The Biden Administration's Mixed COVID-19 Messages Discourage Vaccination

Federal officials invited alarmist press coverage of breakthrough infections.


If you want more Americans to be vaccinated against COVID-19, emphasizing that they could still catch the disease and transmit it to others even after they get their shots may not be the best strategy. Yet that is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did last week, generating "alarmist" and "hyperbolic" press coverage that dismayed Biden administration officials, who rightly worried that it would deter vaccination.

Major news outlets deserve criticism for hyping the danger posed by breakthrough infections. But they were taking their cues from federal officials, who exaggerated that danger even while trying to reassure the public about the effectiveness of vaccines.

With COVID-19 cases caused by the especially contagious delta variant of the coronavirus surging in many parts of the country, the main priority should be persuading vaccine-leery Americans that widespread inoculation is the key to conquering the pandemic and returning to normal life. Notwithstanding the delta variant, vaccines remain highly effective at preventing life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms, as reflected in the fact that vaccinated Americans account for a tiny share of hospitalizations and deaths.

It has always been clear that vaccines are not completely effective at preventing infection, and data from other countries suggest that the risk of breakthrough infections is higher now that the delta variant accounts for the vast majority of new cases. Yet unvaccinated people are still much more likely to be infected than vaccinated people.

That point was frequently lost in the breathless reporting on the CDC's decision to recommend that vaccinated Americans who live in "areas of substantial or high transmission" resume wearing face masks in public places. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and Ben Wakana, deputy director of strategic communications and engagement for the White House COVID-19 Response Team, contributed to the confusion by grossly exaggerating the likelihood of breakthrough infections.

The estimates offered by Walensky and Wakana, which seemed to be based on a misunderstanding of the effectiveness rates reported in vaccine studies, implied that vaccinated people face a higher risk of infection than unvaccinated people do. That message was plainly inconsistent with the CDC's repeated statements that breakthrough infections remain "rare" and that unvaccinated people account for "the vast majority" of virus transmission.

The official justification for the CDC's new mask advice was evidence indicating that viral loads in nasal samples from vaccinated people infected by the delta variant were similar to viral loads in nasal samples from unvaccinated people. "High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with delta can transmit the virus," Walensky said on Friday, when the CDC published a study of a July outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Contrary to what the ensuing press coverage implied, the CDC did not actually say that vaccinated carriers were just as likely to transmit the virus as unvaccinated carriers. On that score, the implications of the Provincetown study remain unclear, and researchers are still trying to determine the extent to which the Massachusetts cases described by the CDC were caused by vaccinated carriers.

"I want to be clear," Walensky told reporters on Monday. "While vaccinated people can spread the virus if they get a breakthrough infection, the odds of them getting sick in the first place are far lower than [the odds for] those who are unvaccinated."

That clarity is welcome, if belated. But leaving aside the misinformation disseminated by Walensky and Wakana, the CDC's new mask guidance itself implied that vaccinated Americans are playing an important role in spreading the delta variant, even as Wakana emphasized that "vaccinated individuals represent a VERY SMALL amount of transmission occurring around the country."

A recent increase in daily vaccination numbers suggests that the surge in COVID-19 cases and reports about dying patients who regretted their decision to eschew vaccines have persuaded some waverers. The Biden administration should focus on encouraging that trend instead of sending mixed messages that undermine public confidence in vaccines.

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  1. “Major news outlets deserve criticism for hyping the danger posed by breakthrough infections. But they were taking their cues from federal officials”

    This can’t be true. I’ve been assured that the media is not receiving directions from the government.

    1. The entire scientific community is in agreement. Just look at videos on YouTube. Not a single contrary opinion.

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      2. Just look for the government approval stamp!

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    3. I can’t speak for the rest of the U.S., but in my area you can get a FREE covid test and a FREE covid vaccine. However, if you want a covid antibody test, then either you or your insurance has to pay for it.

      Sounds more political than medical to me.

  2. The lack of credibility of the Biden administration as well as the CDC is a factor. Mixed messages is a euphemism.

    1. Mixed (and confusing) messaging is a strategy.

  3. The jabbed sheep are the superspreaders now. As we all learned from one of the greatest works in American literature (Richard Matheson specifically), the vaccinated guy is the REAL MONSTER.

