Brickbat: Piling It On


Five Miami Beach, Florida, police officers have been charged with battery following the arrests of two men at a local hotel, and prosecutors say they may add more charges. The arrests came after Dalton Crudup reportedly hit an officer while riding his scooter. Police chased him into a hotel, where security video showed one officer pulled him out of an elevator and handcuffed him. As Crudup was on the floor, other officers ran up and began kicking him and slamming his head to the ground. A man recording the arrest on his phone was tackled and punched by one officer then punched by two more officers.

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  2. [Miami Beach Police Chief Richard] Clements said the department will learn from this, move on and get better, yet this one incident isn’t a fair representation of what they stand for.

    There were plenty more on scene than the five “charged” officers, and they all seemed comfortable with each others’ actions. I’d say this is pretty representative of the culture there. The only thing they’ll learn is that hotels have security cameras.

    1. And the hotels will learn who their real friends are, and discover a lot of their security cameras don’t work … some times.

      1. See what happens the next time the hotel asks the police for help.

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  3. The crime rate in Miami must be zero if they send five cops to brutally take down an senior on a mobility scooter who get too feisty. Seems like the sort of Miami we saw portrayed on Miami Vice are long gone. Or maybe the cops just know members of Columbian drug cartels are more dangerous than unarmed old folks who need scooters to get around.

  4. From the original article where the chief and his boss talk about watching the tape: “I watched the chief watch that video and his head just went right down on the desk.”

    Not included in that article’s quote: “That’s some fine police work, boys, but goddammit now I have to come up with some cover story for the press.” (Head hits desk)

    1. “My god, I wish I was there”.

  5. Thankfully, this was not the Capitol Police involved because the man recording was armed with a cell phone. And that would have justified using deadly force.

    Unrelated to this event, there is a group of “auditors” that now go around and instigate police contact. They record these events. The juicier incidents show police violating their rights and they post the videos on their social media pages. For some of the auditors, this is their vocation. They make more money from ad revenue and settlements than when they had typical wage jobs.

    1. “The juicier incidents show police violating their rights and they post the videos on their social media pages.”

      Sounds like insurrection to me.
      That entire group of auditors will be reviewing the prison accounting system in Gitmo pretty soon.

    2. They better not be trespassing on public property, or it would be justifiable to shoot them.

      1. One incident happened at a public library and one of the officers said that it been 20 years earlier, the gut would be dead.

  6. Looks like the cops are just a step ahead of their state’s legislature:

    “Proposed bill could make cell phone video of police illegal in some cases”

    1. People could be charged if they seek to interrupt, “disrupt, hinder, impede, or interfere” with the officers performing their duties, provoke physical responses from the officers or harass the officers.

      It’s probably already illegal in general, and they’re codifying this specifically.

      1. Some places already have a law like this, impeding government administration or creating a common nuisance. Generally a fine and a night in jail.

        Just generally getting in the way or being a jerk. There’s filming and observing, then there’s being that guy who shouts at the cops and is an asshole to distract them and maybe someone gets hurt.

  7. God Bless Florida! God Bless the Police!

    Seriously, cops like this are Thin Blue Line between civilization and Democrats taking over our country. All praise police unions. All praise Trump.

    1. I missed the part where anyone else mentioned Trump, Republicans, or Democrats. Could you point it out or are you just being divisive?

      1. “…or are you just being divisive?”

        I love rhetorical questions [of course we already know the answer]..

  8. there’d be a joke in here about Police? or Dolphins? but nobody would believe any Dolphins could have taken out a kid on a scooter & a guy with a phone

    1. Was it a flipper phone?

  9. The patience of the generally law abiding, peaceful public does have limits, something that the Forces of Law and Order so called, have difficulty comprehending. At some point in time, the lesson therein will be brought to the attention of officialdom/officialdumb the hard way. That will be unfortunate for such endings are avoidable.

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