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What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant

Plus: Apple privacy concerns, changes to digital subscriptions, and more...


U.K. provides good news on the delta variant. After a recent surge of delta variant COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom, infection rates are now dropping and the virus's case fatality rate remains low—even lower than during the earlier waves of the virus. The data provide hope the United States, too, may pull through its delta wave without too much disaster.

Despite loosening pandemic restrictions in July, the U.K. has seen its case counts plummet. "Officially recorded new cases more than halved in just 2 weeks: from a high of 54,674 on 17 July to 22,287 on 2 August," notes Nature magazine.

The spread of the more-infectious Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 in the United Kingdom seemed, despite the country's successful vaccination roll-out, to be creating a dangerous crisis. Exponential growth in infections since June led to predictions of as many as 100,000 new cases being reported daily, and fears that the National Health Service (NHS) could be overwhelmed by hospitalizations. In such a climate, many scientists felt that the government's full relaxation of mitigating restrictions in England, such as mask wearing and the closure of nightclubs and other venues, on 19 July was reckless.

It is still too early to know what effect the relaxation will have, given that the data on new cases and hospitalizations have a lag of around two weeks. Few public-health experts, however, anticipated the recent sharp drop — and they are struggling to interpret it.

Meanwhile, the country has also seen a drop in the infection fatality rate, which is much lower than it was at previous points in the pandemic.

"COVID deaths have begun to flatten out in the UK, on schedule with when you'd expect them to based on an earlier decline in cases. Assuming a ~20-day lag between cases and deaths, the case fatality rate is something like 0.2-0.3%, as compared with ~2% during the Alpha wave," pointed out statistician Nate Silver on Twitter this morning. "Since not all cases are detected, the case fatality rate is an overestimate of the *infection* fatality rate. Data from the ONS implies perhaps 1 in every 2.5 or 3 infections are being detected in the UK, which means the [infection fatality rate] is in the vicinity of 0.1%."

The low infection fatality rate in the U.K. is in part a measure of high vaccination rates, which mean not only fewer people in high-risk populations getting the disease, but less severe cases and outcomes when they do.

The U.K.'s low infection fatality rate is "what happens when you vaccinate a very large percentage of your elderly population, as the UK has," adds Silver. "We won't do quite as well in the US, although with 90% age 65+ partly vaccinated and 80% fully vaccinated, that will still help a lot."

In the U.S., the recent case fatality rate has been higher than in the U.K. but still relatively low.

"Case fatality rate in US is running about 1.7%," tweeted physician and Brown University School of Public Health Dean Ashish K. Jha this morning in response to Silver. "I suspect we had more pockets of vulnerable, unvaccinated communities here and Delta is ravaging them."

In the U.K., 88 percent of adults have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 73 percent have received two doses. In the U.S., it's 70 percent for one dose and 60 percent for two, according to NBC News.

Much has been made of late of delta "breaking through" the vaccines more easily (albeit causing mild cases when it does), though how often this happens—and whether/how easily vaccinated people can spread the delta variant—is still being researched and debated.

A new study from Imperial College London released yesterday found "fully-vaccinated people have an around 50 to 60% reduced risk of infection from the Delta coronavirus variant, including those who are asymptomatic," reports Reuters. The study found "the viral load among people with COVID was also lower in vaccinated people."

"Extensive PCR testing showed that fully vaccinated people had lower viral loads than un- or partially vaccinated, supporting decreased potential for Delta transmission," notes physician and author Eric Topol.


Apple's alleged new photo-scanning policy is raising alarms about what it means for user encryption and privacy:


Changes are coming to digital subscriptions, with consumers being offered more choices and customization options. From The New York Times:

Many of the subscriptions to digital services work the same way. Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime typically charge one fee for access to a collection of goodies.

There are signs, however, that the all-you-can-eat digital subscriptions are becoming more nuanced. Some companies including Disney and Whole Foods, the grocery chain that is owned by Amazon, are charging subscribers more for compelling extras. Others including Spotify and YouTube are experimenting with subscriptions that cost less but come with compromises. Both strategies may show that the endless digital buffet is changing for good.

I don't know whether the subscription strategies will stick, or how we might respond to having more choices. Maybe you'd like the option to pay less at the buffet because you always skip dessert or to pay a little more for filet mignon. Or it could ruin the simple appeal of the buffet.

Either way, we should get used to more experiments.


• A Senate panel voted to finally repeal authorizations of wars with Iraq from 1991 and 2002. The issue now goes to the full Senate.

• In a new Quinnipiac University poll, 60 percent of respondents said it would be bad for the country if Donald Trump runs for president in 2024.

• New York lawmakers are prepared to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

• Alabama's longest-serving sheriff has been convicted on felony corruption-related charges. Mike Blakely was found "guilty of one count of theft and one count of using his position for personal gain," reports "The theft charge was related to his campaign fund and dealings with Red Brick consulting, while the personal gain charge was related to loans from a safe that held money belonging to inmates."

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  1. What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant

    Stiff upper lips aren’t what they used to be?

    1. Hey, “stiff” is a trigger word!

      1. ‘Trigger’ is also right out, because of the implied weapon part. As is ‘right,’ because it means white nationalist or something to dimwits.

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    2. Since our CDC’s Delta data come from “bear week”, statements about stiff and lips might be a bit salacious.

    3. What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant

      I’ve learned from Boris Johnson to keep stocked up on conditioner!

  2. The data provide hope the United States, too, may pull through its delta wave without too much disaster.

    If we do it will be thanks to mask mandates and vaccine passports.

    1. Obama sacrificed his birthday party, that we may live!

      1. Poor, heroic guy limited himself to just 600 guests

        1. As long as one person had a BLM button, then no virus issues.

        2. Is there a gofundme set up for the poor bastard?

          1. Yes. Your Netflix subscription.

            1. Also the donation requests spammed out for his palatial “library”

            2. UGH! Dont remind me! 🙁

      2. For Obama so loved the world that he gave his only begotten 60th birthday?

      3. Remember, after all, he was called “The One!”

    2. And our prayers to St. Fauci, patron saint of SCIENCE.

    3. The amount of disaster is entirely up to our supposed “leaders”.

      1. Turkmenistan and China have taken this notion to its logical conclusion.

        1. So what is the final solution?

          1. Camps, obviously.

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            2. Beware the free showers.

      2. I think the “disaster” will ramp up this fall, for the California recall election and the Virginia elections (and maybe others). There will be another “disaster” just in time for the 2022 midterms.

  3. United States, too, may pull through its delta wave without too much disaster.
    Not for a lack of trying.

    1. Duh. Panic is the goal.

  4. 1.7% fatality rate of confirmed cases. Big caveat there.

    1. If you really want to make people panic, tell them that the fatality rate for confirmed life is nearing 100%.

      1. The fatality rate of fatal cases has always been 100%.

      2. There was a person on the radio last night claiming if your not vaccinated there was 100% chance you would get the delta variant and 100% chance of death. and they say social media has fake info

        1. I guarantee you that 100% of the people who get the “delta variant” will die at some point.

  5. • A Senate panel voted to finally repeal authorizations of wars with Iraq from 1991 and 2002.
    Mission accomplished!

    1. Years ahead of schedule and under budget!

  6. There are signs, however, that the all-you-can-eat digital subscriptions are becoming more nuanced.

    À la carte? The Holy Grail of the cable subscriber.

    1. Not à la carte or bespoke, nickel-and-dime. You pay one price for exactly what you want for à la carte. This is paying one price for the desert and adding one extra fee for the whip cream and one for the cherry.

      I can’t buy just The Mandelorian from Disney+, I have to subscribe. Once I’ve subscribed, I can’t watch the Black Widow movie, I have to upgrade my subscription and, just like The Mandelorian, I can’t buy just the Black Widow movie.

      1. It’s funny that the fracturing of the streaming options has created a perfect environment for people to go back to cable.

        1. LOL. “Creative destruction?”

      2. Think Spirit Airlines. Lowest list prices. Unless you have a suitcase, or a carry-on bag, or don’t want to sit in the middle seat, or if you want bread and water. Or early boarding. Or earplugs. Or entertainment.

        1. Not exactly disparaging the practice, just not hyping potentially sleezy business practice with a fancy French name. Absolutely, better than OSFA pricing, modestly better than bundling.

    2. 1000 channels and I only watch about a dozen.

      1. Similar for streaming. Thousands of movies and shows, maybe a dozen a month worth falling asleep to.

        I do chuckle to myself when I see Netflix’s Top Ten list and one of their new series about a brave LGBT BIPOC is outranked and/or in the company of poorly dubbed foreign films and all several Twilight movies.

        1. I know lots of people end up watching old westerns tv series

          1. When I got access to Netflix, the first thing I watched was the entirety of Monty Python.

  7. The @Newsweek magazine must be getting desperate for sales to go with this cover.

    They’re still in print? I thought they went all digital.

    1. They would sell more if the virus had big tits.

    2. Sold off by WaPo to Daily Beast (blegh, what a fucking gossip rag). Went all digital. Back to print it seems? It’s just another left wing tire fire.

      1. Except they’re anti-woke. I’m curious to see if that will allow them to stand out from the existing liberal media monotony.

      2. You know who else used tire tires?

    3. I almost wish it was a “Doomsday Variant.” I’d honestly be at peace at dying from something like that if I knew it was going to take out the Doomporn media fuckers, too.

  8. A Senate panel voted to finally repeal authorizations of wars with Iraq from 1991 and 2002.

    Well look who doesn’t trust Biden with the keys to the bombers.

    1. They finally figured out that there are no solar powered bombers.

      1. Maybe the Air Force can buy some of those carbon offsets.

        1. If they take out power plants that makes them carbon neutral.

          1. And if they bomb our enemies back to the Stone Age, we can get a scientific test study case to see how good for the environment and the climate the proposed Green New Deal is.

