Something Important Is Missing From Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Recall Ad in California

Voters who support Gov. Gavin Newsom can still select a successor. That’s left out of a campaign commercial airing during the Olympics.


Californians viewing the Olympics may have seen a new ad starring Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) opposing the recall of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. There's nothing new or unexpected about the content of the advertisement. She accuses Republicans of "abusing" the recall process (they did not—they collected more than the required number of citizen signatures to force the vote under state law) and complains about the cost of the recall vote for Californian taxpayers (who, again, signed the petition).

What's interesting about the latest "Stop the Republican Recall" ad is not what it says but what it leaves out. Here's the 30-second ad:

Warren explains how California voters will all be sent a recall mail-in ballot for the election scheduled on September 14, and encourages the viewer to vote "no" on the recall.

But there are two questions on the recall ballot. This advertisement only addresses the first, which asks the voter if he or she wants to recall Newsom. Regardless of whether the voter chooses to recall Newsom, that voter also has every right to vote for a successor, and that vote counts as well. Just because you support Newsom remaining in office doesn't mean you don't also get to help choose his replacement if the recall vote succeeds.

This advertisement starring Warren absolutely fails to mention that second vote at all, creating a misleading and potentially self-destructive impression that only the first question matters if you support Newsom. The potential result is that if Democratic voters don't grasp the importance of also answering the second question, they won't get a say in who replaces Newsom if he gets voted out.

There's a new poll out today by Emerson College showing the recall race tightening up and the vote almost evenly split between whether to keep or dump Newsom. This is the second poll in two weeks showing previously undecided voters starting to turn against the governor. Homelessness, housing, COVID-19, crime, and the environment are the top issues for California voters.

What seems to be happening is that Newsom's supporters are remaining constant (his approval rating has barely moved from 49 percent to 48 percent) but those who have concerns about California's trajectory are increasingly making their presence known in polling.

The state's Democratic Party may have decided against running an officially supported candidate in the recall in case Newsom, but there are, in fact, nine self-described Democrats among the 46 candidates who qualified for the September ballot.

None of them are elected officials or notable California Democratic establishment leaders. The only one that even reaches 1 percent support in the Emerson poll is Kevin Paffrath, a real estate broker with a significant YouTube presence. If Newsom is recalled, current polling shows one of the Republican candidates like radio talk show host Larry Elder as the likely successor.

But the plurality of the voters in these last two polls are undecided on the replacement candidate. The Emerson poll has 40 percent undecided on who to replace Newsom. As the polls tighten up, this should make it doubly clear that while solidarity behind Newsom may have been desirable for the Democratic establishment both in California and the national party, the failure to at least consider the possibility that Democratic voters might need an alternate choice may end up being a problem.

This is similar to the results of California's ballot initiatives, where the Democratic establishment rallied behind a bunch of ballot initiative positions that were subsequently rejected by the state's voters. Voters supported Proposition 22, which excluded ride-sharing and delivery services from the state's oppressive regulations against freelance employees, in defiance of the state's Democratic Party and unions. Voters rejected an attempt to reinstate racial preferences at state colleges and an attempt to undermine the property tax caps of Proposition 13, again defying Democratic Party positions.

California isn't becoming more conservative or Republican; the Republican Party's membership has been declining in California for years. There is still, nevertheless, a significant disconnect between what state Democratic Party operatives think voters want and what voters actually want. The sin of omission in the Warren ad, which may keep voters from realizing they can both support Newsom and still vote for an alternative, feels like yet another example of this disconnect.

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166 responses to “Something Important Is Missing From Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Recall Ad in California

  1. I keep wondering why the recall election was moved to September.

    A hige chunk of the electorate have an attention span barely more than that of a toddler’s. Pulling the recall forward pnly goves them less time to forget.

    1. Newsom was looking pretty good after lifting the lockdowns and sending out more checks, they moved it up to capitalize on the goodwill. Of course now that lockdowns are back and people are broke again it may backfire

      1. Also wanted to have the vote before fire season starts in the fall and the rolling blackouts commence (California is hotter and windier in Oct/Nov).

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        2. Nailed it. More disaster ahead!

