pile government programs on other government program. It’s never one replacing another.

      3. Don’t worry, you’ll get your UBI and we’ll still have all the other programs. Just think of it as a mega-compromise. I heard some libertarians want a sales tax to replace the income tax too. We’ll compromise and have both.

        1. The tax tax. If you pay a certain amount in taxes, you will be required to pay an additional tax because your taxes will be taxing to the tax agents.

          1. Recall the fate of the Sweethaven Taxman imposing a tax on everything in the movie Popeye.

    3. What about the millions of kids who got the grave before the cradle?

      1. Meh. Just forgive their student loans.

      2. The unborn aren’t recipients of government programs. And besides, if the Roman Catholic Church and other anti-abortionists really believed their nonsense, they would provide them with Last Rites, funerals, and gravesites.

        1. The Church does allow for funerals and grave sites for the death of a pre-born baby. I have been to two of these funerals and visited their grave sites.

          Last Rites: Sacraments require physical presence and I’m not sure if the baby in the womb would work. However, when does a priest know that an unborn baby is about to die?

  8. A new lawsuit against police in Hawaii County alleges that officers didn’t announce themselves before barging into the room where 31-year-old Daniel Buckingham was killed.

    It is your responsibility to make certain that a home invasion is not being perpetrated by Five-Oh before defending against it.

    1. Book em Dano.

  9. CDC admits there is no statistically significant difference between infection rates at schools with or without masks.

    Report somewhat buried and not publicized by the CDC

    1. And notice the lead on that article. The ACLU is suing South Carolina because it has banned mask mandates in its public schools. Not masks. Mask Mandates. Their argument is that unless you require kids to wear a mask, disabled kids will be unable to attend the school, thus violating federal laws guaranteeing public school access to the disabled.

      What the fuck has happened to our country?

      “Masks don’t help”
      “Please don’t take masks from the health care workers”
      “Wear a mask if you’d like”
      “Everyone must wear a mask”
      “Everyone owes the disabled mask mandates”

      The idea that a school can require kids to wear a mask as an accommodation for disabled children is INSANE. This isn’t the school paying for a wheelchair ramp, or accessible bathrooms. It is forcing other people to do work on behalf of the school. What is next? Should schools force their gifted and talented kids to tutor the learning disabled too?

      1. And by the way, it is an absolute joke that the ACLU thinks civil liberties will be protected by forcing millions of children to wear a mask.

        1. Civil liberties. The term doesn’t mean what you think it means. Per the ACLU’s current management, civil liberties are neither civil nor do they involve liberty.

      2. What is next? Should schools force their gifted and talented kids to tutor the learning disabled too?
        No, gifted students must now work at the same pace as slow students.

        1. Talented and/or gifted students will no longer be identified as such, since it may hurt someone’s feelings.

      3. Where have you been. In Woke-land, preventing a progressive group from imposing fascism is fascism.

      4. In order to make all children equitable we Wil blind defen and cripple all of them

        1. I like the cut of your jib.

      5. What the fuck has happened to our country?

        “Masks don’t help”
        “Please don’t take masks from the health care workers”
        “Wear a mask if you’d like”
        “Everyone must wear a mask”
        “Everyone owes the disabled mask mandates”

        You left out a couple of relevant ones in there:
        “The President can implement mask mandates”
        “Governors can’t forbid mask *mandates*”

        And Reason’s “Totalitarian Republican Governors Primary Threat To Liberty” cheerleading.

        1. And if any particular state starts getting stingy with Medicaid benefits or unemployment benefits, the Feds will roll out new benefits programs to fill the gap.

        2. “And Reason’s ‘Totalitarian Republican Governors Primary Threat To Liberty’ cheerleading.”

          Can you give an example of this cheerleading?

      6. It is beyond irritating here, to be honest. McMaster is not saying YOU CANNOT WEAR MASKS. Just YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO WEAR MASKS.

        I do not get how the latter is a violation of civil rights in any way.

      7. White supremacist Trump voters and red state governors are literally murdering disabled children. I guess we all knew it would come to this.

        1. If that were the case, the progressive eugenics crowd would be cheering them on.

    2. Very much buried. They marketed the study as “masking and ventilation reduce infection rates in schools.” Independently masking does not, but ventilation does. CDC is asshole.

  10. Reporters Without Borders has built a virtual library in the video game Minecraft to give gamers access to censored books and articles.

    They better not include Jordan Peterson tomes.

    1. So are the books in this library all on little signs with four lines of text each.

      1. Written by Reporters Without Borders, it sounds like a 4-line version of Twitter. Not entirely sure if the barriers to entry are a bad thing.

    2. Is Hustler included in the collection?

    3. Do all the pictures in the encyclopedias show people with square block heads and bodies?

    4. Isn’t this problematic from a copyright perspective?

  11. So boring! Where’s Nardz? I need simulation! Outrage me!

    1. *Stimulation


      1. No you and your socks were right the first time, lard.

      1. What the hell is “svelte physique”?

        *I realise I could look it up in the time it took to ask the question

        1. Like every police report of an illegal search contains standard language like “Smelled a strong odor of marijuana,” every Daily Mail article about a female celebrity contains boilerplate like “svelte physique.” Whether it’s true or not.

        2. “*I realise I could look it up in the time it took to ask the question”

          You wouldn’t understand it if you did, lying piece of lefty shit.

        3. What the hell is “svelte physique”?

          Something you haven’t seen in the mirror since high school.

      2. Granny panties on that hot bod.

      3. sarcasmic
        August.23.2021 at 1:21 pm
        Flag Comment Mute User
        Except that I’m not supporting or ignoring the other. People like you just glaze over posts where I’m critical of Dems because it doesn’t fit your cognitive biases.

        I mean, if this is your take on an article about 3.5T spending from dems, I’m beginning to wonder if you lied in that post.

        1. “…I’m beginning to wonder if you lied…”

          Don’t bother; the steaming pile of shit lies.

      4. Do I have to?

      1. Yes, but for cultural appropriation!

        1. Towel on her head? She could have been driving a car bomb!

          1. Or her husband will suicide bomb a mall because someone looked at her funny?

            1. Jesus you guys are terrible at humor.

            2. Know why cannibals don’t eat clowns? They taste funny.

              1. And then there is the ultimate show of trust: gay cannibal.

                1. I think it was SQRLSY that posted a link to an article about a guy in Germany who, responding to an ad, let another guy drug him and cut off his penis. The other guy then fried it up and they ate it together. Then the other guy offed him.

                  I made the mistake of reading SqRLSY’s link, and I’ll never be able to wipe it from my mind.

                  1. That was sarcasmic.

      2. sarcasmic
        August.23.2021 at 1:21 pm
        Flag Comment Mute User
        Except that I’m not supporting or ignoring the other. People like you just glaze over posts where I’m critical of Dems because it doesn’t fit your cognitive biases.

      1. Lol, that’s actually a way better argument than the child porn angle.

      2. 3 for 3 on those hidden posts of yours.

