Homeland Security Says Americans Upset by 'Public Health Safety Measures' Could Be Terror Threats

The new advisory “is not based on any actual threats or plots” but is purely a response to a “rise in anti-government rhetoric.”


In advance of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued new guidance to local police departments warning that, among other things, opposition to pandemic-related lockdown policies could constitute a "terror threat."

Conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 presidential election—including one that falsely claimed former President Donald Trump would unconstitutionally be reinstated to office in mid-August—are also considered potential threats. That's despite the fact that, as NBC News reports, the new advisory is "not based on any actual threats or plots" but was spurred by a "rise in anti-government rhetoric" connected to mask and vaccine mandates.

The actual two-page bulletin contains less inflammatory language than NBC's interpretation of it. Still, it warns that threats "posed by domestic terrorists, individuals, and groups engaged in grievance-based violence" could be "exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions." The document also warns that reopening schools, churches, and other places where people gather could "provide increased targets of opportunity for violence though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified to these locations" (emphasis mine).

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when your entire mission statement revolves around stopping terrorists, everything looks like an opportunity for terrorism.

It should go without saying that challenging or questioning the various constitutionally dubious, contradictory, and oftentimes nonsensical government policies that are ostensibly meant to combat the pandemic does not make someone a terrorist. Indeed, if that were the case, some government officials would be top suspects.

It's equally true that holding or sharing inaccurate opinions about the outcome of the last presidential election does not make someone a threat to the country. There's a big difference between expressing an opinion and storming the U.S. Capitol building as part of a politically motivated riot—and law enforcement should be able to tell the difference.

But it is somewhat darkly ironic that a Republican administration birthed DHS—against the warnings of libertarians, who could see the obvious potential for dystopian mission creep right from the start—only to have the department now identify die-hard supporters of the last Republican president as terror threats. Perhaps the elements of the political right who believe they can impose moral order on the country via the machinery of government should take notice.

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  1. “groups engaged in grievance-based violence”

    Clinton foundation
    ‘those people’ identified by 4 or more letters

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    2. I recall the Clinton Foundation’s crimes against humanity in Haiti.

      1. Left Port Au Prince in ruins! Okay, that was yesterday’s quake, but the Clintons didn’t help.

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    3. You beat me to it!

      I’d already copied exactly that to paste in the comment box, and BLM was to have been at the top of the list.

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    4. They are all the same org.

    5. Antifa is just an idea though.

      And you left out the Gaia cultists becoming “climate activists”, i.e. eco-terrorists.

      1. An idea which was then implemented in 1932 by the explicitly Stalinist German Communist Party…

        I mean, they even still use the same bloody logo.

      2. All organizations and political parties are “just ideas”.

        1. That’s the joke. You’ve been around long enough to remember ENB pretending like Antifa wasn’t an actual organization because they didn’t hold weekly meetings, didn’t elect representatives, and didn’t collect dues or whatever.

    6. You forgot the democrat party. The most evil terror organization to ever exist.

    7. And Federal agency’s that have gone rogue such as the FBI and TSA and ATF.

  2. We better watch out for those “elements of the political right who believe they can impose moral order on the country via the machinery of the government”. They are by far the gravest threat to liberty. I’m glad Reason’s favored candidate one to slow them down with a very libertarian, liberty-focused administration.

    1. *won to slow them down…that’s embarrassing

      1. It would be much more embarrasing with a preview or edit feature . . .

        1. Don’t I know it.

        2. If the Reason writers don’t have it why should anyone else?

          1. No wonder they post so much embarrassing shit

      2. That’s not actually better, Jeremy.

    2. moral order on the country via the machinery of the government

      Some specificity is in order. Which major party are you referring to?

    3. “Reason’s favored candidate”

      Which was Jo Jorgensen.

      1. Dummy is dumb.

      2. Lol. A third of the writers said they would have voted biden if their vote was a close election.

        90% of the writers refused to mention Joe’s platform during the election.

        So fucking dishonest. You carry water for the left.

        1. Dee cawries the HO2 for the left.

          1. He is all wet.

          2. And he does it pourly.

        2. 75% of the articles after the inauguration were expressing surprise and dismay that Biden was actually trying to implement the platform he ran on.

      3. You’re a leftist shill.

        1. And an asshole besides.

      4. Disingenuous says what?

    4. Yeah, I guess Trump was too busy fighting off all the impeachment attempts and smear campaigns to focus on imposing moral order on everyone. Maybe in his second term he would have sprung that on us.

      Luckily for liberty Biden can build back better, and it will only cost 12 trillion dollars.

  3. #defund armed federal employees

    1. Honestly, the unarmed ones are more dangerous. Career bureaucrats have fucked up more peoples’ lives than crooked cops.

      1. The unarmed thugs need regular thugs to enforce their edicts.

      2. Disaffected, anti-social, anti-government cranks are among my favorite culture war casualties.

        Why do these clingers hate modern America?

        1. How many months since you had an original thought?

          1. You mean decades, yes?

            1. I make mistakes.

              1. The mistake is believing Kirkland is a human intelligence. It is jar full of the gall bladders of failed dictators that somehow gained sentience.

                I picture it in an abandonned hospital in front of an old monochrome CRT monitor.

                1. You sir, are a poet.

                2. I doubt the part about “sentience”, otherwise it’s a pretty fair guess about Kirkland’s origins.

          2. You’re assuming he ever had an original thought?

        2. Clinger rhymes with dinger and dinger can be mistaken for something else. So using clinger makes you racist.

          1. And he’s an asshole besides.

      3. And Biden is hiring 87,000 more IRS agents.
        And who nows how many CCC thugs to make sure we’re not using too much energy.

        1. Is this now a right-wing “fact”, that the climate corps will be thugs?

          1. Well, looking at everything else you guys have touched…

          2. Shut your whore mouth Dee.

            1. It’d be unfortunate for it if one of its neighbors in Idaho/Wyoming shut it for it, permanently, but fortunate for everyone else. One might even say a good deed.

          3. Intellectual thugs whose purpose, like the IRS agents, will be to “harass the people and eat out their substance”. “Organizing for Climate Awareness” and such.

  4. I read in Reason yesterday that “conservatives” are dangerous authoritarians and here’s Eric to remind us that DHS was created under a Republican president. All the pieces fit. Thanks Eric.

    1. The American conservative movement has become more populist, illiberal, and authoritarian, and the DHS was birthed by a neoconservative Republican administration (because the DOD apparently wasn’t enough). Yes.

      1. You ar #2

        1. Are

      2. And yet, actual conservative aren’t in charge of anything, including the Republican Party.

        1. Conservatism comes in different flavors: classical conservatism, traditionalist conservatism, paleoconservatism, libertarian conservatism, neoconservatism, national conservatism, etc. Trumpism, the guiding “ism” of the current GOP, to the extent that it’s ideological at all and not just a sad cult of personality, is a hot mix of national and resuscitated paleoconservatism.

          1. “Trumpism, the guiding “ism” of the current GOP, to the extent that it’s ideological at all and not just a sad cult of personality, is a hot mix of national and resuscitated paleoconservatism.”

            Assholish TDSism if a boring mix of stupidity and dishonest.
            Fuck off and die, TDS-addled asshole.

            1. If only the paleocons had been able to influence Trump in any meaningful way….

    2. Yeah, and it’s Trump’s fault this is happening during the most transparant administration ever!


  5. We’ve been fucking telling you.

    1. Darkly ironic.

      1. Reason staff is on board with all this shit, but it makes them work a bit harder in their role as controlled opposition when the regime doesn’t even try in the slightest to hide their totalitarianism.
        But I have no doubt that Boehm and the rest agree that the American people are The Enemy and must be crushed.

        1. They forget that they have names and addresses too.

          1. They’re arrogant and unfamiliar with facing consequences for their actions

  6. Thankfully these fine folks will be working hand in hand with the entirely unaccountable newly nationalized Capitol Police on tracking down the malcontents and ne’erdowells. What could possibly go wrong? Other than more horrific fatwas like this one, being acted upon, with zero oversight, that is.

    1. Don’t forget the greenshirt CCC battalions, the 87,000 IRS agents, and the deputized US Postal Service.

  7. “Perhaps the elements of the political right who believe they can impose moral order on the country via the machinery of government should take notice.”

    You idiots misinterpret everything. Schlicter is turning around what is currently the long term aims of progressives, and showing you the conservative analog, if they were so inclined.

    And you took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Well done for having zero self-awareness.

    1. Schlicter is a whiny puss who will spend the rest of his life complying with the preferences of better Americans. Then he will be replaced. That is his contribution to America — a bitchy culture war casualty with delusions of relevance in modern America.

      1. The library really shouldn’t allow homeless bums like you use the computer.

      2. The bigoted asshole rev is a bigoted asshole who will spend they rest of his life being a bigoted asshole.

        1. I think you give him too much credit.

  8. Conservatives AND DEMOCRATS, NOW ESPECIALLY DEMOCRATS, BECAUSE THE ARE IN POWER Are Asking You To Disbelieve Your Own Eyes

    I’ll be waiting for my check, Reason.