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  2. LOL

    Elizabeth “Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share” Warren obediently filming an ad for the billionaire-approved establishment Democrat governor of a state with one of the nation’s highest poverty rates. OpenBordersLiberal-tarian’s First Law isn’t just limited to national-level politics.


  3. “Something Important Is Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Recall Ad in California”

    It didn’t say (D, Cherokee Nation) after her name?

    1. >>Missing

      a soul?

      1. Not missing. She sold it.

        1. You can’t sell what you never had. Oh wait she’s a progressive, that never stopped her before

        2. Probably didn’t gain anything in the sale, just didn’t like the way it made her feel.

        3. And for what, she can’t even play a great blues riff.

        4. “where’d you get five bucks? I want five bucks”

          1. If she had a soul she would trade it for some beads

      2. The truth?

  4. Its par for the course with progressives, they never consider what happens if they lose, but they can’t grasp as even being a possibility

    1. *BECAUSE they can’t grasp

      +1 more vote for edit button. Even if it’s only there for like 5 minutes after posting

      1. If you elect me governor of CA, I’ll make sure there is an edit button on every screen and a Mexican in all the pot.

        1. How about some Labrador?

          1. Sorry, the woke need to know. Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, or Golden Lab?

            1. Or Raul Lab.

            2. Meth Lab

  5. O/T – listened to Cuomo’s speech. That guy just gave a clinic in malignant narcissism.

    1. hey I touch all the bitches the same. always have. remember when my dad was in charge?

      1. But I’m going to mandate more comprehensive sexual harassment prevention training, just to shut the girls up.

        1. “and hey, I’ll be @class too ladies, so make sure to show up.”

    2. Cuomo literally wrote the book on pandemic response. He’s one of the few people on the planet who deserves to be a little arrogant.


      PS — And obviously his accusers are mentally unstable liars.

      1. >>mentally unstable liars

        you must not have much experience with the fairer sex. all squares are rhombi, but not all rhombi are squares

        1. So you’re saying they only come in 2 shapes? Not cool.

      2. “PS — And obviously his accusers are mentally unstable liars.”

        Too slow. Many of the commenters on the Cuomo story in the Washington Post beat you to this. At least those who didn’t immediately go to “But, Trump…”.

      3. Step 1, kill all the old people.

  6. Democrats speaking out against democracy. Says a lot.

    1. Democracy is NOT something regular (i.e. non-progressive activists and non-union members) can be trusted with.

    2. Literally the only thing you care about is Republicans getting power by any means necessary. Your cynicism is revolting. Not that you care.

      1. Again, I’m flattered, but this isn’t about me.

      2. “By any means necessary” = a free, fair, constitutionally proscribed election. How dangerously radical

      3. No, we care about getting democrats out of power by any means necessary. Not quite the same thing.

        Democrats are ou’re evil. Like you.

        1. ‘Pure evil’

  7. >>a significant disconnect between what state Democratic Party operatives think voters want and what voters actually want

    is not a disconnect is exactly how “state Democratic Party operatives” operate. nobody fucking cares what voters want.

  8. Something Important Is Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Recall Ad in California

    Is it maybe “what business does the Senator from Massachusetts have meddling in California’s recall election?”

    1. Her opinion doesn’t even matter in Massachusetts.

      She came in third in her own state primaries!

      Look at those numbers. Almost 80% of Massachusetts’ Democrat voters chose someone else rather than Elizabeth Warren. It isn’t just that she’s a carpetbagger in California. It’s also that her opinion doesn’t even matter in Massachusetts.

      1. ^ This.

    2. Isn’t Massachusetts just California with crappy weather?

      1. But MA is far more “quaint” than CA.

        1. I don’t know that I’d say that.

      2. Crappy weather and Massholes, although I’m not sure which is worse: Massholes or Commiefornians. I’m tempted to say Commiefornians are worse but that’s just because I live in CO and we’re getting overrun with those douchecanoes running up housing prices and bringing their shitty politics here. Massholes seem to mainly infest their neighboring New England states so I haven’t had as much interaction with them.