    2. That’s the most outrage I can find. Did my best.

      1. Fun works too!

        1. Get a room , you two.

      2. More outrage about Nardz than 3.5T spending.

        1. You really have no concept of humor, do you. Notice the lack of question mark. That means it’s a rhetorical question that doesn’t require a response because the answer is an obvious yes.

          1. Nothing in this thread is funny.

            1. Exactly. No sense of humor. And as much class as school at five in the morning.

          2. Can you cite the humor? Nothing you say is funny. Notice the only people joining in are humorless leftists who care more about attacking someone they perceive as on the right, the same as you.

            Stop thinking you are funny. Because you aren’t.

            1. I was posting things that are the opposite of outrageous as counterpoint to Nardz’s seriousness. All in jest.

              Just because every post of yours is totally serious, devoid of humor, and containing some personal attack doesn’t mean that others post things that are frivolous, humorous, and attacking no one.

              1. ….doesn’t mean others don’t post things…

                My kingdom for an edit button!!

              2. The fact that that must be explained means you’re completely dense, or dishonest. I’m going with both.

                1. You didn’t explain anything, you’re trying to save face from obvious terrible humor.

                  I’ve challenged you multiple times to show the magic anti-democratic comment you claim to have made. You have never done so. I will keep posting your statement above when you deflect or troll in any article even slightly critical of the left, because that is your actual behavior.

              3. No sarc, we all got what you were doing. It just wasn’t funny. You’re bad at humor.

              4. No, you aren’t funny. Sorry your family lies to you. You have some of the worst humor I’ve ever seen. Below dad joke level. Maybe a middle school dad joke level. They aren’t funny.

                And no, you posted an attack on someone you consistently attack and then call it humor. It was nothing but trolling someone you dislike.

          3. Oh, and you are still free to criticize the left at any time now. Still waiting for you to link a post from this year. Hell, I’ll extend it to last year as well.

            1. The burden of proof is on you to show I’m a leftist, not for me to prove I’m not. You’ve called me one a couple thousand times now. One would think you’d have saved a single comment of mine to prove it. But you haven’t, because no such post exists.

              1. So you haven’t made said post, you lied about it. Can we agree on that?

                90% of your posts now are attacking the right in threads slightly critical of the left.

            2. They don’t care if they’re funny; they just come here for attention, and as the Irish say, “contention is better than loneliness.”

          4. JesseAz has the same limited sense of humor as Donald Trump: he only engages in humor that is cruel to other people.

            1. What do you think sarcasmics joke was about white Mike? He is making fun of his perceived enemy. Holy shit you two are fucking dumb.

  12. Antitrust enforcers can’t show that Facebook has monopoly power, nor can it show that it’s harming consumers.

    The court will confirm that Facebook is not still a thing.

    1. It’s only an idea.

    2. At least not a thing if you are under about 30 years old.

      1. I don’t wanna be that guy, but to be that guy, I’m never sure if we’re talking about Facebook the platform or Facebook the company. Facebook the platform, yes, it’s boomerific AF (as the kids say). But facebook the company has products which people under 30 use.


        I just took a look at the list that Facebook owns, and now I realize it’s not that impressive. The only one that seems remotely hip is Instagram.

        Occulus VR isn’t social networking, it’s a silicon valley hype vector… Then there’s WHALE… never even heard of it. GIPHY… ok… whatever. WhatsAPP, I abandoned that a while ago… And Masquerade… never heard of that.

        So I guess it all comes down to Instagram and the oldsters still on FB the platform. Which according to Zuckmeister is over 2 billion people.

        1. Technically I’m a FB user so I can get BBQ invites and the like. I’ve not looked at it otherwise in about 10 years.

          1. Not sure I would want to go to a BBQ full of Facebook users.

            1. They’re not really users either, unless you count FB marketplace. It’s just easier than digging up everyone’s phone numbers / emails.

              1. My wife uses FB for “happy stuff” like that; every now and then she will show me something and almost without exception there is a post in a thread from some dipshit making statements like “time to mask up, buttercup!’ No doubt because of “science” and their need for everyone to get with their program.

                I fucking hate Facebook and don’t touch it with any length of pole.

        2. I was referring specifically to the Facebook app, not the company.

      2. My finding is it’s both the extremely young and the extremely old who get into Facebook. So both Candy Crush and Depends in the algorhythms.

      3. I’m 44 with 2 daughters and a Niece all under 30 on Facebook. The 21-year-old is only barely on it. The 15-year-old is only on it to make fun of us to our friends and family when we do stupid things like accidentally leave her at a Buc-cees. The 28-year-old niece just posts pictures of the new baby. I think we Gen Xers are using it because we like it and what was the thing as we married and had kids, everyone else is just using it so they can stay in contact with family. It is really good for that.

  13. Spike Cohen, who was the Libertarian Party’s 2020 vice presidential candidate, tweeted and then walked back misinformation about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and deaths.

    When you’re the only one doing that kind of thing, it just shows weakness.

    1. Looking at Spike overall and the reasons for his popularity, I think a lack of transparency would harm his image. Most other political personalities lie frequently, and thus not showing weakness is preferred. Spike seems to be trying not to lie, and that’s what has gotten him this far at least.

      On the other hand, “misinformation” has become such a stupid fucking term. The deaths are not vetted, but they are in VAERS. He accidentally misrepresented the certainty of the data, but that’s kind of different than the way this thing is being framed. And if the fatality rate for the vaccines is 2 per 100,000 (which is probably accurate for the average vaccine, though the data is trash so it is hard to say) that means 6,800 deaths across a fully vaccinated population of 340,000,000. That would be thousands. Hell, even non steroidal anti inflammatory medications like Tylenol, ibuprofen, and meloxicam are estimated to kill 15-20,000 people in the US each year.

      1. No, no, no, no.

        Magical sciencey medicine only makes people better.

      2. There are no negative side effects of the vaccine.

        Period. The scientism is settled. Even an infinitesimally small number of affected doesn’t exist and any mention of it is “misinformation”.

    2. CORRECTION: this tweet was based on the fact that VAERS has received thousands of reports of deaths due to COVID vaccines. I mistakenly thought these deaths had already been verified by CDC or a third party as caused by the vaccine. They have not, so I’m retracting that claim.

      Funny how the data in VAERS was considered trustworthy and completely uncontroversial prior to December 2020.

      1. Back when voluntary reporting into VAERS was used as evidence that vaccines are the safest medical intervention that exists lmao

  14. The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that chalking the tires of parked cars is unconstitutional.

    “Oh, very well. We’ll spray-paint ‘BLM’ on the tires.”

    1. Well, chalk is White.

      1. Our meter maids use yellow chalk, which is an anti-Asian hate crime.

        1. Or it might be piss.

          1. I’d chalk it up to racism.

    1. I would hope so after 20 years of dumping money into Afghanistan

      1. And your BFF droolin’ Joe getting us ass-kicked out the door.

    2. It might be best to consider them former allies at this point.

  15. Australia is building concentration camps.

    This is urgent.

    We are in a race against the highly contagious Delta variant and we don’t know what’s next.

