Should Trans Women Compete Against Biological Women in Sports?

On Monday, weightlifter Laurel Hubbard became the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Olympics.


"Why do I have to compete against a male body?" complains mountain bike racer Leia Schneeberger in my new video.

She and others are upset because today, some transgender women, people born male but who identify as female, are winning sports competitions.

Schneeberger regularly won bicycle races, until a former men's cyclist transitioned, competed as a woman, and rode away from her.

"How did this happen?" asks Schneeberger. "I just want to be able to compete on a fair playing field."

But no playing field is perfectly fair, says trans athlete Joanna Harper.

Harper is also a scientist who advised the Olympic committee. She points out that transgender competitors often take testosterone blockers that help align their body with how they identify. As a result, "Trans women lose muscle, lose strength, lose endurance."

"Within nine months of my starting hormone therapy," she says, "I was running 12 percent slower."

That's why sport organizations like the Olympics and NCAA require trans athletes to undergo hormone therapy.

Trans sprinter Cece Telfer, who won an NCAA championship, says, "As a trans athlete, I am not a threat to women's sports. Because I am a woman!"

But before Telfer transitioned, when she competed as a man, she wasn't the champion she is now. She ranked 390th best. I point that out to Harper.

"I have to admit I am somewhat at a loss to explain it," Harper responds. "However, there are hundreds of NCAA championships awarded every year.…The idea that trans women are hugely going to outperform cis women does not hold up to the statistics."

Yes, it does, says biologist Emma Hilton who co-authored a review on trans women in sports.

She found that in most every category, men are much stronger. Testosterone blockers just can't close the gap.

"A male could be 40 percent stronger than a female on his legs," she says. "Things like shoulder width don't change when transgender women suppress testosterone. They don't get shorter. Their hearts don't get smaller. They've still got big lungs. The performance gap in weightlifting is over 30 percent…throwing a baseball over 50 percent…when a male punches, 160 percent."

I support adults who want to transition. People should be allowed to be whoever they want to be. But why should they be allowed to compete in top level events like the Olympics? This year, there was only one trans woman competing, a weightlifter from New Zealand. She didn't win a medal.

But in the future, there will probably be more. I think that's unfair.

Harper disagrees. "Trans women will not be outperforming cisgender women by such a margin in most sports that we can't have reasonable competition."

She says sports already allow for certain advantages. Some players are taller; some have better coaching. "Richer nations win the majority of Olympic medals."

Still, few female competitors consider trans women's advantage "reasonable."

The New Zealand weightlifter who lost her spot to the trans athlete didn't think it was fair, but said she and others were told to stay quiet about it.

Athletes won't speak up, says Schneeberger, because "they don't want to lose sponsorship opportunities [or] be called a bigot."

Currently, most states, supported by the Biden administration, allow trans student athletes to compete, even without hormone therapy.

As a result, some trans athletes now dominate some high school girls' sports. In Connecticut, two transgender sprinters won 15 championships.

It's "not because they were trans that they were winning; they were just faster!"says Veronica Ivy, a trans athlete who won bike sprint championships. "These fears that trans women are a threat to women's sport are irrational fears of trans women."

"That's an attempt to shut down conversations," biologist Hilton replies, "and stop people from asking questions."

It's working. Many female athletes smile on the podium, raging inside, but remaining silent for fear of losing sponsorships and prize money.

"It's not fair," says Schneeberger. "To watch a transgender female ride away from me like it was nothing, and there's nothing I can do about it, it was torture. I really haven't raced since."


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190 responses to “Should Trans Women Compete Against Biological Women in Sports?

  1. Yes, but only against women from East Germany.

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    3. Hey, if the trans athlete says it’s OK it must be.

  2. Harper is a scientist in exactly the same way Lysenko was.

    Personally, I’m tired of this lie so so give them what they want and give it to them good and hard. Drop the charade and fold all women’s sports into their men’s equivalent. This is what the trans activists are ultimately demanding, they’re just too stupid, dishonest or misogynistic to come out and say so directly.

    1. If there is no such thing as Sex, there’s no such thing as sex-segregated sports

      1. Yup. If the argument is that gender is a grey area and a biological man can compete against women because they feel they are female, fuck it.

        One category. Unigender weightlifting. Call it a day.

        1. Or keep increasing the number of categories until everyone is in their own, and then we all get gold medals!

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    2. It isn’t what they are asking for. It’s just the logical and predictable eventual result of what they are asking for. But, as progressives, their post-modern way of thinking doesn’t allow them to logic their way into the predictable result of their actions.

      It’s the same mentality that gets you people calling to end the filibuster, even though doing the same thing on judicial nominations came back to bite them recently.

      1. Logic is cis-gender, white, male, capitalist oppression!

        (Am I doing it right?)