        1. I figured with so many loving here to Texas that Colorado was all full.

          1. Unfortunately, yes, Colorado has filled beyond capacity. The only thing that keeps us from going full Commiefornia is the dose of immigrants FROM Texas. I have to listen to my liberal neighbors whine about crude Texans (and even cruder Okies), and then like to remind them that I moved here from Houston.

        2. Well, Massholes have that Puritan heritage to call on, which usually makes them sound extra bitchy.

        3. How is that anyone is “running up house” prices?

          It’s simple supply and demand. Demand is increasing, but you’ve restricted the supply. You made your bed. Now sleep in it.

          And, how is it that only people coming from California are driving the demand? The last time I was in Colorado, I was actually welcomed by the locals. But, they were rude and insulting to my friend from Texas who met me there to go hunting. They decried how “rich Texans” were driving up the house prices in Colorado.

          If you own your house, you can’t be forced out by the increasing demand and rising prices. You’ve whipped that through ownership. And likely burdened yourself with a mortgage and risked your capital as well. But, you aren’t forced to sell or move.

          If you rent and, see rents as increasing beyond your means, you’re free to seek cheaper digs elsewhere. You don’t have the mortgage burden and you’ve risked no capital of your own.

          Why does this “Californians moving in and running up housing prices” crap remind me of the anti-displacement mantra that goes on all around California when some locale begins to develop and improve? They tried that in East Palo Alto. Ditto for the Mission in SF. Have you ever seen either of those hell holes before the reconstruction? Anyone with half a brain knew to stay away from either one and to NEVER go there at night.

          The foolish leftists see the improvements as a negative because the low order animals that lived in those hell holes couldn’t find slum rents anymore.

      3. I don’t think Massachusetts is just California with crappy weather. The culture is very different. Even Mexican influenced Catholicism is different from Irish-Italian influenced Catholicism.

        1. Yeah, it is very different. They have the left wing politics in common and that’s about it. Mass is way more old-school machine politics kind of stuff. And it’s been like that forever. Every now and then people get fed up with it and elect a squishy Republican governor. Which I guess is a bit like California.

          1. Bill Weld did a pretty good job for the state years ago as an R

            1. Weld was an improvement over Dukakis and most other Democrats- a pretty low bar. As governor, he’d complain about the liberals, as they were still called at the time, and then turn around and sign every tax hike and nanny state law they’d send to him.

              1. If I remember, and it was quite awhile ago, he was able to bring Mass up economically and had programs to bring businesses back that had left. Make it in Massachusetts?

          2. Yep.

            In MA, just as in most of the historical east coast, when you meet someone new they want to know “who your people are?” what’s your family name. Or maybe, what schools you went to.

            In CA, they want to know what you do for a living.

            Miles apart in attitude about life!

        2. Different like IRA & Mafia compared to MS-13 & Los Zetas?

          1. We recently had several, IRA involved individuals brought up on federal charges right here in a suburban part of the SF Bay Area. In a city named Concord no less.

        3. When I fly internationally it is usually out of Logan (Boston). There are at least a few Spanish language radio stations in the greater Boston area. I do enjoy my banda music so the drive through urban hell has one benefit.

      4. And older buildings. Plus a good portion of the obnoxiousness of New Yorkers.

  9. If Larry Elder ends up as the governor of California, it’ll be the funniest thing to happen to progressives since Cuomo was impeached or Trump was elected president–and all it takes is a simple plurality once we decide to chuck Gruesome.

    As for the chances of Gruesome losing:

    Eighty percent of Republican registered voters said they were absolutely certain to vote, compared with only 55 percent of Democrats and about half of independents. As such, likely voters were opposed to removing Newsom by only 3 points

    —-Five Thirty Eight, July 29, 2021

    People are more likely to vote no if they think a Republican will win by a simple plurality, and I expect Gruesome to survive–only to fall in the primaries come 2022. Still, it would be hilarious if he fell.

    1. You know, I never thought Newsome would actually be voted out. Generally I understand that my vote counts for nothing as the Bay area controls Sacramento and the state will always go D in the federal election. But I’m getting spam Text advertising harping on the Republican Led and Anti Democratic, and other BS talking points… “Can I count on your No vote?”

