New York City

When De Blasio's Vaccination Passport Plan Went Into Effect Yesterday, One-Quarter of Adult New Yorkers Were Barred From Going Out

Going out in Manhattan the first night patrons were required to prove their vaccination status


Last night, there weren't any street brawls on Manhattan's 8th Avenue. There wasn't mass civil disobedience in the streets. People didn't storm the doors or throw punches at bouncers, at least not where I was (Staten Island might've been a better bet for glimpsing such impassioned encounters). People's vows of resistance had proved toothless, for it was essentially a normal night out in Manhattan—except for the 25 percent of New Yorkers for whom going out was prohibited due to them being unvaccinated.

At the beginning of this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he would be forcing pretty much all indoor dining, drinking, and entertainment venues—movie theaters, strip clubs, concert venues, museums, zoos, sports arenas, arcades, and pool halls, for example—to check for proof of vaccination from patrons. Businesses that refuse to comply will be saddled with fines of $1,000 for a first violation, which doubles on their second violation, and $5,000 each time they break the rules after that. Enforcement will start on September 13, but the order went into effect last night.

In the weeks since the executive was first announced, there's been a noticeable rise in venues checking vaccination status. When I went last week to Ramona in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, they asked for proof of vaccination status before allowing entry. Last night, the tiki bar Jungle Bird on 8th Ave. asked for proof of vaccination; shortly after presenting it, my party shared a communal bowl of the bar's eponymous drink, the likes of which would strike fear in the hearts of public health authorities. Art Bar, where several patrons were graphically sucking face on the back patio, also asked for proof. 

Another bar on 8th Ave.—which shall remain nameless, since snitches get stitches—either forgot, was unaware of the rules, or happy to flout them. The doofy but friendly bartender seemed more interested in telling me, my husband, and our two friends about football fandom than making sure we were all in compliance with the city's new orders.

And when I asked one heavily accented bouncer, upon leaving a different bar, how enforcement had gone over the course of the first night of the new rules, he said he'd just had to turn a few people away, none of whom turned belligerent. "That's the law now," he said, gruffly, seeming more exhausted than relieved. 

In many ways, it was a normal night out in Manhattan. Had we not been four vaccinated people with our slips of paper to prove we're not lepers in de Blasio's New York, it would've been much harder. But just because the first night was one of routine encounters is no guarantee that the rest of them will be, or that all parts of the city will have the same experience with enforcement: in less vaccinated boroughs, like Brooklyn and the Bronx, this order serves as another blow for bars and restaurants that have already been through hell and back over the course of this pandemic. Not to mention that this mandate will effectively make it so that a whole bunch of poor minorities—which health data tell us have abstained from vaccination to a much greater degree than wealthier white New Yorkers—get excluded from public life.

The exemptions de Blasio has carved out also interestingly show that his staff thinks some people are above the rules: Nonresident performing artists and athletes, as well as nonresident individuals accompanying performing artists as part of their employment, will be allowed into indoor venues regardless of vaccination status.

De Blasio is telling on himself when he admits that this order might make it so that performing musicians and their crews can't get into New York's clubs, thus their super special status. His order may also suppress tourist demand, as many other countries have less robust vaccination campaigns, and will certainly make it harder for families, as the order says that children ages 12 and above must be vaccinated or else be denied entry into all manner of indoor establishments. "De Blasio Banishes My Kids From New York," reads an indignant Wall Street Journal headline.

To people who are vaccinated, and who are unencumbered by civil libertarian concerns about government overreach and health data privacy, this may not seem like a huge deal. But 25 percent of New Yorkers remain unvaccinated; that they are effectively barred from going out until they comply with the state's not-so-optional request is no small deal to them, or to the proprietors who were relying on them after 18 months of sluggish business, including the nine and a half weeks in spring 2020 during which they were barred from seating customers. It remains to be seen whether de Blasio's enforcement squad will be slapping minority business owners with fines in the coming weeks for the apparent crime of serving their communities without verifying their vaccination status.

Yes, there's a case to be made that these measures are important for getting as much of the population vaccinated as possible in order to reduce virus mutation and prevent more harmful variants from taking root. But as long as New York remains a metropolis with porous, penetrable borders, there will be unvaccinated people flowing in from other states and from abroad. COVID-containment measures may have some effect—the U.S. government currently requires that all people entering by air, regardless of citizenship, present a negative test received within 72 hours of boarding or proof of recovery from COVID within the past 90 days—but they're all blunt mitigation tools, not foolproof measures. Short of a full vaccination mandate for all people in the U.S., some holdouts will remain, and the current dominant strains of COVID will have the opportunity to morph into more severe forms.

Like so many other pandemic restrictions, it's jarring that New Yorkers appear to largely be lying down and taking it. Perhaps the most chilling thing about going out last night was just how easy it was to forget that the state had just been empowered with even greater ability to insert themselves in between business owners and their consenting customers, to purportedly protect people from themselves and each other whether they want it or not.

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    Lesson of 2021.
    [Meme: I’m starting to learn who would have hidden Anne Frank and who would have turned her over to the Nazis]

    1. Reason thinks they’d be helping to hide Anne Frank when in reality all it would take is an MSNBC appearance to get them all to point out her hiding place

      Absolutely useless in the fight for freedom. Embarrassing.