    3. “I’m tired of this lie so so give them what they want and GIVE IT TO THEM GOOD AND HARD. Drop the charade and fold all women’s sports into their men’s equivalent.”


      Time for just sports.

      Watch all the parents, ‘specially liberal parents’, heads a’splode when their daughters miss out on scholarships.

    4. So when is some trans woman going to try her hand at chess. Seems natural, since one can become grandmaster at a substantially lower rating.

      1. They won’t try competitive intellectual competition.

        No. They go into women’s sports precisely because they’re cheaters, exploiting advantage.

        Feed them into woodchippers, balls first.

    5. Not quite. These loons don’t want that, because they’d be competing against men who hadn’t ‘transitioned’, and would be losing again. Generally they weren’t top competitors when they were competing against their own sex, and the treatments didn’t improve their performance.

      They want to compete against women, but have this privilege reserved for men who are willing to be disfigured. They figure they’ve paid for the privilege.

  3. Hey so you gonna cover this theft order Biden’s admin pushed through, or…..?

    1. What theft order? Thanks.

      1. If I had to guess, he’s referring to the unconstitutional eviction moratorium. (That Biden admitted was “probably” unconstitutional.)

        1. Oh yeah…that. And thanks for the reply.

          Yeah didn’t Biden say the eviction moratorium “didn’t pass constitutional muster.”? Uh what?!!!

  4. Men and women should compete against each other in sports.

    1. Chyna won the intercontinental title against a man. So it can happen.

      1. With hard work, determination, a whole Lotta roids, nutshots and a script. Chyna was awsome

  5. “Within nine months of my starting hormone therapy,” she says, “I was running 12 percent slower.”

    And that was still 10 percent faster than a woman.

    Harper is not an honest scientist.

    1. She’s a real scientist just like she’s a real woman.

    2. But she identifies as an honest scientist.

      1. Lol!

  6. Regardless of what one thinks of this, it’s astounding that a sports organization would require a competitor to undergo hormone therapy in order to compete. Take a stand on whether trans athletes, as they are, should compete. But requiring athletes to make possibly unwanted chemical changes to their bodies is awful.

    1. This is the same organization that says pot is performance enhancing, bilks cities out of billions of dollars, and impliments policies that make the ncaa look like a reasonable organization.

    2. Where do Transpeices Transhumanists stand on the Olympics?

      Should species bending cis and trans-frogs , regardless of spawning preferences, whose biological parents indentify as human, be allowed to compete in the celebrated jumping contest of the Calavaras Olympiad?

      What sort of racist would deny Kermit’s West African Goliath Frog relatives a fair crack at the broad jump in Tokyo?

      1. If the frog athletes take too many hormones they might croak.

        1. Will some African country say they have a cheeta that identifies as human for a sprint? Granted the counter to that is have Devon Hester, who outran a cheeta.

          1. In this case, the country would be disqualified for fielding a cheetah.

            1. You can’t disqualify a cheetah without due process.
              Tarzan’s pet, Cheetah was a chimp, and equal rights for all primates that are more equal than others is a core value of intesectionality.

    3. The Olympics: Competition should be between unadulterated human bodies competing at the limit of natural human potential.
      Also the Olympics: HRT is A-OK.

      What if I identify as a stronger man? Why can’t I take a shitload of ‘roids to make my body as strong as my inner muscleman?

    4. I say let ’em take as many drugs/performance enhancers they want.

      Let’s have some REAL Hardcore sports with athletes Jacked up like mad with Steroids.

      1. *When your lifespan is 14 years, but you can run 20 miles at 45mph.

      2. Yes! The All-Drug Olumpics:

  7. To quote the great philosopher Ace ventura
    “that’s a man!”

    1. Also Crocodile Dundee.

      1. Never bring a crocodile to a frog fight.

        1. Toadally unacceptable. .

    2. And Austin Powers! Cancel all those movies!

    3. To quote Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery: “That’s a MAN, baby!”

  8. Of course it’s not fair. Life is not fair. Some countries also get better training and coaches which lead to richer nations getting more Gold Medals. Does that mean those should not be allowed either to be “fair”?

    Schneeberger is just complaining because she lost.

    1. She lost because her sport accepted a delusional psychotic, and demanded that everyone else support the delusion.

    2. Life ain’t fair, agreed. But let’s not make it worse by redefining what male and female are in spite of obvious differences.

  9. I’ve always wondered why there is so much pandering to transgenders, what are they, 1/1000 of the population?

    Women’s sports have come so far in the past few decades, and nothing threatens the progress that’s been made more than this transgender athlete bullshit. And why, to appease Buffalo Bill and his pals?

    Is it a perfect example of social signaling run amok?

    1. They pander to the 1/1000 so they can point fingers at 50% of the population and call them out as bigots to their political base.

      Kinda like how 99% of CRT advocates are white in a country that’s 15% black: it’s not really for them.