  9. So, how does this end?

    1. Historically: not well. Millions dead.

      1. Jfree hopes they are all unvaccinated.

        1. Maybe he’s trying to get George Takei to notice him

    2. It ends when people start realizing that every news headline with the word “could” in it is totally worthless. It is often impossible to prove a negative, so you can get an expert to say that just about anything is possible. Until the day comes and goes, anything “could” happen on 9/11. The odds are just incredibly remote. However, the media eats up these billion-in-one chance stories, because it gives them the ability to report on any gruesome fiction they want and give it a veneer of newsworthiness by quoting some authority figure. They may or may not quote the expert as saying that it is very unlikely, but by that point the media has already gotten your click.

    3. Brush up on your Chinese.

      1. Sorry to agree with you, but some version of that is looking likely. The chinese will wait until the moment it optimal, and then grab Taiwan. After that, we get into it. After that…. not good.

        1. It looks like China and Russia are each waiting for the other to move on Taiwan and Ukraine respectively. Then the other will move because the US can’t fight both wars. But yeah, Biden initiates an armed purging at home and both are going on a land grab.

          1. The US isn’t going to fight one, nevermind two.

            1. We’ll fire the only shots of the Taiwan invasion… right into TSMC’s fabs.

              1. Which is why it won’t happen. China needs those chips too.

                In 5-10 years anyway, it will turn from, ‘China yelling at Taiwan and the US, to, overnight, China and Taiwan yelling at the US.’ It’ll be seamless. No blood required, just cultural and economical dominance through proximity.

                The Filipinos, OTOH…

                I can’t tell you why Vlad’s been fucking around waiting with the rest of E. Ukraine. I thought they’d have pushed two-three months ago. Maybe they’re weaker than we thought?

                1. Oh, and keep an eye on the US Embassy in Kabul. This is looking like it’s going to be really, really bad. Tehran 1979 bad. Maybe worse.

                  1. Since I’m a few drinks deep, and feel like crystal ball gazing: don’t be surprised to see a new trade deal, or lessening of restrictions, with the PRC in the next month. It might be couched as, ‘removing Trump Administration jingoistic tariffs’, or the like, but it’ll happen.

                    And if it does…know that was some of the price paid to allow US citizens, diplomats, and military personnel, safe passage out of the deathtrap they’re currently wedged in. Most of the reasons stated in the media for the Taliban to let the US citizens in Kabul go, play even better if the Taliban have the leverage of holding US citizens hostage. Propaganda gains, humiliation, straight looting, testing out advanced weaponry under wartime conditions: most of those lean towards the Taliban trying to trap the US.

                    The downsides to them are casualties—and the Taliban can spare them, or the potential the US won’t then leave after such a humiliation. Tell it to the specters of the Marines in Beirut.

                    I don’t see the Taliban playing nice here unless they’re bribed to. And part of that bribe is likely going to be directed at China.

                    1. don’t be surprised to see a new trade deal, or lessening of restrictions, with the PRC in the next month

                      Same Saturday night caveat, but I disagree owing to what’s getting published recently. I don’t think a guy like Soros, someone who has his fingers in every Democratic pie, sticks his neck out the way that he just did against Xi if something like that was on the horizon. And he’s not the first.

                      Trouble’s brewing – if the next multitrillion bill has a sizable set-aside for the Navy then you should get your grandkids to Argentina post-haste.

                      No blood required, just cultural and economical dominance through proximity.

                      I think that’s what China’s banking on, but COVID changed the calculus for its neighbors. They’re not a Monroe-doctrine benign hegemon; the mask is off. Some assertion is going to have to take place, but they may have already pushed Japan too far. The First Islands are a tinderbox right now.

                    2. Keen observation, Gray

                  2. Oh, and keep an eye on the US Embassy in Kabul. This is looking like it’s going to be really, really bad. Tehran 1979 bad. Maybe worse.

                    Makes you wonder how this might have gone had the idiots in the Biden administration stuck to the May 1st pullout that Trump and the Taliban agreed to in February 2020, rather than delay shit just so Trump wouldn’t get a win.

                    1. It’s such a clusterfuck one has to suspect it’s intentional rather than innocent error.
                      Even not sticking to the agreed May date and doing it now, the way to go about it is obvious and easy to see: evacuate all American civilians, destroy/disable as much weaponry (especially vehicles) as realistically and diplomatically possible, then, after those things are done, get the troops out of there.
                      They’re scrambling because they’ve chosen disorder. You can’t tell me our military brass, intel agencies, and professional statespersons really expected the Afghan national forces to hold up for any length of time, or even put up a defense at all. Well it can be said,, but it’s not believable.. What’s happening isn’t surprising (not even the time frame), it’s what just about everyone predicted. As incompetent as our feudal lords can be and are, pure incompetence just isn’t plausible in this situation and inadequate to explain the procedure that was implemented.

                    2. “ destroy/disable as much weaponry (especially vehicles) as realistically and diplomatically possible”

                      Turns out the US Airforce has designated a strike against the airfields to explosively neutralize some material’ rather than be concerned with diplomacy or optics, which are in the shitter now in an _epic_ way.

                2. VVP is waiting for a major hiccup here. He took Crimea after the no balls Obama took office. Mind you I don’t agree with the US intervening in Europe but Putin knew Obama was all sizzle and no steak. I don’t think Trump would have intervened either but he knew how to engage with foreign leaders beyond having a nice crease in his pants.

                  1. Intervening heads up would be really, really ugly. Giving the Ukrainians a bunch of Javelins, Stingers, and other toys we feel like testing, OTOH…

                    Vlad took Crimea for reasons. Part of those reasons require water, and they don’t have any, and aren’t going to get any, unless they reopen that Don (Dniepr? I forget) canal. Which they can’t do from where they’ve been Slav-squatting the last few months.

                    I don’t get it. Their shrink rate in the field must be horrendous, but they still haven’t, AFAIK, gone back to their cantonments. Shrug.

                    1. Crimea was Russian until Khrushchev transferred it to Ukraine. It was payback for western nations interfering in the election (that Russia had been interfering in). But Obama was a wet noodle and VVP knew it. Russia was kicked out of the G8 and the US put an import ban on some Russian goods (such as civilian legal AKs).
                      Have a friend in Moscow but we don’t talk politics so I’m not sure where the street Russian stands on these things.

                3. yeah, no. Taiwan hates China.

                  1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they will fight too.

                4. Taking Ukraine doesn’t get the Russians much of anything. They want what they’ve always wanted: a buffer. Donbass provides that buffer of ethnically/culturally Russian residents loyal to Russia and opposed to the globalist west. As long as NATO doesn’t take over Ukraine and camp on their border, and it can’t with that hostile Russian backed Donbass buffer cleaved from Kiev, Russia is content to milk Europe’s energy dependence (the primary reason they were so prompt to come to Assad’s aid in Syria).
                  Crimea was/is a totally different story than Ukraine. It’s their warm water port, has always been Russian, with an overwhelmingly Russian population. No way in hell they were going to let the globalists, via Maidan, take it and park themselves on Russia’s shores.
                  The only territory Russia has any interest in expanding to, rather than defending, is the arctic.

    4. It’s unfortunate that the progressive’s unholy trait for power and dominance will make it necessary for so many of them to suffer, and possibly die. But make no mistake, it will be their own fault, after overwhelming provocation.

      The freedom of one American is worth more than the collective lives of every progressive.

    5. It’s almost like violence is what they want.

  10. Hmmm. These morons supported a fraud for president, believed crazy lies abut the election, attacked the capital, opposed every covid prevention measure, and get really pissy when you point out facts. It is not a stretch to think they would get violent to defend their delusion.

    1. We learned it from watching you, bitch.

      1. Oh just stop it.

        Name one time — ONE SINGLE TIME — Democrats and progressives believed crazy lies about an election.

        1. Is there some sort of charity I could donate to for this post?

        2. (`-´)>

      2. Open wider, Nardz. Your betters feel like shoving more progress down your whimpering, bigoted, powerless throat.

        1. You need more anti-psychotic drugs. Call the nurse.

        2. You have neither the intestinal fortitude, nor testicular endowment to do anything more than troll here.
          I wonder if your paymasters know they’re not getting their money’s worth?

        3. Once again Rev this is not a gay sex site

        4. Hihn you freak!

      3. Then perhaps radical Democrats and reactionary Republicans should stop trying to one-up each other.

        1. Perhaps TDS-addled assholes should fuck off and die.
          Make your family proud, TDS-addled asshole!

    2. That describes Biden supporters pretty accurately.

      1. In fairness, Biden supporters are barely sentient.

        1. Biden has no supporters according to Bratfart.com. And no one shows up at his campaign events to prove it.

          Unlike the Cult of Trump who still draws Nuremberg type crowds of adoring acolytes at each event despite his embarrassing loss to a feeble old man.

          1. Cult of Trump who still draws Nuremberg type crowds

            Wasn’t the only crowd at your puppet lord’s inauguration 20,000 troops?