  9. …60 percent of respondents said it would be bad for the country if Donald Trump runs for president in 2024.

    Because we’ve all clearly put Trump behind us.

    1. Maybe we would put Trump behind us if Trump would put Trump behind Trump. He, apparently, is not satisfied with being an ex-President spending time with his family and golfing.

      1. He isn’t President anymore? What?!?! You’d think with all the Trump bashing articles and comments he was still in office.

      2. Lol

        Look at the sad little dimwit Mike laursen and laugh at its inadequacy

      3. It would help if some streaming provider would pay him an inflated salary to produce little-watched autohagiographies and agitprop. It shouldn’t be so hard to distract him, the man’s ADD is legendary.

        1. He has his own social media site, which is doing remarkably poorly at grabbing public attention. Saying crazy shit and spouting lies about the election at rallies is still feeding his attention needs, though.

          1. Aww, Mike laursen still hates itself

            1. Man, I think this guy literally wants to watch Trump make love to his imaginary girlfriend who lives in Canada.

              1. Yea, you leftists really are cult like in your obsessive hatred of Trump. It’s not surprising its become a fetish for you. You just can’t quit him

                1. I’m not the one all worked up when he’s criticized. You got it bad for the guy.

                  1. Did you just change socks to defend yourself White Mike?

          2. Now do birthday bashes in Martha vineyard.

          3. Shut the fuck up Dee.

          4. Since democrats treat the virus like a religion, we should do the same. I believe that the virus is directed by a divine force of some sort. To appease it, we must make human sacrifices. As that would be monstrous, we should do the next best thing, and sacrifice progressives. Not really human, but hopefully close enough.

            Just sacrifice progs until KungFlu is gone, or we run out of progs. It’s a win win situation.

        2. Why? Trump ended net neutrality and told Netflix they had to pay what they agreed

      4. Maybe TDS-addled pieces of lefty shit could fuck off and die.

        1. Trump’s cuckold right here. He alone can save Sevo!

      5. You do realize basically only W sits at home painting and spending time with his kids right dummy? Obama are all over the place like Netflix and producing. Clinton’s do global initiatives to skim money. Carter was a one man human rights convention.

        Are you truly that ignorant?

        1. I think everyone would be happy if Trump did producing. The Art of the Pussy Grab, starring Ivanka ‘Piece of Ass’ Trump-Kushner in Imax maybe?

          1. Yeah, much less awkward at some fund-raising dinner sitting across from Billary and ignoring their international graft than Donald and his crude manners.

            1. Lol, yeah, no graft with the Don!

              1. Lol we know!

              2. Nope. Admit it bitch, you’ve got nothing. As usual.

          2. You kept asking yesterday why people thought you were a leftist. Weird how that question remains unanswered.

        2. Maybe Trump can build houses for the needy. With lots of gold plating.

          1. LOL, first thing I ever read about Trump, long before his TV career or presidency (in Reason magazine) was his trying to use eminent domain to take a house away from a widow to build a limo parking lot for his casino.

            1. No, local democrat government was going to take it away and sell it to Trump. Funny how your kind always forget about their guilt in these things. Trump was involved, but only taking advantage of your policies.

              You’re soaked in an ocean of blood and all you can do is make pathetic attempts to blame others.

      6. So what? I just ignore him. Why can’t you?

    2. Quinnipiac national poll: Clinton leads Trump by 7 – Fri August 26, 2016

      The latest findings from Quinnipiac University found Clinton claiming the support of 45% of likely voters, with Trump garnering 38%.

      So much winning.

  10. New York lawmakers are prepared to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    You can be a dick to Trump, but you can’t be a dick to your own party members. They must have a palatable replacement lined up.

    1. Tish James…come on down.

    2. For someone who made it all the way to Governor, he’s really bad at politics. His rise within the party was solely based on being a foil to Trump, once Trump was gone he was just another legacy white dude and it should’ve been obvious he’d be discarded.

      If Trump were still around and they needed him to keep being loud opposition there’s a good chance these are still just “unfounded allegations” that the party would help deal with. They’ve now got every incentive to not help him, and in fact get him out of the way so someone who fits into more victim categories can take the spot.

      1. His rise within the party, and his brother’s slot on CNN, are due to political nepotism. He was considered potential Presidential material, yes, due to the media fluffing him as a contrast to Trump. But they were doing that with a lot of Democratic governors last year.

        One or two women can be dismissed and the media will comply since they’re on the same team. What’s going on here with him, versus what happened with Biden, is that there’s simply too many women coming out of the woodwork to accuse him, and so he’s now a political liability.

        1. That, and I think he’s been such an asshole to so many people in his own party that there are plenty of people on the same team happy to throw him under the bus now

        2. Cuomo’s a pretty adept intraparty knife-fighter. He may have gotten his start due to nepotism but he absolutely made the most of it. Tish James is just doing to him what he had no problem doing to Spitzer; it’s how politics in a one-party state work.

        3. Newsom’s on the way out too.

          1. I think that’ll depend on turnout. Dems will vote for him no matter what, but they’re not energized for an off-schedule election.

            But holy crap do Rs and some independents hate that asshole. So, it might be tighter than I thought.

            So it’s all about how many Ds can be bothered to go to the polls at this point.

        4. Also, let’s consider Cuomo’s opposition, which is non-existent and inoffensive. My prediction is that if Biden had been up against someone like McCain, the current crop of Democrats would have thrown him under the bus to push up Harris or Warren. However, they were willing to burn their principles in order to defeat Trump.

  11. “What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant”

    That the best way to fight it is to implement open borders?


    1. Wide open baby!
      Bring on the gamma variant!

      1. Super spreading border entrances.

        1. Fed-sponsored COVID parties.

    2. Biden has invited Hong Kong to come to the US. Maybe they will bring a not Hong Kong variant with them.

      Either way your man Koch will rejoice.


    3. Gee, OBL, I really thought your first post today would be a rousing defense of America’s best governor.

      Could it be that you are not what you appear to be?


  12. “New York lawmakers are prepared to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

    What an enormous blunder. Cuomo literally wrote the book on pandemic response. This is the worst possible time to reward mentally unstable women for launching their smear campaign.


    1. If Cuomo wants this to go away, he needs to start killing some old people and fast.

      1. He does have the experience.

      2. Can he grope them first?

    2. So “the book” is putting Covid patients in nursing homes versus the empty gigantic navy ship hospital?

      1. You also have to set up hospital tents and never use them.

        1. Off-Broadway theater?

      2. No, it’s a literal book.

        Check out the reviews. yowch.

    3. #ThatsMoreLikeIt

  13. The theft charge was related to his campaign fund and dealings with Red Brick consulting, while the personal gain charge was related to loans from a safe that held money belonging to inmates.

    They’re going to have to start arresting every southern sheriff.

    1. Hazard County hardest hit.

    2. Every politician?

  14. NBCUniversal is laying off about 10% of its workforce. They’re saying it’s because of the pandemic and to better position themselves for streaming on Peacock. That 10% of its workforce isn’t being cut across all operations evenly, presumably. It looks like they’re consolidating the management of NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, too–so there should be move layoffs in their news divisions to come.

    “Shell has also put the company’s three news units — NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC — under the leadership of one executive, Cesar Conde, a move that points to a further integration of those three units down the line.”

    —-NBC News

    When you look at the way viewership for MSNBC (and CNN) has been plunging, however, it’s pretty clear that whatever impact the pandemic and streaming have had on NBC’s news divisions, the real issue appears to be that the news narrative MSNBC (and CNN) have been pushing isn’t resonating with the American people at all. In fact, as MSNBC (and CNN) continue to push Biden and the Democrats’ agenda, it’s also pushing the American people to turn to other channels–and that trend has been accelerating since Biden took office.

    That wouldn’t have mattered so much in the past because CNN and MSNBC drew so much revenue from carriage fees through cable subscriptions and satellite–whether you were watching their program or not. The ratings didn’t matter as much because advertising revenue was a smaller part of the revenue stream. However, as millions of Americans every quarter drop cable and satellite for streaming services, plenty of which don’t carry CNN and/or MSNBC, the advertising revenue has become more important and so has the number of viewers.

    So, just how bad are MSNBC and CNN doing in the ratings?

    It’s bad.

    1. Let it burn

    2. “.CNN’s viewership fell to new lows since the start of the year, notching its lowest-rated month in total day demo since September 2014. In primetime, CNN lost over half its audience since the start of the year, down 68 percent in total viewers and 76 percent in the demo. In total day, CNN again plummeted by 69 percent in overall viewers and saw 76 percent declines in the demo. Meanwhile, MSNBC also lost over half its audience in all categories since January 2021 to date”.

      —-Business Wire, July 27, 2021

      CNN and MSNBC have been doing nothing but push Biden’s agenda since January of 2021. Isn’t that what they both have in common? If you looked at Fox News’ numbers, you’d probably see the same thing, right?

      The correct answer is no.

      “FNC was down the least in cable news in both categories across the board (down only 17 percent in primetime total viewers; 21 percent in primetime demo and down just 13 percent in total day viewers; 17 percent in total day demo), easily retaining the most audience since the start of the year.”


      Who needs polls when you can have market data? The reason MSNBC is laying people off is because no one wants to watch their pro-Biden and the Democrats’ shit. The most glaring stat of all are when looking at the insane, bizarre, unthinkable success of Gutfeld!. The weird thing about that isn’t that he’s beating MSNBC’s and CNN’s offerings in the same timeslot. He’s beating the major networks’ talk shows, too!

      “Greg Gutfeld’s new late night program Gutfeld! finished the month as the number one-rated show in cable news in total viewers at 11 PM/ET, surpassing every CNN program in total viewers as well as various broadcast and cable comedy shows . . . . In Nielsen’s Live+3 measurement, Gutfeld! delivered wins against ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in total viewers. Averaging 1.5 million viewers and 290,000 with A25-54 for the month, the program also topped The Tonight Show in total viewers in the Live+SD measurement.”