      1. Well, blacks really can’t know what is best for themselves.
        – Suburban white progressives when no POCs are around

    2. That’s a rather loaded argument. Just as there are no two people alike, that also doesn’t mean every single transgender has the same result.

      1. Your taking your “don’t paint with a broad brush” argument to an illogical extreme on this.

        You’re at the point of saying there is no difference between 21 year-olds and 60 year-olds when it comes to sports because some 60 year-olds can outcompete some 21 year-olds.

      2. What exactly is the loaded argument there? You seem eager to shut down anything critical of the post modern trans activist nonsense without having to put up anything beyond metaphorical fingers in your ears.

      3. If I pretended to be transgender, any good female athlete would utterly humiliate me in any sport but chess. But I am no athlete. A man who was #200 (out of tens of thousands) in his sport will probably be #1 competing against women, even with the gender-transformation hormones. The physical difference between men and women is just that great. If people with XY chromosomes who grew up normally through puberty are allowed to compete in women’s sports, there will be very few winners with XX chromosomes.

        Hormones don’t reduce your height, and in any sport where height matters, most of the top 200 men are taller than 99.9% of women. Hormones do reduce muscle mass, but a strong guy will still have more muscle mass than 99% of women after transitioning. For runners, there is another difference that will never go away: women have wider hips (to make childbirth possible) and legs set further apart, which handicaps women runners.

    3. To plant the seed of “transitioning” and get the ball rolling on biological manipulation of human bodies that would make Mengele blush

  10. My opinion is people should be allowed to be whoever they want to be. that’s it.

    1. But this is a question of whether they can be whatever they want to be. A male who thinks he has a female personality is still physically male, and that cannot really be changed.

    2. I identify as the emporer of the United States and all its citizens must tithe their earnings to ne

    3. Great, I identify as a multi-zillionaire. Now to stop oppressing me you personally and everyone else who regurgitates this facile nonsense needs to fork over all your assets and earnings until my identity is actualized.

    4. Does your opinion also include forcing everyone else to play along?

  11. Of course trans should compete against women. Trans are gods!!

  12. Women must boycott events with trannies.

    1. arhletes’ careers only last a few years anyway

      1. Unless it’s a male athleat that claims to be a woman then their career can last 2 more decades.

        1. MTF can jennerate a career extension.

    2. Yep. It’s the only way to stop it.

  13. Find the best hot girls ready for free chat in Scotland only at scotland sluts

    1. You can’t fool me with this trans-speciest bullshit, I know those “hot girls” at scotland sluts are all sheep.

      1. Hey, winter nights are long, cold, and dark in Scotland.

  14. Sure they should. Why not? Because it will deny women a fair playing field? If that’s not a priority, bring it on. The entertainment factor will be worth it.

  15. “As a trans athlete, I am not v a threat to women’s sports because I am a woman!”

    This is the problem. Much has been made that there is a difference between sex and gender identity. Perhaps, but when there are institutions in society where the distinction is made on basis of sex, all of sudden gender identity is the only thing that matters and sex differences are down played or completely ignored by the trans activists. If sex differences are unimportant to there being women’s sports divisions, then there should not be women’s sports as that is unreasonable discrimination. If there sex differences are real and important, then a trans woman thinking they are a woman in their heads does not make them a women for purposes of competing, and they have no rational basis for objecting or taking it as a personal insult.

    1. He is also psychotic. There are people “furries” who believe they are animals too.

    2. And, perhaps most importantly, if sex differences don’t matter, why the hormones and body modification? There’s a real fundamental conflict there, at least for the more radical activists these days. I’m sure there are many who just want to live their lives and not rub it in everyone’s face.

    3. I wonder if he ever called anyone a “science denier”?

  16. Even notice that transmen don’t compete on men’s teams at a high level?

    1. Joanna Harper does not see an apparent explanation for that. It is a complete mystery.

      1. “I’m a woman….who just so happens to be WAY better of an athlete as a woman than I was a man. But who knows WHY?”

    2. Even if they could, the hormones they take are banned performance enhancers.

  17. It seems to me the trans athletes are just taking the road the feminists started taking us down to its logical conclusion. If a woman is just as capable as a man and the only difference is social conditioning, then a feel minor biological details shouldn’t matter at all if people want to participate in the category they identify as.

    Sorry, ladies, but you made your bed here.

    1. This is essentially what happened. Men (anyone who could see reality really) insisted that there were certain jobs more suited for men due to physical strength (firefighters, combat arms in the Army and Marine Corps, etc.) but feminists insisted that that didn’t matter and that females could do those jobs just as well. If you take that argument seriously (even though it is transparently false) then you can’t really argue against transgenders competing against women in sports. The stakes on the one hand would be who might live or die while on the other the stakes are who wins or loses. If you don’t think it matters when survival is on the line, I don’t see how you can object when it comes to a game.