    Construction on the Wellcamp regional quarantine facility has started today.

    @Wagner_Corp expects the first stage to be delivered for use by the end of 2021.

    1. Wellcamp regional quarantine facility

      As opposed to ‘District 9’.

      1. T-4 jobs and education camp

      2. Or the correct name, The variant breeder facility.

        1. Loki’s there?

      3. When will the crematories be ready?

        1. Next wildfire season?

        2. You mean the recycling center.

          1. 2022: Australian scientists announce new breakthrough in “lab grown” meat.

            1. Meat from down under. Six feet under.

    2. 30 years ago, something like this would have been in the screenplay of a Paul Verhoeven movie.


      Local government claiming to be blindsided by this, but the Twit Space crowd [from your link] certainly see delighted about it. Not sure if it qualifies as a “concentration camp” but then I do not know just how they are going to fill it and how involuntary it will be.

  16. …this tweet was based on the fact that VAERS has received thousands of reports of deaths due to COVID vaccines. I mistakenly thought these deaths had already been verified by CDC or a third party as caused by the vaccine.

    Which the CDC and medical establishment have every incentive to do honestly.

    1. They don’t autopsy hardly any of those. It can be hard to attribute ANY cause of death. Here is one of the only reports you’ll find regarding postmortem for a vaccine death:

      1. Covid death counts are zippitity bappity spot on accurate.

  17. Vaccination is on an upswing in the U.S.

    Validating the nudgers’ existence.

    1. You aren’t allowed to use the n word!

    2. What other direction is it going to go?

      1. Depends how they classify people that don’t get the booster shots.

          1. Sounds like a good compromise.

  18. The case stems from a lawsuit filed by a woman who received 15 parking tickets in the city of Saginaw, Michigan.

    But what of LEO’s 1st Amendment rights to artistic expression?

  19. A federal appeals court granted Facebook’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it was guilty of housing discrimination.

    Not every race is suitable for virtual farmhouses?

    1. Geez, everybody wants to be the house nigger.

      1. Or the house dinger

        1. So do you want to know the terrifying secret behind major league baseball, or would you rather see mark Mcguire hit some dingers?


    The Biden Administration begins their new message campaign with the help of @NorahODonnell: We warned you and now you are on your own. [Link]

    1. The plan is to keep digging the hole in the hopes that they come out on the other side.

      Utterly disgusting.

  21. A lot of these people would take cash equivalent payments instead of healthcare coverage.

    Why does congress always insist on imposing their own choices on how people spend their welfare?

    1. Other than actually having us executed, it is the only way they have to demonstrate their power.

    2. Because there is overwhelming evidence that poor people — every one of them, even ones who just graduated from college and haven’t yet landed a decent job, are incapable of responsibly handling even the tiniest bit of actual cash money. Therefore, the government should do it for them. Besides, it only costs the taxpayers an extra half-trillion dollars a year to ensure they don’t buy even one beer. A bargain, no?

      1. Damn.

        Supposed to be a reply to BRIAN.

          1. Yeah. I blame it on not enough coffee.

    3. Cuz the premise that giant-science-government must provide everything might be questioned if anyone argued that people can make any decisions for themselves?

    4. Tattooing will now be designated as a covered surgical procedure.

      1. That’s just silly. Nipple rings on the other hand…

    5. a) Probably doesn’t even occur to them that it’s a possibility.
      b) Opens them up to accusations they aren’t monitoring the spending.
      c) Where’s the chance to create more bureaucracy in that?


    Department of Defense confirms a reported explosion at Kabul airport.

    @PentagonPresSec: “Casualties are unclear at this time.”

    1. Damn, good thing they were warned to leave the airport.

      1. Still looking for any nugget of gold in every Biden turd, I see.

        1. He wants so badly for biden to get a win at this point.

          Mike retreated in an earlier thread to saying trump is worse because he was leading to a collapse of civil society. Despite it being the resistance marching and setting shit on fire.

          1. saying trump is worse because he was leading to a collapse of civil society

            Not leading to, actively and intentionally effecting it. It gives the man entirely too much credit.

      2. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Good call.

      3. Lord of Shit:
        “Hey, who cares?”

      4. When I think about it, it’s such a good thing!

      5. I guess if they got blowed up, it’s their own fault.

      6. Reports are, because of how hard it is to get to the airport, that Americans likely were among the casualties. At least three Marines were injured, at least one seriously. And they targeted the Baron hotel, were westerners, including Americans, were massing for evacuation. In fact the only three times American forces left the airport to rescue people, they were rescued from the Baron hotel.

        1. Latest report I saw was ten dead Marines and three wounded.

    2. Two explosions – 13 confirmed dead in first go-round. those numbers will go up a LOT as people clear that area.

      1. You sound excited.

        1. He’s hoping they were all unvaccinated.

    3. Americans being told not to come to the gate, and they are concentrating on clearing those already inside the airport with no obvious plans to rescue those outside the airport, many of which are American Citizens and SIV holders. Most of which have made multiple attempts to get into the airport.

      1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    4. This shit is glowing brighter than the sun.

  23. Not every interaction with the police should result in a background check…

    Michigan is the “Water Wonderland” state and its government loves to go fishing.

    1. Especially the governor’s husband, when everyone else is locked down and warned not to go to the lake.

  24. The people that took us into Afghanistan and are fucking up the exit should be as far away from an individuals’ healthcare as possible.

  25. Judge gives leader of Proud Boys 5 months in prison, 2 more than prosecutors asked for, for stealing and burning a BLM flag.

    1. Actually burning a business, however, is still OK.

      1. I’m curious as to watching “libertarians” defend this flag burning as extra bad.

        1. Stealing private property is a crime. On the other hand, this flag MIGHT be worth $25, assuming it was in pristine condition, which is a minor misdemeanor at best. Keeping him in jail for two extra months will cost the taxpayers an extra $4000 or so. Yeah. “Justice.” Maybe the judge could have fined him an extra $100, but no.

          1. I’d like to find someone in jail for even a week based on a petty crime like theft of a flag on the outside of a building. This is seemingly purely political.

            1. Absolutely.

    2. Reason has already made it clear they’re ok with political prosecutions, as long as it goes in the correct direction.

  26. Australia is building concentration camps.

    #BREAKING: From September 13, NSW residents that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be given new freedoms.

    Residents of hotspots can leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour, while people in other areas can meet five others outdoors.


    Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the vaccination milestone of six million reached this week would allow for a small renewal in freedoms for residents with the jab.

    Here’s what’s changing on September 13: [link]

    #COVID19 #9News

    1. Will folks at least get to appear before a kangaroo court prior to their interment?

      1. Nope.
        Kangaroos refuse to wear masks – – – – – – – –

        1. And kangaroos actually fight back

    2. Who had the cold on their bingo card for what brought down the belief in a free society?

    3. It’s funny how the western media talks in terms of “prison” language in regards to these lockdowns, and no one, especially the press themselves seem to take notice.