          2. I imagine you chowing down on captain crunch and aristocrat vodka while typing that.

            Am I wrong?

            1. That was for buttplug

          3. Is brat fart one of your child porn sites pedo?

            1. Don’t look it up!

        2. In fairness, Biden supporters are is barely sentient.

          1. “Barely sentient” was good enough when your opponent was a wanna-be strongman who bragged about police “roughing people up” and slamming their heads into paddywagon doors as punishment for running from his cult.

            These are tougher times than before when your cultists shaved their heads and wore weird clothes whilst hanging around the airport.

            Today the Cult of Trump wears MAGA hats and QAnon t-shirts and have hijacked one of the two major political parties. Their Supreme Commander has told them he will be reinstated in August and when it doesn’t happen the shooting will begin.

            Surfing Instructor Kills His Two Young Kids With Spearfishing Gun Over QAnon ‘Serpent DNA’ Theory


            1. Now compare that with all the people killed last summer by
              “An idea”

              Take your meds

              1. Fuck BLM. I don’t care about them. The rioters should be tried for arson and convicted.

                As a critic of our overzealous police state I do sympathize with a protest against a violent police force that metes out violence and death to innocent citizens.

                And if you don’t you are the NAZI/fascist we thought you were.

                1. Have you ever tried, not lying as a strategy?

                  1. Fuck you and your non sequitur bullshit.

                    I wrote three sentences which express personal opinion. There is nothing I could lie about.

                    1. Such a sad thing you are. Were you molested by your
                      PE teacher?

                    2. You lied in all 3 dumbass. You’ve supported the federal takedown of political opponents. You supported the CIA and IC attacks against an elected president. You applauded leaks to demean said President. You supported the resistance. You supported Capitol Police buildup.

                      Youre a fucking liar.

                  2. “Have you ever tried, not lying as a strategy?”

                    turd lies; it’s what turd does. Every post is a lie and that includes any number he quotes.
                    turd is a pathological liar entirely too stupid to understand that others are not fooled.
                    turd lies. It’s what turd does.

                2. A critic of the police state? Youre backing the democrat attacks to attest and hail everyone who disagrees with them dumbass. You applauded Pelosi troops in the Capitol for 6 months.

                  Youre a fucking leftist statist.

            2. turd lies; it’s what turd does. Every post is a lie and that includes any number he quotes.
              turd is a pathological liar entirely too stupid to understand that others are not fooled.
              turd lies. It’s what turd does.

    3. Violent like a protest on public property that they paid for holding a single, invisible fire extinguisher? Or violent like posting inconsistencies regarding the currently botched federal COVID response with the White House instructing the online content provider to ban the accounts, which then happens? Or violent like sexually assaulting over a dozen women, with their team members ignoring or covering it up, while directing COVID positive people into senior nursing homes knowing that this would result in the deaths of thousands of residents, which happened with not a peep from that team’s obedient media lackeys?

      1. Delusional, desperate, disaffected, and dumb right-wing bigots are among my favorite culture war casualties.

        1. Thanks for sharing this. We will review your resume and if we find a match we will be in touch. Don’t call us; we’ll call you.

        2. Wow, you’re on a roll tonight Art!

          “[Blank] are among my favorite [blank]” twice within 6 minutes!

          Can you make it three within a half hour? Clock’s ticking!


          1. #WokeMediaKnowsThisBest


        3. Assholish, bigoted asshole bigots are delusional, desperate, disaffected, and dumb assholish bigots are among my favorite culture war casualties.

        4. Not enough oral fixation in this comment

    4. The delusional aspect is the media and DNC able to tell ignorant people like yourself that it is only the gop fighting vaccines. This despite the largest group of unvaccinated being PoC and video after video of gop leaders saying to get vaxxed. They just don’t want federal mandates unlike the statists of the left.

      1. The African American community does have an anti-vax component that is just as wrong as the white community. However their is no massive public campaign against vaccines in the AA community that you see from Republicans.

        1. The progressive community has an anti-intelligence component to it.

        2. Please identify this massive campaign.

        3. The AA distrust of the medical scientific establishment isn’t exactly unwarranted, historically speaking. Anti-vax Trumpsters are mainly just ignorant and buried in nutty conspiracy theories.

          1. Which retarded sock are you?

          2. “nutty conspiracy theories”

            COVID came from a wetmarket, Conservatives are all terrorists, Ivermectin doesn’t work, HCQ doesn’t work, Biden doesn’t have dementia, The jab isn’t making anyone ill, Masks work,
            COVID passports aren’t restriction of freedom of movement, Cuomo didn’t kill old people, Dominion systems were secure, Hunter Biden didn’t fuck his underage neice, Trump colluded with Russia, Jan 06 was an insurrection, Transwoman are real women, BLM is mostly peaceful, Trump had a pee pee tape, Antifa is an idea, George Floyd didn’t overdose, Advanced coursework is racist, 1619 is real history, Hunter Laptop wasn’t real, Trump caused asian hate, White rage is the problem, CRT isn’t poisonous, All white people are racist, A pipe in ATL stopped the count, Jussie Smollet was attacked, China travel ban was racist, Words are violence, The military isn’t woke, The FBI is apolitical, Shokin was fired for corruption, Obama didn’t build cages, Iran never got cash pallets, Churches should be closed, The border is under control, Voter ID is racist, Biden is tough on Putin, Blasey Ford was credible, Swalwell isn’t compromised, Kids should get the jab, Teachers had it the worst, China managed COVID well, WHO is an independent body, The Great Reset isn’t real, Renting forever is just fine, Bailouts are necessary, Gain of Function wasn’t funded, Hunter isn’t incestuous, Double masking is best, Own nothing, be happy, Hillary had 98% chance to win, Melania was an escort, A video caused Benghazi, Trump camp wasn’t spied on, Hunter was hired on merit, Hands up Don’t Shoot happened, AR15s are weapons of war, Bubba Wallace noose was real, Covington Catholic kid is racist, Trump will start WW3, If you like your Dr., Keep your Dr., Trump said drink bleach, Assange is a criminal, Putin hacked VT electric grid, Trump threw out MLK, Jr bust, Kushner never got a Peace Deal, Trump banned Muslims, Mueller proved Trump-Cohen lie, Trump Jr had WikiLeaks access, Global warming is #1 threat, Arkancides are a myth, Iraq had WMD’S, Russia hacked DNC, The science is settled, There are no Uyghur camps, Elizabeth Warren is native, The icecaps are melting, Steele Dossier is bulletproof

            1. I tried to think of something that you missed. I failed.

              1. How about TRUMP!!?

              2. One pretty big one

                Trump called Nazis very fine people

              3. You missed “Trump called Nazis ‘very fine people.'”

            2. Plenty of bullshit theories to go around. Stupidity, ignorance, and cognitive bias are non-partisan.

              One would hope that, at a libertarian news site of all places, commenters wouldn’t rush to interpret criticism of one “side” as an endorsement of the other. Both “sides,” parties, wings are insufferable at this point.

              1. Nice job slinking away after getting thoroughly owned.

              2. Now I can see why you picked “The New Number Two” as a handle; certainly appropriate for a TDS-addled shit.

            3. Holy hell, that was awesome!

            4. Damn. That’s the best audition tape for CNN EVER. Major points on keeping a straight face.

            5. I appreciate your effort here!

          3. Haha. There it is!

            Unvaxed white: ignorant nuts.

            Unvaxed POC: can’t bring yourself to criticize.

            Lol. What a wuss.

            1. Both groups are fearfully ignorant. One community’s suspicious attitudes toward the medical community are more understandable than the other’s.

              1. Look up the record of the anthrax vaccine in the military sometime.

              2. Ya know, TDS-addled assholes are woefully ignorant too. Care to comment?

              3. You are such an idiot.

              4. Guess you missed the NYT infographic showing the two largest groups of unvaccinayed per education measures are HS only and PhD. Oddly both groups over represented by democrats you ignorant shit.

              5. Look up the record of the swine flu vaccine in the military sometime, while you’re at it.

          4. Like… not trusting the government?

        4. “massive public campaign”

          You’re not even trying to look honest anymore.

          1. And you, TDS-addled asshole?

          2. Ooops.
            Wrong jeff.

        5. You are so full of shit.

        6. There’s no massive public campaign from Republicans either. Nearly every elected Republican and talking head is telling people to get them. Even Sean Hannity.

          You are a lying fuck.

        7. It’s not “from Republicans” in any meaningful sense. Of the many people I know who don’t want the vaccine for whatever reason, I think about 2 of them have ever voted Republican in their lives. It’s not political. Whether the reasons are good or bad, most people have personal reasons.

    5. This moron expects someone to believe that steaming pile of lefty shit.
      Fuck off and die, MG; have someone tell your dog where you’re buried so the dog can shit on your remains.