  18. Why not just have an “XX chromosome” division and an open division, and let people call themselves any gender they want?

    1. Science denier!

    2. Ha! Genes are only a social construct!

  19. We are almost at the end of the road.
    What is needed is not a decision about “men” competing in “women’s” sports, but elimination of any sexual or gender division of competitions.
    As long as there is no difference between “men” and “women”, there is no need for all the expensive duplication of teams and facilities. In the US, all that needs to be done is rip up the women’s tees on the golf courses and open all teams to everyone. This is the law passed by the elected representatives of our voters (I almost said citizens) and represents the culmination of a half century of feminization.
    As a side benefit, only having “teams” will eliminate the alleged pay differences in sports. If you make the (only) team, you get paid the (only) wage.

    1. That’s why the argument has changed from “equality” to “equity.” Someone, somewhere, realized concepts like “equal pay for equal work” means you have to actually do equal work.

      1. I have been thinking along those same lines as well. I believe that is one of the reasons for all the hostility against the gig economy. As far as I know they pay the same amount for the same amount of work done regardless of the sex of the worker but you have to actually do the job to get paid. Kinda hard to argue discrimination.

  20. Will they ask for separate locker rooms too or just a separate bathroom in the same locker room? And if so, which gender reporters will be allowed in which locker rooms?

    1. Everything for everyone and anyone.
      No difference means no difference.

  21. I’m trying to figure out how to leverage this to spend some quality time with women’s beach volleyball players, particularly Brandie Wilkerson from Canada.

    Unfortunately I’ve never played volleyball.

    1. There are a lot of shirts vs skins scrimmages I am looking forward to.

    2. I once played volleyball at a nude beach with some women. I had my shorts on, it was clothing optional, not clothing banned. Still, it was not as sexy as some might think. Very distracting of course, but not sexy.

  22. Imagine Caitlyn Jenner had transitioned in 1975.

    1. Silver medal against some East German “woman.”

      1. I know you’re being facetious but the crazy thing is….even with all the doping no biological woman could ever compete with a man.

        The women’s 800M record is 7 seconds slower than the standard to qualify for the US Olympic trials for men. There’s only been one woman without a confirmed genetic abnormality (sorry Caster) to run within a second of that time and an entire field of male athletes in one country has to run 7 seconds faster just to qualify. HS boys are running faster than the most doped up women who ever competed.

        1. People complained when McEnroe said Serena Williams was the best women’s player but would be uncompetitive against a decent men’s player.

          They were upset because he was 100% correct. Arguably the best woman’s player ever in her prime would not likely beat a top 300 ranked men’s player. Nor even come close.

          We can always go back and reference the US women’s soccer team’s inability to beat a Dallas under-15 boys club.

          1. Feminists can either acknowledge that their are differences between the physical sexes and that athletics is one of those areas they have to acknowledge that or they can end up with an athletic landscape where anyone who even says they feel like a woman somedays can compete in the women’s division and every “female” athlete will be men.

            My favorite trans inclusionary arguments are where they are so far in favor of letting trans athletes compete that they argue even hormone therapy shouldn’t be required. If you look like a man, have the hormones of a man, but think you’re a woman, that’s what you are and should be allowed to participate with the gender of your choice on nothing more than your say so.

            1. Not even think your a man, but claim (no evidence or effort required) you’re a woman then you are for their purposes. There is no need for honest belief at that point, just cynical “does this advantage me” thinking because what changes are required of a straight man who simply declares himself a lesbian? None that I can see, but this would still qualify with the demands.

              1. Women could still compete in baking competitions or, ENB’s favorite, sammich making contests. And of course wet t-shirts.

            2. One absurd adjunct to that McEnroe debacle was WNBA star Brittany Griner claiming she could beat DeMarcus Cousins one on one.


              Don’t get me wrong… She is a great player.

              But she would not make a D1 men’s squad. And certainly cannot play with even the worst NBA players, let alone the very best.

              How can I possibly make such a claim?

              The NBA has no restrictions prohibiting women. If she were even remotely good enough to play with Lamar, she would take her talents to the NBA and make many millions more than she currently makes. And even she makes no such assertions.

              She doesn’t believe her own nonsense. What is shocking is that so many other people seem to believe slogans over reality.

              1. Agreed. If Griner ever came into the paint against an NBA power forward (even a bad one who rides the bench 99% of the time) she’d get her ass handed to her. At 6’8″ and 200 lbs she’d be up against Cousins at 6″10″ and 270 lbs. He would have longer reach, more muscles, and most importantly, is just as fast if not faster than her. It would be laughable.

    2. The equivalent women’s event the was the heptathlon.

      1. I ran down the events on this hypothetical here in the HnR comments a while back.

        Jenner would not have qualified for the Olympics in any of the men’s single events that make up the decathlon.