      You want to motivate me to vote against you? Spam my phone. There’s no way in hell I’m not casting a vote. If only as a middle finger to the text message spammers.

      People around here really hate Newsome. Ds will always vote D, but if you motivate enough independents it’ll be closer than I thought.

      1. The Republicans should just be running ads with him in that restaurant without his mask over and over and over and over again.

        The Republicans winning doesn’t depend on Republican turnout. This time it depends on Democrats not caring enough to go out of their way home from work to vote.

        Meanwhile, Larry Elder wouldn’t make things better, but he might be able to stop things from getting worse in various ways.

        And it would be hilarious if he won.

        I suspect the “wouldn’t it be hilarious” vote was behind Trump winning in 2016, too.

        1. When all else fails, I’m always in favor of the hilarious option.

          1. And things that bring pain to progs are generally good.

        2. I thought it was Hillaryous that Hillary lost.

        3. “… not caring enough to go out of their way home from work to vote.”

          The problem is they’re mailing ballots to everyone and no doubt they’ll have collectors going about grabbing every ballot they can even if blank to fill out or lose if if filled out incorrectly. Having had my ballot “lost” that way before I left Cali a year ago it wouldn’t surprise me if ‘no recall’ wins in a landslide.

      2. Got one of those spam texts from a volunteer about how the recall was just a bunch of trumpers who didn’t like the pandemic response.

        Sent a response that I’m not with the GOP and didn’t sign a petition but the main thing that bothers me about the recall is that firing Newsom as Governor (and sending him back to his life of getting business ventures funded by his dad using Getty Oil money) is the extent of what we can do to him for a half-baked and senseless pandemic response that should have put him in a spot to be facing some kind of criminal liability as well because of all the real and lasting harm that was done in the vain pursuit of stopping people from catching a moderately severe cold with a 98% or higher rate of total recovery.

      3. Glad to know that I’m not the only one who finds the spamming on my phone and in my email inboxes to have become so ubiquitous as to interfere with my daily life.

        The worst has been: I bought a new house but retained my old one to use sometimes to stay overnight in (it was much closer to my job then) and truthfully, as storage for several hobby cars I own.

        Because of that and, because RE ownership is a matter of public record, combined with the red hot RE market and flippers everywhere, I now get texts and phone calls daily, from bottom feeding, RE flipper types that “want to talk to you about selling your residence in XXX”. They’ll “take it off your hands at no cost to you and free me up from that burden”.

        No information provided for me to go after them other than a fake first name and a spoofed telephone numbers. I have no way to stop them.

        They’ve been so overwhelming that I no longer answer calls unless they show up as someone in my contact list. Which is life altering. I’ve missed some important calls from things like doctor’s offices that use roll over office phone systems and call backs from contractors I’m considering for projects at either home.

        They’ve made my phone useless for communication. I want to file a private nuisance lawsuit against their asses and have them foot my VZ, Unlimited phone plan.

    2. Gruesome isn’t getting voted out. They’ll count 30 million votes to remove him and then stop counting for the night and by the next morning they’ll find 40 million votes to keep him.

      1. When the “Dump Gavin” votes is leading at 9 pm PDT by about 10%, then, “mysteriously”, the reporting of results from all over the State will halt, and there will be several “dumps” of “uncounted” ballots in LA, SF, and Sacramento, and lo and behold, none less than 95% in favor of keeping the pretty-boy hypocrite.

    3. But it’s vote by mail, so the Dem “turnout” will be closer to 100% than to 55%.

      1. I see you got a copy of the Democrat playbook.

      2. Probably closer to 150% than to 100%

      3. 125% IS closer to 100% than 55%, so technically correct.

    4. I suspect most voters don’t even realize how the recall works. Dems who think Newsom is an out of touch hypocrite will be glad to can him, assuming another lefty will win the replacement vote because it’s California.

      But that’s not how it works. 51% voting to dump him means he gets dumped. Elder or Jenner or someone else could win the election with 15% of the vote, if they get the most votes in the 41-candidate field.

      1. It isn’t as if we’ve never recalled a Democrat governor before.

        1. That was 20 years ago. You and I remember that, but voters (especially California voters) aren’t known for their knowledge and wisdom.