      1. Even without the offer of an MSNBC appearance, they’d be constantly be slipping articles under the attic door explaining how while the Nazis are wrong, it’s in everyone’s best interests for The Franks to turn themselves in.

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      2. Absolutely useless in the fight for freedom. Embarrassing.

        And forget fights, mostly useless in discussions for freedom.

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      3. The would partake in the nightly msnbc segment titled “jews in attics”

      4. Florida governor passing a law making it illegal to doxx Anne Frank is an assault on liberty.

        1. Yeah this.

          Today Biden (or his handlers?) screamed, “Look! Squirrel!” to the press, as he tried desperately to get the media to focus on the culture war Masking bullshit. It is so transparently obvious that he knows Afghanistan is a loser, so he is trying to make the story about Florida again. I can never predict whether this will resonate with the chattering classes until I see what ENB posts in the morning links.

    2. Being a Jew in modern society is just rude. Have some common courtesy and just don’t be a Jew.

      1. Look at 1930s/1940s soros over here

        1. Is he looting Jewish homes yet?

          1. He’s never really stopped.

    3. I’m curious how these restaurants, who have serious staffing issues, have the personnel necessary to document vac status.

  2. and you pussies empowered the regime that is implementing the most authoritarian policies in the past 50 years. Congratulations on your billionaire backers making billions off the backs of the working class through importing cheap labor and exporting jobs

    1. OBL is that you?

  3. But as long as New York remains a metropolis with porous, penetrable borders, there will be unvaccinated people flowing in from other states and from abroad.

    As long as New York remains a metropolis with porous, penetrable borders, there will always be unvaccinated people flowing in from a broad too.

    1. Hey, don’t call my mom a broad!

    2. I thought “News from Abroad” was a Rachel Maddow segment.


      I’m here all ze veek.

      1. I thought “News from Abroad” was a Rachel Maddow segment.

        Not entirely clear how porous and penetrable her borders are.

      2. He said Abroad, not Aboy

  4. No they weren’t, it is not illegal to disobey an unlawful order.

    1. Who puts them in their place for issuing unlawful orders?

      1. Sadly not enough people

  5. There is no justification for this mandate.

    1. Given the CDC’s recent admission that the vaccinated are fully capable of harboring and spreading the CoVid virus, author Wolfe’s contention that:

      “Short of a full vaccination mandate for all people in the U.S., … the current dominant strains of COVID will have the opportunity to morph into more severe forms”

      makes no sense as a reason to compel the unvaxxed to submit to injection. Obviously, given the CDC’s admission, even if 100% of the population were vaccinated, the virus would continue to “morph” in the vaxxed. Why Ms. Wolfe would continue to buy into the official narrative in this regard is most puzzling.

  6. Minorities are the least likely to get vaccinated. Where’s all the Reason libtards screaming about racism like they did for four years when Trump was in Power? You can hear a mouse fart over their activism these days.

    Useless libtards doing the bidding of the elite, all for scraps and maybe a cocktail party.

    1. Election season is not quite in full swing so, true to form, nobody gives a fuck about minorities.

    2. Voter I’d is racist.

      But requiring those same minorities to both have a vaccine card, and a photo ID to verify it, is totes cooolio.

  7. shitlunches approves of the un-personing of the unvaccinated, especially the minorities.

  8. >>There wasn’t mass civil disobedience in the streets.

    why would there be? 75% of the crowd is already in the shackles.

    1. From my reading of the article, it’s the 25% that are in shackles. Probably literal ones too, I bet.

      1. relative. didn’t let the government stick me in the arm & am living stone free.

        1. Congratulations! You are a fucking moron. One of many. Tell me more about how afraid you are of going to the doctor and having the nurse give you a shot.

          1. you can have my doses. your first ones were non-starters.

            1. My chances of dying from Covid upon full inoculation are precisely 0.00%. I will be 1st in line to get my booster shot in order to enjoy the benefits of being immune to this fucking plague. You?

              1. You?

                I was immune before it was cool to demand free shit from Trump.

                1. Yeah, is that like the magical immunity these guys say they had before they end up on CNN saying they were too stupid to get the vaccine?

                  1. Must be a bitch to be such a weakling that you need to become a slave to Big Pharma

                  2. No, it’s like the regular immunity demostrated by untold millions who haven’t shown up on CNN, including children and newborns. But good to know that CNN is your sole source for perceiving reality.

              2. >>upon full inoculation

                government has the only perpetual motion machine … I’d prefer not.

              3. I will be 1st in line to get my booster shot

                But you won’t pay your mortgage.

                1. The fact that it’s paid for by the government is one of the main reasons he’ll be first in line.

              4. So the same percent as those non obese under 55.

              5. Maybe. But YOUR chances of dying from complications brought on by the COVID spike protein now loose in your system for the rest of your life (hope it’s a long one!) dwarf mine – which are nonexistent.

                1. Is that what you think happens?

                  I am beginning to understand why so many people are refusing the vaccine.

                2. You do realize covid also has the cobid spike protein right? As well as a bunch of other nasty stuff?

      2. Oh yes, it’s so liberating to have to show my papers to the authorities on an hourly basis.

      3. “it’s jarring that New Yorkers appear to largely be lying down and taking it”

        jarring to who? not the elite boot licker crowd

  9. It’s the easiest way to recreate 1930’s Polish ghetto’s.
    Next step, line up the cattle cars.


    1. is your tag closed?