        But those events from the decathlon represented in the women’s Olympics? Caitlyn Jenner would have won gold in most of them. She would have been right at a couple of world records. Of course, the ones with the biggest advantage for Caitlyn were not competed by women at the time, so we cannot compare those.

        But it is the instructive case. Caitlyn has said that she knew she was trans at the time. So this is not some impossible hypothetical… The “world’s greatest athlete” really could have transitioned at the height of his career.

        He could trivially have dominated not only track and field, but other women’s sports as well. He surely would have dominated in basketball. And probably softball. They didn’t have weightlifting or MMA or boxing back then, but all of those strength based sports would have been hers.

        Not famous for his endurance, she still would have stood a good chance in the various cycling disciplines.

        Nobody can do that today.. Babe Deidricson and Wilma Rudolph are outliers who were great in two sports. This would be a woman who held world records in maybe a dozen disparate disciplines, and maybe world championships in nearly twice that many.

        It is such a silly thing to argue.

    3. would have fucked up millions of Wheaties boxes

      1. You don’t want to find the special prize inside.

  23. All but a reaction of the action to put Gov-Gun-Forces into *everything* (i.e. Social Justice). Gov-Gun-Forces shouldn’t be triggered by “emotions”. Gun-Force has very extreme justifiable excuses for their use.

    When lame excuses are used for using Gov-Gun-Forces (i.e. Law) we end up with Gangs-of-the-Hood running a country instead of a civil government.

  24. “Things like shoulder width don’t change when transgender women suppress testosterone. They don’t get shorter. Their hearts don’t get smaller. They’ve still got big lungs.”

    “And don’t even get me started about their *brains*!”

    1. No, the trans activists don’t make logical sense so they’re good there for passing as women. /sarc

  25. The standard for womanhood is at an all time low.

    A few injections and some cosmetic surgery is all it takes.

    The standard for being a man is much higher.

    1. Rejecting what set women apart from men was bound to make women pointless.

  26. No, they shouldn’t.
    Tefler being 390th in men and 1st in women should tell you the answer.
    The CT she-males that won the HS track meets and set records were mediocre male athletes.
    What it will take is a Caitlyn Jenner transitioning in his-her prime and then just making a farce of the women events to open folks eyes. Bruce Jenner even at slightly reduced capacity would set records never to be touched except by another she-male.

  27. Nope they should be getting help for insanity though.

  28. What cracks up is this debate “trans woman are woman” but “trans racial people” , remember Rachel the fake black lady are not the race they identify with.

    Weird that she would pick black since I thought being black was a huge disadvantage but nerveless she faked she was black and that was bad. If she had faced she was man that would be OK.

    1. Wow let me redo

      What cracks up is this debate “trans woman are woman” but “trans racial people are not the race they identify with. Remember Rachel the fake black lady who no way no how was the race she identified with.

      Weird that she would pick black since I thought being black was a huge disadvantage but nerveless she faked she was black and that was bad. If she had faked she was man that would be OK?

      1. But black (and black woman) scores much higher in victimhood points.

    2. If only a white female mediocre law professor ever claimed to be Cherokee, that could potentially catapult her law professor career. Possibly even matriculate into a political career. If only.

  29. What the “no difference between trans and cis” people fail to realize, or deliberately obfuscate, is that GROWING UP male or female makes a huge difference, both physically and mentally. How can one be part of the “sisterhood” without growing up with periods? Being a woman is not just a club one chooses to join.

    Growing up as a male confers various physical and social advantages. Physical because we are awash in testosterone as we develop. Social because we are given advantages due to our sex, no matter how unfair those advantages might be. Transitioning changes the playing field but it does NOT level it.

    The solution is the create some trans divisions, a trans-female division and a trans-male division. Don’t make females in female divisions compete against men.

    1. The other thing is that no one really know what it feels like to be the other sex (if that’s even a sensible proposition). All you can really know is how you feel about your own body.

      1. Meaning, “I feel I was born a woman” is total bullshit. It mean one is not comfortable being themselves, it does not mean they really are a woman trying to get out.

        If an adult wants to go get a sex change then I won’t stop them. It’s there life to live. But the idea that a trans-female is the same as a cis-female is so wrong.

  30. Trans sprinter Cece Telfer, who won an NCAA championship, says, “As a trans athlete, I am not a threat to women’s sports. Because I am a woman!”

    And also an ideological zealot and an idiot.

    1. Yeah. I got no problem with trans people who are legitimately trying to figure out how to best live their lives. But this assertion is just ridiculous. Sex is real. Sex differences are real.