        2. The AP said Newsom is “well positioned to win”, even though his support is only at 48%. 48% means he’ll have to become a lobbyist.

          1. That’s the saddest part. Even if Newsom ends up out, he’ll land on his feet and remain involved while making millions off the taxpayers in one form or another.

            It’s enough to make one want to start a revolution.

            At least McArthur showed some class.

          2. 48% means there won’t be too many FRAUDULENT ballots needed to swing it.

  10. Imagine that Fauxcahontas lying or misleading you…

    reason koch almost sounds disappointed.

  11. but those who have concerns about California’s trajectory are increasingly making their presence known in polling.

    If you don’t have concerns about California’s trajectory at this point, I recommend going their with your tent and setting up shop.

  12. This advertisement starring Warren absolutely fails to mention that second vote at all, creating a misleading and potentially self-destructive impression…

    That was a feature, not a bug = creating misimpressions

  13. California isn’t becoming more conservative or Republican; the Republican Party’s membership has been declining in California for years.

    Wouldn’t the conservative in California be the one who wants to conserve what California currently is?

    1. Yes but, independent voter registrations have been increasing faster than Ds or the loss in Rs.

  14. The Warren ad isn’t about Newsom, or California at all. What’s really missing from that ad is any sense of shame or self-awareness; but neither of those are traits that anyone would associate with Warren, so that’s probably by design.

    The state Dem party is worried about the likelihood of the overwhelming majority of voters who are registered Dems just sitting out the vote (or in places like L.A. and S.F. even supporting the recall because of the ongoing decomposition of their Dem-run cities). In the view of the State and National level party establishments, there’s no real difference between any of the nominal Dems in the replacement race winning vs a libertarian leaning option like Elder (or even Jenner) would be; if they’re outside of party control, they’re barely less “fascist” than someone who directly opposes the left-authoritarian/statist/identitarian agenda of any part of the west coast Dem establishment.

    Newsom has been benched from a presence in the anti-recall because he doesn’t energize the leftist wingnuts the way that out-of-state charlatans like Warren might actually be able to.

    1. She and Newsom. Group grope. Mutual admiration society for narcissists.

  15. Now if we could just get a recall going to Warren (and Malarky).

  16. “Something Important Is Missing From Elizabeth Warren…. ”

    Could it be…
    A brain?

    1. Native American phenotypes.

    2. Her soul? Democrats have no souls. Voting democrat burns it away until nothing is left.

  17. Fauxcahantas LIES?! No, say it ain’t so….

  18. Remember when Newsom imposed significant restrictions on his citizens, including lockdowns and mask mandates, and then in the heart of the pandemic was at a maskless dinner, completely surrounded by not-socially-distanced lobbyists at one of the most elite restaurants in San Fran? It’s hard to think of a larger disconnect between a politician and the peasants they rule, but he seems to have set the record.

    Fortunately Warren, fan of COVID restrictions, fighter of big tech, big banks, and the evil evil capitalists that are corrupting the country seems completely OK with Newsom breaking his own mandates to get a bunch of dirty money from the people she constantly complains about, in the most elitist setting one could imagine.. Good thing she has principles.

    1. But she got her a beer

      1. “Hello fellow working class citizens!”

    2. you left out the part about always having his hair styled somehow, with everyone else cutting it at home or letting it grow.

      1. He and Pelosi use the same stylist.

    3. Did you catch today’s latest?

      A couple weeks back, Newsom signed off on having all state and health care workers get vaccinated.

      Today he told us that he doesn’t see the need for teachers to be vaccinated.

      It amazes me that people here literally scream and cry about “the power of the NRA” in politics but have nothing to say about the teacher’s unions here. The numbers involved are so lopsided as to not be funny.

      Guess who holds the reigns of power in the great, liberal state of California?

  19. First time I’ve been a little sad that I left California. I can’t vote him out.

    Ok. I’m over it.

    1. ++

  20. I still say she looks like the Grinch

    1. That’s mean. The Grinch is markedly more handsome than that.

  21. Newsom is toast. His support is at 48% (in a state with 65% Dems) and he needs 50% to stay in office, and the anti-Newsom voters are much more motivated.