    1. Wait, I thought un-masked vaccinated guy is the monster now.

    2. Will Smith should be jabbed in the eye for ruining that movie adaptation. That dénouement, in the book, is one of the greatest endings in fiction.

  4. “Yet unvaccinated people are still much more likely to be infected than unvaccinated people.”

    What about people that have had it and recovered? Still ignoring that. Why?

    1. None of them recovered. 100% mortality rate. It is known.

    2. And you can’t have a false dichotomy with 3 groups.

      1. trichotomy?

    3. Getting sick (and natural immunity) is NOT government approved.

    4. I’ve come to believe government stupidity.

      They didn’t collect good data (the initial stupidity) and so they can’t apply that data to current cases nor have they tracked the overlap between previously infected and vaccine administration. Follow on stupidity is likely a conscious decision for consistency in messaging.

      “Too late now. So let’s not change streams in the middle of the horse,” or some such.

      Sad when I believe in incompetence so strongly. I almost wish it was genuine malice. Road to hell, good intentions, yadda yadda.

  5. Perhaps in his last interview Biden shouldn’t have gone on the tangent about wearing an onion on his belt which was the style at the time

    1. And someone needs to tell him to stop yelling at clouds.

  6. People who aren’t getting vaccinated aren’t balking because they don’t think it’ll will advance the greater good. So this news won’t affect them.

    1. More liberty for people to choose which vaccines they want to pay for and which vaccines they want to receive. More accurate pricing for vaccines that are in demand vs. vaccines that no one wants/needs. Less ability for the government to potentially foist syphillis on Guatamalans and poor black people. Less ability for the CIA to alienate foreigners by running operations in the ME using vaccinations as cover. How is that not greater good?

  7. I haven’t gotten vaccinated for several reasons, even though I think it would be a good idea, that the mRNA vaccines in particular are good and safe.
    * I hardly ever get even ordinary colds. Part of me thinks I should avoid the COVID vaccination just because my immune system seems to work pretty well, and I don’t want to jinx it. But that’s not a real reason. It just reduces the urgency.
    * I live in the boonies. I get to the nearest city with vaccinations once every month or 6 weeks.
    * The idea of vaccine passports infuriates me. All this talk of demanding I prove vaccination just to get groceries or pump gas gets my back up. If they ever do mandate vaccination, I will lie my ass off. If I do get the vaccination, I will try to do it under a fake name, I will shred any vaccination certificate they give me, and I will never confirm or deny that I have had the vaccine.
    * And lastly, yes, the government can’t coordinate their advice, and that gives me a fine excuse next time some Karen whines. If there is no legal advantage to getting vaccinated, why should I?

    I’ll probably get the vaccine some time this year. But I am in no hurry.

    1. Half-educated, anti-social, disaffected, backwater clingers are among my favorite culture war casualties.

      Carry on . . . your betters will let you know how long and how far, though.

      1. Half-educated totalitarian clingers let themselves be injected with any drug the state says they should be injected with because they are too dumb to distinguish their actual betters from the kind of ignorant dregs of society that make it into government offices.

        1. Nothing says “completely educated” like abject reliance on more educated individuals. Even when what they tell you is chock full of nonsense.

      2. >>among my favorite culture war casualties

        If I can make it the rest of my life on your fave list I’ll have done it right.

      3. Lol this fucker is going to be a lampshade soon

  8. I wonder how many of the unvaccinated are landlords told by the same CDC that they can’t evict their deadbeat tenents.

    1. There are likely a ton of unvaccinated squatters. Maybe they can punt them because of vaccination status since they can’t do it for stealing free rent.

  9. Vaccines are not completely effective at preventing infection, I lost my friends after vaccination. 🙁

    1. Reason writers were telling us it was 100% effective at preventing death. They lie just like the government.

    2. Meaning – they are no longer friends?

      1. Tough to remain friends over the mask/no mask thing.

        1. That’s true and I wish that weren’t so. But it is.

          My sister chose not to vax for newagey type reasons and she has now gone down the rabbithole of antivax shit. I love her and hope her kids and her remain ok – but I know I can no longer talk to her about the vax because it will backfire.