      1. Moreover, as I sorta point out below, this was a discussion on the fringes. Maybe resolvable, maybe not. But it was only a problem when “you” had to find a culture-friendly bar to hang out at on a Sat. night or for the 10 min. a week when “you” found yourself surrounded by public restrooms that may or may not appreciate your ‘uniqueness’*. Now, however, we’re talking about children’s storytime at public libraries, statewide mandates for all of women’s-sports, and who can and can’t refuse service at any/all businesses.

        *As a cis-hetero-male, I’ve never run into this problem, but it makes me think that I should start finding more lesbian bars to urinate in.

  31. The New Zealand weightlifter who lost her spot to the trans athlete didn’t think it was fair, but said she and others were told to stay quiet about it.

    Athletes won’t speak up, says Schneeberger, because “they don’t want to lose sponsorship opportunities [or] be called a bigot.”

    Ideology >>> truth (i.e. humans >>> actual science)

  32. Sorry to see John Stossel, who I have respected for years, jump on the right-wing anti-trans bandwagon.

    The Libertarian response is that a sporting organization should be able to set its own rules as it sees fit. Period. If an athlete doesn’t like the rules, then they don’t have to participate.

    1. College sports teams are, in large part, organized by the state (in public schools) or receive substantial state and federal funding (in private schools), dumbfuck.

    2. I always find it funny that “libertarian” positions means anyone can do what they want without pushback of whether it is right or not.

      You do realize libertarians are free to still disagree with the actions of a private actor without violating their libertarianess, right?

      Just because I’m libertarian doesn’t mean I have to accept or agree with whatever people do privately. I can still have an opinion about it. I just accept that government force is not necessarily the appropriate means to address things I disagree with. But I can still advocate from a societal point of view what is correct and what is not.

      Heck, that’s one of the main bases for libertarianism, that people given freedom will figure out societally what is appropriate and what is not without the force of government to dictate it.

    3. There is nothing anti-trans in there. Unless swallowing all of the most radical claims made by activists is required to avoid being anti-trans. In which case almost everyone is.

    4. “Sorry to see John Stossel, who I have respected for years, jump on the right-wing anti-trans bandwagon.”

      Was unaware you could not disagree with a policy without wanting to kill people. News to me.

      1. You don’t even have to want to kill them. Disagreeing is LITERAL violence enough.

    5. If an athlete doesn’t like the rules, then they don’t have to participate.

      Except repeatedly in all kinds of venues, sports and not, that’s not how it works. Again multiple times over, the organization or venue will create multiple allowances for trans athletes/patrons/users to compete with anyone who shows up and the athletes/patrons/users will sue because they specifically want the rules to put them up against cis-women or in the girl’s locker room. The word for when a minority uses social pressure to oppress the majority is tyranny and libertarians broadly oppose tyranny.

      1. Yeah, that is a really odd phrase to use unironically here.

        The rules have always been “women only” in women’s sports. There has never been an acceptance that trans women are included. They have always been excluded by rule.

        There used to be a doctor’s test to prove that you were actually a woman, believe it or not. Not too long ago there was even a fight that was taken down to genetics, because of high testosterone levels.

  33. I watched a discussion between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ben Shapiro on the issue recently.

    For a progressive, Tyson’s naivete and self-centeredness was (not so) astounding. The key claim that hit me was “This only matters because today because we seggregate nearly all sports by gender”.

    Despite Neil’s idiocy, female sports is a choice made by women. A wide variety of men’s sports don’t and haven’t included any sort of stipulation that you have to have testicles or lack ovaries to play. Women, nearly universally, don’t play because they’re physiologically and numerically disadvantaged. Even if you invented a magic wand procedure that made women athletically competitive with males without changing their gender/sexuality, comparatively fewer women would use it and there would still be (at least) 10 teenage boys trying out for quarterback for every girl.

    So, the question is much larger than just sports. If a woman prefers a women-only lockerroom or restroom should we take that option away from her? If a female OB/GYN, should she have that choice or do we foist a lie upon her? If erasing the distinction in genders is the goal, shouldn’t male-identifying individuals get equal say about abortions as women?

    Dude can’t even think past his nose even after his own ideology has laid out for him how to do so.

    1. No, women overwhelmingly don’t play because they’re not interested.

      1. True. But the few that want to play would not make the team.

        Not a single member of the US Women’s Soccer Team would make the Men’s Team. Literally none.

        Not a single WNBA player would make a college men’s team. Most (possibly all, honestly) would not make a high school boy’s team.

        No men’s team has a sex requirement. Women just cannot compete physically for a wide array of physical advantages that men have over them. And hormone blockers don’t do much to address that.

        1. Any state championship caliber high school boys team would crush the WNBA champions, probably by at least 20 points.

          1. For those who think this crazy, an anecdote.

            When I was 36 and my brother 32, we ran into a couple of WNBA players outside his condo. Well, a former player, then coach and a current player. The current player was no star.. not even a starter. But they were both professional basketball players.

