Brickbat: Clever Ruse


A Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff's deputy is under investigation for pretending to be a defense attorney in order to lure a woman to meet him to arrest her. The deputy pretended to be an attorney from the firm representing her son in a separate criminal matter. He told the woman he needed to meet with her to discuss her son's case. She got suspicious and called her son's law firm. An attorney called the number he left for her. "Guess who picks up the phone, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy," said Andy Marcantel, the boy's attorney. "He says, 'Hello,'" "'Is this someone claiming to be attorney Brown from my law firm?' Without missing a beat, he says, 'Yep, that's me. I'm trying to get her into custody.'" The sheriff's office declined to comment, saying it doesn't discuss ongoing investigations.

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  1. “Consistent with every other investigation, MCSO does not comment on pending litigation/investigation. Once the investigation is completed you are free to reach out again with any questions you may have,” wrote Sgt. Monica Bretado.

    The sheriff’s office has a massive backlog of internal investigations, court records show. As of January 2021, there were more than 2,000 misconduct cases outstanding.

    That’s not even hiding the “fuck you” to any accountability.

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    2. If it’s good enough for federal Democrats

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    3. Yeah, the glimmer of abstract universal ethics we had in the Enlightenment-inspired founding of the US has just about faded away, and we we back to the normal openly self-serving mercenary partisan human condition that most humanity defaults to since 100,000 BC.

      1. The idea that the universal ethics that brought about the Enlightenment-inspired founding weren’t self-serving is artificially divisive. Go Tribe!

        1. Everything a person does is self-serving. That being said, the Enlightenment, while greatly enriching those who practice it, MOST greatly enriches others at no additional cost.

          By following the rule that ‘I can’t be free until you are free’ (It costs me greatly to prevent your freedom) is probably the greatest self-serving gift one can give to others.

          Go Enlightenment

          1. Everything a person does is self-serving. That being said, the Enlightenment, while greatly enriching those who practice it, MOST greatly enriches others at no additional cost.

            So, self-serving behavior benefited others before the Enlightenment and does so despite any observance of the Enlightenment? How… divine.

            By following the rule that ‘I can’t be free until you are free’ (It costs me greatly to prevent your freedom) is probably the greatest self-serving gift one can give to others.

            The greatest gift one can give to others is not to expend resources enslaving them, or the greatest gift is no gift? I’m sure all the victims of slavery and war that took place since the Enlightenment are comforted by the Enlightenment God’s fickle nature.

            It’s almost like The Enlightenment wasn’t that separate from the beliefs and philosophies that came before it and people want to pretend that it was so they can deify it.

            I’m not denying The Enlightenment as a transformative era of human history (is there one that wasn’t?). I refute the notion that open self-service or partisanism or even mercenary existence is an inherent evil or that The Enlightenment swept aside all the previous failed ideologies and philosphies and replaced them all with an immaculate one.

            It’s like the proverbial plot twist where the magical elixir that makes an ordinary man heroic is just water.

  2. I guess with most other provisions of the Bill of Rights being under attack or taken away, it was only a matter of time until the 5th Amendment joined the 1st, 2nd, and 4th as anachronistic and unwarranted checks on the exercise of power.

    At this rate, we’ll be just like Winnie the Pooh’s China within the next few years.

  3. Not a problem. Cops are allowed to lie to suspects, especially to effectuate an arrest or elicit a confession.

    As long as he didn’t offer legal advice, he’s not wrong.

    1. Why should cops be any better than politicians, corporate executives, or people in general?

  4. Guess the woman didn’t count on this “lawyer” actually turning out to be a cop. But then again, they don’t count on a lot of things in Maricopa County….

  5. I suspect they are investigating why the ruse failed, to improve future efforts.

  6. Why didn’t he just go and arrest her? Or call and tell her to come in to enter custody?

    Was the ruse supposed to continue, to extract info from her in the guise of attorney-client privilege?

    1. That wouldn’t be a surprise.

  7. Maricopa County. No surprise here.

  8. All the time, every day, multiple branches and departments. In the early days of Operation Chokepoint 1.0 I was part of a similar incident with a Secret Service agent. No warrant. No background. No specific information. Not even enough info to solidly verify his identity. Just “give us the hard drive”. For the first several emails we were convinced it was a sophisticated phishing scam.

    We were wrong. Sorry, ‘give us the hard drive’ doesn’t make sense, either be more specific or come back with a warrant. No warrant? Just fishing? Get bent, asshat.

  9. Sounds a lot better than a no-knock raid.

    1. “Raid”. Do people even hear themselves when they say “raid”?!?

      And that’s how they getcha. “Well at least they ain’t kicking in your door and shooting your family and pets before they drag you into a rape cage at gunpoint.” Anyone who thinks like this, deserves all that and more.

  10. Yeah, cops get to lie in the “Land of the Free”. Don’t like it? Quitcherbitchin. The ballot box and jury box both have failed us.

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