      1. I can’t even type I’m so mad that restaurants won’t let people carrying an infectious disease in the door. Sorry.

        1. lol holy fuck how many times did you die *before* 2020 from eating out?

          1. Holy fuck… why are right-wingers such pussies about getting a vaccine?

            1. dunno. ask one? I am only me.

            2. Ahh check the stats. The highest unvaccinated group are African Americans, then Latino’s
              CMU and U of Pittsburgh also just concluded a study that shows the most reluctant group for vaccinations are PhD’s

              1. Screw you the media has a narrarative and they are sticking with it

              2. So fucking what? People that don’t get this vaccine are stupid. I thought we’re supposed to be colorblind. When did you guys go woke? When it became convenient?

                1. What do you care if you are vaccinated already? How many flu seasons have you sat in your basement cowering with a mask on before you got your flu shot? I guess zero?

                2. thats right, minorities are deplorable assholes for not doing as you demand, but in a year you’ll be kissing their ass for the 2022 vote. voter ID and vaccine cards are systematic racism!

                3. “”I thought we’re supposed to be colorblind. “”

                  Being colorblind is racists. So I’m told.

                  You don’t have to be woke to call out the woke for no longer being woke when it suits their ends.

                  If part of systemic racism is government created policy or law that will disproportionally disenfranchise people of color, then the mandate is systemic racism in action.

              3. Yes but Asians are winning again. Go Asians!

            3. “why are right-wingers such pussies about getting a vaccine?”

              27% of African-American NYers are vaxxed to date. Latinos likewise under 50%.

              So I guess Trump really IS still President – he certainly has the minority vote sewn up.


      DIning without a passport? Illegal.
      Taking a dump without washing your hands? Legal.

      Welcome to New York.

      1. Yeah. Going without vaccination. Smearing your hand with crap prior to eating. Both good ways to get pretty sick— although I’d take my chances with the latter.

        1. Took my chances with the former. Got COVID, got over it. I would never do the latter.

          This is SQRLFKR One, isn’t it? You can tell by all the references to poop and food.

          1. “This is SQRLFKR One, isn’t it? You can tell by all the references to poop and food.”

            poop/food or poop(food) would have been more apt when considering the author

          2. Probably, but he’s doing more of his KAR schtick with this one.

        2. Says a lot that you haven’t figured out toilet paper yet.

    3. Sarcasmic already owns this lane.

  11. Over a year ago I (among others) was arguing that, regardless of what the science says, it is a violation of our rights to force us to protect other citizens from a natural disease.

    It was a violation when they imprisoned thousands of people on a boat to protect “the public” from a natural disease.
    It was a violation when they ordered us into our houses to protect “the public” from spreading the natural disease.
    It was a violation when they closed small businesses to protect their patrons from a natural pathogen.
    It was a violation when they ordered us to wear a mask to protect others from a natural virus.
    It was a violation when they insisted we get vaccinated.
    It is a violation now, when they are mandating vaccination to participate in basic livelihoods.

    The sad thing is that so much of the reporting at Reason has enabled this consistent violation of our rights because its writers have allowed themselves to distracted by Science worship and culture wars bullshit.

    Soave and Sullum get wrapped up in how it is “irresponsible” to call the CDC crazy, or how Rand Paul “overstates” his scientific position. Every single article was filled with sentences where each word was a hyperlink to some article that paraphrased some study that they thought bolstered whatever scientific truth they were parroting.

    And all those days while arguing the SCIENCE! ™, the CDC was issuing guidance, that localities were using to strip basic freedoms from their citizens. Until we are here today, with one of the largest cities in the world mandating that people inject themselves with an experimental drug in order to participate in basic services.

    Until the Reason staff begins each article with, “I don’t care what the science says, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!” Reason will be continuing to abdicate its self-proclaimed duty to defend liberty.

    1. Well said.

    2. Expecting Reason to be anything other than controlled (occasional) opposition while fully supporting the dominance of the status quo establishment at this point is just living in denial.

    3. Well said. And thanks.

    4. Issuing lockdown orders against healthy people was exceeding the lawful authority of public health officers and state governors. But only one is being recalled for it (hopefully), and none are facing personal liability for destroying businesses or livelihoods, or criminal charges for violating our civil rights.

    5. There’s a few posters here like you and Ken who should just start your own blog together. It would be infinitely better than reason. No journo degree required.

      1. Seconded. In fact, I would take DOL over most of the progressive socialist libertarians writing for reason.

    6. ::standing ovation::

    7. 90% of reason writers voted for team blue. they want invites to the private parties, and job offers from corporate media. isn’t that right Liz Wolfe? how is NY treating you, have you made friend$ with all the right people yet?

  12. Like so many other pandemic restrictions, it’s jarring that New Yorkers appear to largely be lying down and taking it.