            They wanted to play with us, and after shooting around some, we played them 2 on 2. Neither of us were able to make our high school team. Not even close. But we do love basketball and played a lot in the park.

            We easily beat them. They went all out… I had the bruised ribs to prove it. And they could seriously shoot.

            But the fact remains, we beat the professionals.

            There are no combination of college basketball player and coach of comparable age who would not have wiped us out. Not even division 3.

            I do not doubt that there are some women’s players who could have beaten us. But we are very average dudes who could not make the squad at a single a high school.

            In short… This is a silly argument.

          2. “Any state championship caliber high school boys team would crush the WNBA champions” unless the women managed to have a series of wardrobe malfunctions. High school boys are extremely distractable…

    2. Neil is intentionally dishonest in that we DO NOT segregate by gender but by sex. That he must conflate the two in order to have any point at all tells you all you need to know about the truth of the arguments he presents.

      1. Neil is intentionally dishonest in that we DO NOT segregate by gender but by sex.

        As I said, the vast majority of the time, we don’t even do that. Plenty of sports like marathons, triathlons, golf, mixed-doubles tennis, etc. are coed and the men and women compete side by side (or, at least, they start out that way). Pick a sport that isn’t designated as a women’s sport (the majority of them) and find me the rule where it says you must have testicles/don’t have ovaries.

        1. Marathons, triathlons and golf may allow men and women to compete simultaneously but ultimately break down the winners by the athlete’s sex. Mixed doubles is intentionally one of each sex and while 2 women could probably compete on one team you could not have 2 men and have the sport do anything but devolve to another men’s doubles match.

          1. I’m aware of how the scoring works. It doesn’t change what I said. If a woman completed a full-length triathlon in 7:30:00, she would be *the* champ.

            Same for mixed doubles. Both sexes are explicitly on the court at the same time. No sex seggregation.

        2. But for some reason, women have different tee boxes in golf. And they’re closer than the men’s. Weird.

          1. And, again, there’s nothing that says a woman can’t back up and hit from the men’s tees.

    3. Notre Dame freshmen orientation, Women’s basketball coach (winningest coach in ND history Muffet McGraw), announces to the class that she is holding open tryouts for male freshmen (just out of highschool) who would like to be the scrimmage squad for the second ranked Irish women’s basketball team.
      Virtually the best varsity women in the country with effectively a high school boy’s team to play against as worthy opponents.

      If women like sport, they need a place where they can play other women in those sports. If they want a game which is not a farce, then they need matched opponents.

      1. Pat Summit did the same thing at Tennessee and even had some restrictions on the guys (no play above the rim, any breakaway by the guys was blown dead) and the men regularly routed the Lady Vols.

      2. effectively a high school boy’s team

        Incorrect, a high school boy’s JV team. Presumably the (former) varsity players aren’t hanging out around Notre Dame waiting for open callouts to play the women’s team.

  34. No. Next question.

  35. “To watch a transgender female ride away from me like it was nothing, and there’s nothing I can do about it, it was torture. I really haven’t raced since.”

    I think the whole trans-sex phenomenon is stupid, and that this particular facet of it is practically its reduction to absurdity, but…this is really being a bad sport. Can’t stand coming in second? Torture?

    1. If the competition is inherently unequal, I cannot fathom why anybody would want to participate.

      1. ^That’s the one

      2. More to Social Justice is neither’s point and to highlight the highly-disparate among the pro-equality advocates bullshit; we break up boxing leagues for fixing fights and haul Olympic athletes and pro-baseball players in front of Congress for using steroids but when a man disguises himself as a woman, breaks a woman’s face and gives her a concussion, and then reveals she was actually a man, that’s just how the system works.

      3. That is the only solution to this issue.

        Females need to boycott any event a male enters into, make- believing he is a female.

    2. This isn’t bad sportsmanship, this is having the rules changed on you mid-game explicitly to your detriment. This is like having motorcycles approved for the Tour de France, sure there will be a “bike race” but it will be fundamentally different and the people who trained for the old version will be irrelevant in the new version, but complain and it’s bad sportsmanship on their part.

      1. Regardless of the ethics, athletes have the balls to still do it.

  36. transgender competitors often take testosterone blockers”
    so that doesn’t change your DNA or the years of muscle build up as a male.

  37. When a trans woman starts boxing or UFC and almost killing women in the ring, will they keep this up, or double down?

    1. I suppose they’ll have to come up with a new 250+ pound weight class for women’s boxing, because science.

      1. They could have it now if only the audience of The View boxed.

    2. When a trans woman starts boxing or UFC and almost killing women in the ring, will they keep this up, or double down?

      I assume you’re familiar with Fallon Fox? Between Joe Rogan, Dana White, Ronda Rousey, and several state licensing boards (and many, many other champs, competitors, and fans), (s)he never actually qualified to fight in a UFC match. Of course, it didn’t help her case any that she fought in several qualifying bouts and then announced she had transitioned.