          A cousin and her family (kids and grandkids) all nonvax for the more political reasons/sources. All 10 got hit this weekend on vacation at their cabin. All symptomatic – two more serious so far but no hosp – no comorbities (though the doctor among them has immuno-issues). Their sister called them to find how they were doing and the response was an, unfriendly, ‘How’d you find out?’

          If extended families can’t figure out how to support each other in whatever reality they can share, there is no freaking hope. nb – this doesn’t have shit to do with masks.

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  11. There’s the “crying wolf” problem. People can only live in panic for so long before they become numb to the panic and you gotta ratchet it up if you want them to stay panicked.

    But what if the shepherd boy is working in conjunction with the wolf? Instead of deriding the efforts of the government as a backfiring effort to panic us, maybe consider that that’s the real intention of the government, to make us numb to panic? What is it they’re planning, what terrible thing is it they know is coming down the pike that they don’t want us panicking about that they know we damn sure should be panicking about?

    I mean, they all talked about the dangers of Trump “normalizing” bizarre behavior by the President, yet it set us up to accept Joe Biden as a “normal” President, didn’t it? Get people used to living in unusual circumstances and they’ll accept any degree of unusualness.

    1. But some people can live in panic longer than others. And some people think that if we just comply MORE they’ll stop the panic. Which is a good way to divide us more, and dehumanize people that won’t comply with all government edicts. That’s the game.

      Now they can do almost anything to people, and half the people will cheer it on. Just look at some of the comments here.

      1. I have heard terrifying comments from lefties in the grocery store discussing it amongst each other, some woke family members etc. Everything from the police stopping people in public that dont have a mask on and ticketing/arresting them, to having a vaccine passport to get groceries, to even mandatory lockdowns on places known for having low vax rates keeping people in their houses.

        Then of course the ones on here that argue for no medical care if you didnt vax.

        It is truly terrifying how quickly they will turn on “the unclean” and desire a nanny/police state as long as its in line with their ideology. You can see how so many societies have fallen in history.

        1. Modern day leprosy.

        2. There are certain personality types that actually like feeling fear. For them, fear and weakness are a virtue, and most then crave authorities who both claim to empathize and offer strong protective leadership. They really do not want the state of panic to end, but are quite eager to live a restricted life.

        3. Then of course the ones on here that argue for no medical care if you didnt vax.

          Well since I resemble that remark, let me repeat. My ONLY issue is hospitals hitting capacity. I’ve been in places where that happened. We saw that happen in Wuhan early, Lombardy, NYC. It gets really ugly – for everyone – when that happens.

          I have no intention of singing Kumbaya and We Are All In Solidarity with the unvax if/when hospitals hit max – when they are the ones who will cause that problem. The resistant unvax in particular have been denying reality for over a year. This is an entirely preventable problem. This is just one more reality they will deny until the SHTF in those places where the SHTF.

          If this hurts your feels well fuck off. I no longer care to cater to the alternate reality here. The people working in hospitals who are having to go through this shit – AGAIN – are worthy of far more respect than the resistant delusional unvax. I’m just willing to say something those folks wouldn’t say.

          1. The only places we saw that were the places that sped up the curve by infecting all the at-risk at once. And while I don’t discount the idea that Cuomo might start throwing Covid patients back into nursing homes to distract from his other problems, I don’t think that’s going to happen anywhere else.

            1. JFC. Wuhan and Lombardy did NOT throw people into nursing homes. They were simply oblivious to what was happening until it was too late to play catch up. That is somewhat understandable when you are the first place to see something hit at the speed at which these things unfold.

              There is NO excuse for the same thing happening now in Florida. Ignore the particulars of policy. They are not even collecting/publishing the info at the state level more frequently than once a week now.

              1. No, not oblivious. They predicted a greater illness rate and need for hospital beds and made a (poorly) calculated decision that traded future risk for increased risk in nursing homes.

              2. Lol
                I live in Florida.
                Jfree is fantasizing

              3. Lol, in response to the statement we’re not going to have anyplace hit capacity at this point, Jfree brings up the first two places in the world that got hit.