    Why is this jarring? The portrait of the gruff and free spirited New Yorkers of the sixties and seventies is an antiquated delusion. New York City residents in this day and age are some of the most conformist, gutless, braindead sheep in this country. The people that waste their money frequenting bars and restaurants are overwhelmingly white, upper middle class leftists or white transplants from the Midwest living out a faux artist lifestyle on a trust fund (also leftists). We are talking about some of the most vapid assholes in existence. Nobody should be shocked that they are acting like a bunch of dickless dorks in the face of overt totalitarianism.

    1. If 9/11 happened again most of the country wouldn’t care

    2. I sat through a dinner conversation with a new yorker once, who was proudly talking about how the city of NY had drafted all the cameras of ATMs and other closed circuit systems to provide nearly ubiquitous coverage of the entire island.

      The problem is that New York- the island- is completely populated with filthy rich white people. They have nothing to worry about. We saw this over the summer when filthy rich white kids set a police cruiser on fire during the riots and walked.

      It is absolutely true that ubiquitous surveillance and mandated vaccines are just a way for the Elite to control us. And New Yorkers support this because by and large, the majority there are the Elite. They are the people running the finance, banking, entertainment, advertising, import/export and government for our country. And they’ll be damned if a bunch of coloreds disrupt their great city.

  13. “There has been so much that needed to be addressed in education in New York City, and from the beginning, what I tried to focus on was a very simple concept: equity and excellence,” he continued. “That we needed to profoundly change the distribution of resources.”

    De Blasio emphasized, “I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth.” He added, “A lot of people bristle at that phrase, that is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”

    In August, the New York Post reported that de Blasio “made a public plea” for “taxing the rich and redistributing their money even as the Big Apple reels from a coronavirus-induced budget crisis that’s already caused well-heeled New Yorkers to head for the hills.”

    “Help me tax the wealthy. Help me redistribute wealth. Help me build affordable housing in white communities if you want desegregation,” the mayor told a caller on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” during a discussion about schools.

    “What changes things is redistribution of wealth,” he reiterated. “Tax the wealthy at a much higher level. I just feel like this is a lot of cocktail party comfort going on rather than people honestly dealing with this issue.”

    1. He’s doing a great job at redistributing New Yorkers’ wealth into his pockets.

  14. 62% of blacks have chosen so far to not get vaccinated. 57% of Hispanics are similarly in the unvaccinated camp. They must be Trump voters, according to the media and [some] blue politicians.
    Pres. Biden thinks they’re stupid: “if you’re not vaccinated you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.”

    NYC Mayor de Blasio thinks they’re anti-society, or maybe lazy? ““If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time.”

    Meanwhile white are not doing too well either, with 51% unjabbed. Asians are, of course, killing it with only 34% skipping out on their dues to “society”.

    Some blue politicians are countering the narrative (NY Post):
    The mayor of Boston said the city won’t be following New York’s lead requiring proof of vaccination at many indoor businesses, claiming the move is reminiscent of “slavery” and birtherism.
    Acting Mayor Kim Janey — the first woman and black Bostonian to hold the office — said “there’s a long history” in the United States of people “needing to show their papers” when asked Tuesday about the mandate unveiled earlier in the day by Mayor Bill de Blasio that requires proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms starting on Sept. 13.

    1. “If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time.”

      I’m rapidly losing my interest in participating in this society.

  15. Given the general political affiliations of this lot, I wonder why the people who are applauding Mayor deBlasio’s newest edict and similar propositions across the country are not screaming at the top of their lungs about how patently racist these new rules are. Practically Jim Crow 3.0!

    > “The vaccine requirement, announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Aug. 3, would apply to both staff and customers at restaurants, bars, gyms, and entertainment venues. It may be expanded to other establishments too, a New York City Department of Health official [said].

    > “Businesses will have to ask customers for their vaccination card issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or vaccination confirmation on the city or state phone app. The rule goes into effect on Aug. 16 and enforcement through inspections will start Sept. 13.

    First, the whole notion of “papers please” is anti-American and smacks of other dictatorial regimes, especially certain WW2-era governments.

    But if we follow today’s woke world logic:

    * Black people are lagging in vaccination status and are therefore disproportionately going to be impacted by this new rule.

    * To get a vaccination, one must show a valid photo ID, but we know now that being asked to show an ID is inherently racist.

    * Businesses owned by and/or frequented by black people will be impacted more than mega-companies owned and frequented by rich white people, so the rules are racist on the level as well.

    * There is a phone app associated with this “vaccine passport”, but poor people might not have smart-phones or the education needed to work them properly to comply. Hence racist, because something that impacts poor people of all colors also affects poor black people.

    * This rule is demanding MORE police presence, because if someone doesn’t comply, the police will eventually be called, resulting ultimately in unarmed black men being gunned down by cops…unless the police are somehow defunded or something. Anyway, police are racist by woke definition, so using them to enforce this new rule must also be racist.

    1. Based on the rules of Social Justice, the above is completely irrefutable. Disparate impact. The motivations are irrelevant.

    2. “Given the general political affiliations of this lot, I wonder why the people who are applauding Mayor deBlasio’s newest edict and similar propositions across the country are not screaming at the top of their lungs about how patently racist these new rules are. Practically Jim Crow 3.0!”

      Because they don’t actually care about black people outside of election seasons. Many of them don’t actually know any black people, and the ones that do know black people only know the Huxtable class of black people, or they only loosely associate with actual black people.