    Warren’s ad not only leaves out the part about being able to elect someone else of any party, but falsely claims the recall is undemocratic (California voters enacted the process) and wastes taxpayer money (compared to what, all the money Newsom has been spending? it could end up saving hundreds of millions).

    1. It’s not 65% Dems. It’s about 36% Dems, 25% Reps, and everyone else decline to state. The DTS Party is the fastest growing party nationwide.

      1. The DTS Party is the fastest growing party nationwide.

        If I were a Republican living in California, I’d “decline to state” as well.

        1. It’s nationwide, not just Kalifornia.

        2. That’s what I’ve done since I first voted more than 45 years ago here in California.

          I originally ended up – not sure how actually – registered as a Repub. Didn’t make any real difference to me.

          Until I went to an actual polling place and as they looked up my name on the list, they called it out and added “Republican” on the end. They were doing this for everyone voting.

          Only, I was in a left wing, union controlled, Democratic bastion area and, when they called out the R party affiliation, I turned to see a crowd of voters waiting in line to check in to vote, growling and getting ready to lynch me.

          I changed my registration to DTS and have stayed that way ever since. I’ve also encouraged all my friends and family to do the same.

      2. Those declining to state party are too busy partying to state.

      3. You are what you do, not what you say you are.

        1. Are we sure it isn’t the “state is declining” party? 🙂

    2. Her ads will probably erode the support he currently has. She’s such an annoying, nagging bitchcunt.

  22. 1. Good, hoist by their own petard.

    2. Why are there even two questions?

    The ballot should just be a list of potential governors – including Newsome. Vote Newsome if you want him to stay in office, vote someone else otherwise.

    1. What if you want Newsom?

      1. Gonna need some signature verification on those spellings.

        1. IF Gov is recalled:

          IF NO => 50% then Nuisance continues to serve

          IF YES => 50%, then votes for alternate candidates are tallied. Nuisance isn’t eligible.

          I’m surprised they didn’t add an instant-run-off to part two, so that Dems could gain the advantage they have written into the other statewide races.

  23. This wasn’t an error. The Democrats deliberately made it a choice between keeping Newsom or chaos. I think that was the right choice since Newsom is a smug prick and giving Democratic voters a viable alternative wouldn’t be wise.

  24. Fauxcahontas scold with forked tongue.


  25. A) Why anyone would think Elizabeth Warren would be a positive endorsement in a recall election is beyond me. The choir is already singing from the hymnbook, you need to get other people onboard. This is the Democrat’s first problem, the assumption that everyone in the state is a certain brand of Democrat.

    B) By not supporting anyone for the replacement the Democrats are risking it all if Newsom loses. The only people actively campaigning have been Republicans of various sorts (plus one Libertarian). The Democrats are ignoring question two. So California has a very likely chance of getting a Republican for its next governor. Not only that, if it’s Larry Elder, it’s a libertarian leaning Republican. The Warrenite brains will asplode. Expect Newsom to not concede and go full Trump in his refusal to admit defeat.

    1. The omission is not an accident. The Democratic Party machine is determined that no other Democrat will run to replace Newsom if he loses, presumably because if you’re a loyal Democrat then you’re expected to stay with the one the party picked.

      When Gray Davis was recalled, the party tried to do the same thing, but Davis’s lieutenant governor John Garamendi ran anyway. The party ended his career for that act of disobedience, so I doubt any Democrat will try it this time.

      1. I no fan of anyone on the recall ballot (other than possibly the LP dude), but the idea of the Democrats shooting themselves in the food is so sweet to think of. Hell, I would cheer on Jenner if it would meant the Dems could lodge a foot in their ass.

        1. Right there with you!

    2. Why anyone would think Elizabeth Warren would be a positive endorsement…

      Sending in America’s Mother In Law to “help”surprised me, to be honest. Perhaps they couldn’t afford AOC, and Hillary probably isn’t lucid enough to be filmed. And even CA Democrats aren’t dumb enough to use Barack “The Cooler” Obama.