    6. Funny, everything you said was bullshit. As you are the delusional one.

    7. Yawn. Doesn’t simplistic propaganda tribalism get old after a while? You ever kind of wish you thought for yourself?

      1. I don’t recall a single comment from MG which suggested anything approaching “thought”. A random call to your internet provider’s AI voice-mail tree provides more stimulating responses than MG has ever done.
        MG never does respond to critiques and it raises the question as to whether MG is human; can anyone point to a thread where MG could be considered to have passed the Turing-Test?
        Not me.

    8. You mean the “deadly insurrection” where they showed up en masse to demand the election be audited, and forgot to bring any weapons, even though they are far right militia-practicing extremists?

      1. Yea that one LOL

      2. It is not factual that the January 6th rioters had no weapons:


        “PolitiFact reviewed the case files of approximately 430 defendants who were arrested and charged for their actions at the Capitol. We found several defendants who police say were found to have brought firearms with them. Some were charged with having firearms on Capitol grounds, while others stashed them away while in Washington.

        “They included:…”

        1. You lie and you know you’re lying, and the same goes for your dishonest article. The fucking article’s examples disprove its own premise:

          Christopher Michael Alberts of Maryland: Alberts brought his handgun onto Capitol grounds. An officer saw that Alberts had a gun on his hip and alerted fellow officers. When Alberts tried to flee, officers detained him and recovered the loaded handgun along with a separate magazine.

          Here’s where the Statesman article lies the most and should probably be sued by Alberts for defamation.
          1. Alberts was open carrying on his hip. He wasn’t sneaking a gun in.
          2. Alberts was stopped four hours before the events upon entering the grounds and did not participate.
          3. The record shows that he cooperated immediately. There is no record that he tried to flee or had any relation to later events.

          Guy Reffitt of Texas: Reffitt was charged with bringing a handgun onto Capitol grounds. Court documents showed that Reffitt, reported in court documents to be a member of the militia group Three Percenters, told his family he brought his gun with him and that he and others “stormed the Capitol.”

          An an0nYmouS soUrCe said he claimed to have brought a gun after the fact. The 2000 cops working hill security never found it, and there’s no proof that he even claimed to have had a gun, but that doesn’t actually matter in White Mike’s fascist dreamworld.

          And last but not least:

          Lonnie Coffman of Alabama: Police found multiple firearms and weapons in Coffman’s possession. Coffman’s truck, which he had parked in the vicinity of the Capitol

          Not actually at the Capitol, not at the protest, but back in his truck in the vicinity. A parking lot almost a mile and a half away.

          Now read this passage for pure nauseating fascist propaganda, and try to guess what the items listed actually were. Here’s your first hint; his “molotov cocktails” didn’t have wicks, were under 24% alcohol, sealed in jam jars and made of fermented berries.
          In addition, the truck held hundreds of rounds of ammunition, several large-capacity ammunition feeding devices, a crossbow with bolts, machetes, camouflage smoke devices, a stun gun and 11 Molotov cocktails

          And remember none of these perfectly legal items were actually even at the Capitol.

          In fact apart from Alberts who immediately surrendered his open carry when approached, there’s still no record of protesters with guns anywhere at the Capitol.

          No White Mike and the Statesman know how sophistic and dishonest their claims above are, so watch how they try to manufacture other weapons and redefine “armed”. This sort of sophistry is a White Mike special here.

          “It’s also worth noting that the definition of “armed” is not legally limited to guns — it refers to any weapon used for defense or offense and used as a means of protection. Other items used as weapons Jan. 6 included crutches, flagpoles, skateboards, fire extinguishers

          Isn’t it horrific? Even Pravda wouldn’t have pulled this shit. It’s straight out of the Der Sturmer playbook.

          1. Hahahahahahahahahaha

            Goddamn Mike is a fucking idiot.

        2. People that left the firearms in the trunk of their car

  11. From the actual two-page bulletin:

    The Homeland continues to face a diverse and challenging threat environment leading up to and following the 20th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks as well religious holidays we assess could serve as a catalyst for acts of targeted violence.

    Now, read it again, slowly.

    1. Each time I read that sentence it made less sense than the last.

      1. If you add up the non sequiturs and divide by 7 you get a sequitur.

        1. Boehm is on his high horse. And that horse’s name is Sequituriat.

          1. Isn’t Sequituriat the horse that won the Triple Clown?

            1. After his passing he was butchered up and sold at Belmont Steaks. Some of the the meat was ground for burgers. Served in a bun made from thorough bread. Talk about fast food!

              1. OMG! You are what the spastic asshole aspires to be!

    2. religious holidays we assess could serve as a catalyst for acts of targeted violence

      Shit’s gonna go crazy on Purim, yo!

      1. We are just lucky that we made it past Pioneer Day.

    3. That paragraph refuses to make sense.

      1. Only those practiced in discerning far-right dogwhistles in innocuous discussion, can properly parse the statement.

        Don’t want to let the base canaille know that they’re on to them.

  12. Now that our fight against the Taliban is winding down, it’s time to focus on the real threat — alt-right white nationalist Drumpf supporters.


    1. I hope that when F-15s are used against US citizens that it results in a net wealth gain for the billionaires.

      1. I believe it was Eric Swalwell who suggested the US government could even use nuclear weapons on its own citizens if they do something really bad. Like oppose common sense gun safety laws.


        1. Someone needs to tell the taliban
          they can’t win without nukes.

          1. Once they understand the confusion they’ve caused, I’m sure they’ll withdraw.

            1. I believe they have taken back over half of Afghanistan as of Friday. We should hope China teams up with them on massive rare earth mineral mining projects.

              1. They aren’t ‘taking over’ anything, “our” side is surrendering immediately.

                1. Biden’s side. That geriatric pants shitter.

              2. And people thought it was a joke when Trump tried to buy Greenland.

    2. Well you won’t leave the deep blue cities. Notice how well BLM and ANTFA do out in the country?????

      Not well at all

      1. Kyle, hero of Kenosha, noticed.
        Of course the illegitimate regime is persecuting him for it. Totalitarians hate the heroic.
        If there is a spark, Kenosha is as good a place as any for it, when the child molesting trannies try to intimidate the jury they’ll need to be mercilessly defended against.

  13. “Threats “posed by domestic terrorists, individuals, and groups engaged in grievance-based violence” could be “exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.”

    The Biden administration actively censoring speech that contradicts the CDC only throws kerosene on the fire. And now elected opposition politicians, like Rand Paul, aren’t even allowed to express their opinions on masks that contradict the government anymore?

    Maybe the Democrat controlled government is shutting down speech that contradicts them for other reasons, but also they’re fanning the flames of the conspiracy theorists with their censorship–regardless of whether that’s what they’re trying to do.

    I’m always reluctant to attribute to nefarious motives what might just as easily be explained by simple incompetence, especially when we’re talking about politicians and bureaucrats, but if they wanted to destroy the faith of millions of average Americans in our institutions and health experts, they could hardly do a better job.

    They’re making it look like we’re not allowed to disagree with the government anymore.

    1. Didn’t JFK say something about what happens when you deny people the right to speak?

    2. Why can’t they be nefarious and incompetent?

      1. It’s a sad fact that evil doesn’t have to be competent to win.

        1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

          1. It’s better in the beginning of boondock saints. “We must always fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men.”

      2. That’s the best-case scenario.

    3. They are making it look like we aren’t allowed to disagree with idiots.

    4. I’m always reluctant to attribute to nefarious motives what might just as easily be explained by simple incompetence, especially when we’re talking about politicians and bureaucrats,

      I find this to be one of the most misguided attitudes ever. I understand “benefit of doubt” and I get where assumptions of evil end up, but we are talking about people who we have elected to run this country, ostensibly with educations from “impressive” schools with pedigrees that put the average Joe to shame.

      At some point this phrase refuses to acknowledge that evil exists and pushes so far down the memory hole any credibility to our having anything remotely resembling a meritocracy.

  14. “The document also warns that reopening schools, churches, and other places where people gather could “provide increased targets of opportunity for violence though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified to these locations”

    If there were a massive protest against the Democrats and their policies to converge on the National Mall right now, the Democrats would almost certainly order the National Guard to fire on the crowd. The Democrats are an unpopular one party government with few legitimate paths to maintain their power, and they would welcome a crisis like that right about now. Certainly, if things keep going the way they are, the Democrats are in deep trouble.

    The Democrats know their approval ratings continue to plummet. Biden’s have dropped 6 percentage points from June to July, and everything he’s done over the past few weeks is likely to make him less popular rather than more so. Meanwhile, the “direction of the country” surveys continue to show everyone from suburban women to Independents saying we’re going in the wrong direction. And since the Democrats are a one party government, it’s hard to imagine
    people are blaming the Republicans for that.

    The Democrats know their policies were never popular. The Democrats know they’re likely to lose control of both the House and the Senate in 2022. The Democrats know they’re not likely to win with Biden on the campaign trail in 2024, and, furthermore, Harris can’t open her mouth on camera without pissing everybody off. The Democrats desperately need a crisis to emerge–and one they can use to paint Republicans as an insurgency would fit the bill nicely.