      1. Yeah. Hilarious. I can’t fucking believe (still) that people have swallowed “lockdown” as remotely acceptable.

    4. Gladys? Lol.

  27. El Salvador will start treating bitcoin as its official currency come September 7. Their other official currency is the U.S. dollar. They’re mostly doing this because of remittances. Remittances from the workers in the USA make up almost 25% of El Salvador’s GDP (which is only about $25 billion). If they can significantly cut the cost of remittances from the USA, they can significantly boost their GDP.

    We should be hesitant to praise this development. They’re probably courting disaster with the assumption that the IMF will bail them out if and when things go south. If [When] bitcoin takes another hit, because the central bank in El Salvador also uses dollars as their official currency, their central bank will be forced to buy dollars they can’t afford to buy.

    There’s probably a nice arbitrage opportunity for the unscrupulous in El Salvadorean debt, but no one should brag about making money at that–not that there’s much of that debt out there in such a small economy. Regardless, if this goes well initially, other countries that rely heavily on remittances may follow suit. That may not be desirable from the perspective of consumer adoption of cryptocurrency.

    On the one hand, the demand from remittances may prove to be a killer app that drives more demand for Bitcoin adoption. On the other hand, if Bitcoin becomes the world’s central banks’ scapegoat for bankrupting El Salvador, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, as well as other countries that don’t use the U.S. dollar as their official currency, the progressives will try to regulate or ban freely circulating cryptocurrencies like they’re trying to regulate or ban “misinformation”.

    We should try to make it clear that because bitcoin can cut the cost of transferring remittances doesn’t make it a substitute for responsible behavior by central banks nor is it a solution to the problem of the IMF and moral hazard. Meanwhile, WHEN bitcoin takes another tumble and causes a financial catastrophe, because of irresponsible behavior by central banks and the IMF, that won’t be a good reason why investors, businesses, and consumers shouldn’t be free to use it for their own reasons.

    Because we support gun rights doesn’t mean we condone armed robbery and school shootings, and because we support the free use of cryptocurrency doesn’t mean we condone the irresponsible behavior of central bankers and the IMF.

    1. “The argument that IMF financing creates moral hazard cannot be lightly dismissed. If one believes that IMF financing helps some countries pull back from the brink of default and otherwise mitigates the costs of a crisis for the country affected, and if one believes that market participants and governments respond to incentives, some degree of moral hazard is an unavoidable consequence.”

      —-International Monetary Fund

      Fearing the negative consequences of steering headfirst into oncoming traffic is a more than sufficient reason to avoid steering headfirst into oncoming traffic. To whatever extent the IMF encourages central banks and governments to steer headfirst into oncoming traffic, they should be ashamed of themselves.

      No one should take the word of experts for anything in a crisis, especially if their behavior contributed to the crisis, but we should believe the IMF when they say that the negative consequences of moral hazard are a negative consequence of moral hazard. I might nitpick with the word “unavoidable”. Nothing we can choose to avoid is unavoidable, and we could choose to get rid of the IMF.

    2. Just off the top of my head, I cannot imagine a reliable way to separate drug money repatriation from remittances. And once it’s converted to cash at either end, it’s no longer traceable through the blockchain.

      [As someone who thinks drug legalization would knock the legs out from under the cartel, I’m not worried about this. But I cannot imagine the US gov’t in charge of the War on Drugs isn’t aghast at the possibility of a huge bitcoin remittance flow flow that could hide … anything.]

      1. “El Salvador has announced that it will release an official digital wallet for BTC and other currencies, according to a local media report published on June 24. The effort follows the approval of bitcoin as legal tender in the country, which brought much attention to the Central American nation.

        The new wallet is called Chivo, and it will form the basis for everyday use of the currency.

        That wallet may give them more surveillance potential and control over bitcoin flows into the country than they have now.

        1. And the abandonment of the US dollar begins.

        2. That wallet may give them more surveillance potential and control over bitcoin flows into the country than they have now.

          I’m sure the US Government wouldn’t (ab)use the information that isn’t owned by *anyone* on every last drug undocumented worker remittance payment into El Salvador, either.

          1. Yeah, any of my fellow libertarians who celebrated the U.S. adopting bitcoin as an official currency would be horribly wrong to do so. That would be the real end of privacy. Not only would it give them the ability to track our transactions in real time. They’d be able to see all of our past financial transactions forever. And that record wouldn’t need to be maintained by the government. It would just be publicly available to everyone. Yeah, no thanks.

            1. This simply isn’t true. There are plenty of ways that transactions occur off-chain.

              1. Are we talking about people putting it on USB drives?

                Maybe I should put it this way–if the United States government ever adopted a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, and tied to to the U.S. dollar, the only reason they’d do so is so that they can track transactions both in real time and in the past forever.

                The reason China is issuing a digital yuan cryptocurrency is not because they want to facilitate anonymity or whatever other benefits people want from cryptocurrency. It’s because it makes surveillance of financial transactions much, much easier and pervasive.


                That’s why the U.S. would do it, too. They want to track the purchases of pedophiles, and maybe gun owners, too. Why’s that guy buying ammo all the time? I don’t see a registered firearm on record.

      2. Just off the top of my head, I cannot imagine a reliable way to separate drug money repatriation from remittances.
        They probably don’t care. Money is money. They need money.

    3. Bitcoin transaction costs for remittances are exactly the same as any other bitcoin transaction . There’s something else going on here.

      1. That’s why they’re moving to Bitcoin. What they’re doing now is like Western Union and MoneyGram.

        Sending $100 to a Western Union app on a phone costs $8. Letting them pick up $100 in cash at a Western Union in El Salvador costs $15.

        8% or 15%?

        That’s one hell of a transfer fee! Banks charge less than that for short term loans.

    4. So El Salvador is angling to be the money laundering capital of the world. Expect Biden/Harris to move them up the list for where the returning troops from Afhanistan can go next.

      1. I think it’s a big mistake to associate bitcoin with anonymity.

        Cash is relatively anonymous. Monero is ever more anonymous.

        Sending Bitcoin through a government app to somebody is the opposite of anonymous.

        Their banking system would be more secure and less anonymous if it were based solely on bitcoin. It’s probably more anonymous to transfer bitcoin on a USB drive in person than it is to transfer bitcoin through a government operated wallet.

        Bitcoin is not anonymous. The publicly viewable transaction record is publicly viewable by everyone, and there are at least two companies that trace bitcoin for law enforcement. Do a search for “bitcoin” and “Chainalysis” or “Elliptic”.


    Also being told The Taliban printed and distributed thousands of visas in an effort to drive more civilians to the airport perimeter…just to pressure US forces, heighten confusion, further enable a crush of humanity.

    1. Wouldn’t have helped if there wasn’t a demand. Oh, and weren’t we assured yesterday that all the evacs are vetted?
      By the guy peddling the visas outside the A/P gate, I guess.

  29. “Democrats Plot Huge New Federal Health Program as Part of $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan”

    Just slide it in that pile Joe’s signing; he won’t even notice.