      Nothing better than seeing smug assholes panic, and this is what Warren’s commercial looks like.

      1. Biden isn’t lucid enough to be filmed either, but they manage it somehow.

  26. Outside the Bay Area and Hollywood, is anyone going to listen to the fake Indian from Massachusetts?? I know there are a lot of mentally challenged Californians, but not that many…

    1. Me: “Newsom mismanaged Covid, destroyed small businesses while leaving his politically connected ones open, kept your kids at home while his went in person to private school, didn’t follow his own mask guidelines, had fundraisers and a birthday party for lobbyists again while people’s lives were ruined, and so on…”


      I wish I was joking

      1. And they blame Republicans for “wasting taxpayer money” on the recall, with no sense of shame.

      2. Fellow Californian here. And sadly, I know you aren’t joking.

        I avoid discussing politics anymore. Especially with anyone under 45 who have been brainwashed to the point of no return.

        And even with some of my very conservative friends, because there reaction to what has happened has pushed them over into an ultra-conservative view and closed their minds as well.

  27. Hey at least they understand most lib voters here are dumber than a bag of rocks.

    All you have to do is shout “Democracy Democracy Republican Trump Republicans” and they keep voting for you. Zero critical thought required!

    It makes no sense how a democratic recall, literally the invention of progressives, is anti-democratic. You have to be so mind-dumbingly stupid to believe that, and yet all her voters do.

    You have to be so dumb to believe that a legal recall where you have people vote is an “abuse” and an “attack on democracy”, that you literally should never ever vote. But this state didn’t become a dumpster fire out of nowhere.

    Also notice how it’s not Newsom or any California Democrat in this ad that I’ve literally seen 15 times already? What is this fake person from the other side of the country doing? Also Newsom is so bad and so corrupt you can’t say anything nice about him? It’s like:

    — Hey, Cuomo killed people during covid, lied and covered it up. He’s also a serial abuser and a horrible person.
    — Republicans! TRUMP Republicans Republicans TRUMP!!!!
    / Cuomo stays in office

    1. It’s the same logic by which calling for an election to be audited is literally insurrection.

      1. By crazies obsessed with conspiracy theories no less.

        Damn any evidence to the contrary.

  28. Maybe just move out of California? You know, like the rest of California.

    1. I live in CA, thinking about leaving, but did not vote for any of this. I am really rude when far left people I know say they want to move to Texas, etc.

      “Why? You vote straight Democrat and hate Republicans. Democrats have one party rule and control everything in this state. You are getting exactly what you voted for. Why would you ever leave?”

      “…No Seriously, you should never leave. You are getting what you voted for and you are getting what you deserve. You should want to be here”

      1. Victor Davis Hansen talks about this very phenomenon. He talks to locals who complain about some statewide policy, then asks them who they voted for. Inevitably, they voted for the person they’re complaining about. Hansen is always careful to point out this fact to them by saying, “You voted for it.”

        At which point they dither and say they were really voting for this other secondary or ancillary issue that the candidate supported.

        People are very myopic in their voting. They don’t calculate how the sum-total of what your politician supports (and votes for in concert with other politicians from other districts) and how it adds up to the whole. Californians literally have gotten 100% of what they’ve voted for. The fact they also got an extra 9,000% is just detail.

        1. “I hate Republicans, look at those Red States EWWWW”
          “Hey so I’m moving to a Red State”

          / “Why? You should stay here, you are getting everything you voted for?”

          These people are so fucking dumb. They get literally exactly what they deserve, and they flee for somewhere else to continue voting the way they did before.

          It’s like you are so dumb you do not realize your problems come from the predictable outcome of the policies of the people you vote for. California is just naturally expensive and not business friendly, and Texas is just naturally more affordable.

          Fucking idiot locusts, all of them

      2. “You should want to be here”… that homeless encampment under the freeway in Oakland no less!

  29. Incompetent buffoon governor is incompetently defended by a buffoon Senator.

    I guess the Democrats think telling their voters to vote “no” on the recall and to vote for a candidate to replace Newsome is to confusing for the sort of minds that vote Democrat

    1. The process of voting based on established CA law is a ‘power grab’ if it may result in a reduction of democrat power. Tough shit for them. Maybe Newsom shouldn’t have been quite such an authoritarian cunt.