          2. It’s not hurt feelings, it’s that jfree is so intellectually inferior that he shouldn’t be saying who should receive treatment, so biologically and morally inferior that he shouldn’t receive treatment, and so genetically inferior that his family should also be denied service.

          3. It’s a damn cold. Hospitals are not going to go under.

            Liberties forsaken are not returned. Grow some intellectual honesty or fuck off, slaver.

  12. When a President gets in an argument with the CDC, don’t we say that’s anti-science and make fun of how stupid he is?

  13. People like Walensky get to the top of their organizations by being good at bureaucratic infighting, not by being a good scientist. Of course she did not understand data about vaccine protection, but I would bet she knows who to blame for the bad press conference she gave.

    1. I don’t think that’s the case for Walensky, who wasn’t even in government until this year. She’s a piss-poor politician whose purpose as chair is to give the imprimatur of scientific authority to what is now a nakedly political organization.

      1. She came in with high hopes, but she made one comment on the virus that did not get cleared by the powers that be and she got smacked down but good. Since then she has become just another mouth piece pushing panic porn.

    2. *he



    3. She should have been fired the day she uttered the impending doom comment.

  14. What percentage defines highly effective as sullum talks about above and highly deadly when people perish from this? Where is the cut off on both ends? Is it used incorrectly on either end?
    This is not a vaccine doesn’t work message I’d just like some clarity of word usage. When I see the below I’d like to know the line of the usage of the word highly.

    0.048 vaccinated infection chance 0.43 not vaccinated

  15. But you all are missing the most important Biden administration achievement in fighting the pandemic: the head of the CDC is a woman!

  16. Confusion And Deceit

    For those who like confusion and deceit, they must be loving the pronouncements from government whether it be under Trump or Biden. Makes you wonder, “Whom can I trust?”

    See “To Confuse And Deceive” at … .

  17. If you want more Americans to be vaccinated against COVID-19,

    We have three unapproved vaccines using vectors and adjuvants with no long term safety tests used for no existing disease. Within only a few months of widespread usage, it turns out that they are far less effective than originally suspected and that people may need regular booster shots (despite often significant side effects). VAERS reports are spiking–literally. We have no idea even how different vaccines interact in the same person, so if you get a vaccine that later is determined to be less than optimal, you have no idea what to do next. Little is known about how vaccine interacts with previous COVID infection, since that’s usually not even tested for and we don’t even know the prevalence of acquired immunity.

    The sensible thing to do at this point is to recommend vaccinations only for people at significant risk from COVID-19 infection who haven’t been previously infected. Targets like 70% vaccination rates are absurd.

    1. > Within only a few months of widespread usage, it turns out that they are far less effective than originally suspected

      Bzzzt! Wrong! We suspected they would be only 80% to 90% effective. Turns out that the number of vaccinated people having to be hospitalized for Covid is 0.00004%. Meaning the vaccines worked a few orders of magnitude better than we expected.

      1. But you ignore that most new infections are among the vaccinated. Likely, immunity from the vaccines is short term, thus the need for frequent booster shots. For a disease that isn’t deadly or even likely to cause serious illness to healthy people.

        You also ignored the comment about the VAERS data, which is concerning.

      2. That is the fucking dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. By that logic not being vaccinated also has a super low hospitalization rate. Fucktard.

      3. We suspected they would be only 80% to 90% effective.

        The official claims are (and I quote): “Pfizer
        Effectiveness 95% effective 7 days after 2nd dose, Moderna 94.1% effective 14 days after 2nd dose”. Furthermore, that efficacy refers to “preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection”, not “preventing hospitalizations”.

        From a public health point of view, what matters most is that the vaccines were assumed to be effective against spread of the disease, but government recommendations on masking clearly mean that the government itself believes this assumption was wrong.

        An analysis of “the number of vaccinated people having to be hospitalized for Covid” is mostly meaningless in determining the efficacy of a vaccine.

        You’re lying about what the manufacturers originally claimed because you know I’m right: the vaccines are not accomplishing what they promised.

  18. How do we get out this pandemic? Reach heard immunity. What’s the quickest and most effective means of achieving that? Vaccines.