      They don’t actually want black people in their bars and restaurants unless they are the right kind of black people.

  16. Didn’t you know you can only catch typhus from a jew? Oh yeah, turns out that was some racist bullshit.

    Congratulations NY on selling the same old lie in different pants.

    1. Didn’t you know you can only catch typhus from a jew?

      Mizek the stormfag agrees. He read a book about it (well, looked at the pictures that popped up when he turned the pages) that proves it scientifically.

    2. Side story.

      A Polish doctor named Eugene Lazowski saved many Jews by faking typhus. He had figured out a way to cause a false positive result in the test result. When the Nazis came to his town to round up the Jews he told them there was a typhus outbreak and showed them the test results. The Nazis imposed a quarantine and many of the Jews were spared.

  17. FYI, I’m now convinced. New York is systemically racist.

    Convince me I’m wrong.

  18. This puts me in mind of a podcast with Lionel Shriver where she said that she now believes that she had previously judged the wwii German people too harshly. She had always wondered what was uniquely wrong with their culture that they could go along with something so obviously authoritarian. Now, she understands how it can happen and how easily people will bend over for it.

    1. Most people are sheepish, fearful creatures that will excuse every government excess so long as the pain is foisted upon someone else and they stand to benefit in any way. So long as totalitarian encroachment and arbitrary governance are incrementally introduced (“slowly boiling the frog”) the horrors in which the average person will participate and/or condone are virtually limitless.

      “Two weeks to flatten curve because we are all in this together” has rapidly devolved into “the unvaccinated have no right to participate in society” and tens of millions of people are completely and thoroughly accepting of the transformation. The notion that they are the bad guys never even crosses their minds.

    2. Many history teachers do a disservice to the teaching about socialism/nazism and its horrors. Often they do highlight the evil at the top and the horrific things that happened (though honestly not enough) but forget to focus on how a society of people who were previously not participating in state sanctioned ethnic cleansings, mass murder, torture, forceful seizure and redistribution of property…gradually allowed it, accepted it, and eventually came to participate in it at some levels.

      The lesson that people, over and over again, do this stuff and can become accustomed to absolute horrors should not be lost

      1. People forget that the first country the Nazis conquered was their own….

  19. How’s about a little trip down memory cornhole…

    Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong

    Anthony Fauci says lockdowns are not possible in the United States (January 24):
    When asked about the mass quarantine containment efforts underway in Wuhan, China back in January, Fauci dismissed the prospect of lockdowns ever coming to the United States:

    “That’s something that I don’t think we could possibly do in the United States, I can’t imagine shutting down New York or Los Angeles, but the judgement on the part of the Chinese health authorities is that given the fact that it’s spreading throughout the provinces… it’s their judgement that this is something that in fact is going to help in containing it. Whether or not it does or does not is really open to question because historically when you shut things down it doesn’t have a major effect.”

    Less than two months later, 43 of 50 US states were under lockdown – a policy advocated by Fauci himself.

    2. US government and WHO officials advise against mask use (February and March)

    When mask sales spiked due to widespread individual adoption in the early weeks of the pandemic, numerous US government and WHO officials took to the airwaves to describe masks as ineffective and discourage their use.

    3. Anthony Fauci’s decimal error in estimating Covid’s fatality rates (March 11)

    Fauci testified before Congress in early March where he was asked to estimate the severity of the disease in comparison to influenza. His testimony that Covid was “10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu” stoked widespread alarm and provided a major impetus for the decision to go into lockdown.

    4. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” (March 16)

    The lockdowners settled on a catchy slogan in mid-March to justify their unprecedented shuttering of economic and social life around the globe: two weeks to flatten the curve. The White House Covid task force aggressively promoted this line, as did the news media and much of the epidemiology profession.

    5. Neil Ferguson predicts a “best case” US scenario of 1.1 million deaths (March 20)

    Ferguson has a long track record of making grossly exaggerated predictions of catastrophic death tolls for almost every single disease that comes along, and urging aggressive policy responses to the same including lockdowns.

    6. Researchers in Sweden use the Imperial College model to predict 95,000 deaths (April 10)

    By early June when the 96,000 prediction was supposed to come true, Sweden had recorded 4,600 deaths. Six months later, Sweden has about 8,000 deaths – a severe pandemic to be sure, but an order of magnitude smaller than what the modelers predicted. Facing embarrassment from these results, Ferguson and Imperial College attempted to distance themselves from the Swedish adaptation of their model in early May.

    1. 7. Scientists suggest that ocean spray spreads Covid (April 2)

      In the second week of the lockdowns several newspapers in California promoted a bizarre theory: Covid could spread by ocean spray (although the paper later walked back the headline-grabbing claim, it is outlined here in the Los Angeles Times). According to this theory – initially promoted by a group of biologists who study bacterial infection connected to storm runoff – the Covid virus washed down storm gutters and into the ocean, where the ocean breeze would kick it up into the air and infect people on the nearby beaches. As silly as this theory now sounds, it helped to inform California’s initially draconian enforcement of lockdowns on its public beaches.