      Gutfled! doesn’t even have any celebrity interviews. It’s Gutfeld and three relative unknowns sitting in a circle and making fun of Biden and the Democrats–and they’re kicking the shit out of the woke-ass crap Disney and NBC are mainstreaming on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show?!

      That’s hilarious.

      Sooner or later, CNN and MSNBC will be driven to the real center again by market forces, and if Biden and the Democrats’ agenda isn’t delivering ratings for CNN, MSNBC, NBCUniversal, and Disney, then the chances of it delivering election wins in 2022 are very slim.

      1. Keep that faith in the system, Ken.
        It might work eventually

        1. What does market data have to do with faith in the system?

          1. P.S. Real world data isn’t wrong because it conflicts with our theories. If real world data conflicts with our theories, it’s the theories that need to be revised.

            1. “Sooner or later, CNN and MSNBC will be driven to the real center again by market forces”

              That’s faith talking

              1. I might have said that they’ll be driven towards the center, but it’s find as is, too. They may not be driven into the very center, but they’ll be moving much closer to it from where they are now.

                The Soviet Union had to face economic reality eventually, right? Even they had to move more towards the center from the left.

                And the reason they put a manager in charge of all three news operations, (NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC) is so they can consolidate them and cut costs. Why do NBC and MSNBC have business news reporters, when they could use the ones at CNBC? Why do they have three different personnel departments? Why don’t they consolidate their news desks? They’re cutting costs because the revenue their generating from advertising is insufficient to justify the costs.

                If they can’t cut costs low enough to justify the progressive conent they’re currently selling, then they’ll need to make changes to the content. There are girls doing reaction videos from their dorm rooms that draw more viewers than some of MSNBC’s programming. Their production costs are a webcam or a smart phone. Ultimately, if American consumers won’t buy the progressive shit sandwiches MSNBC is selling, no amount of cost cutting can change that.

                The will need to start selling something other than progressive shit sandwiches. There simply aren’t enough viewers to sustain their current programming without carriage fees, and millions of millions of Americans are bailing out of cable for streaming. Those carriage fees simply aren’t enough to sustain them despite their lack of popularity anymore.

                1. That’s a well reasoned explanation of your faith in the system

                  1. Markets aren’t a system per se. The government is the system.

                    Markets are the American people making choices, and that’s why they need to be free as possible.

                    1. A spontaneously occuring organic system is still a system.

                2. So, do any of the new gambling apps have odds on NBC getting some bailout money from the government before the next election?

            2. It won’t if the parent company is willing to take a loss to promote the leftist political agenda. Like Bezos does with WaPo.

      2. “That’s hilarious.”

        It is better, or at least it’s more honest, when you freely express your right-wing allegiance, and don’t pretend you are a libertarian reluctantly siding with the lesser-evil party.

        1. You are still pulling this jeff/leftist bullshit?

          1. That calls for a merger

            Those that agree with Jeff can be Jeftists.

            Better than being a CACLL

            1. Change seconded and motion passed.

            2. You can call me a Jefftist, even though I don’t agree with everything he says. I’d be proud to be a Jefftist. (It’s better with two f’s.)

              1. That’s because as a prog shitweasel you admire other prog shitweasels.

        2. Gee mike, my take is that ken is a libertarian who is not at all reluctantly calling out the more evil party.

          That really seems to bother you. Maybe you are pretending.

      3. “Sooner or later, CNN and MSNBC will be driven to the real center again by market forces,..”

        Perhaps, but it’s a measure of how far CNN’s gotta move that they had Chris Cuomo doing the broadcast regarding his brother’s antics the day the findings were made public!
        Not only did they *not* take him off the air for a while, they had him doing the coverage of his BROTHER, for pete’s sake!

      4. While telling that CNN/MSNBC numbers are down, could it be their viewers politics haven’t changed but their level of outrage has (No Trump Mean Tweets) and perhaps its a shielding mechanism from criticism of the Biden admin (no news must mean all good news).

        Hopeful that is all wrong and that the real driving force is people being sick of the woke scolds who run those networks. But then again I have been assured Bush was a warmonger and Obama was a peace president.

        1. Yes, it could be that their support for Biden had very little to do with his policies and more to do with their outrage against Trump.

          And now that we mostly just have Biden and his policies to talk about, there isn’t much interest in that at all.

          We know the support for the House Democrats wasn’t driven by support for their policies–because the Democrats lost seats in the House in November of 2020.

    3. Your analysis might be correct. Or it might be that more people watched news last year because (a) they were stuck at home; (b) we basically had Loki as our President, and they wanted to know what new crazy shit Trump was stirring up today.

      1. LOL
        Keep denying reality.

      2. It could be those things too, and also c) most veiwers are smarter than you and are not hyperpartisan morons, d) they realized it’s the same show over and over, just with different people, and e) they’re tired of it and they’ve moved on.

        1. CNN and MSNBC have been about nothing but Biden and the Democrats since January of 2021, so it’s reasonable to think that the huge changes in viewership are tied to the content.

          It may be that their viewers liked to hate Trump more than they liked to defend Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, but what difference does that make? Is that about to change sometime soon?

          Is Biden going to surprise us by suddenly getting better and more popular? It’s been six months. If people were ever going to get on the Biden and the Democrats’ bandwagon, it would have happened already.

          Should we all be bracing ourselves for the Biden/Pelosi charm offensive? If they were a TV show, they’d have been cancelled already. There’s nothing charming about them. They can’t sell it on TV.

          Meanwhile, I said I’d rather have market data than polls, but it’s not like this is contradicting the opinion polls I’ve been citing over the past couple of weeks. I’ve cited polls over the past two weeks showing Biden and the Democrats losing big with Independents and suburban white women. All the wind vanes are pointing in the same direction. If I were an employee at MSNBC, I wouldn’t be buying a new house anytime soon, and if I were a Democrat in the House, I wouldn’t be buying a new house in DC between now and November of 2022 either.

          1. I was responding to Mike, not you. I was essentially agreeing with you- the MSM and the cable news networks have strayed too far left for most veiwers, a d their content isn’t even original. It’s the same rehashed leftist talking points, just spewed by different people every hour.

            Mainstream, normal, not-lefty partisans are no longer interested, and are walking away in droves. If they want to regain veiwers, they are going to have to start shifting their programming back to the center, and start developing more interesting, varied content.

            1. I was agreeing with you, too!

              1. Sorry. Reading comprehension fail.

                1. Happens to me all the time!

      3. “…(b) we basically had Loki as our President, and they wanted to know what new crazy shit Trump was stirring up today…”

        We basically have TDS-addled piles of lefty shit here to remind us of their mental issues on a daily basis.
        Fuck off and die, asshole.

        1. He says retarded shit like that and claims he isnt left leaning.

      4. (b) we basically had Loki as our President

        An opinion poll for preferences between the Loki Administration, Thanos Administration, and Red Skull/Hydra/SHIELD Administration would be interesting.

        My bet is chaos evil beats ordered evil. Especially after all the favorable chaos neutral coverage on Disney+.

        1. Loki got us out of Afghanistan, did everything he could to push a bill that would have cut $772 billion from Medicaid, and slashed regulation like crazy.

          If we get someone as good as Loki again, we’ll be really lucky.

          P.S. Yeah, the Loki on Disney+ is one of the good guys!

          1. Loki tried to overthrow the results of a Presidential election.

            1. He tried to stop fraud you liar. And after fours years of lies and treason trying to bring him down.

              You really are the enemy within.

        2. Loki would be the most fun. And I suspect the speeches very witty and entertaining.

      5. So you’re saying Donald Trump was bi-? Trump, we hardly knew ye! 😉

        1. Yes, that was precisely what I was saying. ????

      6. Trump was a good president. We would be far worse off if The Hag had been president in his place.

    4. It has gotten so bad at MSNBC that the newsroom editors are planning an escape caravan across the southern border.

      1. Probably an improvement. I’m sure the newsroom there is a toxic woke shithole.

    5. Do you think a mainstream media bailout is in the works soon?

      1. I think that would be a stretch–even with the Democrats in charge.

        And if you bailed out CNN and MSNBC, it would be a bailout of WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal.

        They wouldn’t use the money to keep an unprofitable operation unprofitably to the left of their audience. They’d use it to make their unprofitable operations profitable.

        1. You can’t spend enough money to make the American people want to eat shit sandwiches, and what CNN and MSNBC are selling is shit sandwiches.

          A lack of money isn’t really the disease. It’s a symptom. And more spending isn’t the solution. They need to stop trying to sell shit sandwiches.

          1. “You can’t spend enough money to make the American people want to eat shit sandwiches”

            But that wisdom runs counter to the fundamental premise of progressivism

            1. Just like reality.

              1. Reality hasn’t been winning much lately

          2. When has government subsidy ever produced something useful?

      2. Beat me to it.

    6. You do know NBC puts out a lot more than news, right?

      1. Considering their ratings, you’re probably the only one that knows.

      2. fuck off and die, pile of lefty shit.

        1. Look, it’s the WHAAAmbulance.

      3. What is this supposed to mean?

        “Meanwhile, MSNBC also lost over half its audience in all categories since January 2021 to date.”

        MSNBC losing half its viewers–since they started pushing Biden and the Democrats’ narrative–doesn’t mean anything about the popularity of what they’re broadcasting . . . um . . . because NBC also broadcasts Yellowstone on Peacock?

        That doesn’t make sense.

        1. If NBC is doing poorly it isn’t because of the news which is a small fraction of its output.

          1. “Shell has also put the company’s three news units — NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC — under the leadership of one executive, Cesar Conde, a move that points to a further integration of those three units down the line.”



            If you need to read it over and over again before you start to understand what it means, feel free to do so.

            The fact that MSNBC has lost half of their audience since the beginning of January is a strong indication that they’re losing money at this point–since advertisers are only willing to pay premium rates to advertise during content that people are actually watching.