  30. Well,, that talking point will need adjustment now…

    BREAKING: At least 3 U.S. troops wounded in suicide bombing outside Abbey Gate at Kabul airport: U.S. officials

    1. I predict that no one else will be allowed in the airport, we will evacuate our troops and abandon the remaining American citizens and SIV holders.

  31. “And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempt to ban school mask mandates suffers another setback.”

    Almost giddy writing that weren’t you? It was a Dallas county judge, boo hoo. That’s getting rapidly appealed.

    Say how’s that democrat protest over “voting rights” going in Texas. Not so good.

  32. Is it me, or does the hen party in the photo look more suitable for the local PTA or library board than running the country?

    1. We are so fucked it isn’t funny anymore.

    2. “PTA or library board”

      That’s a great description for the pettiness of this administration.

  33. “Two Congress members make unauthorized trip to Kabul amid evacuation efforts”
    “…The two lawmakers said that they met with service members and State Department officials during their brief time at the airport and said that they believe Biden should extend the Aug. 31 deadline for evacuating Americans, allies and vulnerable Afghans…”

    Not sure they helped anything by going there, but a voice from outside droolin’ Joe’s group is always welcome.
    But aside from that, these guys should know that Biden doesn’t have the power to change the deadline by an hour; The Taliban holds the cards, and Biden is a puppet at this point.

    1. Yeah, that asking him to extend the deadline thing seemed weird considering it should be public knowledge that he isn’t the one who set it in the first place.

      1. Hey! I know! Let’s send in more troops!

        1. “Today the Biden administration announced that it will reduce the number of soldiers in Afghanistan from 7,500 to 15,000 as the evacuation and withdrawal continues in line with best-case estimates.”

      2. He did set the deadline originally, then he was pressured to say he would stay as long as needed to get everyone out and the Taliban said Nope, fuck that you will get out by the original date, and oh BTW, we know you are so afraid of taking casualties, so afraid of a Blackhawk down, so worried about the politics and optics, rather than the strategic and tactical goals, that we know we have all the cards and we ARE IN CHARGE. Oh, also, since you made all the decisions on your own, didn’t consult with your allies, we are pretty sure you are on your own. So fuck you.

      3. He could extend the deadline, he could send troops out of the perimeter as our allies have been doing all along, but he was so worried about the optics looking bad, so worried about casualties, so risk averse, that he set an arbitrary deadline and refused to send out our troops, that he allowed the Taliban all the power. So we had to rely on the goodwill (just vomited a little on my mouth) of the Taliban and allowed them to veto any extension of the deadline when it became obvious to everyone that the deadline wouldn’t be long enough.

  34. “Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California said Monday that the Biden administration was “unlikely” to be able to evacuate Americans and allies from Afghanistan by the Aug. 31 deadline. Schiff, who is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters that there were too many people left to evacuate after the Taliban takeover.
    The crisis in Afghanistan has worsened by the day as some Americans are reportedly being beaten by Taliban militants as they try to make their way to the airport in Kabul in an attempt to escape the country.
    White House press secretary Jen Psaki angrily denied that Americans had been “stranded” in Afghanistan but videos and reports on social media continued to undermine that claim…”

    Droolin’ Joe keeps hoping this will disappear, but come that 8/31 deadline, it may get very visible again.

  35. “An explosion ripped through a crowd of Afghans trying to enter Kabul airport, where the U.S. military is attempting to evacuate thousands of Americans and Afghans.

    At least three U.S. troops were injured, a U.S. official said. Western governments have repeatedly warned of an imminent attack by Islamic State and urged their citizens not to approach the airport.”

    Conspiracy theories aside, attacking a retreating enemy that you want to retreat–and can’t hope to defeat–is an incredibly stupid thing to do.

    The U.S. leaving is what victory looks like for the Taliban, and it is not in their interests, before September 11, to initiate an attack that will draw the United States back into the war.

    The conspiracy theorists will no doubt blame this on the Biden administration. At this time, I’m simply saying that this attack is unlikely to have been initiated by or condoned by the Taliban.

    1. Conspiracy theories aside, attacking a retreating enemy that you want to retreat–and can’t hope to defeat–is an incredibly stupid thing to do.

      Are we going to do anything about it?

      1. It’s a game of chicken – how bad can they be before we do decide to turn and fight.

        Because step one would be re-taking Bagram.

        And I’d say they don’t want that. Otherwise they would have already shut down the evacuation by mortaring the runway.

        No, they want this to be ugly. Ugly enough to make us never return, but no so ugly that we decide to linger.

        1. As long as they don’t start spreading Covid misinformation or question the presidential election, the Taliban will be fine.

    2. It wasn’t Taliban. It is almost certainly ISIS-K. Taliban is now responsible for security in Afghanistan – in the opinion of Afghans themselves. The last thing the Taliban want is a suicide bombing like this.

      1. Sounds like their security is top-notch. Carry on, Taliban.

      2. O said he defeated ISIL

      3. “ISIS-K”

        She’s hot, but her music sucks.

        1. Or is it the dreaded isis delta?

          1. Haha. Dreaded.

      4. The Taliban surrounds the airport, this they were the ones that let in the bombers and gunmen.

      5. There was a gunfight too, and no one said who that was between. ISIS-K has taken responsibility for the suicide bombers. Also reports that NATO aircraft have been fired upon while taking off, again no one has said by whom. The Canadians just ordered all their forces to withdraw because of this attack, as have several other countries. I expect the US to do so also. The State Department said they did evacuate 500 more US citizens and have been contacted by at least 500 more that want to leave, however, they are not certain if they actually are citizens. There also is a lot still in country with American Green cards, who while not citizens are legal residents, and the State Department had not released the number of this category. The mission is over, and we will be leaving citizens, green card holders and SIVs behind, that is without question. And we will have to rely on the Taliban to get these people out, which I am sure will involve international recognition and support as bargaining chips. So even if the Taliban wasn’t involved, they stand to benefit from today’s events.

    3. Taliban is not an army with strict chains of command. Sections of it can and will operate independently of the larger organization. It’s both a strength and a weakness.

      That said, without violent encouragement would the Taliban have any assurance that America is really retreating? It wasn’t too long ago that Nancy was giving speeches about how we weren’t actually going to leave until the Taliban met arbitrary and undefined conditions. The attacks do seem to have stopped that type of rhetoric.

      1. So you are saying the motive here was for the Taliban to shut up Nancy Pelosi?

        1. I’m saying a possible motive of a part of the Taliban might have been to make sure America actually leaves.

          1. So you’re saying that someone might believe that Kabul airport is the possible beachhead for a reconquest of Afghanistan? Or a new vacation spot for Americans? Absent those two options – the US is leaving sooner or later.

            1. You are an embarrassment.

              1. ISIS-K just admitted responsibility for the attack. But hey – thanks for pretending it was Taliban

                1. I am sure it was ISIS K, but the Taliban allowed the gunmen and bombers through the checkpoints that surround the airport, the Taliban has had a full security cordon around the airport for a week. The Taliban let them through and at best it was because of incompetence. At worse it was a coordinated attack, and neutral, the Taliban did nothing actively to stop the attack.