    1. You’ve reached Peak Lindell.

      1. You’ve exceeded peak Jared.

      2. Oh, Ken’s not that bad. Yet.

        1. Lol. White Mike fully embraces child porn with his support of the pedo. Good work white Mike.

          1. Have brought that up with several of them and none have taken a stance against it.
            If some new person comes in and talks the libertarian talk then posts cp, I am confident many will rail against them. It really is a Voight-Kampf test here.

        2. From an autist like you I’d take that as a compliment

          1. The Autist formerly known as White Knight.

        3. Fuck off with the Ken harrassment campaign, Mike. It’s creepy and wrong.

          1. Ken’s living in White Mike’s head so much that he actually supports lifting the eviction moratorium.

            1. You are on a roll today lol

      3. turd lies. It’s what turd does. turd never posts without lying and if turd quotes number, they are either outright lies or distorted enough to make them worthless.
        turd is a psychopathic liar and stupi9d enough to hope others don’t notice.turd lies; it’s what turd does.

    2. At present they seem determined to milk the last/current crisis indefinitely. According to the polling I’ve seen, but probably shouldn’t believe, majorities support lockdowns and mandates. If their focus groups confirm the polling they can stay on covid for months and pull it back out anytime Fauci gets a wild hair up his ass. But yeah. At some point they’re gonna need a crazy right wing bomber to kill somebody. If that person doesn’t currently exist the FBI will invent him.

      1. I’d say that we might question the popularity of the mandates based on states like California and New York being progressive and having a larger population, but if Gavin Newsom is recalled, it will be because of his policy on lockdowns. Squaring the popularity of lockdowns nationally needs to be squared with Gruesome facing a serious threat in a recall election in our largest, highly progressive state.

        1. Yeah the recall will be very revealing. Good point.

    3. “Democrats would almost certainly order the National Guard to fire on the crowd”

      You have no reason nor logic to back up that assertion. It is purely based on your emotions.

      1. It’s the Peak Lindell rotting his brain.

        Ken is also a believer in Jewish Space Lasers, Serpent DNA, The Crucifixion and Resurrection of His Holy Trump, and AOC licking his still-beating heart until Holy Trump is restored on his rightful throne next to Gawd.

        1. turd lies. It’s what turd does. turd never posts without lying and if turd quotes number, they are either outright lies or distorted enough to make them worthless.
          turd is a psychopathic liar and stupi9d enough to hope others don’t notice.turd lies; it’s what turd does. He’s simply that stupid.

        2. Get. Off. The meth.

          1. For buttplug

            1. No James, for England.

        3. Well Mr. Buttplug I’ve resisted the urge to mute every commenter that I disagree with but I’m adding you to my short list. I’m sure OBL will keep us updated on your latest lunatic rants. Adios.

          1. It behooves you to do so. The links can be…childish.

            1. Or absolutely the opposite of what turd assumes them to be; turd lies and turd can’t read.

              1. This. 90% of the time SPB2’s links are never about what he says that they are.

                Also, time to drop the harrassment and trolling campaign against Ken, guys.
                It’s dishonest and disgusting.

                1. “…Also, time to drop the harrassment and trolling campaign against Ken, guys. It’s dishonest and disgusting.”

                  Unless I’m missing something, that “campaign” is promoted by the lefty shits Mike, jeff and sarc.
                  They’re not going to quit; denying that they are TDS-addled lefty shits represents their entire identity and justification for posting here. If they didn’t have a false flag available, there’d be no other lies to use as a fig leaf.
                  Dishonest? If only any of that lot could aspire to simple dishonesty! Add stupidity and we’ll start talking.

                  1. I asked one if they were compensated for shit posting and the language they used to respond is the same that (later found to be) guilty people use during interrogation. It showed deception but does not constitute certain guilt.

                    1. No reason to credit cupidity where stupidity will suffice, and we’re dealing with some truly stupid people in that crowd. Plenty of people are stupid and, further, stupid enough to make it obvious that no one has to pay them to do so.
                      Stupid and proud of it has landed many high-paying jobs; C. Cuomo as a sparkling example.

                    2. There is a concerted effort to attack Ken, especially when he posts about libertarians should join team R and transform it from within.

          1. Be a shame if Mike Laursen were located and mostly peacefully protested, what with the hospitals at capacity and all.
            The DNC would have to send in another child molesting bot to replace it.

      2. Well, there was that one unarmed women who was shot and killed on January 6. The most notable aspect was that the media reported her killing as justified, and anyway it was Trump’s fault. So Ken Shultz is reasonable to extrapolate from that (plus some other incidents the past 2 years) to how the Biden admin would respond. However, it seems unlikely there will be any massive protest in public places against current edicts. Hopefully ballots and not bullets are involved in reducing the number of authoritarians in power.

        1. Ashli Babbitt’s shooting was justified. She was at the head of a mob trying to force their way into the Speaker’s Lobby, with apparent intent to harm the Vice President, Congress members, their staff and guests.

          1. You’re repulsive. That justification is dishonest and misleading, and is anti-libertarian.

            1. “…and is anti-libertarian.”
              That steaming pile of lefty shit has every bit of claim to ‘libertarianism’ as does Biden.

          2. You have no reason nor logic to back up that assertion. It is purely based on your emotions.I

          3. Ken Shultz:If there were a massive protest against the Democrats and their policies to converge on the National Mall right now, the Democrats would almost certainly order the National Guard to fire on the crowd.

            Mike Laursen:… shooting was justified…apparent intent to harm …

            Evidence from protests confirms that any sufficiently large crowd will yield actions that can be deemed “apparent intent to harm”. I’m old enough to remember the Kent State shootings, so I know such actions can happen.
            Anyway, shooting to kill in situations where the other person is clearly unarmed is a violation of the N.A.P. So if you think such actions in similar scenarios are legitimate then you’re not likely a libertarian – and even if you were I’d still consider you a cowardly human.

            1. Have you considered that we all know now, ex post facto, that Babbitt and the violent mob behind her were unarmed, but the police officers guarding the door did not have that knowledge at the time. Their job was to protect the people on the other side of that door from harm.

              1. Has Mike Laursen, trust fund bitch, considered that he could eventually face consequences for his actions?
                It’s funny that its argument for the execution of Ashli Babbit applies even better to him at the hands of the people.

              2. “Have you considered that we all know now, ex post facto, that Babbitt and the violent mob behind her were unarmed, but the police officers guarding the door did not have that knowledge at the time…”

                Have you considered how fucking lame that excuse is? “Gee, look at all those people and not weapon visible! They could be ARMED!”
                Stuff it up your ass to keep your head company, you lying piece of lefty shit.

              3. White Mike for extrajudicial killing of anyone by cop if they it is apparent they mean to do harm.

                Glad you won’t be commenting on any more articles were cops kill an unarmed suspect. Leave it to the real libertarians you statist fuck.

              4. Then why did only one person get shot? It’s disgusting that you continue to defend this.

            2. And I used the word “apparent” quite deliberately. All the police officers on is what is apparently going on in a chaotic riot.

              I’ve seen people here argue that the police should have been more lax with the rioters breaking through the door because no more rioters were coming around the corner behind the rioters. Now, how in the world would the police guarding the Speaker’s Lobby know that for sure.

              1. Oh well that’s okay then if we can dismiss it as “apparent” and pretend that this particular protest in the Capitol did more damage than the BLM and Kavanagh ones earlier in the year.

          4. That is a low bar for justified deadly force. There would be thousands of BLM protesters dead if applied unilaterally. And probably dead parents at a little league game. Dead fans at major sports events and concerts. And at confederate statue protests.
            Watch the video again. There were three security present in front of the entrance and they were doing an ok job of deescalating. They then mysteriously left.
            If the security felt the protesters needed to be dispersed, where was the pepper spray? It is a wonderful non-lethal tool for compliance.

            1. My most recent assessment of the shooting and lack of information on the shooter is that it was an inadvertent discharge. As such it transforms from murder to merely an unfortunate workplace accident with the shooter’s identity and explanation undisclosed because it is an insurance (and dept of commerce) statistic.

          5. “Ashli Babbitt’s shooting was justified.”

            Lying piece of lefty shit justifies murder – surprised?
            Not me.
            This TDS-addled asshole would justify lining ’em up and machinine-gunning them so long as this TDS-addled asshole could find a way to blame Trump.
            And then, he’d blame Trump for those murders also.

            1. BTW, you’ll note that this TDS-addled asshole never responds to comments, I’m sure proud of muting those who call him on his bullshit.
              Well, if you take a look at those posting lefty bullshit or TDS-addled assholery, you’ll find that none ever respond to being called on their bullshit; they’re proud of ignoring those who do.
              So far, I’ve muted the ‘click here for money’ scammers; the assholish lefties and TDS-addled assholes get a read and a response, as they deserve. The fact that they ignore such data is merely further proof that they are, indeed,

          6. If an unarmed mostly peaceful BLM/Antifa protestor had been murdered by police while marching on some federal courthouse, how many cities would have burned? How many cable news channels would be covering the story every day? How many millions of people would be calling for the cop to be convicted of murder? We’d probably have a new national holiday named after the victim by now.

