D.C. Is the Latest City to Reimpose Its Mask Mandate for the Vaccinated

Everyone over the age of two will have to wear a mask when indoors, said Mayor Muriel Bowser today.


It was good while it lasted. Washington, D.C., has become the latest city to reimpose a mask mandate, even for people who are fully vaccinated.

The new policy, which Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Thursday, will require everyone over the age of two to wear a mask when at such indoor public settings as bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and gyms. The city is also recommending, but not requiring, that people wear masks in crowded outdoor settings as well—particularly people who are immunocompromised or live with someone who is.

The city is not reintroducing social distancing requirements or business capacity limits, but Bowser didn't take those measures off the table. The mayor declined to say when the mask mandate would be lifted.

D.C. is the second major city to reimpose a masking requirement regardless of vaccination status. Los Angeles County did the same two weeks ago in response to rising cases there.

On Tuesday, in response to the increase in delta-variant COVID cases, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that vaccinated Americans wear masks in certain settings.

San Francisco, per comments from Mayor London Breed, is weighing whether to reimpose a mask mandate; the city is currently encouraging the vaccinated to wear a mask indoors. New York is likewise "assessing" the new CDC guidance.

COVID-19 deaths in Los Angeles remain at their lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic. D.C. hasn't reported a COVID-19 death since July 14. Of the 271 patients in D.C.'s intensive care units, just seven are COVID-positive.

Asked about enforcement, Bowser said she expected most D.C. residents to comply and felt they wouldn't find putting a mask on a major "lift." She also said that businesses could refuse service to people who don't follow the rules. She didn't announce any proactive enforcement efforts the city would be taking.

So that's a silver lining to today's announcement. Nevertheless, telling everyone to wear masks again sends a signal to venues, offices, and other places considering whether to reopen that it's better to wait it out for a little while longer. Some individuals, meanwhile, will also stay home, either out of concern for their health or annoyance at the new requirement.

All of that will reduce the patronage at bars, restaurants, and other businesses that have reopened. Those who thought normality had returned might be forgiven for feeling a bit vexed at the new requirement.

Asked about whether people who got vaccinated as a means of returning to normal life would be mad at the new guidance, Bowser replied that she hadn't been hearing angry reactions.

"I don't hear anyone say that they're duped," the mayor said.

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111 responses to “D.C. Is the Latest City to Reimpose Its Mask Mandate for the Vaccinated

  1. Washington, D.C.
    Total doses given 898K
    People fully vaccinated 385K
    % fully vaccinated 55.6%

    1. United States
      Doses given 343M
      Fully vaccinated 164M
      % of population fully vaccinated 49.8%

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        Fully vaccinated – 1
        % of Unicorn Abattoirs fully vaccinated – 100%

        What do I win?

        1. What do I win?

          The growth of a third nipple, 3 years from now?

          1. The joke’s on you, pal. I’ve already got one of those!

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            I’ve met several members of the triple nipple club.

            1. Explains some, but not all of your defects.

  2. “Everyone over the age of two will have to wear a mask when indoors, said Mayor Muriel Bowser today.”

    Is this after they’re convicted by a jury of their peers? Seems unconstitutional even then–cruel and unusual punishment.

    Well, at the people being forced to wear these masks have been convicted of a crime, right? Otherwise, I don’t see where the constitutional authority to make this arbitrary rule comes from at all.

    1. That is straight up child abuse. I feel so bad for the kids caught in this. Can you imagine being six years old and wearing those horrible things everywhere? What people like Bowser have done to kids in this country is one of the sickest and most evil things I have ever seen. You can’t hate these people enough.

      1. By what authority do they claim the right to do this?

        1. They have no authority. It is the worst abuse of power I have ever seen.

          1. But no mean tweets. I repeat NO MEAN TWEETS!

      2. Yet, we take no action.

  3. D.C. is the source of endless memes of people doing shit like riding electric scooters in rush hour traffic while wearing a mask. It is, and this is no surprise considering the state of our government, appearently the home of some of the dumbest people on earth who are utterly incapable of understanding risk or doing much of anything except virtue signal and conform.

    I didn’t hear it but someone a few weeks ago mentioned that Reason writer and DC resident Peter Suderman was still wearing his mask outdoors in early June because “he didn’t want his neighbors to think he was a Republic”. That just about sums up the population of Washington DC right there in one statement.

    1. “Peter Suderman was still wearing his mask outdoors”

      I’d really like to see that cite. The “I don’t want to look like a republican” bit was definitely uttered by coward, corpse-standing liberal, and failed pillow factory operator, David Hogg. I saw the tweets myself. But I never saw this quote from Sudes.