      8. Neil Ferguson predicts catastrophic death tolls in US states that reopen (May 24)

      Florida could hit as high as 4,000, and California could hit 5,000 daily deaths. Keeping in mind that these projections were for each state alone, they exceed the daily death toll peaks for the entire country in both the fall and spring. Showing just how bad the Imperial model was, the actual death toll by mid-July in several of the examined states even fell below the lower confidence boundary of its projected count. While Covid remains a threat in all 5 states, the post-reopening explosion of deaths predicted by Imperial College and used to argue for keeping the lockdowns in place never happened.

      9. Anthony Fauci credits lockdowns for beating the virus in Europe (July 31)

      The message was clear: the United States should have followed Europe, but failed to do so and got a summer wave of Covid instead. Fauci’s entire argument however was based on a string of falsehoods and errors.

      Mobility data from the US clearly showed that most Americans were staying home during the spring outbreak, with a recorded decline that matched Germany, the Netherlands, and several other European countries. Contrary to Fauci’s claim, the US was actually slower than most of Europe to reopen. Furthermore, his praise of Europe collapsed in the early fall when almost all of the lockdown countries in Europe experienced severe second waves – just like the locked down regions of the United States.

      10. New Zealand and Australia declare themselves Covid-free (August-present)

      As island nations with comparatively lower international travel than North America and Europe, both countries shut down their borders before the as-of-yet undetected virus became widespread and have remained closed ever since. It’s a costly strategy in terms of its economic impact and personal displacement, but it kept the virus out – mostly.

      The problem with New Zealand and Australia’s Prince Prospero strategy is that it’s inherently fragile. All it takes to throw it into chaos is for the virus to slip past the border – including by accident or human error. Then heavy-handed lockdowns ensue, imposed with maximum disruption at the spur of the moment in a frantic attempt to contain the breach.

      11. “Renewed lockdowns are just a strawman” (October)

      In early October a group of scientists met at AIER where they drafted and signed the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement calling attention to the severe social and economic harms of lockdowns and urging the world to adopt alternative strategies for ensuring the protection of the most vulnerable. Although the statement quickly gathered tens of thousands of co-signers from health science and medical professionals, it also left the lockdown supporters incensed. They responded not by scientific debate over the merits of their policies, but with a vilification campaign.

      Over the next several weeks in October a dozen or more prominent epidemiologists, public health experts, and journalists peddled the “lockdowns are a strawman” line. The “strawman” claim saw promotion in top outlets including the New York Times, and in an op-ed by two principle co-signers of the John Snow Memorandum, a competing petition that lockdown supporters drafted as a response to the Great Barrington Declaration.

      Several US states followed suit including California, which imposed severe restrictions on private gatherings up to and including meeting your own family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And a few weeks after that, some of the very same epidemiologists who used the “strawman” line in October revised their own positions after the fact. They started claiming they had supported a second lockdown all along, and began blaming the GBD for impeding their efforts to impose them at an earlier date.

      12. Anthony Fauci touts New York as a model for Covid containment (June-December)

      Cuomo’s policies not only failed to contain the virus – they likely made it far more deadly to vulnerable populations. Enter Anthony Fauci, who has been asked multiple times in the press what a model Covid response policy would look like. He gave his first answer on July 20th: “We know that, when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York.”

      1. And that doesn’t even mention the “vaccine mandates and passports are just a conspiracy theory”

      2. Scientists suggest that ocean spray spreads Covid (April 2)

        But not Ocean Spray Cran-Apple. Nothing can survive that.

      3. To be fair, Fauci didn’t do lockdown in the US the way he wanted to. He didn’t convince us to bolt our doors closed like in China. If he could have locked us all in boxes until we were dead, then it would have totally worked.

      4. Note that those 12 false claims about lockdowns was written back in December.

  20. Democrat fucks over minorities who voted for him while claiming it is for their own good.

    The insane thing would be expecting anything else.

    Bud: ‘You can’t come in here!’
    Lou: ‘Why not?’
    Bud: ‘Well because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But I’m not sick.’
    Bud: ‘It doesn’t matter.’
    Lou: ‘Well, why does that guy get to go in?’
    Bud: ‘Because he’s vaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But he’s sick!’
    Bud: ‘It’s alright. Everyone in here is vaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘Wait a minute. Are you saying everyone in there is vaccinated?’
    Bud: ‘Yes.’
    Lou: ‘So then why can’t I go in there if everyone is vaccinated?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’ll make them sick.’
    Lou: ‘How will I make them sick if I’m NOT sick and they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘But they can still get sick.’
    Lou: ‘So what the heck does the vaccine do?’
    Bud: ‘It vaccinates.’
    Lou: ‘So vaccinated people can’t spread covid?’
    Bud: ‘Oh no. They can spread covid just as easily as an unvaccinated person.’
    Lou: ‘I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Look. I’m not sick.
    Bud: ‘Ok.’
    Lou: ‘And the guy you let in IS sick.’
    Bud: ‘That’s right.’
    Lou: ‘And everybody in there can still get sick even though they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Certainly.’
    Lou: ‘So why can’t I go in again?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘I’m not asking who’s vaccinated or not!’
    Bud: ‘I’m just telling you how it is.’
    Lou: ‘Nevermind. I’ll just put on my mask.’
    Bud: ‘That’s fine.’
    Lou: ‘Now I can go in?’
    Bud: ‘Absolutely not?’
    Lou: ‘But I have a mask!’
    Bud: ‘Doesn’t matter.’
    Lou: ‘I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.’
    Bud: ‘I know.’
    Lou: So why can’t I come in here today with a mask? ….If you say ‘because I’m unvaccinated’ again, I’ll break your arm.’
    Bud: ‘Take it easy buddy.’
    Lou: ‘So the mask is no good anymore.’
    Bud: ‘No, it’s still good.’
    Lou: ‘But I can’t come in?’
    Bud: ‘Correct.’
    Lou: ‘Why not?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But the mask prevents the germs from getting out.’
    Bud: ‘Yes, but people can still catch your germs.’
    Lou: ‘But they’re all vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Yes, but they can still get sick.’
    Lou: ‘But I’m not sick!!’
    Bud: ‘You can still get them sick.’
    Lou: ‘So then masks don’t work!’
    Bud: ‘Masks work quite well.’
    Lou: ‘So how in the heck can I get vaccinated people sick if I’m not sick and masks work?’
    Bud: ‘Third base.’