            And it should go without saying, but I’m against the police using deadly force on anyone when it’s not necessary, which would include almost anyone who was unarmed.

            1. Relevance to whether Babbitt’s shooting was justified or not?

              You are right that there would be outrage in your hypothetical scenario, but not from me, assuming the cops had a justification for the shooting.

          7. The duck it was. The armed guards on her side of the door didn’t find any of the people around them to be enough of a threat to shoot.

      3. If you flip the parties then it would be the epitome of thoughtful libertarianism.

        1. No, it would not. If you flipped the parties it would be a paranoid, logic-free statement.

        2. Mike wouldn’t know a libertarian thought if it bitch slapped him into the gutter.

    4. My biggest fear is that the democratic party and it’s ideas actually are very popular. Chills me to the bone.

      1. But no mean tweets. And actually, no factual tweets now either.

        1. Remember “shadow bans”? Conservative voices were complaining that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were hiding their content… And Reason wasn’t worried. They are probably full of crap, but it doesn’t matter anyway. There is no threat to free speech.

          That started back when Obama was president… Yet we all worried ourselves sick over Russia helping Trump.

          Then there was the fight against fake news. Remember when Facebook hired far left political activists to fill out their ministry of truth? They moved to block “fake news”… Purely an objective and nonpartisan exercise…

          Reason wasn’t worried.

          And now? If you watch any YouTube content that has a center-right point of view, you will hear a lot of strange words and phrases. You hear people talking about “the coof” and hinting that there is something worth talking about that they are not going to talk about, lest they run afoul of “the algorithm” and get themselves banned.

          Reason isn’t worried.. well, except Soave. He has had a bit to say on the topic.

          Where are we? Well, Nate the Lawyer, a progressive democrat former police officer turned lawyer who is doing private prosecutions of sexual assaults that were declined by prosecutors and has picked up a bit of a libertarian streak has a channel. And on that channel he talks about legal issues. Recently he did a post where he detailed the judgement in the US women’s soccer equal pay lawsuit. He simply read from the court documents and the judgement.

          YouTube flagged it with a “false and misleading information” tag that links to a “fact check” article by the Washington Post that has a very different spin and contains some false information itself.

          This is where we are.

          Reading from CDC documents and publications will get you banned from YouTube for “spreading misinformation that disagrees with CDC guidance”.

          Go back to even 2010 and explain all of this to the person you were back then. See if you are horrified at what you tolerate (or even encourage) today.

      2. They’re not. People just wanted to dump Trump.

        Runaway inflation and higher taxes and historic deficits and endless national debt and kissing up to the woke nonsense police and setting up a Ministry of Truth and blowing billions on fighting the weather are not popular ideas. Dems are trying to spend it all now and start all the new programs now, because they will have no chance to in 2023.

        1. People wanted to dump Trump so bad, at least 10 million more voted for him in 2020 than 2016…

          1. Stop spreading misinformation about the election.

            1. Meh, if they’re going to come for me, they’re going to come for me.

              Que Sera, sera


          2. But in 2020 *everyone* voted to the tune of only 3-in-a-100 missing whether they knew they did or not….

        2. “Dems are trying to spend it all now and start all the new programs now, because they will have no chance to in 2023.”

          Hmm, you might be right about that. I like that you said in one sentence what Ken would have said in 500 words. 🙂

        3. I hope you are right, but I’m not very optimistic.

  15. When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail. This organization was funded and created to find “terrorist”. It not surprising they would see terrorist everywhere. Not to mention it’s the best way to get new funding and toys.

    1. It sucks to be right sometimes.

    2. If they can’t find any terrorists, create some.

    3. If that explained the motivation, there are large, national groups that have burned cars and buildings for political purposes… In great numbers. They have murdered quite a few people… Including police officers. One would think that battling an organization that actually does constitute a violent threat might occur to them.

      1. Just another way of sticking one’s head in the both sidez sand

  16. All exactly as predicted by Ron Paul when the USA PATRIOT Act was passed.

    1. And they hate him more than anybody.

    2. ^^THIS; Using Bush Jr. as the conservative voice is just foolish.

  17. The new advisory “is not based on any actual threats or plots” but is purely a response to a “rise in anti-government rhetoric.”

    So if you support the NAP, you’re probably a dangerous terrorist.

    1. Imagine if these jokers had been around in 1775.

    2. “rise in anti-government rhetoric.”

      The king is a fink.

      1. RESIST!

    3. “So if you support the NAP, you’re probably a dangerous terrorist.”

      According to assholes like Brandyshit, mean tweets disqualify you from holding office!

      1. Not pay for play, ordering the FBI to spy on adversaries campaigns, fingerbanging an unwilling assistant or a history of sponsoring punitive crime bills, but mean tweets.

        1. Yep.
          If you’re not his image of a good daddy, why you can’t hold office, right adolescent TDS-addled Brandyshit?

  18. Great grandmothers in wheel chairs in nursing homes “COULD BE TERROR THREATS”! But they are probably not.

    1. Cuomo really knew what he was doing

      1. He had his finger on the pulse of his constituents. The fame ones at least.

        1. He also had his finger in other places.

          1. Hey pussies have pulses, too, unless you’re into some sick shit.

          2. If only Cuomo and Trump had met under different circumstances. It sounds like they have a great deal in common.

            1. One of those two never had a credible rape claim against them.

            2. One facilitated delivering a vaccine quickly to help save hundreds of thousands of lives and the other was the architect behind thousands of elderly dying after having covid-positive patients forced into their nursing homes.

              1. It’s spelled “murderer”.

            3. Actually Cuomo would have had a lot more in common with other Democrat Presidents and candidates. Cuomo was accused by HIS STAFF, Trumps staff never accused him and always supported him.
              FDR affairs on Eleanor.
              JFK bragged about the women he had, assaulted numerous interns, affair with Marilyn Monroe and implicated in her death.
              LBJ notorious for exposing his genitals in the white house.
              Gary Hart, affair with Donna Rice
              Bill Clinton, affair with Jenifer Flowers, raped Paula Jones, penetrated Monica Lewinsky with a cigar and splooged on her dress from a blow job. Frequent flyer on the “Lolita Express to Epstein’s Pedophile island.
              John Edwards had an affair an knocked up his girlfriend while his wife was dying of breast cancer.
              Obama, Bathhouse Barry!
              Biden, little girl hair sniffer and hugger accused of rape by Tarra Reade.
              The only Democrat President that wasn’t a sexual deviant was Jimmy Carter, and the poor guy got crucified for saying he didn’t look at Playboy magazine because he would “lust in his heart” if he looked at attractive naked women.
              So you see Cuomo is just like a long line of Democrats, and yet you want to compare him to Trump. You seem to be in denial.

              1. It’s politicians. Small-souled heartless and greedy people given power and no consequences.

                Local or national, we need to bring baxk hot tar and feathers.

              2. Nothing you mentioned negates the similarities between Trump and Cuomo.

                1. Lefty asshole mike has a hard time telling the difference between a murderous sexual predator and the best POTUS we’ve had for the last hundred years.
                  This might be a result of dishonesty, but I’ll go with the simpler explanation: Asshole Mike is dumber than a pie of mud.

            4. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Trump-and-the-Cuomos-Powerful-friends-once-6886966.php

              “You’re kind to us old guys … or at least most of us,” Cuomo said in a handwritten note to Trump in 1988, after the developer had publicly complimented the governor. “Keep going!”

              1. A real estate developer making nice with politicians? No way!

              2. What’s sour-cherry picking paying these days, TDS addled lefty pile of shit?

              3. So we should just blame Cuomo’s sexual assaults on Trump and blame the orchestrated deaths of 15,000 elderly New Yorkers on Trump instead of Cuomo? Is that what you are suggesting?

    2. Mine was.

    3. I have seen with my own eyes TSA agents pulling a grandma in a wheelchair out of line to frisk her.

      1. And you’ve got their backs, right scumbag?

  19. The document oozes bullshit. These people are so steeped in their little phrases they couldn’t define “DVE,” whatever bullshit that is supposed to signify.

    Once an idea is given a name, and has a term, (bonus points if it is an -ism) way too many people believe it exists, no matter how ridiculous.

  20. It is spelled freedom fighter, or is that only for commies fighting against their oppressive governments?

    1. Socialists are freedom fighters. They fight against freedom.

  21. The government is more and more at war with its own people.

  22. The actual two-page bulletin contains less inflammatory language than NBC’s interpretation of it.

    I’m sure there’s exactly zero difference between what NBC is reporting and what Biden’s DHS wants reported.

    Unless the hacks at NBC have issues with cutting and pasting talking points.

  23. Progs subvert free speech and 1A any way they can, they are shameless. If you disagree with them, you’re a terrorist!

  24. Read about Stalin after the Kirov murder, that Stalin himself had ordered murdered. Stalin then labeled every opponent he ever had as a Trotskyite, or some other name terrible suggestive name, although all were innocent, Stalin had them arrested, a confession beat out of them, and then executed or imprisoned them in a Siberian labor camp until they died. This “labeling” of political opponents is very reminiscent of that behavior.