            Meanwhile Gutfeld and three nobodies is kicking the shit out of woke ass The Tonight Show–despite Gutfeld’s lack of celebrity interviews. The guests have driven late night talk show ratings since forever–at least right up until Norm McDonald couldn’t get on The Tonight Show because he didn’t think Roseann should be cancelled. That was probably the beginning of the end.

              1. Look, NBC’s ratings have been decreasing for *years,* including years before Trump was even on the national scene.


                1. Hey guys. Isn’t this just shit-posting?

                  This doesn’t contradict anything I’ve said, and it seems to be completely detached from anything like logic.

                  Maybe I’m not understanding the line of reasoning here, but I’m starting to think we’re dealing with someone who doesn’t care about facts or logic or whether she’s wrong or right.

                  1. It’s an anime character ken I think you’ve reasoned out there can’t be measured discussion with something that is fake 🙂

                  2. It’s definitely just shit-posting.

                    It’s been obvious for a couple of weeks that the fifty-cent bots were told to harrass you.

                  3. Facts? Your comments are pure speculation about why NBC News ratings are slipping.

                    1. Given how extreme far left and openly democrat NBC is plus the polling in how much the American public distrusts news sources like NBC it isn’t really speculation.

            1. Yeah, it says ‘has also,’ meaning it’s changing things because of hits to the overall product, of which news is a fraction.

          2. Well this comment definitely sheds light on the Tony vs Dee sock argument. Tony’s not this stupid. Which is saying a lot.

            Maybe an M4E sock?

      4. “10% of the news division getting laid off isn’t that big of a deal!”

      5. Yes, and most of it is worse than the news programming.

      6. Both people watching the Olympics on NBC have said the coverage has been meh.

        1. The Olympics are going on?

    7. Easier to keep the story straight with one boss.

  15. “What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant?”

    That left wing media propagandists, Biden and other Democrats will continue to deny and ignore key scientific and empirical evidence whenever they think doing so will give them even more power, control and taxpayer dollars.

    1. By denying the existence of natural immunity, which is the fundamental tenet of virology and immunology, the CDC, Fauci, Democrats and other left wing totalitarians have committed the most egregious and unforgivable case of public health malpractice in world history.

      Half of all Americans remain immune from covid because they already contracted the virus, while another 25%-30% of Americans remain immune by taking covid vaccines.

      1. So why does ENB refuse to acknowledge the existence of natural immunity?

        1. Because the CDC doesn’t?

          1. Because it violates Twitter policy?

          2. Regulatory capture

        2. Never heard of it?

        3. It is absolutely shocking that the plain and previously well known fact that natural immunity is a big part of developing herd immunity for any virus like this is being completely ignored/hidden in mainstream commentary.

          1. And by the WHO

          2. Why do you think this very basic fact is being ignored/hidden by the relevant scientific/governmental agencies around the world? Maybe Occam’s Razor suggests there’s something you’re missing?

            1. No.

            2. Good question–why is natural immunity for a coronavirus dismissed or ignored in these discussions, versus illnesses with far higher CFRs like smallpox?

              1. Yes, why is it? Why the worldwide conspiracy?

                1. Why does it have to be a conspiracy, as opposed to arrogance fueled by stupidity?

                  1. Worldwide arrogance fueled by stupidity? I mean, a sane person would calculate the probability that thousands of people with relevant education, experience and accomplishments are massively missing something obvious in their field against the probability that their amateur self is missing something and that wouldn’t work out well for the latter.

                    1. They aren’t missing it. They are deliberately eliding it. I’m not sure why, but I suspect that for many it’s to preserve their careers, or because they genuinely believe that lying to people for some “greater good” is a good thing to do.

                    2. There doesn’t have to be back room deals in smoke filled rooms for the media to completely distort what the science says to the American people as a combination of fear porn, covering for the establishment, and feeling important.

                      I remember when it was totally cool to be anti-vax as long as someone you didn’t trust was in a leadership position.

                      I remember when it was crazy to think a novel and highly contagious virus may have been the result of research into novel and highly contagious viruses exactly at ground zero, right up until is was not.

                      I remember when the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian plot, until it was absolutely true.

                      And all the while, people who were open-minded to the truth were censored and ridiculed.

                      So forgive me if I have some doubt in the media on what the science says here, or if I don’t embrace as fact whatever narrative is being pushed with complete faith and without giving it any scrutiny, pretending that’s a smart way to go through the world after knowing what we know about the media.

                    3. Worldwide arrogance fueled by stupidity?

                      Why not?

                      I mean, a sane person would calculate the probability that thousands of people with relevant education, experience and accomplishments are massively missing something obvious in their field against the probability that their amateur self is missing something and that wouldn’t work out well for the latter.

                      Isn’t this just an appeal to authority?

                    4. Isn’t this just an appeal to authority?

                      Pretty obviously so. But he’s right: there are Top Men on top of this, and they know what they’re doing.

                      TOP. MEN.

                    5. They aren’t missing it. They are deliberately eliding it.

                      If the mass media is deliberating omitting talking about a health issue, then what sort of moron would sit there and continue to stare at the same screen waiting for them to talk about it? The answer is – there are many actual medical sources that talk about achieving herd immunity via natural exposure v vaccine exposure – eg Mayo Clinic

                      The problem is – that you do not just want to hear about natural immunity. You want to hear about natural immunity based on recovery from a disease that is mostly asymptomatic and less than the flu so that you can believe that almost everyone had asymptomatic covid last year and therefore a vaccine does nothing re immunity.

                      IOW – you want to hear a series of lies strung together in a narrative that you already believe. And yeah – that’s gonna be hard to find except from the sources that regularly blow smoke up your ass.

                    6. Fuck off JFree. You don’t know what I look at or what I know or believe about any of this. I’m making comments on what others are saying, not presenting my entire worldview and analysis of the situation. So please don’t assume you know shit about me.

                    7. Damn, zeb, get fired up!
                      I like it

                    8. If someone is making the case that natural immunity is irrelevant to the covid virus I’m willing to consider that theory. But government and media like Reason are simply ignoring the issue altogether. Considering the fact that without natural immunity the human race would not exist, you would think it would at least be a part of the conversation.

                2. The irony is that many people discuss it. The people who don’t discuss it are government agencies and their backed media. Also Silicon Valley has taken to removing posts discussing natural immunities despite a hundred years of science.

                  It actually is a conspiracy amongst governments hesitant to give up control of their new found authority.

                  The fact that you’re ignorant to this is telling.

            3. Occam’s Razor says the media in this country lies to the American people on a regular basis to protect powerful political interests.

            4. If I were completely ignorant on the question, you might have a point. But I have a brain and can learn things. Natural immunity to this virus clearly exists and is very effective. If people were getting sick multiple times, we’d know about it.
              I’m not claiming a conspiracy is doing all of this. I don’t know why they are doing this. But it is what is happening.

              1. But they have addressed it.

                I’m sure you have a brain but I really think it’s more likely you’re missing something here than that thousands of people who also have a brain *and* have lots of education, experience and accomplishments in the relevant fields are.

                1. My boss is an epidemiologist, and whenever I’ve brought it up he just changes the subject. It’s extremely strange.

                2. And yet there’s no talk of antibody passports. In fact, it’s more difficult to get an antibody test than it was at the beginning of the year.

                3. There are thousands of people with experience and education in relevant fields who disagree about these things.
                  All I see “addressing” it, from your CDC link and other places is “we aren’t sure how long natural immunity lasts”. We aren’t sure how long vaccine based immunity lasts either.


                    Researchers have found robust antibody responses up to four months after infection in children and adolescents who had mild to asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

            5. >>the relevant scientific/governmental agencies around the world

              the lol cabal

        4. There is a certified organic vaccine available?!?!

          1. Yes, if you pray to Trump you’re immune according to many commenters here. Totally organic.

            1. Cite? Recall Trump recently recommending the vaccine. And for those that needed/wanted it, they should be thanking him for Operation Warp Speed.

              1. It was you that said it, you were going on about how you wanted to try to touch the hem of Trump’s garb so you’d be protected from any natural harm, remember?

                1. Why do you show up to prove how dishonest lefty shits can be?

                  1. When you kiss pictures of Trump do you make a little voice like he’s talking to you?

                    1. That would be you. I’m sure you bitterly masturbate an 8×10” glossy of Trump regularly.

                2. Do the other double digit IQ folks (wokes?) over at Salon have takes as weak as this too?

            2. God, you really are a fucking moron. No one here claims anything remotely like that. Lots of people here criticizing the way vaccines are being promoted have been vaccinated. The rest, for the most part, have judged their personal risk to be acceptable without it. That’s it. Nothing to do with Trump or any of your other retarded bullshit.

              1. Holy shit, looks like you might have been vaccinated against sarcasm.

                1. Or, you are really bad at it.

                2. LOL. Why do all the “non leftists” here always retreat to “it’s sarcasm!” when they get called out for saying something stupid?

              2. +1000 Zeb – she’s just obviously trying to troll. Look at her antagonistic post cost just in this thread alone.

              3. Correct. I hate trump and his following. His political proclivities are better than I thought they’d be. I’m a black rino white nationalist cuck homophobe fundamentalist squish mysoginsist fascist atheist… If I let the morons define me. I’m not getting the vaccine because the only thing I trust as little as the government is the mob when they ramp up the social coercion.

          2. If it contains Carbon, it’s organic. In other words, all living things and all genetic material such as viruses used in vaccines.

      2. I was wondering when this would be brought up. I have not heard the CDC even mention immune response. Nothing on total numbers of the population that has had the virus, the number of those who have also been vaccinated (me!) versus those who have not been, nor the number of those who have been reinfected vs immune. What does that mean for the rate of protection?

        1. “I have not heard the CDC even mention immune response.”

          Second question down.