      1. I didn’t hear it. But it was during a reason podcast last June. Or that is the claim.

  4. I would imagine the areas around DC will be happy to take the business of DC bars and restaurants. The dumb bitch has mandated that the city become uninhabitable except by the extremely stupid.

    1. I would imagine the areas around DC will be happy to take the business of DC bars and restaurants

      Until those areas follow suit because they’re just as infected with ruling class virtue as DC proper.

      1. SAd but true. But the counties outside of the DC sphere of ignorance will not. So, there will be some escape. It will just take a bit.

      2. Yup, Northern VA and Maryland most likely will follow (definitely Baltimore). I’m holding onto a slim bit of hope Larry Hogan fights back but the best I can say about him is he isn’t Ben Jealous.

        1. I think Hogan will. I bet Maryland doesn’t go back to this idiocy. The problem is that I think individual counties can without the state doing so. So, I have a feeling Montgomery County will because it is full of the same sort of totalitarian garbage that inhabit DC.

        2. I won’t be surprised if it gets foisted on the rest of us in Virginia too; we still have that shithead Northam as governor.

          1. Ah yes, good ol’ governor Blackface.

          2. Virginia has an election in November. And the Democrats don’t have that big of a majority in either house. If they try and lock the state down and I bet they do, they better be able to fix the elections or they are in big trouble.

            1. I think they’ll use the lockdown as cover for their election shenanigans.

              1. Exactly. They are scared shitless about 2022 because they have done nothing at all for anybody except the connected (surprise!)

        3. Doesn’t play in a nifty Irish band like fucking O’Malley. That guy truly was an asshole through-and-through.

  5. .. said Mayor Muriel Bowser today.
    While not wearing a mask.

    1. As I learned from my childhood anybody named bowser needs the have their head jumped on repeatedly, have axes thrown at them, have fire spit at them, and have turtle shells thrown at their head

      1. Sha na na na, sha nananana! Sha na na na! Sha nanana!

        1. Get a job.

  6. Asked about whether people who got vaccinated as a means of returning to normal life would be mad at the new guidance, Bowser replied that she hadn’t been hearing angry reactions.

    “I don’t hear anyone say that they’re duped,” the mayor said.

    God what a worthless bitch. Just a completely worthless human being.

    1. “We were lied to”

      GroundTruth’s new catchphrase.

  7. “Everyone over the age of two will have to wear a mask when indoors”

    Even though they’re less likely to contract a severe case of COVID than they are to catch a bullet on a DC street.

    1. “Oh, very well. Everyone over the age of two will also have to wear body armor when outdoors.”

    2. Fun fact about Chicago. Over the last 7 days there were 6 deaths attributed to the wuflu, and 19 murders

  8. Telling vaccinated people they need to take all the same precautions they did when they were unvaccinated is a great way to increase vaccination confident among people who have not yet gotten vaccinated

    1. It’s a giant self-own by the CDC and all those following their lead. This is by far the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. I’d elaborate, but this guy did it for me:

      Telling jabbed people to wear masks is an unscientific punishment that disincentives vaccination and casts pointless and inaccurate doubt on the effectiveness of the vaccines. The goal has never been, and cannot be, total eradication of COVID, which looks like it will be an endemic illness in our society indefinitely. Treating [eradication] as the goal, as opposed to a manageable and non-crippling challenge like the flu, feeds into the perception that there is no exit strategy, and no meaningful limiting principle on the various “temporary” measures being pushed. Unvaccinated adults are making choices for themselves, and vaccinated people shouldn’t be held hostage by others’ decisions.

      For the life of me I have no idea why they can’t just declare victory and move on. This is not an emergency. COVID patients make up 2-3% of inpatient capacity in my state; the census is barely over 10% of the winter surge, nevermind last spring. It’s asinine, and it doesn’t even make sense politically (which would be a dumb if understandable excuse).

      1. A grand total of 337 people under age 18 have died with covid during this pandemic, and that includes many with serious underlying conditions.

        But those people also killed their grandparents on both sides! Or they *could* have!

      2. “For the life of me I have no idea why they can’t just declare victory and move on.”

        I think they have broken too many of their people to do this. Certainly, I think if they did declare victory, the press would be happy to photoshop Biden taking victory laps. I would fucking do that.

        You hear me Biden? Declare victory! Call it the Biden Vaccine. Send Fauci off to “retirement” so he stops spreading his FUD in front of cameras. And proclaim to everyone, “No Malarkey. We beat this!” And I will applaud you and call you Biden the Destroyer of COVID and kiss your ring. Just let my daughter go to school without treating her like she is an afghani girl who must be covered and untouched. You win!