  25. You shilled for this, Reason. I hope no mean tweets was worth it. Fuckheads.

  26. News flash: When government relentlessly pisses off citizens, some of them start grumbling about it. Coming up at eleven: water is wet.

  27. “when all you have is a hammer…”

    If you think that is what is going on here, I have a bridge to sell you.

    I don’t know when it started, but definitely since the Obama administration. Political operatives in the FBI and other 3 letter agencies have been using their power to push false narratives, even to the point of prosecuting innocent people for political gain.

    What happened to that skeptical eye on government power? We read about dubious terror plots “uncovered” by FBI agents who seemed to be the instigators and directors of said plots right here in Reason. Yet now that we have fully documented plots to use FBI, CIA and state department assets for nakedly partisan and highly illegal purposes… Suddenly we are not the least bit suspicious when the FBI begins labeling all political opponents as terrorists?

    What happened in the good offices of reason? You wrote yards and yards of column-inches decrying a tweet calling CNN “fake news” as an existential threat to freedom of the press….. But nothing to say about actual open and naked threats to free speech and political association that are actually being carried out by the government and their lackies?

    “…. Everything looks like a nail.”. That is the conclusion to that little bit of folksy wisdom. Is Reason afraid of being a nail? Is that why we haven’t seen any independent reporting about the use of prosecutors to go after political enemies? Where is the independent reporting about the prosecution of trespassers at the capital? How about the “,plot” to get governor whitmer that seems to include twice as many FBI assets as it did ,”plotters”? Nobody got enough time to make a few phonecalls to those lawyers?

    How about the story that many major US news outlets, including the New York Times were taking millions in direct cash payments from the Chinese government to publish fake stories about the origins of Covid-19. Remember how much outrage you spilled onto your pages over the notion that Russia had tried to help trump? A notion that proved to be almost entirely made up out of whole cloth by the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. Well, now we have some fairly good evidence of a widespread plot by China to actually plant real “fake news” in the US media, impacting an election… Not just a couple of hundred grand in Facebook ads that nobody saw… Actual news articles published in flagship US news outlets with actual fake news. Nobody at reason even curious? Not even curious enough to do some original reporting to debunk a right wing conspiracy theory?

    I find it shocking that such a story could get published and not even raise an eyebrow… Anywhere in the press. Is this such a common practice that nobody wants to rock the boat? Is this one of those “glass houses” situations?

    1. Reason is on team totalitarian.
      Their job is appear (sometimes) opposed while helping push the ball ahead, like the “defense” someone who’s been bribed to shave points might play.
      Though in Reason’s case, I think their motivation is more socio-ideological than bribery.

    2. The demise of Reason parallels the demise of reason in the culture.

    3. The blob controls the media.

  28. Somebody needs to explain to that bald headed little pussy ass bureaucrat what a real terrorist threat looks like and it isn’t people who question the government.
    Hey Myorki, try those wearing black hoodies and setting fire to buildings, police cars and attacking people. You know, they call themselves ANTIFA.
    Someone needs to explain to that POS DHS side show freak about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or maybe he just skipped school that day.
    Mymy wouldn’t know a terrorist threat if one kicked him in his fat little arse.
    Typical drunk with power bureaucrat.
    Defund the DHS, FBI, DEA, DOE,BLM etc,etc, etc.

  29. https://twitter.com/MacaesBruno/status/1426876247443914755?t=N2JgdgPDNr-mg6jCHmUKxA&s=19

    Credible report that the US is offering vast sums of cash to the Taliban in order to allow evacuations to proceed. Hope US media is on top of this story

  30. The poster is worth a look as one of the most awesome inspiring graphics ever made


    Eyes on LA

    LA ANTIFA has announced a counter demonstration against the anti vax mandate protest today at LA City Hall

    If you are planning to attend today and bring your kids, watch your 6, literally

    1. *awe inspiring

    2. What’s an anti vax mandate?

  31. https://twitter.com/ConceptualJames/status/1426700543548874752?t=mj-KSj0HyTflgU7LnVJN3w&s=19

    Advice: Start asking yourself what you think being American should mean going forward, and live those values. Share them. Encourage them. Identify your role in helping them bear fruit in your life and beyond.

    We know what’s wrong in America now, or a lot of it. What it means to be American, where we see America in five, ten, twenty, fifty years has been subverted out from under us. Contemplate this. Don’t let nihilists and manipulators fill this vacuum.

    If you’re not American and are in a country worth living in, the same goes for you. Figure out the positive values that represents what you want for the countries you’re in and start bringing them to the forefront of your public life.

    I have been calling for a new Common Sensibility, a way we can turn away from identity politics and “power dynamics” and understand one another again on common footing. It’s not an ask for consensus. It’s a return to a level playing field with agreed-upon rules of engagement.

    We know we can understand one another if we talk—without the Critical garbage dividing us. We know truth is true for everybody. We know excellence matters. We aspire to beauty. We value competence. We know methodology makes a difference. We have deep roots in a Common Sensibility

    That “power dynamics” control our lives, prevent us from understanding each other and working together, and demand that we put underaccomplished bureaucrats in charge of reordering society is obvious nonsense. It’s not Common Sense, and it destroys our Common Sensibility.

    That narrative matters more than truth is obvious nonsense—especially when the narratives are crafted for political expedience. We know this and that its polarizing. The truth may or may not set us free, but it’s equal footing, a Common Sensibility, for all.

    That we have to obliterate standards and bend laws for some people because of Theoretical superstructures in society is obvious nonsense. Identity-blindness in law and commerce is the path to justice because it provides us with yet more Common Sensibility.

    We know that more racism, or different racism, isn’t going to end racism. That’s obvious nonsense. It forces the bigotry calculation into endless squabbles about who has standing to be racist and who doesn’t, perpetuating and magnifying racism. It defies a Common Sensibility.

    We know more discrimination isn’t the “only remedy” to past or present discrimination. That’s obvious nonsense (Marxist nonsense too). There’s no path to Common Sensibility that way, only fights over who can discriminate against who when and why, endless evil power struggles.

    We know that people are individuals, not “structurally determined” members of identity groups. Identity-forst thinking is obvious nonsense. It goes against common sense and human dignity. It also undermines a Common Sensibility. The identity politicians *knew* this.

    Here, in the fist image, Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks) explicitly says identity-first thinking is necessary to a productive identity politics and that destroying universality (Common Sensibility) with a new “intersectional sensibility” (second image) is needed. Obvious nonsense

    The Cultural Marxists of the early twentieth century have inadvertently taught us an important lesson: strong, healthy cultures with solid values and a Common Sensibility rooted in them (and thus reality) naturally repel Marxist pseudo-realities. Seek that Common Sensibility!

    1. “Anti-racism” is quite clearly designed and intended to creat a return to racial division in our society.

      That is the entire point. That is who these people are.

      And you left-, libertarians need to make a choice about what sort of world you want to live in… Because very soon it might be too late. There are some bells you cannot unring. Once the white backlash they have been working so hard to create actually happens, it will be too late.

      And then we will have to wait for another opportunity for a post-racial society. We will wait for another Martin Luther King and then endure another multi-decade struggle.

      Listen up, progressives and left libertarians… This is the world you are helping create when you acceed to their demands. When you go along with their re-definition of words. When you poo-poo concerns about what our kids are being taught.

      I get that you were raised on Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority. That threat is in the rear view mirror. Decades have passed. You are now living in a world where “mainstream” ideology is that all people should be judged not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. That should horrify you, not motivate you to come up with some hand-wavimg excuse and denounce anyone who would make mention of it as an “extremist”.

      1. They won’t examine themselves until/unless they actually face, personally and severely, the consequences of their support.

    2. We know truth is true for everybody. We know excellence matters. We aspire to beauty. We value competence. We know methodology makes a difference. We have deep roots in a Common Sensibility

      We know! Who is WE? A decided minority of people trying to buy off the Vandals (or Goths if you like that music).

      It may be time to acknowledge that there are some 6 billion people in the world who have no knowledge that western civilization (self-ownership/property rights/rule-of-law not of man) is the only available culture that has consistently raised the standard of living for everyone. A noisy 10% of these people are actively at war trying to destroy western civilization.

      It may be time to stop pretending that All Cultures should be celebrated. They shouldn’t, and we shouldn’t pretend that accepting these horrors as culture should be emulated, embraced, or encouraged in any way.

      Western Civilization is at war; I fear that the bounties of liberty are about to become extinguished.

      1. The biggest danger to the achievements of Western Civilization are from within: both from left-wing progressivism and from right-wing populism and lie-swallowing personally cultism.

        1. White Mike here is projecting, but did correctly identify itself as a totalitarian progressive threat to all of us who is fanatically devoted to its hatred of Trump.

          1. Why on God green’s fuck does it matter if Trump’s feelings are hurt? The world will have to go on without him eventually. Do you even realize you’re in the world’s stupidest cult?