          1. Very generic. Nothing about how this figures into the larger picture, the overall protection levels, etc. Almost “don’t know, don’t care, get the shots.” With so many people having been infected, it should be discussed in the immunity conversation along with the vaccine.

          2. “Learn more about why getting vaccinated is a safer way to build protection than getting infected.”

            Kind of a weird statement to include in response to people that have already been infected.

          3. “That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again.”

            Well that’s convincing!

            1. Pretty sure exactly the same is true for the vaccine.

              What I’d really like to know is whether natural immunity provides more of a sterilizing immunity than the vaccines.

              1. Well, considering they’ve already started talking about boosters for the vaccine, and there’s still no evidence that people with natural immunity are getting it again, I’d say it’s actually not true for the vaccine.

                1. Maybe the “rare” part. I was thinking more of the “we don’t know” part.

            2. I came across a teacher that is fully vaccinated, has had covid and decided it’s time to start wearing a mask again. I asked why not two or a face shield.. She thought that was taking it too far.

              Fuck all of these people. All. Of. Them..

  16. 60 percent of respondents said it would be bad for the country if Donald Trump runs for president in 2024.
    And that’s just in the D.C. area code!

    1. If the Capitol Police are now a national police force, it must follow that the residents around the capital must be a national sample of residents.

  17. “It is still too early to know what effect the relaxation will have, given that the data on new cases and hospitalizations have a lag of around two weeks. Few public-health experts, however, anticipated the recent sharp drop — and they are struggling to DENY it.”


  18. 60 percent of respondents said it would be bad for the country if Donald Trump runs for president in 2024.

    Therefore, his running should be made illegal. Perhaps quickly amend the Constitution to read something like:

    “No Person shall be eligible to the Office of President who shall not have attained to the Age of sixteen Years, and been twelve Months a Resident within the United States; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who has been twice impeached.”

    1. Might as well extend that to family members of the impeached. And then we can update Article II so that impeachment includes any poll of readers of a partisan media source.

    2. Maybe another round of impeachment hearings will teach him a lesson.

    3. Or anyone who has questioned the accuracy of election tallies announced by the Associated Press.

  19. During the past five years, every time I’ve watched PBS, CNN, MSNBC or Bloomberg (or the national news on NBC, ABC or CBS), I’ve changed the channel after a left wing talking head trashes Trump or the GOP, falsely claims America is a racist/sexist country, or praises BLM, Biden, Harris, AOC or other lefty Democrats, which is why my TV never remains on those channels for more than several seconds.

  20. RE the Newsweek COVID cover: just consider that graphic like a whore flashing her open cunt.

    1. Leave ENB out of this

  21. “New York lawmakers are prepared to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

    And then every strident Cuomo defender and fanboy/girl/other will apologize in public and promise never to speak again, right?

    1. Preemptive apologies started early, the terminally unfunny Trevor Noah did one last spring.

      1. Hmm. Did I miss when he quit the Daily Show?

      2. Terminally unfunny and terminally employed. It’s to the point that I can only assume he gives phenomenal head.

    2. There is under a 40% chance Cuomo leaves. See governor black face.


    Biden, noted moderate, today decreed that neither private property rights nor the judiciary, matter.

    1. He is also having a big electric car promotion at the White House today, invites Ford and GM, not Tesla.

      1. Rocket envy.

      2. Musk he invite everyone?

  23. “US Capitol Riots Death Toll Reaches 4 After Two More Police Officers Commit Suicide”

    The actual ‘death toll’ stands at one; the unarmed woman shot in the face by the cowardly cop.
    But it seems that being a party to such a scum-bag operation is enough to push some to suicide.

    1. Who knew fire extinguishers had a delayed effect?

      1. Don’t forget the mean tweets.

        1. They’re killing Brandyshit, sarc, M4e, jeff, mike turd and Tony! We wish they’d finish the job soon.

        2. Mean tweets often lead cops to commit suicide.

    2. Any death of any CPD officer from January 6th forward, by any cause, for all time, is officially part of the death toll.

      1. Remember when the nation of Islam guy actually killed a capitol police officer a couple months ago?

        1. Remember when a blm activist killed multiple cops on Texas a few years ago.

          1. That was a mostly peaceful murder.

        2. Or an angry white guy actually tried to murder several Senators and congressmen.

    3. Yeah, what a load of shit. By this standard, the death toll should be in the thousands in a few decades when most people who were there have died.

    4. Why are so many of them offing themselves?

      1. Terminal embarrassment?

      2. They know the truth about Jefferey Epstein and John MacAfee?

      3. themselves operative term.

    5. It was ruled a good shoot by a hero cop – despite the fact that all the other cops there didn’t feel it necessary to open fire. How many of them faced charges of dereliction of duty for not opening fire? Obviously if opening fire is something a reasonable cop would do under the circumstances, they must not have been acting reasonably.

    6. Those must be the people who could have brought the whole thing down.


    COVID VAX: Moderna says a third “booster” dose will likely be necessary before winter as antibody levels are likely to wane, company says. [Link]

    1. Ok, it takes about 10 mins to get a shot at Walmart. If you schedule it with an oil change it’s like zero minutes.

      1. I don’t want medical advice from a Walmart shopper.

        1. Nor a steaming pile of lefty shit.

        2. If you ever go to a mass vac event don’t show up early because everybody does that and you have to wait. Show up later in the day and it’s quicker.

          1. Stale and warm vaccine for the win!

            1. Lol. Liking showing up late to a beer festival.

          2. I bet with the COVID shot that would be true this winter. I went last year to my companies wellness flu shot event I and one other person were there to get a flu shot literally 20 second in and out it was really weird to see no one there.

      2. You must be hard as a diamond thinking about the extra paperwork required to prove you got the booster.

      3. Walmart does the J&J, not Moderna.

        And if you need to get boosters every three months in perpetuity for this, it’s obvious your “vaccine” is utter shit.

        More likely, this is just Moderna trying to boost its bottom line, not vaccination levels.

        1. You do know that, say, the flu shot that comes out every year is different than the others before it, right?

          1. Do we take the flu shot every three months?

            1. Do experts think Covid is more serious and contagious than the flu?

              Why yes they do.

              1. And queen asshole is more than willing to knee-crawl up to those “experts” and lick them boots!

                1. What kind of a baby-man are you that you equate listening to experts as surrender of your dignity?

                  1. What kind of lefty shitpile are you to have every decision made for you?
                    Oh, wait! I know: “LOL”, right? Ask mommy for a sandwich.

                    1. I wonder why you have to retreat into hyperbole here?

                  2. You have to be brainwashed or retarded to uncritically listen to “experts” after the past year and a half.

                    1. All true, but at the end of the day, getting yourself vaccinated is the smart choice.

                    2. Rather than a discussion with another lying pile of lefty shit like you?

                  3. OMG, you are actually attempting to have a discussion with Sevo, Mr. Anger himself.

                    Good luck. I recommend muting him.

                    1. White Mike is good friends with the known troll QA. Makes sense. Probably the same person given yesterday’s thread.

              2. How is a coronavirus more contagious than the flu?

              3. Thank God those Top Men are always right and definitely haven’t changed their story a dozen times in the last year. With such a strong track record they’re definitely right about this.

          2. You do know that the flu shot that comes out every year is between 10 and 52% effective, not 95%, right?

            1. Wouldn’t you want an increased chance of resisting the flu?

              1. A 110% chance?

              2. Do we have to take a flu shot every three months in perpetuity?

                1. It will be interesting if repeated doses every 3 mos. exacerbates or alleviates the maladies seen from 2 doses. I’m no medical scienceologist but I’d be willing to bet that the favorable outcomes don’t go up.

                2. I mix mine with fentanyl and take them daily.

          3. Also, you do realize that, at every 3 mos., it’s more of a treatment rather than a cure (unlike contracting it naturally) and utterly destroys the claims/notions of 95% effectiveness and herd immunity, right?

            Kinda hard to have herd immunity when any given pride week, Mardi Gras celebration, BLM peaceful protest, or New Year’s Eve the population raises the R-value above 1 behaviorally.

            Reason has repeatedly said we should abolish the CDC/FDA and in the context of needless bureaucracy especially with regard to marginal risk to terminal diseases I agree. However, I’ve pointed out that the FDA was essentially created to combat fraud and, in the absence of such, the reprecussions/foreseeable consequences need to be considered. Considering that we’re all living the Phase 3 clinical trials that got the up front green light to blow right by the FDA, I don’t see a flaw in my warnings about foreseeable consequences.

          4. Now that mRNA vaccines are a reality, flu shots are going to be different (safer and better) than the past. The silver lining of this whole damn pandemic is this miraculous new medical technology.

            1. The only thing that’s been shown with mRNA vaccines is that they’re utter shit at providing sterilizing immunity, are mostly therapeutic in nature, and that they’re ineffective after a few weeks.

              1. You’re right, effective vaccines would provide long lasting immunity. That the companies are already saying booster shots are needed is an indictment. It’s corruption and incompetence.

                1. My smallpox vaccine had a 10-year shelf life before a booster was needed. Why is it too much to expect that we can’t have something similar for the Chinese Black Plague?

          5. No it isn’t. The flu shot is the choice of a handful of vaccines that they believe will be the dominant strain given early flu data in a year. They only propagate the vaccine against one dominant strain and hope it includes coverage against other flu variants as well. 2 years ago they chose the dominant strain very poorly.

        2. It’s different here. Walmart was doing Modena, i think, but definitely not J&J. I got J&J at an outdoor mass vac event. My girl went to Walmart twice for her shot. She hates needles and needed some convincing to do it but she did it and she said it wasn’t that bad.

          1. So you’re admitting that the “vaccine” is shit if you have to get a booster every three months in perpetuity?

          2. She’s used to little pricks by now

      4. It takes you 0 seconds to fuck right off.

    2. So you need a vaccine, and then a booster shot, and then you still need to wear a mask because the vaccine is totally effective, and then you also need to get a vaccine for your totally effective vaccine?