      And, about doubling down, of course they will. (In case you don’t know) Tamikka Brents is an exceptional female fighter who’s gender many would also question. Fox broke her orbital bone in a fight and, to this day, you’ll find transgender activists who say “Broken orbital bones happen all the time.” Which, again of course, overlooks the concussion and seven staples Brents had to get after the fight, making it look a lot more like a man beat the shit out of a (already unusually big and strong) woman.

      1. Just because a woman beats a man up does not mean he is a female.

        There are many females who can beat up men. None of this changes the fact that a person cannot choose their gender.

  38. dude trying to lift weights in the chick class didn’t even have one clean lift. every girl did better than himher.

    the puerto rican dude running chick hurdles otoh …

    also, South Park destroyed the idea two years ago

  39. “Harper is also a scientist who advised the Olympic committee”

    Mr. Stossel: stating that an individual is “a scientist” is meaningless and uninformative. It is an example of the logical fallacy known as “the appeal to authority”. Shame on you!

    However, stating an individual’s current position would be very informative.

    1. Yes, that’s part of the big lie, now all these ridiculous claims of “scientists” and “science” confirming their delusions.

  40. Maybe this is all part of the feminist plan to demonstrate that they can compete with men.

    They just have to change the definition of a woman to include men.

    Welcome to the post truth society.

  41. Last I knew , only men got boners? So if you have one, would you not be a woman? I don’t get periods, no matter how crappy I feel.

    1. They have already blown past that and are claiming “men” can give birth. and of course, calling anyone who disagrees a lol… “nazi.”

  42. You answered your own question, should non-females be allowed to play in women’s competitions. You maybe be to de-sex yourself [as it were] but you can create yourself into something, you are not.

    Transgenderism, and all that it implies, is a psychological phenomena, not a physiological happening, This shit is the frontal lobotomies, of the 21st Century.

    1. Well said

  43. Should Trans Women Compete Against Biological Women in Sports?

    How about “Fuck Off Slaver!” as a response?

    How about “that’s none of the government’s or your business”?

    How about we let sports organizations and venues decide this for themselves?

    1. That would all be fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that people are forced to swallow the lie that men and women aren’t different.

    2. I agree with the last two points. Let the sports organizations decide.

    3. The olympiss decided for themselves and millions of people are outraged over the ridiculous hypocrisy and unfairness of allowing men who make believe they are women to compete against women.

  44. How come women transitioning to men are not flocking to compete in Men’s sports?

  45. I’m afraid all the leftist contradiction chickens are finally coming home to roost.

    Women’s sports literally exist to allow women to compete only against women. If you are going to let men compete in them … then they have no reason to exist.

    So we now have a federal government that 1. via Title 9 *commands* schools have girl’s sports, and 2. via … lord knows how many agencies, *also* commands schools to pretend that boys are girls, when they feel like it.

    This can’t go on. It’s all going to collapse of its own weight, or else turn into a dictatorship where you are forcefully prevented from saying, thinking, or noticing anything that is true.

    1. The latter part of your statement is what will come to pass.

  46. “Trans women” are women the way counterfeit money is money. The whole transgender movement belongs in a padded cell.

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  48. I’m curious, if the standard is there is no difference between trans athletes of either sex, how many trans-men have defeated biological men in College or Olympic sports, vs how many trans-women have defeated biological women in the same fields? All the advantage seems to go one way only. Disproving the theory of equal physical ability. I’m open to contrary facts.

    1. The problem you will have with trying to discuss this matter with those opposed to you is you want to have a rational discussion using facts… The same would be true with using logic, common sense, scientific rational and so on and so forth.

      Instead of discussion, you will encounter name calling, vile personal attacks, red herrings, profiling, stereotyping and demonizing.

  49. Got the perfect solution. Leave it entirely up to those who organize the sporting events

  50. Since the relevant distinction is hormone levels, that sounds like a pretty good qualification metric. But what really should happen is we invent sports that don’t rely on hormone levels. Like chess.

    Or do away with competition altogether. What’s the point? Someone explain it to me without using the phrase “letting off steam.”

  51. A good high school male 800 meter runner would have made the olympic women’s final last week and honestly you probably have a few hundred high school men who would have won the gold medal since the winning women’s time was 1:56 which is a good but not great HS male time. Oh and don’t forget the boys under 16 football team for I think Texas beat the US womens world champion team easily…

  52. All my best to anyone dealing with these identity issues.

  53. There has been exactly one trans olympic athlete that has medaled that I’m aware of. They were competing as their birth gender on a team sport. Trans athletes have been allowed to compete since 2004.

    If trans athletes were going to dominate everything, why haven’t they gotten around to it yet?

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