        2. Shut up Nancy Pelosi? Hah! Like that will ever happen.

      2. “That said, without violent encouragement would the Taliban have any assurance that America is really retreating?”

        Yes. We’ve already retreated from everything but the airport, and if we were still there after September 11, they’d have good reason to think we weren’t leaving.

        1. Not actually true, we retreated completely from the country, and then reentered the country and occupied the airport.

          1. Good enough for there to be reason to believe that we’re really leaving.

            1. Or that we are bent on reoccyoing the country.

    4. Conspiracy theories aside, attacking a retreating enemy that you want to retreat–and can’t hope to defeat–is an incredibly stupid thing to do.

      Please define/clarify “can’t hope to defeat”. Can’t drive them from the country? Can’t fool into dumping another 20 yrs., several thousand lives, and $6T into the country? Again, the pics of the Taliban I’ve seen have more M4s than AK-47s.

      1. They can’t destroy the U.S. government.

        They can’t take and hold our territory.

        There is no threat of them doing that ever.

        Victory for the Taliban does not mean the destruction of the United States.

        Victory for the Taliban is when the U.S. leaves and they get to have their own country.

        That is markedly different from what Al Qaeda wanted. Al Qaeda wanted to trap the United States in a quagmire in Afghanistan like they did with the USSR. They called us a paper tiger, but what Al Qaeda wanted robbed the Taliban of control of their own country.

        1. The Taliban can now use the American Citizens, green card holders and SIVs as bargaining chips to gain international recognition and support. Remember the US and the IMF froze billions of dollars of foreign aid within days Kabul falling. The Taliban wants that money, and they seem to want international recognition. And we have at least 1000 citizens still in country, untold green card holders (the State Department has been clear to distinguish between citizens and legal US residents and haven’t given a number to the second category) and thousands of SIVs still in Afghanistan. We will have to negotiate for their release now. This just went from an evacuation to a hostage situation. I would not be surprised if Al Qaeda and or ISIS K takes hostages and starts broadcasting that, and the Taliban will “offer’ to help get them back for us in exchange for recognition and aid. This way they can be at arms reach but at the same time use the hostages to their own benefit.

          1. If money is what they want let’s really fuck them over and give them us treasury bonds

            1. They’ll likely want hard currency, maybe even gold.

    5. Except the Taliban knows that Biden had been so risk averse this entire crisis, that they have the upper hand, and that likely the result is that any attack ends the evacuation early except for those already in the airport (Biden said as much Monday that the mission will only continue as long as there were no terrorist attacks). Right after the speech the Taliban began stepping up their harassment of SIV and American Passport. The Taliban has no fear of Biden doing anything, and knows NATO can’t do anything without US cooperation. There is no downside to the Taliban. Your analysis only is true if the Taliban has a realistic fear that Biden would react with force, which the facts seem to contradict. And actually attacking a retreating enemy is a very well established tactic and strategy. Attacking a retreating enemy is how you inflict the most damage possible, and keep them from regrouping and or counterattacking.
      Remember the Taliban was providing outside security, their forces ringed the airport, and thus they allowed in the bombers and gunmen, even if it was ISIS-K, the Taliban were the ones who let them in.

      1. “There is no downside to the Taliban.”

        The U.S. could order a massive bombing campaign and use Taliban attacks to justify an expansion of the war or to keep up a bombing campaign forever.

        We’ve incinerated entire cities in Germany and Japan, and I’d be more supportive of doing that than sending troops in again.

        We’re the ones that have nothing to gain by staying, and when we leave, they have their own country to gain and rule–the one they lost in 2002.

        1. That is only a downside if they actually fear Biden would order that. Based upon all of Biden’s actions why would they believe he actually would follow through on those threats? He has allowed them to dictate this process all along, so why would they conclude that he would push back?

        2. I don’t think the Taliban launched the attack, but I think they either allowed the attack to happen actively or passively.

          1. And as evidence of this, they allowed armed gunmen to get within range of American forces as part of this attack. Either there extremely sloppy not to notice terrorist with AKs and M-4s entering the area or they saw the arms and turned a blind eye.

          2. Frank and Jesse James, apparently, never stopped fighting the Civil War.

            Jefferson Davis eventually told Southerners to be loyal to the Union. Lee surrendered rather than fight a guerilla campaign.

            I’m talking about the Taliban leadership.

            You seem to be talking about the Franks and Jesse Jameses–not of the Taliban but of the bushwackers.


            1. The Road Dogg continued to wrestle after leaving DX.

                1. When they gave their Hall of Fame speech they received a standing oivation.

      2. There is no downside to the Taliban.

        The goal of the Taliban changed the nanosecond they went into the Presidential Palace and took selfies. They are now the government of Afghanistan – not those fighting the foreign occupiers keeping a puppet govt propped up. They may not know what to do re being a govt but they do know they are in same situation that puppet govt was in for the last dozen or so years when faced with suicide bombings in Kabul.

        They are no longer the perpetrators of some of those. They are the ones whose credibility diminishes with each one of those.

        1. No, they gain to benefit from this as western governments left and right are fleeing the evacuation mission early, stranding thousands of western citizens behind. These can now be used as bargaining chips to gain concessions, such as recognition and foreign aid, from western countries. This attack in the end has most likely benefitted the Taliban. And yes ISIS K launched the attacks, but I fully believe that the Taliban or at least cabals within the Taliban allowed this attack to occur. Remember the bombers and gunmen who launched these attacks were cleared through Taliban check points in order to get to the airport. They, the Taliban, can now blame the US for failing to stop the attacks (which they already are), force Western Allies to stop the evacuation, and now have bargaining chips to negotiate with, all because of these attacks, all the while they have kept the attackers at arms length. Yes, traditionally ISIS K and the Taliban have been enemies, but they’ve also have allied themselves at times to accomplish a mission. Afghanistan has a long history of forming temporary alliances to beat a common foe. We even used that to our advantage, the Northern Alliance, that we partnered with in 2001, were formed from traditional enemies to fight the Taliban. This is common in tribal societies. The Nez Perce and Coeur d’Alene were traditional enemies but they would ban together to fight the Blackfeet. The Coeur d’Alene and Cayuse were traditional enemies but they sometimes banned together to fight the Nez Perce and Spokane, even though the Cayuse were traditionally allies of the Nez Perce and the Spokane were usually allies of the Coeur d’Alene. Hell, the Commanche were masters of making and breaking alliances to achieve goals. They even did it to play off Americans and Mexican against one another. The Lakota also were very adapt at this.

    6. And now the Taliban is saying the attacks aren’t on them, it was the fault of poor security of NATO forces. This despite that this happened outside the NATO perimeter and within the Taliban perimeter. They also condemned the attack and blamed it on the presence of Westerners and wants westerners out earlier. So the goal could be two fold for the Taliban either to directly attack or allow an attack to happen, force the westerners out earlier (abandoning more citizens and allies, which the Taliban have been hindering already) and for propaganda.