      1. Mutation, how does it work?

        1. Brains, where can queen asshole find some?

          1. The thing QA/Mike Liarsen doesn’t seem to understand is that mutation isn’t always a factor. When you get a traditional protein vaccine flu shot it’s based on a similar variant, not necessarily the variant that is in circulation. But it still works.

            These mRNA shots were still mostly theory five years ago, 2 1/2 years ago they killed nearly every test animal they were tried on. They’ve never went through a normal human trial before release. Everything regarding their efficacy is still up in the air.

            1. I have pointed out before, safety trials won’t be complete until late 2022 and mid 2023.

        2. “It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again!”

          1. “It puts the mask on or your anti vaxxer neighbor gets the ventilator!”

            1. Thanks, Jame Gumb

              1. I had to look that up.

                1. I’m guessing you do that a lot.

                  1. But not as often as he should.

            2. Ventilators are more likely to kill the patient, not help them.

              It’s the degradation of the ability to process oxygen, not the inability to breathe on their own that’s the problem in acute cases. Putting them on a vent is pretty much a death sentence.

              1. Interesting. That sounds like it makes sense. I don’t know enough about it. You’d think doctors would know that?

                1. They do.

                2. It’s all a conspiracy!

                  1. Well in big media, maybe.
                    Doctors and virologists are actually warning of this everywhere right now. If you didn’t obtain all your “facts” from Huffpo and your Media Matters talking-points pdfs, you would have heard some of this.

                3. It was one of the things they discovered in the first wave. About a week into the initial surge a call came out to stop using vents since COVID doesn’t behave like ARDS, and to start proning and using high-flow oxygen instead in most cases.

                4. They do. Remember how initially people were saying we needed thousands more ventilators? That never happened and for good reasons.

              2. The patients need to be ‘proned’ in order to improve their survival odds with a ventilator. But yeah, if you gotta get on a ventilator, make sure your will is done and you’ve made peace with everyone. You’re probably not coming back.

                I hate the fucking Communist Chinese for doing this.

                1. I already told my wife that if I do catch an acute case of this shit, that I absolutely do not want to be put on a vent no matter how bad it gets. That vent isn’t going to do shit to keep me alive, and will permanently damage my esophagus anyway if I do happen to survive.

        3. See the French Revolution. I assume you are asking about ideological evolution.

        4. Ask your relatives.

        5. But I was assured by all the experts that the vaccine would solve all our problems. Were those experts lying to me?

          1. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey had a few choice words for the “unvaccinated folks” in the state and blamed them for the rise in Covid-19 cases.

            “Folks are supposed to have common sense,” Ivey told a reporter in response to a question about what it’s going to take for people to get vaccinated.

            “But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” she continued.

            Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the country with only 38 percent of the state’s population receiving at least one vaccine dose. According to state statistics, 31 percent were fully vaccinated as of Tuesday. Over the past two weeks, the rolling average number of daily new coronavirus cases in the state was up by 694 or 573 percent.

            1. What does she know? Sure, she’s in the right party, but she’s a *girl!*

            2. Like lefty shits everywhere, shitlord here is more than willing to stick his nose into othe4r peoples’ business.

              1. People putting other’s at risk are the other’s business.

                1. Wait, what happened to mutations?

                  1. This, Queen Amalthea/Mike.
                    You were just saying vaccines were useless because mutation.

                    1. Not at all, it’s sad that’s what you concluded from what I actually did say though. No wonder you’ve got such weird views on medicine!

                    2. “Moonrocks
                      August.5.2021 at 10:57 am
                      Flag Comment Mute User
                      So you need a vaccine, and then a booster shot, and then you still need to wear a mask because the vaccine is totally effective, and then you also need to get a vaccine for your totally effective vaccine?

                      Queen Amalthea
                      August.5.2021 at 11:01 am
                      Flag Comment Mute User
                      Mutation, how does it work?”

                      Do try to keep track of your fifty-center agitprop, Mike.

                2. “People putting other’s at risk are the other’s business.”

                  Like lefty shits everywhere queen asshole invents reasons to control everything people do.
                  Fuck off and die. Soon.

            3. “But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” she continued.

              Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the country with only 38 percent of the state’s population receiving at least one vaccine dose.
              Looks to me like the ‘regular folks’ are the ones who aren’t getting the shot.

      2. >>… need to get a vaccine for your totally effective vaccine

        and I’m the dumb one for avoiding it all.

    3. Should save the doses for countries with much lower first shot vaccination rates.

      1. Depends. How is the government contract being paid out? Is it being paid per shot?

    4. I at least expect to get a new flavor. I’m bored with this alpha strain spike protein.

    5. So basically you’re gonna need boosters until you eventually get the virus anyway, then keep taking the boosters forever anyway.

    6. “antibody levels are likely to wane, company says.”

      I keep seeing this.

      Vaccines aren’t shots full of antibodies injected into people. They don’t need to be ‘topped up’.

      Vaccines teach the body how to MAKE antibodies. That’s the whole point.

  25. Oh, and the Chron has finally heard that the NY governor, a guy named Cuomo, may be in some trouble, but you’ll find it under the fold, pg 8, and nowhere in the E-version of the paper.
    Too ‘local’ I guess.

    1. Or you’re too senile to just read another paper.

      I suggest the New York Times if you have such a hard on for Cuomo.

  26. New York lawmakers are prepared to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    Cuomo is the only Democratic governor openly accused of groping the interns but he’s not the only one accused of killing grannies and the DNC is desperate to get rid of him over the groping charges before anybody starts digging into the granny killing.

    1. In today’s society, groping is much worse than killing.

      1. And mean words are worst of all.

        1. Oh, don’t get me started.

  27. “Some companies including Disney and Whole Foods, the grocery chain that is owned by Amazon, are charging subscribers more for compelling extras. Others including Spotify and YouTube are experimenting with subscriptions that cost less but come with compromises.”

    The good thing about subscription services is that they lower the dependence on advertising, and advertisers are the driving force behind market driven censorship.

    The reason they can have so much smut on HBO and not on broadcast television is because one model is based on subscriptions and the other is based on advertising.

    The reason journalists can write things on Substack that they can’t put on a news site that depends more on advertising is because willing subscribers protects them from the concerns of advertisers.

    Joe Rogan couldn’t get away with saying the things he says if he were on a platform that was heavily dependent on advertising rather than subscription revenue, and now that Spotify is offering a 99 cent ad supporter tier, they will become more dependent on advertising.

    As these platforms become more subscription oriented, they should become less susceptible to cancel culture–and as they become more advertising oriented, they will become more susceptible to cancel culture.

    1. Tiered pricing makes sense for some platforms and customers. I pay a bunch of money for the “good” internet because I have children and we use more. My mom pays like $30/mo because she uses internet to check her email and shop on Amazon.

      Subscription services are becoming more appealing to customers for exactly the reasons you state: you can get a better product that’s more tailored to your interests than you can with the products that rely on ads. People are also sick of being bombarded with ads all the time. They’re starting to realize that if the service is “free,” you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

      As long as there are people willing to pay, and the platforms are charging a rate that people are willing to pay, people will subscribe to the packages they want, and the platforms make money.

      If they’re thinking they’re going to hold veiwers hostage to unreasonable pricing and subscription demands, they obviously don’t remember that before HBO came up with a streaming platform, GoT was the most pirated show ever because people didn’t want to pay exhorbitant amounts of money for a cable package just to watch one show.

    2. I don’t think that tracks, HBO to take just one of your examples, which is owned by Time Warner, would drop someone if they didn’t want their brand to be associated with them. What’s happening is that suddenly white, straight men are finding they can’t say whatever they want without being called out on it. It’s been that way forever for women, minorities, gays, etc.,

      1. “…What’s happening is that suddenly white, straight men are finding they can’t say whatever they want without being called out on it. It’s been that way forever for women, minorities, gays, etc.,”

        Newly arriving on our shelves: Woke Whine!

        1. Oh, and it doesn’t age for shit.

        2. Lol, the fear of the privileged is certainly something, isn’t it?

          1. “LOL”
            Please fuck off and die, taking your lefty shit whining with you.

            1. “How………..

              Wow, every accusation really is a confession!

              1. “Wow, every accusation really is a confession!”

                Yeah, got me. I use LOL all the time!

            2. This always amuses me. If white, straight men are so incredibly privileged and run everything, everywhere, what could they possibly have to be afraid of?

              According to these dipshits, white men have all the money, hold all the important positions of power and authority, run the entire economy, and have the ability to opposes anyone they want, ever. Sounds like a pretty secure position to me.

              1. “what could they possibly have to be afraid of?”

                It’s off-white fragility.

                1. It’s lefty piles of shit!

      2. WTF?

        1. Justifying their own bigotry.

          1. More like laughing at the increasing impotency of yours.

            1. More like whining.

            2. The funny thing is it’s billionaire white men and powerful, lily-white politicians that are pushing this garbage and Amalthea Mike knows it.

              Wokeness is not about taking power from The Man. Wokeness is The Man’s way of securing his power over the rest of us.

              1. And that should be pretty clear from how much of the focus is on knocking white guys down a peg rather than improving respect for everyone’s rights.

                1. Not white guys, but the working class as a whole. The “white” bit is just to obfuscate the real target.

      3. What’s happening is that suddenly white, straight men are finding they can’t say whatever they want without being called out on it. It’s been that way forever for women, minorities, gays, etc.,

        Like Deb Frisch?

        1. Free speech isn’t a privilege, and straight white men have been called out for saying stupid shit since forever. Ask George Wallace how that “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever” speech hurt him when he wanted to run for president.