    1. As funny as that is, that’s literally what we’re being told. Literally.

    2. This is the best thing on the internet today.

      1. But yet so close to the truth, the humour is almost hard to see.

        I got vaccinated so I could return to normal. Then they said I still had to have a mask on because I’d not only become sick, but I’d make other people sick. Then I was told I couldn’t mix with unvaccinated people because not only could they make me sick, but I could pass it on to both vaccinated and other unvaccinated people.

        1. Yup. It’s utterly absurd. A little bit of humor to show how utterly absurd it is is, at this point, the best way to get people to come to some sort of rationality. When it’s spelled out, it doesn’t come across as a complaint just a recognition of the absurdity.

        2. I was seen once while I had COVID. During that single visit, a doctor and 2 nurses advised me to get vaccinated 2 weeks after symptoms are gone. WTF is up with that? As reoccuring cases are vanishingly rare, I can only assume it is a warning that they anticipate being unvaccinated is a stigmata regardless of immunity.

          1. Just 14 cases of covid reinfection have been confirmed in the US, and just 169 cases worldwide.

            The denial (and downplaying) of natural immunity has been the worst lie that continues being promoted by WHO, Fauci, CDC, state/local health agencies that rely upon CDC grant $$$$$$$, and left wing media and politicians.

            1. AND one might point out, at least SOME other nations (France? Italy?) are willing to accept antibody tests showing a sufficiently
              high level of naturally acquired antibodies as an acceptable reason for an individual to be issued a “vaccine” passport. Hmmm… is natural immunity geographically restricted? Such that it occurs in France but not the USA?

    3. Outstanding. Or standing outside, if you haven’t been vaccinated.

    4. This was the best and only reason to actually read anything on this website today.


    5. Lol. Just about 20 more pages of that and it will start to approach reality. Would love to see it performed.

  22. Last night, there weren’t any street brawls on Manhattan’s 8th Avenue. There wasn’t mass civil disobedience in the streets. People didn’t storm the doors or throw punches at bouncers, at least not where I was

    Whatever you do, don’t mention a quiet little anti-vax passport protest that drew ~100,000 in Montreal.

  23. Not to mention that this mandate will effectively make it so that a whole bunch of poor minorities—which health data tell us have abstained from vaccination to a much greater degree than wealthier white New Yorkers—get excluded from public life.

    One imagines, in a spirit of equity, that a whole bunch of poor minorities will be excluded from the exclusion because they are essentially unable to obtain an ID card, much less a vaccine passport.

  24. Breaking.

    Even before Gov. Jay Inslee expanded his COVID-19 vaccination order to K-12 and higher education employees on Wednesday, Washington’s vaccine mandate ranked among the most sweeping and strict in the nation.

    Most governors who have imposed such mandates have built in wiggle room, allowing public employees and health care workers to undergo regular coronavirus tests if they choose not to get vaccinated.

    Inslee’s orders offer no such slack. Employees at state agencies, schools and universities must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18 or face termination. Inoculations also will be a condition of employment for hundreds of thousands of people working in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

    1. I can’t wait to fund all the lawsuit settlements with my tax money! Thanks, King Jay!


    The AAP is actively *deleting* entire sections from their website re early childhood development & the importance of facial cues for learning. They are memory holing decades of known & accepted medicine, all bc they have embraced forced masking of our nations children.


    EXCLUSIVE: UW Medical denied organ transplants to patients refusing a COVID vaccine as early as June.

    The latest denial? A 64-yr-old man who needs a new heart.

    Hospital officials refuse to even directly acknowledge they have a COVID-transplant policy.

  27. Why can’t they just wear a magic mask if they haven’t been vaccinated? Maybe with a hole for a plastic straw, so they don’t have to pull it down to drink?

  28. “Not to mention that this mandate will effectively make it so that a whole bunch of poor minorities—which health data tell us have abstained from vaccination to a much greater degree than wealthier white New Yorkers—get excluded from public life.”

    I mean, they’re just as free to go get the shot as anyone else. Hell, with it at Walgreens and CVSs on every corner, it’s easily doable, and free.

    1. If getting a free ID is racist, getting a free shot is too. Can’t have an ID to vote, why should you need a free shot to go out.