    But this administration has made vaccinations a tragedy of the commons. The vaccination itself is worthwhile to the individual, but any public health benefits to it are negated by policies that punish the vaccinated. There are new lockdowns despite 70% vaccination rates. My county just re-imposed a mask mandate for hte vaccinated, everywhere except in your own home, even though we have an 86% vaccination rate.

    I have protected myself from the ravages of a rare virus, but I have gained no other benefits. The law and the rules and the whims of politicians treat me exactly the same as if I were not vaccinated at all. So what’s the point? The unvaccinated didn’t get new rules, the vaccinated did. The vaccinated are literally being punished for getting vaccinated.

    It’s almost like Biden wants this crisis to continue forever, by encouraging the holdouts to holdout. Trumpistas think they’re striking a blow for populist rage, but they’re just doing what Biden wants them to do. Sleepy Joe is playing them like a fiddle.

    1. Brandy I feel like they’ve done what they want rather than you looking out for what’s best for your health they’ve now made you dislike maybe even hate the unvaccinated for make us get punished? The questions or challenges should be to why are we punished not what can we do to get unpunished. Everyone deserves more respect and dignity than we’ve gotten. This is embarrassing how the risk aversion has become risk punishment. I hate what a minority of people have done to use this past year.

      1. Friday the general rules in effect were the vaccinated don’t have to wear masks or socially distance, but the unvaccinated did. Monday the rules for the unvaccinated DID NOT CHANGE but the now the vaccinated need to mask an distance as well.

        New rules for the vaccinated, no new rules for the unvaccinated. That’s my problem, the vaccinated are being punished for getting vaccinated.

        1. I do see what your saying I think we just disagree on punishing anyone. I don’t think it should even be unvaccinated. I don’t think it’s right to act like this I know this happens but I’m really disappointed we turned each other against ourselves so easily by a few in charge and various media.

          Btw thanks for the measured reply as I will admit the Tony’s and Queen A’s of the world throw off discussion of differing viewpoints and get myself to reply terribly in response.

    2. Ok, what percentage of the population needs to have immunity, in order to reach herd immunity?

      If you have angst for unvaccinated people, you are the one being played.

      1. No angst. See my comment above.

        As for herd immunity we don’t really know. But above 80%, more likely 95%. Which is around where most diseases are.

        I’m expected a stable state of around twice as many deaths as from a bad flu season, and that’s only because most people never bother getting their flu shots. Let’s say, 100,000 dead each year. Too high for zero risk mentality, but well within reasonable acceptance. That’s a fifth the number of cancer deaths but three times the number of automobile deaths. I think we can reach that number if we get everyone vaccinated who can. But not everyone can.

        1. Ok, I got the impression you were supportive of the unvaccinated being punished, thus my comment about angst towards them.

          I feel like we should already be at herd immunity factoring the folks that recovered from Covid and those that have been vaccinated.

          1. He absolutely is.
            He’s weak and neurotic, thus everyone has to get the jab to make him feel safe.

    3. Reach heard immunity.

      We’ve already reached herd immunity. Something like 50% of the population is vaccinated and at least another 30-40% have contracted it (after 18 mos., if the infection rate is <30% how infectious is the disease).

      If herd immunity were a thing, Provincetown shouldn't have happened. You may argue that there were atypical behaviors going on but the issue wasn't methodological error (the sampling wasn't controlled) but that speaks to the vaccine efficacy and/or definition of the disease. A tetanus shot doesn't prevent 98% of people from getting tetanus but only 20% of the time in people who've stepped on rusty nails. If that were the case, either your vaccine sucks or you need to be more clear about what it means when you say you're preventing tetanus.

      1. If herd immunity were a thing, Provincetown shouldn’t have happened.

        That’s not the scenario that herd immunity prevents. Apparently there were around 200,000 mostly vaccinated people who went thru Provincetown during that time when there were 800 symptomatics and 7 hospitalized. If that 200k is true (which I’m not sure is true), then it really does show the vaccine works pretty well. Herd immunity would simply mean those 800 do not create a next Rstep of 5000 and then another Rstep of 30,000 etc.