          1. In fairness, he didn’t realize that this would be the motto of the Great Awokening 50 years later.

            1. He was just ahead of his time.

              1. A visionary.

                1. Kkkarnakkk the magnificent.

                  1. “They’ll be repeating my campaign slogan in 50 years.”
                    “Oh-ho-ho, repeating the slogan, haha…”
                    ::opens envelope::
                    “Black Lives Matter”

      4. Building a house of victim cards. Sorry, Queenie, it’s not just white straight guys that are getting burned at the stake. See Kevin Hart.
        On the flip side, Ricky Gervais has the right response to your off-white fragility.

        1. I watched Kevin Hart this morning on Peacock, he seemed pretty unscorched.

          I mean, the whole ‘burnt at the stake’ really speaks volumes about how fragile your privilege is seeming to you nowadays.

          1. “…I mean, the whole ‘burnt at the stake’ really speaks volumes about how fragile your privilege is seeming to you nowadays.”

            Lefty shits specialize in two-bit psycho-analysis. And they’re full of shit.

          2. My privilege is pretty solid, but thanks for your concern.

          3. You can see here that at the heart of Amalthea Mike’s invective is class warfare. A hatred of the working class and a desire to destroy their “privileges”.

            And what is that noxious privilege he wants to destroy composed of? The right to free speech, to attain wealth and to ensure your own security.

      5. “I don’t think that tracks, HBO to take just one of your examples, which is owned by Time Warner, would drop someone if they didn’t want their brand to be associated with them.”

        —-Queen Amalthea

        How does this contradict what I wrote?

        “The reason they can have so much smut on HBO and not on broadcast television is because one model is based on subscriptions and the other is based on advertising . . . .

        As these platforms become more subscription oriented, they should become less susceptible to cancel culture–and as they become more advertising oriented, they will become more susceptible to cancel culture.”

        —-Ken Shultz

        I didn’t say anything about absolutes. I didn’t say Adolf Hitler could get a talk show on HBO.

        The reason they don’t show Khal Drogo bending a naked Daenerys over and raping her on their wedding night on ABC is because the advertisers wouldn’t have it. The reason we don’t see a never ending series of naked women on NBC, as Tyrion romps through his favorite whorehouses season after season, is because the advertisers wouldn’t have it.

        One of the reasons government censorship of broadcast media is so completely unnecessary is because advertisers are far more aggressive in censoring offensive content than politicians some government bureaucrat–and they’re much better at approximating what their intended audiences find offensive than government bureaucrats or politicians, too.

        On Disney’s ABC, when Khal Drogo married Daenerys Stormborn, it turns into Beauty and the Beast.

        Most people don’t need all that explained to them. Why do you?

        1. Most people don’t need all that explained to them. Why do you?

          Because he’s a disingenuous, fifty-centing troll, who’s been told to harrass you.

          1. They are being paid to harass Ken.

      6. Fuck off with your racist shit. Equality created by pulling everyone down to the same level is not something to seek or be happy about. Assuming that “white privilege” is even a valid concept (I think it is far more elite privilege than white privilege: there is no way in which a poor white guy from the holler in West Virginia is more privileged than a middle class black person from Connecticut), the answer (unless you are an evil, vindictive piece of shit) is to try to treat everyone else the way white males have been treated, not to turn the tables, or force everyone (who isn’t a connected elite) into the same lowly position in society.

      7. It’s been that way forever for women, minorities, gays, etc.,

        I know right? Like when someone accused Oscar Wilde of being a sodomite and when he sued them for libel, he couldn’t even say that he wasn’t. So sad that homosexuals into antiquity couldn’t claim to be straight and sue people who said otherwise.

        It’s a shame even up to the 70s that even popular, successful, and high profile people like Marlon Brando couldn’t say things like “Homosexuality is so much in fashion, it no longer makes news. Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed.” without suffering any consequences.

    3. Except… there now seems to be a trend to corner the market with subscriptions and, when the old market is dead, add back in the advertising.

      Cable was supposed to be pay for it and not get commercials. That didn’t last long. Hulu was tv without ads… but now ads. Amazon Prime, holy crap the ads. I paid for that last year and in between every show another ad (for the same thing, over and over and over) and they have a lot of “Free… with ads” stuff that used to just be free with prime.

      Don’t get me started on your phone. It’s nothing but an advertising device. You pay $900 for your own portable computer and monthly fees just to use it, but everything you do on it is inundated with ads. Any search is manipulated by advertisers, you can’t even find REAL information on the web anymore without weeding through the paid and manipulated search results. Almost any website you hit is littered with ads, or is nothing but one giant ad. Nobody ever answers their phone because it’s always a telemarketer, and that’s technically illegal. And everything you do, every physical movement you make, is logged and sent to advertising companies like the Google to sell more ads. Even my symphony tickets are phone-only starting next year, and you have to install THEIR app, which tracks your movements and sends you targeted ads as you walk around the venue. They promised that like it was a good thing.

      So I get what you mean. But I’m not sanguine that subscriptions will remain out of the realm of the advertisers, who ruin EVERYTHING sooner or later.

      1. You can pay extra for ad free in most of these subscription services, right?

        . . . or usually, it’s that they’ll let you watch ads for a lower subscription price. It’s like that with Spotify now. Listening to ads for a subscription price of 99 cents a month is an option where it wasn’t before. Before, you had to either pay for the full subscription or get nothing.

        1. No, you can’t. Not with ones I’ve used (prime), not with cable TV which is pretty much nothing but ads, not with a lot of things.

          And try to use your phone, at all, without being inundated. There’s no alternative other than going back to a flip phone. One of the greatest pieces of technology in years has been completely corrupted (though I blame the “free” business model bait and switch more for that than subscriptions).

          Understand, I’m not talking about digital video services. This is everything. Everyone wants everything to be subscription, it’s the “new” business model just like Just In Time became the new business model a generation ago. But the advertising industry still sees the world like telemarkers once saw old people and spammers see inboxes.

          You’re completely ignoring what happens to the markets after they’ve been captured. The “give it away for free” model I just mentioned is not free, we kind of get that they’ve just hidden the advertising and surveillance and now made it so no other business model can compete. But the point is that, once you go down that road, it will get worse. Much worse. Because it always does. And all the “pay for it monthly” services are now doing just that.

          I can’t NOT use my phone with the symphony, for instance. Next year, no paper tickets. You HAVE to use their app, so be inundated with their tracking and their advertising. The alternative to having to have your phone with you is to no longer go to concerts — and this is the SYMPHONY, not rock and/or roll concerts, where ringing cellphones are the bane of their existence during a performance.

          This is just one from my list of examples, but if you can’t see how it happens you’re either being deliberately obtuse, or just aren’t creative enough.


    Piecing together this story: Durán went to the hospital, fell asleep on the couch in the waiting room, was admitted, got sent home because they didn’t find symptoms meriting medication.

    Now she’s threatening lawsuits for medical negligence and malpractice.

    Do I have that right? [Link]

    1. She’s a “disability activist.”

      I don’t know if it was here or somewhere else, where I read a story about “disability acitvists” filing hundreds of lawsuits a year all over the country. It’s a fucking scam. They go to public places, looking for ADA violations. Sometimes they drive around in a van and look for them. When they find them, they sue. One guy said he “only” gets about $4000 for every lawsuit he wins. But he filed 181 lawsuits in one year. Even if he loses half of them, at $4000 per win, he’s still making $360k.

    2. Another screen shotted tweet said she went to the ER for her cardiac condition. Meaning she probably has a diagnosed condition, and the ER staff probably treated her for her immediate symptoms and then told her to go see her cardiologist for follow up.


    Cori Bush: I’m going to make sure I have private security but defunding the police needs to happen. [Video]

    1. Damn these Republicans like Cori Bush trying to defund the police!

    2. I didn’t vote for her.

      1. You don’t know that for sure.

        1. lol seventeen times.

        2. LMAO….that was a great one, Unicorn.

        3. “Even snowball 1 voted for Bob”

        4. Could me multiples

    3. I’ll say this–she’s the perfect representative of the people in her district.


    CNN cornered a doctor when he was shirtless to confront him over why he said masks “may not work” and that vaccines “may be dangerous.” Appalling. [Video]

    1. “We stalked you all over Florida so we can ask you a bunch of loaded questions, basically accusing you of being a murdered… Wait! Why won’t you speak to us, even though we have no interest in your actual answers?”

    2. Wow. Looks like CNN tried to cut costs by sending out a local consumer affairs reporter.

      1. First of all, it’s awful what happened to her. However, it says right in the article: “Medical experts are unsure whether the vaccine caused her complications”

        1. Translation: Medical experts are pretty sure that her symptoms, which are consistent with known and documented side effects of the vaccine, are due to the vaccine. They just don’t want to say so publicly because they’ll get fired.”

          1. They just don’t want to say so publicly because they’ll get fired and rather literally dressed down in public by the media not for doing their best to follow the science and do no harm, but because they said something wrong, but not incorrect, out loud.


            1. We’ve gone past just portraying the little boy in The Emperor’s New Clothes as the bad guy and begun hounding him in the middle of changing clothes because he’s naked too.

        2. Nice use of the passive voice there.

  31. “Apple’s alleged new photo-scanning policy is raising alarms about what it means for user encryption and privacy”



      Uh, yes? You do know you don’t have to use an Apple phone, don’t you?

      1. You do know that it’s okay to criticize companies who spy, harrass and censor you, even if they’re private.

        Also, should Apple reimburse you for the purchase of your spyphone if you don’t agree to the new T&C?

        You’re such a disingenuous fascist, Amalthea Mike.

        1. Not to mention that I’d lay 10:1 odds that if Google or various app providers aren’t already doing this then, within a year, they will be. 20:1 if Apple succeeds.

          What Cambridge Analytica did was an egregious breech of the democratic process and public trust but Apple doing it times 10 is OK as long a; a) we don’t know the details and b) no Trump.

          1. It doesn’t matter if the other team is a living embodiment of all the worst parts of “1984” and “Brave New World”, because orangemanbad.