        1. The beatings will continue until morale (and obedience) improves.

          That’s literally their logic, and I’m not being facetious

      3. It’s obviously not about the virus. It’s either about the Great Reset or about the ’22 midterms. The election will need extra super fortification, and covid rules worked last time…….

  9. I’m just curious if I’m not in an environment where I’m actively talking or passing people actively talking if I concede cloth masks work to stop the droplet part why in grorcery stores or box stores for that matter where I usually say nothing, self check out and go. Here’s a snippet from our paper today concerning particles which I’m wondering how aerosols from covid are different and are stopped by a mask.

    So the levels we were seeing of smoke was intense, compared to anything we have seen in Missoula County yet this year.”

    Since we all have masks kicking about, you might be tempted to try it against smoke. Don’t bother. Those cloth and paper masks you have been using are to contain water droplets. They can’t block smoke. And Schmidt says even an N-95 mask doesn’t help unless it fits perfectly.

    “And that may do absolutely nothing to stop you from breathing smoke. That’s where if you’re going to worry about smoke an N-95 mask is really the minimum that you would want to find. And again, if it doesn’t fit quite right, or there’s gaps it doesn’t give you the protection you would think it did.”

    1. Also why in restaurants/bars when I enter with it immediately remove it and sit for an hour without? If we do this could we at least try putting some better logic/reasoning (whether I or others agree at all) behind it?

      1. The dentist is the same protocol. I walked in and the front desk told me I had to wear a mask.
        I asked, ‘While you work in my mouth?’
        She said, ‘No you can take it off for that but you have to wear it all other times.’
        I asked, ‘What does that protect?’
        She did not have an answer.

        1. C’mon. Don’t take your mask frustration out on the poor office clerk.

          1. I was quite civil and did not berate the office clerk. I have complete compassion for anyone working in a public facing position because people are people.
            Asking a legit question is fair in my eyes.

        2. To be fair, my dentist is pretty consistent. You go in, sit down and then they come in with a big vacuum thing and put it next to your head, and only then can you remove the mask.

          I don’t think they need to be this protective, but at least he is consistent. He then has a shield and medical grade mask. I asked him if vaccination meant he could calm down now, and he basically said this stuff is here for the long term. It’s really a bummer- I like him a lot, but I am not going through that next year.

          1. It’s defensible in certain clinical care settings (dentists among them), but I really don’t understand why I’m bothering with pandemic precautions in the podiatrist’s office, for example.

    2. The CDC straight up came out and warned us last year (during the wildfires) that your mask wouldn’t help with wildfire smoke. Lots of us pointed out that covid is a lot smaller than smoke particles, but we were ignored because that’s what science does: ignores what doesn’t fit with the narrative.

    1. It is terrifying. These idiots are never going to give up. They want to go right back to how it was in April of 2020. They don’t care if it bankrupts the country. I don’t think they even have an end state to be honest. They just want to destroy things. And I don’t know if we are going to be able to stop them. The longer this goes the more people accept it and the more beat down and demoralized they become. The suicides and drug overdoses are going to explode.

      1. Yeah, I think they’re working their way back to lockdowns. And I think bankrupting the country might well be the object; they’ve spoken often about “resetting” society.

  10. “Everyone over the age of two will have to wear a mask when indoors, said Mayor Muriel Bowser today.”

    What if I identify as a one-year-old? Do I get a pass?

    1. Yes but you must wear one of those old timey head bib things

      1. Ahhh, damn it! I usually wear a Derby.

  11. At least Libertarian leaning Joe is acting on what he promised.

    The U.S. Capitol Police were told to arrest visitors and staff who refuse to wear masks after the House reinstated its face-covering mandate following updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    1. Well they’re just no-good Racist Insurrectionists Endangering Our Democracy, they’re lucky they’re not getting shot!

    2. Is it still only while the cameras are on?

    3. People need to start wearing the guy fawkes mask everywhere

  12. Keep electing traitorous democrats, this is the behavior expected.

  13. Once again they go back on their word, change the rules after the fact, or just smugly gaslight us.

    The Vax will set you free…I mean it.

    1. I have never been more depressed and pessimistic about the future than I am now. I don’t see how this ends other than in some kind of nightmare police state or with a no shit rebellion and civil war which would be incredibly tragic and damaging. We have leaders in this country who are just lunatics. They don’t’ care about anything except power and doing as much damage as they can. I don’t know how that ends well. I really don’t.