        And since that hasn’t happened, it does appear that MA or Cape Cod IS actually close to herd immunity. It will get the initial direct outbreaks in a localized place (endemic) but that will not become epidemic.

        1. That’s not the scenario that herd immunity prevents.

          So, when you say this, are you saying herd immunity doesn’t protect 800-some people, ~75% of whom are vaccinated or that the vaccine doesn’t protect people?

          Pick your stats and show your work. In a random sample of 100, 500, or 1,000 people, 25, 50, or 75% of whom are vaccinated what are the odds that the vaccinated would outnumber the unvaccinated almost 4:1. With 1000 people 75% vaccinated (assuming 95% efficacy of the vaccine) there should’ve been 250 unvaccinated people and 38 vaccinated and that’s ignoring herd immunity. The numbers don’t add up unless you seriously and repeatedly fudge the definition of ‘immunity’ to fit whatever narrative you’re trying to push. Similar with your statement notion that it’s endemic but not an epidemic.

          1. Herd immunity means that the virus can no longer find enough non-immune people for the R to go over 1. If each person infected can only infect less than 1 new person, then the outbreak withers out.

            The numbers don’t add up

            I’ve already said before that the Provincetown outbreak has some serious data holes. esp the data breakout between residents of the town (where the vaccination rate was well OVER 100% – meaning summer residents were also getting vaccinated there) v visitors who were vaccinated v visitors who weren’t vaccinated. What you can see on that Provincetown page is what herd immunity outbreak looks like. It goes up for a bit but then quickly fizzles out. It stays only in that area (endemic).

            1. I asked you to show your work and you’re just regurgitating buzzwords and concepts that you don’t have the least fucking clue as to the meaning of.

              Here, I’ll make it even simpler for you. You said, “Herd immunity means that the virus can no longer find enough non-immune people for the R to go over 1.” Is a vaccinated individual immune or not? What we saw in Provincetown is not herd immunity. We’ve seen outbreaks with herd immunity in the past. They’re always among communities of undocumented foreigners and orthodox religious sects. The vaccinated victims, if there are any, are a tiny minority specifically because they’re immune.

              You’re a fucking retard saying that an outbreak among the immune is proof that herd immunity works. That’s bullshit by either of the CDC’s definitions of herd immunity.

    4. What they are doing, in my opinion is laying the ground work for next year when there will be another outbreak necessitating lock downs in time for the elections and with that the forced voting procedures that disproportionately favor the national socialist….eh I mean the democrat party.

      1. Ding ding! Gotta use this crisis to pass the rules that will allow them to cheat again. There won’t be another fair election if they get away with it. Ask me how I know (2004 WA governor’s race)

    5. How do we get out this pandemic? Reach heard immunity. What’s the quickest and most effective means of achieving that? Vaccines.

      Since vaccines obviously are not very good a protecting against infection (they only seem to protect against serious disease), vaccines are likely not going to result in reaching herd immunity.

      I have protected myself from the ravages of a rare virus, but I have gained no other benefits. The law and the rules and the whims of politicians treat me exactly the same as if I were not vaccinated at all. So what’s the point? The unvaccinated didn’t get new rules, the vaccinated did. The vaccinated are literally being punished for getting vaccinated.

      So you made the voluntary choice to get vaccinated and you are protected against a serious illness and the law treats you exactly the same as everybody else. How exactly are you being punished? Perhaps the COVID vaccine causes insanity in some cases? Or diminished mental capacity?

    6. If you come to me, I can shoot you in the head to relieve your terrible suffering.
      I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone else who can do it closer to you though.
      Unfortunately, being a collectivist codependent trust fund bitch, you’re not going to do it yourself.

  19. Yes as usual the government is making things worse. I think we are all informed enough at this point. We have more vaccines than we need.

    This bug is not going away. We all need to live with it somehow.

    1. Yes as usual the government is making things worse. I think we are all informed enough at this point.

      Reason knew full well that the government consistently makes things worse in March of 2020 and yet here we are…

  20. Maybe adults can review the evidence, their own health, and their personal beliefs, and make the decision on whether the risks and inconveniences of COVID (real or perceived) outweigh the risks and inconveniences of getting the vaccine (real or perceived).