      1. I can’t wait for the pols to come out next season touting how vaccine requirements have improved every aspect of society now that the unvaccinated (read: black (read: poor)) people can’t participate in it.

  29. Living in a state of fear is hardly living at all.

    Really, the best thing to do at this point is to completely ignore what they say, and do as they do. Wanna throw a party for 500 friends? Go for it. Party on.

    These people don’t even believe their own press. Just ignore them and live your life according to your own lights.

  30. “Like so many other pandemic restrictions, it’s jarring that New Yorkers appear to largely be lying down and taking it.”

    Perhaps not on the first night, but fake covid vaccine cards will soon be for sold on many NYC street corners (most probably by illegal drug dealers), as de Blasio has finally created a high paying new industry for entrepreneurs.

    In addition to fake covid vaccine card customers, most business owners will appreciate the fake ID cards, as they’ll increase business and prevent confrontations with lots of customers.

    While de Blasio and other Democrats won’t be happy with the fake covid cards, they won’t able to do much about it.

    Schumer has already proposed federal legislation to ban the use of fake covid vaccine cards, but Biden is unlikely to send federal agents to bodegas in NYC to arrest minorities for selling fake covid cards (or to fine businesses for not being able to detect and reject customers who present fake IDs).

    1. “”While de Blasio and other Democrats won’t be happy with the fake covid cards, they won’t able to do much about it.””

      I would not bet on that. The next step is to mandate a smart phone app that pulls vaccination data directly from a city, or state registry where your vaccination was documented.

  31. If you ask I won’t do business with you. You can hide behind the law or stand up for freedom and privacy. You make your choice, I make mine.

  32. “lying down and taking it”? Oh, cry me a river. Just how do the unvaccinated, who are driving the current uptick in cases, hospitalizations and deaths, expect a society to overcome a pandemic without some regulations? This virus won’t magically disappear. The charlatans who are terrifying the gullible with lies and easily debunked junk science about the vaccine are doing a disservice to all citizens. There isn’t a single objection of theirs that’s based on the science (as found in peer-reviewed research, not youtube or Facebook). If a society insists on being so anti-science and easily fooled, then restrictions are the only alternative.

    1. Cry more, defeated bootlicker.

    2. Israel Currently: 87% overall are vaccinated. 59% of hospitalized are vaccinated. Doesn’t appear that the vax is doing such a bang up job of “reducing the uptick”.

  33. Gosh sometimes individual convenience must be sacrificed to the common good. Something conservatives seem to understand when it comes to war but seem to have forgotten when it comes to pandemics.

    1. This ^^^

    2. People of color are the largest group of unvaccinated. Not conservatives. Perhaps they don’t want to sacrifice anymore.

      1. The highest group is those with a college degree. The lowest is those with high school or less.

      2. Or if you want to go ethnic by far the highest group is Asians. Who by coincidence have the highest education levels.

  34. What fraction of NYC bar hoppers aren’t vaccinated?

  35. “LIZ WOLFE is a staff editor at Reason.”

    Liz Wolfe is an idiot … and I doubt a libertarian

  36. If you choose to patronize establishments that demand your papers, then it’s not De Blasio’s New York, it’s your New York. Man, this covid shit really showed me what a bunch of blue-pilled freaks the Reason Magazine writers are–and to think I donated my first Trump stimmy check to the foundation! That’s one of my biggest regrets of last year.

    If you’re against vaccine passports, don’t go to places that demand your vaccine! Ever heard of principles?

  37. Letter to Mayor DeBlasio:

    Dear Mayor de Blasio,

    The year 2020 was a difficult period for all people living in New York State. In 2021, I was hired in a role for a firm headquartered in the NYC area. I was excited to return to NYC and began looking at my options for living in the city.

    Sadly, I’ve decided against moving to New York. My decision was made due to your support for the “Key to NYC” mandate which requires I show proof of Covid-19 vaccination to attend events at museums, operas, concerts, theaters, and other venues.

    I’ve had chronic Lyme disease for over six years. (I’ve had more than one positive Lyme test.) My disease was not discovered early. Therefore my treatment is more complicated. I’ve been living with Lyme as a chronic condition.

    Several doctors expressed reservations about my receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. A physician at a respected hospital advised me to avoid all vaccines due to the lack of research on the immune response of Lyme patients. From my experience, this is a wise attitude. Evidence shows Lyme disease impairs immune response.

    With chronic health issues, it’s challenging enough to engage in normal social activities. A vaccine mandate would make it nearly impossible. The mandate is callous toward all people with existing immune conditions. It ignores our entire population, treating us as if we don’t have a right to pursue full lives.

    Unfortunately, many people have stereotyped the chronically ill as burdensome. Allow me to counter the stereotype — people with chronic illnesses contribute enormously to NYC. I could list so many artists, musicians, writers, academics, and others here it would take up far too much space. As for myself, I hold an honors degree in music. For years, I’ve performed live in NYC.

    There is nuance and complexity to medical science. New York’s leaders might better familiarize themselves with this reality. Perhaps then you’ll recognize the injustice of the “Key to NYC,” which marginalizes thousands of people who’ve spent their lives contributing to the vibrancy of the city.

    Although I love New York, I’ll look elsewhere for a home. I prefer to live in a city where leadership understands public health is not one-size-fits-all.

    Yours truly.

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