      1. I don’t see how this ends

        When vaccination rates are in the 70% range.

        1. Once you bow down to the state, Jeff will let you return to normal!

          Jeff here is of course anti science. Roughly a third of the country got Covid, roughly 60% is vaccinated. Unless more than 2/3rds is cross over, then 70% of the country is vaccinated or immune through infection.

          Jeff doesn’t care. He wants you to submit to the state.

        2. More likely it’s when app. 100% of the country is in the 70% range, which can’t happen until kids are getting jabbed. As absurd as that would be as a target, it would still be an improvement if they would just say so instead of shifting things whenever the media indulges in its latest episode of DOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!

        3. We have over 77% of adults in Maryland at least partially jabbed. Cases and hospitalizations keep going up. Last time this year, they were going down. The vaccine isn’t working.

      2. What’s more tragic and damaging: nightmare police state or no shit rebellion/civil war?

        Because, as much as nobody wants to admit it, those are our ONLY two choices

  14. Does former DC mayor Marion Barry (D) need to wear a mask when snorting lines of coke in the presence of others?

    1. They don’t have cocaine in hell.

  15. I strongly suspect that blacks have a significantly lower covid vaccination rate than whites in DC.

    And I suspect that many/most businesses in black neighborhoods of DC will not tell employees or customers to wear a mask, while most businesses in DC neighborhoods frequented and lived in by whites will comply with Bowser’s mask mandate.

    1. How young is the Black population in D.C. as compared to the general population?

  16. Well, that is too bad.
    One silver lining out of all of this is that some of these statutes that authorized “emergency orders” are now being revised to put some more limits on executives when they wield that power. Such as, time limitations or requirements for legislative approval after a certain point. That is a small positive outcome to emerge out of all of this mask mandate stuff.

    1. Citation? Not being snarky. I really am curious to see which states have revised their emergency powers.

      1. MI and PA come to mind; not sure if that was ever finalized.

      2. So far Michigan vs Whitmer.

        But jeff always sees the bright side to authoritarian actions.

  17. Anyone know which demographic group(s) is/are experiencing the biggest increases in new covid case rates?

    Here in Allegheny County PA (Pittsburgh) a month ago, the weekly rate of new covid cases was 8/100,000 among whites, and 10/100,000 among blacks, almost the same.

    By last week, the weekly new case rate had increased to 25/100,000 among whites, while increasing to 56/100,000 among blacks, more than twice the rate of increase than among whites.

    1. Also, the weekly rate of new covid cases among Hispanics increased to 47/100,000 in Allegheny County last week (after being similar to that among whites and blacks a months ago).

      1. Consistently, two weeks ago the 14 day PCR positivity rate for whites, black and Hispanics in Allegheny County was close to 2%.

        Now, the 14 day PCR positivity rate among whites is 3%, but is 5% for blacks and Hispanics.

        Clearly, blacks (13% of pop) and Hispanics (2% of pop) in Allegheny County are now experiencing a far greater increase in new covid cases (than are whites).

        1. CORacist-19

          1. Is there any data for COVID-19 cases among Slavic populations?

  18. FUCK the bitch — #resist

  19. Ralphy boy is about to bring back the masks in Virginia too I’ve heard, which will actually be great because it’s gonna cost the dems in November. People are tired of fucking masks and being bullshitted by the “science” party.

    1. For once the commies are providing their own rope.

      1. One great thing about our system is that Dems are so terrified of 2022 that they have to try to get everything done at once. They don’t have the luxury of waiting across multiple decades and grab power incrementally like they did.

    2. Keep that faith in the system, nick.
      I’m sure it’ll work one of these days

  20. This all might be understandable, if mask mandates had shown any effectiveness at all in the past 16 months.

    And if asymptomatic spread from fully vaccinated people was proven to be a real thing.

    1. This is worth mentioning again. Literally all the data from the last 18 months shows that masks do nothing at all. That correlates with the thousands of years of experience we had before this.

    2. Asymptomatic spread hasn’t been demonstrated, regardless of vaccination.
      When you operate within their paradigm of talking differently about vaxed vs unvaxed, you’re already conceding defeat and ceding the idea of inalienable rights.

    3. CDC/WHO have both admitted asymptomatic spread is a non issue. This has been known for a year.

  21. St. Louis isn’t a major city? We did this a week ago, alas.

  22. Democrats, “A cure (vaccine).” I SEE NO CURE!

  23. Ha, ha. Took your death jabs for nothing. Why did you believe them when they said you could get your life back? They have only lied to us about everything.

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  27. REASON is full of socialist crap. They are less libertarian and more socialist.

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