      2. Paid troll, put this feckless cunt on ignore people

        1. Where do I sign up for that Soros money Seatbelt?

          I call you fascists out for free, but I’d love to get paid!

          Are you Mormon seatbelt? Is that why you don’t seem to like me?

          Or are you a bitter old senile crank like Sevo?

          1. Hello! It seems like you have some confusion about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often referred to as Mormons. After some consideration, I have decided to stop lurking and try to answer your questions.

      3. You do know you don’t have to use an Apple phone, don’t you?

        Hurrrrr do you have a cite? Hurrrrrrrr…

  32. why are we still appealing to authority on a cold virus?

    1. Probably because appealing to idiots who think “freedumb” is the most important thing isn’t working out so well.

      1. Why did the UK have another spike then?

        1. Try as they might they haven’t been able to regulate spikes yet, only kitchen knives.

      2. appealing to idiots who think “freedumb” is the most important thing

        So you’re fine with tracking and quarantining people with far deadlier viruses, like say, Aids, then?

      3. totes dude. everyone’s dying. dying! verge of extinction in Dallas.

      4. Many people actually died so you could have freedom.
        It’s kind of important.

      5. Probably because appealing to idiots who think “freedumb” is the most important thing

        You’ll make a good slave.


    “About 1.8 million fewer women were employed in May 2021 compared to February 2020, before COVID-19 swept across the country. Let’s support women as they reenter the workforce. #40×40”

    Totally has nothing to do with the fact that service work and schools were shut down for a year.

    1. He’s donating 40 minutes of his time, as a man- a very rich man- to “mentor” a woman returning to the workforce.

      That should be totally helpful and useful to her.

      1. He can mansplain how it works, over dinner, most likely.

        1. It’s only 40 minutes, so she’s not even getting dinner.

          1. I think he could finish dinner in 39 minutes.

    2. Im not sure what useful advice he has. His whole career is duping white-guilt ridden folks and giving ammunition to grievance pedaling activists. I dont know what use that is to someone reentering the workforce unless they are black women and the advice is : “leverage the hell out of how much of a victim you are”

  34. Here’s some laughs from a few days ago in case you missed it. White Mike pretending he and his sockpuppet were different people, and being very flattering to himself.

    Mike Laursen
    July.31.2021 at 12:03 pm
    Flag Comment Mute User
    White Knight pointed out, correctly, that you are very logical, but quite unaware that you often engage in not seeking out information that goes against your narratives, garbage-in/garbage-out logic, and not checking your conclusions for basic sanity. You should have listened to White Knight.

    1. White Mike pretending he and his sockpuppet were different people, and being very flattering to himself

      What a fucking embarrassment, considering he said waaaaay back in the beginning that he changed his screenname to that specifically because people were mocking him for being such a lefty simp.

      1. It’s like how he defended himself ferociously for five months for fucking up the chemical formula for water, and then suddenly tried to pretend that someone had spoofed his nick, and declaimed any knowledge.

    2. Chumby pointed out, correctly, that White Mike is an idiot.

      1. Gumby posts funny things. KAR laughs at those funny things.

        KAR always makes well thought out arguments about why Mormons are bad.

        1. If by KAR you mean me then thank you!

          1. Isn’t your sock supposed to have a different handle? I’m not very good at this whole sock thing.

            1. It was a joke

  35. “In the U.K., 88 percent of adults have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 73 percent have received two doses. In the U.S., it’s 70 percent for one dose and 60 percent for two, according to NBC News.”

    The salient point. We really shouldn’t have to care that much but we got a bunch of idiots thinking they know better than scientists that they don’t need the vaccine.

    I otherwise wouldn’t give a fuck but these are the same assholes causing ICU admissions to approach unsustainable levels. Go get vaccinated people.

    1. So you’re saying that all those people getting vaccinated didn’t do shit to stop their own recent spike, and that evolution is kicking the experts’ collective ass?

    2. Weren’t you just telling people to mask up and isolate because the vaccine doesn’t work because Delta variant?

    3. Now do every country in the EU. Or Japan, or Canada, or Mexico. How are the vaccination rates in Australia and New Zealand?

      The fact that there are a few countries that have higher vaccination rates than we do currently, doesn’t mean we aren’t high on the leaderboard:

    4. The U.S. has 325 million people.

      325 million * .6 = 195 million people vaccinated.

      The U.K. has 65 million.

      65 million * .73 = 48 million people vaccinated.

      We’ve surpassed the number of vaccinated people in the U.K. by almost 400%.

      Meanwhile, the vaccination regression line is probably more of a linear thing rather than geometric. As more people are vaccinated, they don’t go out and vaccinate others. If the UK had five times as many people, their percentage of unvaccinated would probably be higher.

    5. Full of shit leftie paid troll

  36. What’s up, Peanuts?

    Whoa! Just found this!

    GDP Growth Under Trump Was the Worst Since Hoover

    But Donnie-Boy kept saying his was the strongest economy ever!

    1. What’s up, Pederast?

      Paid your bet yet?

    2. Yes, Buttplug knows that Trump had the greatest economy in decades until Covid shut down the planet, but he’s paid to pretend he doesn’t.
      So here we are.

    3. Do not pass go; head directly to jail.

    4. Buttplug decided to sell his iPhone (see above) and get one of those super secure ones from China


    “To test the design, acceptance, implementation, and financial sustainability of a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.”


    “test whether we can sneak this back-door middle class tax hike by without them noticing.”

    1. It’s “back-door” all right. Good and hard. But I’m pretty sure everyone will feel it.

      What happened to taxing the rich the Democrats were all on about, anyway? This targets the poor and working class. Which makes sense I guess, because the working class is the Democrats main enemy.

      1. The actual invome tax bills will be where they pretend to raise taxes on the rich. I say pretend because we all know, “the rich” won’t pay any significantly higher amount because they can afford to hire lawyers and accountants to make sure they don’t. And the bills will raise marginal rates and capital gains, but won’t touch any of the exemptions or write offs.

        They’ll continue to squeeze the middle class by raising the cost of living until their standard of living is in the shitter.

        The poor, well, they’re just collateral damage. Democrats don’t actually care about poor people, so they’re willing to kill some of them to get what they want.

    2. Also, a great way to sneak in national citizen tracking. Got to record those miles, and incidentally everywhere everyone goes at the same time.

      1. Sneak in national tracking? If you carry a cell phone then you’re already being tracked.

        1. But by perfectly fine private companies.
          That’s different.

          1. You weren’t in class when they talked about Stingrays?

        2. Yeah, the camel has already snuck into the tent.

        3. I see this as giving more government entities a “legitimate” use of everyone’s data. No way this doesn’t increase abuse.

    3. Well, need to get electric vehicle drivers to pay for the roads somehow. Maybe it should only apply to vehicles that don’t use taxed fuel. EVs are probably already completely trackable anyway.

      Seems like you could also do this with an annual odometer check when you register a vehicle. But that’s still going to hit the poor harder.

      1. Our state annual registration requires the odometer reading. It is currently an honor system deal and does not affect the fee. And my insurance also asks for this and that does affect the premium.

        1. If it becomes a big cost, odometer fraud will probably be more of a thing too. And eventually it will go to tracking in some way or other. Fuel tax has its problems, but it’s anonymous and doesn’t require extra infrastructure or massive invasions of privacy.

      2. Why? EVs are light. Like passenger cars they cause minimal wear and tear on roads. Big trucks are the culprit. Yes they pay more in gas taxes, but I’m not convinced that that offsets the damage they cause.

        1. They should pay what other light passenger cars do, anyway. If we are really moving towards a change to electric vehicles. I don’t want to subsidize them even more than they already are. Getting trucks to pay more for the wear they put on roads seems like a good idea.

        2. Whether big truck taxes offset the damage they do is irrelevant because trucks don’t pay taxes, consumers do.

          1. Yeah, ultimately. But all consumers don’t consume everything. Still better to have the roads paid for by those who use them. Also provides incentives to find more efficient or cost effective ways to transport goods.

    4. Fine, scrap the gas tax and use this instead.

  38. “What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant”

    It’s a flu virus, like every other flu virus?

    1. What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant

      They actually say ‘delta’ and not some archaic stupidity like ‘zed’ or ‘aluminium’.

    2. Pretty much, even if it’s not technically flu.

      Counting total cases at this point seems foolish. If you are vaccinated, getting COVID is no worse than a typical flu, perhaps no worse than an ordinary cold. You don’t need to be protected from catching it by legal mandates imposed on others. If you are not vaccinated, when you had the opportunity to be, then that is your choice, and it should not be the duty of others to protect you against the consequences of your own folly.

  39. Wonder if Reason will cover this.

    By the end of the day on March 16th, six people were in custody: including Freeman, his girlfriend, and a married couple who lived nearby. Two co-hosts on the radio show were also named: DiMezzo and a man born as Richard Paul, who had legally changed his name to Nobody in protest of the bureaucratic state. According to the indictment, all six had been involved in Freeman’s Bitcoin dispenser business. An indictment filed under seal the day before the raid counted out thirteen instances when someone from the group had contacted a bank on behalf of the business since April 2017, listing each call or email as a count of wire fraud.
    The defense lawyers describe the project in more idealistic terms. “The defendants were a loosely affiliated group of people with libertarian political leanings that included a strong belief that Bitcoin was a great development for those who champion human freedom,” one filing reads.

    1. What was the crime? A suspicious feeling that they must be up to something?

      1. Nevermind. I missed half the story.

  40. Basically, as the NYT itself surprisingly wrote last week, Delta raged through quickly and dissipated quickly in both Indian and the UK. Ergo, no need to panic. But what did we do? We panicked—and now we have both LA and NYC mandating vaccines in order to go out in public, with a growing hell-scape of dystopian life elsewhere.

    If only a REALLY apocalyptic virus would make its way through the population and take out these hysterics.

  41. What We Can Learn From the U.K. About the Delta Variant?
    Fear is a great way to control the general populace!

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