Brickbat: Military Authority


The Australian government is sending hundreds of soldiers to Sydney to help enforce a COVID-19 lock down. Unarmed patrols will join police to keep people from leaving their home except for shopping, caregiving, exercise and other "essential" reasons.

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  1. Information provided by health officials indicates the virus is mainly spreading through permitted movement.

    The Australian Lawyers Alliance, a civil rights group, called the deployment a “concerning use” of the army in a liberal democracy.

    This is quite the anti-lockdown article for the BBC.

    The outbreak has largely affected critical workers and large family groups in the city’s poorer and ethnically diverse west and south-west suburbs.

    Oh, there it is. Competing media concerns.

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  2. When you’re calling out the army against your own citizens, it’s time to ask that age-old question: “Are we the baddies?”

    1. Is that when you were thinking when military helicopters and tear gas cleared a path for then-Pres. rump — through protesters in a public park — so that our clinger president could hold a Bible aloft outside a reluctant church to lather the rubes?

      1. Still spouting shit Rev?

      2. Is that what you do now — spout proven lies? Your President disapproves of misinformation.

      3. It’s cute when you try Artie. Failed everywhere else, but you can post nonsense here for free from the homeless shelter.

      4. yes that’s exactly what everyone was thinking. nailed it.

      5. Trump still appears to own a lot of the real estate between your ears Rev which means he made quite an impact (or you have very limited capacity!).

        Get over Trump son he was last year’s problem.

      6. “ through protesters in a public park”

        One of these things is not like the other…

  3. “Unarmed patrols will join police to keep people from leaving their home except for shopping, caregiving, exercise and other “essential” reasons.”

    It’s okay. I heard they are calling them “safety services.” You know, “SS” for short.

  4. The Aussie military is trying to prevent an insurrection.

  5. Don’t give the Democrats any ideas, please.

  6. Unarmed patrols will join police to keep people from leaving their home

    “Unarmed”, eh? So, not serious about COVID.

    1. Interesting, considering how few guns were ‘voluntarily’ turned after the ban.

    2. “Unarmed”, eh? So, not serious about COVID.

      What are they gonna do walk into every bar in Australia and get into a fistfight with everyone who won’t leave? Once it’s discovered that kangaroos, koala, and platypus can carry COVID and need a good punching too it would be about the most Australian plan ever.

      1. Aussie army is 0-1 in wars against emus

  7. I know the Left in the U.S. is insanely jealous of the Aussies; they’re no doubt asking amongst themselves “why can’t we have that?”

    But I think using the U.S. military for a similar role might be ineffective, simply due to the sheer size of the country and the population. Could the government really put soldiers into every little town in “flyover” country and have enough left over for the inevitable foreign war against Eastasia? Granted, they would have the help of the Karen Battalions who I’m sure will cheerfully snitch on their neighbors.

    1. Biden already talked about using F-15s on the peasants. Fly over country indeed.

    2. There are only about 500,000 personnel the U.S. Army.
      Not all are available to police the streets of our cities, the pentagon needs all its vital personnel.
      Those undergoing sex transition surgery are likewise not available for duty.
      Army doctors and nurses could be pulled from hospital duty and assigned to “educate” the rubes to obey quarantine.
      In addition to your army of Karen’s,, they will likely draft antifa and BLM into the military to be enforcers of quarantine.

    3. They don’t need them in the little towns. Just the big cities.

      Put military on the streets of Phoenix and Tucson and you’ve covered 7/8ths the population of the state – the rest of us are proles and proles don’t matter.

  8. So regular citizens can’t be out and about, but soldiers can? Does Covid fear their weapons?

    1. No, Anteater, as the article says the soldiers are unarmed.

      But Covid respects the soldiers’ righteousness. Covid won’t affect a crowd protesting injustice, but will turn a crowd with the wrong attitude into a superspreader event. Covid won’t harm a good governor or mayor who dines out after fighting the good fight all day, but will take out a selfish individualist who goes to church. Covid is a force for justice and that’s exactly why we should not be all anxious to get it over with.

      1. It’s an amazing virus with many useful properties.

    2. They wear military grade cloth masks.

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    1. Looks like the whole thing concerns some online game. Is there some broader purpose to that site?

  10. shopping, caregiving, exercise and other “essential” reasons

    Pretty much everything I do can fall under one of those categories.

    1. Anything that can’t can certainly be crammed in. I’m going to the ba-, uh, beer shopping… yeah! that’s it!… beer shopping.

  11. No individual right to fire arms in Australia, and many guns confiscated by the government decades ago.
    Populace so weak that even an unarmed military can oppress individual rights.

    1. Australia doesn’t have a bill of rights, so its government doesn’t believe its citizens have individual rights.

      1. So tell me which parts of your Bill of Rights is worth more than the paper its written on.

        The 3rd Amendment and what else?

    2. They weren’t confiscated, they were voluntarily turned during an amnesty in 2017. Sort of.

      The firearms amnesty was the first national amnesty since the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. In October 2017 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that 51,000 unregistered firearms were surrendered during the three-month amnesty, of the previous estimate of 260,000 unregistered guns.
      It has been estimated that, as at 2017, there were 3,158,795 firearms in private hands in Australia, of which 414,205 were unregistered. This represents 14.5 firearms per 100 people.

  12. The Australian Government is sending hundreds of troops to Sydney to help implement a COVID-19 blockade. Unarmed patrols will join police to keep people from leaving their homes, except for shopping, care, training and other “essential” reasons.

  13. Reason spent 39 words on it, so nothing to see here anymore! This proves Reason totes values liberty!

  14. and other “essential” reasons

    Ah yes, the ever malleable and morphing definition of essential.

    1. If the Prime Minister wants to have a celebrity packed birthday party he will.

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