            1. “Why on God green’s fuck does it matter if Trump’s feelings are hurt?…”

              Notice how shitstain misses the point entirely? Yep, anyone with an IQ above room temp would notice that, but either:
              1) shitstain hopes others *won’t* notice.
              2) shitstain is too stupid to understand what he’s done.
              I’m going with #2; a random shovel-full of mud is smarter than shitstain.

        2. Nope. The largest danger comes from dim-bulb assholes like you defending government murderers.

  32. https://twitter.com/USEmbassyKabul/status/1400060130243362816?t=JeL3FuxyGLNNoSyQH2a_9w&s=19

    The month of June is recognized as (LGBTI) Pride Month. The United States respects the dignity & equality of LGBTI people & celebrates their contributions to the society. We remain committed to supporting civil rights of minorities, including LGBTI persons. #Pride2021 #PrideMonth [rainbow flag pic]

    1. They left off Q! Hang the un-woke s.o.b.s.

    2. They left off Q! Bigots!

    3. Maybe the Taliban will adopt it as Afghanistan’s new flag.

    4. As the diceman said ” 10% off vaseline!” Thats their right!

  33. Public health measures are the terror threat!

    1. Not compared to the big lie about a stolen election and concerted efforts to undermine democracy.

      1. Which election was that? The one Democrats lost because of Russian interference?

        1. Mike is easily confused; it happens to those with an IQ in single-digits.

        2. The 2020 Presidential election. Joe Biden won, but Donald Trump is still going around saying that the Democrats stole the election.

          1. “The 2020 Presidential election….”
            Steaming pile of lefty shit again ignores the 2016 election, but that’s to be expected from the lying piece of lefty shit.

      2. Literally totalitarian propaganda

        1. On a fucking article about The State declaring dissident BELIEFS domestic terrorism to be hunted down for extermination using the full force of State armed agents, corporate America, all its surveillance/spying capabilities, and incentivized informants from their targets families.

          1. Self-defense is the first job of any government. Neither the Japanese nor Al Qaeda nor anyone has ever gotten as close to actually overthrowing the United States as domestic yokels have.

            The only reason they’re permitted to exist at all is because of this country’s special relationship with them. But the only reason that relationship works with the British is because the British eventually gave up. We’re still living in the wake of badly motivated half-measures taken after the Civil War.

            If the Black Panthers had tried to overthrow the United States government, would you be crying about their being banned from Twitter?

            1. “The Jews deserved it”

              1. Rely on shitstain to make an ass of himself on a regular basis; almost as reliably as Mike: The asshole also trivializes the millions who died fighting the Japanese in WWII:

                “…Neither the Japanese nor Al Qaeda nor anyone has ever gotten as close to actually overthrowing the United States as domestic yokels have…”

                Yep, several dozen folks armed with fire extinguishers were a greater danger than the Japanese military might.
                Fuck off and die lying piece if lefty shit.

              2. How telling that your impression of Jews in 1930s Germany was that they were a threat to the state.

                1. How telling that shitstain ducks the issue. Shitstain is pretty stupid; expect that regularly.

      3. Well Democrats have been known liars for a long time.

        1. “We have to invade Iraq because of the weapons of mass destruction and connection to 9/11.”

          Any lies bigger than that?

          1. “Just imagine your neighbor’s house is on fire, and he asks to use your hose. Do you ask him to pay first or loan it to him and ask it be returned?” FDR, ca spring 1941
            Any lies bigger than that?
            And then we recently got one which is documented to be a blatant lie known to be such by the lying POS before it came out of his mouth:
            “You can keep your doctor!”
            Repeated how many times?
            Thanks for playing, shitstain; you lose.

            1. So “you can keep your doctor” was a worse lie than “Iraq has WMDs and that’s why we have to invade and occupy it”?

              I find this claim preposterous. I’m not even sure the former counts as a lie so much as a truthful characterization of an early version of a policy proposal.

              Why do you people think that hypothetical minor inconveniences are more consequential than globe-altering moral nightmares based on lies?

              I realize Ayn Rand told you that maximum pathologically self-interested cuntiness was actually the best way to be, but, despite what she thought, other people get a vote on that too.

              1. “…I find this claim preposterous….”
                Shitstain, as a fucking lefty ignoramus, finds repeated, intentional, calculated lies regarding your personal medical care to be not of a lot of concern.
                Again, shitstain is a fucking lefty ignoramus with nothing other than a wish to support his idiotic ideology.
                Shitstain should fuck off and die, don’t you think?

              2. Yeah, dude. No one on here had any problems with the Iraq invasion.

                1. I asked a pretty simple question, and I got a dumbass answer.

  34. Totally expected…

    During the Obama Administration the FBI’S Terrorist watch list included anyone who spoke the U.S. Constitution. No joke.

    The Nazi-Regime (def; National Socialist) is trying desperately to overthrow the USA and frankly they are doing one heck of a job at it and are to the point now of purging all USA patriots to purify their Nazi-Nation.

    Need Proof?? Just turn to the U.S. Constitution and how today’s policy fits in it. How today’s “National” autocratic elected monarchy has no representation of federalism and how State policy, County and City are generally ignored. How just recently the U.S. President admitted publicly to knowing but breaking the Supreme Law. It is an admitted guilt of Treason but through time has been rubber-ducked into no big deal. What is the *Big Deal* now? USA Patriots.

  35. So all the Democrats who spouted anti-government rhetoric between 2016 and 2021 were terrorists?

    In knew it!!

    1. Problem being; Which “government”?

      The Democratic Nazi-Regime (Ironically who only champions democracy when they win) or the USA Constitutional Union of Republican States “government”.

  36. The LA City Council also voted earlier this week to have the city’s attorney draft an ordinance requiring vaccination proof for public indoor spaces, including restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres and businesses, according to ABC 7.


    Oh… wait, that’s for a different situation. Carry on.

    1. If abortion were contagious, you’d almost have an analogy here.

      1. There she was, minding her own business, and she became pregnant!

        1. So you’re not even pro-choice, right?

          1. 100%.

            Not 42% like Margaret Sanger, noted Eugenecist, but 100%

            1. Yet the political party you make incessant excuses for has only one domestic policy position, which is to force women to give birth against their will.

              1. Shitstain lies. It’s what he does. If shitstain posts, whatever ‘point’ is involved is a lie.
                shitstain is a pathological liar and too stupid to recognize that.

              2. Perhaps abortion isn’t the most important issue in the world and other things merit consideration.

                1. Depends on whether it’s your uterus on Amy Coney Barrett’s carving board, I guess.

      2. If shitstain’s mom were smarter than shitstain, he’d have been aborted and the world would be a better place.

        1. Do you see the Taliban and think, gee, I wish I could be as committed to my beliefs as they are?

          1. Once again, making a public ass of himself!
            I see shitstain and think, gee, I’m glad my mental capabilities weren’t ruined sometime in the past like his.
            Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

  37. BTW, we got our mail-in ballots today (signed up for them years ago, signature/address required) and our “Voter Information” brochures last week.
    The VI brochures allowed space for Newsom’s handlers to claim that this is merely a “R power grab!”. Not one response from the 46 candidates or other interested agents was included. We CA taxpayers provided the incumbent grease-ball asshole a (US tax-payer) distributed brochure claiming that some one is trying to ‘grab power’.
    So we get the ballot yesterday, and all 46 alternative candidates are listed, and none are given the opportunity to present their views.
    A look though the lot has removed Ds, Greens, ‘educators’/’teachers’, ‘entertainers’, ‘activists’, ‘retail store workers’.
    Knocks out 16 – any comments on the remaining 30 folks?

    1. There will be continual inquiries. Yes, the greaseball should go, but who best to make CA reasonable again?

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  39. NOTE: that according to The Democrst Party, CNN, MSNBC, and the other Leftist Media that if you dare disagree with them you are a potential terrorist but ANTIFA and BLM are freedom fighters. Funny stuff really. Yep, look at all the people ANTIFA and BLM saved from work by burning down thier businesses and reliving them of the need to breathe.

  40. They’re not wrong. And the fact that people still continue to defend them besides having no reason to is more telling about them.

    1. Who are you referring to as “they”?

  41. Joe Biden will commend the Taliban this afternoon for its rigorous enforcement of a mask mandate!

  42. DHS is likely getting their information regarding “opposition to mandated public health policies” from NSA and Big Tech. Our cellphones, PCs and even our television screens are capable of collecting metadata which can be parsed by algorithms and the results supplied our leaders at regular intervals, or perhaps even in real time. God forbid the restless minions get together and organize that opposition.

  43. The real terrorists are in DC, Madison WI< and city hall and are agents of our goverNMEnts.

  44. Or not. Reality check: If you are more angry at the unvaccinated than at China, you are a useful idiot for communism.

    1. China is a set of imaginary lines on a map. What’s to be mad at?

  45. The war on the pandemic is the same shit show as the Afghan war. Am I on the list now?

  46. Really bizarre to see the race and class war sublimated into the politicization of the pandemic. What the FBI really hates are conservative whites of course. But conservative whites can’t articulate their justified fear of displacement in their own country, so they impotently lash out at the elite when it involves otherwise reasonable public health measures.

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