Brickbat: Clever Ruse


A Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff's deputy is under investigation for pretending to be a defense attorney in order to lure a woman to meet him to arrest her. The deputy pretended to be an attorney from the firm representing her son in a separate criminal matter. He told the woman he needed to meet with her to discuss her son's case. She got suspicious and called her son's law firm. An attorney called the number he left for her. "Guess who picks up the phone, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy," said Andy Marcantel, the boy's attorney. "He says, 'Hello,'" "'Is this someone claiming to be attorney Brown from my law firm?' Without missing a beat, he says, 'Yep, that's me. I'm trying to get her into custody.'" The sheriff's office declined to comment, saying it doesn't discuss ongoing investigations.