    You know, like every other healthcare decision.

    I thought Reason was a libertarian publication. Did that officially change during the Trump years or something?


  21. What is even the goal at this point? I recall some 18 months ago that we simply needed 15 days to “flatten the curve,” so to speak, so as to not overwhelm and crash our healthcare infrastructure. T

    The goalposts have obviously moved, but I don’t see where we put them?

    Are we trying to get to zero COVID cases? I feel pretty confident saying that will literally never happen.

    Zero deaths, then? Extremely unlikely and an unreasonable standard.

    What’s the endgame here?

    Or are we deliberately not stating one so we can shepherd people around in the name of “safety” in perpetuity?

    1. Exactly. I’m confused I don’t even know what we are trying to accomplish perpetual hate and fear of each other?

    2. >What is even the goal at this point?

      I don’t know.

      And I don’t think there really is one. Folks like the CDC thing less infection better, more infection worse, with … everything. They really are like germophobes.

      So, numbers going up bad, period. In anything.

      I am pretty sure this is as far as “goals” for these strategies go anymore. It’s just like religious dogma, or an alcoholic saying it works if you work it like that means anything.

    3. “What is even the goal at this point?”

      They call it The Great Reset, when the world will be reorganized into a One Government feudal society where “you will own nothing, and be happy”.
      The WEF and other globalist organizations have been openly talking about this for well over a year.

    4. To be clear, the goals have never been laid out in specific terms. For one, it is a terrible idea for any government entity to do such a thing. It gives political opponents undue arsenal to use against them if there is ever a condition where the specific goals are not met.

      I do think amongst the general public, there is confusion about their own personal goals regarding covid. Some say they just don’t want to spread covid or reach high numbers, but don’t acknowledge how reduced hospitalization and death rates affect this goal. Some people feel the numbers should be kept low to help reduce odds of another mutation being created.

      I do find it a bit disingenuous of you take take a vague goal and interpret it in the most extreme possible circumstances (0 cases, 0 deaths). I don’t think anyone realistically expects this, and we are on a gradient here: less is always better, even if we don’t hit zero.

      That said, the CDC should be doing better at communicating what their goals are, and I think part of the problem is that their info and goals are evolving too quickly for them to be willing to put out an overly specific statement.

    5. “What is even the goal at this point?”

      Same as always from the progressive class. An expanded state with direct controls, macro and micro, of all aspects of American society. And a special focus on delivering empathy and protection from risk.

  22. Dispelling myths is exactly what science and professors in particular should do, Here is a great example of how to do it right. But I do not see coercion here, only a lack of understanding and ignorance to some extent. There are enough qualified teachers in the federal sector. If I were in the place of students, I would have thought whether these lectures were worth my time.

  23. Yes, the mixed messaging does discourage vaccination. So does pressure campaigns of relentless propaganda–commercials, signs everywhere, snippets in TV shows, podcasts, the news, sending minions out knocking on doors, censorship of anything contrary to govt. narrative, 24/7 gaslighting… None of those things inspire confidence in what the govt. is doing. Not to mention, underlying all of that, is that most sensible people see that we’re not even allowed to have an honest, nuanced conversation about all things Covid.

    1. I forgot to mention regulatory capture, which is a huge part of what we’re all witnessing right now.

      It seems like a libertarian rag would be able to publish something explaining how this entire debacle just shows how libertarians were right all along and that this is just one more example of why we believe in limited govt. Incompetence and corruption are driving the bus and unfortunately reason cannot explain that.

      1. Then again, it seems like they would be all over the story about how some people weaponized the FBI to spy on a political rival……..

      2. Try zero hedge

  24. “Yet that is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did last week, generating “alarmist” and “hyperbolic” press coverage that dismayed Biden administration officials, who rightly worried that it would deter vaccination.”

    I understand the logic behind this statement, but it also simply is not supported by data. The vaccination rates have been steadily ticking up, including in the past week, with numbers rising significantly higher in the states that are being hit hardest by the delta strain.

    The CDC may be sending out questionable messaging, but I don’t think there is serious justification in assuming that this is or will depress vaccination numbers.