      1. If that’s as reported, what difference does it make?

        Is it suddenly now in our best interests to stay–when it wasn’t before?

        Is it suddenly now in the Taliban’s best interests for the United States to stay forever?

        Elements in the Pakistani government, especially their state security’s own ISI, are supportive of the Taliban–and Taliban fighters are also fighting against the Pakistani government. It shouldn’t surprise anybody to find that there are elements in the Taliban who would be happy to coordinate with ISIS or Al Qaeda.

        Whether this was ordered by the Taliban’s leadership is another question, and whether these bombings were in the Taliban’s best interests are another question. The answer to the first question is, “probably not”, and the answer to the second question is “no”.

        1. Man you misread that, who said anything about staying forever?

          1. What’s your finish line look like?

            The world where every American and everyone who helped us in Afghanistan is safe is a just a world of make believe now.

            Biden broke that mirror, and it can’t be unbroken.

            We need to do what we can until September 11, or what’s your plan–and when will we know the job is finally done? After September 11, if we aren’t gone, the war is back on–whether we like it or not.

            Creating a free and democratic Afghanistan under the occupation of a foreign American army was never a realistic goal. Maybe if the locals rejected the destruction the Nazis and the Japanese emperor invited with their aggression–and then we subjected those people to nuclear bombs or carpet bombing like we did in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Hamburg, and the firebombing of Tokyo. Unless we’re willing to do that (and we can do that from orbit), Afghanistan doesn’t get any better until we leave. And there are plenty of Afghans, I’m reading about, who support the Taliban because they associate them with law and order.

            Our presence is an eternally destabilizing force in Afghanistan. I understand the Catholics in Belfast are finally starting to settle down and accept the British presence there. It only took, what, 330 years? Scotland might leave the UK if they took another vote post Brexit. The Basque and the Catalonians might leave Spain if they could. How are the native Americans faring in Montana? Are they fully integrated into American society yet? Are they on par with other Montanans on graduation rates, suicide rates, unemployment rates, and average income, or are they still suffering from the effects of occupation and forced assimilation?

            Maybe I’m assuming too much again. What’s your finish line in Afghanistan look like? What achievement signals that we can finally go?

            1. Scotland might leave the UK if they took another vote post Brexit.

              For all the “Free Scotland” spergery, that’s not going to happen unless the EU promises to give them a massive perpetual aid package. The Scots are arguably the biggest welfare whores in the Western world, and that includes Americans.

              1. They do as well or better on a per capita basis as any part of the UK outside of London.


                1. They’re politically to the left of Massachusetts, I’ll say that.

                  If Scotland were to leave the UK, Labour might not win another general election for a generation or two.

                  Without Scotland, the UK might be somewhere to the right of Texas.

              2. My deadline is getting Americans to safety, and yes , as many SIV holders as possible. But all American Citizens out, period.

            2. I would say that the Amerindians are better assimilated than most people realize, and I grew up on the Rez. Yes they have cultural differences, but what group doesn’t? Ever been to a Lutefisk and Lefsa dinner put on by the Sons of Norway, tell me that is not culturally different than a St Patrick’s day feast for Boston Irish Catholics.

        2. What difference does it make? It requires some sort of response, and retreating faster is not the proper response. If I were the President I would inform the Taliban that it is obvious their security is inadequate to insure safety of evacuees. That the Taliban allowed these bombers and gun men. As a result we will send in more troops to increase security and we will not stand by the deadline, and we will start actively evacuating our citizens and SIVs. And that anyone who interfere, let it be known that lethal force is authorized for American forces. I would also retake Bagram to evacuate citizens from central and southern Afghanistan. This is a temporary measure only, and we expect the Taliban and their allies not to interfere, if they do, they will face the full force of the military.
          And then I will tell the Pakastani that if they interfere, they will be punished via our foreign aid to them. Pakastani IS is totally dependant on US foreign aid, and their military and government is highly reliant on US aid.

          1. However, I doubt Biden will do anything like this, I doubt he will order any bombing and instead will announce today that all further operations are suspended because it is to unsafe and any future attempts to get out Americans and SIVs will be done diplomatically. I am willing to lay good money on this happening.

            1. And if that happens this is a huge victory for the Taliban, even if they only passive allowed this to happen.

          2. “That the Taliban allowed these bombers and gun men. As a result we will send in more troops to increase security and we will not stand by the deadline, and we will start actively evacuating our citizens and SIVs”

            That baby drowned, and there’s no reviving him.

            Biden blew it, and there is no second chance–unless you want to go back to war on the ground.

            Despite what progressives may imagine, Biden’s pronouncements mean nothing when they conflict with reality, and if the reality is that it is no longer possible for us to evacuate Americans and those who helped us, then the solution isn’t for the United States to recommit itself to an unwinnable war. The solution is to vote for a competent president next time instead of one that is so obviously incompetent.

            Some mistakes don’t come with a do-over.

            Getting all Americans and our helpers out at this point would require us to invade Afghanistan all over again. Joe Biden is Custer, and this is his last stand. All the ways to avoid his people being lost happened before Custer’s last stand.

            1. Your Custer analogy is wrong, if you are using it to say we should surrender. The US Army didn’t surrender after Custer, the stepped up pressure and kept the pressure up until the Lakota finally surrendered.
              Yes, as much as I dislike the war, I would go back in, and don’t accuse me of not putting my money where my mouth in, my son just joined the Army, combat arms and I am well aware of what going back in means. I would make it understood that this is a limited, punitive action, that our purpose is to get our citizens and allies out (it’s not just SIVs, it’s thousands of NATO citizens stranded still, and NATO fought because we were attacked). In the process, I would order unlimited conventional warfare, but carpet bombing urban areas is no longer necessary, because our weapons are so much more accurate, to degrade the Taliban as much as possible. Once the last American Citizen and NATO citizens, and as many Afghan allies as logistically possible is recovered, I would load up our personal and get the hell out of Dodge. I would ask Congress to do their job and declare war, with the above criteria as the earmarks for victory.

    7. Conspiracy theories aside, attacking a retreating enemy that you want to retreat–and can’t hope to defeat–is an incredibly stupid thing to do.

      I guaran-fucking-tee this is some kind of US security spook glow-op to provide Biden with the justification to let loose on the Taliban. There’s no way in hell a group that held off on attacking Americans since February 2020 and has allowed the British and the French to waltz back and forth from Kabul while they pick up their people is going to do something like this.

      1. If it were a Hollywood script, that’s the way you’d write it.

        But who knows?

      2. It probably wasn’t the Taliban, most likely it was ISIS K, outside possibility of Al Qaeda. However, it is likely the Taliban or members thereof passively allowed it to happen.

      3. ISIS has taken credit for it.

        1. The Taliban’s leadership did meet with our head spook just a few days ago.

          “Hey, we got some guys coming in to try and accelerate this withdrawal. Here’s their names, just let them in, okay?”
          “Whatever, sharmuta, just be out by the end of the month.”

          Glowies gonna glow.