  30. Ironic how she talks about a “republican” power grab in a one party state? But unknown to most of America, large swaths of territory in CA are red, just mostly blues live in cities, since they get free shit. Wish we could build a wall around them.

    1. It’s the left that builds walls to keep people in

      But then I guess they found out they can just infect all of the other areas that are not shitholes like them.

      1. Now take that back! There are no shitholes in Cali, they’re called shit-streets and shit-sidewalks, for obvious reasons. I believe the collective term is either shit-smears or infrastructure. I forget, it’s been slightly over a year since I left and I’ve been forgetting as fast as I can.

        1. “There’s no rising crime wave”
          “There’s no inflation”

          I wonder if the dems even believe their own lies

  31. “That’s left out of a campaign commercial airing during the Olympics.”

    So give Liz the gold medal in Nagging Cunt.

  32. This is one fucked up cynical piece, even for reason.

    1. It seemed pretty tame to me. It’s a fair point that an anti-recall ad tries to make a direct vote of the people sound undemocratic, and that it fails to mention that even if Newsom is recalled, voters could still elect a Democrat to replace him.

    2. Yes, poor Newsom. Just an innocent victim.

      1. What ever happened to his illegitimate progeny with his former campaign manager’s wife?

        Just asking for a friend.

        It always amazed me that he went public with that and then didn’t just fade off into the background. No class. No sense. No humility.
        No soul. Total narcissist. Just like a serial killer.

  33. One thing missing was a brown paper bag over her entire head.

  34. Larry Elder is most definitely better suited to be governor than Gavin Newsom.

    1. Talk about damning with faint praise!


  35. California isn’t becoming more conservative or Republican; the Republican Party’s membership has been declining in California for years. There is still, nevertheless, a significant disconnect between what state Democratic Party operatives think voters want and what voters actually want.

    It’s not that. For various reasons, California voters have decisively rejected the GOP. Democratic operatives, seeing that, know they don’t have to care what the voters want, but instead those operatives will use the measure of control they have to satisfy their own narrow interests. Eventually the voters will reject them too, but that won’t happen until the Republicans present a face that the voters won’t reject even worse.

    1. Good analogy. I’ve always seen it as a choice between the lesser of two evils. And, a moderate Dem beats a far right Repub every time.

      Sadly, I once voted L most of the time. But have abandoned that because I don’t want to waste my vote and end up with the likes of Newsom.

      1. A vote for the candidate you favor is never “wasted”.

  36. Newsom is a hollow man with no leadership ability. He and his party have caused and overseen the decline and demise of California. Failure after failure after failure and ignoring his own edicts will be Dear Leader Newsom’s legacy. That plus being recalled and replaced.

    1. If there were any real justice, the democrat party would be removed, disbanded, and people like Newsom prosecuted and IMO risked for life in solitary confinement.

  37. Why should anyone be surprised that Lizzie lies?

  38. Why should anyone be surprised that Lizzie lies?

    1. They will recall him and then elect another just like him. Republicans have been leaving the state, they are giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens and automatically registering them to vote. The crime, the filth, the homelessness, the loss of freedom is apparently very popular with those that remain.

      1. No. They hate it to. But believe they are powerless to change it. It’s a mindset.

        If they speak out, they’ll be shouted down by the far left fascists who are in power.

        1. too

  39. I keep wondering why “Fauxchahontas”, the interminable scold, is stumping for “Gabbin’ Nonsense”. I can think of only two reasons: (1) Gavin’s being jettisoned, and Warren doing the ad is the equivalent of being “damned with faint praise” (2) The “Fix” is in, so why not give the “Scold” some air time?

    I get the sinking feeling it’s the latter. Either enough ballots will be “harvested” to tip the keep/dumb first question in favor of two more years of the hypocritical “pretty boy”, or it’ll be litigated ’til kingdom come. Or. if neither attempts keeps the recall from happening, Xiden declares that the Republicans “cheated” or “stole” the Governorship, declares CA to be in “rebellion”, and subjects it to a military occupation.

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