  25. Oh come the fuck on. So telling the truth that there are still breakthrough infections is “discouraging” people? Did you note they told you that you’d still be far better off with it anyhow?

    Idiots don’t need any more reasons to not get the vax. Acting as if the Biden admin is the problem here is absurd. You could actually throw blame where it is due like Fox News, bullshit spread on facebook, and politicians who want to keep that oh so precious trump vote instead of doing this bullshit.

    What a worthless article. You should be ashamed but I’m guessing that’s pretty hard for you to feel any.

  26. Breaking: CDC announces new eviction ban.

    It’s official lads: The emergency will continue forever. If you rent property to anyone who makes less than $250k a year you are setting yourself up to lose your shirt. If you foolishly already did that in the past and are now stuck then you are better off burning down your own property, because that’s how much the land is worth now: $0.

    1. how are landlords made whole in the end? What are the odds that the Biden admin just buys up their property…..

      1. What are the odds that the Biden admin just buys up their property…..

        What are the odds that Chinese “investors” buy up the property?

      2. >>>how are landlords made whole in the end?


      3. Like, 0%. This is a ridiculous thing to speculate out of no where.

      4. “how are landlords made whole in the end?”

        Depends on their political connections

    2. and as usual for democrats they care not that scotus already ruled that the cdc cannot do this. democrats don’t give one shit about the rule of law.

      1. Yeah, but it’s not a scandal. Getting overturned a record number of times and continuing to press legislative executive bureaucratic action that SCOTUS deemed unconstitutional is just how government is run. When you get investigated based on fabricated evidence, *that’s* an irredemable breech of the public trust on your part.

      2. I thought scotus punted, based on that it was ending.

        That said, several circuits have ruled it unlawful. I know at least DC has ruled in favor. So it’s prime to get picked up by scotus… did they wait until after the docket was set on purpose, to delay getting squished by the supremes?

  27. the message is confusing so the polloi will only know to keep hating one another

  28. These articles blaming the White House or the CDC or whatever are stupid and exhausting. It’s very clear that the primary factor of people not getting vaccinated is right-wing media, and a simple plotline of states votes in the national election vs their vaccination rates makes that abundantly clear. Right-wing media has been running anti-vaccination rhetoric for months. Sure, some on the left don’t vaccinate and there is a baseline hesitancy rate, but consuming right wing media is the de facto primary driver.

    Monmouth released a poll this week

    Showing that 31% of Republicans and 2% of Democrats won’t get the vaccine, and 92% of Democrats are vaccinated. Maybe you are for the vaccine, and maybe you are against it…but in either case the premise of this article is stupid and shows either a painful desire to intentionally obtuse, or a very poor understanding of how to rank features by importance.

    1. What fake news did you use to get those flawed statistics? I have never read or seen a “right wing” media source advocate against getting vaccinated.
      The conspiracy theory that the southern states have less vaccinations because Republicans are lagging Democrats is asinine. The one thing southern states have is a much more diverse population. It is the large number of minorities that are refusing vaccinations in the southern cities that skew the numbers. Guess which party over 90% identify with. The left depends on the uninformed and easily influenced to believe their lies and propaganda and to support them. Those that find the truth usually abandon them. You no doubt are still breathlessly waiting for the axe to drop on President Trump or Rep. Gaetz they have been promising you. You are certainly dependable.

  29. When has stumbling, bumbling, mumbling ol joe ever presented a clear message? The only thing he is consistent with is groping young girls. He managed to get hold of one the other day when he invited the cops from Jan. 6th and their families to the White House. There is a picture of a poor little one with ol joe groping, sniffing and whispering in her ear looking terrified. Someone has to watch ol joe when little girls or young women are around and parents need to keep hold of their kids.

  30. After receiving my 1st dose of the Pfizer-vaccine (under stiff protest) my lower neck & upper shoulders began killing me. Therefore, I resolved to never get another one.

    As a Pississippian, myself, this just sux balls. This Country MUST ensure that the establishment is robbed of ANY & ALL strongholds upon The Country‼️ The trance MUST be BROKEN ….. ETERNALLY!

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