  36. Spike Cohen, who was the Libertarian Party’s 2020 vice presidential candidate, tweeted and then walked back misinformation about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and deaths. “The FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine in less than a year, despite it having killed thousands of people, because of its efficacy in reducing COVID symptoms,” Cohen tweeted on Wednesday afternoon. A few hours later, he deleted that tweet, commenting:

    So he’s got more integrity than Fauci. Got it.

  37. Not every interaction with the police should result in a background check

    The police already run a check on the owner of the vehicle at every traffic stop despite having no probable cause. If the courts are fine with that, why do they have a problem with checking fingerprints if you don’t have an ID? It’s same fucking difference.

    1. Yeah, it’s not like a vaccine mandate or anything.

      1. it’s not like a vaccine mandate


        To clarify, I am criticizing the courts for condoning background checks on vehicle owners without probable cause, not advocating they fingerprint people without probable cause. I suspect the judge was swayed by the fact that fingerprinting requires the participation of the detainee before initiating the search, while a database search does not require participation.

        The brief argues that the original meaning of the word “search,” as used in the Fourth Amendment, encompasses activities like fingerprinting.

        No shit. It should also encompass fishing for information in a database about me if my son gets pulled over driving my car.

        1. a database search does not require participation

          Other than funding the database every April 15th and showing up at the DMV every new car or 4 yrs., whichever comes first, you mean.

    2. dude Dallas PD has cameras on the back of some of their Dodges that perpetually run every plate they’re looking at

      1. The problem with creeping totalitarianism is that it just keeps on creeping forward while we argue in the comments with the assholes trying to gaslight us about how their side would never use such tactics, it was those other guys.

  38. ADME Prediction
    The characterization of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (also known as ADME) and Toxicity are essential steps in drug development

  39. the pic belies “diversity is our strength”

  40. >>And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempt to ban school mask mandates suffers another setback.

    Tonya Parker is so deep in that maniac Clay Jenkins’ pocket she knows what color the lint is of course she’s going to rule in his favor.

  41. And the Taliban’s spokesman said in an interview that there’s no proof that Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11.

    Hajis and stormfags unite!

  42. Funny how quiet “republicans” are about this. No doubt gearing up to fight for you in a year and a half. At least for 3 minutes.

    1. The Washington Generals know their role.

  43. OT: Losing after 16 innings sucks.

    1. I was assured by MLB no games would make it to 16 innings because of the man on second rule.

      1. Tatis tied it up in the 15th, too.

        No headlines about that. Just “Dodgers win in 16th”.

        I think the frustrating thing about being a Padres fan is that we haven’t been anything but terrible for so long, we’ve grown unaccustomed to disappointment. When we expect to lose, we’re never disappointed.

        Our pitching has collapsed. We’ll be a better team next year than we are this year, and the Dodgers won’t be as good.

        1. The fans of the shitty NY teams expect to lose and are always mad when it happens. I wish I understood why we’re like that so I could stop.

        2. has been a strange collapse to watch, sorry Ken. the names on the jerseys of the pitching staff indicate the record should be better. Rothschild must not have been very inspiring.

          1. The pitching coach was terrible. I’ve bee calling for him to go for a long time.

            The tell-tale sign was the early collapses of the youngsters. They would do fine if they could make it to the second inning, but they’d give up two to four runs in the first two innings almost every game. When Darvish and Snell went down, that was all we had left–was kids he prepared, and if they’re consistently giving up runs in the first two innings, that’s almost always about the way they’re being prepared for the game. They need to get burned for a while before they start ignoring what the pitching coach was telling them to do, and then they’re okay.

            When you look at the average ERA of the Yankees, when the pitching coach was there, just before he came to the Padres, the Yankees’ average ERA went down and down and down and their prospects kept failing in the big show.

            More than half the time, firing the pitching coach or the batting coach is bullshit. It’s just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic to make it look like they’re doing something. This time it was probably the source of the problem. People ask me why I’m not worried about who is replacing the pitching coach, and it’s because whoever it is, they probably aren’t doing any harm. I think the pitching coach they fired was hurting our rookies–like Weathers.

            First, do no harm.

            1. not that I’ve seen every appearance, but I haven’t seen Snell look good all season. and Paddack! wtf? and Melancon! dude

              1. Snell has been great the last few games. Really fantastic.

                He gave up one run in seven innings, and that one run was when he’d already thrown over 115 pitches. He shouldn’t have been in there.

                Yeah, Paddack and Weathers and the other rookies that came up would have all the same problems–because they were all getting the same coaching and game prep. I think he was hurting their development, and the platoon has started pitching better now that the coach is gone.

              2. Here’s the Yankees team ERA under Rothschild.

                2011: 3.73
                2012: 3.84
                2013: 3.94
                2014: 3.75
                2015: 4.05


                2016: 4.33
                2017: 4.07
                2018: 4.13
                2019: 4.56

                I got those from baseballreference dot com

                I’m not saying he’s the reason the pitching staff go worse and worse over time, but they didn’t get better over that time because he was there.

                1. fair points. if I’m ever hiring a coach I’ll look elsewhere. and I don’t think the second wildcard is out of reach yet

    2. “There’s no tying in baseball!”

      1. Unless it is an all-star game.

  44. “Reporters Without Borders has built a virtual library in the video game Minecraft to give gamers access to censored books and articles”

    When they find out that the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop article and some off-message Covid stuff is in there, Mojang Studios will delete it as a violation of some vaguely defined TOS.

    1. Mojang Studios

      Mojang doesn’t own it anymore. But you’re almost certainly right that Microsoft will share info on users, if not outright assist in burning the guilty servers to the ground.

  45. LOL–this morning, Popehat unironically retweeted a post from Fred Wellman sharing a tweet from the Lincoln Project. The tweet’s tagline?

    “Our kids are watching.”

    You probably should have considered the source before boosting that particular signal, Ken.

    1. It’s not like Popehat and Wellman don’t know about the Lincoln Project’s pedophile problem either.

      They’re basically just rubbing their lack of accountability in everyone’s faces.

      1. Wellman is the very definition of a useful idiot.

    2. I also love that he throws around the incel insult while unintentionally looking like the poster boy for that group.

  46. And the people granted the feds the authority for this WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    I see no ‘Healthcare’ in the U.S. Constitution.

    Anyone who votes for this belongs in prison for breaking not just a law but the SUPREME LAW of the people.

  47. More explosions are happening in Kabul now. Looks like ISIS and Taliban are now in a civil war.

    1. Actually, the reporting is the US and allies are destroying the equipment, which would indicate that we are bugging out. That is what the explosions are coming from. Not fighting between the Taliban and ISIS K.

      1. That makes sense right now.

        But once the foreigners are out – this bombing made me realize that ISIS-K and Taliban have totally opposite goals now. The cosmopolitan globalist jihadis v hillbilly goat fuckers. Which can only be resolved with war. And we have to side with the hillbilly goat fuckers.

        1. And we have to side with the hillbilly goat fuckers.

          No. No we don’t. That enemy of my enemy bullshit never seems to work out. How about we let them have a war while we sit back and laugh.

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